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118EditorPlan B--Food & Drug Administration should OK sale of Plan B to kids over 16 behind pharmacy counter
129LevineDistrict Health System Faulted--criticial shortages cited by Primary Care Assn: pushing "Medical Homes,DC"
129EditorHomelessness "Deja Vu"--really tough issue: 6100 on streets, 2150 in local housing, 16000 await vouchers
129LabbeDC Shelter Residents Protest Move--city halts planned move from downtown to Southeast known drug area
131CauvinExperiment Faults DC's Welfare Guidance--Human Services Agency more often failed Spanish speakers
113LevineFinding Right Diagnosis on DC Health--lags behind states,better among cities:'03 Big Cities Health Inventory
204LabreNew Programs to Aid DC Foster Care--contractors to provide mental health services to kids, families
210AndersonLeadership Shake-Up, Bailout Sought for Prince George's Hospital--change in oversight sought
211LabbeIllegally Shut Out of DC Shelter--family's hotline rejection seen as symbol of system's failings
216OttoHomeless Needs Rise as US Aid Drops--area agencies pressed for food, shelter, most up from last year
217MontgomeryDC Has 'Deal in Principle' to Build Hospital--$400M Nat Cap Medical Center costs split DC/Howard University
224LabbeMissed Opportunity--many DC youth could gain from local job corps center: few know DC Village exists in SE
310KaufmanFDA Expects to Ease Plan B Availability--emergency contraceptive likely to be OK'd for over-counter sale
322MontgomeryMayor Williams Urges New Programs for Poor--offers $120M in tax cuts, added assistance to poor
324LevineDC Hearing to Explore CareFirst Giving More to Public Health--willing to help communities, not be pot of gold
326SnyderMD House of Delegates OKs Speed Cameras in Montgomery Cnty--only in school/residential zones
326MoskMD Foster Care Draws Scrutiny--governor's challenge to media on former worker backfires: complaints valid?
403DugganSorting Through the Years--at St.E's, men with violent pasts concentrate on quiet occupation, sorting stamps
405SnyderMaryland Foster Care Problems Continue, Report Says--as many as one-third don't attend school
407KaufmanContraception Debate Delays Nomination of FDA Chief--in protest over long delay in open use of 'Plan B'
411ThompsonDC Board of Medicine Rarely Punishes Physicians--26 on drugs, 14 disciplined in suburbs, not in DC
414ConnollyChild Povt'y Fell w/ Teen Pregnancy--birth rate off 30%=1.2M less kids, 460K in pov, 700K new single moms
417LabbeBastion of Hope for the Homeless--at Ivy City shelter, DC tests strategy based on array of services on-site
417Jones/Sack ltrPromising Prognosis for DC's Poorest--good $100M move to local "medical homes" w/local doctors, insurance
427KovaleskiPatient's Treatment 'Cruel'--DC judge chastises officials in illegal holding incident at St. E's
429BarkerHead of DC's Disabilities Agency Steps Down--7th MRDDA head since '99: need more expert, agressive ldr
503 Labbe Less Funds for DC Child Services Decried--federal judge says progress by CFSA may erode
504 Weiss DC Council Votes (unanimously) to Curb Prescription Costs--ban on 'excessive prices' may not be legal
505 Kovaleski (cont) .. receiver gone but '01 court order stands: raze St. E's, build smaller unit: DC serves 16.3K out, 450 in St E's
505 Kovaleski Judge Critical of DC Mental Health Care--report finds administrative problems: questions DC use of St E's...
505 Montgomery Mayor Moves to Curb DC Medical Malpractice Costs--plan would strengthen health/insurance officials' roles
508 Editor(cont) ...Council Chair, others say cut serious for 2700 kids under agency, 2000 more 'monitored' by agency
508 Editor Undoing Foster Care--DC Council committee OK's $10M cut in $245.2M budget:: due to carry-over...
511 Cohn DC Water Lead Levels Below Federal Stds--consumers urged to continue precautions after six mos
512 Kaufman Memo May Have Swayed Plan B Ruling--FDA goT 'minority rpt' from conservative doctor on panel
512 Otto Annual Count Finds More Homeless--up 2.4% in year: DC has 58% (9,000) of area total (15,400)
515 Bissell Not Ready to Go it Alone--Child Welfare Agency gotta prepare foster kids for outside world, jobs, etc.
516 Labbe DC Tackles 443 Case Backlog in Foster Care--adoption, parental rights at stake for hundreds
518 Nakamura Repolishing a Diamond--DC Agency, major league baseball pay to renovate Fort Greble Field
519 Levine DC Agency Ordered to Pay Overdue AIDS Bills--non-profit clinics like Whitman-Walker are owed millions
525 Leonnig Veterans Sue over Care at DC Home--Armed Forces Retirement Home (Soldiers' Home) fight $ cuts
526 Levine DC Agency Streamlines Reimbursements to AIDS Clinics--6-month delays (!) hard on care providers
526 Labbe District Foster Care Contractor Sanctioned--largest contractor fails licensing standards, late payments

602 Levine Whitman-Walker to End AIDS Service in Suburbs--DC clinic's cash-flow squeeze forces layoffs, focus
602 Labbe Radio Show Stars Foster Kids--nonprofit hopes to attract adoptive families: breaks out 2638 kids by age
608 Labbe VA Company Helps DC Foster Children--funding from Capital One opens doors to summer camp
611 Editor Whitman-Walker's Woes--donations way down, slow retrenching, late GOV'T payments--needs more donations!
612 Cauvin Parents Push for Alternative to DC's Special-Ed--VA school St Coletta's plan for SE site could aid system
621 Levine Help on the Way to Whitman-Walker--DC govt, and HMO react to fiscal troubles, pay bills, give money

704 Staff Safety-Related Crackdowns Seen as Intrusive by Some--cops making stops for trivial safety offenses
706 Staff Mayor Williams Proposes Whitman-Walker Aid--$2.1M would come from 2 Health Dept administrations
709 Helderman Transit Security Measures Remain--Metro ridership down slightly: 400 transit cops stay on 12 hrs post-London
710 Wiggins Pr. George's Hospital Still Scrambling for Viability--many debate value of short-term fixes: not solvent
713 Levine Medical Center Plan Raising Objections--proposal clouds Howard U. hospital's future: not right? risk others?
714 Levine DC Medical Center Gets Cool Reception at Hearing--250-bed hospital to balance city beds geographically....
714 Levine(Cont) ....NCMC would use 9 acres at 20thSt/IndependenceSE: why close Howard unit, costs too high, etc.
722 Hsu Marriage Fund Proposed for Poor DC Residents--Sen Brownback hopes to spur unions, savings
731 Labbe Feds Would Impel DC Couples to Marry--match each $ saved for home, college, business with +$3, up to $9K

806 Editor New Hospital Deal--beyond talk, but $400M, 250 bed on 9 acres of Res. 13 not done deal: gotta be sure right!
810 Levine DC Criticized for Poor AIDS Services--1:20 rate may be worst in US cities: get serious, sez Appleseed
817 Labbe DC's HIV-AIDS Director is Fired--agency's activities faulted in new Appleseed report out only one week!
818 Stein Race Gap Persists in Health Care, Three Studies Say--blacks get fewer tests, less therapy and medicine
825 Montgomery Advocate Named as new DC AIDS Administrator--picked to 'move agency forward' in responding to disease
827 Kaufman FDA Delays Decision on Plan B Contraceptive--declared safe but issues re prescriptions <21, over-counter >21?
829 Ryan DC Juvenile Reform Official Quickly Shakes Up Attiitudes--new YRS director offers more positive approach

830 Holdeman OpEd Destroying FEMA--explains the decline and fall of FEMA disaster functions under Bush Administration
831 Ruane Armed Forces Retirement Home Opens Doors to Displaced Brethren--get 400+ displaced from Gulfport
901 Kaufman FDA Official Quits Over Delay on Plan B--women's health chief says boss's contraceptive decision political
914 Editor Clear Risk to DC--study shows single rail tank car of chlorine could harm 100,000 w/40-mile toxic plume
917 Levine DC May Shortcut Hospital Review--Mayor wants only council to decide on proposed facility: Rivlin dubious
918 Sullivan DC Judge Steffen W. Graee Dies--tapped David Gilmore to turn housing agency around very successfully
924 Kaufman FDA Commissioner Steps Down after Rocky 2-Month Tenure--'personal reasons not discussed!?
924 Editor Exit Mr. Crawford--get person with staying power, expertise, mgmt skills, strength of character for key job
927 Levine Hospital to Leave Takoma Park--Adventist officials seek larger site in further north in Montgomery
928 Goldstein Brookings Ends Research on Welfare Reform--think tank opens center on familial issues: teen unwed moms, etc.

1001 Editor The New Hospital Deal--mayor's position on DCGen'l was good; new NCMC push needs outside review
1006 Montgomery $1M Awarded for Clinics in DC--7 nonprofits aim to help underserved: 10-yr program to get doctors for poor
1009 Malson NCMC Hospital Plan Needs Checkup--hospital ass'n head says other hospitals have stake in outcome
1009 Rosenthal NCMC Hospital Plan Needs Checkup--DC wouldn't be any healthier: more primary care needed instead
1013 Kunkle Birth of Bigger Hospital--largest rebuild/expansion in decades (365 beds), Holy Cross seeks new patients
1013 Kaufman Decision on Plan B Called 'Very Unusual' by GAO--decision by FDA 'top officials' outside normal process?
1014 Kaufman Ex-FDA Chief Would Not Aid Plan B Inquiry--GAO says Commissioner would not agree to interview
1019 Levine Howard University Will Finance NCMC Deficits for 3 Years--DC Administrator Bobb reiterates pledge
1020 Labbe At DC Shelter, Officials Hear Pleas for Reforms--conditions embarrassingly bad at DC Village
1021 Weiss Drugmakers Group Sues DC Over Bill to Cut Prices--accuse DC of gov't-mandated price controls
1022 Levine DC Infant Mortality Rate Hits New Low--official sees progress, but live births up 2% to 7616 in 2003
1027 Weiss DC Panel Approves Smoking Ban--Council to vote on measure to take effect in January 2007
1029 Wilber DC Youth Agency Grilled by Hill Panel--House panel probes juvenile slaying suspect under supervision
1029 Levine DC Hospital Details Issued, But Council Demands More--members express anger over delays on NCMC

1102 Craig Montgomery Cnty Council Approves Canadian Drug Bill--cost-cutting effort raises risk of legal actions
1103 Levine Suit Wins Changes for Disabled at Washington Hospital Center--$2M mods to ensure equal access to care
1106 Roth ltr In Anacostia, a Model for Job Training--Center for Employment Training, run by So Others May Eat (SOME)
1107 Labbe DC Considering Grandparent Stipend--grandparents with income under $16K could get about $750/mos
1110 Pierre DC Council Considers Creating a Panel on Poverty--focus on how poor are educated, communities decay
1115 Labbe Report Cites Lack of Progress by DC Children's Agency--service improvements for foster kids behind
1115 Kaufman Review of 'Plan B' Pill Is Faulted--GAO report calls actions 'unusual': interference by politicos wrong
1116 Montgomery Mayor Plans $558M for Affordable Housing--aim is to help poor stay on in gentrifying areas !?!
1118 Editor Report on 'Plan B'--why is FDA allowed to remain leaderless with such key decisions pending?
1122 Levine Howard U Trustees Reaffirm Commitment to Build Hospital in SE--"absolutely overwhelming support" given
1126 Editor Risky Hospital Business--Howard U reluctance to discuss hospital support inappropriate: be forthcoming!
1129 Barker 4 Deaths in DC Group Homes Raises Concerns about Neglect--'grievous concerns' re deaths of disabled
1130 Barker DC Shuts Group Home Faulted in 2 Deaths--poor care claimed for two mentally retarded residents

1201 Barr Too Poor for Hot Housing Market, Too Affluent for Buyer Assistance--area gov'ts have to step in
1201 Jain Montgomery Cnty Issues a Call for Caring Homes--fewer residents sign up to be foster parents
1202 Staff Doctors Crowd Malpractice Cap Hearing--dozens support capping awards at $250K
1203 Keating DC Health Agency Defended--director testifies about spending, faulty contracting: old hat?
1203 Levine New DC Hospital Drawing Skepticism--some experts doubt financial viability w/o big growth in surgeries
1203 Levine Fiscal Woes Bring Layoffs to Howard U Hospital--planning to lay off 125 to 'balance budget'
1205 Staff DC Teen Pregnancy Rate Fell in 2003--99/1000 is lower than '02, but up from 74.4 in '01: long way to go!
1207 Weiss DC Inches Step Closer to Becoming Smoke-Free--DC Cncl measure gives bars until early 2007 to comply
1213 Editor ER One--9/11 Commission criticized Congress for not distributing security funds by risk: DC needs more
1216 Barker Group Home Shut Over Poor Conditions--mentally retarded were living in filth:others just as bad?
1222 Barker Group Home Officials Contend DC Erred in Shutting Facility--to close 17 more holding 112 by 3/31
1222 Staff Congress Budget Reconciliation Bill Changes Medicaid Reimbursement Formula for DC--adds $20M
1223 Weiss Prescription Drug Plan in DC Barred--judge says law to prevent 'excessive' drug prices unconstitutional


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