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101StaffSenators Spar Over DC Voting Rights--Daschle says representation needed, Nickles say no statehood
103HsuRepublicans Won't Give DC More Heft in House--Hastert, majority reject bid to restore limited floor vote
103ChanAt DC Council Swearing In, Call for Vigilance--optimism abounds, opportunities to shape destiny of DC, etc.
105EditorDC and the 107th Congress--summary rejection of voting rights disappointing--DC should keep pushing
105LeonnigWilliams Says City Achieved Most (68%) Goals--activists question worth: kids 78%, neighborhoods 47% etc
109ChanCouncil Considers Repeal of Term Limits--majority seems to oppose bill--should they override voters?
110StaffMD's Rep Connie Morella Named to Head House Gov't Reform DC Subcommittee, follows Tom Davis
110StaffCity Ready to Crack Down on Rats--DC will bait rats in sewers, fine businesses for poor trash disposal
110EditorRepeal DC Term Limits--but bad idea to override voters so gotta listen to voters in public hearings first!
116HsuOn Way Out, Clinton Urges DC Statehood--showy speech at UDC claims he and wife will keep pushing
117LeDucMD's Gov Glendening Strives to Leave Imprint--chart liberal course for future governors re education, etc.
118HsuDC Welcomes Bush with Cautious Hope--eager for help with taxes,schools, but no optimism re home rule
119StaffNew DC Treasurer Appointed--Calhoun to lead Office of Finance and Treasury--was once DC controller
120LeonnigDC Mayor Still Trying to Recruit--5 key agencies lack permanent directors--black/minority leaders pushed
120PierrePres. Bush Will Not Keep 'Taxation' Car Tags--says plates are no place to make political statement
123EditorCan the Mayor Build a Cabinet?--Why not done in 2 yrs when Bush does in 20 days?; not acceptable
123EditorMr. Curry's Charter Check--good to review 30-yr old PG charter for prop. taxes, term limits, council make-up
124PierrePresident, Mayor, Chew on DC Woes--no specific promises come from lunch mtg on 3rd Bush day in office
125StaffCropp, Evans of DC Council Urge Repeal of Term Limits as 'unwise'--law passed in '94 with 62% of voters
125ChanDC Council Pushes for Local Selection of Judges, Prosecutor v. Senate/White House now--big step if OK'd
130WoodleeWilliams Aides' Fundraising questioned--for non-profit groups on gov't time, property--little accounting
1228ChanCropp Breezes Thru Committee Assignments--Brazil to EcDev; Patterson to Judiciary; Orange , GovOps
204PierreReaping Small Victories--basic gov't flaws still saddle mayor, slow progress, leave poor on short end
205WilgorenBusiness Executives Give DC Top Marks--problems remain, but mood better, expectations way up
206LeonnigExpectations Fast Crumbling--surrounded by ec growth, decaying Trinidad/Ivy City fights for attention
207Becker$120 Million Short, Montgomery Cnty to Borrow--grappling with services, deficit as slowdown looms
207WoodleeBeginning to Fill In the Gaps--mayor's new attention to detail encourages NE residents
208LeonnigWilliams to Announce 2 Agency Heads--Colvin for Human Services, insider Hotaling to Public Wks
208WoodleeWilliams Seeks Probe of Nonprofit Funds--has asked IG to probe $130K+ raised in mayor's office!
208ChanNo Revolution at the Rec Center--changes are slow for needy children at Barry Farms Dwelling
211Plotkin ltrNo Part for Us in Political Scene? That's OK, Use Us for Props! Bush visits schools, leaves DC behind
213Pierre/ChanWilliams's Deputies, Council Spar at DC Budget Hearing, Koskinen, Omer take on Catania, Chavous
215PierreWilliams Puts Aide Being Investigated on Leave w/o pay--accused of dubious fund-raising, uses
220MilbankLoyalist Chief of Staff Calls White House to Order--leaner staff includes Office of Strategic Initiatives
301RingleReally Real Estate--place where mayor can get down--Navy hospital, Ivy Cty, St. E's, Buzzard Pt, etc.
301PierreWilliams Address to Focus on the Basics--only new initiative to protect residents from 'gentrification'
301SlevinRush to Judgment--Eric Holder's Future, once assured, is marred by Marc Rich pardon case
302PierreWilliams Declares DC Strongest It's Been in Decades--mayor promises better basics--hecklers loud
302LeDucMorella's Leading Foe Opts Out--Lierman's decision prompts other democrats to weigh 2002 race
303PierreDC Mayor Nurses Wounds After Encounters with Foes--adversaries see political gains in acrimony
303EditorState of the District--and Mayor--fiscal health OK, political cooperation on social problems still wanting
306ChanDC Bill Would Ban Cell Phone Calling, Driving--accident risk cited by lead sponsor: is it enforceable?
311PierreDC Gen'l Battle Focuses on Mayor as Much as Medicine--hit by Nation of Islam, Chirstian ministers
312StaffPhiladelphia Council Backs DC voting respresentation in Congress with bipartisan resolution
312MilbankNational Faith-based Initiative May be Revised--criticism from conservatives surprises administration
313ChanBill to Repeal DC Term Limits Assailed--Council accused of 'flouting will of people' in '94 referendum
314MilbankSenators Slow Action on 'Faith-based' Aid--Bush agrees to split giving incentives from fed funding
318WoodleePublic Good, Private Endeavor Collide--did Millenium group created by mayor's aides violate laws?
318WoodleeMillenium Fun, Bicentennial Flop--much hyped, costly '99 concert attracted few, other events cancelled
318MurpHyFaith and Federal Funds--DC Christian mission serving needy split over restrictions on using religion
321PierreReview of City Goals Finds Problems, but Honest Ones--IG finds data lacking: Koskinen to improve
322PierreDC Mayoral Draft Targets ex-DoT Sec--activist Lett-Simmons pushing, Slater not taking seriously?
323HsuNo Vote, No Taxes, DC Says--Norton, Lieberman Unveil Bill to Exempt DC from $2.5B federal levy
324MurphyPastor Apologizes for Anti-Gay Remarks--Metro Baptist Church's Hicks sends gracious apology
324EditorPrivatize With Care--IG finds 10 DC agencies fail to document shift to private contractors--gotta worry
401PierreDC Mayor's Longtime Aide to Leave--Budget Expert Abdusalam Omer Ill at Ease in Political World
404KovaleskiDC Deputy Mayor Repeated No-Show w/Pub Housing Authority Comm--missed 15 votes, sent staffer
404WoodleeStatus Tags No License to Criticize--Rev Wilson attack on mayor costs pastor low-number plate perk
404SherwoodMayor's Inner Circle Dwindles--Omer was budget expert who did earlier stint on DCPS budget reform
405ChanRacial Shifts Complicate Redrawing DC Wards--minority power only part of ward puzzle
410MillerEx-DC Official at Office of Prop Mgmt took $900K in bribes for contracts over 8 yrs, says FBI
410WoodleeTransport of Mayor's mother Investigated--85-yrold driver paid $1000/mos from mayor's office
413SchwartzmanPr. George's Cnty Exec Curry Tests MD Waters--going for statewide office--gov, atty gen'l, comptrlr?
415PierreMayor's Rx Not Easy to Swallow--still at odds w/ political culture--some says he's getting knack of it
418StaffDC Council Subcommittee to Hold Ward Redistricting Town Hall Meetings within week
419WoodleeMinister Gets New DC Vanity Tags--Cnclmbr Allen gives Willie Wilson '42' after mayor yanks '16'
420HsuDC's Money Miscues Continue, Audit Finds--IG to take over from Cntl Bd as mgmt problems persist
422MilbankSerious "Srategery"--White House Strategic Initiatives Grp Meets weekly, aims to re-elect Bush, Cong
424ChanDC Redistricting Plans Criticized--Wards 1-3 shrink, Wards 7-8 cross Anacostia to meet 71.5K avg
424MeltonGovernor Puts Seal on Virginia's New Political Map--new seats in NVA help boost GOP power
425ChanDC Council Gov Ops Com Backs Term Limit Repeal--did referendum exceed law?: activists flip out
426EditorMr. Bush's Cavalier Dismissal--'I'm against the senators'--and full voting rights for DC: insulting rebuff
428King OpEdJustice for DC--high time for concerted long-term effort to gain voting rights--diverse effort for just cause
429BeckerMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan Lowers Political Sights in MD--may be eyeing Lt. Gov job
430MorenoNew DC Employment Justice Center Gives Workers Voice--after-hours group helps fight for rights
419ChanBrislty Aide Omer Given Warm, Fuzzy Farewell--200 attend party/roast for departing Chief of Staff
419HsuDC Activists Join to Demand Congressional Voting Rights--'dcvote', 'StandUpforDemocracy' get noted
501ChanDC Council Panel at Odds Over Redistricting--Mendelson accused of not communicating w/members
502ChanDC Council Provisionally OKs Overturning Term-Limits (incl mayor) 9/(4=Allen,Chavous,Fenty,Graham)
503ChanDC Council Panel Approves Redistricting Blueprint--Wd 3>Wd4, Wd1>Wd2;SW from Wd2>Wd6, etc.
504StaffCouncil OKs Mayor's Apptmts--Hotaling at DPW; Wilson at BoEE, Griffis at BZA; Hannaham at ZC
509Editor (Cur)The Wrong Solution--prefers different swap of communities between Wards 3 and 2--push better option
509SherwoodControl Board II?--speculates over Congress continuing to seize power over DC for the fun of it
509HsuDC Chafes at Morella's Advisory Bd Idea--mayor, Norton, Cropp, Rivlin react against 'shadow board'
510StaffPost map shows details of redistricting--effort takes heat from local activists
510EditorRep. Morella's Vision for DC--time to let DC leaders make own decisions--form own watchdog groups
510StaffEffort Launched to Recall Councilmbr Sharon Ambrose--miffed about redistricting, other slights
513Medelson ltrPolitics by the Numbers--Councilman agrees redistricting is a subjective job--gotta get districts evened
513EditorQuarreling Stalls DC Taxicab Commission--commissioner under fire from board, cabbies, riders
514EditorRedrawing the District's Wards--redistricting causes heartburn--race, class omnipresent: not over yet
515EditorIs This Commission Necessary? Taxicab Commission lacks professionalism, judgment, maturity
516LeonnigFor DCHD Agency Chief, Short Stay Enough--change too slow: like "sawing wood with a hammer"
518StaffMayor Names new Communications Chief--Joan Logue-Kinder 25 yrs in pub/private sectors;$110K pay
519Staff DC Council Chavous, Catania Sue To Question Cntl Bd's Rivlin, Smith re privatization of health care
519StaffDC Council Gov Ops Panel Backs Limits on Politicking--for voter initiatives using city resources
520LeonnigMayor Moves into Hands of Seasoned Pros--aides burn out in 'grueling effort' to reform gov't (too fast?)
525LosseLips (CP)Objections to Large Pay bonuses for 'Non-performance' by Police Chief, others who met 'goals'
529ChanChair Cropp Strives for Consensus as Council Regains Power--often referees fights with mayor
530Sherwood (cur)Questions re Mayoral Mansion--will be some costs, no land ownership--entertainment costs, ethics?
605EditorAn Official Home for the Mayor--as a world capital, DC needs one--Casey Fndn offer a "great teasure"
606PierreDC Term Limits Tossed--Council reverses referendum 62% OK'd--overturned elsewhere by courts
606ChanDC Cncll Accepts $s for Foxhall Rd Mayoral Mansion-$16.5M for site, $8M for house, $25M endowment
608DewarSenate Majority Leader Daschle Urges DC Voting Rights Hearings--supports full representation
608Kurtz (Gaz)Morella Says She'll Stay in District 8 for election: but redistricting, emboldened Democrats threaten
611ChanDC Redistricting Meets Resistance East of River--Wards 6,7,8 want to be on both sides of Anacostia
612EditorTerminating Term Limits--Council rejection of term limits warrants support--voters will have last word
617Rowse LtrCrunching Neighborhoods w/ Nmbrs--Mendelson redistricting balanced pain, didn't minimize changes
618TwomeyTo Prod and Serve--mayor's aide Morgan leads effort to fix DC's phone manners, response times (!)
620ChanRedrawn Wards Approved in DC--fractious debate ends in 11-1 vote--Wd 8 Cnclmbr Allen objects
621BaconVoting Rights Effort to Target Tourists--DC activists plan summer Saturdays leaflet campaign on Mall
625KovaleskiWilliams Expands City Push for Vote--mayor lobbies US counterparts at Mayor's meeting in Detroit
626KovaleskiUS Conf of Mayors Boosts DC Pitch for Vote--full Congressional Rep in Congress well received
628PierreSlow Search for Mayor's New Chief of Staff Causes Grumbling--lost political liaisons w/Council noted
701Samples ltrDC Voters Overruled--questions if voters have 'ultimate control' over DC Council--miffed re term limits
704ChanMayor's 3rd Budget Chief Resigns--Upshaw credited w/FY02 budget plan, but was he too aggressive?
707HsuDemocratic Remapping Targets Morella's District--adding 2 seats in Mongomery Cnty among options
708KovaleskiSurprise Stop for Mall Tourists--voting rights pitch gets mixed review: some impressed, some skeptical
712KovaleskiMayor Taps FLA Lobbyist as Chief of Staff, eyes re-election: put in new team to take DC to home rule
714ChanDC Settles Lawsuit of Former DHS Counsel--wins $160K for 'scapegoat' firing over MRRDAA flaws
718StaffMayoral Aide to Leave After 2 mos as Commo Director as new permanent CoS arrives 1 Aug
722Plotkin LtrLet's Get Some Gumption, Get the Vote--symbolic protesters not enough, Mayor should push harder
726KovaleskiMayoral Hire for Chief of Staff Left Last Job Amid Dispute, money hankypanky: Mayor defends choice
728EditorThe Mayor's Latest Staff Chief--already just one more high-profile personnel misjudgment--amazing!
729Norton LtrtoEdDemocracy for DC--Plotkin who pushed for special DC license plates ought to be out helping now
801 Chan DC Voting Rights Effort Goes International--activist takes case to UN Committee on Racial Discrimination in Geneva
804 Fisher Mr. Mayor, DC DMV Still Fails Inspection--horror story of three long trips to DMV, with rude, witless staff
804 Bacon Brainstorming Aimed at Better DC Services--200 employees each day help set goals to 'make government work'
807 Sun DC Tax Officials Got Improper Homestead Deduction--claim ignorance: 12K of 90K deductions found hokey so far
810 Editor Judge Speaks Reality to DC--judge gives Chavous, Catania, tutorial on Congress, Control Bd rights--legal slam dunk
819 Milloy OpEd City Where Freedom Doesn't Ring--adding kids ID cards to speed/red light camera etc.--bunch of cowards
823 Chan DC Mayor's Office Shifts Senior Staff--shake-up reflects political emphasis--McCarthy fed/council, Arnold aptmnts
824 Staff San Francisco Bd of Supervisors Backs Full DC voting Rights--pushed by DCVote, DC's shadow House rep
906MillerFive Disabled Sue to Force DC Voting Machines for blind, better access to voting places by next year
916ChanWilliams Avoids Disaster Spotlight--some question low-key repsonse: no Giuliani, but need he be?
917TwomeyDC Unprepared to Cope With Attack--police improvised, no broadcast made, phones overloaded
918EditorNot Ready--DC unprepared for emergency and unable to react andf assist public in timely fashion
918LeonnigDC Developing New Plans in Response to Last Week's Breakdown--Feds didn't keep DC in loop
920BeckerReserve Call-Up Squeezes Staffs of Law Enforcment--all area jurisdictions impacted police, EMS, etc.
920LeonnigAssessor Alleges DC Office Illegally Aided Taxpayers--helped lawyers avoid higher client taxes
920EditorNo Rush on Rights--hasty legislation to expand law enforcement powers may be illegal--go slow!
921WeilDC Hopes to Open Streets, Parking--fed agencies lack authority to foul up city traffic says City Admin
921HsuEmergency Failures Threaten $16M earmarked to improve DC readiness--no plan for fed agencies
921LaytonMetro Moves to Improve Rail, Bus Security--transit system well protected, worked throughout crisis
922WoodleeDC Moves Barriers at Some Federal Sites--hopes to reduce traffic, tension; feds have reservations
925HsuDC Outlines Attack Response Plan--needs $10's of M from Feds--chem/bio,security, evacuation, etc.
930Evans LtrDC Gets Short Shrift--Again: raises 97% of its own revenues (?), and can't tax suburbs, no war vote
1001ChanWide-Scale Woes Slow DC's Big Picture Solutions--personnel issues, no-tech,payrolls, slowed CntlBd
1001ChanAfter 6 Years of Recovery, Still No Cure--Control Bd leaves legacy of questions--shows $ changes
1003EditorWell Done--crisis is history--new mayor, new council attuned to times and finance deserve thanks
1003StaffMorella/Norton Bill Would Free City of Budget Oversight--hope by October 2003 to improve home rule
1006Chan2800 DC Residents to Brainstorm on City Services--mayor's summit called a PR ploy by some
1007Chan3500 Residents Suggest Changes at All-day DC Summit--hi-tech facilitators automate responses
1015KovaleskiHome Rule Is Losing Battle for DC Streets--city struggles for say as Federal Agencies decide security
1015StaffLawyers of DC's Corporation Counsel Office Vote to Join AFGE Union for higher pay, better offices
1016StaffCouncil Meets at Wilson Bldg Again--mayor and other top officials expected to move in next few weeks
1016EditorRolling Over the District--DC officials must be part of dialogue in combatting terrorism, not afterthought
1019StaffProposal Would Change ANC System, redrawing would cut 13 single mbr districts, keep 37 ANCs
1024StaffLA Council Takes Up DC Voting Rights--resolution urges Congress to "achieve equitable solution"
1028StaffMayor, staff, finally move to Wilson Building , delayed by 9/11 and subsequent anthrax events
1028KovaleskiNew Fears Help Mayor Transform His Image--takes visible, asssertive lead in anthrax response
1030WhitePoor Work Tolerated, Employees Say--gov't workers more satisfied w/job, don't push poor workers
1031BeckerMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan to Seek 3rd term--opts out of governor's race: LtGov has big lead
1101BeckerMontgomery Cnty Support for Cnty Exec Duncan Swells--decision to seek 3rd term well received
1107StaffDC Council Backs Full 6-yr Term for Gandhi--permanent CFO legislation not yet taken by Congress
1107HsuDC Misused Workforce Reduction Funds, GAO Says--many of 1000 jobs bought out w/$25K refilled
1108WoodleeDC Ethics Report Criticizes Fundraising Efforts in Mayor's office--violated personnel rules raising $90K
1118StaffDC Democracy Fund PAC formed to Push Full Voting Rights--or exempt from paying federal taxes
1121JohnstonStudies Say DC Could Take Advantage of Internet More--DC government fails to exploit potential
1121TwomeyNew Security Restraints Slow Tourism's Revival: drop not as bad as expected, but impact persists
1122EditorThose White House Grinches--closing White House for Xmas will send DC economy further down tubes
1124EditorOpen E Street Now--sealing vital road 300 ft from White House not necessary, contributes to DC woes
1125Rosenstein ltrThe Next Disaster--DC desparately needs fed $'s to make up for excessive safety steps killing city
1128EditorNow Who's Unprepared? DC Guard bails out understaffed Capitol cops while Congress withholds DC $
1130HsuPoll Finds Worry Over Terrorism Readiness--fears threaten rebound of DC area's economy
1207StaffSchool Financial Chief Gets City Post--promoted though criticized for exaggerating school deficit
1215EditorNation's Capital vs. the District--cops too occupied by homeland defense, crime rates up, patrols down
1215FleishmanDC Consumer Advocacy Groups Warn Council to Keep Loan Protections--mortgage industry resists
1220LeonnigDC Mayor to Run for 2nd Term--needs 4 more to finish job: says 'any contender will have to run thru me'
1220WoodleeNew Office Suite Has Mayor in Hot Seat--accused of 'penthouse' isolated from common folk, activists
1221StaffCouncil Confirms 2 Williams Appointees--Jackson to DCHD, Bailey back from DCHD to HFA
1222EditorAnother Term for the Mayor--has he done as much as he could? --for poorest? voters will say in fall
1223DewarFor Congress un-Ordinary Yr--passed anti-terror; tax cut; education; base closings; brownfields, UN$...
1223Dewar (cont)...but Congress didn't pass ec stim; campaign finance; election laws; energy; trade; patients; drugs;.....
1223Dewar (cont)....Congress didn't pass faith-based; stem cells; immigration; insurance; farm; min wage; bio-terrorism
1230ChanDC (black) Rights Chief Accused of Bias--2 (white) employees claim harsh treatment, poor mgmt

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