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We are a non-Profit now in our 20th Year – and 4th phase -- of trying to bring attention to the various major issues that jeopardize the future standing and respect of our United States of America. Signs of indifference abound: from the condition of our National Capital City and dysfunctional Congress; to the conduct of our day-to-day political life and the underlying problems of a 240 year old Constitution – ill-equipped to guide us forward in a modern, burgeoning, high tech, competitive world of 196 nations, with 7.4 billion people, in which we are a diminishing brand.  Here is what we have to offer:

21st Century Constitution 

 A brand new draft of a 21st century Constitution, to encourage a national dialogue 


Irreverent Tweets on current political tomfoolery, linked to our efforts to #FIXGOV and  #USCon  

Tumblr blog 

A concise intro to some of our recent posts in blog format 

Reboot (2013) 

Diagnosing Congressional inactivity; Let's “Reboot” by updating the conscience of democracy  

Narpac DC

Our comprehensive, ten-year effort to improve the global image of DC, in all its many roles as our National Capital City 

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