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102 Nakamura "Fenty, Champing at the Bit, Set to Take Up City's Reins--expected to announce plan to take over schools"
102 Barr New Hill Leaders Could Affect Gov't Workforce--Waxman's Gov't Reform Committee to include DC
102 Editor "Welcome, Mr. Mayor--running gives way to governing for Adrian Fenty: biggest challenge is schools"
103 Nakamura Fenty Gets Started without Fanfare--funeral of Pres. Ford delays public inauguration
104 Fisher OpEd "New Engine, but No Machine--thousand who turn up for inauguration display little of campaign's spirit"
104 Nakamura "Sworn in as Mayor, Fenty Vows 'Greatness' for District, Schools--wants to live up to higher expectations"
108 Woodlee "Others Subsidized Mayor Williams's Travel--some expenses unexplained, city tab is $20K"
109 Staff "Barry Back in Court, pleading not guilty to September DUI charge, decision delayed by more recent charge"
110 Sheridan "House Bill to Give DC Full Vote Revived--Norton/Davis reintroduce bill, get strong Majority Leader push"
114 Editor Hollow Promises--DC Council's disinterest in 'open government' ill serves public re closed meetings
117 Sherwood(Cur) "Del. Norton to be on 3 House committees, Oversight & Gov't Reform, Transportation, Homeland Security"
120 Lewis "New DC Planning Commission Might Trigger More Turf Battles--result in duels w/ NCPC,NPS,AoC?"
120 Sheridan House Measure Offers Norton More Voting Power--says she's grateful but bill doesn't go far enough
123 Silverman "DC Mayor Fenty Won't Sit with Laura Bush at State of Union--Pelosi asked first, supports DC home rule!"
124 Hart Ex-mayor Williams Joins Investment Firm--becomes chief of Arlington's FBR new real estate unit
124 Editor "As the Democrats Dither, DC voters wait, and wait, and....--lumping DC with Guam, Samoa, Marianas dumb"
125 Sheridan "House Delegates Gain Limited Voting Rights--Norton pushing to equalize DC with States, not territories"
125 Sheridan "Del. Norton's New Post Could Help NoMA--to chair subcommittee over GSA, of Trans&Infrastrux Comm"
208 Editor "Mr. Barry's Reckoning--is it so hard to file a 2005 tax return: prosecutors want to revoke probation, jail him"
211 Farrow ltr Statehood: the Best Path for DC--halfway measures are unconstitutional--needs senators too
213 Sheridan Report Questions Constitutionality of Giving DC Vote--CRS: 'appears likely' Congress lacks authority
216 Sheridan "Hundreds Press for Vote on DC's Vote--Mayor, Council mbrs, Rep. Davis 'march' or capitol"
220 Nakamura "Inside Fenty's Bullpen--symbols of openness, access abound in Mayor's new administrative space"
224 Silverman Ambitious Schedule Puts Fenty at Odds with Traffic--asserts need to be on time: other mayors don't
227 Editor Make Way for Hizzoner--the siren call of self-importance: is sense of entitlement creeping in already?
303 Cauvin Barry Still Embroiled in Tax Returns Case--prosecutors seek revocation of probation: traffic fines remain
307 Pearce (Cur) Barry Bill Would Let ANCs Take DC Agencies to Court--appeal decisions re 'great weight' abuses
307 Wiener (Cur) "Fenty Appointees Confirmed by Council--Tregoning, OP; Etzkorn, OPM; Moneme, DDoT; Gandhi, CFO"
308 Duggan Prosecutors Want Barry to Do Time--memo says ex-mayor broke law by missing tax deadlines
313 Leonnig Barry Escapes Jail Time on Probation Violation--federal judge rejects revocation on technicality
314 Editor "Rights and Wrong--it's time for DC to have a vote in House, even though constitutionality issue open"
314 Sheridan House Oversight Committee Endorses Full Voting Rights for DC by 24/5 vote--but bans senate vote
316 Sheridan "DC Vote Bill Sent to House Floor--OK'd by Judiciary Committee, momentum rising: enough to sway Senate?"
317 Sheridan White House Opposes DC Vote--constitutional concerns put bill in jeopardy: 'DC not a state'
318 Woodlee Supporters Vow Not to Give Up on DC Vote--advocates say constitutional concerns smack of politics
321 Editor No Veto for Voting Rights--White House opposition should not stop Congress from doing right by DC
321 Sheridan Bush Advised to Issue Veto if DC Vote Bill Passes--threat can harm bill's chances w/Senate Republicans
322 Duggan Barry's Tax Problems May Not Be Over--push for jail time could continue if faulty procedures corrected
322 Nakamura "Fenty Says He and City Are on the Move--gives ""state of DC"" address, plans march on Capitol for vote"
323 Sheridan House Vote on DC Seat Thwarted--GOP tries to link bill to drastically weakened gun control laws
323 Leonnig "Prosecutors Appeal Barry Decision--probation revocation, jail time sought for missed deadlines "
324 Editor Hypocrisy on the Hill--only message to be drawn from Republicans is antipathy to DC rights
325 Staff ....1915; '52; '60; '61; '64; '67;'71; '73; '76; '78; '80;'85; '93; '98; '00; '03; '06; '07
325 Staff DC Vote Is Again Before Congress--key historic dates/actions include: 1788; 1800; 1801; 1888; and......
325 Staff (cont) ....1915; '52; '60; '61; '64; '67;'71; '73; '76; '78; '80;'85; '93; '98; '00; '03; '06; '07
325 Sheridan "Politics Shaping Debate on DC Vote--critics see broad implications of bill, fearing extension to 2 senators"
331 Woodlee "Fenty, Groups Rally Against Gun Control Court Ruling--activists decry bid to weaken restrictions"
401 Nakamura Council Prepares to Give Fenty Direct Control of DC Schools--Tuesday vote first step in major transfer
403 Editor Vote for DC Schools--Council should approve mayoral takeover of school system today
405 Sheridan Witness to Homeland Security's Birth--Fenty's Pick for DC Office Head has experience at federal level
415 Editor "DC Special Election--Muriel Bowser, Ward 4, and Victor Vandell, Ward 7, are best bets for Council"
417 Sheridan Thousands Rally for Full DC Representation in Congress--despite stiff winds and icy drizzle
418 Nakamura "High-Profile Start--Fenty logs plenty of face time in first 100 days, some await progress on promises"
418 Sheridan US House Readies for Vote on DC Seat--Steny Hoyer expects vote on Thursday (4/19)
420 Sheridan DC Vote Bill Jerked from Senate Backer--shifted from Lieberman's panel to Baucus's Finance Comm
420 Editor Close to Justice for DC--Utah senators could help close House representation deal with bill changes
420 Sheridan House Approves Full DC Seat 2451 to 177--fight expected in Senate and possible veto by White House
424 Sheridan "Poll Shows Support for DC Vote--Utah House seat gets less backing: 61% of all adults yea, 28% nay"
502 Sheridan DC Vote Bill Gets Keep GOP Support--Orin Hatch (R) co-sponsors Senate legislation
502 Editor Boost from Utah--state's two Republican Senators support democracy for capital
504 Nakamura "Fenty Willing to Step on Toes in Sprint to Solve DC Issues--jumps to fix Eastern Market, Georgetown library"
509 Nakamura DC Copied Schools Strategy from Others--Fenty's plan takes extensive verbatim from NC state plan
510 Nakamura "Copying School Plan a Mistake, Fenty Says--wants public to know this was wrong: Reinoso apologizes"
516 Woodlee Senate Panel Hears String of Impassioned Appeals re DC Voting Rights--list of cosponsors grows
518 Nakamura DC School Takeover Plan Again Delayed in Senate--Norton confident bill will pass after review
522 Stewart "Muriel Bowser (45%, Ward 4), Yvette Alexander (35%, Ward 7) Overwhelm 34 (!) to Win Council Seats"
524 Sheridan Justice Official Reiterates Bush's Stance Against Voting Bill--claims measure violates constitution
527 Clement Does DC History Matter?--Council wrong to remove $s for DC Historical Society ; steady funding deserved
528 Sheridan Picking Brains of Founding Fathers--experts clash over whether DC meant to get vote in Congress
531 Fisher OpEd "Bureaucratic Efficiency Isn't Oxymoron at DC Sports Agency--Chief Lew sets example re stadium, etc."
601StewartBarry's Bills Target Affordable Housing--5 measures include rent-to-own, $5K grants for spec Ed tchrs; etc.
601NakamuraDC Attorney General calls referendum on school takeover improper--now that Congress has approved
606NakamuraEthics Panel Blocks Referendum on School Takeover Plan--reverse comes after Congress, Bush, act
608SheridanCongress Looks at Giving Up Review of DC Laws--House DC Committee reviews Davis Bill to back off
613EditorA Fair Vote--Republicans are key to ending DC disenfranchisement: will senate support mark-up?
614SheridanDC Vote Bill Wins Big in Senate Panel--next test: co-sponsor Lieberman forecasts 'a fight on the floor'
614WoodleeBarry Cleared of DUI, Other Traffic Charges--officers were unconvincing, judge says: medications involved
620MIlloyIn City Brimming with Black Talent, Fenty's Cabinet Lacks Color--mayor claims blacks haven't cut it in 30 yrs
621ClarkMayor Nominates 6 Department Heads--Fenty's selections include chief of troubled DCRA: 5 of 6 are black
623EditorMr. Barry's Blame Game--what's 'frivolous' is his attitude, not the legal attempts to get him to pay his taxes
624StewartInching Into the Public Eye--Mayor's wife practicing lawyer, mom to twins, looking for ways to make difference
626EditorDressing Down--DC judge puts 'pants plaintiff' in his place: will DC judge selections be handled as sensibly?
703 Nakamura Color of Cabinet Has Fenty on Defensive--some residents OK, others say lack of blacks doesn't reflect city
704 Woodlee Financial Review Underway--Mayor's wife worked with NCRC as lawyer spokesman, earned about $60K
704 Editor The Fourth of July--self-evident truths and an inestimable right still denied DC
713 Schwartzman NCRC Settled Sexual Harassment Suit Against its Chief, then gave chief 32-yr contract and bonus!
718 Woodlee Councilmbr Mary Cheh Cleared by Review of Former Opponent's Allegations re campaign finance
718 Nakamura Fenty Endorses Obama's Campaign--candidate promises to fight for DC Congressional Vote, help to poor
718 Johnson DC 'Mayor for Life' Barry to be Truly Tussauds' Wax-- tops Ripkin, Gore, Winfrey, Monroe
725 Editor It's finally give the citizens of the District vote and voice--not clear Senate can avoid filibuster threat
726 Fisher OpEd In Rush to Build, Fenty Neglects Foundations for Public Support--viz West Enders whining re empty library
726 Sheridan DC Voting Rights Bill Likely to Wait--Senate decision isn't expected before break:can't make it to agenda
727 Stewart DC Councilman Harry Thomas Proposes Black Caucus--worried about declining pop'n: 4 of 6 others 'tepid'
AUGUST, 2007    
801 Sheridan Senate Won't Get DC Vote Bill Before Fall--'getting close' to having enough votes to pass bill quickly
802 Clark Taxi Panel to Survey Residents on Meters vs Zones--but how to run survey still in question
802 Fisher Throwing Up Barriers to Change--forming fortress or prison?--no need to change taxi fare system
803 Woodlee City E-Mails to be Purged after 6 Months--Fenty cost saving administrative policy measure issued 7/5
806 Sheridan House Oversight Committee Passes Bill to Shorten Congressional Review Period 6x for DC Laws to 10 days
811 Editor Deleting the Pileup--DC tackles accumulated e-mail problem on gov't computers: be careful, like other states
812 Silverman Fenty Trims Security Detail, Takes Over Driver's Seat--but unit not yet disbanded, just not omnipresent
819 Chelen OpEd An E-Mail Land Mine for DC's Government--ex-CTO official says bad idea to delete e-mails after only 6-mos
906 Editor No More Waiting--its time for Senate to bring DC Voting rights to the floor: eliminate disenfranchisement
907 Sheridan Outlook Improves for Quick DC Voting Rights Action in Senate--supporters confident for full seat in House
912 Woodlee Ex-Mayor Williams Muses on Life In, and After, Office--biggest regret, not fixing schools: says Fenty fine
912 OpEd Hatch, Lieberman, Davis, Norton Push for Vote DC Deserves--Congress's authority permits granting vote
913 Sheridan DC Voting Rights in House in Senate's Hand--possible make-or-break bill set for Tuesday (9/18)
913 Fisher OpEd Giving DC Residents the Vote: It's the Right Thing to Do--win-win for both parties: civil rights issue
916 Sheridan DC Voting-Rights Debate Nears Do-or-Die Moment--Senate to Vote Tuesday Whether Bill Can Advance
917 Editor DC Voting Rights--It's time for the Senate to debate the bill on the floor: conscience dictates bringing justice
918 Sheridan 11th Hour Pressure Applied to DC Vote--Senate takes up key motion Monday: close vote expected
918 Alexander Inspector Cites Security Deficiencies at DC Superior Court--report says facility falls short of 166 Fed standards
919 Sheridan Senators Block DC Vote Bill, Delivering Possibly Fatal Blow--57 favor, but 60 needed to avoid filibuster
922 Editor Weak Excuses--Senators who opposed DC voting rights should hear from their own voters
930 Woodlee DC Gov't Bonuses Given Wrongly, Report Finds--auditor faults personnel director for size, no justification
1004 Barr Federal Salary Council Recommends 2.5% Raises for 2008, Plus Premiums: Bash asks 3%, Congress, 3.5%
1006 Editor Poor Rewards--28 Bonuses handed out at end of Mayor Williams's administration smell bad: no documents
1009 Sheridan Another Decade, Another Rebuff on Congressional House Vote--but DC advocates believe success closer
1106 Woodlee Fenty Drops Plan to Purge City E-mails After 6 Months--"cost-saving" measure resisted by Council et al
1214 Editor Blots on Democracy--Undemocratic Senate procedures deprive DC of democratic rights by filibuster
1218 Smith Hilda Mason Dies: DC Council Member and a (self-proclaimed) Grandmother of the World"
1220 Nakamura Gandhi 'Deeply Sorry' for Tax Office Scandal--fiscal chief vows to fix damage: won't "run from responsibility"
1220 Sheridan DC Gets 25 Cents' Worth of Respect--DC finally gets its own quarter from Mint (but no voting rights from Hill)
1223 Editor Drawn and Quartered--Federal intrusion (blocking $92.4K CFO pay hike) overshadows giving DC a coin
1224 Nakamura Fenty Friend and Counsel Walks Hard, Steps on Toes--'most powerful deputy' Nickles swaggers through job
1224 Editor DC's Attorny General--as Linda Singer departs, position's independence must be saved from likes of Nickles
1229 Alexander Checks on DC Workers Proposed--US Attorney cites corruption cases: financial background checks useful


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