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104WilsonTax Cut Weighed in Montgomery Cnty--Council backs lower income tax rate--frm 60 to 55% of MD in 2 yrs
105FehrDC Budget Deficit Foreseen--$66M shortfall projected as some try to spend promises, not appropriations!
121FehrDavis Nearing End of DC Oversight--led City's financial rescue--wants to build on legacy he'll leave behind
129FehrDC Computer Woes Delay Fiscal Report--wait could impede Mayor's '01budget: Evans offended
202 Rein Pr. William County May Cut Realty Tax Rate: frm $1.36 to $1.34 in '01, to $1.33 in '02--revenues way up
205 Timberg VA Assembly May Cut 4.5% sales tax: could lose $364M (v MD $294M, DC $55M)--offset tax-free Internet
208 Baer Clinton FY01 Budget--16% def; 19% discret; 19% medicare/caid; 23% social sec; 12% other entit; 11% int
213 O'Hanlon Arlington County Mgr Considers 7% Property Tax Rate Increase--still below most of nearby counties
214 Staff Councilmbr Jarvis Proposes formal schedule for DC's annual financial rept--due to computer problems
218 Fehr DC Revenue Likely to Rise by $55M--should offset 1st yr tax cut of $59M--unpaid $28M IBM Y2K bill lurks
220 Colton LtrtoEd Unfair to Landlords--Fair Housing Act discriminated by forcing landlord to subsidize handicapped
221 Melton VA Assembly Approves State Budget--requests for teacher pay, universities, mental health increased
227 Fehr More Delay Seen In Financial Report--now 45 days late--CFO shuffles staff: 42% skipped training classes
228 Fehr DC Council, Mayor Differ on Tax Breaks in '01 Budget--list gives $139M in breaks to lower income folks
301FehrBid Launched to Oust DC Finance Chief--Council blames Holt for delayed annual audit--budget talks
302FehrControl Board Chair Stands by CFO, Citing Financial Stability--Rivlin pushed Holt, mayor having qualms
303LooseLips(CP)Credibility Deficit--Holt's durable evasive acumen: non-sequitors, tautologies, tangents = gibberish
304FehrMayor Discourages Tax Breaks--warns money is too tight for more Council cuts: budget format disliked
306HedgpethFunds for Start-up Firms Yield Big Payoff for MD till: $2.5M yearly into local hi-techs yields $50M
309StaffContrl Bd Chair Says Budget Shortfall Looms--2001 spending rises 3%, revenues only 1.6% w/tax cuts
310StaffDavis/Norton Plan Bill in Congress to Cut DC Costs of 4 Rcvrs: CFS, DCJailMed,Mental Health, SpecEd
310FehrDC Council Endorses $31M in Tax Cuts--for elderly, 54K low income wkrs--challenges mayor to find $
311MoskMD House Passes Inheritance Tax Repeal--senate version would apply only to direct or lineal heirs
313EditorFire Financial Chief? agrees w/Control Bd to await completion of audit, budget before reviewing tenure
314StaffCity's Auditing Firm Complains--criticizes CFO Holt for withholding key info re $40M cash discrepancies
314FehrWilliams Proposes Austere Budget--ignores Council's proposed $30.9M tax breaks--growth only 1.7%
317EditorCan DC Do More With Less? -- Mayor's $3.2B budget tries to do more with 'gauzy' cuts: can he deliver?
317WilliamsDC Budget Team in Disarray--aides fumble presentation in front of Council without mayor...unprofessional
321FehrTax Officials Warn Against Williams Plan--slashing staff in tax collection agency could lose $18M
322FehrDC Council Warns Budget in Jeopardy--how pay for planned increases? city says tax cuts to blame
323FehrMayor May Hold CFO Holt's Fate--only Cntl Bd's Rivlin can fire: she'd only heed Williams, still no budget
323FehrWilliams Proposes 'People's Budget'--plan adds services soght by residents: health, housing. cops,etc.
324Looselips(CP)City Paper details problems, finger-pointing on budget between DC Council and Mayor
324StaffPlanned '01 Snow Removal Budget Blasted--DCPW hoped to save $ with new eqpt, less contractors
325King OpEd'Friends of Ernest Istook'--House Appns subcom head silent on gun ban--doesn't care about DC's people
326KesslerFederal Tax Level Falls for Most in US--middle 5th (avg inc.= $39.1K) paid 5.4% in '99 vs 8.8% in '81...
326Kessler(cont)...Fed Taxes: med fam inc ($54.9) paid 7.5%; top 20% (avg $123K), 16.1%; top 1% (avg $719K), 22.2%
327PyattDC Doesn't Need Sales Tax Cut to Boost Retail Activity--Cnclmbr Schwartz says DC needs 'sex appeal'
327BehrBattle Over Proposed DC Tax Cut Ignores Uncertainty About Revenue--'99 tax cuts erase planned growth
328FehrSenate Appns Subcom Chair Hutchison Warns City Not to Raid Reserves--Rivlin says dips meet criteria
329Perez-Rivas Proposed 5% Income Tax Rate Cut Lacks Momentum in Montgomery--public prefers money for schools
402FehrDC Audit Becomes Worrisome--independent reviewers can't account for $40M: bond rating threatened?
402MontgomeryMD Budget Benefits Governor's Supporters--DC suburbs (PG, Montgomery Counties) likely to prosper
406FehrMayor Says Budget Crunch May Stop/Defer Part of DC Council's 5-yr $300M Tax Cut--for schools, services
408BlumDC Mayor Lobbies Council for Increased School Funding--Chavous questions $40M to transport 4000 kids
409MeltonVA Gov Gilmore Vetoes Local Taxing Power--would have allowed local taxing to ease traffic congestion
411MontgomeryMD Gen'l Assembly Agrees to Zero Inheritance Tax for direct heirs--provide pay raise for teachers, etc.
414StaffWilliams to Slow FY2001 Spending if 1000 Job Cuts not Effected by 9/15/00--hopes to save $37M
414O'HanlonArlington Budget Trims Tax Increase due to flush retirement fund--7% more for schools; 3% gov't COLA
415FehrWilliams, Council at Odds on Additional Projected FY2001 Income--how big, how spend,, keep collectors?
418WilliamsSpending Plan Hands Mayor Advantage--Council must pick: continue tax cut or schools--may slow cuts
418EditorDC Budget Without a Nanny?--Cntl Bd in on last 3 balanced budgets--can't mayor/council do it alone?
419StaffCouncil Panel Cuts Budget of Mayor's Office, city administrator--increases inconsistent with other cuts
421FehrDC Posts 3rd Yr Surplus--$105M in '99 may hasten self-rule--could get negative opinion on accounting
423Cropp LtrThe Council, Mayor, and Budget--don't need 'Nanny' as Post claimed--mayor can't say no? tax cut flexible
424FehrDC Seeks to Tap Commuters' Paychecks--Norton proposes 2% of fed income tax go to DC = $400M...
424Fehr(cont)...Mayor, Rivlin support tax plan--Rep Davis (VA) says homework undone, doubts need, feds do enough
425EditorFederal Help for District--Norton plan deserves thoughtful, constructive federal response, not knee-jerk
427Dozier (Gaz)MD Reps Morella, Wynn wary of DC tax proposal--"DC's victim mentality" wrong, commuters irrelevant
428O'HanlonAlexandria to Boost Spending 9%--2001 budget fully funds schools, plans $156M 6-yr capital budget
430StaffDC Financial Report Shows Surplus--3-mos late '99 audit shows $86.4M surplus after $35M debt setaside
501 Fehr Support Wavers for DC's Holt--Mayor and Rivlin stop defending finance chief: future to be decided soon
502 Argetsinger Tax Increase Proposed for Anne Arundel Cnty--4-cent real estate hike; 2001 budget up 7.6% to $825.7M
502 Editor Go/No-Go on the CFO--Mayor and Control Bd should weigh Holt's past record and future value--soon!
504 Fehr DC Gets Warning on GOP Budget--renewal projects may be imperiled--lose NYAve Metro Station?
505 Fehr Control Bd Probe's Fiscal Report's Delay--staff not properly prepared to convert to new computer system
506 Williams CFO Holt Hands in Resignation--ending troubled tenure after 16 yrs, 3mos as CFO--thanks mayor
510 Leonnig Reserve Fund Deal Could Free $130M for DC Budget--Sen Hutchison OKs fixed v. annual $150M reserve
513 Editor Listen to the Council--mayor wants to tap reserve, tobacco settlement--Council more conservative
515 Fehr Mayor/Council Plans Diverge on 2001 DC Budget--spending vs saving on reserve and tobacco fund
516 Fehr Council Lets Williams Dip Into (excess) Reserve--mayor resists using tobacco fund as $3B 'endowment'
520 Fehr $5.3 Billion DC Budget Plan Adopted--Council agrees to added funds for schools, police, health
521 Editor Not the Control Bd's Money--set poor example forcing DC to pick up $130K DoL pay for 'resigned' CFO
525 Wilson Montgomery Cnty '01 Budget Nears Council OK--Duncan/mbrs stop bickering re $2.6B ops, $1.7B 5-yr cap
528 Fehr To Save or Spend; that is Question--Council wants to save tobacco $, mayor wants to up health programs
607 Fehr Pact Reached on DC's Tobacco Funds: 50% of 1st yr $72M for health, save rest--outyears left open
608 Staff Control Bd OKs DC '01 Budget--sends to Congress, OKs Natwar Gandhi as CFO, revenue est up $67M
610 Fehr Audits Detail DC Money Woes--new CFO outlines bookkeeping repair plans, staff shake-ups
612 Editorial The District Does Its Part--DC's $5B budget has no barnacles--up to Congress to keep 'social riders' out
614 Fehr (cont) City Debt Threatens Bond Rating--Senator Hutchinson OKs tax cut, but says $3B debt too high
614 Fehr Tax Cut Misguided, Senator Warns DC--Durbin says city ignoring key needs in schools, police, etc.
615 Editor (WT) Tyranny of Tags--make political license plates optional, despite whining activists, stateh'd rable-rousers
615 Editor Tax-Cut Tongue-Lashing--Durbin pouting over DC budget uncalled for: DC spending is DC's business
623 Barras (WT) Ghandi to Rescue--DC has long needed 'consumate pro' for its finances--did wonders for tax/rev shop
701 Staff Congress Antes Up $4.5M for IMF Protests--Norton pushed special rider on another bill to recoup costs
714 LooseLips Congressional Over-slight--Rep Istook shows his autocratic bent in tirade about 'conscience clause'
716 Editor Confronting the Commuter Tax--settling for $100K study far cry from what's needed--but Rep Istook tried!
720 Fehr Lawmaker Seeks Cut of Half in DC Control Board Funds--Istook proposes reductions in court system too
720 Editor The Council and 'Conscience': House should remove restrictive language, let DC Council, mayor fix bill
721 Fahrenthold Hill Committee Enters Fray on DC Measure--birth control 'conscience clause' sought by Istook
722 Editor Riding Hard on District--Istook riders make bad day for DC: NYAve metro stop cut, college tuitions, etc.
724 Argetsinger DC Youths Branch Out with US College Aid--2400+ have signed up so far for colleges outside DC
725 Staff DC Finance Appointees Named--Huff for tax/revenues, Upshaw budget director (on loan from OMB)
727 Fahrenthold Istook removes $100K commuter tax study from DC bill to satisfy Rep Tom Davis of Virginia suburbs
727 Fahrenthold Angry Norton Defends Williams' Reputation re 'conscience clause'--says she's really had it with Istook
728 Fehr Moran Rebuked for Text Change--aide cut remarks on Catholic Church from Congressional Record
728 Pianin GOP Cong. Leaders Take On Oversight--Hastert urges lawmakers to raise quality of Cong oversight
729 Editor DC Bill Without the Votes--House lards DC bill with punitive, paternalistic bans unsalable in own states
730 Leonnig Missing Paychecks in DC Blamed on Shoddy Paperwork, human error, poor supervision
731 Editor 'Record to Leave Town On'--says Hastert, but weakly led, do-nothing showboating House has done nil
726 Wiener Control Board Won't Dispatch Rent Control--likely to OK 5-yr extension despite (bland) contractor study
803 Blum DC Probes Latest Payroll Mess--3-4000 teachers get summer pay sent home v direct deposit
804 Staff City to Cover Fees Caused by Late Checks not direct deposited due to a 'miscommunixcation'
805 Fehr Control Bd's Severance Pay Criticized--Istook says plan too lavish--more than DC employees get
806 Editor Over Mayor's Head--Congress tells city to sell surplus schools to charters at 25% discount--out of line
811 Pierre DC Rebuked for 'Unlawful' Contract Hiring--pvt sector temps far over gov't payscales, allowable profits
811 Fehr DC to Slash Programs/Jobs--Mayor orders $52M cut by end FY00, 1000+ slots, pushes efficiency (?)
812 Chan DC Contract Hiring Cases Scrutinized for Irregularities--is higher pay justified to get need skills?
823 Fehr DC to Drop $20M Payroll System--8 yrs in development--city can't track workers, salaries, records
824 Editor $20 Million Down the Drain--DC personnel/payroll system glitched beyond repair--back to '82 system
907 Editor Play Fair with the District--Congress has saddled DC budget with social riders, spending mandates
907 Panero OpEd Don't Derail DC's Revival--redevelopment grinds to halt as Congress chops NYAve Metro Stop
907 Staff City's Budget Goes to House Today--possible debate on several issues: needle exchange, charters, etc.
908 Staff House Vote on DC Budget Postponed--not enough votes to pass bill with riders, lower funding
915 Fehr DC Budget Passes House with Limits--needle program gutted, Metro station cut--Istook says money wasted
919 Fehr Senator Hutchison Wants DC to Save More Money for Rainy Day--phase in reserve over 7 years
920 Mack/Norton ltr Boost for City--extend current tax incentives to whole city, needs 700K residents, 2x business to propser!
921 Fehr DC Finances in Order, says Control Bd--able to meet borrowing needs--one last audit for FY00 ahead
928 Staff Senate Approves DC Budget--adds brownfields$, caps attorney fees per case, Metro Sta, tuition funding
1004 Staff Sen Voinovich Gives DC Mixed Review--signs of progress, but troublesome headlines persist
1005 Fehr DC Budget Goes to Conferees--Norton Warns Battle Could Drag On as House refuses Senate version
1012 Fehr Hill Conferees OK $25M for NYAve Metro Sta, $17M college tuitions, $3.4M Poplar Pt clean-up
1012 Fehr (cont) Hill Conferees OK needle exchange prog--when Sen Durbin shows Rep Tiahrt's Kansas has same prog!
1015 Staff Nat'l Music Museum Seed Money study rejected by Sen Hutchinson as premature: use old Conv Cntr?
1020 Staff MD's per capita state tax burden rises $43 to $1833 in '99, VA $1682--below nat'l average of $1835
1023 Crenshaw Consumer Groups Balk at DC Bill to Deregulate Comm Insurance--good for new business, bad for small?
1027 Satff House Passes City's Budget--Veto likely over unacceptable non-DC riders re Commerce, State, Justice
1028 Staff DC Budget Passes Senate day after House does, White House says veto coming for non-DC riders
1031 Staff Separation of DC Budget Bill Urged--Norton and Moran want removed from spending bill to be vetoed
1102StaffSenate Recesses Without Voting on DC's FY2001 Budget--can't spend $s on new programs, DC Gen'l
1102PianinFed Budgets Shelved Until After Election--Clinton, GOP bet on political gains, use continuing resolutions
1105ChanMessage Gets Rolling--DC issues first new license plates with new slogan 'taxation w/o representation'
1112PianinUnfinished Business on the Hill--election muddles lame duck session: major bills, issues unresolved
1113EditorStill Without a Clue--Congress convening without plans for minimum wage, tax cut, Medicare rates, etc.
1114EilperinHouse GOP's Chair-Shuffle Begins--term limits bring politicking for Ways and Means, Small Business, etc.
1114DewarLott Challenged to Unite Deeply Divided Senate--small 1-2 vote margin makes partisanship tricky
1115FehrCongress Passes $4.9B DC Budget--Norton gets rare unanimous vote, frees bill from spending stalemate
1123FehrCompetitive Bond Market May Cut DC Tobacco Funds--mayor withdraws settlement-backed bond bill
1202FehrControl Bd Asks CFO Gandhi for plan to avoid $243M budget shortfall--if current spending rates continue
1202EditorWake Up Call on DC Spending--no $ for DC Gen'l, pay increases, new medicaid enrollees, suits, etc.
1204EditorWhat Price Car-Tax Glory--VA Gov Gilmore may have to reneg on campaign promise as economy slows
1206ChanDC Council Votes Tech Tax Breaks--rebukes mayor's sunset proposal--cost $3.8M in '02, $1.2M by '06
1207ChanClear path for DC Tech-Firm Incentives--includes big firms (!), silly to insist on DC workers if not skilled
1208FehrCongress (Senate) Yanks $75M in DC spending--mayor's initiatives hostage to solving overrun risk
1212ShearFairfax Proposes Sales Tax Increase--supervisor, super. want 10yr levy for road, school construction
1215FehrDC to Consider Deep Spending Cuts--'worst case' plan would save $250M: Congress still tinkering
1216GoldsteinDC Health Programs Won't Use RU-486--mayor promises to abide by unique Congressional fiat!
1216FehrCongress Allows DC to Dip Into Reserves--'rainy day' funds may help city prevent deep service cuts
1219MeltonVA Gov. Gilmore Adds Tobacco Funds to Car-Tax Mix--settlement money, other cuts to help keep repeal
1219EditorDC Prudence or Scare Tactics?--city should use restraint in contriving forecasts of impending calamaties
1220Perez-RivasUS Rep Morella Talks Up Her Work--7-term lawmaker had election scare--moderates to play big role
1221MeltonVA Lawmakers Fume at Gov's Car-Tax Plan--bipartisan opposition to balancing budget w/tobacco $'s

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