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102StaffNational Arpt Resuming Flights to 14 cities: 10 more 2/1/02: 19 more 3/1/02 will then be 77% of pre-9/11
103StaffDrop in DC Sales Tax Receipts Not as bad as feared--18% v 33% predicted.....still hurts
104IrwinDC Area's Jobless Rate Fell in November 3.5>3.4--but DC up 6.4>6.5; VA 3.7>4.0, while MD 4.4>4.3
104FahrentholdWizzards' Jordan Works Magic on Downtown DC--business brisk near MCI Cntr: +30% on game nites
105Staff9-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 10,794, median unit price up 6% to $148K
107IrwinDC's High Tech Growth: Precursor of Bright Future?--still getting good venture capital investments
109IrwinSqueezed Out by New DC Prosperity--small firms near Convention Center feel pinch of ec development
112Staff9-mos Howard County real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 4160, median unit price up 3% to $195K
113AsherDC, Investors Team Up for Baseball--DC's sports agency gives investment group rights to RFK Stadium
115BeckerMontgomery Cnty's Duncan Revives Push for Highways--fall elections used to press county council
118ReinVA Gov. Warner Says Roads Fund Is $2.4 billion short--current road plan now nothing but 'wish list'
118HuslinDevelopment Limits Aimed at MD Shores--loopholes have served Anne Arundel County builders
118LeonnigWhite House to Reopen Soon, Mayor Says--Secret Service trying to set up safety measures for tours
118FainaruHopes Rise for Baseball in DC--commissioner asserts Washington is the prime candidate for team
119Staff9-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales hold at 12939, median unit price up 7% to $210K
119StaffForum to Air Fate of DC General Hospital 'Campus' near RFK stadium--city needs master plan by 3/31
120TwomeyDC Puts Out Welcome Mat in TV Spots--big US cities will get ads featuring 'West Wing' cast
121EditorStalled Roads, Stalled Traffic--past trime for Montgomery Cnty Planning Bd to solve traffic congestion
123WilgorenK-Mart Still Plans to Build in DC--work continues on site for Brentwood,NE store despite bankruptcy filing
124Montgomery1902: Year of Monumental Change--McMillan Plan became major determinant of city growth
124HsuDC Group Opposes Downtown Ballpark--Committee of 100 doesn't want stadium in Mt. Vernon Sq. area
125EditorLess Road Work Ahead--MD and VA may lose $9.1B due to lost gas tax collections, gotta up taxes
126Staff8-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 16% to 4145, median unit price up 14% to $184.5K
126WilgorenMayor Announces Revitalization Program, Nat'l Main Street Cntr to fix up retail strips 5/yr (DC has 35)
126MoskTop Lawmakers Give Boost to Connector Road--Montgomery/Pr. George's to revisit decision
129StaffFalls Church Property Values Shoot Up--avg assessed 1-family house value up 22% to $391,200 in yr
130PatnerMD Montgomery Cnty Office Park Gets 8 More Years--to finish remaining buildings in 1.6M sqft project
131WheelerA Long-Awaited Reopening--renovated Washington Monument to welcome back visitors in February
131IrwinWashington Economy Hinting at an Upturn--DC jobless drops (6.7>6.0%), war spending kicks in???
201HsuUS Doles Out Bioterrorism Funds--region gets $54M for public health effort: DC Gen'l quarantine cntr?
202Staff9-mos Anne Arundel real estate trends: unit sales up 17% to 9272, median unit price up 7% to $173.5K
203TimbergDC Resurgence Powers Ec Role Reversal--BoT: "competent DC leadership makes huge difference"
203SpinnerSE Site Picked for US Dept of Transportation--some critics say $825M deal will cut access to river
203LaytonPopularity of VA RR Express Taxes Its Resources--VRE desperate to expand fleet: 2.4M psgrs in '01
205DeaneLandlords' Pain, Renters' Gain--slump in apartment market relatively mild in DC area vs elsewhere
205LarisPaying to Keep Space Open--Loudoun Cnty votes to buy rights from landowNers to avoid development
205HsuIn Bush Plan, a Return to Golden Era--wartime budget boon to area defense, health, tech agencies
206CohnCities, Suburbs Are Trading Paces--young singles, other non-families taking over outer areas (not DC)
207PhillipsAmtrak Reform Council to Unveil Plan--passenger service would get 3-5 years to operate efficienctly
207SnyderFrederick County Rushes to Slow Tap--as elsewhere, city's growth is outpacing water supply
209Staff10-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 5% to 4688, median unit price up 3% to $195K
209Fisher2012 Olympics Bring Dreams of $'s--prelim sports complex plans emerge for DC Gen'l, RFK stadium
214Shear$350M for NVA Roads Slashed--new VDOT 6-yr plan halves area projects, angers many local officials
214SnyderPotomac, MD: Privileged or Protected?--growth plan does not sharing roads, affordable housing, etc.
214StaffHearing Planned on Nat'l Airport Noise--time to reexamine 9/11now safeguards in place on aircraft
215StaffNPS, MWCoG Announce 5-yr Plan to Map Undeveloped Areas of Region under $300K federal grant
216FernandezWhite House Welcome Home--first student tours (only) since 9/11: doors open to hugs and hoopla
216Staff10-mos Charles County real estate trends: unit sales up 32% to 2544, median unit price up 6% to $164.9K
216StaffAssessed Home Values Leap 17% in Alexandria, primarily due to appreciation existing real estate
217TimbergDC's Hopes Play Out in Utah--bid organizers study Olympics spectacle--CD used to crowds, security
218IrwinLabor Dept Study Takes Focused Snaphot of Region's personal spending--"wealthy but ordinary"
219ShaverAstonishing Growth Eclipsed BWI Planning--airport forced to speed up expansion projects for SW Air
220ShaverRegional Bd to Delay Moves to Clean Air--vehicle exhaust to be recalculated, postpone $38M expense
221ShaverClean-Air Measures Adopted--in 'bombshell' letter, MD offers to help pay costs of improved anti-smog
222Staff6 Columbia Heights Commercial Developments on 'open house' Agenda hosted by NCRC
223ShaverBWI Growth Spurt Continues for 8th Year--passenger count goes over 20M in '01 despite 9/11
223Staff10-mos Arlington real estate trends: unit sales up 11% to 3704, median unit price up 4% to $240K
223Staff10-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales up 15% to 3594, median unit price up 1% to $221.1K
224MeyerPr. George's Cnty Exec Pushes Building Tony Homes on Patuxent--chafes under environment limits
224FearsA Diverse-and Divided-Black Community--as foreign-born population grows, nationality trumps color
225GooPr. George's Office Market Expands--low-rise buildings draw tenants, growth picking up steam
302Staff10-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales up 11% to 12271, median unit price up 6% to $148.5K
303SchwartzmanAt Landover Mall, All Over but Crying/Closing--economic split in Pr. George's--poorer inside Beltway
304WilgorenRevitalized Southwest Waterfront Envisioned--apartments, shops, museum, marina move proposed
309Staff11-mos Ann Arundel real estate trends: unit sales up 18% to 10,380, median unit price up 7% to $174K
309StaffFebruary Job Gains Cited as Sign of Turnaround, but DC lost 8100 in past year; MD, 2100; VA, 48,900
309HernonHome to Many Styles--architects, builders, leave imprint on area's past--good pics of styles over time
310MeridaPrivilege and Privation--Pr. George's Cnty lacks retail stores despite prosperity: just due to skin color?
313StaffArlington Cnty Backs Plan to Revamp Columbia Pike Corridor--skeptics doubt haphazard strip's future
313AmonLow Wage Tenants Eased Out of Market--As Section 8 rentals disappear, MD weighs anti-discrim law
313TimbergIn Unanimous Vote, Tyson Wins Lincense to Box in DC--decision follows raucous supportive hearing
313BeckerDevelopment Tax Approved in Montgomery Cnty--$6M in expected revenues to pay for transportation?
314WilgorenAnacostia Riverfront Gets Fed$500K--to Redesign Blighted S Capitol St: pretty bridge+commuter tunnel?
314ShaverNational Airport Approved to Resume All Flights by 4/15--noisy approaches still required by DoT
314IrwinRegion Lost 20,900 Jobs Last Year, Study Says--local economy hurt more than expected DC down 8100
316Staff11-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 5092, median unit price up 4% to $196K
321WilgofrenCity Unveils Plan for DC General Site--homes, shops, waterfront park, health-related offices envisioned
324Kotkin OpEdBit of a Chill for Hot Times in Big Cities--notion of massive urban revival not shown--young still leaving
324EditorComeback at National Airport--now OK'd to resume all flights, improve noise abatement flight paths
324Kazebee ltrBiting the Hand that Feeds It--DC needs all the gentrifiers it can get to cut down ghettos: expand tax base
331Pinkard ltrRoadblock for Intercounty Connector--MD house/senate votes scream to start environmental process
331MorelloTourism Blooms Again--crowd of defiant, patriotic visitors make for cheery cherry blossom season
401IrwinIn DC, Building Booms Again--commercial development projects find funds to move off drawing boards
406Staff12-mos Pr. Williams real estate trends: unit sales up 20% to 10282, median unit price up5% to $169K
406BerryUS Unemployment Rose in March to 5.7%; Payrolls Up 58,000--DC jobless up to 6.9%, down in MD,VA
409ShaverVA Weighs 3 Options for Wider Beltway--could cost $3.25B to widen to 10-12 lanes, displace 300 homes
410GowenFunds OK'd for MD Parkway--long debated Montrose project's backers target worsening congestion
411EditorShaking the Movers--gotta commit funds needed to keep capital area on the transportation move
411ShipleyRevised 2012 Olympics Bid Centers on Anacostia--adds new facilities at RFK stadium: matches AWI
411HedgpethMandarin Oriental Plans Hotel on DC Waterfront--400-room luxury hotel to cost $155M: OKs still needed
411ShearBumpy Road Ahead for New VDoT Chief--problem-plagues agency lacks cash and faces project cuts
412Shear'Techway' Bypass Gets Jolt of Support--VA governor urged to start traffic study for new Potomac Xing
413Staff12-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 3% to 7439, median unit price up 15% to $263.8K
413HsuDC Wants FEMA at SE Command Center--joint emergency operations at St.E's to spur development
414PlaninNational Parks Suffering From Lack of Funds--battling disrepair, vandalism: $4.9B maint backlog
415HedgpethDC Tourism Starts to Recover--rebound surprises hotels, museums: too soon to predict extent
415IrwinOn Capitol Hill, Office Project Divides Neighborhood--'Station Place' at Union Sta:5.5 acres, 650Ksqft
416MeyerPatuxent Waterfront Plan Called Unlikely--PG Cnty Exec proposes zoning for upscale housing
416ShaverNo Warm-Up for VDoT Chief--NVAites press road, rail/bus mass transit priorities in smaller budget
416EditorBring On the Vote for Roads--NVA gotta go for transportation money even before fall referendum
417IrwinDC Area Problems Stem from Its Prosperity--makes problerms easier says GWBoT Potomac Index rpt
418ShaverDulles Plans to Delay Some Airport Improvements--new midfield terminal, peoplemover, put on hold,
418LaytonTransit Ridership Jumps Again in US, Region--most growth, VRE 17%, Metro 6.8%, Buses up too
419LarisFairfax, Loudoun Cnties Agree with VA state on Rt 28 upgrades--bonds would finance improvements
419HedgpethTwo Faces of US Travel--hotels rebound , but airlines still taking big losses (support costs more fixed)
419ShearNVA Tax Vote Spreads the Goodies--$2.8B transpo projects referendum has something for everybody
420Staff12-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales dwn 10% to 14,891, median price up 7% to $232K
422LarisNovel Tactic Used to Draft Loudoun Cnty Land-Use Plan--using builders' lawyers to write foolproof law
425ShaverRules for Nat'l Airport Lifted: Old Flight Path to Return--officials expect less noise gripes, more business
425EditorMasses in Transit--gotta get regional transportation authority with teeth to raise $ with new MD,VA govs
427HedgpethCelebrity Ads to Pump Up DC Tourism--stars to work pro bono, says Wash Conv/Tourism Grp (WCTG)
427Staff12-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 24% to 2675, median unit price up 3% to $167K
428MontgomeryRiding a Connector Bandwagon--Montgomery Cnty candidates push for road Gaithersburg to Rt 95
428ReinNVA Throttles Back on Highway Projects--many improvement plans adjusted for cut in VA state funds
429CohnDC Metro Area Pop'n Up Again--up 132K in 15 mos since census--except DC, - 237, Arlington, -2000
501AlexanderAmtrak's Acela Express Gains at Expense of Air Shuttles--9/11 turns 20% of passengers to trains
501HuslinStudy Forecasts Huge Loss of Open Land by 2030--700K acres could be lost to sprawl despite controls
501ShearVA Gov Warner Promises Study of New Potomac Crossing--cooperation with MD, protect sales tax push
504Staff12-mos Arlington real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 2493, median unit price up 11% to $289.9K
504Staff12-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales down 22% to 1503, median unit price up 11% to $289.9K
505LarisLoudoun County is Locked into Growth--35000 new home approvals can't be revoked: only 65K now!
505KovaleskiWanted: Place to Play Ball--rising costs, other projects complicate stadium site search (west of Anacostia)
507ReinFairfax Endorses Sales Tax Ballot Proposal--would consider building own roads to speed local projects
509CohnNeighboring Cities on Different Roads-- DC succeeding, Baltimore still dropping pop'n, hsg vacanies
510EditorA Vote to Get Moving--Fairfax, VA has wisely OK'd referendum to raise taxes for road/transit needs
511Staff12-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales down 9% to 9,723, median unit price up 3% to $154K
512RingleUp Through Slavery--how 44-yr slave found freedom, started Creole dynasty, hired her own slaves
515IrwinGood news for National Harbor--company to go ahead with 1500-room hotel, 400,000sqft conv. center
516ShaverVA to Cut 6-yr Roads Budget by a Third--plan would eliminate, delay many area 'wish-list' projects
518IrwinIn Reversal, DC Ahead in Job Creation as Suburbs Stall--last 12 mos, DC=+2800, VA=-19,100; MD=-8500
518Staff12-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 5% to 9616, median unit price up 3% to $164K
519TimbergBig-Box Store Fills Need in Retail-hungry DC--NE success could spread: DC 8sqft/resident, 'burbs=24
519Boasberg ltrDC Preservation Pleasing to All Parties--in 24 yrs: 39 historic districts, 23,000 bldgs, 587 landmarks (!?)
521FleishmanFHA Criticized for Default Rates--serious DC foreclosures, delinquencies concentrated in minority tracts
521WilgorenTakoma's Smart Growth Schism--Metro site building plan divides DC neighborhood: smart growth NIMBY
521ElBoghdadyBest Buy Looking at Tenleytown--Container Store Also considering historic concrete Hechinger building
523HsuArea Residents Feel Less Secure--terrorist fear factor highest in DC: 28% unsafe in DC, 6% US citywide
525Staff12-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales dwn 10% to 4512, median unit price dwn 2% to $206K
528EditorTraffic 24-7--gap between transportation needs and actions still growing--can coop'n bring break-thru?
530BeckerSmart Growth Test in Bethesda,MD--plans for downtown apt complex, stores raises public outcry
530CohnIncomes Hit $100K in 1/4 Households--but census find more poverty too: DC way behind suburbs
531CohnMore Area Workers Commute 1/car--census finds (slight) rise in travel times, worse in MD than VA
601Staff12-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 1388, median unit price dwn 4% to $167.4K
606StaffCensus Flash--numbers show city of extremes, growth of rich and poor, but shrinking middle class
607ElBoghdadySuper-Sized Inmprovement in DC's Retail Scene--Home Depot opens 133K sqft 'big box' in NE
608Staff12-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 4128, median unit price up 1% to $167K
612Herbstman(Gaz)National Park Service Hands Glen Echo Park Management to County--non-profit to run park, raise $s
612HedgpethRooms to Spare--2 new hotels w/420 rooms to open--industry hopes business comes back soon!
612Herbstman(Gaz)Montgomery Cnty Planning Bd Recommends Keeping 75-ft bldg height in Bethesda despite gripes
613HsuInsurance Rates Rise in DC, Soar Downtown rates doubling, coverage halving since 9/11
615StraightBuilding Up, Not Knocking Down--saved from demol., 884-unit Edgewood Terrace, NE, transformed
615FleishmanHousing By the Numbers--Census reveals region's patterns--more people, bigger houses, farther out
615Staff12-mos DC condo trends: unit sales down 21% to 1025, median unit price up 27% to $171.5K
615Staff12-mos Metro Area condo trends: unit sales up 12% to 15703, median unit price up 8% to $112K
617EditorMore Transit? Yes--and Roads--is transit ridership down? smart money will fund roads and tranit
619de Leon opedNo Way to Run Railroad--bailout won't solve basic AMTRAK problem--need subsidies like air, roads
619EditorThe American Dream--Bush plan to increase home ownership OK, but budget falls way short of goals
620ShaverLow Costs Make BWI No. 1 in Region--fast growing airport overtakes National--prior to 9/11
622PhillipsAMTRAK Shutdown Could Stall Travel--most commuter service would be halted incl MARC, VRE
622Staff3-mos Montgom Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 8% to 2911, median unit price up 3% to $236K
626Barbaro7000 Tech Jobs Added in DC Area Last Year Says AEA Rpt--avg hi-tech employee makes $75.8K
626LaytonMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan Proposes Prop/Gas Tax Hike for Roads--transit included in $1B plan
629ShaverClean-Air Proposals Win Key Support--regional ldrs OK $41.6M plan to cut emissions several ways
629Staff3-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 457, median unit price down 5% to $156.4K
630Williams +Olympics 2012--We've Got Game--mayors of DC and Baltimore say games could bring new spirit
701WilgorenEven Poor Back Revival, Poll Finds--most OK DC redevelopment despite maybe leaving some behind
703TuckerArea Ozone Deadline Delay Struck Down--Fed appeals court says ruling could mean severe violation
706Staff3-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales off 13% to 1847, median unit price up 2% to $157K
707JenkinsMetro Metropolis Springs Up in Arlington--urban villages thrive along Orange Line-tribute to 40-yr vision
707Howarth ltrDC divide--writer states one part of DC serves very poor bus riders, compared to richer metro riders
707CohnHappy to Pound the Pavement--many workers still chose not to drive--82K in area, 30K in DC walk to work
710ShearVA State Auditor Lists Areas where VDOT Falls Short--money and date mismanaged, report says
713MeltonVA Governor Remakes Transportation Board--most of 9 replaced were Republican holdovers
713Staff3-mos Anne Arundel real estate trends: unit sales off 14% to 1641, median unit price up 1% to $164.9K
714JohnsonAt Home with the Military--thousands welcome rent-free housing, family friendly environment in mid-DC
714Siglin ltrAnacostia River in Ruins--what a fine Olympic Site--awash in garbage, lucky it didn't rain,unleash sewers
714IrwinRegion's Economy Awaits Boost--anti-terror spending hasn't come--expert Fuller halves prior forecast
715ReelMarried to the Uniform--spouses face new roles, age-old issues: 2838 live on Patuxent River NavalAWC
716PageAcceptance Amid Diversity--at Andrews AFB, multiracial families, friendships thrive: 7930 live on base
717ShipleyArea Bid Gains Olympic Stature--DC/Bay Area in front for 2012 among US entries, play on urban revival
718VogelA Foot in Two Worlds--Ft. Belvoir amenities let retirees stay close to military family, use PX, etc.
718StaffFairfax Takes Over 2400-acre Fed Lorton Prison Site--pays $4.23M for parks, schools, 700- home dev.
719Staff3-mos Howard County real estate trends: unit sales off 23% to 744, median unit price off 9% to $199.3K
727Staff3-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 28% to 204, median unit price off 6% to $160K
729CohnIntegrated People, Integrated Places--multirace residents pick neighborhoods of diversity, asians less
731CottmanMontgomery Council Leaves Cross-County Connector out of $5.7B transportation plan: Duncan sore
801ShaverArea to Re-time Traffic Lights for Cleaner Traffic Flow--along 19 major corridors from VA and MD
801Dennis (Gaz)Poll: Traffic Now Chief Concern in Montgomery Cnty: frm10% in '98 to 35% in '02; schools: 28%>13%
801Herbstman (Gaz)Montgomery Cnty Council OKs apt building at Giant site--'smart growth' over activist objections
802EditorReading Between the Lanes--something's gotta give if region going to go: leaders gotta step up
803Staff3-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 30% to 667, median unit price off 6% to$160.5K
804Torpy OpEdYou Want the Olympics? Look What They Did for Us--7 yrs of acrimony followed by unused stadiums
805KunkleHousing Vouchers No Magic Key--rising rents, dwindling choice thwart low-income residents across area
805HsuLeaders to Set Emergency Protocol--DC, MD, VA officials sign pact overcoming 9/11 weaknesses
805PhillipsSurvey Shows Amtrak Subsidy Support Strong--71% say hold or increase funding despite light usage
805IrwinTrade Groups Weigh Cost of DC Address--rising $ of space drives some offices to $10sft cheaper 'burbs
806HsuRidge Tells Area to Unite Efforts Against Terror--leaders of DC, MD, VA sign pact on coordination
806ReinFairfax Cnty Restricts Businesses' Break for Renovations--county to target struggling areas
806Phillips'Acela' Rapidly Disapponts--new Amtrak trains fast but unreliable: use may be cut as major 'fixes' mount
808StaffDevelopment Ideas Sought from Developers for Franklin School, area around GA Ave metro station
809VasquezFor Grads, a Way Out--DC residents get new trade, skills to build a new life from vocational non-profit
810Staff3-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 6% to 4329, median unit price up 13% to $290K
811IrwinTech Riches Fade After Wild Decade--regional economy returns to reality: 16 of 40 lst tech firms kaput
813JohnstonTech Corridor Plugging Away--businesses, people still coming to area, along Rt 28 next to Dulles
816KunkleAgencies May Lose Vouchers for Area Housing--Montgomery and Alexandria lack available housing
817Staff3-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 32% to 2435, median unit price up 14% to $191.9K
818Staff140 Yrs ago: Capital in Crisis--Union fortifies Washington as Confederate troops invade MD (good piece)
818JenkinsDescendants of Slaves Rally for Reparations--organizers call event milestone: blacks still at bottom
818Milloy OpEdCash Alone Can Never Right Slavery's Wrongs--reparations for subjugation, genocide, dehumanization
824Staff3-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 16% to 1700, median unit price up 9% to $275.4K
825HeldermanLorton Facilities Begin New Life--neighbors look inside 91-yr old prison as Fairfax opens doors
825StaffAmerica's Bloodiest Day--Union and Confederate armies meet in battle of Antietam (good history piece)
828KovaleskiDC Bid for 2012 Olympic Games Rejected--finalists: SanFran, New York--economic losses lamented?
829EditorDousing the Flame--infrastructure gains would have outlasted games--how now to fix up trains, river?
829FisherOlympic Dis Is for All the Wrong Reasons--DC hated as capital of free world? maybe didn't lose much?
831Staff3-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 33% to 196, median unit price up 26% to $345.5K
907Staff3-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 82% to 903, median unit price up 46% to $229.5K
908JenkinsArlington Anxious Over Plans for Facelift--some fear renewal along Columbia Pike will force them out....
908Jenkins(cont)....big build-up, 1M sqft new retail, commercial, better housing, street fronts, planned in 5 years, (Metro?)
909CohnDivided DC Poses Challenge for Next Mayor--racial, economic gaps widen: poor, poorer, many move
909IrwinAs Economy Stalled, Firms Revamped to Stay Afloat--business plans, personnel changes taken
909HedgpethTravel Slowdown Adds to Stress in DC Hotel Sector--4K of 27K hotelworkers now unemployed
914Staff3-mos Regional Condo sales: unit sales up 6% to 3312, median unit price up 9% to $120K
914Staff3-mos DC Condo sales: unit sales up 119% to 316, median unit price up 41% to $199.5K
917GooNational Airport Gets Its First Federal Screeners--178 of eventual 8-900 TSA workers take over
919ShaverEngineers' Report Marks Region's Toughest Traffic Spots--many downtown: track GPS-equipped cars
919PhillipsAmtrak Chief Proposes More Cuts--budget plan for '03 ends freight service: wants states to pay more
919ShaverRoad, Transit Plans on Ballot Won't End NVA's Traffic Misery--measures will only ease the pain
921Staff6-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 14% to 6559, median unit price up 9% to $250K
921HarneyCondos Overtake Houses in Countrywide Price Gains--14.7% v 7.4% in second quarter '02 v '01
924McCaffreyBudget Shortfall Slows Southern MD Gridlock Relief--Charles, Calvert, St. Mary's Cnty roads affected
925PearlsteinUS Poverty Rate Up, Income Down--11.7% now in poverty (v 11.3%); Med Hhld Inc. off 2.2% to $42.2K
928Staff6-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 2% to 1168, median unit price off 3% to $160K
1003StaffMinus Olympics, Project Timelines Slow--urgency, funding for games were to spur some improvements
1006Staff6-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales off 17% to 4376, median unit price up 3% to $159K
1006StaffDC Has Highest Percent of Region's Owned Homes over $500K--7% of homes, 15% of hi-cost ones
1007MilloyFine Role Models, Few Answers to Success--75 CEOs, 150 For.500 presidents black--push education
1007IrwinHigh-Priced High-Rises Pop Up In DC--3300 now under construction, rent @ $2.8/sqft/mos: too many?
1009CohnStill Down Amid the Upscale--poverty keeps rising in rising DC neighborhoods like Columbia Hts, etc.,
1012Staff6-mos Anne Arudel real estate trends: unit sales off 18% to 4125, median unit price up 5% to $171K
1017LaytonBeyond the Beltway, Gridlock Is Growing--traffic worsens on I-66, Balto-Wash Parkway: VA worse
1019Staff6-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 24% to 1857, median unit price off 1% to $213K
1020ShearVDoT Crisis Worsened Even As Gov Gilmore Boasted--pleas to pull back on road projects unheeded
1020CohnArea Tops US Black Prosperity MHIs $100K+ up 70% since '90 to 61.9K, home owners up 53% to 233.7K
1025MeltonProponents of VA Sales Tax Launch Ads--both sides making final push: more transportation $ or not
1026Staff6-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 28% to 552, median unit price off 5% to $162K
1028HedgpethHotel Workers Face More Layoffs--over half of 8000 hotel/restrnt wkrs laid off after 9/11, more coming
1030FahrentholdColumbia Heights Cultures Clash--fatal fight illustrates tensions between blacks and Latinos
1101MeltonNew VA Governor Warner Expresses Faith in Reorganized VDoT--agency can handle new road work
1102Staff6-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 28% to 1696, median unit price off 3% to $165.9K
1109Staff6-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 9938, median unit price up16% to $299K
1110EditorBetter Transportation?Who's Buying? prospects for quick progress dim after NVA referendum nixed
1115HuslinCutbacks May Impede Chesapeake Bay Cleanup--states $13B short of funds promised by 2010
1116ShaverTraffic Takes Air Pollution Far Byond Legal Limt--MWCOG says maybe 30% over by 1/04:lose funds
1117OttoHagerstown: Refuge of Last Resort--lack of affordable housing pushed many from DC suburbs north
1119LaytonTransportation Plans Turn on Budgets, Ballots--officials balk at Metro cap expenditures, purple line
1121StaffCOG Regional Transport Planning Bd Seeks More Federal Aid for Metro--50% peak riders fed workers
1121IrwinSlight Gains Made in Area's Economy--unemployment falls in VA, MD and DC to 3.9, 3.8, and 6.0%
1123Staff6-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 3844, median unit price up 10% to $277.5K
1125LarisLoudoun Cnty Plan Divides as it Develops--model project saves farms, adds homes, displeases some
1130LewisRemodeled Buildings, Retail Projects Rejuvenate Eastern Sector in Downtown DC around MCI
1204LaytonVA Leaders Urged to Scale Back Metro Rail Dream to Dulles--$4M too much to go to Dulles, few riders
1205IrwinGSA Notice Favors Suburbs for Security Agency's Base--prefers to disperse to suburban office parks
1207Staff6-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 42% to 1567, median unit price up 37% to $233.5K
1207DeaneHousing Price Rise Slowing--DC area surges--US down sharply in 3Q: DC up 11%, MD, 10%; VA, 9%
1212IrwinSeven Groups Vie to Rebuild Old DC Convention Center--initial proposals filed by local/national firms
1212WoodleeAreas Lobby to House Homeland Security Agency--DC hopes not to lose jobs, NCPC agrees
1213BraniginOpponents Attack Plan for Rail Line to Dulles--cost, delays at issue in VA Transportation Bd meeting
1214Staff6-mos Area condo real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 7789, median unit price up 11% to $123K
1215ReinFairfax Cnty Crossed 1 million pop'n mark in '02 w/new diversity--Mongomery Cnty close behind @900K+
1216ShaverOfficials, Cyclists Push Pedaling for Commuters--area planners increasing plans for bike trails: how many?
1217OttoOne Last Show at Old Arena--fans turn out for Cap Centre's roaring finale, razed for new shopping center
1219MoskCnty Exec Duncan's Road Plan Runs Into Obstacles--lawmakers see fight on new fees, taxes
1220ShaverUS Urged Not to Speed MD Road Project Study--connector opponents want full environmental review
1221BarkerSmall Decline In DC Population--little change either way seen in 2 yrs, based on births/deaths/migration
1221Staff9-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 13% to 10,133, median unit price up 11% to $260K
1224CohnSurge in Homeownership for Lower Income (<$35K) Buyers--up from 20% to 33% in 20 yrs, but DC 19%
1226WhoriskeyCondo Idea Gives Tysons Life After 5PM--4 towers with 100 units/acre, 19 stories, 13 acres,'smart growth'
1228IrvinLorton Prison Site Inspires Dreams of Ballfields--Fairfax father maps plan for private/public partnership
1229StaffOne Million Area Households Use Non-English Language: Monty, 256K, Fairfax, 270K, PG,118K, DC,90K
1230BraniginFairfax Poised to Battle Builders--county seeks growth control laws: peg to infrastructure, density swaps

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