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101GoldsteinPrivate Chain Buys Southeast Hospital--spirits of remaining staff up--merger with nearly Hadley likely
104Goldstein4 Top Drug Treatment Agency Officials Out--Walks to restructure APRA, privatize more, 65K abusers
107GoldsteinDC General's Role Dominates Health Care Hearing--as PubBenCorp (PBC) lobby pushes status quo
107ShenMaryland Child Abuse Deaths up 50% from 24 to 36 as total reports rise from 28K in '94 to 31K in '99
107GoldsteinCFO of MD's Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for better job--collected $379K compensation in '98!
108GoldsteinTwo Contractors' Mistakes Disrupt DC Medicaid--over 3000 patients disrupted by technical, other errors
110WoodleeCFO Questions $2M for Office Furniture for new Child/Family Services bldg in SW despite $24M shortfall
110EditorGroup Home Deaths: Week 5--audits ,new personnel, etc. good: must clean house at Human Services
110Editor36 Children Dead from Abuse--caseloads too high? legislature must move to provide help right away
112HorowitzAiling Head of Criticized Dept of Human Services on extended medical leave--not expected to return
114WalshClinton To Seek Doubling of Aid to Poor Neighborhoods--Hastert to help leverage $20B to communities
115GoldsteinMD Hospital Firm Executive to Retire--departure comes on heels of problems at Shady Grove Adventist
116Loose$11M DC Welfare Fund Shift to Foster Care Draws Fire--activists resist mismanaged agency 'bailout'
119HorwitzWilliams Fires Five Overseeing Retarded--aides say mayor wants to 'blow up" and rebuild MRDDA
120EditorGroup Home Deaths: Week Six--agencies need total rework--worsened for years under Council, 2 mayors
120HorwitzDC's Care for Retarded to Go Private--mayor may fire more in Human Services, Health agencies
122KingUgly Americana--DC Kids' troubles worst crisis since slavery; babies having babies, single moms, etc.
123Offner (cont)Enrollees spend 2.4x too much on inpatient care, 50% on outpatient care; pay 2x too much for uninsured
123Offner OpEdWe Can Afford to Insure All DC Residents--get $80-120M from tobacco settlement, subsidies to hospitals
129GoldsteinGeorgetown U Medical Cntr Reports $83M loss--largest operator (777 of 907 beds) lost $120M in '97-98
202 Editor Shining a Light on Death--Council votes to lift secrecy on deaths of kids in DC welfare system--enforce it!
202 Horwitz DC Council Mulls Disclosure of Foster Care Records--current laws protect adults, not kids!
204 Horwitz DC Foster Care Reports (to judges deciding kids' fates) Often Late--officials say workers can't keep up
205 King 10-Yr-Olds on Drugs--Teachers can't fix kids ruined at home, nor can demagogues, racists, conspiritists
207 LtrstoEds DC's 80,000 Uninsured: two writers claim Offner oversimplifies ability to squeeze medicaid paid to hospitals
209 Staff Welfare-to-(Fed)Work Program Starts--DoI, PTO offer entry-level jobs for DC needy pushed by Catania
209 Greene Group Home Medicaid Funds at Risk--US moves against 5 DC units after HCFA finds serious problems
209 Horwitz Mayor: Slain Girl's Move Not Approved--outraged Williams wants foster care details publicized
210 Goldstein Hospital Moves to Fire Elected Staff Leader--DC Gen'l trauma unit boss said to treat too few patients
211 Staff Anacostia Family Resource Cntr Opens--tutors kids, job training, literacy, skills for parents--USMC helped
212 Editor When Did They Know It? did top DC officials know about problems in retarded group homes for a year?
215 Vobejda City Wards Face Daily Indignities--DoJ documents detail suffering of mentally retarded in DC system
218 Goldstein MedStar,G'town U Strike Hospital Deal--firm to run facility, assume debts--merge load w/WashHospCntr
219 Williams Mayor's Aides Questioned on Group Homes for Retarded--DHS boss alleged to keep top staff in dark
220 Stoesz LtrtoEd Failed Social Workers--graduate programs fail to weed out students unsuited to human services career
223 Goldstein DC Infant Mortality Rate Lower Again--12.5 deaths/1000 in '98 v 23.1 in '89: 3.1 for whites, 15.0, non-whites
223 Editor The Truth about Group Homes--DC Council in best position to resolve bad handling of mentally retarded
223 Goldstein Team Inspects Shady Grove Hospital--accreditation, medicare at stake: got advanced warning?
224 Staff Aides to Mayor to be Probed on Group Homes--who knew what, when, and what did they do?
225 Editor Billing for Abuse--how could DC DoH try to recover funds from estate of mentally retarded victim?
226 Staff City Agrees to Speed Up Adoptions--DC averages 42 mos: feds want 12 mos or lose $42M--1000 waiting
226 Greene DC Claim on Estate Dropped--retarded man died in city group home--tot medicaid costs were $441K
227 Goldstein DC Panel Offers Health Proposals--move some medicaid $ from hosps, push tax credits, punt on DC Gen'l
228 Horwitz Record Numbers of DC Kids Shifted Into Foster Care--caseworkers scared by recent abusive death
301DvorakCity Moves Residents Kept Locked In Community Home for Mentally Ill--conditions deplorable inside
302HorwitzPlan Would End Mental Health Care Rcvrship--$225K boss didn't improve lot of homeless, mentally ill
302DvorakFreelance Boarding Homes Part of Unofficial Network for Mentally Ill--no licenses needed, no inspection
302DvorakProbe of Squalid House Clears Social Worker--as 'advisor', not 'placer': 4' of garbage brings citywide alert
305KingWhen Do We Care About Kids? -- only when disadvantaged kids already too deep in trouble, have guns
307FehrDC Jail's Medical Costs Too High, Says Norton--$19 per day 3x nat'l average for each of 1670 inmates
307MillerJudge OK's Plan to Restore DC's Control of Mental Health--new receiver to plan for DC control by 4/01
308GoldsteinInspectors Surprise DC Gen'l Hosp.--accreditors visit after staff leader fired: Council may ease firing laws
312Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty Reopens List for Section 8 Rent Subsidies--first time 8 yrs, add 777 to 4679 hshlds
313Goldstein9 Clinics Serving DC's Poor Are Unlicensed--for 2.5 yrs under PBC--funding, accreditation at risk
317GoldsteinMD's Shady Grove Adventist Remains Unaccredited--problems persist--leadership, planning bad
318GoldsteinDC Asks DC Gen'l to Repay $10.2M--PBC booked claim Medicaid owed it $10M--now down $20M!
324JoyceLabor Dept Program Will Train regional 'Displaced Workers' in new 'Metro Tech' project--pilot worked
324GoldsteinShady Grove Hospital Gives Montgomery Cncl Optimistic Report--aims to regain status later this year
327HorwitzDC Foster Care Caseload 'Horrible'--social wkrs 2.3xlimit for traditional; 1.7x for therapeutic; 1.4x for teens
328GoldsteinDC Cracks Down on Provider Medicaid Fraud--DCIG forms first anti-fraud unit since '83: 75% fed funding
328LeDucMD Senate Endorses 26/21 Built-in Gun Locks--groundbreaking bill advances to MD House, despite NRA
404EditorBummer of a Bus System--contractor retained despite driver incompetence--time for city to get serious
406MillerDC Gets Reprieve from $5M+ Fines Over Treatment of Retarded--jury trial needed: $6.3M more ahead
409WittCrisis in Child Welfare Hiring--probing abuse is hard job--hard sell in booming economy (pay $30-34K)
412EditorFind the Truth about Group Homes--former Human Services head says mayor's staff knew--they deny it
413GoldsteinShady Grove Adventist Hospital Names New CEO--base salary $220K: 263-beds, staff over 5500
414Mencimer(CP)Strung Out/Strung Along--100's await help while APRA piles up cronies, surplus eqpt, sweetheart deals
415GoldsteinProblems Persist at Shady Grove Hospital--state regulators cite errors by staff, lack of action by board
420LeonnigDC Ousts 2 at Mental Health Agency--CFO, chief contracting officer 'jeopardize 9000 in their care'
422Horwitz'Brinna Report' Cites Chaos in 7 DC Agencies--MRDA, Health Services, PBC, CFS, etc. had part in death
428EditorChildren Still in Peril--Ackerman calls for community effort to make kids safe at home, in school--so how?
428GoldsteinHospital Agency's Deficit Growing-- borrowed $20M more--if private, PBC would be declared bankrupt
504LeonnigReviw of Mental Health Deaths Urged--advocates deplore 'fragile' patients' treatment: demand action
506HighamBrianna's Death Motivates House Probe of DC Agency--recommended welfare reforms ignored for yrs
507GoldsteinFrom All Sides, Criticism of DC General Piling Up--PBC's Fairman under fire for not firing/ planned firings
509StaffDC General Gets Surprise Inspection--after receiving complaints from workers about irregularities
509StaffNurses Criticize GU Hospital Purchase (by MedStar)--fear that ailing Georgetown will siphon off funds
510EditorLosers: Taxpayers and the Poor--grants handed out despite plea from DCHA's Gilmore to hold off
513GoldsteinDC General Workers Stage Protest--unions demonstrate against CEO Fairman for raises, better care
514McDonald ltrClueless on Homeless--DC's emergency shelter strategy ineffective, outdated--doesn't teach job skills
517BrubakerMedStar Health's Bond Rating Downgraded--only to BBB-plus--runs Washington Hospital Center
517MillerEx-DC Head of MRDDA Convicted of Conflict of Interest--got $30K from contractor serving retarded
518EditorGetting at the Tragic Truth--Council hearings to start on group homes run by MRDDA--gotta fix problems
518Greene/SunDeaths Put DC Group Home Firm Under Scrutiny--alleged abuse of mentally ill spurs probes, suits
519VobejdaConcerns Raised Re Program for Retarded--556 adults do simple work at contractor site: $10M per year
519EditorDC's Doctor Bill--Council looks at bill to let doctors bargain with insurers--not ready for such a decision
521GoldsteinCongress Wants to Probe Loans to DC Gen'l--many want hospital closed, PBC boss got $239K w/bonus!
526EditorThey All Failed the Voiceless--DC Council/executive must substantially improve care of mentally troubled
531WoodleeMayor Unaware of Group Home Abuses, Say Senior Staff: Omer, Dong, Graham --too many 'don't knows'?
531Gutierrez LtrEd'DC Doctor Bill'--DC bill to regulate doctor negotiations w/HMO's OK: would help balance playingfield
601WoodleeWilliams Promises Better Care for Retarded--pledges to fix group homes in fundamentally broken system
601StaffBirthrate for MD Teens Declines Again for 7th year--21 per 1000 teenage girls in '98
601GoldsteinCouncil Members Linked to Hires at DC General--hiring practices called 'outrageous'
602WoodleeMayor Takes Some Blame for Group Home Abuses--DHS ex-director claims many memos sent up
602StaffSale of Georgetown U hospital and medical network to MedStar--will assume $80M debt, 3-4000 wkrs
603StaffUS Surgeon General Backs Mayor's Health Plans for 65% tobacco $--Council wants 65% saved
603EditorPlaying Favorites--PBC padding DC Gen'l payroll with friends/relatives of Council mbrs, others
605GoldsteinDC Gen'l Board Overhauled--mayor acts on critical rpt--Fairman ignores problems--Walks 'outraged'
605BlumDC Schools Losing Millions in Medicaid--lack of special ed records curbs reimbursement--$10M pa?
607StaffDC Council OK's Doctors Collective Bargaining w/HMOs w/o anti-trust fear--lobbyists turn to Congress
608Editor (WT)DC General on Life Support--PBC in serious trouble--Fairman maybe on way out--hope new board helps!
609EditorUnsnarling DC General--consultants' review say board superficial, top-heavy managers inexperienced
609Ataiyero Prince George's School Wellness Centers Help Often-Overlooked Youths--with no other health care
613Offner OpEdWelfare:Now for the Men--80% blk women 20-24 birth out of wedlock--gotta get young men jobs, married
613GoldsteinDC General Spending Subject of Federal Probe--Fairman using uncontrolled bank account--illegal
616GoldsteinHospital Agency Banking Halted--PBC's Fairman told by DC CFO to use only DC;s financial system
616LeonnigReview of St. Elizabeth's Finds Key Shortfalls--fed reviewers fault nurse shortage, care, top supervisors
617GoldsteinNew DC General Overseers Take Over--4 new board members (not yet Council-OK'd) dig into books
623MillerDC Contractor Gets Prison for Medicaid Fraud--misused $1.6M intended for mentally retarded care
625Freed ltrDC General: Easy to Fault, Hard to Fix--can't ever make profit providing hi-tech care to poorest of poor!
626GoldsteinGroup to Pay Addicts to Take Birth Control--offer mentally ill drug abusers $200 for 'long-term control'
701GoldsteinHospital Agency Chief Put on Leave--Fairman relieved, replaced by close ally for 30 days
707GoldsteinDC General Official Seeks $1M in Severance Pay--per little-known contract addendum by PBC bd
707McCarthy quoteOutrageous/immoral to consider paying Fairman $1M; hospital a financial shambles, patients at risk
708WoodleeOversight of DC's Retarded Criticized--Council special committee probe finds delays, indecision
708EditorMr. Fairman's Far-Out Finale--excessive deal kept from city officials should not stand, nor PBC board!
709Smith LtrNorton's Attack on Enormous Success--receiver turned broken DC jail health mess into modern clinic
712LengelDC Toughens Marijuana Penalties--distribution conviction to become a felony--more like MD and VA
712StaffCouncil Rejects Conscience Exemption--Catholics to keep lobbying despite claims of intractability
712FahrentholdDC Contraceptive Bill to be Amended--to add "conscience clause" to exempt Catholic run organizations
712GoldsteinPanel Fires 18 in Bid to Save DC General--PBC board finally acts under new membership--why so long?
713SunRetarded Man Left Stranded, in Restraints--DC Agency can't find place for 30-yr-old, in hospital 8 mos.
713FahrentholdHill Raps DC Over Insurance Demands--subcom. leaders want 'conscience clause' in birth control bill
713FisherSt. Elizabeth's Checkered Past, Grand Potential--old campus gone to seed--could be great for UDC
713GoldsteinHouse Panel Rebukes DC on Hospital Loans--DC officials never questioned practice despite defaults
715KingClash over 'Conscience Clause'--self gov't as important as religious freedom--keep uninformed Hill out
715GoldsterinDC General Hospital Agency Enlists Help on Chief's Severance Deal--hires law firm to limit immoral deal
720TuckerList of Attorneys for Poor in DC Court Halved--sets tighter standards for 335 remaining from 678
720GoldsteinDC Gen'l Renovation Put at $112M--consultant says replacement may be better: too big, old, run-down
721PattonDC Goes After Deadbeat Parents--200 owe $6M: child supt program involved with 300K kids/parents
721GoldsteinHospital Faces Major Surgery--PBC (!) began work to shrink DC Gen'l. Deficits likely to keep climbing
722StaffDC Owes Hospitals, Court Affirms--DC failed to compensate hospitals for Medicaid underpayment
722LeonnigTrainees Show Up, but Checks Don't--DC jobs program fails to pay women its trying to get off welfare
723GoldsteinDC Jail Illness Triggers Testing--Legionnaires' disease hits guard at facility--gotta test all inmates
724EditorWelfare to Work--Without Pay--reprehensible too mild a word for failure to pay 40 new working women
726StaffWarning on Tobacco Sales to Minors--new DC DoPH campaign follows 100 stings, 103 citations
729GoldsteinPBC Plan Bared to Salvage DC Gen'l--cut 300+ jobs, $39M frm budget, scale back empty beds, bldgs, etc.
729Goldstein(cont)PBC Plan Bared to Salvage DC Gen'l--Fairman offered $66K, vice million$ package requested!
810NewmanUS Elderly (13%): Older, Healthier, Wealthier--but median of black 11% net worth $13K, whites $181K!
810Chan DC Welfare Funds to go to Children--critics say $12M grant shift from recipients to needy kids wrong--
812HorwitzTop DC Official Ordered Arrested--staff, Chld/FamServicesAgency R'c'vr missed court re neglect case
813HorwitzHead of DC CFS Agency (in Receivership for 5 years) Choosing between Arrest, Surrender to courts
815GoldsteinCaretakers of DC General Given Spending Ultimatum--CFO moves to force agency to live within means
815HighamDC Child Welfare Official Arrested--Chief Ernestine Jones chastised for defying court, not appearing
815EditorDon't Mess With Judge Christian--Jones should have obeyed--took warrant and handcuffs to make point
816EditorDim Days for DC General--PBC now pays price for poor mgmt, poor oversight by elected officials
819HighamDC Study Lambastes City's Child Protection--cites breakdown in abuse probes--many agencies involved
820StaffDC Child Welfare Chief Raises Stakes--sues to bar local judges holding her accountable for agency acts
823GoldsteinSeverance Document Authenticity Questioned--PBC CEO Fairman may have used dubious document
823GoldsteinUS Welfare Reform Anniversary is Low-Ley, w/o Clinton--4.6M on '96 rolls down to 2.4M at end '99
824HorwitzDC Child Welfare Chief Jones Drops Lawsuit--targeting local judges: why get arrested v settling quietly?
824GoldsteinDC Gen'l Plans 1000 Layoffs--PBC action could cause major changes in medical services delivery
826GoldsteinDC Gen'l Slashing Services, 550 jobs--restructuring to limit hospital to basic, urgent care, spread load
827Offner ltrDC Gen'l Everybody's Problem--question is how best to allocate $140M for indigent care; can't dismiss
827GoldsteinPlans to Downsize DC Gen'l Upsets Staff, Patients--shift to 800-empl., 23-hr emergency cntr resisted
830SherwoodAbout DC Gen'l--what happens to patients and employees? some fear mayor's urge for ballpark site!
902FisherPoor Will Foot Bill for Streamlining DC Gen'l--shift to 23-hr clinic will dump many--1/3rd of DC's free care
906HighamMd Turns Away DC Foster Kids--cite program chaos, fear for wards' safety--half of 3100 DC kids in Md!
907GoldsteinDC Faulted on Charity Care--hospitals allowed to neglect the uninsured, says report, PBC/DCGH worst
907HorwitzDC Child Welfare to Get Congressional Scrutiny--House subcommittee wants 'emergency plan', answers
909GoldsteinDC Council Delays Revamp of DC General--PBC officials warn of financial crisis if cuts don't start soon
909EditorFoster-Spanking: VA officials considering allowing foster parents to spank kids--should drop idea!
910ChanChild Supt Debtors Get 5-Day Amnesty--drive seeks $ owed single parents: DC worst, 1235 owe $6.7M
910Walks ltrNo One to be Left in Lurch--full health care East of River as DC Gen'l changes--clinics, not emerg rooms
912FisherFor Dedication, Health Official Gets Pink Slip--speaking up gets DC's only epidemologist thrown out
913EditorTruth About DC General--Council right to raise questions; need answers re loss of trauma cntr, etc.
917ChanChild Support Amnesty Finds Fathers, Stories, Some Cash--600 parents report, pay $62K ,120K cases!
918GoldsteinCase of Need at DC General--hospital hearing may show its role--80% of ER visits needed only clinics,
919GoldsteinDC Council Members Deride Hospital Plan--proposal for DC Gen'l layoffs, conversion met uneasily
919StaffMental Health Services to Cut 200 of 2000 Jobs--50 vacant, rest middle managers--to match nat'l stds?
920HighamGAO Study Faults DC Child Care--1200 case investigations fail court 2-day order, some 150 over 30 days
920GoldsteinDC General PBC Officials Complain of Tax Calls--personal returns allegedly probed for non payment?
921WoodleeDC Uncovers Disability Plan Overpayments--wasting over $1M per year thru inefficiency, ineffectiveness
921GoldsteinWashington Hospital Center Nurses Protest Mandatory Overtime--over 1200 out on strike re long hours
921HorwitzHouse Whip DeLay Pans DC Foster Care --agency, mayor told to devise new plan, rid incompetence, etc.
922WoodleeDC Rebuked for Idle Job Funds--Dept of Labor hits slow use of $9M in DC job program--only $639K spent
922StaffNurses Continue Washington Hospital Center Strike--950 replacement workers handle full case load
922HighamDC Child Welfare Chief Apologizes to judges, others--tensions continue between receiver and city
923GoldsteinCity Explains Calls about Taxes--not intended to alarm DC Gen'l, PBC officials--didn't explain reasons
924LeonnigHealth Care Licenses Stalled in DC office--2500 pending, office in turmoil, Walks promises improvements
924GoldsteinImported Nurses Step in for Strikers--temps loathed by peers, lauded at Washington Hospital Cntr
924Malson OpEdDC General's Woes Not Our Fault--DC Hosp Assn says private hospitals not unhelpful, chides Offner
925EditorGive the DC Courts a Chance--House should not cut funding--new chief and improved mgmt coming?
926StaffWash Hospital Cntr, 1200 Striking Nurses Still Far Apart--union offers 16% raise over 3 yrs, no response
926ChanProgress Reported on Care of Retarded--but DC officials concede problems in MRDDA for 1155 patients
927ChanChild-Death Law Opposed in DC--advocates want records of abused kids protected for parents sake
928EditorGood Povery Rpt--new BuCensus rpt puts overall, child poverty at 20-yr low as prosperity trickles down
929StaffSt. Elizabeth's Reinspected by US HCFA Team--$Fed80M at stake for 360-bed mental health hospital
930Goldstein296 (v. 550) Axed at DC Gen'l--cuts hosp. frm 250- to 165-beds, bd mbr quits re Fairman severance cut
1003StaffProgress, Problem Noted At St. Elizabeth's--team recommends OK'ing $80M in federal funds
1005GoldsteinUninsured Costs at DC Gen'l, Clinic Challenged--claim of $80M way too high: more personnel cuts ahead
1005HorwitzDC Offers Changes in Child Welfare System--six-prong reorg, consolidation effort expected to help
1007Cropp ltrNo Prescription for DC General--Council hasn't delayed revamp, just hasn't got info for any decisions
1008EditorAt Bus Drivers' Mercy--DCPS spec ed transpo a disgrace, get rid of incompetents now, care for needy
1008Council ltrCatania, Allen, Chavous propose merging DC Gen'l w/private hospital, bag PBC, stay on current campus!
1008Cohn/ChanBoost for DC's Poorest--economy cuts pov rate--1st drop since '80s frm 22% to 19%, jobless down to 5.4%
1013HighamDC Foster Care Receiver Resigns--Jones scuffled with Congress, courts, mixed reviews after 3 years
1013GoldsteinCity Budget Deal OKs Reprogramming to DC Gen'l--$90M can be shifted--if found by mayor, Council
1014EditorChildren Still Need Help--Jones' resignation in foster care's best interests--new receiver must be named
1014GoldsteinPBC Chooses New Chief--Michael Barch from GWU Hosp to lead transformation of poor's health care
1019ChanStudy Yields Mixed News on DC Kids--poverty rate still high, but welfare cases,deaths, arrests, down
1019Chan (cont)DC Kids Count Rpt says DC births down 35% since '90, 35% leave before K, HS grad rate down to 51%
1022Wardwell LtrMust the Children Suffer?--DC's neglect of its most vulnerable citizens is positively criminal, immoral
1024Horwitz/HighamDC Regains Foster Care Control--child welfare gets new cabinet-level agency exempt from $cuts, layoffs!
1027WoodleeGroup Homes Owe $6.8M--DC overpaid for retarded care--shirked collection to avoid losing rare homes
1028StaffNew PBC Chief Faces Daunting Task--500 targeted for layoffs--make trauma cntr or ambulatory care??
1029Seeman ltrHealthier Outlook for DC--opportunity for primary care for everyone; local clinics; mental health, outreach
1029Seemanltr(cont)DC Medicaid bill $800M for 137K people: kids, 70% over nat'l avg; adults,45%; elderly, 44%; disabled, 36%
1029EditorGetting a Grip on Group Homes--DC IG reports high turnover; crooked, unskilled wkrs;sloppy records etc.
1107GoldsteinProposal May End Nurse Walkout at Wash Hosp Cntr--14%, 3-yr raise, less overtime, dayshift seniority
1109StaffStriking WashHospCntr Nurses OK Settlement--1200 to return to work after 7 wks: among highest paid
1110ChanRetardation Agency Official Quits after 5 mos, Lists DC Problems--poor commo, not enough staff/resources
1111SalmonVA program to Improve Child Care to go Statewide--higher pay, college scholarships for workers
1116StaffChild-Care Cntr to Open Downtown, set up by Marriott et al --$10-$200/wk for 114 kids based on income
1118EditorThe Clock and DC General--time (and $!) is running out for PBC--gotta act now, disaster around corner
1119Freeman ltrPBC Board Member Says Closing DC General would have profound effect on rest of DC hospitals
1120TuckerDC Courts Speed Up Foster-Child Adoptions--using fed laws, 113 in '97 up to 330 in '99, 3200 remain
1121StaffSt. Elizabeth's Hospital Care Lacking--Fed review finds below nat'l stds, threatens $80M fed funding
1122GoldsteinDeal Would Open DC Gen'l to Bids--mayor, council, PBC, OK private takeover--unions plan court fight
1125EditorBidding Away DC Gen'l--city's 'highwire act' + 11th hour decision to open to bids unfair to 'least among us'
1126Graham ltrDC Dep Mayor Says 'well out of gate' in fixing DC's chronic problems treating retarded/disabled
1126GoldsteinDC Gen'l Still Faces Obstacles--privatizing leaves tensions in unions, acitvitists, pvt hospitals, patients
1126Lynch/Favola ltrArlington Waging War Against Warfare--gotta find positive alternatives to gangs for area youth
1129StaffForum to Discuss DC Gen'l's Future--Council OKs privatization , but wants full service hospital at site!
1129ChanLead's Toll on DC Kids--hundreds exposed yearly to lead poisoning: mayor wants tighter safety laws--
1129SherwoodDC General--What Now? severe budget cut back unreal; privatization iffy, who'd take on homeless, etc.?
1202GoldsteinControl Bd Prepares Hospital Takeover Plan--last resort would take over PBC, force cuts, privatize staff
1203Sager (ltr)DC Must Be Resuscitated--51,000 ER visits can't be ignored--gotta reform, get emergency relief from Hill;
1205EditorIf Mayor, Council Default--dawdling by PBC on DC Gen'l, plus budget shortfall will bring Control Bd action
1206PierreFrom Control Bd, a Forceful Warning--public threat re DC Gen'l impasse is change of style in new era
1207Patner (Gaz)Proposed MD Suburban Hospital Addition Debated--80K more sqft, 1100 parking spaces, helo pad, etc.
1208StaffJudge Praises Interim Mental Services Receiver--plan to divide agency into overseeing care, housing
1210GoldsteinPBC Board Members Attack their CEO's plan for DC Gen'l--'urban health campus' not discussed with bd
1210Barch ltrDC Gen'l CEO: Only the Physical Plant is Ailing--patient care good, 5-yr cost to maintain more than new bldg
1213MillerEx-DC Official Sentenced to 46 Mos on Ethics Charges--took $30K in benefits from contract for retarded
1215ChanDC Adults Work After Welfare Ends--but 2/3rd of remaining recipients read below 6th grade level!
1216StaffPBC Announces Additional Layoffs--total reaches 536 people: 2 community centers, 1 kid's clinic go
1221GoldsteinDefections Hurt DC Hospital--Sibley lures doctors away from faltering Columbia Hospital for Women
1223Goldstein$5M Headed to Columbia Hospital--grant for outreach to bring better gyno/cancer screening to poor
1225StaffAudit Faults Mental Retardation Agency--'substantial deficiencies' found in MRDDA:$120K per 993 clients
1230ChanSocial Service Restructuring Drafted In DC--split child/youth services from welfare, stamps, medicaid, etc.

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