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109TimbergRecession May Halt DC Tax Rollback--CFO, Council could renew battle re 1999 law, but agree to act
123MeltonGov. Warner Proposes Cuts to Rein in VA budget--car tax cut, salary hikes on hold for 180K gov't wkrs
124TimbergRecession Brings Halt to DC Tax Cut--budget shorfall kicks in automatic halt--save $35M for 2003
129TimbergDC 2001 Budget Has Hefty Cushion--absorbed DCPS $62.5M overrun, but officials wary of more tax cuts
130EditorState of Union for DC--relative to VA, DC finances much better but still gotta worry structural imbalance
131LeDucBudget Maneuvers Draw Legislators' Ire--Gov Glendening said to defer tough choices by $ reallocations
202FleishmanDC Council Committee Compromises on Mortgage Lending Bill--still two-tier approach, banks v others
206FleishmanDC Lending Battle Resumes--new bill applies stiffer rules to non-banks to avoid lending scams
207MeltonVA Revenue Picture Gets Even Bleaker--'no end in sight for state's recession': could sway tax votes
210Domenech ltrAnd Let Them Fund Their Schools--don't increase state budget--let localities vote to tax themselves!
210Rollison ltrVA Budget Gap--Let the People Vote to Pay for Their Own Roads--no shortcut available, do it....
212MeltonGovernor Says VA Budget Shortfall Worse--ups deficit projection $316M to $3.8B by mid 2003!
216ShearVA Senate Approves Separate Regional Tax Vote--transit, school bill clashes with House versions
217MeltonVA Assemby Prepares to Slash Services--house, senate diverge on solutions to $4B shortfall
218MeltonVA Committees Offer 'Gut-wrenching' Cuts in Spending--education budget would be hit hard
218FleishmanLending Bill Set for Final Vote--showdown due, debate still rages over predatory loans in DC
220FleishmanDC Lending Bill Passes--2nd effort leaves many locals angry, still exempts large lenders, big banks
220ShearVA Lawmakers Advance Proposals to Close Budget Deficit--local officials decry spending cut plans
221MeltonVA Governor Warner to Push for Sales Tax Increases--plans to fight for referendum measures
221EditorFacing Reality in Richmond, VA--state leaders haven't done job re either revenues or expenditures
222MeltonBudget Cuts Battle Heats Up in Virginia--house leaders oppose senate proposal for $4B shortfall
224ShearVirginians Brace for Toughest Budget Cuts--tuitions up, education, police, welfare budgets down
224MontgomeryMD Lieutenant Gov, loyal to MD governor, urged to back MD tax cut, but stays out of fight
224Jack Evans ltrDC Budget Busters--once costs are built into a budget they become permanent, push finances negative
224Gov Warner ltrVA Tax Referendum Deserves to Go to the Floor--and to the Voters: let voters decide tax increases
224S. Allen ltrDC Budget Busters--over 37,300 DC residents need treatment for substance abuse: costs to DC high
225EditorReferendum Reckoning--Colgan measure calls for vote on state sales tax hike, NVA tax freedom: do it!
226Branigin$2.45 Billion Budget Proposed for Fairfax Cnty--w/15% hike in real estate taxes: 79% goes to Richmond
226ShearVA House Speaker's Revenue Plan Advances--NVA taxpayers could raise income tax, v sales tax
226EditorDon't Return Empty-Handed--VA House should go for referendum for NVA to hike own income taxes
227Staff7,100 of 61,000 DC Tax Returns Returned for Errors--3500 for earned income tax credit filing errors
228TimbergDC May Halt Income Tax Rollback--city eyes police, library cuts, new rec. fees to close $200M gap
228MeltonVA Advances Road, School Ballot Issues--bills differ on sales v income taxes, both OK NVA choice
301MontgomeryMD Budget Gap Expands by $200M--senators may raise cigarette tax $0.34, shift environment funds
301TimbergDC Tax Assessments to Soar--hikes more than 50% hit some neighborhoods: shift to annual system
302EditorDC's Coming Moment of Truth--looming fiscal problems won't go away: no wiggle room for Mayor/Cncl
303LeDucBaltimore, MD Mayor O'Malley Supports Jump in MD taxes--forgo tax cuts, avoid getting like VA
304TimbergBroken Promises on Tax Breaks--leaders failed to cut spending--boom-time cuts are bust in slowdown
305ShearNew Wrinkle in VA Tax Referendum Debate--senate committee backs 1% hike for roads and schools
306FleishmanDC Mayor Signs Bill Aimed at Predatory Lending--second version now called too lenient: must enforce
306HsuMayorTold to Pick Services or Taxes--Council votes to force Mayor's hand: stop tax roll-back?
306StaffVA Assembly Gridlocks on NVA Tax Plans--won't pass transportation-only bill, wants schools too
307TimbergMayor, Council at Odds on Taxes--Council caps real estate tax increases, Budget rolls back tax cut
308MontgomeryMD Predicts Bigger Drop ($250M) in Revenue--Gov Glendening Faces Cuts in Priorities, $22B budget
310BlumConsultant Salaries Assailed in DC--some contractors used to work for Control Bd--some outrageous
310MeltonGOP Stops Ballot Proposal for NVA--early adjournment halts Gen'l Assembly: referendum lost
310MontgomeryGov Glendening Clinging to His Legacy--pressures mount to cacel tax cuts, fund preservation, etc.
310ShearIn Tax Referendum Fight, Hampton Roads 1, NVA, 0--NVA delegates screwed up, lost bid to up tax
310Wright ltrDon't Just Fund the War, Shell Out for Peace: Defense way up, international affaitrs/AID up a trifle
310NortonEvery Budget Tells its a Story, Bush's no exception: Defense way up; Transportation down 9%
311TimbargWilliams Doubted on Fiscal Tenacity--Council raises questions on cuts, costs, takes no responsibility
311EditorFixing DC's Structural Deficit--Fair Fed'l Compensation Act of 2002--good substitute for fed payment...
311Editor (Cont)...peg payment to 2% of commuters' income tax, put in special DC account for roads, transit, infrastrux
311ShearNVA Delegation Weighs Options--after referendum bid failure, lawmakers look for other money sources
311EdiorOn Empty Again--stunned NVA lawmakers made their own problem--hence got no road/school relief
312EditorSqueeze Plays in Annapolis--MD senate committee vote to keep tax cut, whack budget: gotta do better
312MeltonGov Warner promises Tax Vote in NVA--road referendum may be added to similar Hampton Rds bill
312HsuDC Appeals to US for Tax on Commuters--plan would offset cost w/federal credit; bring $430M yearly
315HsuDC Deficits on Horizon, Study finds--action can avert debt from increasing health, school costs sez FCC
316MontgomeryMD Senate Votes to Slow Growth in State Spending--governor's health/school priorities suffer in budget
317EditorOnce More for the Roads--7 days of fingerpointing enough: VA Gov should call special session
319TimbergDC Mayor Proposes Budget--plan would limit property taxes, delay income tax cuts: reach tot of $5.6B
320LeonnigDC Property Assessments Need Repairs, Residents Say--dubious trending ignores key specifics
320MontgomeryMD Lawmakers Pitch Pet Projects--showdown looms over funding requests in face of $800M gap
321LeDucMD Senate Budget Overcomes Dissent from Both Sides--won't delay tax cut or cut spending more
321StaffSenate Majority Leader Daschle Backs Norton Commuter Tax Plan as "great idea he'd back'
323EditorGood-and-Bad-News Budget--mayor has done well to hold the line, but gotta fix medicaid, special ed
327EditorTaxing the packs in Maryland--raising tax on cigarettes better than earmarking tobacco-tax revenues
329SantanaLaw Barring Marijuana Vote in DC Overturned--federal judge calls Barr amendment unconstitutional
330MontgomeryMD Cigarette Tax Increase Advances--committees approve school funds plan with proceeds
403MontgomeryFull MD Senate Endorses Cigarette Tax Rise--school aid would increase as rate rises to $1/pack
405MoskMD Assembly Passes $21.6 B Budget 104/33, Senate 35/10--tax cut preserved, spending increased
408VogelFlights of Vigilance Over Capital--Air Nat'l Gd on almost continuous patrols since 9/11--wearing down
411TimbergCouncil Pushes to Continue Tax Rollback--upturn in economy boosts effort to halt mayor's freeze
418MeltonSales Tax Ballot Bill For NVA Approved by VA Gen'l Assembly--historic feat by new Gov. Warner
418StaffNorton Proposes Expanded Business Tax Breaks, permanent $5000 tax break for first home buyers
421StaffArlington Cnty Cuts Property Tax 3 cents--to 99.3cents/$100--part of $627.8 budget for FY03, up 7.2%
423ReinFairfax Cnty Cutting Property Taxes on Homes by 2 cents to $1.21/100--supervisors pass $2.4B budget
428Fenty ltrDC Cnclmbr says This Tax Trigger Must be Pulled--tax parity already reached--refs McKinsey Rpt
502TimbergDC Council Agrees to Continue Freeze on Tax Cut--for 1 more year--some say "tax parity dead"
502EditorDC Budget Gamesmanship--tough calls for FY03--gotta maintain fiscal balance, address key needs
505Cnclmbr Eans ltrBetter Management, Not Bigger Budgets--gotta stop unchecked overspending and poor fiscal mgmt
508TimbergDC Council Backs DC Budget, Delays Tax Cut,--makes only small changes, warns of 'fiscal train wreck'
517CottmanMontgomery Budget Adds Money for Schools, Roads--$2.9B includes $1.4B for 139K kids
524StaffMontgomery Cnty passes $2.9B budget, Anne Arundel Cnty, $883M--both increase school funding
525WilgorenHouse DC Appns Subcomm Urged to Overrule DC Zoning Board--allow 4 Boys Town group homes
526SilvermanIn Montgomery Cnty, Teamwork Trumps Tough Times--found ways to fund dire needs by smart acts
529LeonnigHomeowners Decry Errors on Tax Bills--DC vows corrections after auction threats on up to 12K notices
603JohnstonDC Atlas to Mine Data for City Workers--gov't web portal uses maps to show info--public version coming
628EditorAlarm Bells on DC Spending--CFO alert good news: leaders gotta take actions to balance DC budget
726HsuSenate Panel Passes DC Budget Bill--city-funded needle swaps would be allowed again after 2-yr ban
816StaffBush's Denial of IMF Meeting Aid Decried--OMB says DC hasn't spent all it got in emergency prep aid
820MeltonVA Faces New Cuts as Deficit Deepens--Gov Warner outlines 'daunting' gap of $1.5B in coming year
821EditorGov. Warner's Grim Report--gotta propose major re-write of tax code ASAP--lack of cigarette tax stupid
830MontgomeryMaryland Facing $1 Billion Deficit in FY023 budget--comptroller blames stock market, spending
605HsuGAO Rebuffs DC Bid for More Aid--prelim rpt doesn't agree Feds should pay DC more for services
907King OpEdDC's $325M Crisis--notes Cnclmbr Eans indicates looming $325M deficit due to lack of capgasinstax
908MeltonNo Big Tax Increases to Fill Gap, VA Gov Warner Vows--decision leaves few options re $2B needed
908SunServices and Jobs at Stake in DC--$325M shortfall expected to force cuts: 'everything is on the table'
913NakamuraMissing Tax Bills Strain Nerves in NW--1000 undelivered in Chevy Chase area as deadline nears
913HsuDC to Seek Tax Rises, Cutbacks to Close Deficit--Congress won't OK '03 budget unless balanced
914NakamuraDC Targets Schools to Eliminate Deficit--$30M frm DCPS, $12K hsng; $22M employees, $17M capimp
917EditorCuts for DC Schools?--school system can't be immune, must assure some bottom line for kids sake
918TimbergDC Officials Pledge to Erase $323M Deficit by Oct.1--Mayor, Council respond to Congressional pressure
919MontgomeryMD Says Budget Deficit Growing--looking for $300M immediately: new taxes no longer ruled out
919NakamuraDC Bills 185 Residents for Long-Ago Work--some 11-yrs old, including huge back interest charges
919EditorTony Williams: MIA--can't expect to recover rest in Greece on company time: job here, not Greece
920FahrentholdDC City Administrator Suggests Delaying Gov't Pay Raises 4 Mos--union reactions mixed
920SantanaUS Court of Appeals reverses District Court Decision, blocks DC vote on medical use of marijuana
921EvansCclmbr Jack Evans Claims One and Only Deficit Fix = cut spending, can't 'tax and tinker' our way out
921EditorLegislative Leadership--Cncl Chair Cropp plan for agency cuts, franchise, sin tax increases, good start
921BaskerwvilleCut Deficit, but Keep Health Care a Priority--DC has made great strides caring for vulnerable: don't reverse
924TimbergMayor's Budget Cutting Plan Acceptable to Council--except for proposed minor income tax increase
924BlumMayor Williams Wants to Raise Taxes to Close $323M Shortfall--0.2% increase over $50K, raise $11M
924MontgomeryMD Gov Glendening Tackles $400M Budget Gap--tightens freeze on State hiring; few exceptions
925EditorThe Mayor Weighs In--slash spending $203M, up revenue $120M--better than Cnclmbr Evan's plan
926TimbergMayor, Council Agree on Budget Fixes--but temporary tax increase favored by mayor, still a question
927HsuHouse Appns Committee Unanimously Passes DC 2003 Budget--city praises Congress' cooperation
1004StaffSome Getting Property Tax Reduction in Spring Valley (NW)--based on level of contamination found
1005EditorBetting on DC Budget--Council passes revised lower budget 11 to 2: Catania says cut too deep: really?
1010HsuCongress Not Sparing DC Pork--despite lean times, projects get funds, like St.Coletta, marina, etc.
1013CrenshawDC Takes Bite Out of State-Issued Bonds--budget gap-closing puts on 9.3% tax for first time
1014GinsebergNVa Debate on Sales Tax Reverberates Downstate--Hampton Roads Voters Weigh Transit Needs
1017StaffRelease of DC Budget Bill by Congress Urged by Norton et al--Hastert says no exceptions
1017GinsbergBudget Troubles Cut a Wide Swath in VA--virtually all agencies, services, etc. prepare for pain
1017ShearVA Tax Advocates Appear to Have Fundraising Edge--$722K to $2K? foes have yet to report donations
1021CrenshawDC Council Rethinks Other State Municipal Bond Tax--opposing residents threaten to move out of city??
1025HsuAnnual Federal Payments to DC Urged in Report--Rivlin says can't be world-class city w/o $fed 3-500M
1030Sherwood (Curr)Now This is Scary--Sherwood reports on Rivlin rpt re "precarious" DC financial plan: doubts help coming
1113MontgomeryMD Budget Shortfall for 2003 Worsens--state now projected to be $600M in red: 2004 may be $1.2B low
1114EditorFiscal Finger-Pointing--VA still can't come to grips with resources needed for transportation, schools, etc.
1114TimbergHouse Votes to Freeze DC Spending til New Congress--caught in continuing resolution like most appns
1115MontgomeryMD Panel Studies Options on $1.8M two-yr Budget Gap--Gov Glendenning did nil to slow splending
1121MontgomeryGov Glendening Offers MD Budget Plan--lame-duck suggests higher taxes, dipping into reserves
1206WeismanGovernors Cite US in Fiscal Crises ($67B short tot)--states blame tax cuts, Congress's funding inaction
1214MontgomeryMD Gov. Glendening Offers State Workers Pay Increase--$100M pkg political ploy to irk successor
1216MontgomeryLeaders Say MD May Need Tax Rise--$1.2B deficit seen for next year--why propose big raise for unions?
1226EditorTrickle-Down Shortfalls--intense financial/political juggling ahead in Annapolis, Richmond, re lost revenues

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