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104GroerDowntown Deluxe--empty-nesters, hipsters, affluent out-of-towners fuel mini-boom in hi-end apts, condos
106FleishmanWhat's Ahead for Housing--experts say high demand, low supply may keep prices up across DC area
106StaffLoudoun Cnty 7-mos real estate trends: units sold up 36% to 6491; median price up 3% to $224K
107GinsbergDC Housing Prices Make Baltimore Bedroom Community--median $161K v $189 here; 1900/day use MARC
107BredemeierEconomic Outlook Brightens for DC--job growth goes from -3% in '96 to +0.9% in '00--tot jobs about 270K
113StaffPr. William Cnty 8-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 6109, median price up 3% to $144K
116TimbergLawmakers Differ on Taxes for VA Roads--arguing over size, scope, state vs. local sales tax increases
116McCarthyWeathering Tech Shakeout--Brookings study says DC should endure turndown well--solid growth ahead
118GinsbergPr. William Cnty OK's $3B Potomac Bluff Development---1700 acre town cntr+2500 homes, 3Msqft comm.
118WilgorenNeighborhoods Seek Revitalization Role--new Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. vows to involve communities
119HsuDC-Baltimore Still in Running for Hi-Speed 'MagLev" Trains (with Pittsburgh)--winner to be picked in 2003
120StaffHoward Cnty 9-mos real estate trends--unit sales up 14% to 4302, median price up 1% to $186K
121Bacon (ltr)Northern Virginia Made Its Own Traffic Mess--do better to go hi-density around metro, pay its own way
121Hazel (ltr)The Roadblocks Originate in Richmond--capital losing control to NVA businesses--will benefit all
123TimbergFairfax Supervisors Want Transpo Plan Delayed--want regional authority resisted by special interests
127StaffCharles Cnty 10-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 4% to 2178; median price up 6% to $160.5K
203WheelerCapital Plan Now Includes Recreational Trails--NCPC OK's trail system, view from McMillan Reservoir
203PearlsteinDC Jobless Rate Climbs to 16-Mos High--factory layoffs top service hires: DC jobless up 850 to 5.8%
203Staff10-Mos Fairfax County real estate trends--unit sales up 1% to 17,622, median price up 1/2% to $200K
206WhoriskeyQuandry Next Door--local officials throughout region balk at banning big 'infill' houses on small lots
208SubramanyaTight Criteria cost Montgomery Cnty new Hughes Med Inst. $500M campus--going to Loudoun Cnty
208MeltonVA Lawmaker Aims to Block Western Bypass--beltway-style road from Leesburg to Fredericksburg
209MeltonVA Senate Moves to Block Western Bypass--stops preliminary work to link Leesburg,Fredericksburg
210Staff9-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends--units sales up 8% to 15807; median price up 6% to $210K
210LewisAcres of Opportunity at SE Federal Cntr--GSA readying plan to sell/lease 55 acre site for development
212HuslinChesapeake Pact to Cost Region $1.8 Billion--keep 20% of watershed open space in PA, VA, MD
212Perez-RivasHigh Cost of Open Space--Montgomery Cnty plan challenges owners rights to sell for needed $
217StaffPrince William Cnty 9-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 6963, median price up 4% to $145K,
221MoskMD House Backs Transportation Authority--environmentalists fear regional panel would stress roads
223MoskMD State Weighs Rail Line Linking SoMD, DC--connect Green Line--get Metro across Wilson Bridge
223MortonTech, Federal Sectors Give DC Economic Security--lack of industry may ameliorate downturn
224StaffPr George's Cnty 10-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 16% to 11,867; median price up 3% to $144K
227GooMetro Area Job Market Still Shows Signs of Life in Survey--27% firms to hire more, 63% hold steady
302GinsbergAre They Worth It? --popular affordable townhouses generate less revenue than needed services cost
302SpinnerWhite Flint Mixed-Use Project Set--32-acre Metro station site could bring 6000 wkrs, 1300 residents
303StaffAnne Arundel 10-mos real estate trends--unit sales down 3% to 8831, median price uo 5% to $162K
303ShearGov. Gilmore Eyes Road Funds to Help Cover Car-Tax Cut--$48M cut plan outrages NVA officials
303EditorThe Car Tax Trap--VA Governor should compromise size of cut (55% v 70%) to cover lost revenues
305BredeimeierLayoff Figures Cloud Employment Picture--most workers quickly find new jobs in DC area: net jobs up
306StaffDevelopers Sue DC Over Camp Simms--do-nothing contractor claims DC can't seek new bids: oh?
308MeltonVA Gov. Gilmore Says Roads Avoid Budget Cuts--tax rollback wont slow $48M for priority projects
309StaffMetro Can Limit Sprawl, Says Chesapeake Bay Fdn--all growth could be on 3-400 acres near stations
309RussakoffCensus Finds Diversity Spreading to Suburbs--Hispanic, Asian minorities fastest growing
309CohnNorth VA 10-yr Growth Outpaces State-: +14% pop'n to 7.1M, minorities +24% to 30%; kids+4% to 25%
310Staff10-mos real estate trends: Alexandria City unit sales down 1% to 3113, median price down 2% to $220K
310MorelloPr. William's Cnty Metamorphosis--30% growth in 10-yrs to VA's second largest at 180K, diversity up
310Berry National Jobless Rate Still at 4.2% in February--minority rates still much higher: 7.5% blks, 6.3% Hisp
310Staff10-mos real estate trends: Arlington Cnty unit sales down 1% to 3343, median price up 6% to $230K
311CohnYoung Families Transform Loudoun--dramatic turnaround in NVA: outer suburbs kids 30% v 20% inner
311Kane ltrTraffic Jam at Top--80% polled want truckless 'techway', but opposed 9/0 by Montgom Cnty council
311StaffGrowth in Suburbs--'NVA down to 71.3% white, 11.1% Black, 17.6% "other"--Hispanics now 10.8%
311Donley ltrVA's Gov. Gilmore Is Hanging Us out to Dry--budget impasse serious problem--one-term limit good!
313JohnstonDC Region 5th in Venture Dealmaking $3.4B behind Silcon Valley, NYC, Boston, and San Francisco
313EditorBaby Steps for Transportation--neither VA nor MD ready to create regional authority w/teeth: wake up!
313CohnMixed-Race Catergories: Clarity or Confusion--6 racial categories now raised to 63 (126 w/Hispanics)
313CohnMulti-racial Growth Seen--mixed races up: Hispanics are 6% white,;0.3% black; 5.3% 'other'; 0.8% multi
317StaffDC 8-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 6% to 3817, median price up 1% to $156.5K
320ShearFairfax, VA to Study Takeover of Roads--County would do some VDOT work--try to save money
320CohnMinorites Fuel Growth in MD Suburbs--metro area gets 80% of state increase: MC now 873K, PG, 802K
320Cohn (cont)MD pop'n up 11% to 5.3M--kids up frm 24.3 > 25.6%; minorites, 30.4 > 37.9%, blacks 24.9 > 27.9%
321StaffComparing MD Counties on Race--vary from 6.4% blk in Frederick to 62.7% in Pr. Georges
321AtzenmanCulture Clash Next Door--Neighborhood quarrels take on ethnic tint as Pr. George's gains Hispanics
322Perez-RivasIn Mongomery Cnty, 15% Growth Brings Diversity--blacks up from 12% > 15%; Hispanics 7.4% > 11.5%
322CohnGrowing Disparity--NVA gained more jobs than resident workers; MD did opposite: area grew 16%
322SnyderFrederick Cnty Population Grows 30%--big gains for Asians, Hispanics; blacks 5.3% >o 6.4%
324StaffLoudoun Cnty 9-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 33% to 7274, median price up 3% to $226K
324ShearTechway Traffic-Use Data Elate Backers--Potomac Crossing foes say 102K cars/day study iffy
324DeaneGoing Upscale on U Street:--wave of high-priced development brings praise, concerns (from renters)
325WittStrength in Numbers--Asian-Americans seek political voice: 238K in MD, 305K in VA say "partly Asian"
325Staff (Gaz)Maryland Senate Pledges $93M to back Area's 2012 Olympic Bid--MD to pay 53%, VA, 28%, DC 19%
326Staff300-Acre Potomac Yard Site Sold--new owner can make real $3 billion, 20-yr development
329StaffWhat's Going Where in Montgomery Cnty--shows locations of new building permits, projects proposed
331StaffHoward Cnty 11-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 5466, median price unchanged at $185K
331CohnBlack Exodus Drove DC's 5.7% Pop'n Loss to 572K: now 60% black v 66%, 10.6% of region v 13.4%...
331Cohn(cont)DC Census: pop'n under 18 up frm19.3% >20.1%; Hispanics 5.4%>7.9%. Wards 4-8 big losers
402BredemeierSteady Jobless Rate Eases Sting of Layoffs: MD holds at 3.6%, VA 2.1>2.3%, DC down frm 6.1> 5.6%
403Cohn/ChanDC Region Tops Big-City Growth--movement of blacks to suburbs stands out in 2000 Census
403MontgomeryBudget Vote Bolsters MD Transit Plan--$500M for buses, metro over 6 yrs; increase some tolls
407ArgetsingerDC Zoning Bd Rejects Georgetown U Enrollment Expansion--neighborhood activists welcome curbs
407StaffCharles Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 2696, median price up 7% to $156K
407SantanaLeaving Bittersweet for Park Police Chief--DC native witnessed city's transformation in 35 yrs on force
408ReelBlacks Search for Voice in Charles Cnty--population leap is 70% black: not reflected in political ldrshp
409GooOwnership Opportunities: minority businesses grow across US: blacks up 26%, Hispanics up 30%...
409Goo(cont)...5-yr minority business growth 34% in metro area for blacks, hispanics: but only 13% in DC
411McCaffreyGas Co's Bid to Re-open Calvert Cnty Cove Pt Storage Plant (near nuke pwr plant) Alarms Neighbors
411HsuFederal Budget is Bountiful for Region--inlcudes money for Research, Construction, 3.6% Raises, but...
411Huslin....Bush's Budget Would Cut 10% from Planned Spending for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
411BraniginProject Prepares for Takeoff--contract awarded to begin work on huge Air/Space Annex--at Dulles
413HublinChesapeake Bay Cleanup Estimate--10 yr, $8.5B: 64K sqmi, 6-state watershed--biggest US estuary
414StaffFairfax Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 3% to 22,281, median price up 5% to $205K
414SiegalFrom Old Army Post, Community--164-acre Alexandria site has parks, 2150 res. units, Old Town look
417LaytonMass Transit Rules Roads--3.5% US growth rate higher than roads: 13.2% DC area gain best in US
417Masters1785 Deal Floats to Top of Potomac Pipe Battle--MD, VA dispute Founding Father's Terms re water use
419EditorKeeping Up With Riders--transit riders grow 4x national rate--but area transporation needs behind
419IrwinTechnologically Like Achilles--area savvy shines, but 29/50 for jobs w/hi-fliers; 31/50 in patents/wkr
421NakashimaHope on the SE Waterfront--public/private plan may transform 55-acres:starting building in '03
421HsuFederal Spending in Region Surged--11.5% Gain raises total to $28.6B: $14.8B in VA, $7.6B in DC
421StaffMontgomery Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 21,015, median price up 5% to $208K
422KunkleArlington Sells Columbia Pike's Diversity for Tech Corridor--funky, immigrant-rich area could blossom
425CheaPlotting DC Area's Ec Growth--ranks 6th in 'new economy index': needs more aid to poor, reg'ism
425CohnImmigrating In, Settling Out--Brookings study finds half of '90s arrivals live beyond beltway--many Asian
425GooEc Development Red Tape Hit--Top Pr. George's Cnty aide proposes 2- agency cut, shake-up others
426PianinSenate Passes Environmental Clean-up Bill--target brownfields, up redevelopment in blighted areas
426WhoriskeyOutside Beltway, a New World--as immigrants surge to suburbs, Herndon struggles with social change
426DeaneNew Home Sales Sets Record in March--annual rate of 1.02M across US--bigger new order backlog!
428ReinPr. William Cnty Rethinks Growth--board may relax rules to allow hundreds of homes on set-aside land
428StaffPr. William Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 15% to 8622, median price up 3% to $146K
429Robinson LtrHolding on to Columbia Heights--don't let development spoil diverse community fabric, lose renters
501Shear732 Homes To Replace Lorton in Land Swap--upscale housing, park proposed at former prison site
502GooFairfaxCounty Near Top in Payroll Growth--'99 census ranks it 3rd in US at 38% ($7.6B) in one year
502WilgorenHomes, Retail Strip to Transform Camp Simms--25-acres sold for $500K to Congress Hts Redev grp
502VogelCatholic U Sues to Block 49-acre Soldiers' Home Land Development to fund rest of 1000-vet facility
503WilgorenCamp Simms Project Part of Area Renewal--$28M devlpmt w/80 homes, stores, park--brings protesters
505SpinnerApartment Giants To Join Forces--Archstone acquiring CE Smith (Crystal City, et al) for $3.5B
505StaffLoundon County 10-mos real estate trends: total sales up 35% to 8120, median price up 5% to 230K;
506SheridanOne Decade,Few Gains for Latinos--Hispanics make little headway in DC since Mt Pleasant riots
511MeltonLeaders Reaching Out to Build a Bridge--MD,VA House speakers push talks on new Potomac span
512StaffPr. George's 12-mos real estate trends: units sold up 17% to 14,316; median price up 3% to $143.9K
513WilgorenProspects, Projects Up in DC Core--East end turns trendy--maps 66 new downtown projects woth $4B
514SpinnerUpscale Dreams Downtown--crucial role of developers is key to future of DC core: viz Gallery Place
516EditorFresh Escape at Lorton--Fairfax supervisors deserve credit for plans to preserve Mason Neck, Lorton
517Shaver'Techway' Options Due in Late June--route study underway to connect Fairfax, Montgomery Cnty
518Editor'Techway Phobia'--all local officials fearing coming paralysis of region ought to welcome options effort
518CohnImmigrants Help Swell Family Size in DC Area--but more people live alone: DC least kids, most renters
519SiegalGold Standard at Reserve--588 luxury mid-rise apt complex emerges in Alexandria's Potomac Yard
519StaffAnne Arundel Cnty 12-mos real estate trends; unit sales off 3% to 10556,median price up 6% to $163.8K,
519SpinnerPr. George's to Get Touch of Spain--534-acre Nat'l Harbor project redesign based on Barcelona street
519JonesJobs Keep MD Out of Slump, Study Says--ec growth rises from 44th (90-95), 21st (96-00) to 15th in '00
523SpinnerMayor's Las Vegas Big-Box Bid--tries to sell chain stores in DC--owners want to see scaffolding first!
523SpinnerSlowdown: Construction Put on Hold--developers await rebound as VA office vacancy rate surges
523CohnTwo-parent Families Increasingly Immigrants--Asians and Hispanics marry, have kids, work to thrive
524CohnHomeownership Up from 39% to 41% as DC Pop'n Falls: -39K below 44, -11K over 60, +16K 45-60
524SnyderCensus 2000 Show Dip in Child Population--school enrollments expected to slow--85+'ers booming
525ShearRep. Frank Wolf Pulls Plug on 'Techway' Over Potomac--renegs on study as activists go out of control
526StaffAlexandria City 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales down 0% to 3672, median price down 3% to $219K
526StaffArlington Cnty 12-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 4013, median price up 3% to $226K
526Shear'Techway' Opposition Goes Well-Worn DC Route--hyper opposition shouts down, delays inevitable
527EditorRep. Wolf's U-Turn--elected leaders should't 'head for the hills' when activists fight transpo needs
528StaffOffice Market Indicators--DC has 32% of area office space, 6.5% empty--avg $38.50/psf/yr; VA worse
601StaffPlans for Further Techway Study--citizen's group to go ahead, Gov Gilmore approaches DoT too
602EditorDon't Write Off the 'Techway'--studies should continue despite Frank Wolf's retreat from activists
602O'HanlonHigh-End Condo Proposal Divides Rosslyn Residents--$175M, 27-story tower w/175 units, 2-cars each
602StaffDC Home Prices Soar 15% in 4 quarters--well ahead of US average of 8.8%: suburbs up 12%
603Rep. WolfWhy I Changed My Mind on New River Crossing--too many people disrupted, property values hurt
604CheaAdding New Life to VA Economy--science-business partnerships stimulate biotech growth, small bus.
604SpinnerRetailing Success on Track--Union Station among region's top performers--$656 in gross sales/sqft!
605ShaverRevivial of 'Techway' Study Urged--business interests say 'too important to just walk away from'
606PhillipsAmtrak Wants to Mortgage Penn Station--NY landmark could back $300M loan to keep trains going
606ShaverDoT Official Rejects Bid to Revive 'Techway' Study--'useless' because Congress won't support it
606ShearFairfax's Green Buying Spree Swells Space for Parks--who keeps up? now 22,600 acres=9% land
610McDuffie ltrHow Can We Decide About Bridge Without Any Facts--new Potomac crossing study should be done
610Johnson ltrWhy Won't Virginia Take No for Answer on Misbegotten Road--eXplore alternatives incl. Metro instead
611CohnBoomers Driving Region's Culture--managers, administrative jobs keep workers here for life: up stats
611SpinnerDC's Image Keeps Away Retailers, Urban Institute study--worries re:crime, gov't efficiency, pop'n drop,
611StaffJobless Rate Reflects Regional Balance--unemployment lowest ever: DC: 4%, MD: 3.3%; VA: 2.2%
612ShearFairfax Quashes Minor League Ballpark--Merrifield chooses high-rises, mall, over 8000-seat stadium
613SpinnerBuilding Starts Boom In Region--700 new '00 projects w/48.6M sqft highest since '81(offices=22.1Msqft)
615WilgorenForum Offers Vision of Renewed, Inviting DC--Rivlin/O'Cleiracain see 100K in 55K new homes
615SpinnerWinning a Square Foot Race--fleeing high rents, Gov't agencies reviving locales away from 'downtown'
616StaffFairfax Cnty 2-mos real estate trends--sales up 18% to 2692, median price up 7% to $229.5K
620CohnCensus Shows Big Rise in DC Gay Households--3500 same-sex couples in '00=66% increase over '90
621Hedgpeth$140M Project Planned Near Silver Spring Metro: 250K sqft office, 30K sqft retail, 50 apts, 150r-rm hotel
621Dennis (Gaz)Techway Study Dead--but debate rages on: 'can't build out of traffic congestion'--gotta change habits
622MorinDiscrimination's Lingering Sting--new Post/Kaiser/Harvard poll shows still problem--worst for blacks
623DeaneA Break for Tenants--rental boom over in NVA, seems near in DC, MD: supply caught up with demand?
623CohnDC Homeownership Rates Rising--but still 90th among US cities: non-H whites 49%, minorities 37%
623StaffMontgomery Cnty 2-mos real estate trends--sales up 7% to 2672, unit median price up 1% to $205K
624Shear OpEdWe're Not Getting There from Here--describes problems with 'Techway' plan--frightening map?
625Cohn1990's Further Reshape Suburbs--minorities make striking gains--half of Asians, Hispanics in suburbs
630StaffAnne Arundel 2-mos real estate trends--unit sales up 19% to 1472, median unit cost up 3% up to $165K
701O'CleireacainFamilies vs. Singles: Costs vs Benefits--Rivlin/O'Cleireacaine try to stimulate debate on DC future
702WilgorenNCRC Buys Waterfront DC Property--hope to fix up area w/ marinas, cruise ship, vacant restaurant, etc.
707StaffDC 2-mos real estate trends: units sold up 12% to 673; median unit price up 11% to $154k
711MorinMisperceptions Cloud Whites' View of Blacks--Blacks may be better off than ever, but not that good!
712JonesNew MWCOG Rpt Outline's Area's Boom--'96-00, DC up 6.3%, region 7.5%;00-'25 DC up 25%, all 32.4%
714King OpEdAcross Racial Divide--how can so many white Americans be so wrong about blacks' conditions?
714StaffArlington 3-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 9% to 670, median unit price up 10% to $225K
714StaffAlexandria 3-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 556, median unit price down 29% (!) to $147K
717Corlett ltrPerceptions re Race--Post piece ignores 86% blks, 94% whts, 88% Hisp, 84% asians oppose aff.act'n
719Ybarra ltrVA Sec. Transpo Says Western Corridor Study Can't Be Bypassed--future quality of life at stake
719HuslinMD Claims Progress in Meeting Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Goal--9 years ahead of schedule?
720EditorWhat Traffic Won't Bear--Loudoun Cnty withdraws from state transpo study--repeats Fairfax mistake
721StaffHoward County 4-mos real estate trends: units sold up 9% to 1456, unit price up 6% to $195K
722KovaleskiDC Finds Anti-Hispanic Bias--probe finds discrimination against homeless, one shelter evictee died
722LarisLoudoun Cnty's Ambitious Search for Perfection--zoning aim to keep vast acreage rural, rest suburban
723LaytonDC Region's Ozone Lesson Lies South--pollution has already coat Atlanta fed road funds: here next?
723StaffNLIHC study says fed mortgage income tax deduction costs US more than all fed housing assistance
724LarisLoudoun Cnty Adopts Strict Development Controls--deputies restrain crowd gathered for 7-2 vote
725EditorGag Orders for Air Polluters--traffic changes must come, balancing transportation, pollution needs
728StaffPr. George's Cnty 4-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 11% to 3922, median price up 3% to $143K
729Parsons LtrtoEdRing Around the Region--greenbelt around capital region could be model for nation--stall sprawl
729LoebRumsfeld Faces Fight on Closing More Military Bases--still has 25% too many facilities: Congress 50/50
730SpinnerDC Holds Steady on Lease Rate for Offices--4% vacancy rate keeps fierce competition; 'burb rents fall
803SpinnerTowering Investments--Penthouse Prices for Class B offices in Downtown DC--rents now exceed $31.45/sqft
804StaffCharles County 4-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 734, median price up 4% to $160.7K
806CohnCensus Sees Vast Change in Language, Employment--more people work at home, speak little English
807SpinnerFormer GSA Official, Bob Peck, now on DC Board of Ed to head Greater Washington Bd of Trade--friend of DC
808IrwinDC Metro Area Ranked 2nd in Tech Workforce (321.6K) behind Chicago (347.1K), before San Jose, Boston, NY
809HedgpethBidders Vie to Build Convention Center Hotel--1000-bed hotel could cost $300M, start in '02 (city has 25K rooms now)
810SpinnerUSAID Seeks Offices in VA--possible departure of 2300 employees irks officials, EH Norton vows to block departure
810StaffFairfax Cnty 4-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 5544, median unit price up 9% to $215.5K
813SpinnerKaempfer Sets Pace on Price--developer gets top dollar in sale of two DC bldgs for $245M: at $425, $440 persqft
813CohnDC Rich, Poor Gap Widening--census shows bigger split income, college ed, housing prices--little middle class
816McCarthy21 Firms Seek DC Incentives--tax breaks aim to lure, retain high-tech companies, tax credits to hire DC residents
817WhoriskeyFind Affordable Housing in Picture--upscale Fairfax developer camouflaging 4-unit homes to look like big singles
818StaffMontgomery County 5-mos real estate trends, unit sales up 2% to 4615, median unit price up 6% to $199.9K
820O'HanlonBlack Enclave, Shades of Gray--Alexandria 'inner city' down from 90 to 45% black in 20yrs--blacks selling for high $$$
820HedgpethArea Jobless Rates Rise Takes a Bad Turn: Up--region 2.8v2.7; DC up 5.6v5.4--Va up to2.7, Md down to 3.4
822ReelBus Ridership Picks Up Speed--record number of commuters outpaces system in SoMD--up 22% in one year
822CohnCount of Gay Couples Up 300% in 2000 Census--DC 5.1%, Arlington 3.1%, Alexandria 2.9% of total couples
823Patner (Gaz)Growing Metro?--huge expansion planned at 'White Flint East' 1.2M sqft office, 270Ksqft retail, 1340 apts, on 32 acres
825StaffDC 4-mos real estate trends: units sold up 46% to1740; median unit price up 14% to 165K
826FingarThe ABCs of a Base Closure--when the military leaves town, jobs don't have to go too--example of Denver Center
830EditorWho's Afraid of a Bridge? ridiculous not to perform impact study of additional Potomac Crossing--gotta try again
901StaffLoundon 2-mos real estate trends: sales up 3% to 905, median price up 11% to $233.6K
902MoskBlacks See Bias in a Pricier Neioghborhood--housing discrimination alleged in Anne Arundel County
902Olsen ltrTime to Get on the Fast Track--commuter rail has yet to reach its full potential in DC area or elsewhere
903JonesOffice Landlord Looks to DC Suburbs--developer sees chance in declining property prices
907Cohn(Only) 4% of US Homes Are Multigenerational--culture, finances dictate lifestyle for grandparents
907PhillipsGOP Plans $71 Billion Rail Bill--states would get loans for high-speed lines, NY-DC corridor upgrade
908StaffAnne Arundel County 5-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 13% to 4226, median price up 7% to $170K
908DietschNew Neotraditionalists--area developers build on familiar designs to create denser neighborhoods
913HedgpethTourism Industry Aims to Ease (post-9/11) Safety Fear: 20M DC tourists spend about $9.6B per year
915StaffAlexandria 5-mos real estate trends: units sales up 14% to 1482; median sales price off 5% to $210.4K
915StaffArlington 5-mos real estate trends: units sales up 22% to 1565; median sales price up 5% to $235.5K
922StaffHoward County 5-mos real estate trends--units sales up 8% to 1947, median price up 5% to$195K
922EditorThat Monstrous Commute--Pentagon security brings 3-hr one-way trips--train use up, gotta do something
923JonesThe Holidays: Fear and Logistics May Complicate Celebrations--travel agents see cancellations surge
923PhillipsAmtrak: Boost that Began Sept 11 May Not Be Temporary--NE Corridor train use way up: will it last?
923GrimsleyVideoconferencing: Companies rethink Business Travel--many new converts save money, stress
924EditorKeep the Trains Running--US has put 70x more into roads, airways, that train systems in last 30 yrs
924HsuBarriers Rising to National Airport Reopening--higher security concerns may mean major long-term fixes
924Hsu (Cont)National employs 10,000 for 15.9M passengers yearly on 188K commercial, 75K private flights/year
925Fisher OpEdNational Airport's Demise Would Be Terrorist Victory--lost jobs, etc. + no refund for canceled flights!
925ShaverMost Flights at National Canceled for the Month--Dulles, BWI handle (reduced) demand for now
926HedgpethRunning on Empty--with few guests Washington Hotel and staff feel pinch--related businesses too
927StraussLately, No Reservations Needed--downtown many restaurants struggling in wake of terorrist attacks
928EditorNation: Security, Insecurity--loss of National Airport serious economic concern--gotta secure, reopen
928HsuAir Safety Plan Fuels Clamor to Reopen National Airport--no timetable from Bush--Rep leaders object
929DeaneFreedom Forum Scaling Back--media group hurt by big stock losses--DC project still on track
929HsuNational Fate May Be Decided Next Week--contradictory statements reveal deep divisions re security
929O'HanlonTwo VA Suburbs Expect Losses in Millions--Alexandria, Arlington hardest hit by attacks, aftermath
929StaffPr. William County 6-mos real estate trends--unit sales up 33% to 5436, median price up 11% to $167.8K
1001PhillipsWhite House Studies Safety at National--Bush wants early opening--with range of security systems
1002IrwinMayor Backs Aid for Businesses--travel-related firms may get loans, backed by 11 of 13 Cncl mbrs
1003GooNational's Reopening Won't Stem DC Losses--image problems, shaky ec may put tourists off til '02
1003ChanDC Passes Aid for Hospitality Firms Hurt by Attacks--DC Council OK's $100M emergency loan package
1003WeilLeading by Eating--Bush, Williams, wives dine out in bid to stimulate spending in DC area
1004EditorBack in Business at National--gotta make airports safe permanently , not relax for convenience or cost
1006StaffPr. George's 6-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 12% to 7234, median price up 4% to $145K
1006SiegalLorton, VA Opens to New Life as Prison Closes--proximity to two military bases draws families w/kids
1011GooMontgomery County Feels Impact of Decline in Travel--but region faring better than District
1011BredemeierWar Effort to Help Virginia's Economy--GMU's Fuller predicts 79,000 more jobs in '02 based on past
1013WilgorenNew Places to Live Downtown--work starts on first of several bldgs near MCI to provide 2000+ new apts
1013StaffFairfax County 6-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 5% to 12,080, median price up 7% to $230.2K
1015IrwinLongtime Analyst Bullish on DC Region--Fuller predicts 79,000 new jobs in '02--based on fed spending
1019CottmanGaithersburg Council Puts Hold on Residential Projects--worries re traffic congestion, school crowding
1020EditorSqueeze on Region--lower revenues expected in DC, MD, VA--fed tax cut will reduce revenues more
1020StaffMontgomery Cnty 5-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 3% to 8093; median price up 6% to $201.8K
1021MeyerPr. George's Builders Work to Loosen Growth Limits--Council may charge $9-12K fee per expected kid
1021GrimmleyBusinesses Fret as Schools Cancel Near-term Trips to Capitol--some dropping '02/'03 plans as well
1022SnyderFrederick Reaches Indentity Crisis--city mayoral race sets tradition v new demography (20% non-white)
1024HuslinBay's Progress Slipping Away-Chessy Bay Fndtn says states allow sprawl, pollution to undercut effort
1026HedgpethBig City Hotels Suffer Relapse: but DC regains: 42% > 65% occupancy, $41 > $74 per available room
1027StaffDC 6-mos real estate trends; units sold up 18% to 3174; median price up 11% to $178K
1028Barras OpEdMany Blacks (20%) Have Doubts, 9/11 "war" brings distrust of AttyGen powers, anti-Palestinism, etc.
1029IrwinBob Peck's Duality: Grow, Preserve--Board of Trade's new president brings urban bias to regional group
1029IrwinFor Region, 2000 Was a Good Year--jobs, pay levels rose to deflect slowdown--outer suburbs most
1030ShearSharp Rise in Fairfax Real Estate Taxes Predicted--while slowing economy forces more budget cuts
1103HedgpethArea Hotels Full Up with Debt Problems--chains, lenders discuss overload: Marriott in hock $5.6Billion
1103StaffHoward County 6-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 2636, median unit price up 3% to $191K
1104RuaneTourists w/ Perspective--WWII vintage visitors unfazed by DC's air of crisis (silver-haired pilgrims??)
1104BeckerPlans Proceed for More Development Along Rockville Pike, focus on Metro stations (like White Flint)
1105SpinnerBuildings on Rise Despite Turndown--downtown DC, fed gov't, still attractive to big-time developers
1110SalmonRegional Philanthropy (3.4%) Surpasses US Avg (2.8%)--study cites generosity of area residents, firms
1110StaffCharles Cnty (SoMD) 7-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 27% to 1646; median price up 4% to $161.5K
1110PhillipsReform Council Reports Amtrak Cannot Break Even by end '02--starts re-org, liquidation planning!
1112IrwinLayoffs Were Rising Before Attack--area job growth fell to 1.1% in Sept.: DC area still better than most
1112SpinnerDC Can't Sell Bonds for Big Projects worth $360M--TIF policy changed to reassure investors
1113HedgpethMontogomery's Duncan Vetoes Development Impact Tax--overide threatened: exec wants revisions
1114Shaver VDoT in Bad Shape, Study Says--Virginia Assembly panel blames lack of funds, antiquated methods
1116HsuForecast is Gloomy for DC Economy--jobless rate rises to 6.6%, may go to 10%, income down 3.5%
1117StaffAnne Arndel 7-mos real estate trends, unit sales up 15% to 6770, median price up 6% to $171K
1117MeyerNational Harbor Hotel Plan Stalls--9/11 effects force reexamination of $2 buillion riverfront project
1120MeyerPr. George's Council Votes Fees for Growth--bill allowing new homes near crowded schools goes fwd
1123WhoriskeyImmigrants Arrive from Far/Wide--suburbs surge: 1/3 Montgomery/Fairfax hshlds speak foreign tongue
1124CohnWealtth of Well-Educated People--census finds DC, suburbs exceed US norms for schooling, income
1124TuckerShopper's Paradise--2nd DC 10-day sales tax holiday for items under $100 brings out spenders
1125ChanDC Council to Weigh In on Vendors--standards bill could expand power of private DC Downtown BID
1129BeckerRebuilding Silver Spring--$160M gov't investmt brings signs of progress in once-decaying downtown
1201DewarBase-Closing Issue Delays DoD Bill--House won't accept Senate OK's BRAC plan: compromise ahead
1201StaffPr. George's 8-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 9624; median unit price up 5% to $147.5K
1202HsuTerrorism Spending Vitalizes DC Area--region emerging as nation's top wartime economy: but not DC
1204MeltonVA's Gov. Gilmore Estimates $1B Shortfall for FY02--final budget to prepare for deeper recession
1204StaffPacts Signed on Anacostia Watershed: MD, VA, PA and DC to reduce pollution of 64K sqmi watershed
1205BeckerCnty Exec Duncan Dreary on Montgomery Cnty Finances--expect $200M budget shortfall next year
1206ShaverNat'l Airport Sees No Flights Increase Before Holidays--serve 26 cities v 68 pre-9/11:lack of marshals
1206FisherCall for Normalcy Rings Hollow in Barred, Bare DC--fearmongers winning, public grounds empty
1206HedgpethHotel Occupacy Up in Area in 11/01---but 15% below last year, and $/room down 22% to $61 area avg
1207Staff4 Finalists Picked by NCRC to Develop NW Wax Museum Site in 'NoMA'--include 310 to 574 apts
1208StaffHoward Cnty 5-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 3% to 2989, median unit price up 1% to $191.7K
1210IrwinNew Attitudes in Area After 9/11--spending, traveling, opening mail a bit less, more region-oriented
1212Adler (Gaz)Officials Preach Regional Emergency Responses--urged by Grtr Wash Bd of Trade's Potomac Conf
1213DewarLawmakers to Authorize New Round of Base Closings--plan would delay BRAC action until 2005
1214HedgpethFor Hotels, No Relief Til 2003--recovery still uncertain--rev/room down $18 USwide, $29 in DC, $40, NY
1214DewarDefense Bill Passes: Base Closings Delayed til 2005--new BRAC commission to be set by Congress
1215DewarPresident to Sign Defense Bill--despite delay in base closings--BRAC won't convene til 3/05!
1215StaffLoudoun County 5-mos real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 3249; median price up 15% to $234.5K
1219LeDucMinorities Lose Out in MD Redistricting Map--both parties rip legislature's plan that doesn't help blacks
1219SunTravel Workers Blast Pace of Financial Aid from DC--$1M incorporate contributions not distributed
1220EditorMortgage on VA--Gov Gilmore leaves record of shortchanging future-Warner must now pick up pieces
1220WilgorenDeal for Former DC Wax Museum Site--NCRC to sell 3.2 acre lot for $3.9M get 500 apts, shops, etc.
1221McCaffreyBay Work to Cost MD $7B--state puts price tag on commitments to Chesapeake pact: more than fed $
1221PlaninCongress Approves Bush-Backed Bill for Brownfield Cleanups--$200M p.a. can help local economies
1222GinsbergNat'l Airport Will Add 220 Flights--by March service will be back to all cities, at 77% of pre-9/11 levels
1222StaffCharles Cnty 9-mos real estate trends: sales up 30% to 2286; median unit price up 6% to $164.2K
1223TimbergMD,VA Hostility May Soon Be Tamed--govs already conferring re transpo: summit promised with DC
1224StaffMetro Area Commercial Real Estate Vacancies Up: NoVA to 12.5%, MDsubs to 10%; DC holds at 5.9%
1224IrwinDC Region's Economy Wakes up From Dreamy State Year Earlier--telecom, software firms hurt most
1224SpinnerDC, NY Are Top Real Estate Market Draws for Foreign Investors--paying top $ for best DC properties
1226EditorGubernatorial Harmony--new VA Gov Warner may work better with MD, get more regional co-op going
1228WilgorenDC Population Drop Comes to Halt--count 15 mos after census drops only 237--suburbs grew 1.2%
1229StaffAlexandria City 8-mos real estate trends: sales up 21% to 2941; median unit price off 2% to $216.5K
1229StaffArlington Cnty 8-mos real estate trends: sales up 11% to 2917; median unit price up 4% to $240K
1230BarrFederal Workers in Region to Get 4.77% Pay Raise--avg fed (non-postal) pay up $3125 to $68,652!
1231EditorRenaissance in Silver Spring--serious signs of success buoy hopes for real revival after yrs of quibbling

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