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103WeissCouncil's New Arrivals Push to Spread Revival--focus on poor/struggling neighborhoods: 'spread the wealth'
104WeissDC Council Arrivals Drop Challenge to Cropp--won't fight lack of committee chairs, if get 'special projects'
105WeissMore Summer Jobs Proposed for DC--work for all young people among ideas in new Council hopper....
105Weiss(cont)....other bills include separate offices for EPA, FEMS, no income tax for teachers, more affordable housing
105StaffDC Employment Services Office Lays Off 40--as Feds cut $12M from training programs: (500 staff remain)
106EditorCouncil's Challeges--new ones abound, schools, hsng, etc.: council could balance narrower exec interests?
108EditorPost-9/11 Inauguration--security precautions unlike any before--national celebration now for privileged few
116TrachtenbergltrMoney Won't Fix DC Problems--too few residents, skilled wkrs, taxed land: go for education, hsng, business
125HsuVoting Rights for DC Get 82% Backing--advocates to release nationwide survey of 1007 Americans
128HsuHouse Plan Would Kill DC Panel--House Appns Committee proposal could up autonomy, lower DC clout?
128HaynesIt's Chemistry and More in Barry's Class--old mayor, new councilmember teaches class at Ballou High
131MontgomeryTesting Waters Under Shroud--in DC, cash amassed before Council seat candidacy need not be disclosed
201SunWSSC Moves to Fire Official--minority business director 'baffled':charged w/insubordination, duty breach
205MontgomeryDC City Administrator's Role in Contracts Questioned--did Bobb steer contracts to buddies from Oakland?
205StaffHouse Minority Leader Pelosi backs DC Statues Bill--to add 2 statues of DC heroes to Capitol gallery
205EditorFinding DC Explorers--mayoral 'exploratory committees' raising funds, keeping mum: need to come clean
211SchwartzmanElite DC Visitors to Pocket $2000 Souvenir Gift--few would get expensive gift: movies' Jack Valenti got 1st one!
212BabaroFormer Aide to Mayor Working DC for Wal-Mart--Kelvin Robinson becomes controversial consultant
213KovaleskiFor Inside Player, DC Contacts Pay Off--lobbyist Max Brown also has contacts with city
215EditorMr. Orange and 'Judge' Smith--Councilman's bid to become mayor tarnished by not disclosing early donors
216SchwartzmanCouncil Calls New $2K Key to City a Bad Fit--Mayor gets message that DC needs a cheaper honor
217StaffMayor Williams to Seek Private Donors for Keys--20x more costly than New York Chicago, but worth it?
218WoodleeDC Corrections Chief Resigns--Odie Washington put in 6 years, helped close Lorton, renovate city jail
221MontgomeryWith Mayor Mum on Race, Backers Flock to DC Rivals--longtime supporters jumping ship for new blood
225NakamuraBaseball's New Lobbyist--former Council member John Ray to monitor progress for MLB
302MontgomeryDC Bill to Identify Campaign Donors Fails--4 council mbrs have collected $300K through exploratory committees
302EditorMr. Orange's Lemons--DC one of few places that allows hidden contributions: voters should note 5 bad votes
308StaffHouse Republicans Back DC Voting Rights--release letter re poll, offer legislation to add representative
313EditorThe Mayor that Roared--refreshing to hear Williams take on barely-qualified hopefuls: glad he found voice
323MontgomerySpeech Lifts State of the Mayor--supporters are thrilled by Williams' address: but is he running again or not?
323WoodleeDonor List Disclosed in DC Bid for Mayor--Cnclmbr Orange produces list of 221 donors giving $140K
323EditorAs the Mayor Sees It--speech had something for everyone: will '06 budget be as bold/optimistic
326EditorMr. Orange's Case--showing exploratory donors proves need to revamp: backers includes business, pro-slots
407WigginsPr. George's Exec Johnson Hires Backers for New Senior Jobs--Council seeks audit of (inflated?) staffing
421MontgomeryWilliams Questions 'Energy' for 3rd Term--mayor leaves door to reelection open, but too long in frying pan
423MontgomeryDC Bill Seeks to Restrict Mayoral Candidates--Cnclmbr Orange wants easier funding, runners to quit Council
503 Editor A Vote in the House--Davis launches second bid to get DC representative: Post still wants 2 senators too
504 Hsu House Urged to Set Aside Politics to Give DC Vote--Davis bill gives 1 rep to DC, Utah, Norton wants senators
506 Montgomery Mayor Proposes Hiring, Wage Goals--force many more employers to hire more DC residents at $9.25/hr
510 Montgomery DC Taxi Chief Fired Amid Complaints of Ineptitude--fired from $103K job after five years, many complaints
510 Woodlee Mayor Skirted Law on Contracts, Auditor Says--'highly irregular' methods to pay various consultants
512 Staff Mayor Nominates Parks Chief Candidate--Kimberley Flowers comes from Baltimore Rex & Parx
512 Weiss Private Funds Will Pay for Trips, Mayor Williams Declares--if done in clear, transparent way
514 Editor Don't Do It, Mr. Mayor--quit the smoke and mirrors contracting in your own office: don't travel on private $
525 Weiss Hazards of ANC Job Outlined--neighborhood officials praise bill w/new protections against personal attacks
525 Cauvin New DC Chief Judge Named--jurist has served 6 years on Court of Appeals, will oversee DC Bar too
527 Montgomery Mayor Williams Has Fighting Words for Fenty--as council member eyes mayoral race:all talk, no action

601 Wiener (curr) Mayor Taps Altman Deputy as Chief Planner--Ellen McCarthy gets nod: pushes too much development?
601 Montgomery Sounds of Harmony at Summit--VA,MD Governors, DC Mayor agree on air pollution: part of 'bonding rituals'
602 Cohn DC to Expand Program that Grades City Agencies--secret quality testing program grades 5 down to 1
608 Montgomery Mayor Williams, Administrator Bobb Rebuked by Auditor--for cozy sole-source consultant contracts
611 Montgomery Mayor's Minimum Wage Bill Softened--labor activists see loss of key element: $9.25/hr w/insurance dropped
615 Editor Just Like Old Times--mayor, aides using sole-source contracts: IG and Council should make them example
615 Milloy OpEd What's Missing from Mayor's Housing Record--still hasn't bought home for himself: can't explain why
616 Hsu July Hearing Set for Voting Rights Bills--tensions arise in Utah and among democrats re Davis Bill
620 Montgomery Orange Running for DC Mayor's Job--councilmbr 2nd candidate seeks to spread prosperity through city
622 Montgomery Williams Sightings Spark Talk of Run--mayor stays mum as candidates pile on comparisons, criticisms
627 Woodlee DC Administrator Bobb Helped in Hiring Former Associate--consultant got $200/hr to talk to old associate
629 Editor Not 'Just Optics'--DC auditor criticizes Bobb, who says staff will get more training on procurement rule: late?

702 Sheridan Think Locally, Ask Globally--DC voting rights activists seek support from Europeans at OSCE
706 Sheridan International Body Backs Vote for DC--OSCE passes parliamentary (non-binding) recommendation
713 Weiss Mayor Often Gone from City in Body, not in Voice--Williams still issues statements from afar: gimmick?
727 Lengel DC Residents Rally in Support of Gun Restrictions--200 attendees speak of need for continued controls
729 Montgomery DC Cncl Chair Cropp "Leaning Strongly' Toward Mayoral Run--assumes mayor won't run again
730 Montgomery DC Slots Promoters Fined Over Violations--penalty of $622.9K is largest ever in a city election case

803 Editor Who Pays the Fines--DC BoEE fingers petition signature process, Council looks away: gotta collect fines
817 Staff Williams Launches Blog on City Web Site at one wanted review of bldg height limit
822 Weiss In Ward 8, Barry Strives to Reshape Legacy--focus on streets, rec centers: has missed 33% of cncl mtgs
823 Staff King Memorial to Receive $1M Boost--more than $30M raised already for site near Lincoln Memorial
828 Staff Cropp to Announce Mayoral Run on September 7th--DC Council Chair says

908 Montgomery DC Council Chair Cropp Announces Candidacy for Mayor--based on long-experience, schools, streets, poor
908 Montgomery Council Chair Cropp's Mayoral Campaign Gets Early Signs of Support with "Think Cropp" signs all over
912 Montgomery In DC Race, It's 'Future' vs Familiar--Cropp and Fenty slug it out for front-runner status: do people want change?
914 Kain (Curr) Council members Evans, Patterson Ready Bids for Chairman's Post--with Cropp running for mayor
915 Montgomery Lobbyist Enters Mayor's Race--son of late Commerce Secretary vows to alter DC's priorities toward poor
915 Woodlee DC Election Fraud Case Advances--3 workers from mayor's 2002 campaign face charges
915 Montgomery No Time Lost in Attack on Fenty by Cropp's Mayoral Supporters--point out budget cuts for schools, welfare
918 Editor DC, A Year From Now--any candidate unwilling to give top priority to keep sound financial posture, stay away!
921 Staff Public Sessions on Zoning Begin Tonight--'first glimpse' being given on new Comprehensive Plan draft
923 Weiss Ailing Sharon Ambrose to Retire from DC Council due to ill health--says city won't fall apart without her
924 Editor Mrs. Ambrose Retires--one of Council's most forward-looking members, long view and courage to lead
929 Woodlee Mayor Williams Will Not Run for 3rd Term--to announce decision today: needs more lucrative job
930 Montgomery For Williams, a Contested Legacy--some residents grateful for city's transformation, others feel 'left behind'
930 Editor The Mayor Bows Outermost accomplished mayor in 30 yrs: board went early, crime down,not good pol.....
930 Editor (Cont) ...failure on St. E's; school flip/flop;DC Gen'l, no other mayor faces as problems and addressed them so well

921 Sherwood Chatting about the Next Council Chairman--6 council mbrs run for Cropp's job, including Marion Barry??
1005 Leonnig Marion Barry Is Focus of Federal Tax Probe--failed to pay federal income taxes since 1998:misdemeanor
1006 Leonnig Barry Warned on Taxes since '02--delinquincy notices ineffective, say IRS official: big earnings known
1006 Staff Anacostia Waterfront Developer Departs for New York--Altman leaves for "once-in-lifetime offer"
1009 Weiss Political Upheaval Presents Challenge to DC Council--issues like school funding caught in members' runs
1009 Barras The Era that Isn't Ending--'don't worry, Tony (Williams),, your political style will outlast Marion's (Barry)
1013 Kovaleski Files, Cropp Differ on Cncl mbr Trip Funds--Evans may have been repaid twice for trip to Asia ($6775)
1015 Weiss Cncl mbr Kathy Patterson Opens Bid for DC Council Chair, joining Evans in vying for City's #2 elected post
1029 Woodlee ex-Mayor Barry Pleads Guilty to Not Paying Taxes for 5 Years--seeks probation for misdemeanor convictions
1030 Editor Mr. Barry's Conviction--dishonest member disgraces Council, gives city kids terrible role model
1101 FisherOpEd Still Divided, With No One to Blame but Ourselves--blacks are still not doing enough for themselves
1110 Staff Ex-mayor Barry, Reverend Wilson Feud Over Machine--large contraption to turn trash into natural gas, water
1112 King OpEd Five to Watch in DC Mayor'sRace--Fenty, Brown, Orange, Cropp, Johns all have some good points
1113 Kovaleski Cnclmbr Evan's Defense of Spending at Odds with PAC Records--constituent meals from wrong fund?
1120 Montgomery Residents Weigh in on DC's Faults, Improvements--schools, housing costs among top summit concerns
1128 Fallis Lavish Spending, Little Reward--DC Agencies gave contractor $5.4M for projects, little oversight over 7 yrs
1129 Keating US, DC Officials Demand Spending Probe--contracting violations may bring GAO investigation
1129 Editor On the Mayor's Watch--city losing $30-40M yearly on bad contracting: 'reform' Mayor must be heard from
1202 Woodlee DC Rent Administrator Leaves Amid Criticism--DCRA criticized Zapata for 'sloppy work'
1202 Gandhi ltr Improving DC Procurement--CFO says Post report in error--DC passing audits, bond ratings up to A+
1204 Montgomery City's Past Problems Still Haunt Williams--favoritism, bribery, fund misuse, now contracting: maybe too casual
1204 Staff DC to Get Environment Agency--Dept of Environment to oversee services of health, sewer, public works
1210 Woodlee End to Contracting Violations Urged in DC--IG among witnesses at Council hearing on buying practices
1220 Woodlee Payments Legal, DC Official Says--$450M in direct vouchers not covered under financial guidelines
1224 Woodlee Some DC Apartment Rents Found to Exceed Caps--IG says supply of affordable rentals dwindling
1231 Editor Have Tax Dollars, Will Travel--DC Health Dept spends $72K to send 39 employees to Frisco for 5 days


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