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102WilgorenWilliams Seeks Control Of School System--wants to appoint super (to cabinet), 5-man board; activists fret
104WilliamsCouncil Expected to Resolve UDC Deadlock--Rev Willie Wilson to receive approval as trustee
104StaffBoard of Education Elects Leaders--RG Childs (at large) president; Lockridge (Wd 8) vice-president
105WilliamsDC Council Approves Rev Willie Wilson for UDC Board--strong local support despite past 'ugly rhetoric'
105WilgorenSchool Bd May Shrink--mayor's plan to appoint mbrs lacks council support: 'democracy' vs boldness?'
105EditorMomentum for School Reform--only 2 councilmbrs want status quo--rest want change: let's get on with it
106BenningArea School Standards ( for raising performance) Rated Low in Foundation Report--DC:B-,MD,VA:C+
106WilgorenCouncil Backs Plan for Mayor to Choose Schools Chief--but most still oppose mayor-appointed board
107BenningFairfax School Chief Seeks More State Aid--wants $1.39B for FY01--up $113M: $42M for enrlmnt; $31M pay
109Williams OpEdMayor Says: Let's Clear the Way to Fix the Schools--make mayor accountable, go to appointed board
110StraussLeader's Pass-Fail Test--Ackerman spends little time on bold reforms--overwhelmed by admin problems
111NakamuraPr. George's Schools Seek 14.4% Boost--up $126M over '00 to $1M+ for 26 new schools. 130K kids
111EditorCritical Week for DC Schools--DC Council starts mark-up on school governance changes: needs courage
111StaffArea Students Excel in Nat'l Science Contest: 35 of 300 Intel semi-finalists from DC (2) Md (18), Va (15)
112StaffDCPS custodian/cafeteria wkr union to take strike vote--want $1700 raise like other union wkrs--no $ there
113StaffParenting Education to Be Expanded--$375K Freddie Mac grant to be administered by Catholic Charities
114MathewsModel for DC Schools?--Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Detroit benefit when mayors step in , boards changed
115WilgorenDC Council to Let Williams Pick School Chief--smaller elected 7-man board, less power , 4 ward-pairs
115NakamuraPG School Super Metts Raises Bar for All Test Scores--raise SATs by 211 in 5 yrs, double MSPAP sat's
116Cuban OpEdElected or Appointed? Wrong Way to Go--context basic: gotta fix kids' environment outside classroom
116Ladner OpEdDC Schools: Job for Mayor--kids have become pawns for board mbrs with political aims--'no more!'
117Wyner OpEdHalf Measures Won't Fix Schools--Council must show genuine interest in kids' education, not compromise
117StaffPublic School Union Workers Back Strike--custodians, et al. 'demanding money they're entitled to'
118EditorPut Schools, not Politics, First--Chavous plan leaves abysmal business as usual, super as punching bag
118Browne LtrMayor William's School Bd Power Grab--hasn't fixed problems he has, elected bd OK without Control Bd
119WilgorenWilliams Loses Bid for Control of Schools--Council backs smaller board (7-5), but to be elected (10-2)
119MeltonGov Gilmore Says Historic Blacks Slighted in VA State Tests--C Powell, T Marshall, J Robinson ignored
121RaspberryMayor Lost, But Who Won? losing democracy?? mayor doesn't want 7 independent singers in choir
122WilgorenStrike Threat from Custodial Workers Deferred at DC Schools--judge wants 10 days to check legality
122FehrSchool Bd Dispute Moves to Hill--Davis says Congress may intervene to force revamp before turnover
122EditorMayor Should Hold Firm--Chavous DCPS plan pernicious--mayor's better: puts education over politics
123NakamuraPG Parents Demand Repairs at Aging Schools--critics say decaying PG buildings need more money
123BenningSuspensions Drop 24% in Fairfax Schools, surpassing goal--but gap between races not closing
123EditorWhere to Put School Money--PG, Montgomery Cnty budgets growing, but not fast enough in flush times
124WilgorenDCPS Plan Gets Backing--Council proposes: declare emergency, let mayor take over, elect board later
127MorenoDC Schools Under Fire for Registration Rule Change--2 procedures OK'd for out-of-nghbrhd shifts
127StraussTuition, Pay to Jump at Catholic Schools--teacher shortage forces change: to up starters 35% in 3 yrs
128WilliamsMayor Seeks Referendum to Change School Bd--sensing 'ground swell' of support for appointed board
128StaffJudge Now Bars School Strike til 2/15--negotiations open soon--will contract be retroactive to '96?
129WilgorenWilliams Relenting on Board-appointed Schools Chief--Chavous cheered by 'tenuous, fragile consensus'
129MorenoCold but Determined, Parents Pick Out-of-Nghbrhd Schools--switch to winter sign-up criticized
130Ackerman LtrReport Card on DC Schools-- asserts good progress, says community needs 'collective will to back kids'
201 SheafferLtrEd DC School Board without the Politics--1906 system worked fine for many years under appointed board
201 Perlstein Few Asian Americans Attracted to Teaching despite 'towering' test scores--get better paying jobs
201 Editor A Compromised School System--Council hybrids 'punt' on basic 25-yr problems of DC school leadership
201 Wilgoren DC Council to Endorse Split School Panel--mayor would pick 4, 5 others to be elected--mayor agrees
202 Wilgoren DC Voters May Decide Who Picks School Board--Council votes to hold November referendum
203 Williams/Fehr Rivlin Blasts Plan To Put School Issue to Voters--mayor, Council at odds,resolving by voters 'won't work'
203 Staff DCPS Plans Another Magnet Junior High to replace conversion of Paul to charter status--fight ahead
203 Nakamura Metts Mandates Rigid Reforms at 6 Schools--PG trying to stave off state takeovers like Baltimore's
204 Perlstein New Superintendent O'Rourke for Howard Schools Picked from near Rochester, NY--considered great
204 Williams Rivlin's School Plea (not to go to voters) Unheeded--Mayor, Cncl Chair say voters must break impasse
205 Perlstein New Howard County School Chief Promises Accessibility--choice hailed by staff, community leaders
206 Editor Passing the Buck to Voters--mayor/DC Council pouting over inability to act--kicking issue to voters
206 Williams Voters Inherit DC Schl Bd Impasse--Allen/Orange won't let Council cut elected seats--go for referendum
208 Argetsinger Charter Schools Gaining Ground in Montgomery County--Bills to make MD 'charter-friendly', grant eligible
208 Benning VA May Ease Exam Penalties--study calls goal of 70% passing at each public school unrealistic
209 Moreno Sides in School Debate Exchange Barbs--charter backers want Paul JH converted--DCPS wants magnet
210 Nakamura Pr. George's Redrawing High School Boundaries--changes necessary before phasing out busing
211 Editor Don't Flinch on Standards--new VA plan shifts to improvement rate over absolutes--too soon to back off
211 Staff DC Schools Offer SAT Preparation--free classes for Grades 10, 11 in high schools, incl 4 practice tests
213 Breece LtrtoEd Harvard Student, Banneker Grad says success helped by weekly team game 'Its Academic", Honda $
214 Editor Schools: Everybody's Business--DC voters will get chance to OK much needed School Bd change
215 Williams Deal Sought on DC School Bd--mayor now backs plan for 5-elected, 4-appt'd, nudged by Rivlin, Norton
216 Editor The Mercurial Mayor--hybrid board wrong: puts superintendent under board, appointees through Council
216 Argetsinger Plan to Match Teacher Raises Resisted in MD--some poorer counties can't afford their 4:1 share match
216 Staff DC Council Will Vote on School Bd Change--to single 9-mbr hybrid compromise for autumn referendum
218 Benning Fairfax Cnty to Build Up 4 Failing High Schools w/highest poverty/immigrant shares--bonuses, longer year
218 Williams DC Hybrid School Bd Plan OK'd 7/6--Council to put 5/4 mix to voters--compromise praised/denounced
219 Moreno Deal Leaves DC School Bd Up in the Air--very little is certain: should members run again? when? etc.
219 Editor Who Will Sell the Hybrid--if mayor, 7 Cnclmbrs don't like proposal, how convince voters it helps kids?
221 Behr Putting Wealth to Work--helping poor kids pays off--37% DC kids in poverty, 66% get food subsidies
221 Behr(cont) DC metro Area has 100,000+ kids below official poverty line in '96: DC 3x to 6x higher than suburbs
223 Schulte Shaking Up School Accountability in Montgomery County--with plan for teacher peer assessment
223 Perlstein Howard County Schools Seek 13% Rise--make up for lean times with $341M budget for 2001
225 Moreno DC School Enrollment Still Declining--draft facilities master plan shows drop to 45.1-53.5K students by '10...
225 Moreno(Cont) ...Draft school plan indicates current 146 schools could take 92.6K kids vs current 70.7 (=76% ute rate)
225 Staff DC College Tuition Program Begins--$17M set aside for in-state rates in MD/VA public colleges
226 Nakamura Metts Promises to Assess, Improve PG County High Schools--plan will start move to redistricting
227 Nakamura PG School Splits the Classes--brand new school in middle of quarrel between richer/poorer students
228 Mathews Vouchers Earn Positive Marks--but only for younger kids--parents like stricter schools more than kids
229 Williams Chavous Bruised by Scuffle over Schools--criticized for efforts to revamp school bd by other Councilmbrs
301MorenoDC Schools Issued Paychecks by Mistake--at least three paid well after firings--internal audit started
301SchulteFor Silver Spring Students, Choices--Montgomery's Weast wants pick of 4 schools w/different focuses
302Editorial (Gtwnr)Government by Exhaustion--when going tough, DC officials go for nearest compromise, however inane
302FehrDavis/Norton-pushed College Tuition Plan Put to Use--DC students now seeking aid for MD, VA colleges
302MorenoAckerman Gets Lesson in Teaching Reporters--reporters complain of lack of access to schools
308FehrTemporary 50-Cent Taxi Fare Hike Imposed--6200 cabbies get fuel-cost relief--safety surcharge later
308EditorFund the Standards: Maryland should belly-up to providing funds to meet new standards for graduating
308StaffCouncil Bill Sets (9-member hybrid) School Board Ground Rules--set policies, guidelines, hire Super
308MorenoCouncil Votes to Put Public School Conversions to Charters on Hold--revise law to give Super more say
311StaffNew Program to Award College Scholarships to DC 9th-11th graders, 24 at $1000, 24 at $250 per year
311MorenoControl Board Backs Charter School--Rivlin ltr on Paul JHS comes over Ackerman's objections
311EditorGiving Charters Chance--Montgomery Cnty school board should support Super's proposal for first one
312SchulteMontgomery Cnty to Reconsider Charter Schl Trial--for 200 'honors immersion' academic challenges
313WilsonMontgomery Plan Pays Off for Schools, Duncan proposes to spend $100M more, mostly for 'at risk' kids
314Moreno4 Emergency School Board Trustees Quit Over Charter Plan--disagree with Rivlin's OK for Paul JHS
315EditorCharter School Fiasco--Council wise to put moratorium on charter conversions based on Paul JHS mess
316MorenoProblems Stall $35M Bus Program for Special-Ed Kids--100+ aging DCPS buses unrepaired in year
316WilliamsMayoral Aide Pushes School Funding--but Council doubts added $82M would be well spent
318KingNo Profile In Courage: nobody willing to buck Istook's interference in Paul JHS conversion decision
319Cooper LtrWhy We Felt We Had to Resign--Trustees list school improvements--quit over bad CntlBd decision
320NakamuraPr. George's Idea to Merge Two Schools Draws Fire--seeks equality for all students, parents object
321StaffProbe by IG Questions Charter School Petitions--reflects resistance to convert Paul JHS to charter
321SchulteMontgomery Schools Left Without Answer--Supreme Court won't review ban on race-based transfers
322EditorCharters in Montgomery--turn-down by School Bd poorly based--ideas for charters should be welcomed
322MorenoHome Sought for DC Math Magnet School--site needed to replace Paul JHS: DCPS will pay transport
326Baker ltrPaul School Charter--Considered Choice of Community: 500 parents favored conversion, 2% against
328MorenoDC School Bd Insists 'All or None' Become Advisors--Rivlin trying to fill gaps in Emerg Bd after 5 quit
330NakamuraPG County's Budget Gives Schools a Boost--adds $63M to $1.4 billion budget for all-day K at 126 ES's
330EditorDC's Elected Bd of Ed takes itself out of picture with 'all or nothing' stand: time for new people to take over
330BlumMayor to Control 32 Surplus DC Schools--unanimous Control Bd vote. enrollment may go below 50K by '10
402StaffGroup Protests Charter School Conversion--opponents demonstrate, plan suit over changing Paul JHS
403EditorMr. Curry's Help for Schools--less than hoped for, 7.2% increase will help--critical to PG County stability
403BlumDC Leaving Students Stranded--3100 special-needs kids miss classes due to late or absent buses
405Wiener (Curr)DC Council Weighs Roles for New School Bd--policy-making? superintendant hirer? staggered terms?
406TrejosMustering for School at Home--on military bases, parents increasingly teach own kids in DC area
409SeymourBaby Boom's Collossal Echo--suburban districts face large middle school bulge--but not DC?
412SchulteMontgomery School Board Considers Putting Officers in Schools--approves task force to study plan
414BenningFairfax School Board Aims High with Goals--some parents say goals not realistic for 156K-kid system
417BlumPTAs Give Some DC Schools an Edge--affluent NW parents provide extras poorer neighbors can't
420SchultePrincipal's Ouster Called Tip of Iceberg--Montgomery Cnty's Weast shaking up system, underperformers
422NakamuraPr. George's School Board to Face Audit--outside firm to scrutinize members' handling of public funds
425BenningFairfax Programs for Gifted Kids Criticized--too few minorities included: 4% white; 3%Asian; 1%- blk/Hisp
426StaffJudge Rules in Favor of Paul JHS as charter school--opponents did not show students would be harmed
429StaffSchools to Begin Planning Process-- community-based effort won't close schools w/o community OK
430SchulteFinal Exam Shows Montgomery Kids Fail Math--std grades flunk 50% whites; 54% Asians; 80% blk/Hisp
500Staff (Curr)DC Tackles Spec Ed Reform--DCPS opens Taft School to 100 kids, save $1M of $60M for outside schools
503BlumCharter Schools Break DC Rules--many financial reports late, unapproved contracts signed: serious?
504WilliamsDC Council Backs Textbook Deadline--pass bill obliging public schools issue books by week 2 of term
506EditorGetting Off the Curve--shocking that 2/3rds Mont. Cnty kids fail algebra exam based on single-std grading
508SmithSolid Charter Schools--ExecDirector, Charter School Bd says doing better than Blum article on audits
509SchulteMontgomery Cnty Tries to Solve Math Problem--algebra is special concern for black, latino minorities
509EditorAnother Election Day--tough sell to get voters out for hybrid board that satisfies nobody--including Post
510BlumAckerman is Finalist for San Francisco School Superintendent--frustrated by too many bosses
510ArgetsingerMaryland Dedicates $301M state surplus to public school construction with cash, not bonds--save $70M
511BlumAckerman Warns Things Must Change--interference from Council micromgmt tops frustation list
511EditorKeep Super. Ackerman--city leaders should encourage her to stay, continue reforms, not provoke her to go
512BlumAckerman Among 3 Finalists in California--DC intensifies effort to keep 'frustrated' school chief
514Fehr/BlumWeary Ackerman Lists School Frustrations: dysfunctional staff, fractured oversight, Council micromgmt....
514Fehr/Blum(cont)...poor Control Bd actions, battles over summer school, Paul JHS, bad procurement, excessive criticism
514CrenshawFor (middle class) DC Pupils, a Far-Out Plan--tuition program opens way to public colleges across US
516BlumDC School Chief Offered CA Post--DC officials regret potential "great loss": have no selection plan
517Blum/StraussAckerman Struggles to Decide on Job Offer--school chief listens to DC (belated) pleas to stay
517EditorA Leaderless School System--Control Bd is only group responsible for DC public ed: has not done well
518Blum/StraussAckerman Quits as DC School Superintendent--accepts San Fracisco job--challenges remain here
518StraussIn 2 Years, Ackerman Laid Key Ground Work--despite divisive style, many feel DCPS now on right path
518McGuire ltrAnother Blow to DC Schools--Trinity College head says amateurs butt in, chronic political interference
518Perez-RivasSchool-Friendly Montgomery City Budget Advances--Council gives preliminary OK to $2.62B budget
518FisherAckerman's Fleeting Legacy--thankless task--couldn't/didn't do much, won't last in San Francisco either
519SchwartzmanPr. George's Cnty Approves $1.5B budget--with 60%--$942M-- for schools, up 7% from last year
519Blum/CottmanWilliams Zeros In on Schools--mayor sees 'opportunity' in crisis to find new (interim?) superintendent
519PaikHoward Cnty Council Increases Schools' Budget Allotment--$247.4M in 2001 is 11% over current yr
520BlumAckerman Successor Not Likely for a Year--DC officials hope schools will have interim chief soon
520KIngRunning Ms. Ackerman Out of Town--reform drew fire, gaggles of activists, Council, no help frm Cntl Bd
520BlumDC Special-Ed Bus Drivers Protest--work stoppage over service contract strands hundreds of kids
522WoodleeDC Scores Take 'Dramatic Jump'--Ackerman says tests show schools 'on right track'; reading,math up
522RaspberryOne Idea for DC Schools--sorry Ackerman left: go for a 'permanent interim' super to continue her work
522ReevesMD Programs for Gifted Varied, Strained--state to assess parents' complaints--like VA's, talent ignored?
523StaffDC Elected School Board to Suggest Interim Chief--2-3 names to go to Contrl Bd for 1-year assignment
525StaffSan Francisco Contract for Ackerman OK's $197K pay v $165K in DC--Board names 4 to replace her
526BlumDC School Scores Up for 4th Year, extra work cited--little change upper grades--many less 'below basic'
526RaspberryThe More You Know....--agrees teaching more 'core knowledge' eases learning of tougher subjects
527KingThe Will to Survive, Succeed--'the Perfect People' helped push Ackerman out--go after Ramsey next??
527EditorIn the Control Bd's Clutches--gotta work fast to get interim super. : have 2-week overlap with Ackerman
528Milloy OpEdThe Difference Pride Made in Education--remembers all-black Booker T Washington High 50 yrs ago
528BlumAckerman Reconsiders 8:45AM School Start Time--elementaries, 8:00AM-2:30PM, rest, 9:15-3:45?
528Op EdsNew Kind of School Bd?--Yes sez Patterson, get better people; No sez Moody, lose democratic powers
529RaspberryLessons Teachers Beg to Be Taught--most love teaching, want more parents, administrators, not $
529Ladner OpEdAckerman Ambush--meddling, micromanaging, abuse from know-it-alls opposed to her good reforms
530Fehr/StraussThen and Now, School System in Turmoil--Control Bd success w/finances hasn't worked for education
524Lee (Current)Parents United Director Delabian Rice-Thurston stepping down after years of active school lobbying
531Editor (Current)A Chance for Change--endorses new school board arrangement to get better people, real change
602BlumAdvisory Committee to Help Pick Interim Superintendent--Cntrl Bd appointments anger elected officials
603NakamuraFunding, Space Inadequate for Plan to Shrink Class Size, say Pr. George's Superintendent Metts
605Patterson LtrGood Schools Take Collaboration: Wd3 didn't get more than share--didn't want Ackerman to go--doing job?
606NakamuraPrince George's School Chief Discloses Expenses--reimbursed system for gasoline charges, etc.
607CooperDetroit Elem. School Defies Demographics--(80% poor, 90% black kids); 80% pass std tests for years
607StaffCoalition Fights School Bd Referrendum--activists, Congress of PTAs, others say anti-democratic
608SamuelsPr. William School Board Allows Discipline Change--more power devolving to school officials from code
608EditorSchool-Money Wastrels--Pr. George's Cnty schools mismanage funds, board overspending on expenses
608BlumDC Under the Gun on Special-Ed Buses--unfinished summer school plans aired in court: 13 days to go
609StaffWillliams Touts School Board Proposal--wants 'yes' to accountability, leadership, change
609Barras (WT)Dumb/Dumbest--Reform DC education reforms now, vote down change, go to all-appointed expert board
610StaffCouncilman Mendelson Barred from Inspecting DCPS Food Warehouse--lacked request in writing
610NakamuraMetts Sacks dozens of Pr. George's principals, vice prnpls for leadership, overstaffing: unions to fight
611Grasmick LtrDon't Blame the Tests--pressure to perform drives a few over edge--can;t judge all by some misdeeds
611Simon LtrAccountability Run Amok--too much emphasis on test scores: fetish defeats efforts to up teacher quality
611CottmanSchool Board Fight Spurs Ethics Debate--activists file compliant over use of city staff to lobby referendum
612StaffDCPS School Modernization Program Begins--renovation at 9 schools next 2 years, part of 10-yr program
612StaffDCPS School Construction/Renovation Community Mtgs--being held in eight separate planning areas
613BlumSchool Schedule Change Derailed--DC Union Chief Opposes--would interfere w/teachers lives!
613StaffDCPS Wants Renovation Opinions--gathering local views on 140-school modernization plans
614StaffHousing Receiver Seeks School Job--Gilmore asks Control Bd to make him interim superintendent
614EditorAnother Grandmother Gone--huffing/puffing from police hq won't stop killings--sustained policing might!
615ReevesPrivate Prince George's K-8/12 School Planned--(wealthy) founders to focus on math, science, technology
616Ackerman LtrDCPS Superintendent asks tchrs to overturn union decision not to change school hours--vote for kids
622BlumPanel Assailed in Picking School Chief: 6 vie: 2 asst supers, MC's Vance; NY's Crew; Gilmore; Koskinen
622Mayor, GraySchool Bd Revamp Debated--Mayor:students have suffered enough; Gray: don't give away vote
622BlumCity's Set to Vote on Board of Election--first change in 25 years--gotta do something different says Levy
623BlumDC Can't Tally Vote, Judge Rules--school referendum still set or 6/27: NE activist sued re ballot crafting
623Blum83 DC schools Praised for Test Results--26 met 4 of 6 goals; 28 met 5 of 6; 29 met all--activists complain
624StaffPrince George's School Bd Adopts $942M budget--$62M add allows some smaller classes, pay raises
624BlumAppeals Court Weighs Referendum Fight--3 judges hear pros, cons of delaying school vote tally
625NakamuraIn School, Changes at the Top--area faces sHortage of new principals--turmoil brings insecurity
625Looselips (CP)Hell No--DC doesn't need to keep dragging unsuccessful experts thru city: Rivlin, Becton, Barnett, et al
625Blum/CottmanDC School Vote Tally Gets Green Light--Appeals Court rejects activist suit--mayor campaigning
626EditorTaking Care of Principals--gotta work just as hard to develop competent principals as teachers
626Editor'For' Schools and Democracy--DC kids need a board to fight for them, not among themselves
627StaffMontgomery County Approves School Budget--7% increase to $1.2B, 1400 new teachers, 5% raises
628BlumDC Voters Split on School Bd Plan--only 11.6% vote, 5l% to 49% = 1000 votes out of 38,400 cast
629BenningFairfax County to Send 4 Elite Teachers Into Low-Performing Schools--pioneer effort to help neediest
629CottmanMayor Sees Racial Divide in Vote--blacker wards against--vows inclusiveness in revamping schools
629EditorNext DC School Decision--gotta pick an interim superintendent who can contend for permanent job
701BlumSearch Panel Endorses Vance to Lead DC Schools--ran 129,000-kid Montgomery Cnty schools well
701King OpEdAll for the Vote--turnout in Wd 7 (10.4%) and Wd 8 (6.5%): excuses are immature, ignorant, and cop-outs
702Lavon ltr to EdMontgomery Schools' Dirty Little Secret--homework rarely graded or returned, minimal reading tasks
702GrunwaldCorps of Engineers Struggles with DC School Role--efforts marred by delays, overruns, other problems
703EditorNext for DC Schools--committee unanimously picked Vance--Control Bd must decide whether to agree
703NakamuraPr. George's Board Rewards Progress by 131,000-kid School Chief Metts--pay rises by $30K
703TuckerDC School Bd Vote Challenged--activists' lawsuit in DC Superior Ct claims normal procedures shortcut
704NakamuraPr. George's Metts Raise Draws Fire from Staff--some teachers, principals complain about cut-backs
704CottmanDC Activists Still Waiting for Mayor's Call--after promise to 'heal the racial divide' over school bd vote
705Perlstein3 Lowest Performing Baltimore Schools Taken Over--State Bd dissolves schools, calls in private firm
706BlumDC Taps Vance for Schools--new hands-on chief to reach beyond Ackerman goals--pay not yet set
707BlumDC School Special Ed Transport Blasted--witnesses say system struggles for 2600 summer kids
707EditorTeachers Against Reform--a shame NEA couldn't agree to endorse modest effort to link pay, performance
708NakamuraMontgomery Cnty Pay scales Attract Pr. George's Principals and Teachers--called 'predatory':
708BlumOutcome of DC School Bd Vote Affirmed--final vote is 5l% (20,511) to 49% (19668)--data by ward given
708King OpEdChance for Children--mayor's School Bd appointees should be fully qualified--not pander to race
709Fears2 Voters, 2 Views Across DC's Racial Divide--was it test of black political power or schools' future?
711BlumArmy Corps of Engineers Faulted on Contracts--more school work sought for local, minority firms
711EditorAppoint the Board on Merit--any deal to pick two from East of River betrays rationale for new approach
712WaxAlexandria Student Scores Improve--12,000 student system has mixed results by grade and school
712StaffRaises Proposed for Education Bd members--from $15K to $50K for members, $16K to $75K for boss
718Ballard CoEltrPost article inaccurately slammed Corps of Engrs efforts to help schools--weird agenda won't help kids
719StaffControl Bd Signs Contract with DCPS Super Vance with $175K salary (+)--starts day after Ackerman goes
719StaffParents Urged to Send Kids to School--Ackerman's last letter cites growing high school absenteeism
725FahrentholdDC Schools Faulted Again on Food Storage--this time for mismanagement--too far away, big backlog
727BlumCourt Takeover of School Special Ed Busing Possible--still getting worse after DC fires contractor
729FehrDC School Bd Regains Voice Briefly--Control Bd merges 11-mbr bd, 6-mbr advisory grp for ad hoc issues
730TrejusMetro Area School Districts Scramble for 8135 new teachers, still lack 3484, DC worst w/75% unhired
731EditorPassing School Test--Va School Bd right to ease test rules--now must provide means for success
801NakamuraPr. George's School Bd Roiled by Renewed Infighting--sniping at disclosure of school fund reallocation
802BlumDC Teachers Accused of Hitting Students--charges among 214 allegations of force raised last year
803Benning9 Fairfax Elementary Schools Rewarded--staffs get $1-2000 bonuses for raising test scores
804BlumDC Schools Target Truancy--attendance rates avg 92%, half 13K HS kids skip 15+ days= 85% rate
805StaffProgress Made in Spec-ed School Bus Suit--both sides agree to hire 'coordinator': ($10K ea./4000 kids)
811LeePr. George's Board Grills Superintendent Metts About Bonuses--payments to 4 top aides at issue
816NakamuraMetts Revises Plan for Prince George's School Funding--superintendent's cutbacks criticized intensely
817PattonProviding Education Alternatives--special scholarship fund gives low income families shot at private schls
817BlumDC Turns to Parents for Help with Special Ed Busing--offers $3000 to $7500 to provide own transport
818BlumDC Schools Hold Off on Informing Parents about Busing Plan--awaiting lawyers views of legality
820NakamuraPr. George's School Chief Often Acts First, Asks Later--Metts's style shuts out some of teachers, staff
822BlumCrews Rush to Complete DC School Renovations--all 146 schools getting upgrades--50 to be done late
822StaffNew Charter School to Focus on Law--Thurgood Marshall Academy to focus on civic participation
822NakamuraTeachers, Pr. George's Have Tentative Deal--8000 tchrs to get 6.4% raise this year, 5% next year
824JohnsonSchool Growing Pains--area's economy boosts construction costs: $92/sqft in '96 up to $137 in '01
826Blum3 DC Schools May Shift Hours to Ease Busing--special-ed centers would open an hour earlier
828MathewsScores Improve 9 pts. for DC Pupils with Vouchers--new study stirs debate re 1500 kids picked by lottery:
829StaffHoward U. Hospital Union Workers Approve Pact--3% raise now plus 2% next 2 years+health benefits
829TrejosIn MD, Retired Are Rehired--experienced teachers to keep pensions, fill gaps--many schools short
829SchulteMontgomery Cnty's Superintendent Weast Due for Review After Tough 1st Year--bosses, parents differ
830ReevesSchools Still Scrambling for Drivers--lost bus in Pr. George's had substitute at wheel: DC 200 short
830EditorPr. George's: School Growth Spurts--1100 of 1300 new tchers hired; 100K kids use buses, Metts on top
830SchulteUS, Local Combined SAT Scores Up--US +3 pts to 1019, DC +9 to 822, Md +2 to 1016, Va +2 to 1009
830Hettinger (Gaz)Montgomery Cnty SAT Scores Dip--Blk, Hisp ethnic gap widens--still well above MD, US averages
831StaffLongtime School Activist Steps Down--Delabian Rice-Thurston no longer has kid in DCPS after 16 yrs
902BlumIncumbents Face Off for School Bd--7 re-runs + 23 new go for 4 slots + president (mayor wants Cafritz)
902StaffMetts Stands By Plan to Bus Prince George's Students--about 1200 will cross county for two years
902Staff3 School Officials Sue Prince George's School Bd--over $10-15K bonuses denied as extravagant
903Sup. MettsStandards in Prince George's Schools--challenge for 132K kids is higher achievements, new ways
903Sup. WeastMontgomery's Teacher Focus--hired 1200 new tchrs frm 36 states, 3 countries--up to 135K kids this year
903Sup. VanceDC's School Progress Rpt--must keep moving fwd, keep goals, sustain momentum producing success
903Sup.DomenechIn Fairfax Schools, Paying for Success--gotta pay for excellence--and growth: 4000 new kids to 161K
903Sup. HatrickSmart Growth in Loudon Schools--growing 10% p.a., bigger schools tough: elems, 700, mid/highs, 1600
905PerlsteinMore for Less--fed funds for 100K more teachers makes classes smaller DC: $6M, Md,$19M, Va,$23M
905FisherCharter Schools Offer Gleam of Hope for Students--some of DC's best principals moving to charters
906BlumNo-show Bus Drivers Strand DC Special-Ed Kids--77 Day1 driver no-shows--3368 of 11,000 need transpt!
907ArgetsingerTuition Program Frustrates Colleges--some schools balk at DC red tape, but 94% of 3200 grants set
908StaffNorton Aims to Simplify Tuition Program--regulations and forms too complicated for some colleges
909BlumSchool Lunch Illnesses Spark DC Crackdown--30 stricken, warm refrigerator over weekend blamed
911MathewsVA Voters Negative on SOL Tests--51% in survey believe state tests don't work, 34% think they do
912StaffMD School Libraries Don't Meet Standards--only 17% of 1300+ schools have enough or right books
914Blum12 DC Schools Lacked Certified Food Workers--DCPS shuffling workers after firing some over summer
915BenningFairfax, VA Students Soar on SOL tests--schools focusing on tests, not enriched curriculum say some
917NakamuraPrince George's Superintendent Metts May Seek Extra Classes for Stragglers--racial gap big concern
919MathewsSome Researchers Question Voucher Study--6-pt improvement at private schools only in one grade?
920SchulteMontgomery County to Aid or Oust Weak Teachers--81 identified by experienced peers, some tenured
922BlumDC School Bus Drivers Decry Conditions--pay problems, work conditions, incompetent managers cited
925NakamuraA (Prince George's) Board Distracted by Dysfunction--school board bickering drowns out reform debate
927PierreMayor Cheered as He Pledges UDC Changes--college working with city re facilities, locations, programs
927staffMD Facing Teacher Retirements, Shortfall of Newly Graduating Teachers--hundreds more needed
1002BlumDC Schools Still Neglect Some in Special Ed--1355 greivances filed last year among 11,000 needy
1003BlumVance Unveils DC Schools Shake-up--five top aides lose jobs, others must reapply. Aim: accountability
1003EditorUndoing the School Board Vote--DC Cnclmn Orange wants to revert to ward-based system--don't do it!
1003NakamuraPrince George's School Board to Give Up Credit Cards--audit found signifcant abuses over $2000
1003NakamuraPrince George's School Board Grilled--MD State officials call for sanctions against errant bd mbrs
1004ChanHybrid School Bd Barely Upheld by DC Council--vote 7 to 6 not to restrict mayor's appointments
1006EditorTo Set A School Board Straight--Maryland takeover of PG County School Bd could be disastrous
1007StaffDC School Superintendent Vance eliminates 36 positions, 27 now filled, save $2.3M(?) hiring new top 3
1010StaffBell MultiCultural Senior High School Head Named Principal of the Year for engaging students, parents
1010Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty School Bd Race Takes on 'Unwholesome' Tone--all talking against one member
1011BlumDC Parents Sound Off--Mayor, Super. Vance speak at education forum: agree 'dramatic action needed'
1011NakamuraNew School Debated at Prince George's Hearing--Cottage City oppose plan razing houses, businesses
1012WilgorenMcKinley High to be Reborn--Mayor to unveil plans for Technology School at Northeast Campus
1013LeonnigDC Schools 'Misplace' Donated Computers--260 pieces equipment missing--DC IG says issue serious
1018Perez-RivasDiversity Dominates Montgomery Schools--30% not black or white,(Arlington 42%, Alexandria 33%)
1019LeonnigDC Head Start Program Threatened--Parks director cites conflicts--hasn't signed pact for rec cntr funds
1020BlumDC School Board Terms Staggered, Some Candidates Learn--surprised to find obscure legislation
1021EditorA Leader for the School Board--Waashington Post picks Rev Childs over Cafritz and Gray 'hands down'
1022Ltrs to EdLoveless/Hawkins: Searching to Close Achievement Gap--keep track system, avoid past mistakes
1022Staff33 DC Charter schools now enroll 9,838, up 2848 in '00; public schools down 1784 to 68,978 students
1024SeymourAn Education They Believe In--parents of other faiths drawn to Catholic Schools: now 25-50% non-Cath
1024StaffSuperintendent Promises Repairs to 25 Schools--identified by Wash Interfaith Network activists
1025PierreSchool Board President Candidate Cafritz Demurs on Mayoral Endorsement--despite close ties
1028NakamuraIn Prince George's School Board Race, Issue is Scandal--both contenders have recent troubles
1029BlumDC Votes Reveals Old Divide--race becoming issue in realigned school districts--demog's changing
1031BenningFairfax County Unveils Student Benchmarks--criteria for promotions to next grade to be standardized,
1031TrejosArea Schools Tailoring Curricula to State Tests--fewer classroom choices left up to teachers
1031BlumDC School Board Falls Short on Receipts--travel expenses hit by other officials: some won't provide
1031BenningCharter Schools Unpopular in Fairfax County--little need, local boards can (and do) refuse applications
1105 Mathews Taking the Challenge--proposes new index to rank high schools for pushing AP/IB courses (DC last!)
1109 Blum First Lesson for DC School Bd: Cooperation--new members, mayor to discuss his appointees
1109 Blum Mayor to Pick from 23 Finalists to Fill 4 School Bd Seats--69 interviewed for $15K parttime jobs
1109 Hettinger (Gaz) Record Scores on Math, Reading Proficiency Tests--data on Montgomery Cnty schools'94-00 by race
1110 Blum Mayor's Motives Impugned by Outgoing School Bd President--claims he'll steer contracts to supporters
1112 Rice-Thurston Top Secrets of School Bd Success--outgoing Parents United head wants more mtgs, staff, public info
1112 Benning Aging Fairfax Schools Await Rescue--limited bond money has slowed repairs on 24+ older bldgs
1114 Staff Special-Ed Busing Plan Reviewed--few parents interested in being paid $3-7K to transport own kids
1115 Fehr UDC Denies Adult Literacy Fund Cuts--supporters claim $2.5M diverted (130K DC res have no HS dipl)
1115 Staff (Curr) DC Super. Vance Wants More Help for New Teachers--'consulting teachers' mentor new instructors
1116 Blum 4 Picked for School Bd--Mayor calls choices 'impressive': all have education credentials, DC residence
1116 Pierre School Picks Meant to Provide Needed Skills--education professor, facilities expert, 2 nat'l academics
1116 Staff DC Bd of Education to Close Charter School for fiscal mismanagement, 350 kids to be sent elsewhere
1116 Editor Mayor's School Bd Picks--all distinguished, apolitical: mayor now accountable for DCPS performance
1117 Nakamura Pr. George's Cnty Busing Plan Revised--many of 132K, 77% black kids to attend schools closer to home
1119 Nakamura Pr. George's Super. Metts Seeks Bigger Budget, Smaller Classes--key to closing achievement gap
1121 Blum Mayor's 4 School Bd Picks Win Praise--Council confirmation hearing goes well, promise no micromgmt
1121 Weil 18 Area Principals Honored by Washington Post--one from each area school system + one independent
1121 Nakamura Bonus to Pr. George's School Bd Aide Creates Stir, after opposing Metts's awards to her deputies
1122 Nakamura Pr. George's Super. Metts Seeks Forced Summer School--new 'accountbility office' decries poor skills
1122 Blum Special-Ed Bus Audit Cites Waste--22 DC routes to pvt schls carry 1 kid, 9 carry 2-3, in 18-20 seat buses
1123 Blum DC Schools Claim to Outscore Charters--experts challenge test results: worst kids move to charters??
1127 Editor Busing in Prince George's--end of race-based busing may improve local schools, but gotta work at it
1128 Editor Judging DC Schools--Better DCPS test scores should not be discounted--all schools must improve
1130 Staff (Gaz) Advisory Neighborhood Commission Election Results--1-2 candidates, 200-800 votes for each
1202 Staff DC Council Education Committee unanimously approves Mayor's nominees for Bd of Education
1206 Staff DC Council Confirms Mayor's four nominees for Bd of Education--only Vincent Orange dissents
1206 Hettinger Montgomery County Up Slightly on Annual MSPAP tests--highest scoring MD large and mixed district
1206 Sherwood (Curr) Bleeding DC General--Control Bd action on hospital harsh compared to treatment of failing schools
1207 Blum(cont) ...$3.2B, 6-yr cap budget needs fed aid (!): Control Bd says unreal, Schol Bd says fill w/civic functions
1207 Blum Despite Sinking Enrollment, Proposal Calls for Rebuilding all 148 DC schools--note Congress may not OK...
1208 Benning Fairfax Won't Take Charter School Proposals--school bd vote 7:5 says enough choices already
1211 Editor Money for Montgomery Schools--Super. Weast seeks another 9% increase--pledge should be kept
1213 Staff Pr. George's School Bd Change Urged to avoid pettiness--all appointed, or four at-large seats suggested
1216 Wax School Expansion Sparks Clash in Arlington--tennis courts atop garage,, 7 sports field anger neighbors
1216 Blum Disabled Students Sue DC Schools--class action filing centers on lack of adequate evacuation schemes
1220 Editor (Curr) Remaining Tasks--solution to DC school bldg program is to combine with other paying uses
1221 Wax Alexandria to Consider Charter School Plans--like Loudon, Falls Church, etc.--Fairfax, Pr. Wm. won't
1221 Blum DC School Bd Unanimously Backs $2B Building Program--Cntl Bd and Rep Davis want leaner plan
1223 Smith Fairfax Schools' 5-yr Capital Plan Short $800M of $1.7B needed--expect enrollment of 178K by 2009
1226 Mathews Adopting Tests, Adapting Lessons--teachers say std'z'd exams force them to focus, be consistent

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