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103NakamuraEstimated Loss Under Tax Cap Plan Rises Higher--DC home values cited; up homestead deduction instead?
110NakamuraUS Government Agrees to Pay DC Tax for 911 Calls--$.76 per phone/mos (not calls) hope to get $2M+
114Cnclmbr Evans ltrCity Council Needs to Address Surging Taxes--gotta cap property tax growth, asdd to homestead deduction
122NakamuraDC Approves Real Estate Tax Relief--cap on annual increase set at 12%, plus $38K homestead deduxn
122EditorMortgaging Maryland--Governor Erlich's flimsy budget looks OK based on gambling, but not really honest
129StaffCity Balances Books for 7th Straight Year--$32M surplus, going for another one as revenues rise
130EditorThe Property Tax Tilt--real estate boom in VA raises revenues unevenly for counties, cities
211 Lee OMB Draws Hit List of 13 Failed Programs--HOPE VI housing has 'met most goals', too expensive!
218 Cauvin Commuter Tax Suit Argued in Court--DoJ, MD, and VA battle DC against declaring ban unconstitutional
302WigginsCnty Exec Johnson Wants Pr. George's Cut from Slots Bill--doesn't want to be gambling mecca of metro area
312LeonnigDC Commuter Tax Case Thrown Out--fed judge agrees law 'obviously, regrettably unfair' but up to Congress
314EditorLawful but Still Unfair--failure to tax commuters drains $500M-$1.4B from city's treasury with giant structural deficit
321EditorMr. Duncan's Budget (Montgomery Cnty)--free-spending days gone, belt-tightening good
324HsuMayor's DC Budget Would Boost Taxes to Meet Social Services Costs--fees, fines, user taxes to rise
330HsuMayor's Budget Draws Few Attacks--use of affordable housing trust fund worries some Council members
409HsuDC Audit Cites Losses in Grants, Medicaid Claims--CFO says not his issue: up to agency managers
413EditorDC's Financial Front--Moody's raise bond rating 2 notches from Baa1 to A2--DC rates more budget autonomy
505Rivlin/SmithFair Plan for DC's Deficit--get Congress to provide $800M, indexed only to improve infrasturx, lower debt
505HsuBipartisan Support for Federal Payment to DC--MD/VA reps co-sponsor bill w/EH Norton, DeWine hearings?
505SherwoodCommuter Tax Alternative--Congress might give DC up to $800M/yr for infrastructure: anything would help!
511EditorNo Slots for DC--Bd of Elex/Ethics to hear referendum for slots on NY Ave--say no to more social problems
514EditorDC Budgeting Backfire--needed $60M cut comes out of nowhere--public excluded from negotiating process
514StaffCounties Disagree Over WSSC Budget--Montgomery, Pr. George's bicker over providing new local service
515MontgomeryCouncil Sends Budget to Mayor with Strings Attached--OKs $4.16B, but withholds some for proof of need
518EditorThe Region Responds--first time since home rule, Dems and Reps, VA and MD reps agree to DC aid bill......
518Editor (cont)--asserts that structural imbalance unimpeachable based on GAO study, extra services provided
520BarrMontgomery Cnty Raises Taxes on Energy, Movies--increases more than offset by drop in real estate rate
611StaffSlots Proposal Clears Hurdle--city officials agree to publish second DC Register special supplement
612EditorGambling's 'Crack Cocaine'--DC gov't's approach to video lottery terminals unsavory, shameful
622MontgomerySuite Filed to Halt Slots Bid in DC--opponents attack 'monopoly contract', halt referendum process: too sleazy?
623HsuSenate Panel Recognizes DC 'Structural Deficit'--DeWine, Landrieu want feds to make city best, secure
625MontgomeryMayor Urges Slowing on Slots--backers want plan on November ballot: 10-yr deal could yield DC $200M p.a.
630NakamuraAdded Revenue Will Let DC Restore Tax Cuts--top inc tax rate to go 9.3%>9.0%; title tax 1.5%>1.1%
630KovaleskiDC Slots Proponents Win Ruling--judge allows 5-day drive for 17.5K signatures (@$6 ea.) to put issue on ballot
630Wiener (Curr)Extra DC Revenue Brings Decision to Cut Taxes--bring income taxes down to 9% frm 9.3%, deed tax to 1.1%
701KovalesjiDC Slots Initiative Loses PR Advisor--firm's president cites discomfort with shady outsider financing
702KovaleskiDC Slots Proponents Launch Petition Blitz--trying to collect 17,600 signatures in 120 hours
703KovaleskiNon-DC Residents Petitioning for Slots--law restricts task to city dwellers: are they faking witnesses?
703EditorDon't Sign the Petition--shady proponents, too few DC revenues,:too many questions re 'social health of city'
706LeonnigDC Slots Backers Like Their Chances--no trouble collecting signatures, but foes cry foul on petitions
708KovaleskiDC Elections Bd Adds Weight to Slots Foes' Concerns--100 paid outside workers helped get 50K signatures
710EditorMockery of DC Law--scandalous, galling, that paid operatives came to nation's capital to inflate signature count
712StaffArlington Raises Cigarette Tax from 5 to 20 cents--bring in $1.4M, use to offset property assessment rise
713HsuLawmakers Say Congress Won't Allow Slots in DC--inappropriate for nation's capital--get $190M elsewhere!
715Hsu$8B DC Budget Advances in House--Majority Leader keeps bill separate from same-sex marriage amendment
718KovaleskiWidespread Irregularities Seen in DC Slots Petitions--bogus names, addresses and witnesses abound
718PerlsteinNational Harbor Builder Unfazed by Slots Issue--project to go ahead anyway: not sure they'd go for license
718Thompson ltrLas Vegas professor says 'With Slots, Budget Wins, Economy's a Loser'--$ must come from outside, stay
720MontgomeryElections Board Pushed to Reject Slots Bid--opponents say laws violated re out-of-town circulators
721HsuHouse Backs DC Budget with $560M in Fed Aid--$8.2B bill now goes to Senate where no action scheduled
722KovaleskiDC Bd of Ethics/Elections Investigates Slots Drive--testimony to begin on signatures: many circulators missing
722EditorFlouting Laws for Slots--outside interests abuse process, provide affront to all DC residents
724KovaleskiResidents Say Their Names Were Forged--17 slots petitions tossed out over fake signatures
725MurphySlots Petitioners Say They Acted Properly--opponents say 3 witnesses unlikely to have seen improprieties
727KovaleskiDC Elections Board Rules on Workers--non-DC residents can assist on slots, but with DC circulator nearby
728KovaleskiSlots Workers Can't Be Found--subpoena servers can't locate 45 DC petition circulators for hearings
728NakamuraSlots vs Doyen of Civic Activism--Dorothy Brizill leads opposition in DC as 'super-activist', gov't watchdog
730KovaleskiDC Slots Sponsors Withdraw Petitions--389 of the 3869 petition sheets found unverifiable, faulty
731NakamuraDC Property Tax Relief Inequitable, Study Says--DC FPI finds wealthier wards to benefit more than poorer!
801MontgomeryFinancing Behind Slots Murky--dealings of slots backers elsewhere raises questions of fraud, etc
803EditorGambling on DC--oversight rules laid out by proponents would be most lenient in US--draw gamblers
803MoskGov Erlich, MD Delegates at Impasse On Slots on Ballots--no closer after talks, special session unlikely
804MontgomeryDC Slots Initiative Dealt Blow--Elections Bd rejects well over half of signatures, ballot unlikely to survive
805KovaleskiBackers of Slots in DC Plan Appeal--court will review Bd ruling to strike thousands of signatures
806MontgomerySlots Barred from Ballot--DC calls petition drive flaws 'monumental': appeal is planned
815Barras Op EdRipe for Another Rip-Off--DC leaders ought to make sure others places ready for scam artists, mercenaries
817StaffMD's Gov. Erlich Won't Give Voters A Say on Slots--says 'simply not a responsible proposal'
827WagnerSurplus in MD Exceeds Forecasts--$310M extra in ended fiscal year may soften cuts, not continue
905LipscombGentrification Is Not a Dirty Word--can help bring in desired amenities, but gotta satisfy local neighbors
909MontgomeryRuling on DC Slots May Come This Week--Court of Appeals may send case back to BoEE for revisions
914IrwinDC Hotel Workers Vote to Authorize Strike--3800 employees' contract expires 9/15: could impact 7300 rooms
914MontgomeryDC Election Board to Clarify Slots Ruling--court thinks panel erred by banning signatures from those deceived
920StaffSlots Backers Say DC Board is Stalling--trying to run out the clock on putting initiative on ballot
922Hsu$8.2 Billion DC Budget Advances in Senate--call for city to aid rising costs of tuition program fails: $21.2M OK'd
929MontgomerySlots Campaign in DC Crumbles--DC Court of Appeals Panel rules Election Bd did no wrong: issue dead
1007HsuCongress Passes DC Budget--tuition aid increased in $8.3B package House: 377/36, Senate 'no objection'
1013StaffSenate Approves City, School Changes--would put DCPS on fiscal year basis, eliminate app'ns debate, riders
1118ShearVA Surplus Eyed for Transportation--Gov. Warner pushes one-time cash infusion as economy improves
1208WoodleeDC Council Raises Taxes, Fees on Luxury SUVs (about 6000)--lowers them on hybrids: gain $5M??
1212StephensPreservation Tax Loophole Pays Off on Upscale Buildings--'easement donors' save 11% on home value
1213StaffReversal of Commuter Tax Ban Sought--appeal to US Circuit Court of Appeals violate due process, uniformity
1213StephensOnce-Obscure (facade-easement) Tax Breaks Now Business Opportunity--evolution in historic preservation

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