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105SantanaDC Court Worker Accepted Bribes--drug-test technician admits allowing bogus urine samples
105TimbergVA's Gov Warner, House of Delegates Leaders Pledge Teamwork--budget troubles far-reaching
107TimbergVA and MD Lawmakers Enter New Year of Budgeting Painfully--VA $1.3B, MD $0.5B shortfalls
108EditorThe Talented Mr. Kaiser--Cntl Bd, then CFO staffer faked law license, academic degrees: shameful!
110WoodleeMayor Apologizes to Donors for Fundraising Errors, Faults Aids--pleads ignorance over $500K draw
111GoldsteinDC Halts Ex-Counsel's Pay, Reviews Cases--man lacked license to practice law in DC, worked for CFO
111TimbergMayor Knew Fundraising Details, Ex-Aide Says--mayor agrees he supported effort, but knew not details
112WoodleeFundraising Probe's End Still Elusive--investigators not on mayor's timetable: DC IG coming under fire
113TimbergMayor's Mea Culpa Can't Quell Controversy--scandal survives mayor's apology: opponents gleeful
116EditorInspecting the Inspector General--DC Council has called IG to explain foot-dragging: let's hear it
117WoodleeDC IG Maddox Had to Leave First DC Job--had to step down as Gen'l Counsel: not member DC bar
118WoodleeDC Inspector General Defends Residency--Couincil members seek investigation of double homes
119GoldsteinCriminal Probe of Ex-Counsel Opened--CFO lawyer unlicensed in DC, new questions re credentials
123EditorNo Laughing Matter--irony in DC IG with credibility problems probing CFO lawyer w/credibility problems
125LeDucMD Democrats Redraw Rep. Morella's District--plan aimed at ousting Montgomery Republican
125WoodleeDC IG Urged to Resign--residency and legal credentials questioned by members of DC Council
127Patterson ltrComing Under Scrutiny--Councilmbr raises raft of questions for DC IG: above others should obey laws
127BeckerMorella Faces Well-Stacked Deck--MD Democrats say redistrcting will help them win House control
131TimbergWilliams Raises $1.2M--DC Mayor still without major election rival:Chavous, Catania, Fenty?
131staffRepublican Rep. Morella Affirms Plan to Run Again--won't retire after 16 yrs just because of redistricting
130Kain (Curr)DC Planning Office Prepares for Busy Year--many plans maturing, need to review Comprehensive Plan
204WoodleeDC Council to Vote on Embattled Inspector General--questions of Maddox's residency, resume's
206TimbergNo Purge of (Lax) Small Business Panel--Mayor abandons try to get volunteer members' resignations
207StaffDC IG Maddox Calls Council Vote Premature--should have waited til HIS probe of mayor completed
208TibergEx-Mayor Barry Sounds Like Candidate for Council--sounding out potential supporters, churches
209LeDucGov Glendenibng Submits MD Redistricting Plan--Democrats could gain 2 congressional seats
209StaffDC Disaster Response Plan Overhauled--mirrors fed plan, offers strong cooperation with MD/VA
210Cnclmn OrangeWhy the DC Inspector General Should Go--gotta reestablish integrity and credibility of OIG, DC Gov't
210StaffDC Officials Divided Over Residency Rule--several high-level officials cheat, don't really live in DC
211EditorUnfinished Business--sticky situation, Council voted no conf; IG won't go, mayor can't fire, wait for report
213WoodleeFundraising Probe Nearly Finished, say DC IG Maddox -- called to account before DC Council
214TimbargAt Olympics, Mayor's Business is Fun--Williams enjoys camaraderie in representing DC at games
220TimbergDC Boxing Panel Backs Tyson Bid--business, church leaders oppose DC housing boxing bout
220StaffCouncil Votes to Cut ANC members--from 299 to 286 elected volunteers but keeps 37 commissions
221TimbergMayor Seeks to Punch Up DC's Economy--willing to take risk to keep out of 'very deep' financial hole
221HedgpethMany Businesses Cheer Prospect of Tyson Fight--tourism officials expect modest sales of $6-10M
221FernandezIs It a Black Eye or Shot in the Arm?--some say Tyson paid debt, others fear for city's image
221FisherAnother Bout of Big-Time Sleaze in DC--public-be-damned resurrection of good-old bad-old days
223EditorNot Here, Mr. Tyson--plenty of examples of sports figures who have crossed line, been barred
224TimbergLanding Tyson Bout May be DC Boxing Commission's Undoing--points up lack of oversight, maturity
228TwomeyMayor's Pluses Don't Please Everyone--despite city progress, many question his focus, attitudes....
228Twomay (cont)....detractors claim not doing enough for poor: supporters see big picture improving, more to come
228WoodleeIG Maddox Meets Residency Rule, says DC Office of Personnel rpt--he lives paert time, pays DC taxes
228HsuSenators Lobby to Give DC Full Voting Rights in Congress--Lieberman, Dodd, Feingold push change
228TimbergMayor Primed for Reelection, Barry, Kinlow Stir Interest in Council Race: Kinlow active E of Anacostia
301GellmanShadow Gov't At Work in Secret--Bush ordered 100 officials to bunkers away from capital after 9/11
302GoldsteinCongress Not Advised of Shadow Gov't--Bush says 'serious business': how about DC, Supreme Court?
304WalshSenate Majority Ldr Daschle Calls for Sharing of Plans--info wanted on shadow gov't, war on terrorism
305SantanaDC Corporation Counsel Nominated to Bench--Rigsby could become associate judge in Superior Ct
306TimbergMayor Speaks Out for Voting Rights--State of DC talk touchers on budget, self-gov't, less oversight
307EditorDistrict's State in 2002--no longer Dodge City, but not where capital city should be: fiscal crunch ahead
307Timbergex-Mayor Barry to Heed 'Calling" with Bid for DC Council--comeback campaign aims at Mendelson
308Timbergex-Mayor Barry Making Return in Much Different DC--traditional black constituency moved to PG Cnty
311Letters to EdTwo writers fed up with criticism of Mayor Williams; offer praise for various things he has done
314StaffMWCOG Votes Unanimously to Support Full DC Representation in Congress--did not address new bill
319DvorakDC Bill Would Cut Administrative Holdups--Council proposal would put cops, firefighters back to work
324Lengelex-Mayor Barry's Car Tied to Drug Residue--not enough of substances to build a case, police say
325Harrisex-Mayor Barry Disputes Drug Allegation, Mulls Future--Williams urges calm, response polarized
326EditorOh, No! Not Again--ex-mayor Barry should spare city return to embarrassing past: drugs found in car
329WoodleeMayor Williams Solicited Contractor, IG Says--actions "crossed firewall', but 'not institutional corruption'
329EditorBig Shot Idea, Soda Pop Purse--by losing Tyson, mayor, boxing com look like rank amateurs out of depth
330LeonnigIG Report Tarnishes DC Leadership, Mayor Says--agrees it will be marked as failure, regrets errors
330EditrorGoodbye to Squeaky Clean--money-raising ethics violations tarnishes mayor's reputation: too bad!
401WoodleeDC IG Report Fleshes Out Williams's Fundraising--aides ignored laws in soliciting cash for events
402StaffMayor Will Face Defamation Suit--eleven fired by Williams as CFO for insufficient job skills OK'd to sue
402EditorWhat Did the Mayor Know?--improper fundraising activities cast mayor's role in more disturbing light
402HarrisBeleaguered ex-mayor Barry May Forgo Council Run--latest drug allegations prompt reconsideration
404LeonnigDC Inquiry Centers on Bank Account--mayoral aides use of church group funds may violate fed laws
405Kovaleskiex-mayor Barry Abandons Comeback Bid--cites 'divisions and acrimony' after drug allegation
405TimbergWithout ex-mayor, the Plot is Thinner--supporters lose voice, Mendelson loses key rival for Council seat
406EditorWithout Mr. Barry's Voice--contest would have been divisive, but he did speak up for problems of poor
406WilgorenNCRC Chief Quits DC Group Behind Rebuilding--7 new staffers had quit in 10 mos: too abrasive?
408TimbergMayor's High Pressure Style Led to Mistakes--DC IG fundraising probe uncovers new portrait of Mayor
410WoodleeCouncil Mbrs Fault Investigation of Mayor--claim work incomplete, could deserve special prosecutor
411StaffWilliams Seeking New Deputy Mayor--leave Koskinen city administrator, add operations deputy
411TimbergMayor Rejects Calls for Special Prosecutor--Councilmbrs criticize mayor's comments re investigation
416TimbergWilliams Touts Record, Makes Case for 2nd Term--needs 4 more years to do toughest jobs
416FisherTrying to Right Wrong Done to People of DC--'DC Vote' to testify to UN Commission on Human Rights
417HsuWilliams to Co-Host Fundraiser for Morella--mayor's support irks fellow democrats trying to oust her
418EditorThe Mayor Miffs Mr. McAuliffe--Democrats Chairman angry, Mayor unfazed by helping DC supporter
419TimbargHelping Morella Part of Strategy, Williams Says--mayor has become favorite of President, Republicans
420Grano ltrStand Up for History, Democracy--1802: Congress OKs 12-mbr council; its elected, meets in Capitol
420Chavous ltrSpecial Questions for Special Prosecutor--cash kitty in mayor's office worst DC ethics breach ever
420HsuNorton Intensifies Criticism of Mayor--'either naive or stupid' to be honorary host for Morella fundraiser
424TimbergDC Mayor's Troubles Embolden Past Rivals--Cnclmbrs Chavous, Evans reconsider running against him
425WoodleeNonProfit Still Funds Travel Costs for Mayor--account holds $31K left-over inauguration money
425StaffWilliams to Seek Hatch Act Exemptions--'unjust, unfair' : should be up to elected officials who can run
427WoodleeDC Council Gov Ops Com Targets IG--wants to diminish power, cut $2M frm $12M budget: what good?
502TimbergMayor Goes from Hot Seat to Man of the Hour--Council hearing on fundraising turns meek and mild
504TwomeyMayor Has Critics but No Primary Threats--potential challengers cite war chest, Wds 2,3 strong support
504ReevesPr. George's Cnty Exec Curry Says He Will Not Run in '02 Races--may return to politics later
505StaffCoalition to Lobby Senate on DC Vote--Norton says 185-group movement is "gathering storm"
510HsuGhandi Lobbying Harms Home Rule, Norton Charges--CFO seeking Hill rider to protect hiring methods
516HsuVoting-Rights Lobbying Blitz Staged in DC--leaders, residents descend on Senate: Lott opposed
518TimbergDeal Would End DC's Era of Receiverships--DC to take back control of $228M for 8000 in mental health
520KovaleskiWilliams, Giuliani Address Georgetown Law School Grads--urged by DC mayor to look beyond big $s
521FisherCapitol Lockdown Defies Our Core Democratic Ideals--lack of visitors leaves terorists winning
524HsuDC Takes Fight for Vote to the Hill--Senate Govt Affairs Comm fulfills Daschle promise, prospects dim
525EditorWrong Way on Voting Rights--Norton Bill exercise in partisanship: support for full voting rights eroding
526TimbergWilliams Losing Support of Blacks--poll shows mayor's overall approval @ 64%, 54% blks, 83% whts
526Richards/etalResponsibilities Without Rights--advocates use DC World War Memorial to point up service without vote
531EditorCommission of Good Sports--lists problems with 'imperial' Sports/Entertainment Commission
704TimbergNo Major Player to Take On Williams--primary filing deadline passes, independent could still challenge
709IbrahimDC Registers Domestic Partners--Congress blocked DC law 10 yrs: victory for human rights,uninsured
710GoldsteinEx-CFO Official Guilty of DC Fraud--counsel stole $248K, lied on resume--guidelines require 3 yr in jail
710EditorMr. Moran's Bad Credit--VA representative's personal finances are a mess: Moran oughta go
711TimbergWilliams Decries Improper Signatures--mayor says campaign is probing fraudulent petitions
713GoldsteinDC Council Votes to Give Itself a Break on Parking--OK official business exemptions like Congress's
714TimbergGOP to Skip DC Mayor's Race as it "Regroups'--hopes to groom future candidates: city 90% Dems
715Sun3 Dispute Mayor's Election Petitions--activists say 9000 of 10000 signatures invalid: obvious phonies
716EditorDoes the Mayor Have Enough--"massive election fraud" humiliating, poor reflection on city's politics
717StaffJuvenile Official Gets No Confidence Vote--union, workers say Youth Services Admin boss incompetent
717TimbergWilliams Still Planning Strong Reelection Bid--petition problems to spur staff change: 'theater of absurd'
718WoodleePetition Workers' Names May Have Been Forged--validation signatures appear phony on some pages
719EditorAn Affront to Home Rule--signature-gathering ritual basic to self-gov't: Election Bd must set things right
719WoodleePanic Led to Dubious Signatures, Collector Says--petitions to be scrutinized by Elections Board
720TimbergWilliams Attacks DC Election Law--mayor defends some challenged signatures:Bd subpoenas 6 staffers
722EditorThe DC Council Takes Care of Itself--members get $92.5K for 'part-time work', why add parking exemptions?
723TimbergElections Chief Taints Process, Williams Says--lawyers say public comments prejudice petition review
723EditorHow DC Creates Chaos--DCRA poised to make lawbreakers out of small businesses re licenses
724EditorA Mayor, the Law: Then and Now--mayor didn't support bill to ease nominating petitions when it arose
725TimbergWilliams May Miss Primary Ballot--DC ElexBd Chairman says forgeries so widespread, may not make it
726EditorShow Us the Numbers--VA Gov Warner gives legislature bad news, $200M short in FY2001: let's see
727EditorialWhich Way, Tony Williams--no good solution to getting on ballot: go to court, or go to people?
727WoodleeWilliams Kept Off Democratic Ballot--with key workers taking 5th, Election Bd disallows tainted signatures
727FahrentholdThree Complain ANC Members Solicited Funds--who could influence granting of liquor licenses
727AizenmanMontgomery Cnty Ordered to Offer Spanish-language Ballots--US DoJ cites Latino population
728DionneMr. Mayor, You Could Have Used a Machine--political machines respect the details, not the ideology
728TimbergWilliams Rushes to Save Himself--ruling on ballot energizes race: "ain't no way to keep me off ballot"
728WoodleeSignature Flap Heightens Interest in Mayor's Race--politicians rethinking entering race with mayor off
729LeonnigMayor's Challengers Edge into Spotlight--flub raises hopes of four still on ballot: one other missed ballot
729TimbergIn Bid to Reach Out to Voters, Williams Sweats the Small Stuff, asks advice on campaign future
730TimbergMayor Polls for threat of Challenger--will he become write-in Democrat, or run as Independent?
731TimbergWilliams Appeals Ballot Ruling--Mayor to remain in Democratic fold, go for write-in, keep funds
731EditorThe Mayor Goes to Court--seems to be blaming election board rather than campaign aide who goofed
801StaffCouncilmbr Jack Evans joining Patton Boggs law firm part time--had been solo practitioner
801TimberyWiliams Camp Prepares Aggressive Write-in Bid--sees huge task, but picks up endorsements
801LeonnigCouncilmbr Fenty Failed to Guard Elderly Client's Money--Legal Bd urged to consider sanctions
802TimbergDC Race for Mayor Takes Turn Into Court--DC Court of Appeals agrees to hear Williams' appeal
803WoodleeWilliams's Petitions Show Another Discrepancy--Scott Bishop even gives wrong address for himself
804ReelMayors Come and Go, but One Activist Remains--petition scandal Brizill's latest campaign: motives?
804Goldman ltrOur Write-Minded Mayor--Williams is finally putting his trust in the people--it's about time?
805ReelWilliams Spends Weekend on Stump--mayor reaches out for write-in effort: 'do the write thing'
806EditorMr. Williams v Elections Board--up to courts to decide integrity of DC nominating petition
807TimbergJudges Scrutinize Williams's Ballot Dispute--case of 4 signature collectors forwarded to prosecutors
808WoodleeDC Chamber of Commerce PAC Backs Mayor Williams--even if he can't get himself on ballot
808TimbergWilliams's Appeal Fails--court says petitions too rife with fraud/abuse--can't be tolerated: mayor accepts
809EditorThe Electoral Process Protected--BoEE should send mayor strong msg not to violate electoral process
809TimbergMayor Refines Message as Rivals Consider Bids--mayor could face $1.1M fine over false petitions
811MilloyWilliams Wants Write-ins When people Can't Read--how get to DC's 35% illiterate to mark ballots
811TimbergWilliams Letters to Seek Forgiveness, Votes--apologizes for campaign's 'inexcusable actions'
813TimbergDC Pastor Willie Wilson Challenges Mayor--says he betrayed city, declares write-in campaign
814MilloyTrying to Learn from a Study in Contrasts--Williams vs Wilson: two halves of city couldn't be further apart
814StaffNew Action Against Williams Campaign--activists Brizill/Imhoff claim petition payments not reported
815HarrisWilson's Bid to Become Mayor Excites Some, Agitates Others--church fervor v. political ldr realism
815TimbergWilliams Campaign Fined $277K--record penalty puts big dent in write-in effort: mayor and aides shocked
816TimbergWilson 'in Campaign to Win it'--agenda includes reopening DCGen'l; high school vocational centers....
816EditorThe Mayor Pays a Price--mayor can't claim he's been victimized, but was scandalized by staff acts
816Timberg (c0nt)......teacher pay; more cops on street; make city national model; revamped city athletic faciltiies; etc.
817King OpEdDoes the Mayor Get It Yet? -- too much time with whites, business too little with basic needy
819TimbergIn DC, Voters Seek Middle Ground--want mayor's experience, Wilson's passion (more than minister?)
821KovaleskiCouncil Panel Switched Hats to Aid Sports Commission on Grand Prix--ghost-wrote mollifier letter
821ReelIn DC's Ward 3 Race for Council, Politics Unusual--Patterson no shoo-in against ex-Williams staffer
822TimbergFined, Mayor Reactivates Fundraising--TV ads delayed as Williams goes for $277K more
823VasquezDC Write-In Count Expected to Take 7-10 Days--can't use new optical scanners (were 90,000 votes in '98)
823TimbergCampaign Trail Proves a Bit Rough for Mayor--unruly crowd, few foes attend candidates' forum
824MorenoWillie Wilson Snags First Endorsement--Cnclmbr Allen bucks Ward 8 Dems who picked Moore
825SchwartzmanPr. George's Split Along Race LInes, Poll Finds: 54% blacks say right direction; 58% whites say wrong
825ChanDiscrepancy on Largess by Wilson's DC Church--Ghana church received a few thousand, not a million!
825OpEdsAn Election of Primary Importance--Rosenstein: race card raw deal; Hobson: not a personality contest
829EditorIn the Sept 10 Primary--Post goes strongly for Norton, Cropp, only close call for Mendelson
830TimbergEx-mayor Barry Backs Wilson for Mayor--Williams backers think endorsement could backfire
831MontgomeryMaryland Officials Say Economy to Blame for Budget Woes--'sick economy like rest of country'
901KovaleskiUneven Progress Marks Williams' Busy Term--public works strengthened, social services lag
901TimbergWilliams Unhurt by Scandal, Poll Finds--mayor has big lead over contenders, even among blacks
901MalveauxUnkept Promises--Wilson aide lists mayor's incomplete promises/errors:UDC move, DC Gen'l closing
902TimbergWilliams Kicking Off TV, Radio Campaign--leading rival, Wilson, plans to delay ads, raise funds
904MilloyWilliams's Real Problem is Detachment--not 'black enough' to connect with blacks, reflect concerns
904BarrasWilson and Friends--exposes Wilson, Barry, Allen dubious virtues, perpetuating black victimization
905EditorThe Race Is Not About Race--no substitute for competence, quiet professionalism, job dedication
906NakamuraBlast from the Past for Williams--current/past political leaders endorse mayor, criticize Wilson, Barry
906MorenoCourting the City, with Feeling--Wilson draws on emotion in campaign:facts show church work faulty
907StaffThree Former Rivals Endorse Williams--Cnclmbrs Chavous, Evans, Brazil close ranks behind mayor
908TimbergWilliams Campaigns to Connect--new running style after missteps: 'persistent coolness' from blacks
908FernandezEast of River Feels Left Out--neither Williams nor Wilson resonate in Wards 7, 8: politics 'not working'?
908SchwartzmanA Vote for Change in Pr. George's--period of vast political change set to start with new black leaders
911TimbergWilliams Way Ahead, Exit Polls Show--3:1 edge over Wilson: only 5% care about DC Gen'l closing
911KovaleskiCouncil Incumbents Headed for Primary Success--Medelson faced big challenge, others way ahead
911NakamuraVoters Write an End to Odd Primary Race--91% write-in votes for mayor; zilch for others, statehood
911MorinBehind Exit Poll for DC's Top Race--Post works at 35 of 141 precincts to interview over 1000 voters
912EditorTest of DC Leadership--solving $325M '03 budget gap is big test for mayor, council -- and Congress!
912StaffWilliams Big Winner, Exit Poll Shows--91% whites, 52% blacks, late deciders, men/women pick Williams
912Staff(Cont)....Exit Poll shows voters enthusiastic--services, economy, crime, schools over jobs, hsng, DCGen'l
912NakamuraEager Audience on Hand for Ballot Count--52 counters, 15 campaigners,4 reporters, 1 activist, etc.
912TimbergMayor Says He's Weary, Wiser--after bruising primary, Williams vows to try harder to connect
912FisherBehind Upsets, Excitement, Dangerous Sign--some fence-mending needed, but most people don't vote
912KovaleskiDC Taxi Commission Chairman Criticized--accused by drivers of derogatory statement re Ethiopians
913TimbergWilliams Claims Win in Primary--captures GOP and Democratic races, missed Statehood lead!
913NakamuraWrite-Ins Push Schwartz to Ponder Mayoral Run--even though Williams got more Rep write-ins than she
913StaffVote Comment Sparks Dispute in House--Rep.Goss (Fla) angers Norton re taxation v representation
914EditorGood Week for Incumbents--mayor did good job earning landslide victory: knows how to fight back
914KingHow to Run for DC Mayor--don't: enlist Barry; act the fool; harp on race; play noisiest issue
914StaffAmbivalent Schwartz Files Election Papers--but remains undecided about becoming 4th-time candidate
917TimbergDC Voters Add Whimsey to Already Wacky Mayoral Race--write-ins include Mickey Mouse,God, Arafat
917StaffWilliams Pays Off $250K fine for petition irregularities--campaign gathers additional funding
919StaffGOP to Meet in Effort to Draft Cnclmbr Carol Schwartz to run against Williams--she remains 'uncertain'
924TuckerDC Voters Urged to Back Local Election of Prosecutor--start towards local judiciary in Referendum A
924StaffGOP Committee Nominates Cnclmbr Carol Schwartz as Rep. candidate for mayor--will she run again?
927TimbergSchwartz Enters Mayor's Race--hits Williams on Ethics, but acknowledges long shot: no $, organization
926TimbergWilliams Shows New Ease in Council Dealings--marathon budget sessions found mayor focused
1001StaffDC Liaison for Latinos Quits Amid Staff Unrest--office boss Gutierrez accused of bullying employees
1001StaffNoncitizens Should Get Vote, Too, Mayor Says--wants all taxpayers to have vote: Latinos Unhappy
1005StaffDC Voting Rights Bill Introduced in Congress as Promised by Lieberman--no chance to pass this year
1005StaffVoter Registration Deadline for Nov 5 Election Nears (10/7) for DC, VA--Maryland has til 10/15
1009WoodleeProsecution is Rejected on Williams Fund Raising--activity wasn't illegal says US attorney
1009EditorYes to DC Voting Rights--vote against 'no taxation w/o representation' bill = vote for injustice, inequality
1010HsuSenate Gov't Affairs Committee Votes to Give DC Full Voting Rights--won't progress further this yr
1011TimbergWilliams Breaks Campaign Fundraising Record--$2.2M way over Barry's $1.6M in '94--but big legal fees
1014Woodlee$34 Million Fails to Fix New DC Payroll Computers--less reliable than 33 yr-old system now updated!
1015Editor$34 Million Flop--failure to reform DC's infamous payroll data system, now compromised, is incredible
1016WoodleeDC Council Committee Hears Testimony on Missteps in Primary Election--use of rubber stamps
1022WoodleeMayor Withdraws Plan to Buy Land--Schwartz questions impound site: buy for $1.5M sell to DC for $12.5M?
1023TimbergMayor's Record at Issue in DC--Williams, Schwartz spar on police, bureaucracy: 'bicker like old couple'
1028EditorFor DC Council--Post picks all running incumbents based on past experience, current times
1030TuckerDC Accountant Receives Maximum for Bilking Elderly--pled guilty to defrauding clients of $3.4M
1101TimbergDC Mayor's Race Study in Contrasts--Schwartz fueled by indignation, Williams defends record
1106NakamuraSeven DC Council Incumbents Easily Reelected--seen as vote of confidence in city's government
1106EditorOn the Mayor's Plate--Williams can smile, but city must solve financial problem with fed assistance
1106TimbergMayor Williams Beats Schwartz Again--democrat takes rematch in landslide, with light turnout
1106Sherwood (Curr)Now What Do We Do? Mayor gotta spend more time on personnel, services, try to be less aloof
1107SchwartzmanPr. George's New County Exec Johnson Aims for Unity on Key Issues--crime police, schools top agenda
1107WilgorenDC Announces Action Plans for Improving 131 Neighborhoods--residents helped determine priorities
1107TimbergReelected Mayor Williams Promises Improved DC Services--no big changes planned
1108FahrentholdCouncil Attacks DC Surveillance Cameras--limited use passes by one vote: fret about freedom
1108TimbergDC Council Opposes Action Against Iraq--voted 10/3 to oppose war unless imminent threat proven
1108MoskDC Suburbs Getting Greater Role in MD Senate--Baltimoreans depart, open positions in both houses
1109WoodleeFBI Agents Interview DC Campaign Aide--Williams petition worker saw forgeries--claims mistakes
1110TimbergWilliams Vows to Apply Hard-Won Lessons--weary after electoral 'galactic tour': sees hopes too high
1113Staff (curr)Joint Mayoral-Council Task Force Starts Look at Comprehensive Plan--29 mbrs only have til 2/03
1113Sherwood (Curr)The President and Us--mayor needs access to President to lobby budget autonomy, federal payment
1115Gowen Montgomery, Pr. George's County Executives Plan Partnership--pledge support to school funding
1124BeckerMontgomery Cnty's Duncan Emerges from Election Stronger Than Ever--council foes gone, got 77% vote
1126StaffSen Fred Thompson to Head Fed City Council, replace Dole--non-profit grp of 190 civic/business ldrs
1204Kain (Curr)Planners Give Failing Grade to DC Comprehensive Plan--amended but not rewritten since '80s
1208Norton ltrFor DC, Progress Must Be Nonpartisan--voting rights needed, as well as $400M annual bail-out
1208HockstaderSen Landrieu Beats GOP Challenge in Louisiana--democrat takes 51% of vote in runoff for senate seat
1209StaffMayor Williams Wins League of Cities Post--could become president after 2 years as 2nd vice-pres.
1212StaffWilliams Campaign Is $26K in Debt--legal fees to get on ballot not yet paid off--had raised $2.5M total
1212WoodleeDC Official Resigns After Threats Alleged--aide had gotten restraining order against DCFO Huff and wife
1218HedgpethDC Council Passes Bill on Hotel-Labor Strife--owners required to negotiate 'peacefully', not provoke wkrs
1227EditorCase of Mayoral Spite?--if mayor doesn't reappoint Callas to BoEE, residents have right to think worst

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