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102 Cottman
Mayor Seeks His Stride--in 2nd year, will tackle gov't waste, rebuild neighborhoods, relocate agencies
103 Horwitz
Looking Ahead, Williams Has Only Just Begun--made 20 of 28 goals, progress on 5 more--much ahead
104 Williams
New, Improved DC Council--revamped panel's wish to become serious player puts it at odds w/mayor
104 Staff
City Reports No Major Y2K Glitches--mayor says city now hitting all cylinders, moving full speed ahead
107 Fehr
Computer Duplication Costs DC $M's--Council's Gov't Ops Comm sees waste in hybrid proc'm'nt system
108 King
How the Council Got its Groove Back--how klutzy , amateur schemer, mayor rescues nominee Rev Wilson
109 Milloy
Mayor Williams Adds Style to Substance--longer pants, better boogieing, matching shirts, but bad shoes!
111 Williams
Mayor's 'Enforcer" Leaving for Private Sector Job--controversial Max Brown--mayor 'deeply saddened'
112 Staff,NWCurrent
ANC Reforms Advance--want 2/3rds Council vote to override locals on ABC, zoning, RLA, preservation
117 Williams
DC Council Debate Leave Residue of Racial Tension--Patterson, Schwartz take flak re Rev Willie Wilson
118 Fehr
DC Moves to Reclaim Home Rule w/ 3rd Balanced Budget--Davis says Congress should review its role
119 Mendelson-Cur
Reform Measure May Hurt City's ANCs--procedures would slow response, make ANCs decision-makers
120 Schwartzman
Redskins Launch Charitable Campaign--foundation to give $1M+ yearly to community groups
121 Murphy
Influential Metro Baptist Church May Leave for Suburbs--gotta move to expand--maybe elsewhere in DC
129 King OpEd
Sunday Drive--Into DC--Metro Baptist Church flock now gentrified, living in suburbs: can't shape DC vote
130 Woodlee
Mayor Plans One-Call Help for Residents--tells 2nd citizen summit plan to install nghbrhd 'service mgrs'
131 Fehr
Report Card from Pew's Gov't Performance Project Gives DC 'A' for Effort--but still below avg C+ overall
202 Sherwood(Cur) Clinton 0 for 8 -- president looks as if he'll complete 8 yrs w/o addressing DC 2nd-class citizenship
202 Wiener (Cur) ANC Reforms Clear Initial Council Vote--Catania measure would grant more clout--but less than asked
207 Cottman Mayor Williams Finds Ties to Clinton Pay Off for City--gets federal funding boosts (Norton claims same $)
208 Staff DC Payroll System Nearly on a Roll--'end in sight' for fixing automated systems, particularly for schools
208 Editorial Fundamental Injustice--support constitutional amendment giving DC voting rights in House and Senate
210 Staff Bradley Supports Statehood for DC--'strongly supports full home rule'--Gore has held same position
210 Editor Home Rule In Virginia? Ha!--NVA lawmakers don't get heard in Richmond--gotta get better transpo plan
213 Morin Williams Gets Big Thumbs-Up in Poll--residents again proud of city!: 77% approve mayor; 50% Council...
213 Morin(cont) ...69% 'on right track' 48% for gov't trim; fire/police 'good'; schools/streets 'poor'--42% OK appt'd schl bd
214 Staff Voters in DC Reminded to Update Addresses 30 days before elections to be held 5/2, 9/12, and 11/7
216 Cottman DC's Gracie Mansion? Council (Cropp/Ambrose) push mayoral residence near Capitol: 921 PaAve SE
218 Higham Congress (GAO) to Probe DC Child/Family Serv, Mental Health Com, special ed/juvenile justice receivers
224 Editor Honey, It's for You--$19K funds for mayor's telephone apologies better spent on trash, snow removal
301StaffNew Director for Mayor's Message--Lydia Sermons from Treasury becomes director of communications
301CottmanDC Contracting Policies Under Fire--labor leaders oppose mayor's efforts to 'contract out' city jobs
301ReinTax Cut, Pay Raise in Pr. Williams Cnty 2001 $433M budget--booming economy--home values up 4.3%
306CottmanDC Mayor Focuses on Improving Schools--'State of DC' speech to tackle school salaries, reforms
307CottmanOnce-abused Mayor's 'State of DC' Promises Improvements--fix schools, neighborhoods, foster care
308Wiener (Curr)Council Finalizes ANC Reform Package--new bill to strengthen power, accountability of 37 ANCs
308EditorThe State of DC, Year 2000--mayor's budget will put funds on his vision: real work to get Council aboard
315FehrWilliams to Cut 1000 DC jobs--save $37M--from 32,000 DC gov't jobs--doesn't need Council, Bd OK
316StaffDC Property Mgmt Director to Resign--mayor wants new head to decide unused rented property futures
316StaffCongress Gets Legislation from Norton/Davis to review, audit receivers' budgets and purchases
321MillerJudges Rule DC Lacks Right to Vote in Congress--say inequities caused by Constitution, Supreme Court
321EditorStill Without Representation: law simply fails to recognize unassailable moral case for full DC voting rights
321MontgomeryRuling on Vote in Congress Dashes, Raises DC Hopes--2:1 ruling will be appealed to Supreme Court
322MillerDC to Keep Fighting for Vote in Congress--activists set sights on Supreme Court: Norton expects to win
323VogelDC Air Nat'l Guard Helped Fight Caribbean Drug War--270 men and 6 F-16's did 6-wks alert in Curacao
327ReinPr. William Cnty (pop'n 280K) Exec Puts County First--Gerhart says 'we' can be more powerful than 'I'
328LeonnigDC Ethics Panel Faults Job Search--Zoning Comm's'n chair ups salary, takes exec director job himself
331CityPaperLooseLips asserts Mayor Williams unduly influenced by views of Washington Post editor Colbert King
409Tom DavisCongress Should Rectify This Wrong--gotta go for a constitutional amendment re vote--right thing to do
413Staff7 of 10 Americans in Poll of 1500 Back DC Voting Rights--DC Coalition claims citizens ahead of Congress
415MurphyMayor Reaches Out to Faith Groups--wants them to help deliver social services, revitalize neighborhoods
416CottmanMayor Wants Inner Circle to Reflect City--wants legacy of fine city run by black team--34/47 cabinet black...
416Cottman(cont)...Mayor seeks cadre of young, professional, successful blacks from private sector, not old gov't hacks
423WilliamsBarry Considers Run for Brazil's DC Cncl Seat--says has support--won't challenge mayor, other doubt it
426WoodleeWilliams Says he'll Seek 2nd Term--needs more time to achieve goals--raised more $ than spent in '98
426StaffWilliams Appoints 3--Heads of Public Service Comm, Office Human Rts, Office of Bds/Commissions
430Thompson/WmsIf We Can't Vote for Them, Why Can They Tax Us? $20B of $30B earned here not taxed: gotta get vote
504O'HanlonAlexandria Shakes Things Up--newly elected Council expected to be more lively, less cohesive
504WilliamsDC Council Ready to Back Revolutionary License Plates--publicize "Taxation without Representation"
504O'HanlonUnofficial DC Primary Vote--20,000 (8.2%) voted: 86% Democrat, 11% Republican, 3+% other
508PyattReaders React Poorly to Commuter Tax-Credit--can't know what its like to pay w/o real voice in Congress
510CottmanManagement Overhaul Touted by Mayor on Capitol Hill--city making progress on 'daunting' problems
511MontgomeryGore Advocates DC Statehood--but some of the faithful doubt 'American idea whose time has come'
511WilliamsIs DC (Presidential) Primary Worth the Money? $350K spent to get 8% voter turn-out: citizen disinterest?
514EdsallPolitical Ad Costs NY Church Tax Exemption--suit by Americans United for Church/State Separation
517StaffLicense Plate Design Contest Proposed by Norton, Mayor--'taxation without representation' is slogan
518Fehr/LeonnigDC To Keep Paying Former CFO Holt in New Fed Job at DoL--Control Bd wanted 'dignified transfer'
518WoodleeCouncil Election Reruns--4 incumbents seek to keep status quo: Brazil, Allen, Evans, Jarvis announce
528StaffDarius Mans to Leave Control Bd after World Bank Promotion to African Countries' Director--replacement?
525Cottman/FehrDC Politics--Clear hint to former mayor Marion Barry--Williams squarely in corner to re-elect Brazil
604PerlBehind the Bow Tie--an excellent feature story on the life of DC's mayor, Tony Williams
607ShearArea Leaders Agree on Drought Management--COG acts to eliminate future MD/VA bickering
610KingReparations: Yes or No?--talks pros and cons of repaying blacks for slavery, poverty, exclusion
611LaytonDC Negotiating to Relocate DMV Offices from downtown to GA.Ave metro stop in Petworth neighborhood
613GainesDC Mayor Touts Tags with Motto for Rights--license plate 'taxation w/o representation' shows frustration
613WoodleeLoophole Seen in DNC Poll--Mayor denies devious intent--gave DNC leftover $--got poll in return??
614WoodleeDC Fundraiser Raising Concerns--Williams starts with big-$ event--watchdogs fret over $10K donors
615Miller (WT)Reparations Hot Topic at Howard U conf--but no $ seen for 'post-slavery syndrome'--many blks oppose
617CottmanMayor Broke Rules-- Ethics Bd says can't use staff to influence schl bd vote--125 churches unite against
618WoodleeDC Agenda Group Pushing Schl Bd Change Hits Campaign Snag--didn't register as PAC--must return $
620EditorMayor Should Know Better--school governance reforms good--mayor's campaign to influence was wrong
622WoodleeMayor's School Bd Effort Finds Few Donors--$90K given by 3 donors to reform campaign--2 from VA!
622StaffHousing, Community Development Chief Named--Milton Bailey headed DC Housing Finance Agency
624CottmanDC Top Aide Switching Posts--Dep Mayor Christian moving from 24 hr/day public safety to legal counsel
624EditorComing to Terms Once More--what is anyone in Pr. George's afraid of in relaxing 2-term limits on officials?
628EditorThe Tag Tells the Tale--good move for mayor to send strong message to bring full democracy to DC
630Cottmanex-Mayor Barry Declines to Run for DC Council Seat--wants to work with mayor on fight against violence
630MilloyYou Want Democracy? Then Vote -- nobody took vote away Tuesday--88% blacks/whites gave it away
701FehrDC Mayor Told to Speed Reforms--hearings in House seek more feedback, better cost controls
706Woodlee6 Council Incumbents, 19 Others Enter Council Primary, 'shadow' races-- mainly from fringe parties
710FahrentholdCatholics Exhorted to Protest DC Bill: contraceptives coverage fought from pulpits--political action urged
723FallisEx-Aides to Curry Awarded Contracts--no-bid deals came to consultants days after they left county jobs
726SchwartzmanPr. George's Council Sets Term Limit Vote--plans referendum to decide issue after bitter public hearing
729FisherNew CBS cop drama 'The District'--witless array of racist stereotypes: ignorant blacks v shining whites
729KingEndangered DC Species--Republican Party --Green Party does better in some wards--No help from Hill
729LeonnigDC Audit Finds Illegal, Wasteful Contracting--spring '98 to spring '99--handicapped by poor employees
731EditorIt's the People, not the System--must be clear error-prone, incompetent, beyond help, workers should go
802PierreMayor Courting at Convention--Republican support sought for efforts to revitalize DC, get good gov't
805King OpEdBumblers in Philly--outlines goofs by DC Repub delegates (3/15 black)--get nothing re vote in platform
807ChanWard 4 Election Most Contested for DC Council--Fenty vs Charlene Drew Jarvis--few good candidates
816ChanChavous Accused of Inaction--weak fundraising a sign, foes say (Evans has raised most:w/$222K)
818PierreFor Mayor Williams, Los Angeles More than Politics--mayor visits siblings, tours childhood haunts
820LeonnigMost DC Managers Drop Civil Service Shield--80% (930 of 1163) chose to give up protections....
820Leonnig(cont)....22 near-retirement police reject, 113 in DPR, DoH, DoES don't respond--get shifted automatically!
824StaffMayor Invites Public to 'Test' Agencies--rate employees on courtesy, help, etc. details on web site
825ChanDC Finds Itself without a Legal Clue--publisher's dispute delays official code reflecting latest statutes
827LeonnigDC Contracts Problems Rooted in Ineptitude--skirting system common among DC officials: Dong clucks
829FehrServices Top Mayor's List in Labor Talks--under pressure to streamline weird union work, pay rules
831PierreDC's Deputy Mayor for Operations to Quit--Norman Dong to 'move on professionally' from $118.5K job
830SherwoodUnions, Yes/No!--DC Charter quirk forces city to negotiate w/30 locals separately--makes change tough!
901StaffConsumer Affairs Chief Resigns--Lloyd Jordan returns to law--helped fix license/permit delays
901EditorBulking Up the Staff--Mayor finally bringing in seasoned mgr--21 yrs fixing troubled firms--high hopes!
901PierreMayor Picks Y2K Expert to Run City--Koskinen, white, to be 2nd in command, w/$135K pay: Dong goes
901FehrNew Administrator a 'People Person'--Koskinen knows city, players, 30-yr res, probed DCPS, etc.
901StaffDC IG Maddox plans to launch 24 audits in new fy: Office of Early Child Dev; DCRA, Child/FamServices
902LeonnigExodus Depletes Human Services--4 senior mgrs leave DoHS after short time, more frm MRDDA,
903MillerDC Vote Fight Goes High Gear--lawyer to bike 1600 mi.--Supreme Court to decide re hearing case mid-Oct
904BeckerMontgomery Cnty Examines Its Purchasing System--bidders say rules not enforced, guidelines missing
905EditorSept 12 DC Primary--only 2 Council races in question: Wards 4 (Jarvis) and 8 (Allen) could be close
907WoodleeEthics Panel Faults Williams's Lobbying--using city gov't workers, facilities, etc.--activists thrilled
909StaffUnion Makes Primary Endorsements--incumbents picked by Hotel, Restaurant Employees Union
909King OpEdSomething Negative in the Mail--independently financed negative campaigning by Solomon is wrong
910EditorUnappealing Mayoral Appeal--mayor has losing hand using gov't workers to influence election--give up!
911ChanDC Council Hopefuls Not Raising Much Hope--voters dismayed by choices--prominent figures demurred
911PierreMayor Majoring in Reform of Schools--new role, authority raises doubts, political risks of 'raising bar'
912EditorToday's Primary--Post prefers Jarvis to Fenty, but gotta get over bitter campaign, unseemly tactics
913PierreFenty Won With Vow of Better Services--Ward 4 wants younger, newcomer, focused on local needs
913SantanaWilliams Names Deputy Mayor--for safety/justice Margret Kellums directed trouble-shooting panel
913ChanCouncil Mbr Jarvis Ousted in Primary (57/43) by former Chavous staffer, ANC mbr, 'too big for britches'?
914StaffNorton Asks Congress for Limited Voting Powers--Repubs Davis (VA), Morella (MD) support move
914EditorTuesday's Winners and Loser--Evans, Allen win strongly, Chavous weakly, Jarvis lost but did city good
914PierreJarvis Loss Carries Tough Lesson for Mayor--short coattails despite strong support, $ for GA Ave (at last)
915LeonnigDC Procurement Chief Quits $128K job after one year--claims to leave good team, 213 employees !
916FehrPunishment of DC Workers Lacks Sting--4 spared stiff penalties, promoted, after DMV licensing goofs
916King OpEdEight Years and Out--DC's Initiative 49 limits most DC office holders to 2 terms--wrong for PG and DC
920MorenoA Reluctant TV Star--DC not sure it likes role in new CBS TV drama 'The District'--director says 'calm down'!
920StaffDC C'nc'l Offers New Bills--extend Medicaid, no-points for photo violations, less tax for off-street parkers
922FehrDC to Cut 1075 Jobs, Mostly By Attrition--officials say services won't be reduced, try to save $52M in '01
923King OpEdWhere Were the Voters--pitiful turnouts for recent elections: will Nov Election Day turn things around?
929ChanDC Auditor, Unions Challenge Privatization--'managed competition' at risk for lack of proc. office records
928PierreThis Mayor is Dedicated and Focused--says new DepMayor Koskinen who pledges improved services
1007StaffDC Payroll Problems Delay 289 School Employees' Checks--just the 'hiccups' sez the CFO's office
1008BeckerIn Montgomery Cnty, Council Warms to Oversight Role--grows more aggressive to rein in executives
1012MillerCongressional Cemetery's Ex-Director Sentenced to 18 months, $175,000 in restitution payments
1013HuslinMaryland Homeowners Await Rebates--anger grows over delayed one-time property tax rebate
1013LeonnigDC Holds Back Facts, Council Told--media, others complain city regularly flouts Freedom of Info Act
1016ChanDC Council Challengers Struggle to Turn Residents' Heads--city's improvments favor encumbents
1017MillerDC Loses Bid for Hill Vote--Supreme Court rules no constitutional right--gotta go back to Congress
1018Plotkin OpEdDC: Voteless, but not Powerless--cast blank votes in Electoral College unless Gore agrees to press
1018EditorVoting Rights: Back to Congress--right to appeal 3-judge decision, but must now go back to Congress
1019StaffDC Notebook--Harlan's Quasi-Comeback--returns as consultant as Rivlin works on economic strategy
1019PierreDefeat in Court Unites Mayor, Council--Norton plans new bills next year, Moran says Dem House needed
1022Ltrs to EdSmith/Slemmer: Congress--not the Courts--Can Give Us the Vote: Court held serious grievances just
1026StaffMayor to Raise Funds for DC Vote--promises $1M towards winning representation in Congress
1030PierreMayor Williams Takes Democrats' Case to Black Voters in Florida--pushes Gore urban interests
1101BlumDC Board of Education Members deny fault on receipts for travel advances--say CFO never told them!
1101ChanIn DC Council's Ward Races, Democrats Enjoy Advantage--most have no serious opponents
1101StaffDC Council Bills Would Aid Services by assessing privatization impact; expand FOI to Council, agencies
1102FleishmanDC Council Ec Dev Committee OKs Lending-Law Changes--fix foreclosure laws, 'predatory lending'
1103Staff'DC Agenda' Fined for Campaign Violation--didn't register, report $80K raised for school bd referendum
1109FehrIn DC, Long Waits at Polls and After--final results late--DC turnout 55%of 354.4K regvoters; MD, 71%
1109StaffMaryland and Virginia Election Results detailed by county in separate articles
1109StaffDC Election Results Detailed--193,751 votes cast--high vote for school bd pres, diluted for members
1109EditorDC's Winners--lists (re)elected officials--Mayor must now pick school bd members, but not by address!
1109NakamuraMD Votes Status Quo for School Bd--reflects 'slim pickings among challengers, not strong mandate
1110FehrDC Waits for New Boss at 1600 PA Ave--neither party has done very much for DC in recent years
1112SchwartzmanIn MD, 2 States of Mind on Term Limits--PG votes 65:35 to keep; Montgomery votes 54:45 to reject
1112WoodleeWorkers Battle DC to Get Off Disability--$1M+ of $27M annual costs spent on recovered wkrs w/o jobs
1115Staff (Curr)The Voters Speak--provides detailed table of all gen'l election results--3544.4K registered DC votrers?
1115LeonnigCouncil Faults Williams's Cost Cuts--critical wrkrs took $25K buyout--428 took $6.9M: DC can refill 279
1118StaffNo New Round of DC Job-cuts Seen--Koskinen says not needed--1000-cut = 45 fired + early ret.+attrit'n
1119PierreWilliams Rides Crest in Roiling City--Hill, Council critics still complain re budget, staff shortfalls, etc.
1122MurphyPope Picks New Leader for Washington Archdiocese--140 parishes, 510K Catholics, 107 schls w/37K kids
1127StaffDel. Norton Plans Meeting on DC Democracy--follows Supreme Court turn-down--new ideas sought
1129ChanDC Council Bemoans Costly Project Delays--poor staff spent only $70M of $186M FY00 infrastrux bonds
1123WilgorenNW, SE Proposals on List for Revitalization Chief--Elinor Bacon (HUD HopeVI!) takes over NCRC 1/ 1/01
1130FehrCity Officials Learning Better Ways to Manage--training for midlevel bosses said to improve leadership
1201BarrRegion's US Workers Get 3.8% Raise--increase $2415 for avg pay of $65,802: 17 other cities get more
1206ChanLiquor Bill Dominates DC Council Session--both sides claim victory in 12-hour session: vote 12/19
1209PearsonRep Julian Dixon (D-Cal) Dies--powerful DC advocate for years born in DC served on App'ns Comm
1211MillerDC's Law Office in Dire Trouble, New Appleseed Study Says--some workers' abilities questioned
1211StaffDC Council Hearing to Review Election Process--consider practices,voting machines, counting methods
1213Lee (Curr)Church Rally To Promote DC House Vote --Norton to speak at 11AM Sunday New Bethel Baptist Church
1216King OpEdDC, We've Got a Problem--mayor pushed Gore, Bush won, Catania smug, Rivlin going, will DC suffer?
1218FernandezHearing Younger Voices for DC Policies--city, school officials work w/teenagers on proposals, priorities
1219StaffDeveloper Friedman to Head NCPC--central planning agency for fed gov't in Washington area
1221LeonnigProperty Management Office Woes Put Mayor, Nominee in Hot Seat--considered incompetent--privatize?
1223Norton ltrDC, This Is No Time to Despair--some good things have happened under Republicans: Congress key
1223FisherOn Voting Rights, Clinton Joins DC a Little Too Late--sat by while Congress danced--car plate a ploy
1229HsuMorella in Line to Lead DC Subcommittee--replacingTom Davis 'is in best interests of region', she says
1229StaffJack Evans, Ward 2, Likely to Fill Council's No. 2 Post as chairman pro tempore, succeeding Jarvis

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