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105TimbergActivists See Double Meaning for DC Primary Turnout--voting rights effort, not just candidates, at issue
108NakamuraDC Announces Plan to Improve DMV--shorter lines, longer hours, zero tolerance of illegal conduct
108StaffHead of DC Housing Authority Resigns after 2.5 Years--temporary head picked for 167 DHA workforce
112EditorMayor's Maybe--possible 3rd term run avoids mayor becoming lame duck, but he shouldn't get free ride
113TimbergVoters Urged to Cast Ballots for DC Rights--residents can show displeasure re non-representation on Hill
113TimbergDean Defeats Sharpton in DC Protest Primary--22,300 vote, Dean, 42%, bad ballots 3%
114SherwoodNext, Civil Disobedience--Mayor asserts citizens should exercise such rights to gain voting rights
115StaffCouncilman Mendelson Elected Chairman of COG Board--claims he knows need for regional cooperation
115TimbergMayor Vows All-out Effort to Crush DC Recall Bid--need 38,000 signatures to get on ballot
115TimbergTurnout for Primary Understated During Day--problems hurt DC cause, activists say
116NakamuraDC Primary Voter Guides Arrived Late--blame slow mail of 260K pamphlets ($50K) week before vote
118McKinneyGet Over It or Forget About Vote--those who pine for return to Barry-like city gov't will assure no vote on Hill
119EditorCalifornia Comes to DC--kick-off rally to recall Mayor presents challenge needing serious answer
131Barker (cont)...$897M gen'l fund balance mostly earmarked--Catania says sham to claim gap, Gandhi pitches GAO, etc.
131Barker7th Surplus Has DC Yearning for Freedom--Senate backs budget autonomy, House to vote next....
206 Timberg Mayor Williams Attacks City's Status Quo in StoDC--wants more control of DC  schools, police patrol hallways
208 Editor The State of the Mayor--Williams puts finger on DC's 2 most daunting challenges: has he stamina to fix?
210 Timberg DC Mayor to Testify in Probe of Staff Chief--possible violations of Hatch Act by Kevin Robinson
212 Staff Two Appointed to DC Posts--Graham to School Bd, Latessa to head emergency call center
212 Timberg Organization of American States Backs DC Hill Vote--OAS human rights committee says dc rights violated
307DvorakAt Mayor's Summits, Charts over Charm--Williams reaches out to neighborhoods. insists on talking charts
314WigginsPr. George's Council, Executive Tensions Mount--some fear feuding imperils county progress
317EditorStealth Government--Council, School Bd using closed door meetings: critical public issues decided in secret
323EditorCzarism Comes to DC--Council meets in secret to shrink budget: offensive to open democratic government
326Mosk2 Plead Guilty to Cheating WSSC--ex-manager had kickback scheme with consultant, cost up to $75K
331Kain (Curr)DC Administrator Bobb Adds Regulatory Agency to Aggressive Reform Agenda--DCRA surely needs it!
404Brizill ltrKept in the Dark in the District--too many closed meetings on water, sports, education, project planning, etc.
406Timberg'Impatient' Force Meets Immutable DC Bureaucracy--brash administrator brings hands-on push for change
407Kain OpEd(Curr)Needed Reform--top-to-bottom review of DCRA justified: complaints abound, personnel, wages inadequate
407StaffPark Police Chief Still Awaiting Decision--no action since 12/03 suspension for claiming budget inadequate
409FahrentholdPark Police Chief Vows to Fight for Job--she describes emotional toll of suspension, effort to gain support
422NakamuraDC Dep Mayor for Safety and Security Advisor to Resign--Kellums to manage investment banker firm
519CauvinUS Attorney for DC to Leave Post--Roscoe Howard to step down after 3 years as chief prosecutor
524CauvinUS Attorney for DC Could Be Named Soon--officials not saying if appointee will be interim
528WilliamsTear in the Republican Big Tent--Catania quits DC GOP: ousted as delegate for rejecting Bush reelection
530Plotkin LtrDissing the District--Again--Pennsylvania gets its own quarter, why not DC: symbolism bad
603StaffMayor Fills Two Cabinet Posts--Dep Mayor for Kids, etc. ($132K), Director for Public Works ($140K)
605KovaleskiDC Agency Probes Councilman Brazil's Use of Staff--did they do work for his law practice?
613MontgomeryEx-Mayor Barry Launches Bid for DC Council--decries schools, services, wants to unseat Allen: too late?
616Sherwood (Curr)Everyone, Take a Deep Breath--ex-Mayor Barry decides to run for Ward 8 Council seat--win not assured
623HsuBill Would Give DC Vote in House--bill faces hurdles, but backers say best bet to enfranchise city dwellers
624HsuKen Starr (former solicitor general) Endorses Legislation to Give DC Voting Seat in House--w/o amendment
630EditorThe District on the Hill--Congress still interferes on voting issues, annual payment, even school vouchers
703ReelEx-Campaign Manager Says Barry Isn't Up to Job--not 'mentally or physically strong enough'
710King OpEdTime for Mayor to Shape Legacy--has done well with special interests for boom: zip for schools, health, etc.
713NakamuraMayor's Top Aide Charged--chief of staff charged with violating Hatch Act: was resigning anyway
713Fuller7 DC Activists Acquitted in Protest--jury sez those who entered Speaker's office "hadn't heard" order to leave
714Sherwood (Curr)Help Wanted: empty jobs in DC CoS; DepMayor safety/justice; PW and Recreation directors, IG,Med Examiner
722HsuDC to Get Convention Showcase--Norton to spotlight voting rights issue in prized evening speaking slot
723Montgomery3 Circulators Won't Talk to Bd of Elections--DC slots petitions being investigated re fraud/forgery
727ReelDC Council Backs Allen over Barry--chairman touts Ward 8 incumbent Allen as 'quiet but strong'
728WilgorenCampaign to Recall Mayor Williams Falls Short--couldn't get 30K signatures in 6-month effort
809WoodleeAmid Rumors, Queries, Barry Soldiers On--ex-mayor's comeback bid draws support, skepticism in Ward 8
823MontgomeryFor DC Council Incumbents, Major Challenges--restless electorate, strong competitors could unseat 3 mbrs
826Woodleeex-Mayor Barry Filing Incomplete--claims to have raised $17K but donors not identified in delayed report
901MontgomeryParty Committee Rejects Chavous, Backs Ward 7 Challenger--35/38 go for former head DC Human Services
902NakamuraChavous Unfazed by Party's Rebuff--DC democrats endorse Vincent Gray instead of incumbent
908NakamuraChavous Challenges Notion He's Lost Touch--run against mayor didn't help, too much time at law firm
909StaffMayor Picks Personnel Chief--Lisa Marin, dep dIrector from Columbus OH: first permanent head in 2 yrs: at $128K
909MontgomeryEnergetic Foe Takes on Brazil in At-Large DC Race--Kwame Brown claims poor track record, part-time effort
909Fisherex-Mayor Barry's Ward Feels as if It's Moved On--shadow of former hero unlikely to stir voters nowadays
911NakamuraDC Procurement Chief Resigns--office accused of costly mishandling of contracts, programs, fire trucks
911NakamuraBrazil Cleared in Use of Staffers--no laws broken in using 'on-leave' city staff on law office work, says City
912EHNortonltrDC's Constant Cause--objects to critic claiming Norton not pursuing vote and statehood: just being realistic
913MontgomeryClass Issues Drive DC Campaigns--poor think they're getting left behind, squeezed out of economic boom
915NakamuraEast of Anacostia, Anger is Power--Wards 7, 8 reject 3 Council incumbents, want more ec development
915MontgomeryVoters in DC Say Yes to Barry -- Again--ex-mayor wins Ward 8, Brazil, Chavous trail: more ec dev wanted,
916MontgomeryMayor Williams Takes Lessons from Primary--Council shakeup reflects frustrations East of Anacostia
916EditorPost-Primary Primer--decision of voters to replace 3 incumbents on Council: gotta stay on right fiscal track
916NakamuraIn DC's Eastern Wards, Discontent is Clear--frustrated over lack of improvement in quality of life
916SchwartzmanJubilant Barry Takes Swipe at Stadium Plan--wants to put East of River on Map--'one Washington'
917BrittWard 8 Votes with Heart--And Barry's--looked to by people in need: looking for love or improved legacy?
918King OpEdDon't Apologize for Ward 8--Barry's victory is DC's business: lists other states with lousy reps, that's democracy
919Milloy OpEdBarry Needs to Cut Himself Some Slack--seems burned out after race, hypertension, diabetes, bout with cancer
920Rasperry OpEdTime to Lead, Marion--Ward 8 at center of urban education crisis: lead your people out of ignorance, illiteracy
920MontgomeryMayor Williams Reserves Right to Change Familiar Agenda--realizes those East of Anacostia want more
922WoodleeCncl Chair Cropp Requests Review of Computer Contract--$9M costs started just below $!M, grew without approval
926Barras OpEdThe Forgotten?--things don't look so bad in Ward 8, but that isn't what many voters think: they went for Barry again
929WilliamsCncl Mbr Catania to Become Independent Today--gives up on Republicans re banning same-sex unions
1014HedgpethDep Mayor Price Leaving--announced decision to go to New York nonprofit, could impact city development
1103MontgomeryBarry Glides to Victory in Council Race--won by ratio of more than 20:1 of 19K votes cast in Ward 8
1110BarkerFormer DC Official Guilty of Bribery Conspiracy--got expensive kickbacks for steering contracts
1117KovaleskiCabbies Call Strike Today to Protest City Proposal--plan to overhaul cab/limo regulation resisted
1119RaspberryOpEdWhat Cosby Should Say--chastising blacks OK: fate is theirs, but need a little less yelling, more coaching
1119Britt OpEdBill Cosby Now Grandpa of Tough Love--tells gangs how it is, affection shows through: 60% have no dads
1120HsuOpinion Backs Davis's Effort to Grant DC Vote in House--constitutional amendment not needed, official finds
1123StaffReview of Comprehensive Plan Starts--vision statement out, will work with citizen task force for 18 mos
1124MontgomeryMayor Williams Frequently Flying--spent 190 days away over past 2 years--most are typical mayoral functions
1205Turley OpEdRight Goal, Wrong Means--GW law prof. says can't make DC Congressional district w/o amendment
1205MontgomeryDC Mayor Elected to Lead National League of Cities--1-yr presidency will take mayor out of town often
1211EditorWhat DC Emergency?--Council changes rules so non-certified pathologist can serve as medical examiner
1212TDavisOpEdRight Goal, Right Means--don't agree with Turley OpEd: Congress has authority to legislate DC vote
1213PaleyTurmoil Surrounds WSSC Operating Board Chairman--fiscal, personnel, decisions, political agenda faulted
1216MontgomeryMore DC Officials Are In the Money--100 make $130K+; 1000 make $100K+ = 3x Monty Cnty; 7x PG Cnty
1226BarrasDC Council Bulking Up--putting more muscle into DC politics as mayor shows signs of weakness
1227SchwartzmanIn a Changed Ward, Barry is Back--as anti-middle class voice of (rapidly) changing Ward 8

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