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101WilgorenDC-Sponsored Youth Summit Criticized--conference's Christian emphasis called improper for public $
104GoldsteinClinic Heads Seek Help for DC's Uninsured--but assert progressive new system far better than old
115JonesMagellan Health Services Considers Chapter 11--local mental health firm may default on $1B debt payments
117GoldsteinPlan Targets DC Gen'l ER--private hospitals fight move to end emergency cases, handle only 'urgent'
121NicholsonThey Should Behave Better--black kids should honor ML King, adhere to accepted behavior patterns
122StaffSE Hospital Allowed to Stay Open--bankruptcy judger to allow Greater Southeast to stay open thru 2/28
124TimbergHIV/AIDS Spending Reviewed in DC--2 in office linked to Teachers Union: IG looks at fund misuse
205MorenoFor DC Families, Health on Wheels--bus/clinic delivers medical care, advice to neighborhoods
205NakamuraDC Balks as Taxi Panel Ponders Guns for Cabbies--met with ebullience and derision by commission
209Offner ltrDespite the Carping, Real Progress: ER visits down 2797>1202/mos...clinics up 6224>10945 in '02
211GoldsteinDC Patients' Drug Benefit Restored--Medicare beneficiaries in DC Health Care Alliance OK for now
211SantanaDC Superior Court Judge Rejects DC Voters' Plan to Treat Drug Offenders--illegally dictates spending
214GoldsteinHospitals Seek to Block Plan for Southeast--patient shifts, billing restrictions called 'devastating' to rest
216HanflingltrWe Need Infusion of Federal Help--Northern VA hospitals need $ as surely as nat'l security imperatives
226GoldsteinMillions Spent as SE Hospital Declined--case cites loans, perks to top officials, families: no public view
226MeyerPr. George's Exec Johnson Baks Fiscal Aid for HospitaL System--seeks $5M aid from county, state
227GoldsteinGreater SE Hospital's Accreditation at Risk--continuing problems threaten DC plans for health services
228EditorAs SE Hospital Sinks--earlier Post report confirmed, donations to mayor, etc. Where was oversight?
301GoldsteinGreater SE Hospital Owners Steered Funds to Area Officials incl DC Council--Drs' ComHealthCare Corp
301King OpEdWhat About the War at Home--do Iraqi lives matter more, desire for better Iraqi kids' lives higher than own?
304GoldsteinHospitals, City Agree on Future of DC General--ER to become urgent care center, protect other providers
310OttoWelfare Rolls Rise in Area as Gov'ts Confront Cuts--after 5 yrs drop: DC now has 45% or region's poor!
320GoldsteinGreater Southeast's Accreditation in Jeopardy--hospital owner's bankruptcycomplicates fixing problems
324ChanPatient at St. E's Multiates Himself--close monitoring had been ordered, still gouged out his eyes
328EditorHorror at St. E's--Council should bar no holds inquiring about causes of recent patient self-mutilation
329ChanDC Assailed for Hiring Consultants at $225/hr--while Mental Health Dept was cutting staff
403ChanDC Foster Care Agency Criticized by Lawmakers--GAO rpt notes progress but also serious problems
408ChanDC Fails to Distribute Millions in Child Support--collects from dead-beat dads, doesn't pay recipients
409EditorOffice of Deadbeats--administration of Child Supt Enforcement Division by Corp Counsel worthless
419CauvinDC Zoning Laws Biases Against Mentally Ill, Judge Says--homeless advocates want access to local homes
420Smith ltrDoomsday Scenario for Doctors--Senate Bill not good enough: $108K premium will drive physicians away
424StaffChanges in Child Support Office--new interim director appointed after prior resigned in March
425ChanJudges Lose Control of Delinquent Care--ruling says YSA, not DC Superior Court, controls treatment
502GoldsteinAt DC General, Drop in Tempo--24-hr ER becomes 12-hr urgent care cntr: fits pattern of users
502CauvinAddicted, Neglectful Moms Offered Treatment, Custody--few dozen to enter rehab w/kids (60K addicts in DC)
505StaffNew Role for Old Emergency Room--DCGen'l ER closes:19K of 24K visits routine per yr
506GoldsteinDC Pleads for Greater Southeast Accreditation--mayor prodded to help keep struggling hospital afloat
509BlumDC Cutbacks Force Slashing of Summer Youth Programs--and non-profits forced to cut back too
511CottmanMontgomery Cnty Social Services Under the Knife--painful budget cuts planned for kids, seniors, etc.
512MorenoDC's Latino Youth Face Barriers, Study Says--dropout, pregnancy rates higher: city agencies fail
514GoldsteinDC Infant Mortality Rate Declined to Record Low in 2001-down to 10.6 frm 11.9: births down to 7621!
515OttoHomelessness in Region Jumps Again--total up 2.1% to 14,276: 7950 in DC alone up 6.4%
516GoldsteinHIV/AIDS Director Defends Leadership before DC Council--being promoted despite serious complaints
517NakamuraOverhaul Set for DC Child Agency--CFSA to get 45 new social workers, faster investigations, etc.
518CohnDC Pockets of Poverty Growing--census tracts w/extreme poverty doubled--66,000 now in hi-pov areas
524SmithMt. Vernon Hospital's Future in Doubt--options viewed for $-troubled, security-isolated, Fairfax Facility
526GauvinDC Halfway Houses Short of Space--defendants released or awaiting trial prompt safety, rights concerns
530IrwinGeorgetown Hospital to Close Cardiac Unit--need for open-heart surgery cur by new technologies
529DonovanDC Pregnancy Rate for Teens fell in 2001--statistics mirror nationwide trend 74.4/1000 in '01 v 81.4 in '00
603GoldsteinIndigent Health System Overspending--Council asked to draw down reserves, avoid limiting service
608GoldsteinHealth Care Network in Fiscal Knots--growing deficit sets off recriminations, some say just start-up pains
612GoldsteinDC Drug Treatment Agency Rebuked--Council members decry mgmt problems re city's 60K addicts
618LeonnigNew Rules to Tighten Control of Guardians--cases of neglect spur DC action for 2000 elderly,mentally ill,etc.
620LeonnigDC Failed to Check on Patients--mental health agency faulted on follow-ups to 500 serious incidents in year
620ChanDC in Contempt for Care of Juveniles--judge cites gaps in serving young offenders at Oak Hill
620EditorGuardians or Goof-Offs? -- courts' ability to protect the vulnerable, avoid neglect, hangs in the balance
621Staff911 Center Chief Demoted, Reassigned--result of delays re deadly house fire in January
621BarkerMillions Lost Managing Care of Mentally Ill--DC audit shows Feds rejected $153M in 7yrs re contracting
626ReelDC Council Panel Blasts Health Care Program--private manager said to violate contract with city
628StaffGreater Southeast Hospital Closer to Losing Accreditation--could be revoked by 8/1, lose more $s
713ChanFoster Home Runaway Problem:: in 10 mos, 782 go missing, 268 never return--under courts, DoHS, DoMH...
713HighamWheels of Reform Slow to Turn--troubled DC foster homes system still trying to comply with '86 court order
713Chan....400 convicted kids in 14 group homes, 3000 abused/neglected kids in 71 group homes
713ChanHomes of Last Resort: Lax Oversight Unleashes Troubled Youths on City--big expose on DC foster care
714ChanIndependent Living Programs for Juveniles Remain Unregulated--29 group homes in high-crime areas
714ChanFirm's Lack of Control Over Kids Has Deadly Consquences--six dead at now bankrupt 'Re-direct, Inc'
717EditorWards of the City--major overhaul of "another broken system" is clearly needed re group homes
720StraussCriticisms Continue at DC Meal Program--city vowed to open more sites for needy kids: less $'s available
725GoldsteinDC Inspectors Urge Closure of Southeast's Only Hospital--persistent problems with medical care, 6 deaths?
726GoldsteinSoutheast Hospital Proposal Prompts Outcry--closing would leave Southeast w/o emergency room
801GoldsteinGreater Southeast Agrees to City's Terms--hospital to show progress in 60 days or lose license
802SunGuardians Decry New DC Rules--probate reforms called deterrent to qualified protectors of aged, ill
806ChanReport Assails DC on Children's Mental Health Care--city denies millions in budget$ remain unspent
809ReelFire Safety Goals Delay DC Hospital Accord--inspectors will evaluate Greater Southeast
811StraussMeal Program for Needy Kids Suffers Setback--DC churches halt opns, only opened 17 of 100 promised
812ReelDC Residents Seek a New Public Hospital--east of Anacostia to serve poor: denounce closing DC Gen'l
812StraussMayor Seeks Review of Feeding Program: DC Black Church Initiative lost 100K, even with $80K city advance
816EditorSE Hospital on Trial--public needs truth on lousy performance of Greater SE Hospital in caring for poor
821WitteMD,VA (not DC) Public Housing Dwellers Must Volunteer if Jobless--8 hrs community service or lose homes
824EditorAs the Hospital Failed--DC Health Dept refuses to open records: are campaign donations involved here?
830EditorHospitals in Distress--mess at Greater Southeast infects all other local hospitals too, all get poorer care
907StraussDC Food Agency Broke Federal Rules--FDA cites lost paperwork, mistakes in fund administration
911ChanDC Moving Gales School Homeless Shelter--site near Union Station to become center for abused kids
913GoldsteinAiling Hospital Upbeat About Survival--Greater Southeast claims 'significant progress' to meet demands
914WigginsSetback Imperils Hospital's Services--Pr. George's center for treating poor may face cutbacks
914ChavousOpEdTime for Damage Control--health care crisis: find new director, build a new hospital; beef up DC Gen'l
914McLeanOpEdAs Health Care Safety Net Unravels, DC Hospitals Need Help--Stat! get public hospital, pay privates
916EditorHealth Emergency--hospitals going broke caring for uninsured, overcrowded ER's, too few beds
918GoldsteinNursing Programs Lose Rating--student failures lead to ban on admissions at 2 of city's bigger schools
919SalmonDC AIDS Clinic to Charge Its Clients--facing $800K deficit, Whitman-Walker will also sell bldg
927SheridanCurbing Out-of-Wedlock Births Pays Off--MD, DC get $19.8M each: DC rate drops 4623>4373 ('00-'01)
927ChanMorgue Again Takes Turn for Worse--despite improvements, problems persist, old bodies, bones, etc.
925FernandezHomeless on PA Ave--forlorn share space, but very little else with power brokers (500 on streets, 6800 tot))
1001ChanWelfare Work Earns Bonuses for DC, VA--grants reward success in getting the poor jobs, less births
1002ChanDC Study Finds 10% Addicted--about 60K hooked on drugs or alcohol, tot costs in lost work, etc = $1.2B
1003Wiggins$15 Million Asked for Pr. George's Hospital--'fragile' health care system for poor needs state, local aid
1004GoldsteinDC Chief Health Officer Sets Terms for Hospital Payments--after year of haggling, sets rates unilaterally
1011CraigTough Tactics Predicted From Hospital's Suitor--offer made for Pr. George's Center by scary NM firm
1013WigginsPr. George's Cnty Exec Hospital Efforts Criticized--Johnson has first real crisis in financial collapse of PGHC
1015EditorThe Hospital That Could--not sure MD Governor has real commitment to Pr. George's public health care
1015WigginsPr. George's Hospital Appeals Rate Ruling--MD state regulators denied10.5% rate hike.....
1015Wiggins (cont)....PG Hospital handles 200K patients, 70K uninsured, 3000 births, 52K ER visits annually
1016WigginsPr. George's Hospital to Get MD Governors Help--Ehrlich steps in to help PG County Exec
1017GoldsteinAlleged Bias at GWU Hospital Probed--mayor wants to know why ER director tried to divert ambulance
1019Bell ltrHealthy Goals for DC--DC Action for Children (DCKids) director encourages improved access to health care
1022WigginsPr. George's Cnty Exec Offers Counter Plan to Save Struggling Hospital--state funds and overseers sought
1023GoldsteinToo Many Doctors in the House? some medical experts debate cut backs in DC's four trauma centers
1023WigginsJudge Denies Temporary Rate Increase to Pr. George's Hospital--appeal of state decision 'premature'
1023StraussMayor Orders Review of City's Nutrition Programs for Kids--botches by State Ed Office at root of issue
1024WhitlockStudy Cites Race Disparity in MD Drug Incarcerations (24% tot jailed)--90% are black,state only 28%
1024WigginsPr. George's Cnty Exec Proposes $30M for Hospital--Council Backs 5-yr bailout by shifting revenues
1026EditorMr. Johnson's Bailout--Pr. George's Cnty Exec needs held from state to fix hospital problems
1029WigginsPr. George's Hospital Bailout Approved--$5M this year part of $30M 5-yr appropriation to stabilize finances
1030GoldsteinDC Gets Good News on Uninsured--down to 50,000 but too many rely on hospital ERs, no regular doctor....
1030Goldstein (Cont)....Kaiser FF rpt shows health DC's 4th most serious problem: 64% of poor have favorable view of HCA
1101TimbergMayor Williams Willing to Help Finance New SE Hospital--would be near DC Gen'l, run by Howard U
1102TimbergHospital Plan Seen as Shift for Mayor--situation critical, step to private mgmt key, mayor has "learned"
1102Steen/Egan ltrSafety Net for DC's Poor--climb from poverty needs job training, housing, etc.: Edgewood Terrace works!
1104ChanLong-Term Care Study Faults DC Inaction--no fines, violations reported despite new powers
1105EditorDC Health Care Flip--mayor has enriched meaning of word 'somersault', but gotta proceed cautiously
1105GoldsteinGreater Southeast Regains License--city officials limit inpatient population to 150: losing $2.65M/mos
1108GoldsteinMayor Seeks Increase for Care of Poor Patients--$13M budget increase, new payment policies sought
1109GoldsteinGreater Southeast's Peril Jeopardizes Area Health System--patients, other hospitals fear closure
1110NakamuraFierce Division Over DC Shelter--humane society again seeks deal despite complaints of 'insider' status
1111ChanChance at Independence--DC's mentally disabled could be eligible for more services under nat'l program
1111EditorNursing Home Neglect--95% violate health stds, 40% risk serious harm: why does mayor OK 'sin and crime'
1115EditorA Still-Sick Hospital--imminent threat of closing Greater SE can't be solved by longer-term proposals
1116TimbergFor Trauma Care, Miles to Go in DC--teen death raises questions about overworked ERs, distance to go
1126GoldsteinJudge to Allow Auction of Hospital in SE--Greater Southeast and other hospitals could be bought up
1202TimbergDC Drug Bill Would Aid Elderly--medication subsidy proposed for poor: pay for by buying cheaper drugs
1202GoldsteinDC to Offer Condoms for Free--dispensers in offices/schools aimed at rise in AIDS: any proof it helps?
1212ChanDC Officials Show Off New Homeless Shelter--200-bed unit on NY Ave to be joined by 100-bed female unit
1212Brubaker$5.75M High Bid for Greater Southeast--may not be as good as combined bid for four hospitals at $155M
1219GoldsteinGreater Southeast Hospital Re-accredited--inspectors cite progress: can resume care for paying clients
1220ChanMetro Area Wins Federal $s for Homeless--DC gets $14.2M (+18%); MD, $30M (+13%); VA, $18.4M (+30%)
1222ChanNew Address for DC Homeless--shift from old Gales School, NW shelter to renovated bldg at 13th, NYAve
1222SchulteSaving Lives, Losing Millions at Pr. George's Hospital--few paying patients, caught in own death spiral
1224MorenoIn DC, No Room at the Shelter--arranged procession down M St,SW, points up space shortage for homeless
1226GoldsteinDC, Howard U Bringing in Outside Help on New 110-bed Teaching Hospital--tough negotiations expected

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