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103 Editor Fumeless--Washington's smoking ban is finally here--time for others to catch up, like Northern Virginia
104 Levine Fenty Declines to Re-appoint HIV-AIDS Agency Director--16 month tenure got mixed reviews
106 Heldeeman Pr. George's Hospital System Desperate for $5M Cash, Says Lawmaker--(serves 180K patients a year)
110 Stewart Council Bill Would Require Cervical Cancer Vaccination--activist fret over infringement on parents' rights
118 Helderman Pr. George's County Considers Hospital Bailout--$5M to be subject to conditions as yet unspecified
118 Editor Plan for Pr. George's School 'Disgraces'--superintendent plans dramatic moves w/ appropriate urgency
122 Arantani Foster Care Agencies Struggling to Help More Diverse Pool of Kids--sorely need more faster parents
201 Levine Transplant Program Could Lose Approval--Washington Hospital Center defends its few procedures
207 Helderman Pr. George's Council OKs $5M Bailout of County hospital system run by Dimensions Healthcare System
212 Editor 800,000 Uninsured in Maryland?--helping them worthwhile, but compared to what: state budget in trouble
216 Levine 250,000 Condoms Deployed for HIV Awareness, Prevention--massive giveaway exceeds '05+'06 totals
222 Alexander DC's Infant Fatalities Spiked in '05--prermaturity city as leading cause in babies' death: 48% Wards 7,8
226 Editor Still Failing the Vulnerable--DC 'unmotivated' to help retarded: new court monitor report cites issues
309 Editor Radical Surgery--long-term fix needed for Pr. George's hospital now surviving on handouts
318 Helderman Maryland State, Local Leaders Scramble to Find Financial Remedy--for Pr. George's Hospital woes
330 Sheridan Senators File Bill to Close Oak Hill--Cardin, Mikulski want troubled youth facility moved to DC
404 Levine Council Tentatively Backs Mandatory HPV Vaccine--first vote gets 7/3 (= Schwartz, Thomas, Brown)
404 Wiggins MD Makes New Offer to Save Financially Troubled Pr. George's Hospital--county must share costs
405 Levine (cont) ....% male/fem blacks--adults overweight: 67/80%; obese: 31/52%; kids 6-11: 17/25%; kids 12-19: 18/24%
405 Levine Fenty Renews Fight against HIV-AIDS--mayor promises string efforts: plans to pick new agency chief
405 Wiggins Ultimatum Issued on Pr. George's Hospital--accept state-run authority or shut down, says Gov. O'Malley
405 Levine Blacks Urged to Take Challenge, Pound by Pound--mall rally to kick off anti-obesity campaign.....
410 Helderman Closure Looms over Pr. George's Hospital--with no deal with State, county weighs options
410 Cauvin St. E's Still Lacks Staff, Doctors, Court is Told--advocates say patients, workers endangered
411 Helderman Pr. George's Hospital Exec Holds Out No Hope--county leaders say effort to save system continue
411 Staff What a Hospital Shutdown Would Mean--PG facility serves 180K patients yearly, half uninsured
412 Vogel Pentagon Review Panel Calls for Closing Walter Reed Sooner--wants to expand Bethesda NNMC sooner
413 Editor Save the Hospital, Stat!--Pr. George's Council can still save its main hospital system, if it moves fast
414 Helderman Pr. George's Hospital Talks Ongoing in MD, Officials Say--closure talks cause unnecessary hysteria
419 Helderman Pr. George's Will Keep Hospitals Running--county agrees to fund system for 15 more months
420 Helderman Pr. George's Hospital Reprieve Leaves Questions--county exec calls deal 'stopgap' for next 15 months
420 Stewart DC Council Votes for Girls' Vaccination--HPV immunization requirement postponed 1 year, parents may opt out
423 Editor Two More Deaths (at St. E's, DC Jail)--treatment of the mentally disabled provides a measure of our city
427 Editor New Direction--more than change at top needed to turn around DC's troubled agency for disabled
427 Alexander DC Has Spent Millions in Improper Disability Compensation Payments--some returned to work or retired
503 Levine Primary Care Clinic Proposed for Ward 8--new hospital owner offers corner of old Haley Memorial site
503 Helderman Upbeat Over New Clinic in Suitland--Pr. George's leaders see way to ease health-care crisis
504 Cauvin Relatives of Foster Child Sue DC for negligence--abusive foster mother causes severe brain damage
515 Cauvin DC Settles with US; Agrees to Corrections at St. E's--avoids suit over widespread hospital deficiencies
524 Levine DC Hospital Is In Critical Condition--testimony details severe lack of staff, equipment at Greater SEH
531 Levine Doctors in Greater Southeast Community Hospital Halt Work Over Back Pay--claim not paid for 3-months
531 Duggan DC Closes 6 Funeral Homes, Alleging Licensing Violations--procedures and management questioned
606 Editor Needle Exchanges--DC should be allowed to use its funds to finance them: time for Congress to butt out
607 Levine Washington Hospital Center's Heart-Transplant Program Given Reprieve--program faces de-certification
617 Editor Hospitals on Life Suport--in Prince George's, health-care system is living hand-to-mouth
618 Editor Fostering relations--MD, DC need to cooperate on homes for needy children: DC can't inspect PG homes!
623 Levine DC Officials Reject Part of Stabilization Plan for GSEC Hopital--extensive staffing, supply, equip. problems
625 Levine Barbed Words Over DC Hospital--GSECH official, Councilman Catania trade allegations re fraud, threats, etc.
628 Editor Hospital in Tailspin--Mayor Fenty is concerned, but that won't solve endemic problems of city management
629 Sheridan House Repeals Needle Ban--reversal on funding ban thrills DC officials fighting HIV/AIDS epidemic
702 Editor Needle-Exchange Victory--DC is step closer to tool it needs to fight HIV/AIDS: will Senate follow House?
708 Levine At Southeast Community Hospital, Shortages, Cuts Don't Stop Workers--hospital staff lauded for dedication
711 Levine DC Allowed by Council to Seek Court-Appointed Receiver for Greater SECH--can subpoena owner records
712 Levine DC Officials Laud Progress at Greater Southeast Hospital--'impressive turnaround' in past month(?)
713 Stein 'Plan B Use Surges, So Does Controversy--non-prescription contraceptive use doubles in year after FDA OK
717 Editor Covering More Children--Bush administration balks at expanding SCHIP health care program that works
719 MacGillis In DC,Obama Says He, Too, Is a Poverty Fighter--offers antipoverty contrast to Edwards 'deconcentration'
719 Lee Bush: No Deal on Children's Health Plan--president objects to SCHIP 'philosophically' re private insurers
719 Levine Deal to Sell Struggling Greater Southeast Hospital Collapses--'corporate partner' looking at other options
719 Leonnig New Fears Raised Over Safety of DC Water--group finds unsafe chlorine pollutant levels--maybe temporary?
720 Leonnig DC Officials Say Tap Water Is Safe--water officials say chlorine toxins only temporary in treatment process
720 Woodlee Medicaid Funding at Risk in DC--DC has overpaid firms $97M for non-services according to audit by DCIG
722 Levine Hospital Crises Could Buckle Area Network--possible closings at SECH, PGHC would overwhelm others
726 Johnson NW Riverside Youth Hospital Faulted for Abuse--DC begins to monitor care at psychiatric hospitals
728 Johnson Agency for Homeless Faces Homelessness--Old Naval Hospital plans renovation into local 'culture center'
803 Levine Southeast Hospital Told It Could Lose Accreditation--from patient care/treatment to medical staff oversight
803 Leonnig Federal Appeals Court Rules DC Cannot Control Prescription Drug Prices--victory for drug industry
805 Donahue ltr How to Solve DC/PG Hospital Crisis--integrate needs of area, common purchase, talent, grants, services
815 Editor Hope for Hospital--sale could help Greater Southeast--can Specialty Hospitals bring needed investments?
823 Levine Southeast Hospital to be Sold for $31.5M--Specialty Hospitals of Am. deal requires DC to pay $27.5M debts
824 Nakamura DC Mayor Warms to Offer to Sell Hospital--Fenty says proposal for Greater Southeast could be 'win-win-win'

901 Nakamura Southeast Hospital Deal Cost Estimate Balloons--Fenty aides balk at investment of $87M: sale imperiled
902 Pierre Back from Behind Bars--homelessness, unemployment, temptations greet 2000 returning DC prisoners yearly
903 Editor Blind Injustice--DC shouldn't dun people it harms: i.e., seeking paybacks from mentally ill who died in care
904 Editor Hospital Holdup--would-be buyer of Southeast wants DC to pick up whole bill: could reach $90M grants/loans
905 Levine Free Condoms in DC HIV-AIDS Project Returned Over Concerns About Wrappers--are items damaged?
906 Levine Giveaway Condoms Effective, DoH Officials Say--torn packets, etc. lead to return of 100K of 700K in 7 months
907 Moreno 'Atrocious' Housing Code Violations in NW Lead to Criminal Complaint--unit has history of disgusting conditions
915 Editor Promises, Promises--DC has 3 months to show it can help its developmentally disabled residents
917 Nakamura DC, Buyers, Reach Deal of Southeast Hospital--DC to 'invest' $79M in public money to support sale
918 Nakamura Cnclmbr Barry Threatens to Fight SE Hospital Plan, Calling It a Bad Deal--a 'giveaway of public money'
920 Silverman EMS Task Force Not Expected to Recommend Split--suggestion flowed from Rosenbaum killing not bought
921 Editor Children's Care at Risk--President Bush misses chance for sensible compromise on Fed SCHIP program
927 Levine DC Urged to Contribute $79M to Greater Southeast Hospital's Sale or Face Closing--says its chief executive
930 Fahrenthold DC Area Outpaces Some Nations in Pollution--high carbon emission blamed on coal plants and ugly traffic
1003 Stewart Greater Southeast Hospital Purchase Plan Wins Unanimous Council Vote--$79M for buyer update/operate
1020 Nakamura Final Agreement Reached on Sale of Greater Southeast--leaders say (initial $79M?) investment protected
1020 Nakamura Health Chief Fired as Mayor Seeks More Forceful Tack--fresh eyes, vision, approach to "big problems"
1023 Stewart Constituent Assistance Increases in Urgency--pleas shift from better trash removal to paying poor's bills
1023 Moreno DC Finally Closing 'Inhumane" DC Village --agencies look elsewhere for homeless shelters for 115 families!
1024 Stewart $79M Approved for Hospital Deal--despite CFO warning, DC Council agrees to help company buy GSECH
1101 Woodlee Patients, and New Provider, Find Going In Medical Transportation a Little Tough--just startup problems?
1105 Editor Late Call--an earlier warning from CFO on Greater Southest Hospital might have been more useful
1106 Levine Obesity Study Finds Wide Racial DC Divide--"fat gap" between blacks (31%) and whites (8%) higher in cities
1108 Vogel Many DC Vets Homeless--7.5% (2400) in DC; 0.1% (911) in VA, 0.6% (3100) in MD; 0.8% (195,877) in US
1108 Levine New Owner Pledges Healthier Future for Grtr SE Hospital--improvements to start soon: fresh start anticipated
1124 Levine Greater Southeast's Buyer Inspires Hope, Skepticism--Specialty Hospitals has thick resumes but slim record
1126 Levine Study Calls HIV in DC 'Modern Epidemic'--80>90% are black: most spread heterosexually: worst US city rate
1127 Editor 'A Modern Epidemic'--study reveals tight grip of HIV and AIDS on DC: 9.2x nat'l rate: 'AIDS is equal-opp. killer'
1127 Nakamura DC Plans Multifaceted Attack on HIV-AIDS 'Epidemic"--more condoms, testing,education, birthing center care
1130 Editor In the Works--DC is ready to hit ground running on needle-exchange programs: if/when Congress permits it!
1202 Vargas Among Capitals, Which Has Highest HIV/AIDS Infection? DC higher than Senegal, Cambodia, or Haiti
1202 Editor Backsliding in the Potomac--report from Potomac Conservancy raises red flag about "nation's river'
1206 Stein US Teen Birth Rate Rises, Reversing 14-yr Decline--up 3% after 34% drop from '91 to '05 among 15>19 girls
1206 Stein Overweight Kids At Risk as Adults--study finds problems even with those who eventually slim down
1208 Levine Another Setback for Greater Southeast--DC Hospital loses its national accreditation: bad systems, staff, etc.
1210 Editor The Wrong Prescription-DC Council should reject the Safe Rx Act: badly thought-out bill won't solve problems
1220 Levine Programs Added To Reduce DC Infant Mortality Rate--'05 rate 2x nat'l avg: 108 of 7940 born died within year
1221 Stein US Fertility Rate Hits 35-yr High, Stabilizing Pop'n--'replacement rate' up to 2.1 kids/female: Hispanics help
1228 Stewart Vote Set in DC for Mandating Paid Sick Leave--city would be 2nd with law; firms warn of benefit cuts


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