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108ChanViolations Found In Nursing Homes--16 of 21 homes (for 2800 residents tot) don't comply;10 harmful
110EditorA Sin and a Crime--DC nursing homes below US standards--only local jurisdiction w/o regulations!
111HighamJudge Rebukes DC for Dead Teen--chastises DC CFSA: 18-yr old slain while awaiting drug treatment
112EditorExtending Welfare--extending "end of welfare bill": rolls may be down, but remember, problem remains
116TimbergFight Starts Over Site of DC Gen'l--hospital defenders oppose giving control to Mayor for 'other uses'
117WilgorenWilliams Seeks Input on DC Gen'l Hospital Site--compliment 2012 Olympics? retain clinic forever?
119StaffDC Transportation Department Gains Support--Council committee endorses separate DC cabinet dept
123ChanNo Place to Call Home--with surge in homeless families needing shelter, DC houses some in hotels
124ChanHomeless Services Aided More People in DC Last Year--group estimates that 16,000 sought help
126OttoVolunteers Gather Account of the Homeless-- DC: 7058, MC:1089,PG:1218, Alex:543,Arl 419,Ffax:1935
127BroderNational Welfare Reform's Progress--'96 bill up for renewal: should build on success 57% cut (pre-9/11)
129EditorA Lesson from Brianna--in DC no cost to judge or social wkr by neglecting sworn public service duties
205ChanShut School to House DC Child Abuse Center--plan for juvenile facility revealed at hearing on probes
206ChanSix Found Dead in the (Sudden) Cold--toll stuns DC officials who had expanded outreach efforts
207GoldsteinNational Welfare Program: New Plans, Old Budget--Bush to stress promoting marriage, better jobs
207ChanWeather's Likely Toll of Homeless Reduced from 6 to 2--in recent sudden temperature drop in DC
208ChanChief of DC's Retardation Agency Fired--after 7 months, 6th head since 1999: insufficient progress
217Povich ltrIn MD. Frayed Safety Net for Poor--50K people used shelters in '00, more affordable housing is key
217Dickey/SeldmanOut in the Cold--homeless in DC bring street emergency, should use fixed up vacant bldgs, not motels
223GoldsteinDC's Infant Mortality Rate Falls Sharply--officials elated, claim credit, but just reversed prior year uptick
223Goldstein (cont)DC Live Births in 2000 up 2% to 7666 v 7513 in '99, v 11,806 in '90, v peak of 21,686 in '47
224MorenoDC Immunization Quest Finds Bigger Problems--kids in jail, giving birth, no home, don't care, etc.
226MilbankBush Welfare Plan Would Up Work Reqmts--new $-incentives to marriage, keep immigrant pay ban
226DionneThe Welfare-Marriage Wars--liberals say forced marriages bad, conservatives want more fathers
227StaffDC Medical Examiner Reduces Lab Backlog--down from 1361 cases a year ago to 119 cases now
227EditorBetter Infant Mortality News--down to 11.9/1000 v 27.3 in '77: whites drop 8.2>1.3; blacks 18.5>15.1
228EditorBush's Welfare Reform's Next Round--more work, marriage, less unmarried births OK, but don't cut $
228ChanTaking On Inhuman Job--Colvin has better credentials than previous DHS heads-can anyone do job?...
228Chan (Cont)...Colvin wants to push literacy, fatherhood, and earned income credits--claims lack of internal structure
301ThompsonSentencing Project Group Wants Welfare Ban on Aid to Women on Drugs Repealed--devastates kids
301GoldsteinChief of Health Dept Will Leave in May--Ivan Walks steered system through anthrax crisis, DC Gen'l,
305BraniginFairfax Cnty Homeless Rises 25% in 4 Years Called 'Stunning'--843 of 2067 are kids,: due to rising rents
306AllenBush Proposes Welfare Change--'workforce' jobs could be paid below minimum wage; push marriage
314StaffDC Gen'l Looking for Business--CommunityCare launches ad campaign to bring in more patients!
401GoldsteinTying Marriage to Welfare Reform--White House push for states to promote families ignites dispute
408OttoIn MD, Families Go from Welfare to Work Without Place to Live, rolls down 68%, housing unavailable
410EditorA Bill for Care that Killed Them--mayor must not file liens against families of retarded who died in care
418ChanMD Threatens to Return 1600 Foster Kids to DC--paperwk backlog, tracking. DC pays $200+/mos>MD,
420ChanUS District Ct Judge Scolds MD, DC on Foster Care--'stop playing chicken with kids' welfare: DC at fault
427SantanaDC Superior Ct Judge Cites 'Loophole' in Law on Retarded--can be released if not fit to stand trial!
429StaffMD, DC Reach Pact on Foster Kids--state won't return 1100 DC kids living with PG relatives, if.....
507GoldsteinColumbia Women's Hospital to Close--DC facility stops takng new patients: too small, out of capital
508Goldstein86-Bed Columbia Hospital's Demise Called Inevitable--financial pressure, cramped quarters, etc.
508LeonnigJobless Benefits Lag in DC--recession victims wait 2 months, way behind MD or VA payment record
510EditorPiling It on the Jobless--DC bosses guilty of taking too long to disburse unemployment checks
512LeonnigDC Targets Wards' Assets--families suing in group-home deaths may be forced to pay city care costs
516GoldsteinHouse Debates Welfare's Future--GOP would give states more say in anti-poverty programs
517LeonnigPay Child Support or Face Jail, DC to 1800 deadbeat parents--13% single moms paid v 43/48% VA,MD
524OttoRanks of Homeless Growing, COG Says--more working poor, kids--53% still in DC! (7468/13982).....
524Otto (Cont)...Only 39 housing units per 100 people making 30% of $83K med hshld inc: half addicted or mentally ill
526MorellaHelping Doctors Save Lives--Congresswoman offers bill so all metro MDs can help during emergencies
527EditorThe Working Homeless--DC suburbs now have as many homeless as DC--33% work--need housing
528ChanWilliams to Kick Off Fatherhood Initiative--try to provide health, job, parenting support for absent dads
530StaffDC Reclaims Mental Health System--officially terminating last receivership, though oversight goes on
530GoldsteinNew Hospital Proposed for DC Gen'l Site--private firm's plan for $70M facility gets mixed reaction
602Daniels/HolumReneging on Promise to House the Poor--36K spend over half on hsg; 10K on waiting list,600 homeless
603GoldsteinProposals Offered for Parts of Hospital--Columbia Chief says 'nearby' new backers might reopen it
605StaffDC Council Approves Full Funding for Housing in FY04--back to 15% from real estate tax to trust fund
605StaffNew DC Law Lets Retarded Defendants Be Committed--fixes loophole that let incompetent free
606EditorMaryland, Virginia and Welfare--states take very different approaches--MD too loose, VA too tight
607EditorGood Outcome to Bad Scene--new civil law re confining incompetent retarded is good solution, if.....
612ChanDC Child Support Official Facing Paternity Suit--no financial support provided despite DNA match
613EditorFather's Day Down at City Hall--points up case of child support official refusing to pay child support
615EDditor$747M Question--DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy says city spends only $6M on prevention
620StaffMayor Nominates New Health Director--J. Buford to move from acting to direct $1.3B, 1400-pers agency
620FisherDoesn't Ashcroft Have Better Things to Do?--spreading fear re dirty bomb, gun law changes dumb
628MurphyBaptist Agency Cuts Off DC Funds--local panel rejects conservative doctrinal demands re abortion, etc.
629GoldsteinMedical Director at St. E's to Repay City for Overtime--collected $25K in 5 mos over $140K base pay!
705CohnUS Counts 1 in 12 Kids Dsabled--census reflects increase: linked to poverty rate, DC highest in area
715BlumDC Lags in Distributing Extra Meals to hungry kids--city officials cite health, legal fears from donated foods
716ChanJudge Sets Contempt Hearing on DC Juvenile Justice System--Oak Hill facility still falls short of needs
717EditorHunger in the Nation's Capital--private donors, Feds buy kids' meals: reflection on their homes, city care
728Edelman ltrOak Hill Outrage--stop wasting $ on litigation re child abuse: turn the whole system around
728TuckerPoor DC Kids Missing Tests for Lead--almost 80% of poorest not screened , violating fed court order
728Smith ltrAnd Politics Before Pregnant Teens--gotta get effective, proven sex education back in public schools
730ShanMore Boys Reported Assaults at DC Facility--group home supervisor fired: had criminal record
801ChanDC Speeds Group Home Change--move follows new report of assault on boys in foster care units
803King OpEdA City's Sad Neglect of Its Children--element missing is that DC Gov't can't provide love w/o parents
809ChanGAO Asked to Evaluate Child Welfare Agency--mayor's office defends progress, Congress not sure
812BarrFinding His Way Home--at age 19, Maryland Terp's kid had lost parents, siblings, but not direction
814EditorAbortion Upon Official Demand--forcing new hires not to have babies for year wrong, what say the mayor?
823MoskMD Child Agency's Funding at Risk--state lawmakers demand pledge of proper care
823FernandezPostal Cleanup Plan Passes Test, re quarantined Brentwood postal plant--chlorine dioxide works
825EditorIt's Cruelty, not Child Care--devastating audit of MD state ageny abuse: where has Governor been?
828GoldsteinDeveloper to Buy Columbia Hospital--400 condos forseen on NW hospital+GSA 3.5 acre parcels
831GoldsteinDC, AFL-CIO Open Unique Training Cntr--designed to transform laid-off DC Gen'l workers to union mbrs
905GoldsteinDC Ranked Last on Punishment of Doctor Misconduct--0.73 serious actions/1000 vs 3.36 nationwide
906ChanChild Support Dep Director Under Ethics Probe--#2 enforcement leader sued for paternity, payments
917JenkinsAlexandria Ousts Chief of Human Services--minors found left alone in squalor; prior problems too
1001StaffDC Gets $20M Bonus for Drop in Out-of-Wedlock Births--'98>'00 = 63.2% > 61%, w/o more abortions
1004StaffDC Making Strides in Foster Care--court-appointed monitor urges end of probation, back to DC control
1008GoldsteinFirm Faulted on Health Plan for DC Poor--audit finds contractor gave free services to 000's ineligible
1010RaghunathanVA Review Panel Opposes Proposed Hospital--suggest expanding current Loudoun Hospital instead
1010HavemannCity Unveils Designs for Scaled-Down St. Elizabeths--new smaller $75M bldg for 290 patients v.7000!
1017NakamuraHomeless Activists Question DC Plans--officials accused of not addressing shelter shortage coming
1021SantanaDC Initiative Would Alter Program for Drug Users--move non-violent to treatment rather than jail time
1023SantanaStudy Cites Progress in DC Foster Care--kids get permanent homes faster: watchdogs say long way to go
1027BroadwayDC Women's AIDS Rate Rising--7% > 33% of new cases in 20 yrs: workshop stresses tests, prevention
1030SanchezExasperated Cities Move to Curb/Expel the Homeless--rethinking policies to reduce panhandlers, etc.
1031GoldsteinPayments Fall Short Says DC Hospital--bill-collector firms way behind for Greater Southeast, others
1101NakamuraDC Council Criticizes Safeguards for Homeless--465 beds available now, 260 more by 12/1-need more?
1109O'HarrowCEO of Troubled Ohio Health-Care Lender Resigns--couldn't collect on late payments to cover loans
1118EditorProgress Report on Welfare--reauthorization of '96 bill good: DC caseload down by 33% to 16K
1119O'HarrowHospital Lender Says It Is Insolvent--Ohio firm's plight hit DC facility: Nat'l Century said to owe $3.6B
1119GoldsteinGreater Southeast Cuts Services After Lender Files Bankruptcy--employees fear repeat of '98 problems
1120NakamuraDC Mental Health to Lay Off Abouty 235--reductions part of department overhaul, not budget crunch
1120EditorUrgent Case--question City Admin Koskinen's 'comfort level'--too many signs of GSECH troubles
1120StaffFew Marylanders Found Back on Welfare 5 Years Later--sample of 10.8K show early period critical
1121SnyderMontgomery County Hospitals In Rush to Grow--demand for emergency rooms makes space critical
1121GoldsteinHealth System for Poor Shaken--GSECH and DrCHcC seek bankruptcy court protection: foes warned...
1121Goldstein (cont)....Washington HospCntr stops care for non-emergency indigent due to unpaid bills by DCHcAlliance
1122EditorBetter Listen to the Council--Catania warnings overriden by Moody bond rating, FedAmHosp assn OK
1122GoldsteinRuling Keeps GSECH Open for Now--judge OKs DrCHcC to use $s: officials prepare contingency plan....
1122Goldstein (cont)....Kinlow, Control Bd mbr, hd of healthcare watchdog group, had been assured all 'OK': critics disagreed
1123EditorDead (or Alive) on Arrival?--IG should look at morgue mistake in claiming corpse had pulse
1123GoldsteinCare for 28,000 Poor Unharmed, Mayor Says--firm's financial woes don't threaten Alliance network....
1123Goldstein (cont)....Mayor agrees Nat'l Century a problem ,but not privatization--alliance working well, patient load OK
1124Catania ltrCode Blue for DC Health Care--shouldn't have gone to private firm: and DrCHcC was financially weak...
1124Catania ltr(cont)...DC IG reported 48% rise in combined hours of ER closing, 20% longer EMS rides: risk didn't pay off
1124MorenoMission to Rescue Hospital--GSECH chief makes cuts, patient load down 50% 250 , only 5 are poor
1125JohnsonMystery over Missing $300M--'master salesman' hi-roller Poulsen at center of health care financial crisis
1126GoldsteinDC to Rework Ailing Indigent Care--officials stress role as only acute-care facility East of River...
1126Goldstein (cont)...MedStar offers new ideas. WashHospCntr pulled out after high, no contract bills rejected by DCHcA
1126EditorA Viable Health Care Network?--mayor's rosey outlook doesn't 'g' with experts from GWU, MedStar
1127GoldsteinCourt Ruling Buys Time for DCHcA, fed Medicare officials offer faster payments, expedite claims
1128MorenoNew Deal for GSECH's ER--new firm to provide doctors, replace PhyAm, caught in Nat'lCen bankruptcy
1128BrubakerSixth Client of Lender in Chapter 11--National Century ended health firm's funding: MDI of Andover, MA
1130EditorWhere Did Money Go?--some monies paid to GSECH by DCHcAlliance unaccounted for, OK to others
1130WeissPr. William Cnty Hospitals Set for Expansion--additions, renovation to meet fast-growing regional needs
1130JusticeGov Jeb Bush (FLA) Criticized for Flights--used bankrupt National Century lender's private aircraft--....
1130Justice (cont)....Nat'l Century named in >44 civil lawsuits for fraud,securities violations, racketeering, contract breach
1203McCallFormer Vice Chair PBC says Primary Care for DC's uninsured has long way to go, but not towards NIH
1204WoodleeDC Homeless Facilities Set to Shut--budget cuts will force 2 transitional houses to close if no new $s
1205GoldsteinDC Health Dept to Take Over Health System--Greater Southeast to lose leadership for at least 6 mos.
1206EditorDC Health System Takeover--turns out DC Healthcare Alliance not alive and well--can DoH be any worse?
1210GoldsteinDC Gen'l Downgrade Strains Other Hospitals--mayor told of overwhelming ER load, rejected claims
1212GoldsteinAgreement Keeps Greater SE Hospital Afloat--court OKs deals with creditors, giving access to $39M
1216StaffVA Lawmakers Push Plan to Save Dickenson County MedCntr--hit by National Century bankruptcy
1217GoldsteinGreater SE Hospital Lays Off 78 Staffers--to cut costs. Alliance staff may be disolved as DC takes over
1217NakamuraDC Bill Urges More Emergency Shelter--Council criticizes city hypothermia plan--extra beds slow coming
1218TimbergCouncil Sets Aside DC Drug Initiative--voter-approved measure lacks funding: 5th block in few years
1218MeyerPrince George's Hospital Change Is Urged--advised to relinquish county control for private firm!
1127Wiener (Curr)Observatory Blasting Stirs Neighbors Ire--'utility upgrade' at VP residence tight secret: bomb shelter?

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