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103FleishmanWhy Your House Will Be Worth More--rising rates to slow some buyers, but strong '04 predicted
107WigginsNew Home Constraints Routed in Pr. George's Cnty--vote to override veto of congestion bill fails
110Staff6-mos Anne Arundel real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 4549, median unit price up 14% to $195K
117Staff6-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 1909, median unit price up 24% to $240K
119HedgpethNeighborhoods Have Big Role in Anacostia Waterfront Plan--project kick-off draws famous city planners
121StaffMontgomery Cnty Approves Rock Creek Project--will allow over 263 new housing units in 3 properties
122ChoNearing Retirement, More Moving Up to Luxury--Pr. William Cnty housing for seniors growing rapidly
124Staff6-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 18% to 654, median unit price up 17% to $190.2K
125GowenAlexandria Backs Off Office Complex Changes, Traffic Plan--OKs 2.2M sqft, 6-bldg office complex for 3000
125IrwinHiring Across DC Region Uneven--firms resist hiring: DC up 5000, MD up 2500, VA up 22000 in year
125VogelA Shrinking Operation--DC veterans retirement home cutting costs, care, battling bankruptcy
126HedgpethMonument Reality Revives Watergate Plan--neighbors oppose conversion to residences, fret timing
128WigginsPr. George's OKs $900M Bowie Project--luxury hotels, gated homes, pvt school part of 362-acre project
129AizenmanAnacostia River's Dirty Little Secret--major visible water pollution begins upstream in MD, not DC
131Staff6-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 1860, median unit price up 14% to $189.9K
122 Wilgoren Study Eyes Citywide Issues, Area by Area--DC Agenda publishes data book on neighborhood clusters
124 Mauro NW Protest on Growth Shadows Ft. Reno Park Transfer--DC gets control of federal park(??) for recreation
201 Kovaleski NW Housing Complex Tangle of Drugs, Despair--Cops can't crush drugs at Catholic-started Sursum Corda
202 Morgan Federal Deficit Puts Brakes on Huge Highway Bill--fiscal conservatives block bills in House, Senate
207 Wilgoren DC Picks Developer for $40M Petworth Project--148 apts on 1.35 acres over retail above metro station
208 Staff 9-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales even at 16580, median unit price up 12% to $342.5K
209 Irwin Not Quite What They Hoped For--convention center neighbors struggle with little increase in business
209 Hedgpeth Going Through the Roof--funds, trusts, foreigners still buy up DC commercial real estate, not a bubble?....
209 Hedgpeth .....DC has 30% of office space, 41% of 'rent product'; MD, 28%space, 23% r.p.; VA 42% space, 36% r.p.
211 Wiener Chinese Embassy Lands One of Last Parcels--330K sqft building to be on Van Ness, near UDC campus
212 Mosk Building Toward Crescendo--new Rockville Pike music center becoming symbol for gov't overspending
214 Staff Archstone Apartments at Bowie, MD, offer 348-unit gated, garden-style complex near town c enter
214 Staff 9-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 3% to 9724, median unit price up 21% to $241K
216 Mosk Montgomery County Construction Overruns Top $43M--reserves tapped over 2-yr period, frm jails to pools
219 Cohn For Many, No Place Like DC--loyalty, comfort keep families rooted here in NW,SE--40% pop'n born here
219 Ginsberg Regional Officials Urge Transportation Infusion--$13.2B more needed over 6 years from feds, state, local
221 Staff 9-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 15% to 7210, median unit price up 19% to $342.5K
221 Ruben Destination: Out of Town--big adventure to sell here, buy there: lower prices await many who move away
222 Gowen Arlington Cnty OKs $94.5M Park--173K sqft swim complex, soccer fields planned near 14th St Bridge
223 Novak OpEd Rough Road to a Highway Bill--Bush may cast first veto against hiway bill, but can't put off inevitable
227 Hedgpeth Lowe Wins Bid for Old Wax Museum Site--$133M development to mix residential, retail, led by NCRC
228 Staff 9-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off up 17% to 1843, median unit price up 12% to $385K
228 Staff 9-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales up 39% to 1472, median unit price up 11% to $399K
305StaffDraft for Federal Development Released--NCPC updating comprehensive long-term plan in region
306LewisBest Practices for Promoting Regionalism--transit-oriented dev; BIDs, affordable housing, etc. urged
306Staff9-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales off 32% to 1896, median unit price up 17% to $287.8K
307WilgorenNew Beginning for DC's Once-Desolate "East End"--residents flocking to once empty downtown streets!
307ChoCamping Out for Chance to Buy Upscale Home--queuing up to buy $500K-$1.1M Alexandria townhouses
308JoyceBiotech Magnet--Loudoun Cnty hopes Hughes Medical Institute research campus will trigger a boom
308HedgpethSt. Elizabeth's Tempts DC Planners--356 acres one of biggest undeveloped sites, may be tough sell
308MorganExecutive, Legislative Transit Priorities on Collision Course--Bush wants 6-yr, $256B limit, House wants $300B+
309WilgorenDC Tourism Set to Blossom--cherry blossom countdown begins what could shape up to be peak year
310Wiener(Curr)Nat'l Cathedral Shows Off Underground Plans--$30M project plans to get cars/tour buses under Close
313DeaneRentals Deal for a Full House--almost alone, Washington area firms able to sustain its high rents
313Bobb/PriceOne-Stop Shop for Anacostia Waterfront--need for separate waterfront corporation essential due to size,scope
313KerstenCollegial Community--new GWU campus, students and professionals find home at upscale 'Winston House'
313Staff9-mos Area Condo real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 13,500, median unit price up 25% to $162K
316Rein570 New Homes Get Go-Ahead in Tyson's Corner--Fairfax Bd OKs apts, townhouses despite neighbors
318LaytonRegional Transportation Hearing Board Hears Pros, Cons of Intercounty Connector--activists complain
318FalerNational Parks May Reduce Services--suggestions include Sunday/holiday closings, less tours, mowing
318StaffLittle Bit of Europe Planned for 60-acre Rockville Center--632 condos above shops, restaurants, etc.
318WilliamsSilver Spring, MD, Wins 'TV-One' HQ--Montgomery cnty officials offered $ incentives, proximity to media firms
320HarneyEven in a Cool Economy, Home Values are Sizzling--DC up 13.6%; MD, 12.8%; VA 9.7% in past year
320Staff9-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales even at 16583, median unit price up 12% to $342.5K
321Mosk$1B, 10-yr Road, Transit Plans Stall in Montgomery Cnty--Duncan vision hinged on State funding
321ShearVA Budget Impasse Kills Road Money--officials bemoan loss on transport funds, as fight focuses on schools
322Milloy OpEdBlack America Long Silent on Bad Behavior--spokesman wants black community to address own problems
322IrwinMandarin Hotel Hopes DC Becomes a Fan--excellent downtown site offers most rooms for $400-600 per nite
323HsuUS Defers Extra Aid for Rail Security--US railroads seek $6B since Madrid bombings (!)--too much, too soon
324StaffWhat's In It for You? special post section on '03 regional real estate prices, good for some, tax shock for others
324MilloyBlack Achievers Urged to Lend Others a Hand--black middle class triples in 35 yrs, but 40% kids still poor
325HeldermanInstitute Plans VA Biotech Magnet School--Hughes Med Inst to give Loudoun Cnty $1M for high school
327Staff12-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 9% to 14910, median unit price up 16% to $307.2K
328WilgorenBarren Tract in DC Set for Rejuvenation--alliance targets 30-acre Mt. Vernon Triangle for 5000 new residences
329SalmonPhilanthropic Trickle--a few funds discover area East of the Anacostia River--$2.lM vs $150M+ on west side
329Milloy OpEdTo Have and Uphold Black Marriages--2nd annual Black Marriage Day finds few kids ever seen wedding
329HedgpethDC Real Estate Market Positioned for Strength--commercial real estate is 'darling of capital markets'
403Staff12-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 2792, median unit price up 14% to $191.9K
403Morgan$275 Billion Highway Bill Passes Easily in House--pork-laden (4%) measure above Bush spending limit
405HedgpethOn the Edge: Builders Gamble on Next Hot Spot--new areas to extend 'downtown' to north and south
408HedgpethNew Proposal Emerges for Old Convention Center--1500-room hotel would replace retail/residential plan
408ReelFor WWII Memorial Crew, It's More than Just a Job--after 2.5 yrs, undeterred crew eager to unveil its work
409CohnLoudoun Cnty Leads Nation in Growth--Census shows 'exburbs' booming, driven by desire for bigger homes
409ReelNext Week Too Soon for WWII Memorial Opening--officials still want vets to have early access before 5/31
410NakamuraMayor to Offer $400M(-) City-Paid Baseball Stadium--4-choice cheaper plan cuts startup costs for owners
410Staff12-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales down 24% to 6916, median unit price up 10% to $181.1K
412EditorLet Slots Die....instead of flirting with gambling, MD leaders should find responsible route to solvency
412WigginsPr. George's Developers Object to Obstruction--official blocks projects in County's South End
412IrwinPr. George's Leads Region in Middle Class Household Income--DC has most poor, least upper middle
412HedgpethJob Gains Drive Lease Market in Suburbs--DC vacancy rate rises as demand falls: more space coming!
412IrwinWashington Sings a Song for the Masses--after years in slump, tourist industry enjoys noteworthy boost
414LeonnigHispanic Tenants' Suit Accuses DC of Bias--slum properties in NW slated for gentrification, not repair
416EilperinAir Quality in Region Fails EPA's new test--too much smog in city, suburbs for new stds started yesterday
417Staff12-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 10% to 9517, median unit price up 14% to $207K
419HedgpethBuilders Find Challenges in Blending New with Old--new twists to keep preservation in mind
419BarbaroBig-Name Stores Change a Neighborhood--Tenleytown changes as Best Buy, Container Store arrive
421WeissPrince William Board Approves Restrictions on Big-Box stores--wants to control growth, not stop it
421EditorEnough Road Games--after more than 50 yrs, MD ready to go for connector--opponents still resist
422LaytonMD Connector to Be Part of Air Quality Study--opponents say DC, PG Cnty to lose business, investment
423EditorLoudoun Wreckers--pro-growth majority on Board pushing too hard--hopes for balanced growth may be lost
424Staff12-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up off 5% to 3793, median unit price up 14% to $257.7K
428StaffAnacostia Proposal Wins Planning Award--APA gives prize for area around DC Navy Yard, part of AWI
501Staff12-mos Calvery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 19% to 1431, median unit price up 17% to $205K
502WilgorenShopping for a New Retail Center in SE--NCRC seeks power to take over '40s complex over owners' objection
502JenkinsTransportation Projects Move to VA's back burner--schools, sheriffs, mentally handicapped ahead in line
503HedgpethBig Law Firms Race to Find Space in DC--generally looking for 300-500,000 sq ft in one place
503Coates ltrMaglev to Dulles--what is fast, efficient, cost-effective, and not under consideration? $4.3B bargain??
505StaffTakeover of SE Skyland Shopping Center Approved by NCRC--use eminent domain to take over 17-acre site
505GinsbergToll Lanes Seen As Fix for Lack of Road Funds--MD and VA looking at adding toll lanes to beltway, 270, I95
508Staff12-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 18% to 4119, median unit price up 16% to $200K
508MontgomerySlots Emporium Proposed for New York Ave--DC businessmen seek referendum for jobs, city revenues
510HedgpethDeveloper 'JBG' Finds Strength in Arlington--"whole thing: build near Metro stations" (market bulletproof)
510EditorGoing Concerns--transportation getting short shrift from states: toll lanes have merit, Metro hike risky
511GinsbergStudy Renews 'Techway' Debate--most MD drivers who cross Legion Bridge turn west--new crossing needed
515Staff12-mos Fairfax real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 21,922, median unit price up 14% to $347K
516IrwinDC Region Job Market Has Look of Boom--government policy, spending boost business optimism
522IrwinDC Suburbs Remain Hot Job Markets--DC shows higher unemployment rates 7.3% v MD,4%, VA, 3.5%
522Staff12-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 7% to 12,749, median unit price up 20% to $240K
525WhoriskyWWII Echos--Employee Explosion Transformed Washington in'40s--fed employment rose from 134K to 281K
526HarrisSome Blacks Find Nuggets of Truth in Cosby's Speech--others say remarks about poor black go too far...
526Harris (Cont)....Cosby claims black community fails to take responsibility for high school drop-outs, unwed mothers, jailees
529Staff12-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 30% to 101,121, median unit price up 18% to $344K
526Kain (Curr)Plan Eyes New Heights in Friendship Heights--could add 600K sqft in 4-blocks near "edge city"--activists agog
602EditorOn the Roads Again--new talk about a new Potomac Crossing, connector are key: gotta act, not just study
602SchwartzmanSuitland's Chance to Change--redevelopment projects could help PG community overcome crime, blight
603IrwinArea's Economy Continues Its Strong Surge--Tops Nation in Key Job Data: construction, prof. services, etc.
604HedgpethWaterview Lease Would Be the Region's Biggest This Year: 24-story, $300M, 620K sqft office tower for Rosslyn
605Staff12-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 8% to 2535, median unit price up 14% to $395K
605HedgpethDeveloper Looks to Anacostia--Southeast waterfront is next target for Douglas Jemal: to sell 30 bldgs for $
605Staff12-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales up 15% to 1894, median unit price up 10% to $405K
612Staff12-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales down 11% to 3299, but median unit price up 24% to $309K
612DeaneH Street, NE, the Next Hot Spot--DC starts redeveloping long-neglected corridor east of North Capitol St
612CastenedaClose to Silver Spring's Heart--16-story Silver Spring Towers thrives 40+ years after first tenants moved in
613WeismanNo Guzzle, No Glory--history shows gas price spike won't smother love for SUVs: driving miles per state shown
613WigginsSouthern Pr. George's Cnty Debates Growth--avoided being 'low cost hsng dumping ground', brings boom
616Petkac ltr (Curr)Planners Revise Wisconsin Ave Approach--new emphasis would stress Friendship Hts as "regional center"
616GinsburgMontgomery-Pr. George's Connector Shown to Cut Commute Time--foes say alternatives could cut traffic more
617HsuHomeland Security to Remain in DC--decision hailed as victory for city's economy by Norton: why?
619FleishmanFrom Boondocks to Boom Town--county planners' vision unfolds quickly in Clarksburg: 15K homes, 20 yrs
619staff12-mos Condo sales rise everywhere in area: unit sales up 15% to 19473; prices up 27% to $167.5K
622CohnGrowing Number in Region Lack English Fluency--new DC law wants agencies accessible to immigrants
623BarrMontgomery Cnty Adopts Plan for 2% p.a. Housing, Job Growth--foes predict increases in traffic, home prices
624GinsbergNational Airport's Lots Put Drivers on Standby--all 3 area airports meeting or exceeding pre-2001 business
624OttoHousing Reflects Change in Helping MD Homeless--putting $s in low cost apts v. emergency shelters/motels
624CohnDC Slides in Population Rankings by Census--down from 22nd to 25th as El Paso, Boston, Seattle, grow faster
624ReelClash of Visions Over Rock Creek Park--dispute re Beach Road daily closure is key master plan issue
626Staff3-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 11% to 3380, median unit price up 17% to $322.5K
627BarrasUnited We Stood, but Divisions Now Show--Cosby ignited debate re 'festering wound' of black class division
628BeckerOn K Street, Building with a Cultivated Facade--"green roof" installed at 1425 K, NW--may absorb 57% of rain
703HarrisDebate Continues as Cosby Again Criticizes Black Youths--many black leaders concur: not whites' fault!
703Staff3-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 9% to 534, median unit price up 18% to $207K
705GinsbergVA Courting Private Sector to Plan, Fund Road Projects--partnerships new trends for big projects
707WigginsPr. George's Vote Clears Way for $2B National Harbor--$160M in road bonds OK'd by Council
710Staff3-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales down to 248, median unit price up 9% to $K
712ForgeyThe Ripple Effect--long article on $8B Anacostia Waterfront Initiative: payoffs way beyond high water mark
714Shah (Curr)Survey Predicts Shifts in DC Job Market--expects area to be among weakest in nation in 3rd quarter
714WilgorenAnacostia Shore's Evolution Launched--Mayor gets go-ahead from Council to form powerful corporation
714Saltz (Curr)McLean Gardens Mixes History with Modern Amenities--31 bldgs w/700 condos, some up to $359K
715WilgorenDC Agrees to Subsidize Corcoran Gallery Addition by Gehry, 2 Retail Areas: Columbia Hts, Skyland centers
717Staff3-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 2079, median unit price up 18% to $224.9K
717FleishmanRush to Cambridge, MD--developers lead a buying/building spree on Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay
718WilgorenAnacostia Waterfront Initiative Plans Stir Hope, Fret--Southeast residents fear being pushed out by costs
722CohnDC Wealth Gap Growing--uneducated suffer most: DC top 20% hhlds 30.5x bottom 20%, tops big city list??
722WilliamsNeighbors in ANC7B Oppose New SE Gas Station--say have too many, have suffered from tank leaks
724GinsbergRadical Makeover for K Street--national planning team suggests faster transit, more trees, no parking
724Staff3-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales even at 807, median unit price up 17% to $275K
725Paul ltrDon't Gentrify Georgia Avenue--many neighborhoods have forced out poor: don't rezone for upscale housing
725Maloney ltrMaking Maryland Part of the Anacostia's Comeback--need to bring back Bladensburg/river headwaters
731Staff3-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 266, median unit price up 9% to $200K
802Hedgpeth2 Jurisdictions (Arlington,Alexandria) Challenged Potomac Yards Developer--$2B complex on 300 acres
805WoodleeDC Called A Top City for Blacks--Black Enterprise magazine puts DC behind Atlanta, ahead of Dallas, Nashville,
807Staff3-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 831, median unit price up 15% to $215K
808WhoriskeyInvesting In Sprawl: Space for Employers, Not Homes--residents pushed out as suburbs lure business instead
809WhoriskeyInvesting in Sprawl: Washington's Road to Outward Growth--far-off houses cheap, hour-plus drive carries costs
810WhoriskyInvesting in Sprawl: Planners' Brains vs Public's Brawn--hostility to dense projects impairs MD preservation
811SchneiderTotal Highway Deaths Fell in 2003--safety groups question revision raising 2002, lowering 2003 to 42,643 dead
812WigginsNational Harbor Neighbors Drop Lawsuit--developer agrees to financing improvements to trails, Metro support
814Staff3-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 2% to 2967, median unit price up 20% to $275K
814GowenPrime Land Has Views, As Does Its Owner--latest suite requests condos in Arlington on bank of Potomac
815GinsbergAirport, Rail Travel Make a Comeback--1.5M passengers @ Nat'l Airport, Amtrak 2.25M in June
816HedgpethBold Bet on Office Space in DC--"the Portals" has several major tenants--expansion on site starting
816IrwinDC Slow to Reduce Ranks of Jobless--boom eludes many poor neighborhoods 7.1% vs 2% in Arlington
817MontgomeryWith Light Touch, Heavy Hitters Pursue DC Team--baseball group hopes payoff near after years of persevering
821Staff3-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 243% (!) to 2274, median unit price up 20% to $375K
821AndersonBringing It All Home -- advocacy group (Neighborhood Assistance Corp) makes ownership possible.....
821Anderson (Cont)...Boston Non-profit provides education, low rates: income limits $59K fam of 2, $79K fam of 5...Boston Non-profit provides education, low rates: low/mod income limits $59K fam of 2, $79K fam of 5
822Duvall ltrSisterspace and the New U Street--store closing not 'the man's fault', gotta have needed product, hard work
822CohnDemographics Cut Unwed Birthrate to 57%--DC earns $100M in 5 yrs, mainly due to fewer black gals under 35!
823NovakBehind the Troop Shift--one reason to re-station troops at home is to solve locals' fears of losing bases to BRAC
827ConnollyNational Poverty Rate Up 3rd Year in a Row--35.9M (12.5%) now in poverty, median HHI stagnant at $43.3K
827CohnSurvey Captures DC in Transition--Census data show fast changing city: slightly more pre-schoolers, less school-age, more homeowners, higher housing costs, more married couples and more single moms!
828Staff3-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales off 11% to 347, median unit price up 21% to $471.5K
828BarbaroWal-Mart Rejects Proposed Location in Northeast DC--store was to be first inside Beltway
828Staff3-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 536, median unit price up 11% to $425K
830BarbaroWal-Mart's Withdrawal Triggers Mixed Reactions--some happy, some not: store to look elsewhere in DC
901PearlsteinUrban Markets Challenge the Wal-Mart Way--can't use huge boxes in cities, gotta cater to customers
902DupreeThe morphing of a Forgotten Neighborhood--new developments to change 'near SE': DoT HQ, Capper, etc.
903ReelRadio Call-In Guest Cosby Has Ally in Ramsey--chief agrees 100% with critique of some blacks: poor parenting
904Staff3-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up off 7% to 3529, median unit price up 16% to $322.5K
908GinsbergDC Area Traffic Heavier, Costlier--region's traffic delays up to 67 hr/yr in 20 yrs, cost up to $600 per driver
909FernandezCosby Defends Criticism of Black Community--actor urges better parenting against 'life and death struggle'
911ShearVA GOP Devises Transit Proposal--funds rely on tax receipts: borrow on residents' insurance premium taxes
911Staff3-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 17% to 954, median unit price even at $265K
913EditorMoney to Get Moving--Maybe Virginia onto something re roads, and new committee re Metro funding could help
915TrescottMall's Finite Space Holds Infinite Dreams--explains shortage of space, debates re new African Am. museum
917IrwinUnion, DC Hotels Prepare for Strike--could effect 14 hotels with over 7000 rooms: 28% of city's total
917GinsbergMD Study Finds Benefits to 'Intercounty' Connector Road--could bring 17K jobs, save $300M in travel
917WeissPr. William Cnty Flaunts its Prosperity--hhld income $83K 3rd in US (ahead of Fairfax?) but some dubious
918Staff3-mos area condo sales: unit sales even at 3889, median unit price up 32% to $189K: DC tops at $290K
918JenkinsVirginia Governor Candidates Outline Ideas for Transit--hopefuls would oppose gas tax increase
920StaffSmithsonian's National Museum to American Indian Opens 9/21--6-day festival to follow opening procession
920WitteAs Income Gap Widens, Uncertainly Spreads--more US families struggle to stay on track, fewer in $35-50K range
920WhoriskeyNVA Neighbors Hope to Raze, Rebuild, Profit--70 homeowners at Vienna Metro see riches in 1000 condos
923HedgpethDC's Biggest Hotel May Be Sold for $200M+--part of Marriott Wardman Park would become high-end condos
925Staff6-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 12% to 7550, median unit price up 20% to $345K
930GooDulles Now 5th Among Nation's busiest airports--new airline increases traffic to 32.6K take-offs/landings per mos
930CohnMinorities Driving Growth in DC Area--Hispanics and Asians drop whites' share to 56.8%, blacks to 24.5%
1002KellySenior Citizen Reverse Loans on Rise--low rates, aging homeowners boost demand from FHA
1002FleishmanSo, Who's Buying Them?--new condos everywhere, prices soaring up 2.5x in DC,VA; 2x in MD in five years
1002DeaneRegion's Rental Market Tightens--demand heaviest in Virginia as rents rise 4.3%, vacancies fall to 5%
1002FleishmanDevelopers Wary of Condo Investors--trying to discourage investors who buy up, drive up prices
1002Staff6-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 6% to 1168, median unit price up 18% to $218K
1003OttoRegion's Poor Face Lower Rent Aid Vounchers--new fed $ limits could up homeless: DC has 33% of regional total
1006StaffRevitalization for DC--good chart shows plans for Hill East, Poplar Pt, Near SE, SW Waterfront, SoCapitol St
1007StaffUpgrade of CSX Rail May Begin Soon--$66M to upgrade track Richmond to DC, increase VRE trains, speed
1008GinsbergTraffic Costs DC Area Drivers $2,100/Yr--$1280, lost time and fuel; $353 vehicle maint.; $500 accidents
1009NakamuraDC Planning Revival of Main Roads--City Admin. Bobb says intent to spur corridors redevelopment
1009Staff6-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales off 65% to 1745, median unit price up 9% to $195K
1013BarbaroRetailers Finding Market Downtown--DC shopping gets (modest) resuscitation, offers alternative to malls
1014HedgpethVote on Convention Center Hotel Site Delayed--mayor's 11th hour request: old CC site vs 9th and Mass Ave.
1015GinsbergNational Airport Looking to Cut Noise--recommendations to stay over water, better nav go to FAA
1016Poling ltrCity Real Estate Is Hot: Don't Get Burned--many neighborhoods have 'flipped' houses, but not flipped residents
1016Staff6-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 10% to 4087, median unit price up 19% to $232K
1018HedgpethGeorgetown Attracts New High-End Retail Chains--mom & pop shops replaced by national chains
1023Staff6-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 9% to 2088, median unit price up 22% to $292.5K
1023SostekTurning Public Schools Into Private Homes--imaginative developers open new book in refitting old bldgs
1030Staff6-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 27% to 476, median unit price up 13% to $215K
1030BroadwayUndoing Damage to Sacred River Banks--interfaith effort plans revival of Anacostia, neighborhood fixes
1107Rein (cont).....56-acre site to be transformed from 61 homes to offices, stores, 2250 condos in 12 blgs up to 14 stories.
1107ReinDense Development OK'd Near Vienna Metro--Fairfax Cnty backs multi-use smart-growth project......
1117Wiener(Curr)High-Tech Needs Lead to Demolition Proposal--new 'atomic clock' bldg = loss of US Naval Observatory
1201Dixon ltr (Curr)Opportunity Knocks at Tenleytown site--could well provide underground parking, taller bldgs, library, etc.
1202WigginsUncertainty for National Harbor--issue of legalizing slots hangs over today's groundbreaking
1203WigginsGround Broken for $2 Billion National Harbor--officials celebrate end of 8-yr fight to build 220 acre complex
1204Staff6-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 33% to 1403, median unit price up 21% to $450K
1204Staff6-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales up 14% to 942, median unit price up 27%o $494K
1208Wiener (Corr)DC Board of Zoning Adjustment Green lights NBC's use of dual towers (457' and 659'): no real eyesore
1208Kain (Curr)Builder Eyes 47 $3M+ Homes on 16.2 Acre Foxhall Road Phillips Estate--neighbors likely to acquiesce
1209WhoriskeyArea Leaders to Hold Growth Summit--'reality check' mtg to foster regional planning for growth
1210CohnArea Home Prices (+37%) Outpacing Wages (+9%)--affordable hsg shortage worsens, FMae/UI study finds
1211MeyerSoutheast Complex Survives as Cooperative--Naylor Gardens survives like McLean Gardens, Arlington
1211HarneyHome Values Up 13% Across US, DC Region's Prices Rising 24% 3rdQ '04 over '03, best in 25 years
1211Staff6-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales down 19% to 1541, median unit price down 1% to $285K
1212EditorTo Get Virginia Moving--governor's planned use of surplus for transportation is best of alternatives
1213IrwinTravelers Give a Lift to Arlington Economy--Reagan National Airport supports 5300 hotel rooms, offices
1213BrubakerDulles Clearly on Tech's Radar--airport anchors growth in Northern VA corridor: simple town to boom town
1218StaffMore People Commuting Longer--average one-day distance up 1 mi to 16.5 miles in 3 years
1218Staff6-mos Regional Condo real estate trends: unit sales off 1% to 8931, median unit price up 28% to $200K
1218KleinTenuous Hold on Middle Class--blacks struggling to keep median income up: below Asians, whites, Hispanics
1218EilperinAreas with Dirtiest Air Named--DC, 20 states (224 counties) must devise ways to reduce soot, key pollutant
1220WilgorenShowrooms to Showplaces--DC's 'auto row' (14-15th Sts, Church, P Sts) remodeled into 600+ trendy condos
1223WilgorenDC Down in '04 Census Estimates--DC off 4100 to 553,500; MD up 45,750 to 5,558K, VA up 94,500 to 7,460K
1225AbruzzeeSleek, Chic, Place to Be--modern DeSoto Apts attract young to Logan Circle, NW: 850sqft=$2400+200 parking
1225Staff9-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 18% to 12516, median unit price up 19% to $360K
1227HedgpethVacancies Decline Across Area--DC best @6.0%, MD/VA=10/11%: DC sale @$364/sqft, MD/VA,$184/229/sqft...
1227Hedgpeth(cont).....DC office rental rates up to $40.16/sqft, 2nd to Manhattan, NY at $46-$49/sqft: DC sale price up 13% in year
1227IrwinIn DC in '04, (7800) More Jobs but (5600) More Jobless--unemployed 8.8%, vs MD, 3.9%, VA, 3.3%
1228SchneiderTiny Car to Test US Tastes--wee 2-seat Mercedes wt=1590 lbs, 98.5" long, 59.5" wide, 60" high, 60mpg
1231Shaver$2.4 B Connector Could Add to Traffic on Beltway--but free up local roads, highway foes cite study

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