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106StaffMichigan Repub to Head House Appns DC Subcom--Knollenberg in 5th term representing Detroit suburbs
109ShearFairfax Cnty supervisors want referendum for one-cent sales tax increase to fund school, road projects
110Sherwood (Curr)The Morella Years begin--MD Rep takes over DC oversight--less clout, but favors policy over cheap shots
111MeltonVA Gov Gilmore Bent on Car Tax Repeal--lawmakers urged to keep pledge despite fear of slowdown
112EditorWill Richmond Listen Up?--wealthiest counties willing to levy higher local taxes: lawmakers must unite
116EditorSaying No to VA Gov. Gilmore--'financial flimflam bombed in state senate'; gotta rewrite budget, get real
117MontgomeryMD's Gov Glendening Sends Lawmakers Bulging $21B budget--big increases in education, health care
124MoskMD Gov Glendening Plans Record Capital Budget--$1.5B proposal focuses on schools, jails, parks
130HsuDC Completes Fiscal Comeback--2000 surplus marks 4th balanced budget, spells end to Control Bd...
130Hsu (Cont)...DC cum. fund balance up to $465M--revenues $130M over projection: Congress may OK spending some
201HsuGAO Faults Security of DC Financial Info--'serious/pervasive weaknesses' in computer systems?
205BredemeierThey WANT More Taxes--NVA businesses lead campaign to fund road, school projects locally
205MeltonVA General Assembly Votes to Halt Car-Tax Cut--risks showdown with determined Gov Gilmore
205EditorThe Region's Pitch to Richmond--NVA's hope for local taxing hangs in balance--gotta give clear plan
206TimbergVA Assembly Passes Transport'n Bills--create regional authority, OK local taxes, up min driver age
208StaffFull Council and Coalition of Agencies Urge Williams to Expand Tax Cut-- for earned income tax credit
214Hsu/FehrOn Threshold of Fiscal Milestone, DC Is Cautious--Cntl Bd to certify 'glowing' rpt, project surplus for '02
215EditorDC's Financial Destiny--can city solve daunting problems from mgmt reforms to DC Gen'l w/o Cntl Bd?
215PierreWilliams Won't Let NBA Off Hook for All-Star Game Bill--League must pay $77K for police overtime
215HsuDC May Accelerate Tax Assessments--Control Bd OKs plan for annual updates; reap $284M in 4 yrs?
217TimbergVA Road, Bridge Proposals Attacked--environmentalists say sales tax rise would encourage sprawl
217MeltonVA Assembly Stalled on Car-Tax Cut--wants to freeze cut at 50%; Gov Gilmore wants 2002 phase-out
220MeltonVA Assembly Deadlock Over Car Tax May Let Gov. Gilmore Force 70% Cut--conf committee stalled
223MeltonVA House Rejects Senate Tax Deal--move means no more progress, and no changes to 2-yr budget
225TimbergNVA Repubs Sink Higher Sales Tax--little to show for 48 days' work but OK for regional authority w/o $s
226TimbergSales Tax Debacle Reflects NVA Rift--doubt bill can be passed in future years for transpo, schools
227EditorSorry Session--VA Republicans failed to seize opportunity for positive action--Gov mortgaging future
227Shear$2.3B Budget Proposed for Fairfax Cnty--add employees, programs while keeping tax rates constant
227BeckerMontgomery Cty Looking at Tax Increase--first time in 6 yrs: earlier cuts now blamed as unwise
227StaffS&P Upgrades City's Bond Ratings frm BBB to BBB+, 3 steps above junk bonds--save DC $1M/yr
302StaffDuPont Mission Loses Property Tax-Exempt Status--no ostensible worshipers at advertised services
309StaffHouse Leaders Young, Knollenberg, Morella Vow Expeditied DC Budget, fewer riders
311HsuPolitical Spotlight Shines on Morella's Balancing Act-Hill's DC overseer touted for 2002 MD governor
312MontgomeryLawmakers Question Gov Glendening Priorities--despite cash, MD budget stays tight on some basics
312PierreWilliams Reaching Out to Poor in Budget Plan--for health care, working poor tax credit: schools miffed
313PierreDC Council Pleased with Mayor's Budget--8.4% increase avoids contingents, but skimps on schools
313MeltonVA's Gov. Gilmore Touts $48B Budget Solution--cuts to schools, agencies, close $421M deficit
314Kelderman (Curr)Democrats, GOP Eye Morella for Governor--broader experience than LtGov Kennedy--often bipartisan
315ChanAdvisory Committee' for DC--Morella says Congress may consider Rivlin idea, mayor, Norton unsure?
316EditorDC Budget, Round 1--major firsts: Council consulted, realistic financing, poor-focused: good start!
316LaytonHouse Members Prod Metro--Barr wants airport station named for Reagan, Wolf wants no DC bus tags
316BeckerMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan Proposes Slow-Growth $2.7B Budget--schools get $90M, not $117M
321Hettinger (Gaz)Duncan Holding Line on Taxes, but Montgomery Cnty Council wants more detail (education = 53%)
327BeckerMontgomery Cnty Council, Duncan At Odds--members want tax increase, Exec wants lower spending
328EditorMortgaging Virginia--Gov Gilmore offering 'accounting gimmicks', pretending VA can have it both ways
404Wiener (Curr)DC Council Gives Nod to Annual Assessments-- big jump expected, rate may be limited to 20% pa
407LeonnigDC Probes Dubious Homestead Claims--18K of 90K total appear vacant, absentee-owned: $4.1M loss
409ChanDC Council Budget Talks to Start in Harmony--mayor creditted with better accounting, earlier dialogue
410StaffArlimngton County Bd Passes Tentative FY02 Budget--$582M includes $213M for county schools
418StaffArlington Cnty Bd Ups Budget 8% to $581.7M w/$213M for schools, start Columbia Pike Corridor Dev
423BlumEnergy Contract Used to Repair DC Schools--no-bid deal paid WGL 25% mgmt fee--few records!
424Shear$2.3B Budget OK'd for Fairfax Cnty--officials predict leaner times ahead--schools budget near $1.1B
425EditorMontgomery Cnty Spending Spree--budget up at least 7.3% over '01--ought to show more restraint
426BeckerHigher (Income/Recordation) Tax Proposals Fall Short in Montgomery Cnty--parks/poor impacted
428LaytonGOP Blinks in Fight over Reagan Metro Station--Rep Barr softens, as other says Metro $ not hostage
428StaffProperty Assessments for '02 May Be Surprising to 36,000 DC owners, but rates near region's lowest
429EditorFairfax on the Money--'02 budget tight--adds for schools, little for social programs, outlook 'grim'?
429PavordCitizen's Guide to Fairfax Budget--need to work to reverse increasing cost of gov't: Arlington better
502ChanDC Council Clears $5.3B Spending Plan, except DC Gen'l, close agreement w/mayor on most content
502MoskAnne Arundel Budget Holds Line on Taxes--tight $859M budget avoids new taxes: tax rate same as DC
504HsuDC Financial Reform Failing, GAO Says--fiscal woes still linked to delays, faulty computer systems
504StaffDC Budget Gives Raise to Council Chairman--from $102.5K to 123.7K--only mbr can't hold outside job
505HarneyTax Returns Reflect Benefit of Ownership--$109B saved by profit exclusions; tax write-offs,mortgages
505EditorFinancial Management Woes--gotta explain how so little accomplished on such a central issue
505KovaleskiMayor Disputes GAO on Reforms--says DC steadily recovering--Koskinen: auditors 'carried away'
509SunCouncil Urges Tax Cap for Some Homeowners--set limit at 1.25/yr--avoid 50% increase in 1-yr
509Wiener (Cur)City Limits Tax Hikes on New Assessments--Council votes tentatively to put 25% cap on 1st yr rise
510MeltonVA Budget Session Collapses--political price of car tax dispute looms for GOP, Gov Gilmore
510HsuFinances Mishandled at UDC--IG report says problems pose risk to DC--include $30M errors 2 yrs.
510StaffControl Board Approves Budget Supplemental Request--$89.7M for firefighters, Wilson Bldg
511StaffCity Goes After Tax Cheats--DC Tax Revenue Office cracks down on homestead deduction fraud
513StaffDC Tax Revenue Office Warns Taxpayers--property owners owe $5.4M--face tax sale/foreclosure
524HsuWilliams Urges Budget Autonomy for DC--wants autonomy as reward for good work, w/conditions
524SchwartzmanPr. George's Council OKs $1.6B Budget, More for Education--schools get 63% (parks get sep. $138M)
524Kim (Gaz)Montgomery Council OKs $2.7B budget, warns of limits: schools get 55%; county govt 31%, debt 8%
605StaffMayor, Council to offer permanent independent CFO to ward off new Congressional oversight
606StaffCouncil OK's 2002 Budget Measure--adds to Medicare eligble, caps real estate tax increases, etc.
607StaffCity Finances Better Than Expected--revenue forecast up $86M since Feb, $195M since Jan 1
609HsuDC Offers Compromise to Hill on Fiscal Control--Offers independent CFO in return for budget freedom
621HsuHouse Appns Com. Votes to Rename Reagan Metro Stop--Reps Tiahrt/Young push, Moran objects
628Staff9000 DC 'residents' Could Lose Homestead Deduction--only 3000 have responded: 20K already gone
629EditorHill Railroaders--House votes to re-sign Nat'l Airpt: Senate should resist: Reagan didn't want butt-ins
702ChanDC Proposes Spending Some Reserve Funds--to fund school, literacy, youth programs left out of FY02
707LeonnigThousands to Lose DC Property Tax Break--12000 suspect so far (no applications filed); 16000 more ??
711ChanDC Cncl Votes to Keep Recent Fiscal Safeguards--independent CFO....Text Book Bill 'tabled' for now
712HsuSenate Panel Endorses DC Plan for Reserve Fund--could cut back $30, $80, then 150M by end FY05
714HsuSen Landrieu's Finance Plan Assailed--wants stronger CFO: officials, politicos flip over homerule abuse
717AmonArlington Wants US to Pay for fire/rescue Services to federal sites: Moran says request 'reasonable'
717EditorDC's Newest Overseer--Sen Landrieu couldn't pass laws in own state she's pushing on DC: re CFO
719HsuCongress, Freshman Sen Lanrieu Drop Plan for DC CFO--Knollenberg pushed for stronger DC gov't
804Reddy1-Week Back-to-School Bargains--DC suspends 5.75% sales tax on some merchandise <$100: lose $900K revs?
808EditorFalling Short in VA--governor didn't reduce budget enough to match revenue downturn--successors must deal with it
812BallBuyers Stopping for Tax-Free Shopping--suspension of sales tax has purchasers scurrying for stores in DC, MD
826Chavous/Raskin1 Person, 1 Vote--Not in America--Nat'l Commission on Federal Election Reform neglects mention of DC plight
830LeDucMD Expects $100M Surplus (above $385M originally forseen)--state escapes shortfall plaguing VA, others
903EditorCaution on Maryland's Surplus--downtown could flatten budget cushion in a hurry, deny promises
907HsuHouse Appns Subcommittee Approves DC Budget--adds 'only' 34 of proposed 67 riders: more later?
911EditorSecond Guessing the District--respect for local gov't requires Congress to stop tinkering via riders
911StaffDelegate Norton Wants Budget Provisos Restored--remove language on cops, abusers, DCGH reuse
922HedgpethTravel Drought Halving 25K DC Hotel Staffs--occupancy from 80.7>43.5%--lose $80M taxes in 6 mos
925EditorDC's Trouble in the House--HAC cuts uncalled for: Fed Gov't, Capitol Hill police weren't ready either
926HsuUS House Vote (226-194) Backs Benefits for Gays--DC workers' partners would get coverage
927ChanTax Surplus to Salvage DC Schools--Control Board holds last public meeting: cautious celebration
1003FleishmanNew Rules Pushing Lenders to Curtail Businesses in DC--defeated by new maze of rules on preyers
1006LeonnigDC Council Pushed Mayor To Seek More Relief Funds--claim $150M aid 'ridiculously small'
1012HsuDC Gay Partners Benefit Advances--Senate Appn Com votes to drop rider--GOP may block budget
1018LeDucMD Gov Glendening Cuts Budget to Make up for $205M shortfall in $21B budget--hiring freeze on
1019HsuDC Fiscal Chief Sees Shortfall of $245M--declining revenues, higher health/ed costs may mean cuts
1020WoodleeDC Council Unfazed by 'alarmist' Fiscal Warning--say DC cutbacks unlikely despite potential shortfall
1021Wendt/LynchltrsTo Resuscitate DC--gert rid of sufficating tax system...and diversify economically away from turism (?)
1022EditorCouncilman or Senator?--Senate should stop balking at local laws (domestic partners), pass DC bill
1030EditorHave They Nothing Better to Do?--Senate should be embarrassed by unpardonable smallness re DC
1031BeckerMontgomery Cnty Cncl Gives Duncan Say in County Dev. Impact Tax--OKs White Flint metro growth
1031DavenportPublic Pension Plans Lose Billions on Stock Mkt: MD off 20%=$6.6B, VA off 13%=$5.4B, DC off $200M
1031StaffPr. George's Moves to Offset Shortfall--job growth slowing, rising unemployment, housing market OK
1103FleishmanEffort Underway to Suspend Lending Law--mortgage firms won't accept predatory bill's detail demands
1107ChanDC Council Suspends New Lending Law--moratorium imposed after industry outcry, threats to quit city
1110EditorDC's Awsome Challenge--narrow tax base (572K res, 2M people daily) can't survive 9/11 without help
1115StaffSenate Gov't Affairs OK's 2 DC Bills--expanded tuition support, family court revision go to full Senate
1121LeonnigDC Auditor Slams City Over Undeserved Homestead Property Tax Breaks--$45M lost in 3 yrs:too high?
1123FerdinandUS Mayors in Bind of Rising Costs of Security, Declining Revenues--municipal budgets losing balance
1124TimbergVA Bill Would Let Sales Taxes Rise 0.5%--cities, counties, could use $ only for school needs
1125Silver ltrDC Borrowers Beware--law against predatory lenders critical, must be restored; not overly broad;
1127LeDucMD Might Defer Income Tax Cut to Balance Books--final 2% cut due 1/1/02: had been speeded up
1128HsuDownturn Has DC Looking for Help--narrow tax base hampers recovery: tourism collapse, xx% jobless?
1128Hsu (Cont)Mayor offers 3 $Fed alts: pay DC equiv of commuter taxes; 2% credit on DC fed taxes; reimbursements
1128FleishmanWith Lending Law Suspended, DC Officials Weigh Next Step--how to sort out predators is question
1130EditorResume the Federal Payment--Mayor says he's just one emergency from financial difficulty: get real
1130FleisdmanToo Onerous" DC Law Suspended, Some Firms Resume Lending--30 mos of talks produced lemon
1205HsuDC Home Rule Budget Approved--$5.3B plan OKs domestic partner: some offensive riders remain
1208StaffSenate Sends DC Budget to President--w/$16M security; $24M Family Court; $2.25M Anacostia clean-up
1210EditorDC's Bad News Budget--FY02 budget options look bad--gap may reach $260M--gotta belly up to it (?)
1211StaffMontgomery Cnty's Duncan Offers Impact Tax Compromise--provide more exemptions for developers
1212BeckerMontgomery Cnty Considers Bypassing Tax Cut--Duncan, council back effort to balance books
1218MeltonVA's Gov Gilmore Renews Quest to Kill Car Tax--fiscal impact worries new team, local lawsmakers
1220MeltonVA Gov. Gilmore Suggests $978M in Cuts--largely from 'rainy day' fund, vague across-the-board cuts

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