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104SeymourFairfax Schools Chief Seeks Budget Increase--$136M would expand immigrants program, pay raises
106Will (oped)Broken Families and School Performance--crucial school predictor is family quality, not budget$
110SchwartzmanMD Lawmakers Clash on Pr. George's Schools--NAACP vows to fight state-imposed changes
112BlumSaez Named to DC School Board--critics note housing specialist's lack of education expertise
112TrejosMetts Seeks 14% More for Pr. George's School Raises, Staff--upping budget from $1.0B to $1.14B
115EditorMayor's School Bd Pick--activists claim politics won out over merit, experience: let's find out
116StaffSchool Officials Fear $18M Deficit for '02--could still cut school yr: CFO to let DCPS pick school's cfo
117SchulteClosing the Academic Achievement Gap--Montgomery Cnty residents form discussion groups
118BlumDC Schools Cut Budget Request--city says 31% increase is still high: initial request was for 49% boost!
119StaffPr. George's School Board Recall Vote pushed--State legislators frustrated by quarreling with Metts
123BlumDC School Again Keeps Parents Waiting in Cold--parents get in line for out-of-neighborhood slots
124EditorThe Oyster (School) Camp-Out--school system must come up with better way to pick applicants
125BlumDC Verifying Immmunization--city to run 24-hr clinic at DC Gen'l for 13,000(?) kids needing shots
125SeymourNew Suburban ABCs: Always Being Crowded--Fairfax schools can't catch growth of 4000 kids/year
125TrejosPr. George's Parents at Odds Over School Zones--Bd says new districts would help neighborhoods
126BlumDC Halves Estimate of Students Needing Shots--down to 6000: DCPS hadn't enforced rules for years
129AizenmanMD Reports Broad Decline in Key Test Scores--Montgomery Cnty officials still quesitoning test validity
129Blum4500 DC Students Locked Out--rush on for vaccinations: culture change needed for parents, sez Super.
129EditorThe Last Straw--Please: how much damage can one power-hungry board of ed inflict on Pr. George's?
130Reeves5 Pr. George's Schools Added to State's Watch List--MSPAP scores next to worst of 24 MD districts
130Staff2860 Students Remain Unimmunized--mostly from DC's high schools--truancy sanctions could apply
130TrejosPr. George's Schools Chief Metts Interviewing Elsewhere--says she's weary of fight with Bd of Ed
130staff (Gaz)2001 MSPAP Results--average composite scores '93-'01 by ethnicity: white/asian over black/hispanic
131SchultePutting Schools to Test--Montgomery Cny drops big, while Frederick gains big--detailed scores given
131SchwartzmanLegislators Agree on Compromise Schools Proposal: 3-appointed, 6-elected school board members
201SchwartzmanPr. George's Cnty Politicians Angry with School Board--call board 'disgrace'--running Metts out of town
201TrejosUnder Pressure, Metts Offers to Quit Pr. George's School Post--superintendent and board have feuded
202ArgetsingerMetts's Latest Crisis Typical of Her Tenure--decision possible today on superintendent's future
202Page'We're Upset With the Embarrassment'--Pr. George's parents staff divided on blaming Board or Metts
202SchulteA Rebuilding and a Rebirth--high-SAT Bethesda-Chevy Chase High back after 22.5 year , $41M update
203TrejosPr. George's School Bd Fires Metts 6/3--school chief call dismissal illegal: raucous crowd pro and con
203StraussSuperintendents Face Complex Balancing Act--no time to stroke staff, play politics, bureaucracy
204SchulteMD MSPAP Student Grading Shocked Teachers--wrong answers could earn points frm overtaxed raters
204TrejosMetts's Firing Ruled Improper--judge says school contract required 45 days' notice, blocks firing
204EditorAdding Up the MSPAP Scores--put tests in perspective, keep working to improve long-term trend
205EditorSay Goodbye to That School Bd--MD state should intervene, let Metts focus on her needed work
205TrejosPr. George's School Bd Takes Heat as Metts Gains Time, Support--some mbrs weary, others defiant
206AizenmanIs Verdict on Metts Too Early?--some say more time needed to judge reforms at Pr. George's schools
207CarlsonMontgomery County Parents, Educators Mystified by Test Results--MSPAP called 'unreliable' by some
207SamuelsPr. William Schools Seek 13% Budget Increase--to $471.7M for 60,000 kids; starting teacher sal: $34.4K
207Schwartzman Support Builds for New School Board in Pr. George's--Maryland General Assembly to shift to appointed
207BlumSchool Bd Chair, Finance Officials Disagree on Who Ran up $62.5M school deficit--short, long term?
208SchwartzmanPr. George's Leaders Back School Oversight--state urged to intervene to prevent 'meltdown'
208EditorPr. George's: The Way Out--calamitous misbehavior of elected school bd goes on--need all-app't'd bd
208TrejosSuperintendent Metts, School Board Try for Amicability--but meeting turns tense as Metts defends acts
209SchwartzmanPr. George's School Bd Oversight Advances--interim 5-man appointed bd to serve til new one agreed
209Staff592 DCPS students still lack vaccinations--now to be classified and treated as 'chronic truants'
209StaffSchool Bd Nominee Answers Queries at hearing--says housing background useful: critics don't show
210ReevesPr. George's Schools Clashes Have Students Worried--fear for education, fret over embarrassment
212DvorakLocks Cited After Fire at School--officials deplore repeated violations (some may be overstated)
212TrejosMD State Bd of Ed reinstated super Metts--local bd lacked auithority: foes rally, weigh court fight
213SchulteMontgomery Cnty School Bd Wants MD to Drop MSPAP Testing--validity of recent scores challenged
213MathewsSuperintendent Firing Law Astonishes School Boards Across MD--Pr. George's case highlights rule
214EditorIris Metts and a Better Pr. George's Board--gotta try Baltimore system: appoint from State BdofEd list
214TrejosJudge Urged to Extend Injunction--supporters fear Pr. George's School Bd would put Metts on leave
215MontgomeryMD House Passes Pr. George's School Bd Measure--emergency panel would oversee elected body
216StaffCarroll County Joins MSPAP Opposition--wants state to drop test due to scoring problems, declines
216SchwartzmanCrisis Over Pr. George's Schools Had Been Building--problems started before 1998 over $ waste
217TrejosCrises Taint Pr. Georges's--school bd leader's fiery advocacy stems from religious fervor
218BlumLawyers Capitalize on DC School Gaps--special ed clients sent to affiliated firms, city overpays
219FisherDC Schools Failing Everyone But the Lawyers--who get rich forcing schools to pay high special ed costs
219TrejosMetts Named Finalist for School Post near Atlanta--says she wants to stay in PG, despite interviews
220Editor'Sugar Daddy' School System--special ed system is out of control train, no one at switch: where is gov't?
220TrejosPr. George's School Bd Cut Off--no more money to fight Metts, or overhaul panel, says County Council
221TrejosPr. George's Bd Hits Wall--State says School Bd can't fight restructuring in court: it is a state agency
221BlumDC Seeks Investigation of Special-Ed Referrals--lawyers' links to test firm, schools questioned
221StaffDC School Bd Looks to Close Techworld Charter School--financial irregularities, record-keeping gaffs
222SchwartzmanBid to Take Over Pr. George's School Bd Slows--new questions about emergency intervention
222StaffMontgomery Cnty Test Results Worry School Bd--only half high school students passed bio exam
222SeymourFairfax Mulls School Building Plan--developer would construct facility, lease to County--per Oyster Schl
224Staff3 Pr. George's School Bd Officials Plan Appeal after eviction from hearing with State Board
226TrejosPr. George's Cnty School Bd Foiled Again--State Bd ruling saps board's effort to fire superintendent
227AizenmanMany Kindergartners Unready--rpt urges more skills: White/Asians 55%, Black/Hisps,38% ready
228SchulteMontgomery Summer School to Focus on Needy--4500 with lowest test scores, language problems
304Time MagClass Warfare--military programs on march in inner city schools--rescuing kids or pushing into service?
304TrejosAppointed School Boards Work--or Not--debate over Pr. George's future echoed by shifts across US
305TimbergMayor's Goal: 20% Raises for Teachers Over 3 Years--part of vision for DC in annual address
305AizenmanMD Revamps Testing, Scoring--exam to be optional for 8th graders--educators divided on decision
306EditorClose that School Board Circus--must be high on Pr. George's unfinished legislative business for year
307StaffKindergarten Readiness--MD says 49% fully ready: asians, whites above black, hispanics; F over M
307SchwartzmanRush Plans to Take Over Pr. George's School Bd Stall--reinstating Metts defused issue, weakened Bd
307TrejosPr. George's School Bd Chief, Superintendent Metts Offer Conciliatry Words--hope to work together
307BlumDC School Bd Freezes Much Spending--to avoid $23M overrun, mainly for more-than-thought personnel
309StaffMSPAP Substitute Offered--CTBS=multiple choice, grades kids; MSPAP=open-ended, grades school
309TrejosMetts, Pr. George's Bd Clash Again on $1M Leases--super leased 4 churches for 10yrs for HeadStart
309StraightHigh-Rise, Oyster Elementary Provide Lesson in Partnership--tenants in Adams House, kids in school
311AizenmanOnce Lauded MSPAP Undermined by Format and Scoring System--test questions too hard to gage
313StaffMontgomery Cnty School Bd Votes to Drop 8th Grade MSPAP--only if they can keep $275M in fed funds
313SchulteMontgomery Turns Down Charter School--Bd of Ed blames itself for demise of Escalante proposal
314StaffFrederick Cnty Approves First Charter School--160-kid Montessori elementary school could open in Fall
315TrejosJudge Allows Metts to Appeal Evaluation--Pr. George's Bd May Face Challenge of Bad Review, No Bonus
316HsuTuition Plan to Cover All Black Colleges--Senate votes to expand DC program: helped 3200 kids 1st yr
316EditorStalling on the School Board--Senate needs to get cracking on changed, or all-appointed board
317Albert WynnPr. George's School Bd Must Go--sez House rep.: even temporary new board would be improvement
317StaffPr. George's School Bd Vote Pushed -- House Appns Com may withhold funds re 'nat'l embarrassment'
319EditorCharters Deserve Better--37 states+DC OK such schools, Montgomery Cnty wrong to deny competition
320SchwartzmanMD House Panel Threatens Pr. George's School Aid--withhold $34M unless Senate moves on Bd of Ed
321TrejosMD House Panel Delays Pr. George's Bill on School Board for further review by education subcomm.
321BlumWitnesses Skip School Board Hearing on Special Ed--law firm and education businesses don't show
322StaffScaled Back MSPAP School Testing Plan OK'd--federal officials OK dropping out of 8th grade test
324MoskMD Delegates Pin Funds to Change in Board--Pr. George's lawmakers call school bill blackmail
327BlumDC Teachers Vote on 19% Raise--3-yr plan OK'd by School Bd for 5600+:starting salary competitive
328SchwartzmanPr. George's Cnty Exec Curry Offers $50M Boost for Schools--would help open 6 new schools, raises
328ReevesSuper. Metts Wants to Extend Her Tenure in Pr. George's--4-yr contract up in '03: bickering continues
330BlumAsbestos Testers Improperly Trained--used false certificates: 48 DC schools to be reinspected
402EditorMaryland's School Endgame--state house/senate ldrs should endorse fixed school revenue source
402MontgomeryNew Pr. George's School Bd Endorsed--county's senators support appointed schools panel 7/1
403SchwartzmanNew Blow for Pr. George's School Bd--Senate panel votes to end elected body for at least 4 years
404MontgomeryMD Senate Backs Higher School Aid--proposal would add 34 cents per pack to cigarette tax
404EditorStriking a Balance for Schools--MD house and senate gotta act in last few days of session for new fix
404StaffDC Hires Finance Chief for Schools--Morales comes from Greenville, SC school system to $139K job
404TrejosPr. George's Super. Metts Would Consider Taking Buyout--MD Senate OKs school bd revamping
405MontgomeryMD House OK's $1/pack Tobacco Tax--increase to finance boost in school aid, reversing earlier vote
405SchwartzmanPr. George's Delegates Vote 11/8 to Dump School Bd--virtually assures Gen Assembly to follow suit
405BlumDC Schools Superintendent. Plans Return--Vance says he feels strong after double by-pass in February
406MontgomeryMontgomery Cnty's All-or-Nothing Win in Annapolis--united delegation pushes thru $1.3B school pckg
407TrejosFearing a 'Mess" in Pr. George's--legislators' school plan leave many worried about new bd gear-up
409SchwartzmanPr. George's School Bd Voted Out--measure which abolishes Mett's position goes to Gov Glendening
413BlumDC Still Needs Help with Homework--Stanford 9 study guide includes several spelling errors
414Cane ltrSchool Shutout--DC has surplus space, but almost half of public charter schools need homes
418StaffDC Bd of Ed Votes to Close Techworld Charter School--non-compliant with accounting, mgmt controls
419ReinFairfax Cnty Supervisors Plan Tax Cut, School Funding Boost--educators disappointed at small add-on
420Schulte9 Montgomery Cnty Schools in Line for Funding--Cnty allotting new state aid to small, low-income schools
421SmithDespite VA Cuts, George Mason University sets Ambitious Course--in quest for more funding, respect
421TrejosOutgoing Pr. George's Bd of Ed Still Reworking Budget--critics say its time to let go, leave $1.14B budget
424LyMontgomery Cnty School Bd Signs Off on Policing Plan--ups police access to schools for $3.4M grant
424StaffU California Unveils 11-story, $30M academic/residential center at Scott Circle for 250 students,faculty
426StaffMD Schools Desparate for Relief--new state aid barely makes a dent in needs of some Districts...
426EditorWill It Be Cafritz vs. Lightfoot--could bring real school board election contest if mayor gives nod
426Staff...compares Frederck, Montgomery, Pr. George's, Somerset data, incl. 'wealth per student'
426BlumDC Hits Shortfall in Renovating Schools--GAO says first 22 projects falling behind, times, costs unreal
427StaffDC Council Ed Com OK's School Budget for $774M local: must spend $476M of $968M tot on reg kids
430StaffEx-School Official Named Deputy Mayor--HR Tillery to be Deputy for Opns, ret. Army Colonel
502Trejos150 Seek 9 Seats on New Pr. George's Board--applicants vary from educators to businessmen
503Blum1100 DC School Office Workers Must Reapply--717 job descriptions rewritten for 126 fewer jobs
503EditorBoding Well in Pr. George's: school scores up, many want to be on new school bd--bring it in!
503TrejosPr. George's Test Scores Rise--big gains vindicate super. Meetts tenure--34>60% above nat avg
506BlumTwo Revoked Charter Schools Still Open--facilities appealing DC Board's decision for over 8 months
509FletcherSingle-sex Education Gets Boost Nationally--Bush plan would reverse key policy re "discrimination"
513BlumDC Summer Class Slots Cut 50%--deficit fears bring 70% drop in budget--make up in community progs?
514ArgetsingerNew President Aims to Raise UDC Profile--Pollard, networker, plans to improve community ties, budget
516EditorBack Seat for Summer School--can't see hiring non-profit workers better than using qualified teachers
518StaffSuper. Vance Praises Extra Help for 9 'Transformation Schools'--given new staffs, extra $ this year
524BlumDC Court of Appeals Ruling Could Hasten Demise of 2 DC Charter Schools--Board action not illegal
525EditorCreating a New School Board--new Pr. George's School Bd to be named soon--needs mix of top talent
530BlumSuper. Vance's panel suggests DC High School changes--50% 'below basic' in reading, 70% in math
531TrejosNine Picked for Pr. George's School Bd--opponents say appointees don't represent all of county
601EditorNew Day in Prince George's--new school board must take challenge to provide kids best education
601TrejosNew Pr. George's Board to Consider Super. Mett's Fate--should she take new job of CEO or go?
602TimbergDC Mayor Restless for School Gains--some say he's lost faith in Bd Chair Cafritz--'top disappointment'
602TrejosPr. George's School Bd Has Old Job, New Title for Metts--super to become CEO at $196K for 1 year
603Wells ltrTo Fix Special Ed in DC--Council can let Super. Vance continue plan, or delay by asking for new plan
604EditorGrading the Mayor on Schools--mayor goofed by turning $6M for summer schools over to non-profit
605StaffDC Council Legislates 9-mbr Special Ed Task Force--to meet monthly to help implement DCPS program
606StaffNew Pr. George's School Bd Mulls Raise for Super Metts--schools contract offers 8% increase
610SchulteMontgomery Cnty Super. Weast Says Non-English Speakers Neglected--lack of teacher training cited
611Graham ltrDep Mayor Promises Busy Summer for DC Kids--$6M to go for daylong programs, meals for 15K kids
612Blum5 More DC 'Transformation Schools' to Get New Principals--revamps replace at least half of staff
613TrejosFor Pr. George's Military Academy, No Need to Recruit--school already has wait list, good Army help
619Kelderman(Gaz)Frederick County School Board OKs its first public Charter School--a K-8 Montessori school
619BlumDC Student Scores Rise for Stanford Test--most schools improve, but many kids still fall short
620BlumCiting Failures, DC School Bd Shuts 2 Charter Schools--after year-long battle over poor service quality
621TrejosPr. George's School Bd Cuts Budget, $52M, 350 Jobs--new panel also votes to cut class size in 4 yrs
622LevineFew Families Seek School Switch--only 100 of 6000 eligible kids opt to leave poor schools: only 5 poor
627BlumScores Soar at DC Moten Elementary School with Same Sex Classes--way more than expected
628LaneSupreme Court Upholds Ohio School Vouchers--ruling says program offers poor families free choice
628EditorLetting Parents Decide--failure of public school system demands option for poor--force competition
702Blum13% in Raises over 3 Years Voted for DC Principals--pact would OK $20K incentive raises too
707Chavous ltrRe School Vouchers--let DC Choose for Itself--Congress shouldn't legislate, doesn't understand culture
707other ltrsRe School Vouchers--MD trying to fix problems, but could be another tool; VA prefers tuition tax credit
709StaffUses for long-Empty Franklin School (13th&I,NW) to be Discussed--consultants hired to look at options
710Gregg/ArmeySenator and Congressman Determined to Give DC Schoolchildren A Chance--families say want they it
710StaffDC Del. Norton Opposes School Voucher Bill--doesn't want solution imposed on city by Congress
713StaffUpgrades Begin at Cleveland Elementary School--DCPS to add wing and new medical center
717MuiDC Weighs Shorter Hours at Libraries--system expects $905K cut: cut weekday hrs, close on Saturdays
719StaffCommunity Planning Workshops to be held on Future of Former Congress Heights Elementary School
722BlumYear after Overhaul, DC School Builds Optimism, Not Scores: Noyes one of 9 transformation schools
726StaffAnne Arundel School Chief Slices Budget--cuts $8.2M to balance school budget, finance teachers
806FisherIn 'Nimbyville' Even Schools Face Resistance--activists can't even agree to enlarge needed schools
807StaffOne New Charter School Conditionally Approved for '03-'04 hi-tech vocational trng--4 others rejected
810WilgorenDC Offers Transfers to Better Schools--10,000 students can ask to shift to one of 15 better high schools
817HeldermanPicking Up Where Special Ed Ends--Fairfax families creating work program for smart young adults
821StaffDC Schools Hire 300 New Teachers--more applicants than spaces, no classroom shortages this year
822StaffSpecial-Ed Assistance for DC Parents--contractor call center to give guidance on how to work system
825SchulteStudent Transfer Law Has Unintended Consequences--lack of space, cost of busing, etc. unresolved
827BlumGrading Disparities Verified in DC--probe at Wilson High widening to include all city high schools
828Kelderman(Gaz)Montgomery Cnty SAT Scores Up--for whites, asians, but down for blacks, hispanics (asians love math)
828TrejosArea Students Did Math, SAT Scores Show--whites, asians up, blacks, hispanics down: DC at bottom
829BlumNo One Files to Oppose Cafritz--Lightfoot decides not to challenge School Bd president despite 'style'
903ToppoStudy Shows Charter School Students Score Lower--in rural, suburban areas; not lower in cities
904Blum5,500 Kids in DC Still Lack Vaccination--classes resume for most while flagging parents contacted
920TrejosRedskins Charity Arm Pledges $1M for High Schools--renovate fields, provide 'academic coaches'
920TrejosPrince George's Super. Metts Warns 388 Provisional Teachers Get Certified-- 220 per diems let go
921BlumDC School Bd Resists $50M Cuts--Council warned of 'drastic consequences': ax 15 schools, 800 tchrs
930EditorSchools and the Council--Council wisely calls school bd bluff: cuts do not produce dire consequences
1001StaffAll-Day Kindegarten Posts Big Giants in Montgomery Cnty--improves reading, lowers black/latino gap
1001Staff150 New DC Teachers Not Paid On Time--same old problem for half of this year's new DC teachers
1002Staff (curr)Special Ed Transportation Woes May Prompt $1.04M fine--special master gives scathing rpt of failures
1002StaffDC Schools Not Spared in New Council Budget--$29M from schools, $54M from social services OK'd
1002Cope (curr)Montgomery County Vet Tackles DC Troubles--Bryant joins Vance again as chief, sepcial ed reform
1002StaffMontgomery Cnty Super Weast to Push Language--schools to target non-English-spkg kids, parents
1002StaffDC Schools Get Lesson in Economics--cost of 8 renovations up 2.44x from $53.3M to $129.8M. so far!
1003StaffDC School Bd Say Cuts Won't Force Schools to Close--hope to find $30M in cuts elsewhere in budget
1003StaffAudit Faults DC Special Ed Finances--DCPS paid $67M to providers without reviewing bills, rpt says
1010BlumDC School Cuts to Avoid Closings and Furloughs--will delay new tech high school, freeze hiring, etc.
1011TrejosPr. George's Super. Metts Pins Deficit on Per Diem Teachers--overspent by $7.5M to $10.5M
1011SeymourFairfax School Board Backs Tax Measure--transit tax referendum could augur well for more local choice
1012IbrahimForeigners' Enrollment in DC Area Colleges Stays Steady--despite some drop in Middle Easterners
1014EditorSchool Board and Credibility--dilemma over voting choices due to demonstrated budget goofs
1014ArgetsingerNew Leader Pollard frm Syracuse U, Puts UDC on New Course--makes staff changes, spending controls
1016TrejosPr. George's Super. Metts Outlines Magnet Overhaul--changes proposed: 11 off, 16 new ones on
1016ArgetsingerSchmoke Named Dean of Howard Law School--former Baltimore mayor hopes to boost profile , stds
1018StraussSome DC Students Are Still Awaiting Textbooks--different local reasons at 6 schools--violate new law?
1019EditorSchooling Without Books--kids suffer when principals, administrators, school bd fall down on job
1020NakamuraFew Seek to Fill DC School Seats--Lightfoot declines to challenge Cafritz for 4-yr term: jobs too tough
1029BlumFaulted on Sanitation--Super. Vance suspends Shaw principal, 5 others due to rampant rats/roaches
1030StraussDC Teachers Union Chief Resigns Amid Probe--financial irregularities discovered by parent union body
1101JenkinsAlexandria Schools Could Get 10 More School Days--poor kids need 2 more weeks before Labor Day
1101DvorakDC School Bd Achieves Cutbacks without Furloughs--delays opening McKinley, cut contracts, spec ed
1105TrejosSuper. Metts Estimate of Pr. George's School Deficit Balloons--temp tchrs help cause $13.6M overage
1111SchulteWeak Mont. Cnty Pupils Beat "Summer Slide"--4-wk summer prog for 4000 needy kids keeps scores up
1115TuckerJudge Orders DC Contract Schools Paid--city owes $1M for special ed kids, despite billing dispute
1115Nakamura School Employees Blast DC System--Shaw Junior High repairs lagged, cafeteria workers say
1117Lynch ltrPut This Class Act to Work--instead of cutting school budget $30M, sell Franklin School to high bidder
1119ArgetsingerDC Has High Paid College Chiefs--Howard, Gallaudet, GWU and American U get over $500K yearly
1123StraussTeachers Union Slow to Repay 5000 Members--more than $700K overcharged in DC for cash flow
1203MeltonVA Gov. Warner Assures Schools of State Aid--other programs at risk but $4.6B for schools is safe
1203StaffDC Super. Vance Proposes School Budget Increase--wants $847.9 v $740.5M for salaries, repairs
1205SheridanLatino Immigrant Education Levels Rise--foreign-born finishing high school 41%v 18, college 35% v 18 in '70
1206LabbeMinorities' Scores Lag on Revised MD Exam--28/39 black/Hisp v 63/75 white/AsianPr. George's worst
1212MathewsBanneker: Strictly Academic--magnet school in run-down NW building sets high goals, kids respond
1214BlumDC School Budget Sets Up Showdown--city officials say Bd-OK'd 14.5% rise to $847.9M unreasonable
1219SeymourFairfax School Projects Would Ease Crowding--build 7, renovate 23, as 162.6K kids grow to 177.5K
1219OrtizAnne Arundel Sees Bill for School Initiatives--$640.6M budget for '04 for 76,000 student system
1219BlumDC to Create Lottery for School Transfers (800/7000)--avoid lining up early--in 67,500 student system
1220TuckerFormer DC Teachers Union Leaders' Homes Raided--agents seek items allegedly bought with dues
1220BlumDistrict Schools Misspent $5M--officials hope to recover excess benefit funds, teacher overpayments
1220EditorRubber-Stamp School Bd--endorsing every penny of super's $847.9M budget is just playing to gallery
1221BlumDC Teachers Union Chief a Conspicuous Consumer--merchants describe elaborate wardrobe items
1222TrejosFor Pr. George's Teens, New Marching Orders--transforming Forestville HS to military brings culture clash
1222WoodleeDues Scandal Could Harm Teachers' Union Sway--mayor, councilmbrs have benefitted from support
1224TuckerFBI Lists Evidence Seized in Union Case--up to $2M went for clothes, furniture, art works, wigs, etc.
1224BlumTop DC School Aide Resigns--Seleznow filled in for Super., overhauled worst schools, budget basis, etc.
1225StraussTeachers' Union Tardy Paying Bills, Premiums, Sources Say--leaders accused of misspending
1226BlumDC Fires 13 DCPS Workers Who Hit Students--schools crack down on use of force--even if parent OKs it
1228EditorLooting Teachers' Union--contemptible conspiracy against workers/law, if true, need severe punishment
1231TuckerTeacher Sues to Oust DC Union Leadership--US Court action sought in scandal: 5000 tchrs lose $2M

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