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101StaffHoward County 7-mos real estate trends: sales up 21% to 4022, median price up 2% to $173K
102Harlan OpEdDramatic Differences for DC--can-do attitude means big business for city: good metro, higher education
108VogelHigh-Profile Marine Terrorist Response Team Moving Closer to Capital--to Indian Head SWC, MD
108Staff9-month Fairfax County real estate trends: units sold down 13% to 11,465--median price up 2% to $195K
108Swoboda1999 Jobless Rate at 30-yr Low--4.2% for year, hourly wage up to $13.46: DC at 5.7%, 1.9% in suburbs
110PyattHidden Strength in Prince George's Cnty Enigma--new EcDev Corp could bring upscale retailers soon
110BehrFull-Employment Ball and Chain?--worker shortage starting to check business job growth expansion
111BehrAOL/Time Warner Deal Greeted Optimistically in DC Area--AOL will keep 3000 wkrs on Duller Corridor
111SpinnerLavish Nat'l Harbor Complex Planned--'Opryland' Firm makes $560M MD deal--huge plus for PG Cnty
111EggenUnlikely Allies Push Fairfax 'Smart Growth'--Chmbr of Com, Piedmont Env Cncl; Smart Growth Coalition
112ShieldsCharles County to Limit Number of New Homes--toughest area controls to avoid school overcrowding
114Sullivan LtoEdNat'l Harbor Project: What's the Game Plan?--no new plans for tranportation/land use for SE quadrant
115StaffDC 6-mos '99 real estate trends: units sold up 4% to 3510, median price up 4% to $168K
116Curry LtrEdNashville Comes to Prince George's--$560M Nat'l Harbor project biggest in MD history--manifold benefits
117PyattIt's Grand Opryland Project Amid Potomac Crabbing,Carping--must avoid 'miasma of ignorance, prejudice'
117BehrFor DC, Peaks and Valleys--economic forecast wilts after 2001: office wkrs return less than construction?
118LeDucMD and VA Governors Each Propose $2.5B More for Washington Area Roads, Metro over six years
118CohnDC's Poor Get Poorer, Rich, Richer: Income of top fifth ($203K) 27x bottom fifth ($7.1K): nat avg $138K v $13K
118PanStudy Casts Doubt on Image of Enterprising Immigrants--except DC where self-employed natives below avg
119EditorGetting a New Move On--MD, VA transportation news still mixed--hope inertia, political cowardice over
121TimbergGov Gilmore $2.5B 6-yr Road Plan Hit from All Sides--bipartisan worries bring 'barroom fight' to Assembly
123Byrne OpEdNational Harbor: And the Environment?--no reason to have given waiver in such a sensitive area
123MorenoLatino Newcomers Struggle to Adapt, Excel--area pop'n up frm 70K to 355K in 30 yrs; 2nd gen prosper
124EditorTale of 2 Poverties--high school, college grad income up, less schooled poor, down--mustn't ignore
125SpinnerDC, Kmart May Build Store in Depressed NE area--on 12-acre impoundment site (!) near Metro station
125ShearFairfax Backs add't'l County offices for Rte 1--approve construction of 10-field Centreville sports complex
126MeltonGov. Gilmore Leaning Toward OK'ing NVA tax vote--levy would fund needed transportation projects
127MeltonGov. Gilmore Opposes N.VA Income Tax--vote on local levy sought for needed transportation projects
128MeltonMore Are Balking at Gov. Gilmore's Plan--VA localities want to choose projects: showdown ahead
129EditorGov. Gilmore's NVA Road Wreckage--NVA delegation gotta push thru funding governor is avoiding
129StaffLoudon County 8-mos real estate trends--sales up 14% to 4771, median price up 5% to $218K
131PyattUnused Development Tool at DC Fingertips--2-yr old TIF(developer subsidies) program not in place
202 Spinner Grocer Nears Deal on SE Site--50K sqft SuperFresh store would anchor center at old 25-acre Camp Sims
205 Fleishman There Goes the Neighborhood?--feature on problems with 'upscale infill'--resistance grows to 'threats'
205 Behr Low Jobless Rate Slows Area Hiring: VA at 2.8%, MD dips to3.2 frm 3.3%; DC up to 6.1 frm 5.9%
205 Berry 4% Nat'l Jobless Rate in January is 30-year low--up for blacks: 7.9 to 8.2%, down for Hisp's, 5.9 to 5.6%
205 Argetsinger Montgomery County Won't Sell Its Connector Property--to keep options open despite Glendening veto
205 Staff PG County 8-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 12% to 7841; median cost up 2% to $137K
205 Hsu Pres. Clinton to Propose New Program for NASA's MD Goddard Center, facing cutbacks in 11.7K force
206 O'Hanlon Alexandrians Fear $400M, 2.5M sqft, 16-acre, 7100-wkr, PTO Complex (Patent/Trade-mk Office)--bad fit
207 Pyatt A Deal That Whets Appetite in Anacostia--SuperFresh considering Wd 8 supermarket is a positive sign
211 Spinner 12thSt Potomac Cntr Site Enlarged--$250M, 1M sqft, 3000-wkr, twin 12-flr tower complex can now start
213 Rein Builders Mount Attack on Pr. Williams Cnty Plan for Slow Growth--pushing for more houses/acre at sites
214 Pyatt You Can't Get It Here--need revitalization strategy to bring retail stores back to DC--critical mass missing
214 Twomey Discovery Network's Roots May Help Silver Spring, MD Bloom--move can have big economic impact
215 Twomey New Discovery, Inc. Silver Spring, MD Hq to Stand Out--$150M, 3.4 acre site w/350-ft tower, 1600-wkrs
216 Rein Pr. William Cnty Opens Door on Growth--to look at some builders' demands--weaken anti-sprawl plan?
217 Editor Why the Region Doesn't Move--all 3 Virginia transportation plans inadequate to 'mammoth' problem
218 Masters VA to Sue MD Over Water Rights--Fairfax thwarted on plan to install new drinking water intake pipe
218 Behr Seeking a Regional Agenda--3rd 2-day mtg of BoT Potomac Agenda pushes tech firms for regional $
219 Staff Fairfax County 11-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 9% to 16.1K, median price up 1% to $197K
219 Behr Potomac Agenda Conf Seeks End to 'Digital Divide'--w/educational, social help for the Internet-poor
220 Wilson Regionalism Fraying with VA/MD suit re bigger intake pipe from Potomac for VA--COG not being used
221 Pyatt It All Starts in the 'Hood--DC Cnclmbr Graham's concern for neighbrhd redevelopment timely, on point
224 Fehr Cleveland Park Saddened by Plan to Upgrade Block--nostalgia conflicts with developer's new look plans
225 Editor In Virginia, a Rush to Inertia--finance committee kills best of bad transportation plans--get real!
226 Staff DC 9-mos real estate trends: sales up 7% to 5937 units, median price up 1% to $167K:Anacostia benefits
227 Hampton Ltr A Windfall for Alexandria--ChmbrofCom chair claims Patent/Trade Mark Office will make productive tenant
227 Rep. Moran Ltr We Can't Keep Stalling--time to pass GWMTA bill to better address regional transportation problems
227 Fehr Getting Excited Again About Urban Planning in DC--1st 'DC Builds' mtg draws 1000 to hear mayor, planner
303BlumNoVA Senators Push for More Road Funds--legislators 'fine-tuning' (inadequate) transportation bills
304BerryUS Jobless Rate Rose Slightly in February--to 4.1%, payroll growth below forecasts nationally
304FletcherAsian Americans Cope w/Success--median income 10% over whites, 2x blacks, high college attendance
304Staff9-mos Montgomery County real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 11.3K, median price level at $175K
305KunkleDevelopment Sneaks up on WestVA--panhandle beckons beltway workers--builders attracted
306HarrisTaking a Broad Look at the Future--participants in Pr. George's forum weigh achievement and goals
308EditorRoad Blocs in Richmond--make vigorous effort to get local tax option if VA doesn't increase transpo $
309ReinAnti-Growth Boom in Fredericksburg VA Area--many counties had 20-50% pop'n growth in '90-'99
311Staff9-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales up 36% to 2388, median price up 7% to $212K
311Editor....And A Way for MD--MD House speaker's plan for higher tranportation funding deserves gov's support
311Staff9-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 18% to 3065, median price up 3% to $218.5K
311EditorLost Chance in VA...--Assembly passes underfunded short-term fix--failure will soon be apparent on roads
312TomDavis LtrImmigrants Are Good for the Neighborhood--biggest benefit is increased property values, more jobs
315StaffMontgomery Council OK's $63M Change to Widen 1.8 miles of N. Bethesda's Montrose Parkway
318Staff11-mos Anne Arundel County real estate trends--unit sales up 14% to 7556, median price even at $139K
320WheelerBold Vision, Humble Start--1st Congress found DC muddy village--1800 pop'n 2587+623 slaves--good history
320FleishmanBig Money, Small Spaces--private firm's 'high-end' infill yields 'block of prosperity' OK'd by Cardoza-Shaw
321SchwartzmanMD to Spend $137M to Aid National Harbor--governor touts revenue potential, $ for roads, boardwalk
322SchwartzmanPr. George's County Exec Curry Pledges $122M for National Harbor--to match state's $137M over 7 yrs
323LeonnigGrand Waterfront Envisoned for DC--Fed Agencies to provide $25M to help revive Anacostia Shoreline
324HedgpethDC Convention/Visitors Assn Chief Quits--board unanimously accepts resignation, pace criticized
324MeltonVA Gov Gilmore to Wield Veto Against Regional Taxes--Assembly had overturned '98 referendum
325StaffPr.William Cnty '99 real estate trends: unit sales up 25% to 8900, median price up 4% to $140K
325FleishmanNew Energy East of the River--2000+ housing units now in pipeline--many for sale: new optimism abounds
326SchwartzmanNational Harbor Aid Hits Resistance--public money to help private project? done elsewhere, why not?
327SpinnerMiracle on 14th St.--shut down since '68 riots (!) downtown street gets new life from private firms, theater
328MoskMaryland to Restrict Fairfax Use of Potomac water--MD controls river to Virginia banks, wants delays
329SpinnerWoodies Bldg Project on Hold--city flips, withholds zoning change to let offices subsidize retail space
330SchaferArea Boom Lifts Airports: Dulles up 25.8% to 19.6M psngers; BWI up 16.2% in '99 = top 2 in world's top 50
401DeanePity the Poor Buyer--panic sets in as houses sell fast--above asking price, roll-over now 27% frm 8% in '97
401StaffCharles County 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 1% to 2382, median price down 5% to $139K
405StaffDC Council OK's Bill to Protect Tenants--2 years (!) tenants' rights against eviction unless uninhabitable
405BehrEvolution of Wired Washington--explosion of Internet firms weans area from US Gov't: in-depth report
405QuinnOld Washington Meets Wired Washington, hi-tech moguls only beginning to get involved in city life
405EditorClean Water in MD--Gen'l Assembly may shelve bill to curtail use of septic tanks: gotta control pollution
407LosseLips (CP)Refugees from Gentrifying DC pouring in--PG County wants financial help from region: DC has 63% of total
407SpinnerRegion's Office Rents Soar--burgeoning economy squeezes space: 14.8M newsqft by '03, 170 projects;...
407Spinner(cont)....DC rents up 17% in 2yrs to $33.45/sqft; NoVA up to $28.23, MD subs up to $27.56; DC vacancy rate 4.5%
407HarrisInfluential DC Metro Baptist Church Finds Site in PG Cnty--45% of 7000 flock live in MD: Rev Hicks miffed
408King OpEd'Have Nots' Not Wanted--poor renters still prime candidates for displacement--gotta push more buyers
408BerryNat'l Jobless Low as More Find Jobs--rate steady at 4.1%: whites, 3.6%; blacks,7.3%; Hispanics, 5.7%
408StaffLoudon County 9-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 5476, median price up 5% to $218.7K
408HarrisPastor Warns of Conflict--Rev Hicks of Metro BaptistChurch saysDC gentrification risks racial tensions
411Fehr'Living Downtown' Envisioned for DC--Mayor, business ldrs want residential/commercial mix near capitol
412O'HanlonChallengers for Local Office Tap Growth Anxiety in Alexandria--10K new housing units under in city of 121K
413SpinnerHistoric Warner Theatre to be Sold--German group's deal for site w/offices big--could yield $400/sqft
415DeaneUpscale PG Community of Woodmore Misses Real Estate Boom--mostly black professionals, big houses
415Staff11-mos Pr. George's real estate trends--unit sales up 14% to 11,002, median price up 2% to $140K
418MeltonGov Gilmore Proposes New Fund for VA Roads--take $100M annually from insurance company premiums
420MeltonVA Assembly OKs Gilmore's Plan for Permanent Highway Funds--$100M from insurance taxes= peanuts
422StaffDC 11-month real estate trends: sales up 6% to 7180, median price steady at $165K
424StaffTop 200 Public Companies in Washington Area tallied--few in DC, then often only small staff presence
424FehrFor Tech Workers, Its Destination DC--NoVA is region's top drawing card for new economy employment
426MeltonGov Gilmore's New Catch Phrase: "Northern Part of Virginia"--trying to make it seem more part of rest
427HenryMaking DC Tech Central--Williams works with new hi-tech advisory committee--Digital Capital Alliance
427EditorWe're Going Backwards--despite flush times in MD and VA, neither came to grips w/strangling congestion
429Staff2-month real estate trends for Fairfax County--unit sales up 16% to 1709, median price down 9% to $181K
504FehrDC Launches Nat'l Cap Revitalization Corp--to spur major 'neighborhood' projects like Navy Yd, St. E's
506StaffMontgomery Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: sales up 12% to 15,048; median price steady at $175K
506DeaneDiplomatic Community--residents grouse about traffic, parking, at chanceries--local interests ignored
506EditorSuper-Size' Housing--huge houses stuffed into NW lots look ostentatious--become boardinghouses?
508HamiltonUnderserved Anacostia Embraces New Retail Stores--residents hope drug and shoe stores start trend
508EditorBay Okay--VA finally agrees to join MD, PA, DC, others on Chesapeake 2000 agreement to protect bay
511StaffWaterfront Development Advances--House OKs developing SEFedCntr as GSA/private partnership
513FleishmanReading, 'Riting, and Redevelopment--7 abandoned old DC schools being converted to apartments
513Staff11-month Arlington real estate trends--unit sales up 16% to 3685, median price up 2% to $218K
513Staff11-month Alexandria real estate trends--unit sales up 37% to 2911, median price up 7% to $212K
514MontgomeryMD Land-Use Weapon Backfires--'smart growth' blinks in duel with Wal-Marts--store OK'd on Kent Island
515BehrDC New Job Creation Slows--worker shortage or economy slowdown? maybe out of entry-level job skills
517BehrArea Shows Strength in Creating Tech Jobs, VA 5th, MD 16th, DC 50th in '98: DC ahead in venture capital
520Staff12 mos Anne Arundel real estate trends: unit sales down 30% to 571, median unit price up 9% to $158K
520LewisWith Turn of Century, Cities Reclaiming Their Vibrant Roles--discovering shorter commuties, urban life
522BehrHi-Tech Wkrs Widen Pay Gap--DC: $60.2K, hi-tech, $45.2K all pvt sctr; MD: $58.9K/$32.1K; VA: $66.0K/$30.9K
522PyattRight Turn on Georgia Ave--federal/local DC/MD groups to rebuild gateway w/business, homes., Metro
527StaffPr William Cnty jan/jan real estate trends--unit sales up 38% to 552; median price up 9% to $138.8K
602Cherkis (CP)DC Ghost Town--long article depicts decline and fall of 16-block Ivy City neighborhood--too late to save?
602WheelerMore to Washington than Monuments--Heritage program hopes to lure tourists to historic neighborhoods
603StaffCharles Cnty Jan, 2000 real estate trends: unit sales down 23% to 145, median price up 8% to $165K
603SachsEasing Out Developers--L'Enfant trust preserves DC's historic past, donated facades form easements
604ReinGrowth Isn't Slow Enough for Foes--Pr. William Cnty Accused of Weakening Curbs on bldg limits, zoning
608ReinPr. William Approves 770-house Expansion--on 300 acres in rural western area, 6/2 BdofSupers vote
608StaffMetro Area Drought Warning System Set--3-stage warning system arranged by MWCOG
609BehrRegion With Edge--fed'l contracts, tourism can help area withstand slumps--due to higher interest rates?
610EditorTrans-Potomac Progess--new signs of MD,VA cooperation on drought, transpo good: grab regional reins!
610StaffHoward Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: sales up 2% to 5173, median price up 1% to $175.9K
610BredemeierFairfax Cnty Grows More Affluent--1st in US w/median hshld income over $90K: Montgomery 9th w/$77.8K
611EditorDC Service: Separate and Unequal--pizza deliveries, taxi service far worse in black areas--high crime?
617King OpEdReparations: the Response--prints 15 views of paying slavery syndrome victims--most unfavorable
617Hamilton'Downtown' Upswing--longtime store vacancies on posh Conn Ave NW filled by new wave of retailers
617StaffDC Jan-Feb real estate trends--unit sales down 20% to 674, median price down 6% to $150K from '99
618LeeBlack Fathers Instill Children With Skills to Face Challenges--study finds kids cope better w/surroundings
624StaffAnne Arundel 3-mos real estate trends: sales don 6% to 2050, median price up 7% to $159K
625StaffAmerica:Biggest Contrasts, Black and White--huge "gulfs" in faith in American justice/political system
626FearsIn the Beginning: DC's first century--In Faraway, All-White Anacostia--didn't fit builders' visions, went black
627LevinePotomac River Rises Again--'gleaming jewel' emerges from 'dark days'--most of 383 miles in MD
629HuslinMD, VA, DC, PA leaders sign pact to curb sprawl, shield 64Ksqmi watershed, clean Chesapeake Bay
701StaffPr. Willliam 2-mos real estate trends: sales up 32% to 1155, median price up 9% to $139K
708StaffCharles Cnty 2-mos real estate trends: sales down 14% to 322, median price up 8% to $166.4K
713EditorEnough Talk; Let's Move--governors should take cue from legislators, move towards transpo authority
713O'HanlonHigh Time for Rosslyn VA--Arlington's Downtown set for more skyscrapers despite big-names leaving
713SpinnerAfter Delays, New DC Economic Agency Gets to Work--Nat'l Cap. Revit Corp to take over RLA properties
715JoyceDataPort Plans Virginia 'Super-Hub'--firm close to deal for 200-acre campus in Prince Williams Cnty
715StaffMontgomery Cnty 4-month real estate trends: unit sales up 6% to 5479, median price up 6% to $202K
716DvorakRenewal Around Corner--Williams lays out dates for improving 65 block, $111M GA Ave update plans
717EditorCaution: VDOT Crumbling--stupefying series of mammoth miscalculations show a floundering agency
718GoldsteinGeography of Welfare Changing--big cites' rising share of remaining welfare cases show reform's limits
720SipressDulles to Undergo Major $3.4B Expansion--new terminal, 4th runway, more parking, local subway
722Staff3-mos real estate trends: Alexandria unit sales down 23% to 649; median price down 2% to $221K
722Staff3-mos real estate trends: Arlington unit sales up 12% to 663; median price up 2% to $220K
723EditorThinking Big at Dulles--rest of region's transpo problems should be solved like MW Airports Authority
724O'HanlonRosslyn Towers Approved by County Board--$250M project will add 24- and 28-story towers near river
729BerryNational Economic Growth Picks up Steam--points to higher than expected productivity frm investment
729Staff4-mos Anne Arundel real estate sales: unit sales down 9% to 2811; median price up 8% to $160K
731SpinnerDeveloper Buys old DC Hecht's store for $34M--220Ksqft offices--another 440Ksqft offices next door
731Spinner'NOMA' parking lot may be bought for 200K sqft residentrial, and156K commercial
727WoodleeResidents East of River Demand Mayor's Attention--Wards 7, 8 say mayor not keeping promises
801BehrDC Posts Strong Job Growth--jobless drops 1% to 4.4% in June--266K residents work (621K DC tot)
803Staff6-yr $3.4B Dulles Expansion Unanimously Adopted--by Metro Wash Airports Authority--$303M Fed
805StaffPr. William 3-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 25% to 1993, median price up 8% to $140K
805ShearFairfax Eyes Apartment Plan for Vienna Metro Stop--650K sqft in mid-rise bldgs--density too low?
806HeathFor 2012, a Sale of Two Cities--DC, Baltimore push their Olympic Games Bid--to be decided in 2002
807StaffNat'l Conf of Black Mayors (460+) to open DC office for Hill access: (Denver to loan DC 400 snow plows!)
809SipressMD Unveils $1.3B BWI Expansion--plan includes rail link, new concourse, almost doubling parking
809DayDC Drawback: Bigger Bank Fees--Region's transaction costs near nation's highest, ATM, overdraw, etc.
812StaffCharles County 4-month real estate trends: sales down 9% to 712, median unit price up 9% to $158K
814BehrHome Demand Outstrips Supply--July sales down from '99 but prices up: DC $253K; Ffax $261, MC $256K
816EggenFairfax County Considers New Rules on Growth--plan would protect open spaces but increase density
817MontgomeryBuilding Boom Good, But Sets Off Neighborhood Protests--outsized infill destroying trees, status quo
819StaffPrince George's Cnty 4-mos real estate trends: sales up 12% to 7841, median price up 2% to $1140K
821ShearLaw of Diminishing DC Returns: VA high-tech boom persuades lawyers to move beyond beltway
822MeltonVA Economy to Cool Off, Gov Gilmore Advisor Says--but gov hails revenue gains from Intertnet Industry
824MeltonGilmore Again Tackles NVA Traffic--initiatives include raising HOV speed limit, opening I-66 ramp
826StaffHoward County 4-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 1437, median price up 3% to $185K
827EditorThe Good-Times Governor--VA's Gilmore may take credit for good economy, but legacy is unbuilt roads
830SpinnerCA Bay Area Office Rents US Highest at $71.56, New York at $56.41, DC at $34.88 for overall average
830CohnMore Whites Make DC Home--Census says political landscape turning around--blacks down to 61%
901StaffMD Jobless Rate Reaches Record Low--3.3% statewide, Montgomery Cnty 1.9%, Baltimore City, 7.4%
902StaffAlexandria 4-mos real estate trends unit sales down 20% to 917, median price down 3% to $217K
902StaffArlington County 4-mos real estate trends unit sales down 1% to 931, median price up 3% to $219K
903King OpEdDC: A Tapestry--re city getting whiter--only black majority for last 40 yrs--all got same problems ahead
903StaffVirginia Ranks Highest in Hi-Tech in South, 6th in nation--60 hitech wkrs/1000; 53% job growth in 20 yrs
904HsuDeath of 'Big Gov't' Alters Region--less-skilled DC workers off 14% while area contract jobs up 46%
904SchaferMany Workers Say Timeout to Overtime--families logging more hours on job, want to cut back
904EditorSilver Spring (Md) Silver Lining--new stores opening, intermodal hub coming, housing sales up, etc.
906DeaneUS Home Prices Rose at 6.9% annual rate--DC area up 7%, New England 11.1%, E. So Central, 4.8%
909StaffCharles County 5-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 6% to 927, median price up 9% to $160K
915StaffLoundon County 5-mos real estate trends unit sales to 56% to 3535, median price up 2% to $220K,
916SpinnerDC Gets Goals to Grow on--Mayor's Downtown Task Force Targets Mt. Vernon Sq., Chinatown....
916Spinner(cont)Downtown Plan calls for 23,000 workers, 10,900 res units, 4-5M sqft offices, 1M sqft retail, 3000 hotel rooms
921PaikHoward County Developer Prevails--Zoning Bd sets some limits on 508 acre tract for homes, business
923StaffFairfax 16-mos real estate trends--unit sales up 11% to 5067, median unit price down 4% to $190K
924StaffImprovements Proposed for Eastern Shore--35-mbmr task forces proposed better transpo, utilities
928SpinnerNew Retail Complex Planned for DC--Kmart, Giant, maybe Home Depot to Anchor RI Ave site in NE
929HamiltonGiant, Safeway Plan Several New DC Stores--aided by tax breaks on bldg mat'ls, licenses, property
929EditorSign of Good Times--1st new retail complex in NE in 20-yrs since Hechingers flopped: good start
929PierreVictory for NE Neighborhood Shopping--as Kmart,Giant, Home Depot come within walking distance
930Staff5-mos Montgomery County real estate trends--unit sales up 8% to 7420, median price up 4% to $200K
930DeaneHot Real Estate Market, Changing Perceptions Push Capitol Hill House sale over $1M--more to follow
1003BredemeierArea Firms Contribute to 2012 Olympic Bid--46 firms have given $7.6M so far of $9 needed for good bid!
1004MilloyCarl Rowan's Dire Warning in Book 'The Coming Race War In America' should be wakeup call for all
1007Staff5- month Howard County real estate trends: units sold up 11% to 1969; median price up 5% to $185K
1008StaffArlington Cnty OK's Shirlington Project--add 2-blocks of mixed use for $120M--over activist protests
1009BehrDC Ponders Ec Future--Rivlin offers 3 options: more hi-tech singles, more mid-class families, more jobs
1010PierreMayor Takes a Bow for Business Influx--worked hard for Giant, Kmart, Freedom Forum, HopeVI, etc.
1011SipressRep Frank Wolk, R-Va), Wins Study of New Bridge--west of beltway--link Dulles, I-270 corridors
1011ReinWell-to-Do Discover Prince William--slow growth policies draw those hoping to live big on large lots
1012LeonnigTech Companies Donate 8000 hrs of Employees' Time to DC--see advantage in working on inside
1013WoodleeWilliams Talks Up DC Development--some activists complain they weren't consulted on DoES move
1014Staff6-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends--units sold down 9% to 1183, median price up 6% to $159K
1016SpinnerOffice market up, vacancies down, DC has 104Msqft at $40, 4.7% vacant, NVA 138M, $31, MD 77M, $27
1017SpinnerRetailers Making Return to Cities--as suburbs fill up, more chains seeking to locate stores in urban center
1018SpinnerDC Seeks New Developer for SE Shopping Cntr--Camp Simms buyer has no workable plan after 5 yrs
1020FehrCity to Vie for High-Tech Firms--Council approves broad tax package for 'seamless border' with suburbs
1020SpinnerDC Limits "Technology Hotels"--business angered as planners favor office space over switching cntrs
1020CohnLike DC, Big Cities Growing--pop'n turnaround reflects trend says BuCensus--'gentrification' underway
1021LewisMultitude of Transportation Projects Should Add up to Unified Plan--use Olympics bid to catalyze plan
1021Staff5-mos Prince William Cnty real estate trends--units sold up 12% to 3472, median price up 7% to $141K
1022JohnsonDC Raids Other Cities in Search for High-Tech Workers--luring workers from all over US w/bonuses, etc.
1022Greene LtrOur Overlooked Airport--why not open up Andrew Air Force Base for commercial air-freight operations?
1023Spinner'TechHotel' Rules Worry Developers--Altman wants to avoid locking up new tracts with low worker uses
1023KunkleMany Strikers Outmatched--despite economy, bosses hold upper hand over DC nurses, strike still on
1024CottmanHigh-Tech Catch-Up--Wooing Cutting-Edge Businesses drives Williams--DC still behind suburbs
1024StaffHearing on Controversial Liquor Bill rescheduled--pits local businesses against neighborhood leaders
1024StaffMontgomery County Demographic changes take schools from 7% to 49% non-white in 30 years
1026SpinnerFirm May Cancel DC 'TechHotel' Bldg--wouldn't have come here if 'dead-zone' limits in place sooner
1026JoycePrince William County, VA picked for Tech Complex--190-acre campus could get 20 data centers
1026HsuFor DC, Boom in Government Business--privatization offsets 33K lost federal jobs (now down to 143K)
1026StaffDoT awards $5M+ grant to help Riverwalk, Roads, Bridges--Senate OKs private development of SEFC
1027O'HanlonDeveloper Plans $40M New Face on Crystal City--50K daytime pop'n envied--losing 11K to Navy Yard
1027DeaneUS Home Ownership at Record High--67.7% of tot hshlds, 51.3% central cities, 61% couples under 35
1028Staff6-mos real estate trends: Arlington sales off 9%, unit price up 2%; Alexandria sales up 3%, price off 4%
1028Perez-RivasDiscovery Comm. Cuts Back on HQ Plans in Silver Spring--giving up 320K sqft bldg, keeping 350' tower
1029MontgomeryCongress Heights Clears Way for Offices--long-suffering SE neighborhood hopes rebirth sparked
1029Ltrs to EdNew Potomac Crossing: making way for new gridlock (Epstein) or turning the tide of traffic (Murphy)
1101MeltonA Plan to Ease Congestion In N.VA--new signs, publicity campaign to combat traffic tie-ups
1102WilgorenPlanner Sees City "On Cusp of New Look"--dramatic changes expected for waterfront, downtown
1102ChanDC Builder Gets Last Chance at Camp Simms Site--Council says after 35 more days, new bids welcvome
1103BerryNational Productivity Continues Up Despite Slowdown--3rd Qtr output up 3%, hours worked down .8%
1103HedgpethArea Still Draws Venture Capital--Balto-Wash firms get $1.5B in 3rd Qtr--DC, $272M, MC, $294M, Ffax, $304M
1104StaffLoudoun County 5-mos real estate trends: sales up 56% to 3535, median price up 2% to $220K
1104BerryUS Jobless Rate Stays Low, but Growth Slowing--idle down for Hispanics, women: DC, 5.8% area, 3.4%
1106SpinnerFor Better or Worse--New DuPont Circle renovation lures pricey retailers, altering neighborhood flavor
1106ChanDC's New Liquor Law Proposal (1st since Prohibition) leads to brawl, neighbors say too weak, owners fret
1108LeDucReview Backs VA in Potomac River Dispute--MD official says Fairfax should get access to clearer water
1111StaffLoundon County 6-mos real estate trends--sales down 9% to 2626; median price up 3% to $181K
1111WilgorenMayor Plans $850M for 5 Areas East of River--Minnesota; East Capitol; Anacostia; Bellvue; Cong Hts
1113Irwin3rd Qtr Cash Flow Slows--from $1150M to $877M, but venture capitalists still crave region's tech start-ups
1113SpinnerRebirth on DC's Buzzard Point?--empty 480,000 sqft bldg 'brownfield' being bought for hi-tech incubator
1114EditorEast of the River--Mayor's plan to spend $850M on 5 communities welcome news: will it bring residents?
1114WilgorenWilliams to Unveil Vision for Vibrant Downtown--7600 homes; 1Msqft retail, 5Msqft office, 1500 hotel rms
1115Harris (Gaz)Montgomery Planning Bd OKs Proposal for 4.8 acre White Fint Place--10-flr office blg, 2 16-flr res bldgs
1115LarisLoudoun Planners Unveil Slow-Growth Proposals--2/3rd zoned for 10-25 acres/home + tight enviro regs
1115Dennis (Gaz)Montgomery Cnty Council to Take Aim at River Crossing Study--to kill local study, support federal one
1117LaytonFast Track Gets Faster--Amtrak's new hi-speed Acela makes DC -to-Boston Debut :135 mph, 2.5hr toNY
1118StaffCharles County 7-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 3% to 1428, median price up 5% to $158K
1120JohnstonFairfax Virginia Center to Aid South Korean Firms--funded by Korean Small/Medium Business Admin
1124MoskHistory in the Balance--gleaming plans worry Annapolis residents: huge developments coming
1125DeaneBargan Hunters Discover Hidden Charms of SW DC Condos, Co-ops, Town Houses--unit prices rising
1125Staff7 month Prince George's real estate trends: unit sales up 12% to 7557, median price up 2% to $142K
1125GillisBioTech Firms Get Cash Infusion--new projects launched along Rt 270 corridor as investors see potential
1126Duncan ltrMontgomery Cnty Executive says 'on track' to use bus service, more parking at Metro stops, etc.
1126StaffDulles Corridor Firms Seek DC Workers--job fair timed to new bus route from L'Enfant Plaza to Dulles
1126MeltonVA Economy Imperils Repeal of Car Tax--revenue growth down to 3%, other budget demands fixed
1127HedgpethCrunch Looms for DC Hotel Rooms--new convention cntr to bring high demand: 1500 rms, 80K mtg space
1129BredemeierWidening Gap Found Between Area's Rich, Poor--'Potomac Index' shows dichotomies of good/bad
1201SipressTransportation Outlook Dims, COG's transpo plng bd warns of 25-yr, $42B funding shortfall, few heed
1202Staff7-mos Fairfax County real estate trends--unit sales up 8% to 10653, median price holds at $200K
1203EditorWill Region Ever Move? metro area gotta shape up, accept regional transportation authority with $
1204SchwartzmanFor Gov't, Good Times Stall--boom's end tightens budgets--forget new program wishlists, tighten belts
1204BredemeierWashington's Economy: Who Will Set Pace?--as high-tech sector slows, others likely to pick up slack
1207LaytonMD Gov Glendening Plans 6-yr Funds for Mass Transit--$750M for buses, subway, challenges DC, VA
1207SpinnerEnd May Be Near for Office Boom--DC area leads nation in office space abuilding, only half pre-leased
1207StaffA Very Good Year, Montgomery Cnty Exec Duncan names priorities: transpo, schools, boasts economy
1208MontgomeryArea's Charitable Streak Leads Nation--MD leads at 4.6% of income; DC 4.3%, VA, 3.3%, US: 2.7%
1209EditorAs Maryland's Boom Slows--surplus dropping 66%--when will state address long-range transpo plans?
1209Staff7 mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends; unit sales up 10% to 11,699; median price up 4% to $205K
1212PhillipsAmtrak Starts High-Speed Train Runs from DC to Boston--6hs,40min is 80 min faster, hits 150 mph
1212Huslin3 States, DC to Sign Bay Cleanup Agreement--DC to keep toxic waste out of Anacostia River
1212LarisLoudoun County Opens Growth Debate--draft master plan targets environment trying to 'grow greener'
1213MoseDeveloper's Gift to Naval Academy Raises Questions--wants hi-tech office complex across Severn R.
1213StaffNat'l Capital Revitalization Corp Sets Public Hearings on draft econ. plan before submittal to Council
1214EditorRoads, Schools, and Huge Bills--VA Governor's refusal to let local counties raise own money is wrong
1214MeltonVA Gov. Gilmore Outlines Repairs for VDoT--shake-up focuses on speed, efficiency of 11K pers agency
1215MontgomeryMD Has Millions, But Not for Tax Cuts--$375M earmarked for transpo, schools: state budget tops $9B
1216RubenCommunity Grows From Farmland--430 acre King Farm to include 3200 homes, now half finished
1216Staff3-mos DC real estate trends--unit sales down 25% to 1059; median price down 7% to $152K
1217KunkleUrban Deck Near Wilson Bridge To Be Scaled Back--Alexandria to create 2 athletic fields on Jones Pt
1220EditorWhere to Put a New Bridge--upper Potomac crossing must be built somewhere--get on with decision
1223Staff8-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends--total sales down 2% to 6962; median price up 5% to $162K
1224ShearPotential NVA Transport Board Incites Fear of Fairfax--smaller locales worry about getting fair share
1225SpinnerEric Price Scrambles to Prove DC a Development Dynamo--expedited 'newseum' --do St. E's in 2001?
1227EditorTraffic Help Ahead?--NVA lawmakers looking at regional transport authority, local taxing powers: Good!
1229Chn/BroderNation Grows to 281M, Census Finds--trends will shift 12 House seats toward SW--Repub-leaning states
1229PierreDC Sees Hope in 5% 10-yr Pop'n Loss v 14% est.--Census says now 572K, not 520K,-- mix still unknown
1230Staff9-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales down 2% to 2755, medan price down 3% to $220K
1230Staff9-mos Arlington real estate trends: unit sales down 3% to 2988, medan price up 4% to $227K
1230EditorThe Census Unfolds:TX, FL, GA, and AZ pick up 2 seats, NY, PA lose 2; CT, MI, OH, IL, IN, WI lose one.

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