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102BlumFresh Start for DC's Bd of Ed--hybrid panel has tough job, festering existing problems, new policies
104BlumDC School Bd Sworn In--members newly empowered, Cafritz wants 3rd G reading, more vocational ed
106EditorFairfax Schools: How Good? VA's school problems w/4000 student influx/yr, like transportation--are real
110BlumDC Ex-School Bd Members Fail to Return Gear to City--buy it, bring it back, or wait for it to be picked up?
111NakamuraPr. George's Schools Chief Seeks $158M More--Metts asks 17% more for '02; wages, technologies, etc.
111StaffCharter Schools report Spring '00 Stanford 9 tests: 15% proficient or advanced in math; 11% in reading
111StaffTop Achievers listed for DC high school kids--2.5x as many in private schools as in public/charters
112PerlsteinHoward Schools Chief Proposes System for Improved mgmt, testing in lowest-performing schools
112Blum6.4% Increase Sought in DC School Funding--$41M more for worst schools, new technology, girls' sports
112ReevesMD Gov Glendening Won't Back All-Day Kindergarten--some teachers for, some against, insufficient $'s
114Pfleeger ltrCan't Read, Can't Count, Can't Depend on System to Help--DC kids apparently don't; DCPS fails them
116NakamuraPr. George's School Mgmt Oversight Panel Comes Under Fire--called toothless, unfocused after 2 yrs
118JohnsonAnne Arundel Cnty Schools Chief Seeks Bigger Budget --$593M plan for class size, minorities, staff pay
118BlumDC School Bd Chair Wants Vance to Remain--other members reserve judgment on 3-yr contract for super.
123NakamuraMetts' Military School Plan Riles Parents in PG County--turn into magnet for recruits, get military assistance
128BerlinerInternat'l Pub Schl Test Avgs Hide True Extremes--rich kids near world top, poor minorities near bottom
128Perez-RivasSaturday School Packs In Montgomery Cnty Students--demand overwhelms expansion: parents push kids
130BlumDC School Bd OKs $717M Budget--12% hike $34M over request--for Bd initiatives on early, vocational ed
201BlumDC School Meetings Questioned--closed sessions called violation--were they just 'working sessions?'
201Nakamura4 More Pr. George's Schools Cited--join list facing threat of takeover for poor performance--now 15
202BlumSlow Going on School Buses--audit still finds flaws in system for 3600 bussed special ed kids
202NakamuraPr. George's Schools Oversight Panel May Get Boost--expand authority of appointed (control?) bd?
202Perez-RivasMontgomery County Board of Ed Adds to Super's Budget--OK's $1.3B '02 school budget for 124K kids
203NakamuraSchool Oversight Plan Splits Pr. George's--some oppose plan to give apponted panel more power
203EditorSchool Watch in Pr. George's--doubt 'disruptive new goverrnance system' would benefit school kids
207FahrentholdDC School Plan Backed in Public Hearing with mayor, despite lack of details for $717M budget
208HettingerMontgomery Cnty Bd of Ed OKs $1.3B operating budget--now needs pact with 9500-teacher union
209Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty Deal Raises Teacher Pay--contract boosts training, responsibility for 10,000+ tchrs
211McCabe ltrWhy Maryland Lacks Charter Schools--has no law permitting them, hence no federal $ as elsewhere
211NakamuraSpecial Ed Teachers Become Scarce Commodity--PG Cnty needs 36: 30 uncertified already hired
213MathewsVA Educators Adjust to SOL Test Necessities--more energetic teaching, visual aids, etc. resulting
213FisherIn DC Schools, Coming to Terms with Being Elite--gotta push, not 'diss' schools that push excellence
214EditorUpping Ante for Teachers--are Montgomery Cnty wage hikes too high? start at $38.6K, grow to $84.5K
214SchulteTest Scores Led Mongomery Cnty to Scrap Exam--results awful as 30K take new final biology exam
217ArgetsingerGeorgetown U Geets Its Future--first non-jesuit president vows to sustain school's Catholic missions
218BlumSuper. Vance Seen Stabilizing DC School Operations--parents, educators say too slow hiring aides
219BlumDC Not Saving in Pilot Bus Deal with 16 Parents--paid $49K: too few volunteers to eliminate any routes
220StaffFrederick Cnty Adopts Charter School Policy--second MD district to OK: statewide rules coming?
221ArgetsingerPresident Nimmons of UDC Announces Resignation--enrollment back up, staff thinned, accredited
221StaffDCPS Special Ed Bus Drivers Accused of Abusing Leave--paid for too much time off, absenteeism
222StaffDC Bd of Education Moves Against Techworld Charter School--preliminary step to charter revocation
222Blum50% DC Teachers Weak, Says Bd Chief--teachers react to offhand guess of unqualified/incompetent
223BlumDC Seeks Different Sort of Teacher--recruiting targets instructors from other professions: mayor's idea
223WaxArlington Cnty School Budget Could Raise Teacher Pay 12%--asking $220M for 19K students
224KingPublic Spanking for DCPS--Cafritz claims total system failure, Vance says sub-mediocrity accepted
227Staff200+ Black Church Leaders Protest DC Gen'l Plan--only beacon of hope for poor critical-care patients
301BlumBoard to Review School Chief Vance's Work--process could give basis for 3-year contract extension
302NakamuraCnty Exec Curry Budgets $1 Billion for Pr. George's Schools--increase of $60M for 132K students
303FletcherProgress on National Dropout Rate Stalls near 25%--50% higher unemployment, or earn 25% less
303StaffCharter Schools Approved--DC Public Charter School Bd OK's 2 more for total of 3 in fall '01
303MathewsStudy Finds Racial Bias in Special Ed--blacks kids 2.9x retarded, 1.9x emotional problems...why?
304TrejosTeachers Hold On To Their Night Jobs--region's living costs climb faster than educators' salaries
308NakamuraOverhaul of Troubled Pr. George's School Bd Gains--bill to add appointed mbrs clears House hurdle
309Perez-RivasPoorer Kids Least Ready for School--Montgom Cnty acheivement gap shows in K grade, 4-yr olds v. 5
310ReevesMD House Rejects Aid to Private Schools 14/12--governor wanted $8M for books: Senate OK'd $5M
311NakamuraLawsuits on Pr. George's School Bonuses in Works--Metts aides fail to repay unauthorized $45K
312BlumClashed Bog Down DC Scool Board--Pres Cafritz 'too dictatorial' for rest of board: she says 'just wait...'
313WaxSchools Chief Quits Post in Alexandria--Berg to leave $134K post for job with association
313EditorMrs. Cafritz and Her Colleagues--time to prove she's ready to work for kids and city, stop bickering
313BlumSuperintendent Vance Names 3 to Run DC Schools Daily--wants more time to deal up and outward
314BlumMajority of DC School Board Denounces Mayor's Budget Plan--2.7% growth inadequate, cap $'s cut
314Hettinger(Curr)Non-English-speaking Poor Start School Behind--Not race, not religion--root is poverty says Weast
317Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty School Officials Lash Back at Duncan re $27M Budget Cut: did schools make cuts?
320BlumDC School Bd Wants Mayor to Back Off--complains mayor pushing own ideas, not listening to new Bd
320FletcherMilwaukee Will Vouch for Vouchers--parochial, private schools draw pupils:9300 kids in 103 schools
320ChoThe Catholic School Scramble in NVA--too many pupils (350K+), too few new schools, some go public
322SeymourFairfax Cnty Teachers Plan Work Protest--disatisfied with 2% raise, many won't come early, stay late
322NakamuraPr. George's to Summon 6500 struggling kids to 4-wk July summer school--Metts wanted 10,000
322BeckerEducation Will Top Agenda in Looming Montgomery Cnty Battle--council seeks more funds for schools
322StaffPastor Willie Wilson, Jr, Elected UDC Bd Vice Chairman--Union Temple Baptist leader called racist
324StaffAlgebra I Scores Rise in Montgomery Cnty, but 48% still fail--better than 64% failure rate last year
324NakamuraPlan to Revise Pr. George's School Bd Backed--PG House delegates OK 4 elected at-large mbrs
325Farnsworth LtrHow Some DC Schools Beat the Odds, Succeed--7 hi-poverty schools do very well: Look at them!
326Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty 9300-Teacher Union Moving Beyond Paychecks--now driving for better schools
327BlumDC Teachers Accused of Violence--were Adams Morgan pupils threatened, verbally abused?,
327StaffParents Grade Schools on Repairs--Wash Interfaith Netwk give' B' for work promised at 25 schools
329NakamuraPr. George's Exec Curry Offers $59M School Increase--board wants much more for smaller classes
329StaffMD House OK's Pr. George's School Bd Changes--adds 4 at-large to 5 district seats: all elected
330HsuHouse Members Question DC Schools Condition--Vance, Cafritz, CoEngrs defend pace of repairs
331King OpEdThey Just Can't Read--2 groups report 62% of DC adults at lowest level--worst in US:where is adult ed?
324StaffPrince George's Cnty to force summer school for 6500 for 4 wks, at 4.5 hrs/day at $3M cost
329MathewsGood and Bad of Teacher Turn-over--20% annual turnover--new ideas and energy offset confusion
405Perez-RivasWorldwide Exams Give Montgomery Cnty High Marks--near top in US, 10% behind Asian nations
406ReevesPr. George's Bd of Education Overhaul Postponed--state senators to study options: elect vs appoint
407ReevesMD House Approves Bill for School Bds to OK Charter Schools, plus right of appeal to state board
407Nakamura3 Deputies May Quit Pr. George's Schools over Bonus Dispute--Bd of Ed overules Super Metts
408WoodleeDC Superintendent Vance Vows to Eliminate School Abuse (physical and verbal) of kids by teachers
410NakamuraPr. George's Super Metts Fights to Reward Longtime Ally--bonus dispute threatens handpicked team
412TrejosSchools Scramble for Substitute Teachers--as pool shrinks, reqmts eased: DC lowest area sub rate
413StaffDC Cncl Panel OK's School Operating Budget:--at mayor's level--adds $15M to capital budget
414EditorSickening Hospital Debate--rhetoric, political demagoguery order of day--Morella sees no Cncl plan
414ShearFairfax Supervisors Target School Raises--Bd mbrs want any extra funds for teachers, not staff
414BlumSuper. Vance Fires DCPS Facilities Chief--poor job in oversight, management, contracting cited
422Cafritz LtrBetter Schools Won't Come Cheap--shocked by stripped programs, curriculum, plus lousy bldgs
430BlumDC Parents Hindered in Picking Schools--Appleseed Center says parents get too little info on schools
419BlumComputer Use Rises for DC Students--now 22/100 kids, but plagued by disparities, old equipment
504StaffHarvard Study Finds 2300 parents Satisfied w/Private Schools using scholarships for public schoolers
505NakamuraBig School Repair Bill Seen in Pr. George's--2 decades of neglect leave 186 schools needing $1.6B
506Singleton LtrDon't Overlook Pearls Like Oyster School--public/private partnership working, but needs bilingualism
506Filardo LtrDC Schools Must Learn to Mind Own Business--recounts facilities problems--need for better planning
508ReevesPr. George's Test Scores Show Best Gains Ever--34% of county public schools meet US benchmark
509EditorWelcome Report Card--Pr. George's has reason to celebrate hard work by teachers, principals, kids
509Thomas-LesterPr. George's Savors Improvement on Tests--poor kids improve significantly:'expect more, get more'
515Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty Schools Freeze Project Bids--constructor costs surge: $136/sqft>$156; too busy!
519StaffBaltimore Students Improve Test Scores--every grade rises--new curricula, standards, pre-K credited
520BlumDC Summer School Aimed at 30,000--program to expand for kids struggling with math reading basics
521EditorThe Big Ante in Montgomery Cnty--risky to put off inevitable needs for more school construction funds
522StaffMcCain to Submit School Choice Plan--DC pilot program would give $2000 vouchers for any school
530EditorWho's Listening to Dr. Vance?--gotta set record straight on mistreatment of students, solve jail caper
602King OpEdFan-Belt Justice in Junior High--remembers "bone crushers" but culture now says words not beatings
602EditorUnlevel Paying Fields--Parents United report shows DCPS playgrounds demoralizing, deplorable
602StaffPr. George's Superintendent Metts to Discuss Disputed Bonuses--board may sue school bosses
605NakamuraPr. George's School Board Near Action on Bonuses--officials want money repaid: pay back or resign
605Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty Super Weast Calls for Firing Test Director--for lying about role in testing scandal
606BeckerMontgomery CntyCouncil Sets Rules on (now 18) Surplus Schools--everybody gets into the act
606StaffPublic Safety Officials May Lose Overtime Pay- no oversight: 47 officers got over $50K, incl Asst Chief
606Perez-RivasCost $424K to replace MD School Test--Montgomery to Pay for Security Breach on CTBS tests
606NakmuraPr. George's School Board Votes to Sue 3 Top School Aides over big bonuses--issue overheated?
607StaffFoes of DC Gen'l Closing March in Protest--Union Temple Baptist Church shows list of those died
607EditorPenny-Ante Politicians --are Pr.George's school board set on blocking school progress? lose Metts?
607BlumDC Super. Vance To Overhaul Up to 9 Schools--programs, people to be replaced at worst performers
608Nakamura3 Top Aides Critical to Her Future, Metts Says--Pr. George's School Bd warns of suit over bonuses
608Blum2 DC Teachers Fired in Drinking Incident--high school students given alcohol in class, say officials
608StaffBaltimore Summer School Expands--32,000 kids have last chance to keep from being held back
610NakamuraCnty Exec Curry Blasts Pr. George's School Bd, Backs Metts--calls board regionwide embarrassment
611EditorA County's Embarrassment--Pr. George's Bd of Ed on the brink of destroying Metts' work to fix PGPS
611BlumAt DC High Schools, Many Miss Bell--tardiness serious problem (25%)--kids flunk 1st class courses
612ChoMissed Messages--language skews help: :Asians 4% kids, 1.3% spec ed; , blks 17% , 22% spec ed.
613NakamuraPr. George's Bd of Ed Chairman Asserts Authority over Metts--Johnson spurns effort to settle dispute
613FernandezThriving in Public--some students shun private option: 3100 kids graduate from 19 DCPS high schools
614NakamuraSuper. Metts Rebuffed by Pr. George's Bd of Ed Chairman Johnson in bid to save aides' bonuses
615BlumDC Shows Off School--Oyster bilingual elementary, 1st built in 20 yrs, used C21Fund land swap deal
616King OpEdSchools Where They Lift Every Voice--time to look at successes in DC schools, plucky students
616EditorPull the Plug in Pr. George's--Bd of Ed vilification of Super. Metts is wrong--State should step in
616NakamuraMetts Aides Ask MD State Bd to Intervene--Bd of Ed counterattacks claiming employee intimidation
616StaffJudge Ends DC Freeze of GWU Enrollment--as 'arbitrary, capricious': also ends ban on bldg permits
616NakamuraPr. George's Lawmakers Try to Defuse Metts-School Bd Clash--State Super willing to intervene
617NakamuraPr. George's Battle Creates Test of Resolve--Bd of Ed Chair Johnson unapologetic for stubborn style
618BlumSuper. Vance Likely to Receive 3-yr Pact--DC Bd of Ed praises leadership--but good staff hard to get
619BlumSchool Bd Recommends 3-yr Pact with Vance--6/0 vote shows confidence, need for stability
619BlumDC Cnclmbr Chavous Proposes Mandatory Schooling at Age 3--Vance Backs Idea--but what cost?
619Niemann LtrOur School System is at Stake--why are my Pr. George's Bd of Ed colleagues out to get Iris Metts?
620NakamuraMetts Nears Deal to Start Pr. George's Military Academy--by converting lowest performing HS
620Kain (Cur)Project Puts Oyster School back at Woodley--21st Century Schl Fund, Filardo delighted: long struggle!
620ArgetsingerUDC Selects Interim President--former Trustee Jenkins to replace Nimmons during search period
620EditorThree More Years for Mr. Vance--essential he remain fixed on turning DCPS around w/strong team
620ReevesPlan to Boost Math Teaching Ordered by MD State Bd --to reduce 20% vs 54%. minority score gaps
621StaffDC School Bd Votes 9/0 to Extend Vance's Contract--ad hoc committee formed to negotiate salary
623Moreno9 DC Schools to Be Reborn--continued failures promt major overhauls at 6 elem, 2 mid, 1 high schl
623NakamuraBudget Cutting ($14M) Sparks New Debate Between Pr. George's Super. Metts and School Board
623EditorIntolerable Pr. George's School Circus--Hill may hold hearings on 'ruinous' status quo of School Bd
624NakamuraSuper. Metts, Pr. George's School Bd Reach Budget Deal--Bd Chair claims 'met task, should be proud'
626Staff Williams Vetoes Bill on Free, Ontime Textbooks--not Council's Role? likely to override veto very soon
626Perez-RivasMontogmery Schools Chief Wants Testing Bar Raised--not improving fast enough: poor kids still lag
627ChanDC Council Backs Textbook Deadline Despite Veto--Super. Vance objects--OK's draft bill for new CFO
628EditorDC's 7 School Superintendents--Council not BdofEd or super.: mayor should veto textbook bill again
629BaconSoutheast Gen'l Hospital Says It Deserves 20-yr Tax Break--would hire more locals: activists object
629NakamuraPlans Set for Public Military School--Pr. George's Metts says Army will provde many $--open fall '02
629EditorThe 3 R's, Military Style--militarizing Pr. George's Forestville High innovative, but bears close watching
701BlumDC Schools Dismiss 531 Teachers--instructors failed to earn certification, orive education, pay fees
702StaffMayor, Council Spar re Textbook Bill--Cnclmbr Orange shelves pet Mayor bill for Youth Advisory Cncl
703Perez-RivasMontgomery Cnty to Extend Super. Weast Contract 3 Years--keep suitors away; unanimous vote
703Blum10,000 Seats Go Unfilled for DC Summer School--parents ignore letters saying attendance mandatory
707MathewsNew DC Charter School, New Tack-Anacostia's Key Academy is strict, long hours, works elsewhere
708Partee/Toyer ltrRecipe for Success: Take 9 Schools, Add Rebuilt Staff--plan promises right things, but will they work?
711PerlsteinArea Schools Awash in Bad Behaviour--educators complain even elementary students 'out of control'
714EditorEnding Secrecy in the Schools--Council hearings good: forced DCPS to fess up re kids' DC jail tours
718FearsUS Schools' Racial Isolation Growing--black, Hispanic majorities correlate with majority in poverty
718NakamuraMD State School Super Warns Pr. George's Schools--may withhold funds re mgmt problems, disputes
722EditorA New School Board for Pr. George's--needs new less parochial blood: why hasn't governor spoken?
723WilgorenJesuits Plan DC School for Poor--facility to enroll 75 very poor 6th grade boys: like SE girls' academy
725ReevesAid for Ailing MD Schools Faulted--State Board finds progress to slow in Baltimore, Pr. George's
727StaffModernization Begins at Northwest's Barnard Elementary School--capacity to be 480 students
727StaffTuition Assistance Expansion Advances--to cover all existing high school seniors and before-'97 grads
728SeymourFairfax Schools Chief Awarded 5.8% Raise from $205K to $217K--plus $15K performance bonus
728NakamuraPr. George's Super Metts Says Montgomery Cnty Raiding Educators--over 50 principals gone
728EditorAid Alone Won't Fix Schools--Pr. George's needs a new school board structure to draw top talent
729BlumDC Readies Schools Shake-up--comprehensive systemwide restructuring plan targets staff, curriculum
729NakamuraMetts Survives School Bd Try to Oust Her--rated below average 1.9 out of 4, raise and bonus denied
731HsuHouse Votes to Expand DC Tuition Break to all high school grads--Senate expected to approve too
731NakamuraPr. George's Metts Calls Lawyer re Poor School Bd Review--still committed, denies she'll seek buyout
803FletcherStudents Gaining in Math Scores--blacks, hispanics still lag behind whites, asians: DC proficient kids 1/4 of MD,VA
803Mathews8th Grade Math Scores Rise--officials in MD, VA credit reforms, including tougher standards: DC better in 4th Grade
804BlumDC Special Ed Bus Drivers Protest at School Headquarters-- claim still shortchanged on pay, leave time
809WilgorenDC School Bd to Close 3 Charter Schools--problems with students, oversight among other serious concerns
811EditorCharter School Challenge--School Bd right to close non-performing charters--gotta compete honestly with DCPS
811WilgorenSchools Outline Plans for Special-Ed Buses--3345 kids (of 11,500 tot) need 463 bus routes--2-yr plan cost $800K!
812Abrams ltrHarmonic Convergence--DC and Montgomery Cnty superintendents Vance, Weast, right men for right job, right time
815Staff (Cur)Vance: DC's Top Schools Will Challenge Academies--plans specialty language schools, tougher high schools
816GowenMontgomery Cnty May Cut County Testing Program, educators say state exams sufficient, avoid testing overkill
816WilgorenGround Broken for $18M new 600-kid Kelly Miller Middle School in NE--part of slow-starting $2B modernization plan
817Wilgoren (Cont)Vance has appointed new principals to 29 schools; 300 teachers hired, incl. 174 dismissed DC tchrs now certified
817WilgorenDC '01 Test Scores Change Little frm '00--Stanford 9's way behind suburbs--Vance vows new effort to improve
817EditorThe Board that Won't Let Up--state-appointed reformer thwarted, resigning: MD gotta realize damage being done
817Wilgoren (Cont)Vance Unveils Pilot Program to offer City Services in 24 schools (health to food aid)--'seamless web to support kids'.
818EditorTackling DC Test Scores--scores stagnant but Vance not throwing in towel--big priority this year
821SamuelsMore Fairfax Schools Ring Bell 2 Wks Early--new calendar aims to boost SOL scores--kids seem happy
822NakamuraAn Uneasy Walk to School--Pr. George's Family Fear for Kids' Safety as more expected to walk to local schools
825Levine17 Area Schools to Open Late--repairs, renovations delayed in glut of capital projects, but costs now dropping a bit
826NakamuraPolitical Strife in Pr. George's Cnty Weighs on Schools--lack of progress in classroom attracts competing forces
829ArgetsingerHoward University Scrambles to House Students--altering procedures to accommodate freshman class surge to 1700
829Hettinger (Gaz)Montgomery County SAT Scores Level--8% above US/MD norms, but 15+% black/hispanic ethnicity gap worrying
829BlumSAT Scores Fall Sharply in DC--suburbs, US hold steady, disparities among races persists--but more take tests
829EditorDiscouraging Scores--contrary to US, suburbs, DC scores fall 24 pts--big racial gap in DC as elsewhere--gotta fix
831GowenMontgomery Cnty SAT Scores Drop for Minorities (gap up 19%>21%)--Fairfax Cnty overall scores continue to rise
831StaffMore MD Schools in Danger of State Takeover for low tests scores: of 102 on watch list, 85 in Baltimore, 15 in PG
831StaffSome Charter Schools Show Improvement in Stanford 9 Achievement Tests--8/9 of 11 grades improve reading, math
831StaffCharter School Sues Bd of Ed for closing school for chronic problems without full evidentiary hearing
901NakamuraBig Grant Intensifies Debate on Magnet Schools--Pr. George's gets $4M to convert to specialized uses
902SchulteGrowing Divide--Pupils' Poverty Drives Achievement Gap-kids perform worst in high-poverty schools
902Schulte (Cont)School Achievement Gap Fuels Fears of Middle Class Flight--poor kids do much better if in minority
903SchulteClosing Student Gap Opens Door to Conflict--Montgomery Cnty spends up to $3000 more on poor kids
905StaffCharter Schools to Plead Before School Bd--3 schools w/300 kids fight revocation procedures
906BlumDC Bd of Education Votes to Close Charter School for poor performance, facilities--parents freak out
907Blum$80M Shortfall in Schools Stun DC--overspent on special ed, failed to collect back Medicaid (iffy)
908EditorComing Up $80M Short--6 fired from DCPS but shocking disclosure questions DC's fiscal competence
908BlumDCPS Ignored Budget Problems--private school special ed costs $25M over $82M budget for 2277 kids
911GowenAll-Day Kindegarten Boosts Reading--1-yr Montgomery Cnty study shows benefits for 'high-risk' kids
920SeymourVA School Scores Improve on 25 of 28 SOL Tests--black students make gains but don't close gap
923StaffArchitect Named DCPS Facilities Boss--has worked on 250 school projects: predecessor fired in April
923ReevesBus Routing Leaves Pr. George's Kids on Curb--some buses 3 hrs late, or not at all: computer glitches?
925StraussDCPS School $80M Budget Deficit Causes Firing, Reorganization--6 fired, 21 more laid off permanently
926Thomas-LesterSick-out to Affect Pr. George's School Buses Today--drivers, like parents, frustrated by long delays
926ReevesMetts Offers Rescue Plan for 15 Worst Schools-- incentives for teachers, partnering, longer day/year
929BlumGAO Calls DC School Maint Contracts Improper--audit also shows Washington Gas double billed
1002FisherHigh Tech IDs Have No Place in DC Schools--digital photos, bar-coded ID, too intrusive for kids
1004BlumSuper. Cafritz Says DCPS Deficit Rpt Wrong--had enough fed and local funds to cover $80B overrun
1006StaffPr. George's School Official Quits--head of human resources moving to PA school system
1007EditorFairfax School Freeze--failure to support school bands deserves attention of VA candidates
1012StraussDC Expands Free After-School Program--$20M fed grant covers all latch-key kids' needs 3:30-6:30PM
1012Staff300 School Bus Drivers in Sick-out--545 drivers ferry 3700 spec ed kids to 250 schools, want more pay
1013EditorTruth in DC School Budgeting--big financial office turnover ridiculous--gotta get on top of problem
1013TrejosPr. George's 6th Grade Summer Students' Scores Up--younger kids fare worse, some drop further
1020StaffMontgomery Schools Cutting Spending--lost revenues will cut '03 budgets, require backing off in '02
1020StraussTeachers May Get Leeway to Punish--DC may expand allowed use of physical force against bullies
1021TrejosPr. George's Schools Oversight Hearing by Legislature Protested--designed to embarrass board? yup
1021Walden-Ford ltrStill Separate, Unequal--racial segregation now = economic segregation--should OK school-choice bill
1023TrejosOxon Hill Ignored, Parents Tell Pr. George's Super. Metts--want new high school, not just gym
1024ReevesMontgomery Charter School Stays Alive--Barely: Board gives backers a month to find space and $s
1027StaffPr. George's School Bd Reach Contract with School Administrators' Union--4% for '01, 4% for '02
1028Carter ltrTop Priority for UDC Trustees--clear vision; strong leadership; high standards for new president
1030JohnsonProjected Cuts, Economy Curtail School Budgets--all suburban counties affected as well as DC
1101FahrentholdDC Schools Hire Law Firm to Verify Deficit--Board wants proof of $80M shortfall, will pay $140K for it
1102AizenmanMD School Panel Urges State Funds Increase--poorer counties would get greater share of $1.1Billion
1104SantanaDC School Central Offices to Cut 200 admin jobs, save $17M p.a. New focus on High Schools coming
1105GooRaising the MBA Bar--Howard University seeks top students, ranking for business school
1106FletcherPhiladelphia Schools to Be Run Privately--PA Plan takes over troubled schools,. hires out operations
1107ArgetsingerMaryland Finds Problems in MSPAP Scoring--broad discrepancies force outside review: why so big?
1107TrejosMD House Legislators Side with Pr. George's Super Metts' Reform Efforts--scold school board
1109ReevesBig Drops, Jumps on MSPAPs in Montgomery Cnty Worry Schools--12/24 schools suspect flaws
1111JohnsonMD, VA Standardized Tests Score High on Parent Anger--low reading scores to cut fine arts classes
1114MathewsArea Schools Rank High in Graduating Minorities--suburbs above US avg, but DC well below (59v74%)
1114StraussDC Schools May Lose $25M--3-yr compliance extension expected in quest for aid for hi-pov schools
1117WilliamsDC School Board OKs Plan for Admin Job Cuts--Superintendent Vance hopes to save $14M this year
1117Argetsinger$500K Donation Marks Milestone for UDC--fund raising part of new look as more solid footing grows
1117SamuelsFor Non-Native Speakers, Too Few English Teachers--Pr. Williams,Anne Arundel, others fall short
1117TrejosPr. George's Bd of Ed Fights Growth Plan--would let developers pay to build near crowded schools
1118TrejosLawmakers Poised to Alter Pr. George's School Board--8 different bills offer ways to streamline board
1119EditorA Must-Fix in Pr. George's--gotta get rid of petty power trip politics by abominable School Bd
1120StaffPr. George's School Bd Bills Unveiled--public hearing draws 80 people, mostly defending board!
1121TimbergVA Shortchanges Its Schools--report says state spending $500M less than own minimum stds require
1121EditorHow Much for Education--tight funds make it hard to provide resources to implement standards set
1128SeymourVA Lowers Passing Score for Some SOL Tests--social studies tests believed flawed: review in 2 yrs
1130EditorFunding Special Education: Fed mandate to increase spec ed $ 2.5B each of 6-yrs now unreasonable
1130BlumDC Shortens School Year 7 days--Board says furloughs, other cuts needed to balance budget
1201Editor...And School Costs in Virginia--state shown to be shortchanging pledge to pick up 55% of district costs
1201FletcherHouse Conferees Nix Fund Rise for Special Ed--plan for feds to pay 40% of $2.5B pa increases gone
1201BlumPlan to Shorten School Year 7 Days Blasted by DC Leaders--part of $26M cut: unacceptable to Mayor
1201EditorLess Learning in DC--school bd plan to cut 7 days is slam at city priorities: hope Mayor will reverse
1202FernandezDC Mayor Hears Concerns Re Cutting School Year--City Summit 64% fem, 52% black, 23% gov't wkrs
1206SchultzMontgomery Cnty Super. Weast Urges Cuts to Save Reforms--central office tailored for hard times
1206HsuBattle to Lift Legal Fee Caps Works--House bill removes cap--to cost DCPS $10M more they don't have
1206AizenmanMD to Raise Age for Starting Kindergarten--bill sets 9/1 as cutoff for turning 5: keep more in pre-school
1208BlumHouse Subcommittee Rejects DC School Plan--Norton, Morella say shorter year wrong way to save $
1210EditorBoard that Can't Learn--Pr. George's school bd continue to embarrass county with bad appointments
1210AizenmanMaryland Considers Statewide Curriculum--std plan backed by small districts who can't develop own
1213FisherKids Take Fall for DC Schools--special ed is 'gold-plated garbage can' of US schooling, DC worst
1213Roemer ltrSpecial Ed: Congress's Obligation--IDEA act obliges states to educate all kids, but give only 16% $'s
1213BlumDC Acts to Avert School Furloughs--$10M bailout promised by Mayor, but DCPS gotta get smarter
1215SchulteDispute on MD Development Threatens School Construction Funds if no new smart growth school buiilt
1215TrejosPr. George's Super. Metts Grant Use Prompts Audit--school bd in tiff over buying textbooks, no support
1220StaffDC Delays School Year Vote--school board not sure promised bail-out funds will be sufficient
1221AizenmanMontgomery Seeks $165M More MD $'s for Needy Students--over $1.1B planned for full-day K, etc.
1223MathewsTrying to Harmonize Grading Scales--area districts try to make report cards fairer, more consistent
1224Staff6 DC High Schools to Receive More Science Funds--$5.4M for labs, computers, teacher training
1231Chan9 Low-performing DC Schools, City May Share Kids Data--activists fret re release of health/welfare data
1231HsuDC Residents to Get More College Tuition Aid--expand eligibility for both kids and black colleges

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