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103NakamuraWilliams Makes Promising Start--coziness highlights inauguration with familiar faces, themes
103TimbergWilliams Makes Promising Start--despite fiscal straits, mayor pledges improvements, more housing
103Williams speechWilliams Promises Ethical, Effective Admin: better schools, housing for homeless, poor, low-mod inc
103EditorDC's Next Four Years--literacy, better schools, Cropp mentions fiscal probs, challenging era ahead
108LengelGrand Jury Probe Begins of Williams's Campaign Signatures, FBI, US Atty, involved at mayor's request
116TimbergTeachers Union Scandal Latest Headache for Williams--management skills questioned yet again
126RimensnyderOn Tuesday, Bush Should Speak for DC Voting Rights--letter suggests use of state of union address
128FisherDC's Network of Inept Cronies Still Thrives--'Williams the Clean' has failed in middle/top ranks clean-sweep
131StaffDC City Administrator to Leave Post--Koskinen to leave in 9/03: mayor says he does "spectacular job"
206ShaverMWAA Airport Chief to Retire after 16 Yrs--Wilding oversaw expansion of Dulles,National, and security
206ChanDC Chief of Human Services Steps Down--Carolyn Colvin taking post with Montgomery Cnty after 2 yrs
209TimbergTeachers Union Paid for Party for Mayoral Aide--chief of staff Kelvin Robinson being investigated
213TimbergA Chief of Staff with Few Fans--Williams aide faces doubts on role, experience: designated 'bad cop'
216TimbergAppointees Says Williams Aide Urged Donations--Kelvin Robinson urged help to reelection campaign
217SchwartzmanWhole New Set Takes Charge in Pr. George's--new Cnty Exec, school Bd, police chief, school super.
220Fisher OpEdEarly Primary Is DC Saying: 'Bring It On'--spectacular confrontation if Hill overturns DC law to be first
222SantanaLiquor Control Official Faulted by DC Inquiry--chief investigator on leave after helping club skirt regs
305TimbergDC Insists on Early Primary--city seeks to highlight struggle for voting rights--at odds with both parties
307EditorThe DC Primary Promo--Post favors legitimate initiative to get vote--doubt worth ill will of making change
308Shields OpEdHow About Liberating DC?--Bush wants to give Iraqi people choice of gov't--what about DC residents?
313EditorDC Officials at Odds--Council on collision course with IG Maddox--don't let Congress get involved
319WoodleeBill Passed by Council to Force Out DC Inspector General--mayor unsuccessful in delaying vote
326TimbergDC Democrats Put Off Deciding on Primary Date--opt instead to include 3 choices 1/13;2/10; and 3/6
330Ray ltrFlunking the Integrity Test--DC IG can't pass tests for candor, credibility, integrity or ability
330WoodleeEx-mayor Given Security Role--Sharon Pratt hired to explore countering bioterrorism: no experience
403EditorDC Boondoggle--$236K non-competitive award to ex-mayor Pratt for bioterrorism study 'has an odor'
403WoodleeMayor Williams Vetoes Bill Aimed at DC IG--claims removal is executive job, not legislative
406TimbergProbe of Williams Staff Chief Widens--aide allegedly coerced staff to work for reelection campaign
413TimbergA Hundred Days, Few Successes--even Mayor's backers impatient with slow 2nd term pace of progress
415EditorMayor's 100 Days--administration must commit to action if 2nd term to be judged successful
416StaffMayor Williams Makes DC Primary First--signs unanimous Council bill: Dem Party seeks compromise
417HsuZoning Appointment Draws Fire--Mayor chastised for replacing Ward 3 neighborhood advocate (critic?)
422KovaleskiDC Sports Agency's Spending Criticized--commission personal expenditures soared as funds declined
426Mayor WilliamsMy First 100 Days--reacts to critics, says important progress being made: new aims charted w/staff
427KovalseskiDC Agency Payment Called "No-No"--Sports Commission funds went to Atlanta Mayoral campaign (?)
428NakamuraDC Debates Its Methods of Licensing Businesses--Council considers adjusting, cutting complex process
430IrwinDeadline Nears for Strike by Office Janitors--4000 mbrs=85% of DC office bldgs: want public sympathy
430WoodleeDC Council Overrides Mayor's Veto--tells DC IG to go. Also disagrees with Mayor on tax increases
430EditorDC Democrats Dilemma--can't understand chairman's intentions re early DC primary, delegates, etc.
505KovaleskiDC Sports Commission Probed for Hiring Chair's Law Firm--mayor seeks details re official's affiliation
507JenkinsAlexandria Picks Euille as First Black Mayor--democrat wins 3-way race, party sweeps Council
508KovaleskiSports Commission Chief Didn't Disclose Firm's Contract--one of six probes re financial irregularities
510SantanaDMV Fires Clerk, Says He Pilfered Cash Fees--DC motorists paid for driving records
516WoodleeReport Says DC Chief of Property Should Go--audit of land deal finds many errors re impoundment lot
519WoodleeOffice Lease Deal Disputed in DC--city seeks to recover nearly $1M, Jemal space never used
523KovaleskiMayor Williams Advisor Urged Political Gift--DC Probing Transaction by mayor's religious advisor
524LengelDC's Maddox Alleges Intrusion--IG targets council, election board for interfering in sensitive probes
529KovaleskiReligious Advisor Ousted--Aid to Mayor Williams solicited $5K donation from Marathon organizers
530WoodleeReport Angers DC Officials--shaky IG allegations re other elected officials called politically motivated
531WoodleeDC IG Tug of War Intensifies--Mayor's stand toward Council hardens in face of new law: keeps IG on job
531KingOur Deteriorating Moral Framework--gotta work on ourselves to restore moral authority in public dealings
601EditorWorth the Fight--mayoral/Council standoff re firing IG is basic: use judicial process, find out who's right
603TimbergCouncil Sues Mayor to Force Ouster of IG--first such lawsuit in 12 yrs, after mayor refuses to fire Maddox
604CauvinCouncil Out of Bounds, Court Told--mayor's lawyers say Council can't set unmeetable qualifications on IG
605Kovaleski5 on Council Urge Sports Panel to Dump Director for failed events, fiscal mismanagement, etc.
605StaffDelegate Norton Pushed for Elected Prosecutor--'quantum leap for home rule': US Atty says unnecessary
606StaffDC IG Case to Lower Court--goes to Superior Court first for quicker ruling, not appellate court, no date set
610WoodleeInquiry into DC Leases Indicates Possible Fraud--Cnclmbr Graham seeks ouster of property chief
612KeatingPurchases Added to DC Probe--$444K charged to DC-issued card of dep director of Property Mgmt
612HsuDC Official Quits amid Lease Uproar--mayor sees no wrongdoing by Director of Property Mgmt
614King OpEdThe Incredible Shrinking Mayor--doesn't he know where he wants gov't to go? no backbone or vision?
614EditorMismanaged Property--Council gets credit for uncovering fraud--where are mayor's vaunted controls?
615Barras OpEdSo Far, the Mayor's Been a Bust--disdain for mediocrity seems to have faded, DC future jeopardized
617CauvinQuick Ouster of DC Inspector General Unlikely--DC Superior Court delays: can Council sue mayor?
619KeatingWilliams to Crack Down on Credit Cards--mayor describes abuses as "minor" compared to city savings
619WoodleeAmid Lease Probe, DC Official Moving Out--contracting chief sees no conflict renting from developer!
619StaffJudge Allows Suit Over Inspector General--clears way for Council to sue the mayor over refusal to fire
619KovaleskiChairman of Sports Agency Resigning--DC commission under cloud of ethics, fiscal issues
620WoodleeCnclmbr Graham to Demand Answers from Developer--Jemal invokes 5th, others allege fraud, waste
623TimbergLeasing Space, Buying Controversy--city official's tie to builder is focus of investigations
627NakamuraDeal Sought in Licensing Debate--DC Council discusses exempting businesses w/o health safety risks
627TimbergRep. Davis Backs Expanding House for DC Seat--GOP plan would give DC vote, add balancing slot
627WoodleeCnclmbr Graham Urges Mayor to Hold Up Rents--challenges city's office space leases
628MorelloDC Groups Divided Over Davis's Plan--some see progress w/House seat, others, threat to statehood
628NakamuraDC Council Threatens to Pull Credit Cards--as 'major embarrassment to city': top officials defend program
702StaffLawyers Panel at Appleseed to Study Rep Davis Plan--for house seat for DC (plus one more)
702WoodleeContractors Allegedly Billed DC for TV's--only 1 of 8 found: spending questioned at Council hearing
704Staff45 City Workers Hold $70K-500K per Month (!) Debit Cards--not just one as recently testified
705KovaleskiBaseball Consultant Paid Over $200K in DC Funds--Sports Commission pays firm to entice team to DC
706TimbergJudiciary Square Repairs Stopped: Payments Didn't--renovationss' cost soar under former DC official
706Rush OpEdThis Gambit's Legit: DC Should Play--breakthru to add balancing seat may get DC its seat in Congress
708TimbergMayor Williams Defends Progress in Services--concedes problems but admits puzzlement re criticism
709NakamuraCouncil Votes to Suspend Credit Cards--mayor expected to veto legislation halting use for 225 days
720NakamuraCouncil Member, Mayor Play Tug of War--after snubs from Williams, Patterson holds up Ramsey's benefits
721WoodleeQuestions, Few Answers in DC Property Probe--some witnesses uncooperative with Council subcommittee
730NakamuraMayor Vetoes Bill to Halt Credit Card Use--Cncl Chair Cropp calls meeting to override Williams
731NakamuraDC Council Overrides Mayor, Halting Credit Card Program--gov't employees have abused program
802 Cauvin Judge Backs Williams in Fight Over IG--ruling blocks Council effort to force Maddox out of job
803 Kovaleski DC Sports Panel's Consultant Costs Soar--fees exceed $1.7M under Exec Director in 3 years
810 MilloyOpEd The District Must Redefine its Morality--public servants need strong sense of obligation: culture change
824 Rimensnyderltr GOP's Hidden Agenda for DC--Tom Davis just latest of many Republicans supporting DC voting rep.
903TimbergMayor Picks New Aide--Oakland mayor forced out Robert Bobb, his city administrator: too high wattage
904StaffDC, 7 Government Employee Unions Agree to 3-Yr Contract--7500 workers to get 2.5/3.5/4.0% hikes
904TimbergNew DC Aide Says He Ready for Spotlight--Bobb vows to create more efficient, responsive gov't
910LeonnigEx-DC Official Gets 3 Years--lawyer helped girlfriend win $20K in phony grants for poor: Howard U grad
911TimbergKoskinen Bows Out to Bouquets--and some criticism, did top Williams aide instill order or ignore ills?
913NakamuraEmbattled Inspector General Quits DC--Maddox survived disputes with Council, want no severance pkg
914NakamuraDC Council Returns to Face Long Agenda, New Mayoral Aide--tax caps, parking, smoking, leasing, etc.
923EditorPayback Time on Election Board--Mayor's spite removes members of one of DC's best institutions
923TimbergEmbattled DC Coroner Placed on Leave--accused of harassment, racism, over female deputies
925EditorThe Mayor's Examiner--what does it take to get mayor to act on complaints--surely not the first failure
925WoodleeMayor Williams Taps Nonresident to Head DC Personnel--$132K job includes enforcing residency laws
926SantanaDC Medical Examiner Announces Resignation--will sue over loss of $165K job
1002NakamuraDebarred Company Reinstated by Council 10/2--process 'unfair'? Ft Myer Construction firm defrauded city
1003KovaleskiDirector to Leave Sports Agency--exec director to 'step down' from $275K job after almost bankrupting it
1004StaffSports Panel to Search (several mos) for New Director--will pay be cut by Council $275K to $134K?
1004StaffCity Medical Director Resigning--leaves after 15 mos under cloud of poor mgmt, contract to ex-Mayor Pratt
1004NakamuraProcurement Office Leadership Questioned by DC Cncl--credit card program, overturned decisions cited
1005HolsworthThe Mayor's Point Man--Oakland city mgr pragmatic, focuses on big issues, attracts competent people
1007StaffDC Taxi Commission Faulted on Anti-Discrimination Efforts--rpt says doesn't follow-up complaints, levy fines
1009StaffEmergency Management Chief Quits--LaPorte quits $121K job leaving for personal reasons, did good job
1011NakamuraFlagging the Cause for DC--not everybody ready to salute proposed banner with "no taxation...." on it
1013EditorFort Meyer Construction Co.'s Friends--mayor should veto ill-conceived bail-out for fraudulent work
1024TimbergDC Sports Agency Weighs Its Ties to Baseball Group--designation of preferred buyer may be mistake
1029SchwartzmanJohnson Aide Cited for Fundraising Tactics--personnel head used Pr. George's workers on job
1030EditorDepartment of Corruption?--DC's Dept Motor Vehicles adds to prior woes with ticket fixing: fire 'em!
1102MorenoWalter Washington Will Always Be Mayor, Pratt Declares--1300 join tribute in death of home rule leader
1108StaffBobb Makes Managers Reapply for Jobs--DMV, OPM, and YSA directors get chance to reorganize staffs
1110CohnUrban Warfare: DC's Unfulfilled Potential--leader, tax issues hamper growth, needed skills change
1116FernandezKeypads in Hand, Citizens Sound Off on DC Problems-- citizen summit III lists housing, schools, crime.....
1116Fernandez(cont)......more than 2800 people attend 'town meeting' summit: 58% black, 68% women, 30% over 65
1126StaffDemocrats Strike Deal on Primary--DNC to sponsor events promoting voting rights if DC relaxes
1204ChanDC's Records Center Compiles History of Neglect--documents lie all but ignored in dingy building
1206NakamuraCrusade to Redesign DC Flag Fizzles--Council change of heart surprises voting rights advocates
1213WoodleeWard 8 Resignation Sought--leader of Democrats seeks to resolve 'shameful' slur by Mary Cuthbert
1214StaffWard 8 Democrats Defer Ouster After Slur--shouting match results in tabling motion to remove offender
1219KeatingCity Audit Sought on Tax System Collection Contract--$63M contract rises $30M: Cmbr Evans wants review
1220StaffDC Bar Assn Backs Commuter-Tax Lawsuit--to overturn federal ban to tax commuters for DC fiscal health
1227EditorJanuary's DC Primary--new earliest date is set, up to voters what message they send to candidates 1/13
1230HsuDC's Early Primary Attracts Its First Voters--voting activists cast absentee ballots to dramatize DC's plight

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