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103 Nakamura School Takeover Gaining Support--Council majority (six) backs premise of Fenty's plan
104 Editor Give the Mayor the Ball--Washington schoolchildren deserve better than status quo: time to act, not study
104 Haynes New Board of Education Chief Lashes Out at Takeover Proposal--2 elected members, Bobb sworn in
105 Nakamura Fenty Details Proposed School Take Over--separate construction agency, more SEO jobs, ombudsman
106 Labbe Parents, Educators, Sound Off on Fenty Restructuring Plan for Public Schools--charter change required
106 King OpEd School Struggle Out of Old Playbook-"been there, done that": forget power, work on kids' schools, homes
106 Editor It's the Children--DC leaders need to be debating the real issues of the schools: board has not worked well
107 Hernandez In Pr. George's, Fierce Admissions Race to Get into High School--worries fuel rush to elite, private programs
108 Mathews Radical Changes Work at DC's 14 Catholic Schools--2400 kids' scores rebound using Indiana model
109 Fisher OpEd Conflicting Rules of Race Trip Up Principal's Tongue--for pointing out 'black-on-black' violence group
110 Hernandez Overhaul Sought of Pr. George's High Schools--superintendent's proposal includes small academies
112 Editor Damaging Words--an underlying problem at Churchill High, racist to point out 'black-on;-black' fights
113 Stewart DC Council to Hold School Hearings--mayor, parents, students to speak on controversial takeover plan
116 Wagner MD Gov. O'Malley Proposes $400M for School Construction--new buildings to replace "learning shacks"
119 Editor Stop the the Mayor's office: DC needs to get on with first reforms as NY enters its phase two
119 Nakamura Fenty Pitch to Council: Run Schools With Me--mayor offers budget oversight, members fear micro mgmt
120 Klein Leader for the Schools--mayoral control is the path to results:gotta get clearer accountability
121 Nakamura Critics of Fenty School Takeover Want Referendum--even if symbolic, should residents have right to vote?
125 Haynes DC Education Board Wants to Attack School Repairs in 'All-out' Blitz'--on toilets, fountains, boilers, etc.
126 Editor Healthy Schools: get shots or go home--thousands of kids in Montgomery, Pr. George's still lack shots
128 Nakamura Activists Organize to Fight Fenty School Takeover Plan--foes plan to show up in force on Feb 7th
130 Labbe DC Board of Ed Presents Alternative to Takeover--improvement plan, Fenty proposal go head-to-head
131 Editor Empty Promises--DC Council rightly skeptical of school board and its reform plan: its record is abysmal
201 Fisher OpEd Changes Due No Matter Who Controls Schools--big battle no longer in store: gotta get rid of status quo
203 King OpEd What Never Seems to Change for DC Schools--54 yrs later, school governance contributes least to kids
205 Mathews On the Clock: Report Explores School-Day Length--new report from DC think tank "Education Sector"
205 Mathews Schools & Learning: As Push for Longer Hours Forms, Intriguing Models Arise in DC--many examples in DC
208 Stewart Foes Question City Leaders' Ability to Run Schools at DC Council Hearing--unions join objectors
208 Haynes Boiler Failures Plague DC Schools--Janey has announced emergency "blitz" at 40 schools: 4 shut
208 Fisher OpEd Eager Beavers Won't Wait for Janey--super's slow pace overtaken by galloping school reformers
209 Haynes DC Parents, Students Steamed Over Heating-Related Disruptions--1800 kids shuffled to other schools
209 Stewart Reviews Mixed on Line-Item Control for School Budget--objectors fear Council would abuse power
210 Labbe Striving to Get Students to Drop Back In--15% don't enroll in High School, over 50% drop out: how fix?
210 King OpEd Fixing the Schools? Parenting is Paramount--change tenet of DC life: parents community key, not DCPS!
211 Woodlee Students Recount School Flaws to DC Council--firsthand deficiency experiences mark unusual hearing
212 Milloy DC Students Voice Simple Demands--books, heat, healthy meals, water fountains, music/art, good tchrs
213 Haynes Last 2 DC Schools Ready to Reopen after heating fixes--Woodson High lousy design, maint, engrng
216 Editor School Emergency--DC Council should not delay public hearings on takeover plan: real leadership test
216 Haynes Board of Education Demands Answers for Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water at 5 Schools
217 KingOpEd Cautionary Wisdom on Schools Takeover--should pay attention to Rivlin advice for collective solution
222 Pierre Fenty Targets School Violence--advisors to patrol halls, counsel kids in Anacostia High, Johnson Jr. High
222 Hernandez Prince George's Board Approves $1.68B '08 Budget for Schools--up almost $200M
223 Haynes DC Schools Vow to Order Textbooks Well Ahead of Start of Classes This Fall--to avoid '05 fiasco
224 KingOpEd If Fenty Gets Schools, Does He Have a Plan?--all should read new Cncl of Great City Schools Report
227 Nakamura Fenty's Overhaul Plan Echoes Janey's--beefed up math, reading, incentive pay part of hastening change
215 Labbe Tests Find Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water at 5 Schools, DC Council Told--replacing fountains
302 Silverman Fenty's School Takeover Plan Gets Rough Reception--at Ward 4 political forum: sinking ship, or not?
303 Editor Back to Basics--diluting Mayor Fenty's plan for direct control at schools would imperil its success
309 PearlsteinOpEd DC School Reform: Everyone's Business--education biggest 20-yr issue facing region's business base
309 Labbe DC Council Blocks Work on Schools, Scolds Board--30 contracts submitted w/o explanation, payment plans
310 Kinzie Ouster Sought of Howard University President--faculty panel accuses Swygert of 'incompetence'
310 King OpEd Appalachia Helps Where DC Fails--NC State University Spring Break kids to help distressed SE school
313 Stewart DC School Repairs Caught Up in Dispute--Council, Board disagree on who should control contracts
316 Labbe Nine DC Seniors Win ($200K) 4-Yr Scholarships to GWU--4 high schools share pride: 'against the odds'
319 Alexander Federal Illiteracy Aid to DC Found Lagging--only 8% of 171,000 (36%!) needy get help, city tax base hurt
322 Labbe Gates Foundation to Back Scholarships for Thousands--plans $122M program in DC's poorest Wards
323 Editor Better Odds--Gates Foundation aims to up ratio of DC college graduates, now 1:20, (HS grads only 1:3)
327 Editor School Work--fixing roofs and bathrooms can't wait for gears of DC politics to turn
327 Labbe DC Schools to Toughen Graduation Policy--require 4 years of 4 key subjects+ early learning standards
328 Solomon (Curr) DC School Bd Ups HS Graduation Rules--electives pared down from 4.5 to 1.5, grading stiffened...
328 Solomon (Cont) DCPS Plans Restructuring--all G-9'ers to high schools this Fall, all G-6'ers into middle schools next year
331 KIng OpEd Cleaning Up in the Name of DC's Schools--hits high salaries for new Deputy Mayor for Education, staff
404 Solomon (Curr) Council Agrees to Release $250M for schools--for school modernization, despite lack of master plan
404 Solomon (Curr) Mayoral School Takeover Wins 9-2 Majority--no substantial amendments or curtailment of authority
404 Stewart DC Schools Takeover Gets Initial Approval--9/2 vote puts trust in new 36 yr old mayor
405 Labbe Critics Mobilize to Stop Fenty from Taking Control of Schools--issue of empty seats In Wards 4, 7
406 Stewart DC School Takeover Would Launch Audit--Deputy Mayor says 'double-counting' of students is an issue
416 Mathews Study Shows More Discrepancies Between State, National Assessments of Student Proficiency
418 Solomon (Curr) DCPS H.D. Cooke School Sits Vacant 3-yrs Awaiting $33M Modernization--300 kids bussed daily
420 Nakamura Fenty's School Takeover Approved by Council--change to home rule law needs act of Congress
421 Labbe Fenty, Janey, Bobb Pledge United Effort to Address Issues--no rancor evident: focus on renovation
422 Editor Getting Down to Business--even before Congress acts, Fenty must turn to schools, work with Janey, Bobb
424 Nakamura DC Schools to Hire Accountants to Help with Fiscal Problems: $200K follows auditor's concerns re CFO
425 Haynes DC Charter School Boom--scores lag but campuses multiply (now 55 w/20K kids), reshape education
427 Haynes School System's Central Investment Fund Was Poorly Monitored--CFO's audit followed concerns
428 Labbe Fenty Wants Business Help In Schools Takeover--request for help in transition gets positive response
428 Strauss Howard's President to Retire Next Year--faculty had called for Swygert's removal over 'management style'
429 Leonnig Parents Demand New Lead Tests of School Water--don't trust answers being given
430 Labbe Longtime DC School Woes Eclipsed Board's Triumphs--board faces its own transformation to new tasks
501 Labbe 33 DCPS Schools to Get Repairs by August--$23.2M effort part of larger $75M emergency plan
503 Levine Georgetown Public Library Repair Could Hit $20M--Fenty moves to line up $s for quick fire recovery
503 Kinzie Accreditation Concerns Remain for Gallaudet--serious problems remain under new leadership
505 Editor An 'F' for Fat--new standards on school snacking suggested by Institute of Medicine for better health
506 Nakamura After Warily Taking Job, Reinoso Finds Critics, Mountain of Work--critics doubt management skills
508 Strauss UDC President Urged Toward Fundraising, Modernizing--slow pace of change said to worry trustees
510 de Vise New Figures Show High Area Dropout Rate--Feds say problem worst for urban schools, minority males
511 Editor A Hold on School Reform--surprise obstacle from senatorial neighbor: MD's Cardin due to Oak Hill issue
511 Nakamura Senator Cardin Blocks Fenty's School Takeover Plan--ploy used to resolve dispute re Oak Hill facility
515 Pierre Though Lauded, Fenty's Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Model Has Its Own Gaps--good start fades by HS
517 Aratani Finding Ways to Better School African American Boys--more mentors, male teachers , one-gender, etc.
517 Labbe DC to Lease 4 Public School Buildings to 6 Charter Schools--Board of Ed approves resolution
520 Tipler ltr AP in the City--DC black students rise to the challenge at charter school on Minnesota Ave, NE
521 Editor Time to Decide--Who will manage DC schools? gotta change system and culture, as Fenty plans to do
522 Editor On Hold Again--this time it's Mary Landrieu blocking DC school reform--kids still caught in the middle
522 Nakamura LA Senator Landrieu Blocked Vote on DC Schools Measure--based on concerns raised by BdoEd's Bobb
523 Nakamura Senate Unanimously Approves Fenty's School Takeover Plan--bill goes to President Bush to sign
524 Editor Welcome Sunshine--DC Library Board right to open its meetings: why isn't it city law?
524 Nakamura Referendum Bid Could Delay Schools Takeover Until August--caused by Congress or referendum
525 Woodlee Teachers Lacking Certification Told They Will Be Terminated--145 ES, and 157 JS/HS teachers notified
526 King Civics Lessons for DC Kids to Skip--plagiarism; "back-dooring" Congress; begging democracy in DC; etc.
527 Nakamura City Officials Squabble DCPS Takeover Plan--secrecy, subversion, and senate dog divisive proposal
529 Labbe Parents, Teachers Protest Principals' Styles--complaints lodged by parents and teachers
602 King OpEd Insider's Guide to DC School Contract--$5.6M for EdBuild looks like insider fraud, illegal contracting
602 Nakamura DC Begins $3.2M Schools Audit by Mgmt Consultants (McKinsey,A&M)--seeks inefficiencies in spending
602 Hernandez 'Make the Most of Opportunities', says Colin Powell--to 173 (ROTC) graduates at PG's Forestville Academy
602 Nakamura President Bush Approves Charter Change for DC School Takeover--city asks court to overturn referendum
605 Nakamura Fenty Launches $3.3M Audit--'wants to assure precious public dollars pushed towards needy classrooms
607 Labbe Board of Education Says Good-bye as Activists Try to Save It--will meet next as 'State Bd of Ed'
609 King OpEd Cutting School Contract Down to Size--hokey EdBuild $57M contract, denied by Janey, included as 'courtesy'
610 Keating/Haynes Can DC Schools Be Fixed?--after decades of reform, 3/4 kids below math; more repair-$ than teaching-$
611 Witt Worn Down by Waves of Change--DCPS bureaucracy, politics best succession of superintendents, plans
612 Haynes Successes at a Big-City System--focus, funding help turn around Philadelphia: nation's 8th largest system....
612 Nakamura(Cont) ....Fenty wants a "difference-maker", not a "career superintendent", NY's super. w/no bkgrnd suggested her
612 Nakamura Fenty to Oust Janey Today--37 yr-old nonprofit head that trains urban teachers gets Janey's place@$250K...
612 Editor New Chancellor--Fenty makes it clear its not business as usual for DC schools: shake-up = risky choice?
612 Haynes (Cont) ....not stressed in Philly story: kids/school: 548/389; kids/tchr: 16.3v12.6; $/kid: $11.5Kv$18.4K; % blk: 66v82%
613 Haynes Fenty's Picks Have Ties to School System and Its Reforms--nonprofit has contracts with DCPS
613 Labbe Janey Leaves with Plans Unfinished--hired as "academic change-maker': Rhee to start with his master plans
613 Nakamura Fenty Criticized for Secrecy in Schools Choice--selection of Korean-Am. shock to many, to get scrutinized
614 Nakamura Fenty Picks Veteran of Public Projects to Upgrade Schools--Allen Kew did new Conv. Cntr., new ball stadium
615 Labbe School Advocacy Group to Conduct Audit of Public School System--cleanliness, teachers hired, etc. in fall
615 Jarrett State Education Office to Change Its Name--to be Office of State Superintendent of Education
615 Editor Judging Ms. Rhee--how Fenty picked school chief matters less than doing a good job: gotta give a chance
615 Thomas-Lester Regrets of a School Dropout--half of black males fail to graduate with class: problems start in grade school
615 KIng OpEd Something to Celebrate in DC Schools--more of graduates going to college 80 here, 93, 131 there
616 Labbe School Chancellor Search Legality Questioned--Council Chair wants Mayor to explain selection process
617 Labbe Schools Chief Makes Quick Mark--'chancellor' halts principal hiring, holds many meetings: no new policies
618 Mathews Maverick Teachers' Key Moment in DC--Rhee's program finds fame, clout: challenges unions, bureaucrats,
619 Fekeiki DC Expects to Offer Free Summer Meals to More Kids--up 10% to 30K by 'Come to Table' w/Fed. city grants
620 Labbe DC Charter School Board Approves Six Applications for New Schools--but 'Hospital High' put on probation
620 Kinzle UDC President to Step Down--:Pollard asked to leave in June: not enough improvements made in 5 years
623 Labbe New Schools Chief Builds Transition Team--mostly young, nonprofit staffers to guide new strategy after audit!
623 King OpEd Class of '07, Wellspring of Hope--different America: some (few) now getting college acceptance, scholarships
624 Nakamura Big-Name Consultants Greeted Warily in Schools Takeover--use audits to"know exactly where things are"???
628 Stewart Fenty Nominee Questioned on Plagiarism--DC Council offers no details on school oversight report's origins
630 Kinzie Accrediting Agency Puts Gallaudet University on Probation--improvements coming, but enrollment dropping
630 Stewart DC Council Wants School Chancellor Nominee to Back Up Resume'--can't document improved test scores
702 Editor 'No Child' in Crosshairs--Congress should be strengthening, not abandoning, fed school accountability law
702 Haynes Fenty's Agent of Change--nominee Rhee was ready to drop DCPS contract--little impact as teachers move on
702 de Vise High Rankings for Area Schools--graduation rates in Montgomery, Fairfax near top (80%); DC (58% max?)
704 MIlloy Rhee's Determination to be Tested--DC schools need someone amazing--gentrification not coming to DCPS!
704 Labbe Rhee to be Highest Paid School Head in DC Area--$275K per year plus $41K signing bonus
704 Editor It Takes a City--improving DC schools will be Rhee job's, but everyone's responsibility
707 King OpEd Rights, Wrongs, and Real Task for DC Schools--Justice Bryer notes integration helps all blacks, DC can't do!
710 Editor On the Same Team--DC schools reform is too important to play games with: Gray vs Fenty dangerous
710 Stewat School System Repair 'Blitz' Expected to Last Well Beyond Summer--only 3 of 37 to be fixed on time
710 Stewart Gray Won't Allow Reinoso Vote Today--Council chair has qualms re Deputy Mayor's leadership skills
711 Stewart United DC Council Approves Rhee as Schools Chief--despite concerns about salary, lack of experience
712 Stewart Council Members Irked by Pay Plan--2 school officials' proposed salaries exceed DC cap of $180K
714 Nakamura Limelight Eludes Fired DCPS Chief--silence partly due to still-negotiating severance package over $250K
714 Strauss UDC May Seek President to Raise It's Profile--search committee to start work by end of summer
717 Editor Educational Entitlement--whose interest is being take care of with DC school salaries? seems inappropriate
717 Johnson DC's New Education Office Could Quintuple Staff--gathering prior 'state' responsibilities
718 de Vise Montgomery Cnty Ranks 5th in US in 'Schooling for the Buck' ($'s/%SAT-takers)--DC 95th, Alexandria, 97th
719 Pierre Groups Conduct Studies of DC School System--$4M for cent. office opns; other:how attract, retain fams. w/kids
719 Labbe For Ex-DCPS Super. Janey, Event Means 'Validation'--'DC VOICE' offers 'appreciation reception'
720 Labbe Admirers Bid Janey Public Farewell--100 teachers, principals, parents, city leaders express appreciation
721 Strauss Interim AU Leader Named to Permanent Post--officials hope years of turmoil to end with choice of Kerwin
722 Golden/Thornhill Better Beginnings for DC Children--pre-K proponents claim 1% budget add-on would pay for itself in jobs (?)
723 Editor Integrating Schools--John Edwards has interesting ideas--focus on family income (class), not race
726 Labbe (Cont) ....some can't explain own jobs! No decision on whether Lew will handle maintenance as well as construction
726 Labbe Rhee Vows to Alter Governance Culture--'wholesale culture shift' sought in central bureaucracy:...
729 Strauss Spending Issues Prompt Chances at UDC--new financial controls initiated: new acting president coming
729 Labbe Some Puzzled by DCPS Principal Appointment Process--applicants quizzed like political candidates
729 de Vise Stemming Summer Slide--area schools find that July start gives poorer kids an edge in Montgomery Cnty
731 Stewart Clouds Gather Over DC Schools--problems with books, air conditioning,cited as opening nears
801 Solomon (Cur) Officials Tout Library Progress after Tenleytown Wait--new library now expected in 2010--after nine years
804 Staff Why Aren't Textbooks in DC Schools--Fenty/Rhee tour dusty warehouse staffed by one employee!
804 Labbe Rhee Blasts Textbook Process for Letting Supplies Languish--materials sit in warehouse as start nears
807 Editor A Vote for "No Child'--welcome support in House for law that brought accountability to public education
808 Editor Many Textbooks Left Behind--DC school story been heard before: 1st mayor/super warehouse visit since '89
810 Leonnig DC's Ex-Charter Schools Chief Admits Fraud--stole some, gave contracts to friends, got kickbacks, etc.
815 Thoms Rhee Blasts School System for Tolerating 'Senseless' Inefficiency--won't be hamstrung by silly riles/regs
815 Solomon (Cur) Partnership Offers $1M Funds to 13 Schools--schools and union seek 'innovative ways to improve schools'
818 Labbe Modest Gains in DC Schools--passing rates in math, reading still below 40%: few schools make NCLB goals
818 King OpEd Rhee vs. Central Office Hydra--hundreds of vendors/contractors benefit: beware of 'unbelievable blowback'!
819 Leonnig Absent Oversight, Bd of Ed Official Profited--warning about ex-charter schools chief Belton was dismissed
821 Labbe Rhee Races to Place Texts in Classes by Opening Day--warehouse inventory system long-standing problem
822 Labbe DC Blitzes School Records Mess--millions of employee documents sorted as part of fiscal cleanup
822 Editor A School Scam--theft of $800K a hard lesson for DC--BoE's charter school overseer skims off: four felonies!
823 Labbe Cost Rises on DC School Repairs--additional $120M needed for 70 schools already superficially spruced up
823 Zapotosky Charter Schools Take Root in Maryland--movement succeeds with many parents, but questions linger
824 Cenziper Not on the Same Page Over Text Needs--Fenty and Rhee see shortage: many principals don't
824 Labbe Bring on the Enthusiasm--3000 educators gather at Convention Center before DC school year starts
825 Stewart It's Back to School for DC Council Too--Members tour, grope for new role in school system oversight
827 Goodkin/Gold ltr Gifted Children Left Behind--high-ability kids ignored as exclusive focus now on kids below minimums
827 Editor DC School Repairs--bigger challenges will follow a summer of results: incompetence, neglect still show!
828 Strauss Acting UDC President Plans to Overhaul Management Team--latest effort in churning leaders since 1970
828 Labbe Opening with Optimism--fresh paint in some, schedule mix-ups, other issues elsewhere: will excitement last?
829 Nakamura Rhee Seeks Authority from DC Council to Terminate (not reassign) Employees--hopes to improve command
829 Hernandez Alternate Route to Diploma Proposed in MD--high schoolers failing tests could submit 'projects' to graduate
830 Fisher OpEd What DC Schools Can Learn from Suburbs--Fairfax, Montgomery have answers: Rhee has "no coherent plan'
902 Gilmore Rose-colored Views of All-Black School--Dunbar not doing so well recently despite past success
902 Rhee DC Superintendent writes: DC Schools Headed in the Right Direction--first week back best yet (?)
907 Nakamura DC Schools Might Snarl Tax Windfall--Fenty wants to fund construction, buyouts: RE revenues surprise Gandhi
908 Editor Pink Slips--real change is needed at the District's deficient, dysfunctional central school office
908 Labbe 8 DC Catholic Schools Eyed for Charters--conversion to secular entity could avert closure due to high costs
909 Nakamura Hands-on Style of Fenty's School Team Excites Some, Worries Others--too much frantic ad hoc reaction?
910 Editor Save School Standards--Congress should resist attempts to 'water down' No Child Left Behind laws
910 Strauss Center Focus on Teachers, Not Test Scores--Cntr for Inspired Teaching seeks to reinvigorate/retain teachers
910 8 ltrs Leaving No Child Behind--eight different views from luminaries on the adequacy of this legislation
912 Hess Ltr AEI official claims Rhee Starts Off Right--going after 'lethargy, astonishing incompetence, lack of organization'
912 Editor Choice for DC Students--what's alternative to conversion of unaffordable Catholic schools w/poor black kids
918 Labbe DC Reaches Undisclosed Financial Settlement With Janey--agreement reached on 8/29: issues settled
918 Chandler Support Grows for Teacher Bonuses--more schools offer performance pay as House debates issue
923 Labbe DC High Schools Greet 1200 Fresh Faces--9th graders shifted in as city converts 8 Junior Highs to Middle
928 Labbe DCPS School Construction Czar Wants Maintenance Control--cites gridlock: some schools to close next year
929 King OpEd Coming Soon: Real Schools Battle--over half mostly black employees not DC residents: gotta be able to fire
1001 Mathews Metro Area School Superintendents Suggest Fixes for 'No Child'--some support national testing standards
1001 Labbe 123 DCPS School Employees Moving to State Agency--growing to 370 FTEs with $320M budget in 2008
1002 Labbe DC Schools Contractors Fired after Cost Overruns, Project Delays--(schools once built by Corp of Engrs!)
1004 Nakamura Fenty Plans to Give School System Extra $81M--one-time cost covered by CFO's $100M windfall(?)
1007 Haynes Whatever Happened to the Class of 2005-6?--kids entered Cardozo High, now regret unfulfilled hopes/dreams
1011 Labbe Study Says DC Voucher System Puts Students at Risk--program falls short in oversight of schools
1012 Nakamura Fenty Asks Council to Give Rhee Power to Fire Workers--change 934 central office positions to "at will"
1013 Labbe DC Schools Chief Wants Power to Fire Ineffective Teachers--not just central office of 49,000 (!) kid system
1015 Castaneda Pr. George's Ex-School Chief Heading to Trail--county saw official as savior, now on trial for insider dealing
1018 Moreno Academy Expands Facility, Hope--modernized DC adult education center unveiled at NE housing complex
1020 Nicholsonltr "I Just Couldn't Sacrifice My Son"--can't wait any longer for DC schools to improve: moving--won't waste child
1023 Klein Nine High Schools to Get Door Security Systems--doors now chained to keep kids in, crime out: high fire risk!
1024 Labbe 3 Catholic Schools Ask Not to be Changed to Charters--archbishop promises to examine realism of offer
1101 Hernandez MD Approves Test-Free Option for Graduation--i.e., replace failing test scores with some practical project
1103 Stewart Unions Speak Against DC Schools Bill--14K employees object to minor reclassification to permit firings
1105 Strauss Acting UDC President Hires New Finance Officials--part of 'drive to clean up college's financial operations'
1106 Labbe Archdiocese Decides to Convert 7 Elementary Schools to Charters--$4M deficit threatens black Catholics
1107 Editor Left Out--improving DC schools is one key to relieving unemployment and poverty: 20% still poor in DC
1109 Fallis DC Student Money Vanishes, but Few Are Punished--activity funds often plundered/mismanaged by adults
1111 Kahlenberg ltr Right Way to Oust Wrong Teachers--gotta keep unions' hard-fought 'due process', tenure, via 'peer review'
1111 Strauss Ill-gotten Gains Become DC Teacher's Union Windfall--union pres. serving 6.5 yrs as auction yields $800K
1111 Parker Will Jonathan Graduate--his school needs overhaul of attitudes/academics/expectations: he needs 3 credits
1112 Labbe Seven DC Parochial Schools Must Ponder Education Without Religion--Catholic Group to fight conversion
1116 Labbe Parents, Kids, Teachers Offer Wish List at Hearing--program, facility issues decried as Rhee plans budget
1116 Editor Put It On the Students' Tab--in DC schools, missing funds and missing accountability: gotta get accountability
1116 Glod DC School Scores Improve, but Still Lag--5% cities 10% < in math
1116 Kinzie Gallaudet University Taken Off Probation (for missing 8 of 14 standards)--putting it closer to Re-accreditation
1118 Labbe As Rhee Weighs Privatization, Doubts Abound-- turning management of 27 failing schools to nonprofit firms?
1119 Mathews Seeking 'Gold Standard' in DC Charter Education--advocates say label would help parents find top schools
1120 Haynes What $81M Could Do--officials break out how school system would use add-on: ($23M for excess schools!)
1121 Williamson Some Call 'Dangerous-City' Ratings a Crime--ignore too many variables: Detroit, St. Louis top list; DC 27th
1124 Chandler Area Schools in NVA Lead Enrollment Growth-- VA up 2.2%, MD off 0.23%, DC off 0.73%; DCPS off 6.0%
1125 de Vise 'No Child' Law May Slight the Gifted, Experts Say--focus on minimums worsens neglect of gifted (really??)
1128 Labbe Fenty, Rhee Look at Closing 24 Schools, Reducing Staff--needs $31.6M to keep surplus schools open now
1129 Editor DC School Closings--Mayor Fenty makes some hard but necessary calls: better Council stays out of details
1129 Labbe Short Notice on School Plan Angers Council--members, though powerless, vow hearings on Closure Plans
1129 Castaneda Mistrial Declared in Hornsby Case--jury can't reach verdict on bribery charges against Pr. George's ex-chief
1130 Stewart Rhee Questioned Over $100M Higher DCPS Deficit Projection--school CFO cites 'improper' hiring, raises
1130 Alexander 35-Month Jail Term for Theft by Charter Schools Official, Plus Message--judge alludes to other fraud cases
1202 Editor Let the Chancellor Lead--DC Council members should judge Michelle Rhee by classroom results
1202 Labbe Ward 5 Questions Why Area Is Hardest Hit in School Closings--7 of 24 based on enrollment trends
1203 Nakmura Fenty's Mode on Schools Is Breeding Alienation--snarls at Council members questioning school closings
1210 Mathews Dropout Prevention Program Sees to the Basics of Life--looks beyond school walls to help students exist
1211 Wagner Top MD Legislators Request Delay in School Chiefs Vote--Grasmick locked in power struggle with governor
1212 Nakamura Budget Gaps, Council Put Snags in Fenty's School Plans--new classes delayed, bill could hinder closings
1212 Wagner MD Schools Chief Reappointed--legislators fought to delay vote over future of governor's foe
1212 Editor A Schools Chief Stays--and MD students are likely to pay the price: lame duck board vote will cause troubles
1213 Haynes DC, School Officials Agree to Add $6M Special Ed Services, Programs--and work off backlog of 1000+ suits,
1216 Armao ltr Taking the Test--Michelle Rhee strives to shake up DC School, one person, one day a a time: keep at it!
1216 Hernandez Feud With Gov. O'Malley Test for Assertive Schools Chief--Grasmick says she'll serve out new term anyway
1218 Stewart DCPS Super Rhee's Plans Likely to Pass, Lawmakers Say--parents, unions oppose firings, closing bills
1219 Editor Shirkers Beware--housecleaning is coming to the DC schools central office--DC Council gives prelim OK
1219 Woodlee Higher Test Scores Mean Cash for Faculty, Staff--3 schools get $500K where scores increased over 20%
1219 Stewart Measure to Let Rhee Fire Workers Advances--DC Council votes 10/3 to give power to fire nonunion workers
1220 Grimaldi Fixing DC Schools--Reading Program's Powerful Patron--US Sen. Ladrieu earmarks $2M for untested program
1221 Stephens Fixing DC Schools--$2.9M Payout, with Shortcuts--formal contract process bypassed for troubled agency
1223 Parker Fixing DC Schools--Reality Lessons--young idealists arrive to teach, find how frustrating reform efforts can be
1227 Mathews Grading Disparities Peeve Parents--w/o baseline among districts (viz., Ffax, Monty), some say students suffer
1228 Nakamura Hearings on School Closures Multiply--DC plans to hold 23 simultaneously: accused of spreading opposition
1230 Haynes DC Mulls a Return to Pre-K-8 Schools--proposal worries parents, teachers: too big an age span??
1231 Fallis Not Maintained, Costly DCPS Heating Systems Fail in Droves--despite instructions, units left to crumble



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