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104Strauss$5M for Food Left Unused by DC--fewer used FY03 nutrition programs: problems in DC State Ed Office?
107ChanDC Social Services Getting Interim Head--mayor to appoint deputy mayor: widely experienced lawyer
107StaffGreater Southeast Hospital Receives Re-Certification--but extensive improvements still required
109ChanGroup Homes Contractor Owes Taxpayers, Others $7.7 Million--DC firm's care of retarded decried
115NakamuraHumane Society Gets DC Animal Shelter Contract--3-yr contract starts at $2.2M--option for 2 more yrs
124BarkerSenior DC Official to Watch Over DC Retarded--judge orders mayor to make assignment within 10 days
125StaffProposed Howard U Hospital on DC Gen'l Site Grows--now 200-300 beds, vice 110, include HU 291 beds?
125Siansky ltr...And the Need to Focus on the Homeless--looking out for our most vulnerable neighbors can't be shelved
130Schmidt ltrHomelessness in DC, Beyond--can't blame police, mayor for mental illness, addictions--need public instit'ns
201 Wiggins Pr. George's Hospital Awaiting Promised Funds--county pledged $10M in emergency aid effort last fall
202 Goldstein Effort Aims to Ease DC Doctor Shortage--old/new clinics need millions: Bobb to go for $21M over 3 yrs
212 Stein US Infant Mortality Rate Rises 3%--first increase since '58 surprises officials; other health indicators up
213 Santana Child Welfare Agency Showing Progress, Says Monitor's Rpt--caseload, licensing, hiring improving
218 Goldstein DC Hires Interim Medical Officer--for DC's Health Dept--new 'chief doctor' is immunologist
219 Staff Southeast Hospital to Lay Off 62 workers--save $2M by cutting staff to 800 for 120-130 inpatients
220 Aizenman Pr. George's Hospital Wins a 3% Rate Increase--should raise $10M: caps deal months in negotiation
221 Schulte Plan for Saving Pr. George's Hospital Signed--Gov and Cnty Exec agree on cash, consultants
222 Littner ltr Saving One Child at a Time--DC tries poorly to help abused/neglected kids: 'Beacon House' new approach
223 Editor When Plan A Fails--FDA right to delay Plan B OK 90 days, but must be made on safety/impact, not politics
224 Williams DC Police Announce PSA Staffing Numbers--to be proportional to all major crimes in each of 43 PSAs
225 Staff Child Welfare Chief to Resign--Golden leaving to 'write book' , mayor say agency turnaround 'astonishing'
226 Dvorak Powder at DC Station Disrupts Evening Rush on Metrorail's Red Line--station shut 3 hrs, 30 min delay
302WigginsPr. George's Council Contests Hospital Bailout--deal could be at risk: unit treats 75% of county's uninsured
302StaffGW Hospital Chief Exec to Depart--leaving to supervise 6 Texas hospitals after 3.5 yrs, $100M expansion
303WigginsPr. George's Council Opposes Hospital Bailout--voted 6/3 against MOU: would go ahead with lesser plan
303SantanaDC Council Approves Seniors' Drug Plan--city's poor (HI<$42K) would be in line for discounts to city's rate
307PerlsteinCnty Exec Johnson Lashes Out at Council over Pr. George's Hospital Audit--up to 3000 jobs now at risk?
314MorenoDC's Anti-Poverty Agency's Leader Placed on Leave--boards actions probed along with staff trips, expenses
323MorenoDC Anti-Poverty Agency Asks for Director's Resignation--action follows audit alleging dubious spending
324LabbeMayor Urged to Keep Shelter Open--protesters want full-funding of social programs in '05 budget
326GoldsteinDC to Oust Health Chief Over Response to Lead Problem--Bobb finds deep mgmt problems in 1400-man org
329EditorRevolution from Below--states and locals, incl DC, pressing for imports, Medicare help: drug industry take note
409WigginsPr. George's Hospital Bailout Still in Limbo--deadline near as Council holds out for contract changes
414BrubakerHospitals Warn of Fallout from New Tax--mayor's revenue tax would cause layoffs, higher bills, say execs
415WigginsNurse's Urge Accord to Save Pr. George's Hospital Center--council objects to state aid plan, expires 4/16
416WigginsPr. George's Hospital $45M Bailout Accord Reached--Council to have more input relative to state
419MorenoReport Alleges Fiscal Abuses at DC Aid Agency--official reportedly used funds intended for poor
504LabbeDC Pulls Funds from Seniors Group--withdrawal may force closure of non-profit provider due to funding abuses
507Kaufman'Plan B' Contraceptive Won't Be Sold Over Counter--despite own bd rpt FDA says more teen testing needed???
512MontgomeryCuts Affecting Social Programs Bitterly Divide DC Council--$37M of $60M to come from health/human services
515SunReport Faults Court on DC Wards' Care--panel cites caretaker system troubles, judge appoints study group
610OttoNumber of Homeless Up Slightly for 4th Year--up 1.8% to 14,537: 3151 'permanently' in shelter
615GoldsteinCancer Screening of Poor DC Women Cut--city didn't spend grant $; fed program halted: worst cancer stats in US!
617WilgorenWilliams Offers Plan to House Homeless--funds for 10-yr strategy questioned: 6000 hi-subsidy housing units?
619WoodleeMental Health Facility Opens--U Street corridor gets local services at walk-in, low-profile store front
625GoldsteinDC Infant Mortality Rate Up, But Not for Blacks--slight increase in whites, latinos--all now at nat'l averages...,
625Goldstein(cont)...DC live births continue to decline from 7621 in '01 to 7474 in '02, 57% unmarried moms: 81.3% in Ward 7
627McDonough ltrTriage for East of the Anacostia--new Howard U campus public hospital bad idea: fix Grtr Southeast instead...
627McD. ltr cont)....need for hospital beds keeps declining but GSE equipment outdated: DC uninsured down from 19.2% to 9%
630LabbeReport Says 1 in 4 in DC Foster Care Aren't Adopted--almost half of DC's 2800 kids are 13 or older
708NakamuraDC Health Department Senior Manager Ousted--Environmental Boss becomes another vacancy
719GoldsteinDoctors Criticize DC TB Bureau Care--inadequate facilities, treatment cited: rate in DC=13.8/100K v 5.1 for US
720WilgorinDC Job Training, Placement Faulted--unemployed residents find little help from 'One Stop Career Centers'
730WigginsPr. George's Hospital Center Asks DC for $'s--city balks at $5.2M bill for 5400 uninsured DC patients since 7/01
805WilgorenDC Picks ER Doctor to Head Health Dept--appointee to serve as Director, CMO, urges better indigent care
805FullerDC Agenda Disbands As Funding Dwindles--Fed City Council group couldn't get $1.7M p.a. to do civic work
923LeonnigEarly Tests Show Germs in DC Water--officials await further tests, say boil-water alert unlikely
1014BarkerReport on Deaths in DC Group Home Misleading, Critics Say--'natural causes' vs lack of essential care
1015StaffSale Ends Plan for Troubled-Youth Homes--Boys Town gets $14.6M for new town houses, site for 240-condos
1023LevineDC Getting More Doses of Flu Vaccine--jogged by Norton, capitol physician donates most of pledged total
1027WigginsLayoffs Loom at Strapped Pr. George's Hospital--financial problems persist despite state/county funds
1029BarkerOfficers Deployed to Unlock Gridlock--Public Works to shift to traffic enforcement (@$33K): won't write tickets
1021SchwartzmanReluctant Migration--old Randall School SW shelter closure forces 100 homeless farther from downtown
1104LabbeCity Seeks to Stem Social Worker Loss--program pays part of college loans for DC's CFSA w/6000 kids
1105LevineHospital with up to 300 Beds Proposed--DC-Howard U plan for SE may not be economically sound
1109CauvinPatients at St. E's 'In Peril' Report Says--lack safety, sanitation, and 'therapeutic environment'
1117FernandezDC Family Faces Second Displacement--forced from condemned SE apt and now evicted from hotel
1123StraussChevron/Texaco Gives $1M for DC Youth Counseling--initiative will pay anti-violence aides at 4 schools
1128Milloy OpEdHomeless Could Use More Reason to Give Thanks--over 2500 got dinner, etc. at Fed'l City homeless shelter
1107LabbeDC Foster Children Get a Boost--new $45OK scholarships to help teens who had tough beginnings
1210LabbeDC Homeless Protest Goes High at City Hall--women fighting SW shelter camp sale on Wilson Bldg ledge
1211LabbeDC Council Subcommittee Paves Way to Sell Former Shelter--police remove protesters from City Hall
1217LabbeCelebrating Welfare-to-Work Successes--DC woman honored as 10,000th person to find job since '99

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