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105KovaleskiDC Agencies for Homeless Miss 3 Deaths--freeze to death near shelter in NW Columbia Hts--not rpt'd
106KovaleskiFatal Failure to Communicate on Homeless--DC officials call for better coordination: no one in charge
106HorwitzFoster Care Takeover Faulted--GAO rpt says 5 years of receivership did little, foster kids still languish
107SalmonNo One to Watch Over Them--DC's day care shortage up to 5000 under 2:--due to jobs, high rent, welfare
107GoldsteinHealth Groups Huddle over DC Gen'l bids--private firms look at very different approaches to care for poor
109StaffHospitals to Merge, Convert Services--Hadley Memorial will join Greater SE Community--same owners
110KovaleskiAgency for Homeless Tried to Intervene for those who died--workers say victims needed more help
112StaffProtest for DC Gen'l Ties Up Rush Hour--jobs for remaining 2000 workers uncertain: bids due 1/30/01
115GoldsteinSuddenly, No Wait for Detox --contractor now takes overflow: overdue expansion helps DC's 60K addicts!
123ChanSingle-Can Beer Sales on DC Council Agenda--backers scramble for votes to pass ban, avoid loiterers
123LeonnigDC Settles Claims for Retarded--agreement includes $29M fund for non-profit, indep, monitoring foundation
123GoldsteinGreater SE Hospital Firm Withdraws Request for Tax Break--property exemption could save $1M a year
124LeonnigDC Agrees to Rules on Care of Retarded--methodical plan follows bitter crticisms: DepMayor approves
124StaffBills (from Catania) Target Child Support Nonpayment and Local Hiring--call for stiffer penalties for each
125EditorCost of City Neglect--new foundation to monitor retarded will create small army--what are current staff for?
126ChanDC Officials Grapple with 5th Homeless Death--intoxicated, slept on sidewalk, no blanket in 31deg night
127GoldsteinDC Gen'l Pediatrics, 2 Clinics to Close--nursing chief warns of staff exodus; use down: more probs coming
128KovaleskiHomeless Care's Deadly Gaps--disjointed DC services struggle to reach some, failed to save five
130ChanDC Plans City Jobs for Welfare Recipients--2700 of 16,500 turn ineligible for future aid within 2 years
204DavenportShuttles Get City Job Seekers Past End of Bus Line--fed$ provide buses,vans to serve remote areas
206Goldstein2 Private Groups Bid to Run DC Gen'l Hospital for $540M over 9 yrs--Howard U disappoints with no bid
207StaffDC Council Steps Up Medicaid Fraud Fight--empowers IG to prosecute, bypassing US Atty's office
207StaffAss'n Health Officials Criticize DC Gen'l privatization plan--as too fiscally oriented, not humane enough
210GoldsteinCity Seen Backing Bid to Take Over DC Gen'l--give long-term contract to GreaterSEComm Hospital
212MonkFinancial Ills Mar MD Mental Health Program--state $26M debts blamed for closings of needed clinics
213Goldstein5 DC Council Members to Fight Hospital Privatization Plan--claim DC poor will suffer: most disagree
213EditorDC General Takeover--gotta get real: separate rhetoric from reality, boost care for poor at lower costs
214MoskMD Mental Health Providers Plead for Money--shift from grants to per patient billing yields overruns
214HorwitzDC Foster Care Molestation and Coverup Alleged--US Atty probes charge of concealing child abuse
216KovaleskiIndicators Show High DC Homelessness Getting Worse--may be up to 12,700 = 2.2% of pop'n in '99
218MilloyHealth Care Reform Misses Heart of Blacks' Problems--current system perpetuates racism, poverty
220GoldsteinDC Hospital Protests Unlikely to Derail Deal--Control Board has authority: House unlikely to butt in
220SeymourBabies Being Born Healthier: more prenatal care, less smoking, but 63% in DC unwed v 33% USwide
224GoldsteinDC Council Rails at Health Chief over DC Gen'l Takeover--want more time to develop alternatives
225Brody LtrCode Red for MD Hospitals--must treat them as public utilities offering vital services for common good
301GoldsteinMayor Faces Hostility--cops whisk mayor away:'raucous' UnionTempleBaptist mtg re genocide, nazis?
301GoldsteinFirm Drawn to Hospitals in Trouble: DC General Bidder Looks for 'Long Term' Profits--Catania unfair?
303King OpEdMore Than DC General--'great symbol of black control' is revisionist--gotta fix health system
304Cropp ltrDC Cncl Chair: DC Health Care Plan Questions Remain: trauma, beds, school health, contractor, etc.
305KovaleskiDC Shelter Accused of Race Bias--homeless Latinos decry treatment, ejection, lack of language comp
306TuckerNew Court Proposed for Abused Kids--House Whip DeLay envisions specially trained judges
306EditorDC General: Who's Right? gotta separate fact from fear-mongering re trauma, beds, school health, etc.
306GoldsteinSecrecy of Contract Talks Worries PBC--timing of layoff notices, other transition details unsettled
306Chamberlin LtrDC Council Flunks Test--role of members fanning flames of discontent re DC Gen'l not constructive
307Wiener (Curr)Unanimous Council Blasts DC General Replacement--GSECH contractor shakey: what if fails?
307ChanHealth Plan Doubts Put on Record--DC Council vote questions privatization as 'poorly conceived'
308StaffPastors Appeal to Mayor for DC General--41 ministers 'speak for God'--insulted by having cops around
308HighamDC Failed to Investigate Child Sex Abuse Reports--150+ reports not followed up promptly over 2 yrs
308FisherDC Needs a Hospital Plan, But This Isn't It--prop up DCG until find good plan, respected provider
310EditorSexual Abuse Cases Gather Dust--police don't probe promptly:'incompetent, impersonal bureaucracy'
311Bovjerg/OrmondDC General Is History. Let's Focus on New--stop ranting, build 21st century indigent health care system
314FahrentholdDC System Failure Seen in Group Home Slaying--violent man wrongly placed, advocates say
316MillerDC Mental Health Switch Won't Hit Target Date--mayor, receiver have yet to fix plan for 10K clients
316HorwitzChild Welfare Care Called 'Incompetent'--DC officials face anger of Senators DeWine, Landrieu,DeLay
316StaffWashington Hospital Cntr Wary of Plan for DC Gen'l--may have to close its trauma center if swamped
317EditorBefore DC Gen'l Closed, answer claims re: new trauma cntr, land re-use; EMS alts;finances, Barch plan
317ChanDC IG, FBI, Probe Bias Rpt at Homeless Shelter after Death--Hispanics accused of ejecting drunk
319GoldsteinPBC Broke Contracting Rules, Audit Finds--DC IG sez DC Health Agency steered to favorites
319MoskState-Run Health Plan Gathers Steam in MD--potential windfall could help cover 800K uninsured
320StaffCouncil to Discuss Pay, New Agency--special mtg for new DHS director, separate Dept Mental Health
321MoskMD Mental Hospitals in Dire Straits--private facility operators may shut down without more state aid
321GoldsteinDC General Takeover Not a Done Deal--financial review delays privatization plan: will PBC $ run out?
321StaffDC Council Ups Salary for Human Services Director--frm $139K to$150K-- job to Colvin from SSA
323GoldsteinMontgomery Cnty's 263-bed Shady Grove Hospital Gets Top Rating Back after 18 months
324King OpEdKids On Drugs--January stats show 2 11-yr olds arrested, one on drugs; 0f 38 16-yr-olds, 79% users
324StaffDC Council to Review Pick of Colvin as Dept Human Services Chief--$150K salary for $370M budget
325WilliamsMayoral Letter Explains Plan for Healthier City--more primary care, less emergency care objective
327StaffDC's GU Hospital to Close Rockville, MD Facility--lost money on inadequate volume of 30K patients
328LeonnigDisabled Sue DC Over Housing--class action suite says too few publicly funded units barrier-free
328GoldsteinDC General Hospital Phaseout Not Ready--DC plan studied by Control Bd--subcontractors not ready?
330SchussheimLtrMental Health--Stronger System for DC--mayor should OK receiver's 3-yr plan, w/more Medicaid $s
329ChanNew Human Services Chief Carolyn Colvin Takes Long View--puts MRDDA, Welfare, homeless tops
401TuckerDC Seeks New Tack to Solving Teen Woes--kids testify before mayoral commission--few attend
402ChanSubsidized Jobs Aimed at Welfare Clients--DC tackles toughest cases: 1st 100 of 2000 in next 2 yrs
403EditorFrom Welfare to What? --2700 to lose payments in 12 mos--gotta train up to hold unsubsidized jobs
403PierreWilliams Launches Campaign to Calm Fears Over DC Gen'l Hospital mailing out, TV radio coming
404Freeman(Curr)Hospital's Closure Will Affect Entire City--PBC board member asks why no patient advocates OK move?
404StaffReceivership to End on Mental Health--since 1997--judge OKs city transition plan, new director due
405GoldsteinAfter Drop, DC Infant Mortality Rate Rises to 18.5/1000 from 15 in '98--births down 34% from '90
406ChanKinsley to Be DC Mental Health Boss--was consultant to rec'v'r: only one receiver left:Child/FamServs
408Hobson LtrMayor's Muddled Plan for DC Gen'l--privatizing despite facts--PBC never had fair chance to function?
411GoldsteinVote to Replace Agency Running DC Gen'l Expected Soon--Rivlin, others impressed: Cncl drags feet
412PierreDC Cncl Moves to Derail Health Plan--switch $2lM to DC Gen'l til Cntl Bd disbands: keep pub contrl
412OttoArea Counts 12,850 1-Day Homeless--survey finds 45% in 'burbs, 27% kids, 17% work! DC 7.3xavg
413GoldsteinDC Cncl Defies Mayor--allocate DC Gen'l funds, remove PBC replacement $s--1750 still on PBC rolls
414GoldsteinDC Gen'l Brief Doesn't Sway Council--hospital costs too much to run: gotta fix 3rdWld health stats!
415Pohlman ltrPriced Out of the City--lack of affordable housing driving less fortunate out--shouldn't forget them
415Rivlin LtrRight Health Choice for DC--Cntl Bd Chair cites DC Gen'l costs, poor PBC perf., need for new network
418ChanHomeless East of Anacostia--adults describe desparation in struggle to survive--some seek PG jobs
418BeckerRockville Psych Hospital Loses Survival Bid--Montgomery Cncl defeats mental facility bail-out plan
418KovaleskiLeast Help, Most Need--DC homeless services fall short in SE: most depend on churches, others
419Walks LtrDC Health Dept. Chief says DC Gen'l lacks leadership, offers no viable alternative to mayor's plan
421GoldsteinDC Gen'l Refuses Ambulances due to "Nurse Shortage",Black Doctors Grp Back Privatization Plan
422MorenoDC Gen'l Ambulance Ban Has Little Impact--GreaterSEComHosp treats 130 Saturday night, staff OK
422ChanFight Over DC Gen'l Focuses DC Council, public opinion, political grievances boost opposition to plan
424Editor14,000 Animals on Loose--no $ in '01 Health Dept budget, no RFP ready--animal control in 'sorry state'
424StaffDC Gen'l Diverting Ambulances--25-nurse sick-out produces 'little discernible effect' at other hospitals
425TuckerSuperior Ct's Foster Care Plan Goes to Hill--hire 3 new judges, 12 case mgrs, 'dramatic improvement'
425GoldsteinDC Gen'l Turned Ambulances Away 59% of April--no problems or service interruption noted elsewhere
427GoldsteinPBC Board Splits on Criticism of Chief Exec--did Barch really try to avert DC Gen'l's nurse shortage?
427StaffCouncil to Reject Hospital Contract Today--plan to override mayor's veto, hold press conference
427LeonnigDowntown (438MassAve) Homeless Women's Shelter Shelved--displaced by plans for 765 posh apts
428StaffDowntown Cluster of Congregations Criticize DC for reversing homeless shelter plan--new site sought
428GoldsteinDC Council Unanimously Overrides Hospital Plan Veto--Cntl Bd, Congress likely to overturn votes
428StaffSE Protesters Accuse Mayor of Health Care Lies--mock court outside Union Temple Baptist Church
430StraussChild Care Worries Adding Up--studies show kids more likely to be aggressive; staffs less educated
501GoldsteinDC General Transferred from City to Private Firm--Cntl Bd action defies DC Council, raucus protesters
501GoldsteinHow DC's Poor Will Obtain Medical Care--provide 9 Q/As re wkg poor, all uninsured under 2xpovlevel
501KovaleskiChild Welfare Director Named in DC--former HHS official Olivia Golden to head CFSA back from r'cvrs
501Smith OpEdAfter DC Gen'l:98% private, 97% Medicare, 94% Medicaid get care from private hospitals--why not rest?
501EditorDC Gen'l Decision--far-reaching plan lacks clear political consensus--worry about depending on DoH
502GoldsteinWorkers Grill Bosses at DC Gen'l--jobs 'not over til God says it's over'-plan to fight decision
502DavenportHoward County Study Portrays Seniors--grow to 23% of more diverse pop'n by 2020 from 10% now
505StaffDC Gen'l Still Diverting Ambulances--still impacted by staff/nurse shortages--inpatient care phasing out
505Cropp LtrA Committed DC Council--said it would state its opinion, but work towards success anyway: now is time
506GoldsteinHealth Care Prognosis Hazy--DC officials vow close oversight: mayor to appoint 30-mbr advisor group
507OttawayPrivate Social Welfare Initiative Draws Scrutiny--Bush plan model, DC Center illustrates mgmt concerns
509MilloyDoctors, Patients Have Questions About City's Health Care Plan--30% mental problems, + 25% illiterate
513GoldsteinDC Gen'l to End Inpatient, Trauma care in June--hamstrung by unions/lost resident drs, absent docs
514ChanBodies, Questions Mount in DC--Med examiner backlog slows cases--1300 behind: still no toxicol lab
517Staff2 DC Gen'l Depts Begin Shutdown--admit no more in obstetrics/pediatrics; 500 Jan layoff never done
522EditorPretty Words on Poverty--Bush shouldn't kid himself religious groups can solve poverty problems
522ChanDC Child Welfare Shapes Up--Kids Count report says poverty, infant mortality rates declining
523TuckerDC 'Family Court' to Emerge From Congress's Superior Court Overhaul Bill, new laws, more judges
523GoldsteinFoes of DC Gen'l Shutdown Dealt a Setback--judge denies Chavous,Catania right to quiz Rivlin, Smith
523HorwitzDC Child Welfare Receivership Ends--city gets agency back after 6 years: in no better shape?
526StaffDC Gen'l to Reopen to (some) Ambulances after 5-wk sick-out--other ER's loaded--55 in-patients left
601SchwartzmanFinancial Crisis at Pr. George's Indigent Hospital Center--trying to overcome $30M several yr deficit
603Chavous LtrHealth Care in Critical Condition--city trashed working system w/o suitable alternative--need new plan!
608GoldsteinHealth Panel Set Up in DC--38-member group to monitor care of indigent pro, anti, pols represented
609GoldsteinLegal Plea Made for DC Gen'l--Councilmbrs Chavous, Catania beg judge to save inpatient services
611BrubakerDC Area Hospitals Go Abroad for Nurses--big pay gap: US ($70) vs foreign ($25/hr)--UK, Phillippines
613HorwitzFoster Care Oversight Criticized--social wkrs do not monitor group homes with 400 of 2700 foster kids
614ChanIs DC Ready for Welfare Cut?--Fed reform deadline to take effect next year: DC w/72% area poor, lags
615RaghuntathanProtesters Take Over Revoked DC Shelter--masked activists protest decision despite better plan
616StaffActivists occupying old Firehouse Reject City Overture re alternate shelter--Price threatens action
617Lazere LtrDC Plan Overlooks Neediest Citizens--mayor's proposed housing legislation would fail low incomers
617Bosin LtrUnfair Income Tests Plague Montgomery Cnty--hurdles discriminate against those seeking Section 8
617Poux LtrVA Sits on Pile of Unspent Housing Financing $--400K now live in substnd hsng, or pay >30% income
619WilgorenHousing Aid Sought for DC poor--Cnclmbr Graham wants setasides in all projects over 20 hsng units
620Staff4 Shelter Activists Carried from Firehouse, Arrested by Police--to cries of 'stop picking on the poor'
623StaffHospital Closing Draws More Criticism--Catania claims privatization 'haphazard, stupid, incorrect'
624ChanWelfare-to-Work Program Fizzling--most eligible DC residents don't join 'Project Empowerrment'
624ConnollySt. Louis Offers Long View on changing indigent hospital--transition tough, but fears eased 4 yrs later
624GoldsteinDC Gen'l Sends Off Last Patient--shut down, resulting heAath system major gamble for mayor--and DC
626ChanDC to Aggressively Tackle Welfare Rolls--2100 fams lose benefits soon: 900+ don't try, get creative?
627SchaferStudy Faults Year-old DC Career Centers--fail to meet basic goals: haven't yet found anyone work!
627EditorDeadline for DC Welfare--promised more 'creative' approaches not evident; are recipients trying?
706BaconAdoption Funds Go to DC Agencies--after 2 year delay in DC Council: $s for scholarships, support, etc.
711StaffPr. George's to Provide $3M Fund to Strapped Dimensions Healthcare public hospital with $30M debt
714StaffJohns Hopkins Hospital Again Rated #1 in US by USNWR--Mayo Clinic 2nd, Mass Gen'l 3rd
716LaytonDisabled Riders Weary of Waiting--'MetroAccess' van service criticized by many of 17,500 area users
717FahrentholdMental Patients At Risk in Homes--most of 278 group homes have no OK license, says DC Auditor
719CooperChild Welfare Improving --study says US teen death, pregnancy, poverty rates lowest in 20 years
721EditorMaltreating Mentally Ill--gotta get cracking, bring city's squalid, dangerous group homes into 21stC
725StaffMontgomery Cnty's Shady Grove Hospital Hopes to Expand--$36M expansion w/new rooms, facilities
726StaffCnclman Chavous Decries Shutdown at DC Gen'l--claims poor have suffered since June: proof?
728BlumDisabled Pupils' Bus Service Still Faulted--drivers still late, no-shows, despite more carriers, less stops
804King OpEdGroup Home Near You--city officials can't avoid real, resourceful, persistent resistance to mental homes nearby
804GoldsteinFairfax Residents the Healthiest--regional survey says race, education, income are factors: DC near worst
808GoldsteinBid to Revive DC Gen'l Fails--judge affirms Control Bd powers, rebuffs Chavous, Catania--who agree DCGen'l gone!
811StaffMayor Marks Opening New Mental Health Facility for Community Services Agency--partnership pact w/union signed
812GoldsteinSoutheast Hospital Facility Proposed--new unit on 65-acre DC Gen'l campus would not have promised trauma unit
814EditorDC Health Care: Then and Now--SE hospital renegging on trauma center, caught mayor by surprise, may reverse
815CohnMore Group Homes in DC, MD, less in VA--10-yr total up 3735>7898, DC up 1654>2807 for mental, disab, drug care
815FahrentholdBoys Town Sues Re Delayed Permits for DC Project for 40 abused kids--activists bully, shout down proponents
817EditorShort Shrift for Food Stamps--27M down to 17M recips, cost $25B>$15B...Congress has cut back too far for future
818King OpEdZeke's House: the Fight Goes on--as NW neighbors object to open half-way house for mentally ill
820Editorial Too Many Behind Bars--tot 4x '80 at 2M/$55B/yr--9.7% all blacks in 20s in jail,2.9% Hispanic,1.1% White: gotta try new
826King OpEdA Community Affair--continues to point out unwillingness of well-to-do community to take mental halfway house
826Offner LtrDC Doesn't Need Another Hospital--has too many hospitals, too many trauma centers: really needs primary care
906StaffRegional Health--diabetes-related deaths vary from 25-50% higher (DC,PG) to 50% lower (Ffax,Loudon)
906GoldsteinLooking Beyond Jobs in Welfare Reform--conservatives advise states to push marriage, families,etc.
906Chapman ltrHSC CEO Agrees w/Offner--Healthier People Need Fewer Hospitals: core issue is poor's primary care
909HorwitzDC's Lost Children--'protected' kids died as gov't did little--critical errors in network found in 40 deaths
910HighamDC's Lost Children--foster girl sent away dies alone--protection agency didn't monitor Deleware facility
911HorwitzDC's Lost Children--without help frail infants died--released to troubled mothers with little supervision
912HighamDC's Lost Children--mentally ill mother threatened son--DC police Child Protection Agency did not act
918HorwitzChild Protection Deficiences Aired--DC Council mbrs fault gov't in deaths, fragmented, understaffed
920FahrentholdSurvey Says 60,000 in DC (10.5%) Are Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol--nat'l rate 4.7%: goal cut 25K by '05
922EditorWhat Substance Abuse Means to DC--40% ER visits, 27% AIDS, 85% foster care, 50% car crashes...
922Editor (Cont)Mayor puts annual cost of 60K addicts at $1.2 billion: promises 25K reduction by '05--can he deliver?
929MurphyDC Opens 'One-Stop' Jobless Center--city to speed claims for those unemployed by attack, aftermath
1002EditorCloaking Deaths in Secrecy--more public disclosure needed--support Patterson bill in Council
1003Diffenbaucher ltrThe District's Addicts--very confusing statistics, definitions, need explanation: may overstate problem?
1006HighamDC Judge Jails Social Worker for Contempt--didn't report neglected kids: overwhelmed by 110 cases
1014HorwitzDC Plan Targets All Drug Users' Newborn--dictates abuse/neglect probes for all new crack babies
1017ChanDC to Aid Laid-off Workers--raises weekly benefits to $359 max, no wait, exempts from DC income tax
1020LarisArea Affordable Housing Programs Lag--Brookings study shows Montgomery Cnty drops 64% to 3800
1021ChanEconomy Stunts Welfare-to-Work Effort--DC expects sharp claims increase after 5-yrs drop: now 16K
1024GoldsteinDC Plans for Medical Disasters--distribution network designed to hand out antibiotics if necessary
1026HorwitzDC Court Faulted on Child Care Reforms--lawmakers say 59 judges put careers first--divvy up work
1103Ruane5-yr Foster-Care Adoptions Rise Sharply in 'burbs--MD up to 524 in '01 v 160 in '97; VA 592 v 291
1103KovaleskiDC Plans Aggressive Homeless Strategy--stop cold night deaths w/more shelters, enforcing no-loiter
1107ChanDC to Allow More Access to Child Welfare Case Reviews--OKs disclosure of records in death, injury
1107ChanDC Council OK's 20-yr Property Tax Cut for Grtr SE, Hadley Hospitals, help DC HealthCare Alliance
1108EditorWhen They Won't Seek Shelter--DC right to prepare to protect homeless from freezing, find root causes
1109HorwitzNew Team at DC Family Services--New director Golden picks top aides as part of CFSA overhaul
1109SantanaMail System Woes Delay Child Support at DC Court--7500 child supporters 3 wks behind getting checks
1114HighamNew Families Share Their Joy--parents celebrate adoption, but nearly 1000 DC kids still need homes
1116HighamDC Studies Taking Away Drug Babies--as neglected, abused: some say treatment would get worse
1116ChanLess Progress on Youth Health--teenage births, child abuse, juvenile delinquency down, but.....
1116Chan (cont)....homlessness, kid homicides, infant mortality rise as SAT scores drop to lowest since 1992,
1118HorwitzShort-term Shelters for Children Under Fire--some wait months in lousy conditions for foster homes
1123EditorRespite from Respite Centers--$2.2M in 5 temp shelters, DC's respite cntr don't solve overflow problem
1124StaffArea to Get $21M from HUD to Help Homeless--$7.5M for DC, $23.2M for MD, $12.9M for VA nonprofits
1125BraniginMentally Ill Need Care--16% of all US jail inmates (284K) should be in hospitals; only 55K are
1127ChanCIty Offers Bonuses to Poor Who Keep Jobs 1,3,6 mos: 3300 of 16K welfare families reach 5-yr limit in '02
1201HighamStarvation Killed Baby Under DC Protection--case worker didn't see family for 7 mos: 9 deaths in 6 mos
1201GoldsteinDC Clinic Reports 27% Decline in AIDS Tests--DC rate 12x nat'l avg, 5% of adults known infected
1204GoldsteinDC Health-Care Program Defies Predictions--no catastrophies, $ unspent--by better patient screening
1204EditorA Family Court Bill Made Better--amendments improve on House bill, reducing rigidity: good solution!
1207HorwitzDeficiencies Found in DC Child Services--conditions in 5/01 largely unacceptable--slow follow-up
1210OttoNewest Workers Who Lose Jobs Ineligible for Aid--haven't worked long enough to earn benefits!
1211GoldsteinCouncil Mbr Allen Banishes Health Chief from Hearing--citing late delivery of indigent care information
1213StaffMayor Appints Health Panel Leader--to keep track of privatized indigent health care system
1215Donaldson ltrAll Is Not Well With DC's Healthcare Alliance--homeless having problems with clinics, medicines, etc.
1216Tally/Hayot ltrWhy 'Work-First' Welfare Is Keeping Women Poor--recipients without training going to dead-end jobs
1218HsuDC Area May Get $245M for Security--DC, NVA, Metro part of $20B omnibus bill--includes better commo
1218GoldsteinDC Officials Wrangle Over Health Care Plan--opponents, Council accused of 'manufacturing fear'
1218EditorCriminalizing the Mentally Ill--5x more mentally ill in prisons than state mental hospitals--gotta do better
1219TuckerMedical Marijuana Back in Court--activists want referendum on November '02 ballot--69% pro in '98
1219EditorSame Old St. Elizabeth's--full scale shake-up needed to rid hospital of bad practices by bureaucracy
1220ConnollyAnthrax Vaccine Plan Sows Confusion--DC advises workers against treatment: may not help given late
1223Kinsley ltrGetting Better at St. Elizabeth's--are hiring better people under new turn-around managers: new page?
1225FahrentholdDrug Treatment Reinvented in DC--costly system keeps parolees clean, gets them treated: really so?
1227EditorValue of DC Commitment--promise to make at-risk kids' lives better not paying off--rash of deaths bad
1231ChanMore Families Leaning on DC Village Shelter--crowded in full facility, relatives look for stable housing

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