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104MontgomeryMD Gov Glendening Cost Cutting Plan Called Inadequate--$175M in trims won't erase deficit
107StaffNJ 5th Term Congressman to Chair house Appns DC subcommittee--Rodney Freylinghuysen
107HsuDC Disputes Insurance Study Raising Rates for Terrorism could increase premiums 150% to 15% annops$
109HsuHouse Votes to Free $5.8 Billion DC Budget--emergency measure would allow city to carry out agenda
111HsuRep. Davis (R-VA) to Kill House's DC Panel--reform committee chief sees more autonomy for city (?)
115Sherwood (Curr)The Good and the Bad--Rep Davis commended for dropping oversight subcommittee--but still 'VA-first'
122StaffMayor Faults Bush's Tax Plan--loss of dividend tax could cost city $25M, shift burden to poorer people
130TimbergDC Posts Another Surplus, but Cutbacks Could Be Ahead--squeaks by w/$27M: next year much tougher
130HsuWilliams Seeks Big Jump in Federal Aid--includes plea for $455M fed payment, much for cap imprvmts
203HsuCongress May Limit Its Say on DC Budget--Davis, Norton push for change, more budget autonomy
214HsuDC, NY Win Deals On Terror Insurance--rise in premiums capped, Fed Gov't to pick up 90% over $10B
215JenkinsNVA Taxes Set to Soar--property assessments rising by double digits for 3rd year: Alex:24%, Arl:17%
217HsuFrom Hill with Love--A Platter of Bacon--omnibus funding bill carries pork projects for region, incl DC
221Editor$128M Short--CFO Gandhi now says deficit $128M: 65% of budget spent by schools, health, how cut?
221WoodleeMayor Says DC Faces $68M Budget Cut--$52M rev shortfall, $27M for medicaid, $13M court orders, etc.
225ReinFairfax Proposes $2.58 Billion Budet--real estate taxes to jump despite lower rate, new fees, job trims
301NakamuraDC Officials Poised for Outcry on Tax Bills--higher assessments, shift in 3-yr cycle means +50% for some
307TimbergWilliams Proposes Budget Cuts--recreation, housing, salaries among targeted programs to save $231M
318TimbergDC '04 Budget Wrings More from Well-Off--mayor also wants higher paking tax, expanded sales taxes
320TimbargDC Council Considers Dueling DC Tax Plans--Evans wants +2.5% business profit tax, may undercut baseball
323WhitlockMD Senate OKs Slot Machines at Horse Tracks--could raise $700M against budget cuts, House unclear
328NakamuraAppeals of Property Tax Bills Expected to Rise--some residents unhappy with levies and calculations
401TimbergMayor Williams's Capital Budget Assailed--Council mbrs decry proposed cuts in neighborhood projects
422Fisher OpEdConsultants a Drain on DC--city spending millions on outsiders, but hasn't will to fire incompetents inside
423JenkinsArlington Cnty to Boost Budget, Cut Tax--plan to reduce real estate levy too modest for activists
423TimbergDC Officials Face Divisions Over Which Taxes to Raise--income and parking, vs franchise/property taxes
426King OpEdHow DC Can Save Lives, Money--put higher taxes on cigarettes, alcohol: our wpns of mass destruction!
429Staff99 DC Homeowners in Class-Action Suit--challenging 'trending' approach to property assessments
507CottmanDuncan's Budget Cuts Rejected--Montgomery Cnty Cncl restores County Exec's fire/rescue cuts
507TimbergDC Council, Mayor Approve $5.6B Budget--plan adds police officers, ups housing funding, raises
510EditorSlow Growth Budget--DC FY04 budget gives everyone something to crow about but can't rest on laurels
513MoskMontgomery Cnty Unions May Budge on Pacts--tentative agreement pares COLAs to save scarce $s
515MoskMontgomery Cnty Council Imposes New Taxes--utility rates, fines etc. rather than property tax rate
522MoskMD Gov Erlich's Vetoes Irk Montgomery County Ldrs--move means more cuts in services say officials
523StaffPrince George's Approves Budget--$1.8B for FY04, raises property tax bills by 3.5%
530EditorLocal Reckonings--Montgomery, Pr. George's budgets count on ec pickup, or FY04 problems huge
604NakamuraDC Repeals Unpopular Business Licensing Law--7/6 split votes to return to prior flawed system!
605HsuWilliams Pushes for Aid--city's fiscal future in jeopardy, mayor tells House Appns subcommittee
606HsuDC Stuck in Fiscal Quagmire, GAO Says--structural deficit $470-1100M called too much for city to solve
619VargasNew Funding Rescues DC's Summer Youth Program--added $5.3M to be taken from Fed aid to states
624WigginsPr. George's Cnty Financial Outlook Improves--bond rating may go up go AA (well above DC rating)
624NakamuraDC Gets A-Minus Credit Rating--city will qualify for lower interest rates (well below rest of metro area)
710ReelDC Ponders Case for Commuter Tax--city ldrs propose to challenge Congressional ban in Federal Court
715NakamuraDC Council to Join Suit Against Commuter Tax Ban-- claim DC subsidizes 2 richest counties in America
716NakamuraNVA Leaders Decry Talk of Commuter Tax--proposed DC suit strongly opposed: 450K in, 67K out
725NakamuraDC Commuter Tax Goes to Court--Residents and city sue to end ban on tapping income of nonresidents
727Banner ltrThe Case for a Commuter Tax--advocates push to be like other cities, cite huge GAO deficit claims
730StaffMD, VA Leaders Decry Commuter Tax--called 'bogus', unconstitutional re lawsuit challenging ban
817Michelltr...And a Bogus Case for a Commuter Tax--analyst claims DC's financial problems due to inefficiency
820GinsbergVA Official KIlgore Joins Commuter Tax Battle--says DC seeks powers prohibited by constitution
821TimbergWindfall Puts DC at Odds with Development Agency--MCI Center tax yields $14M surplus: for DC or NCRC?
824Gandhi ltrLet DC Expand Its Tax Base--CFO uses GAO, other rpts data to plead for tax base for "missing state"
828Gessing ltrDistrict Enjoys Unique Benefits as Well--Gandhi's comments re GAO report exercise in selective reading!
830StaffDC Officials Hope to Reinstate Credit Cards--310 employees retrained in proper use of cost savers
910WilgorenDeveloper Sues DC for $7M in Dispute over Leases--claims character smeared by DC Councilman
912NakamuraDC Reissues Credit Cards--13 agencies cleared as safeguards cited: new oversight, employee training
918StaffMD Atty Gen'l to Oppose DC Commuter Tax--will join other suburban officials contesting lawsuit
1017MontgomeryProposal Ties Slots to Higher MD SalesTax--school initiative drives budget efforts: could raise $1.2B
1017TimbergDC Gets Property Tax Windfall--DC takes in extra $20M: prop tax revenues will soon match income taxes
1018EditorDC Spending Alarm--if CFO Gandhi's FY04 deficit forecast correct, city leaders have no time to waste
1019WhitlockLottery, Poverty Linked--study raises doubts on MD push for Slots--MD makes $456M mainly off poor folk
1022StaffMD State to Raise Bridge and Tunnel Tolls--MTA needs more than $4.7B for 20-yr long-range plan
1023HsuSenate Gov Affairs Committee OK's DC Budget Vote Proposal--would remove oversight of DC budget
1023MoskMontgomery Cnty Considers New Taxes on Builders--added $44M would help build schools, roads
1025EditorThe Senate and the City--Gov't Affairs Cmte agrees by voice vote to stop OK'ing DC budget: way overdue!
1029MoskMontgomery Cnty Council Raises Tax on Growth--will raise $44M from builders over 2 yrs for schools, etc.
1105StaffSenate Appns Comm Weighs Timing of DC Budget Vote--school voucher issue critical: maybe by 11/21?
1109WhitlockOptimism Dimming on OKing Slots--state plans stalled across East by bickering gambling interests, foes
1109Turley ltrBlack Tax--charlatans, crooks, and victims push mythical reparations scam for past slavery, defraud IRS
1113WigginsPrince George's Cnty Exec Pushes for Slots, if Price is Right--gotta find means to provide aid for schools
1119Hsu (Cont)...Senate appropriators recognize persistence of "structural deficit": show extreme concern for long-term
1119HsuSenate Passes DC Budget--school vouchers cut from plan, but to be returned in conference....
1123MoskMontgomery Cnty Faces $23M Deficit--County Exec Duncan predicts layoffs, freeze
1126NakamuraDC Panel Backs Property Tax Limit--10% cap on yearly rise proposed: lose $17.4 in '04, $70.3M next 4 yrs
1203ArzuaMontgomery Cnty Exec Vows No Tax Increase to Counter $100M+ Budget Shortfall--after hikes in '03
1203Wiener (Curr)DC Council Gives Nod to 10% tax cap--preliminary vote to be followed by considering alternatives
1203Editor (Curr)Prudent Approach--DC Council should look for balanced approach re tax cap--just up hmstd exemption
1211NakamuraDC Officials Push Counterproposal on Property Tax Relief--10% cap helps rich: go lower rate, up exemption
1215StaffVote on Property Tax Cap Delayed--not on special session agenda--will be addressed 1/06/04
1218MontgomeryRevenue Projections Rebound in Maryland--state still sees budget shortfall but $1.1B tax rise will help

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