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111EditorSticking DC with Tab--no way for Feds to act: past special appns much fairer. DC funds already earmarked?
111HsuUS Tells DC to Pay Inaugural Expenses--other security projects to lose $11.9M from $240M in Fed grants
112MilloyDC Getting Burned for Bush's Party--squander money elsewhere: too cheap to pay for own inaugural
117StaffMD Senators Oppose Bush on Inaugural Funds--reprogramming wrong since not within HS's guidelines
119EditorDC's $12 Million Tab--Post finds it hard to believe President would OK taking inauguration $ from city security
126HsuRep Davis to Urge White House to Pay DC for Inauguration Security-- grant money already earmarked
127MontgomeryDC Closes Books on 2004 with $318M Surplus--city has accumulated $1.2B in extra cash since crisis
207HsuFederal Land Could Be Shifted to DC Control--OMB survey aims to boost DC tax base: vs cash payment
207Hsu(Cont)US FY06 Budget Includes Requested $103M in Mayoral Grants--$15M homeland security, $42M vouchers
208TrejosPr. George's Schools Ax KPMG--accounting firm would not complete audit without review of contracting
208HsuBush Budget Has Gains, Losses for Capital Area--spending would rise for military, security: Congress will edit
209EditorLand for Taxes--how DC will benefit from OMB survey not clear yet, but could make Feds partner to solution
210WagnerSlots Bill Expected to Clear MD Senate--once again, hostile MD House will be the hurdle
212MoskMD Senate Committee Sends Softened Slots Bill to the Floor--many concessions added, like no site picks
216WeissDC Council Teeming with Tax Relief Plans--bills set stage for debate on using city surplus, tax caps, etc.
216StaffCouncil to Consider Rent Control--plan to renew laws, close 95/5 loophole denying tenant-purchase option
217MoskMD House in Search of Slots Solution--delegates still hoping for a compromise: $100M marked for schools
218WagnerSlots Vote Victim of Election Board Furor--MD Senate GOP's delay tactic assailed for creating diversion
219MoskMD Senate Approves Slots Plan to Fund Schools--separate House bill progressing too w/local vetoes
220WagnerSlots Split Two Major Democratic Candidates--aspiring governors O'Malley, Duncan take opposite sides
221HilzenrathFannie Mae Foundation Focused on DC--donations to DC up frm $9.2M in '98 to $25.3M in '04: 28%>41%
224MoskSlots Bill Clears MD House Panel--floor vote expected by week's end: faces stiff floor debate
225MoskLate Attempts Fail to Hinder MD Slots Proposal--flurry of amendments precede House vote:expect $1B in 5 yrs!
303WeissDC Budget Shows $395M Surplus for 2005 v $318M projected--some increases, some tax relief?
304Staff$82B Federal Emergency Spending Bill Excludes Inaugural Payment--but HAC chairman sympathetic
309MoskAnti-Slots Campaign Moves to Localities--foes aim to use zoning laws to block machines
311WoodleeDC Slots Group Tries to Avoid Punishment--re forged signatures, misrepresentations
315CraigMontgomery Cnty Exec Proposes 2-Cent Tax Rate Cut--from 1.06/100 as part of $3.5B FY06 budget
317MontgomeryTax Relief Stressed in Williams Budget--mayor taps surge in DC revenue (so much for 'structural imbalance')
317StaffKansas Senator Brownback to Direct DC Finances--as chair of Senate Appns Subcommittee on DC
324MontgomeryWilliams Earmarks Millions for Renewal--plan using reserves for tax relief, libraries, Anacostia bridges, etc.
325CohnDC Tax Credit Called Success--increased demand (and prices!), but hasn't helped minority neighborhoods
331Staff$583M Proposed for Capital Projects--schools: $158M; WMATA:$61M; MPD: $21M; EcDev: $44M, etc.
403AllenPresident Outmaneuvers Senator on Base Closings--appointments made during recess render Lott's hold moot
405LeonnigDC Commuter Tax Burden Discriminatory, Judges Told--but judges doubt their authority under Constitution
405CraigMontgomery Cnty Exec Facing Challenge on Taxes--majority on Council would abide by cap, cut $84M
415BoorsteinCommunities Campaign for Their Bases--lobbying increases as military realignment decisions near
416ReinAfter Pleas, Fairfax Set to Cut Tax Rate By 13 Cents--down to $1.00/100, after 23% jump in 1-yr assessments
421HsuDistrict Warned on Gay Marriage: Mayor fears congressional ire will affect budget: via Senator Brownback
425EditorLet District Decide--Sen. Brownback intervention in same-sex couples inappropriate: leave to states, courts
428WeissDC Officials Maneuver Over Anticipated ('06) Surplus--extras could go to road paving, libraries, etc.
429WagnerNo Cut in MD Property Tax Rate--board rejects governor's proposal to keep rate at 13.2 cents/$100
430MontgomeryVerizon, DC in Feud over $5M Bill--phone company threatens to disconnect DC (annual bill about $30M)
502 Gowen Alexandria Approves FY06 Spending Plan--$468M small compared to $759 Arl;$3000M Ffax; $967M Loudoun
506 Weiss Additional $90M Brightens DC Outlook--CFO raised estimates based on prop'ty, income, corp. receipts
511 Weiss $4.9B DC Budget Approved--new revenue goes to schools services: $94M tax breaks, $500M added spending

609 Weiss Williams Assails $8M 2-cent Cut in Property Tax Rate--complains biggest cuts go to wealthiest land owners!
619 Edwards/Golden Money to Keep Us Moving--Metro's gotta get dedicated capital funding stream from region, Feds
623 Cropp Cncl Chair Appeals to Congress re Voting Rights, Infrastructure Aid, Budget Autonomy--to Appns Comm
623 Nakamura Businesses Resist as DC Collects on Ballpark Fee--burden of gross receipts tax unequal, owners argue
624 Wiggins Bond Rating Up in Pr. George's--shift from AA to AA+ will save county money when borrowing
626 Suisman/ Szanton Capital Short of Capital--great nations' capitals get fed help--time for Feds to provide $800M/yr for infrastructure
629 Hsu Earful on Gun Ban Repeal--Mayor calls House bill, passed 250/171 'slap in the face' to home rule

705 Boswell Nationals at RFK Stadium is Summer's Hottest Ticket--fans are sold on the Nats: playing much better
709 Weiss DC Homeowners to Pay Less in Taxes--measures eliminate some inequities--up homestead deduction, etc.

805 Hsu Roadblock for Reagan--rider to rename 16th St Reagan Blvd resisted by city, Rep Davis sez 'ridiculous'
814 Rivlin OpEd The Challenges of Plenty--"suddenly" has surplus, be careful: help poor, remember structural imbalance??
821 Graham Pentagon Defends Consolidation of Bases--commission plans to start voting this week re 837 facilities
829 White Selling Investors on DC--10 years of improved city management makes selling bonds much easier

714 Davidson The Funds Not Taken--DC has rejected federal aid for homeless youths: lost $1.6M over 11 years
923 Montgomery Greater Help for Poor, Tax Cut Coming in DC--CFO sets $21M property tax cut, $21M more on social programs

1012 Weiss DC Council Moves to Curb Heating Fuel Taxes--levy changed to save users $11M as natural gas costs rise
1019 Haynes DC Delays Vote on Tax Increases--public hearing belatedly set on measure to fund school repairs

1105 Weiss DC's Bid to Impose Commuter Tax Denied--federal appeals court undercuts home-rule effort
1110 Editor Commuters, Feds, and DC--courts throw out activist nonstarter bill, worth a try to go for fed payment again
1116 Weiss Cnclmbr Fenty Revives Debate on Taxing Commuters--citywide referendum put to DC Council???
1119 Pierre DC Budget Leaves DC Gun Ban in Place--conference committee takes out controversial intrusion
1122 Weiss DC Cncl Committee Approves 'Living Wage' Bill--measures pushed for $11.75 hourly minimum wage
1122 Weiss DC Cncl Gov't Ops Committee to Vote on 'Living Wage' Measure--changes to bill could expand benefits

1201 Editor Cap on the District's Debt--CFO warns 'red flag' coming: backward slide to red ink too awful to contemplate
1201 Keating Mayor Williams Says DC Has Grip on Finances--calls Post reports on contracting 'misleading'
1222 Staff Congress Rejects Waterfront Land Sale--Poplar Point free transfer to DC back on track


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