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102MoreniDC Cuts Funds for (3-yr, private)Education, Literacy Efforts--Congress eliminated $3.5M 'bonus' fund
104MathewsMontgomery Students End Decline in AP Test Results--applicants double to 13.7K in 4 yrs, scores edge up
106TrejosPr. George's Super. Metts Urges Review of 23 High Schools--hope to raise scores on new test
108BlumTeacher's Union Takes Out $250K Loan--money to reimburse members overbilled for dues
109StraussInterim Chief of Teachers Union under FBI Scrutiny--may have used union credit card improperly
111BlumTakeover of Teachers Union Eyed--National Federation would do daily tasks temporarily
112StraussFew Audits,Fewer Questions--apathy, secrecy rife: 5000-mbr Teachers Union now reeling from scandal
113BlumTeacher's Union Allegedly Paid Williams's Political Bills--T-shirts, Xmas party donations questioned
114WoodleeTeacher's Union Link to Williams Campaign Probed--DC BoEE looking at illegal contributions
115BlumCronyism By Chief of Union Alleged--suit says president Bullock meddled in contract, appointments
115BlumNational Teachers Union (AFT) Initiates Takeover of DC Unit--dissolving local leadership
116EditorDoing the Union's Bidding--Williams forced DCPS to accept union demand for low-cost tchr legal fees
116RiveraArlington Community Wants Its School Back--magnet schools like Drew Elementary no longer fit times?
117BlumAudit for AFT Sets DC Teachers Union Loss at Over $5M--teachers group suit alleges misspending
118Strauss'97 Forgery at Teachers Union Unreported, Audit Finds--current president only told former president
119TimbergUnion Scandal is Abrupt Turn for DC Political Insider--Hemphill central to petition/school scandals
119Padro-ltrThe Last Checkout? Ltr from DC Bd of Library Trustees says don't move MLK to convention center site
122BlumTeachers Union Investigated in Fundraisers for Williams--two events charged to union credit cards
123BlumNational Teachers Union Assumes Control in DC--some DC teachers say they don't trust AFT
126TrejosTime Is Running Out for Metts to Prove Worth--deadline for rehiring PG superintendent decision looms
126WoodleeUnion's Treasurer Violated DC Code--Bullock lobbied to keep Baxter in Labor Relations Post
128BlumCharges Filed in Union Scandal--driver allegedly laundered more than $1M for personal uses
129BlumSpecial-Ed Advocates Seek DC Bus Takeover--assert service remains abysmal despite court orders
130BlumTeachers Want DC to Share Burden--city, schools faulted: dues overcharge was included in withholding
203SunBush Budget Includes DC School Vounchers--pilot programs planned by DoEd: DC balks
204BlumBush Aide Says Voucher Offer Would Require DC's Agreement--DC leaders oppose offer
206LengelEx-Chauffeur Aids Union Probe, Sources Say--guilty plea expected to federal charge in theft of millions
207TuckerEx-Driver Pleads Guilty in Probe of DC Union--defendant admits cashing checks worth $1.2M
207StaffMontgomery Cnty Bd of Ed Approves Schools Budget--$1.5M for '04 is 6.7% increase
208StraussPresident to Push Vouchers for DC--Bush moving ahead despite city opposition frm Cafritz, Chavous, etc.
209TrejosSuperintendent Metts Won't Seek New Pr. George's Contract--burn-out, heckling dims $212K pay
210TrejosMetts Says Turmoil Put End to Job--Pr. George's school chief goes to private firm at end of term
213StaffSchool Bd Mayoral Appointee Steps Down--Lawrence frustrated w/mayoral delay, won't seek re-appt
215EditorSchool News/Blues--loss of senior DC BoEd members serious: Parents United report highlights issues
302LabbePencil Meets Paper in Launch of MD Test--students to take new MD State Assessment (MSA) tests
306BlumAt Two Schools, Learning Never Looked So Good--Barnard, Miner students welcome new facilities
320BlumTeachers Union Official Put on Leave--scandal tainted interim chief, members say, but still on payroll
326BlumDC School Payroll Far Exceeds Its Budget--jobs of 640 workers not funded ($31.5M lost)
327BlumExcess School Workers Not Good News for Vance--DC superintendent promised job cuts: where's BoE?
329EditorBureaucracy Beyond Belief--stranglehold on DCPS almost criminal: 646 too many staff hurt kids, taxpayers
330Bryant ltrOne Less Obstacle--opening St. Coletta spec ed school will help lower transpo costs to Alexandria
402TrejosPr. George's Fills Top Job in Schools-- Andre Hornsby calls job 'one of best challenges in US'
402BlumDC Schools to Slash Jobs, Halt Spending--school bd trying to get back $65M from cuts, purchases, etc.
403TuckerEx-DC Official with Ties to Teachers' Union Charged in Scandal--Hemphill son-in-law charged in fraud
403TrejosBold Choice for Pr. George's--school bd taps new chief with history of ruffling feathers: 4 yrs @ $250K
409StaffDCPS Transportation Chief Fired--has under performed for years--nationwide search now underway
409BlumDC Strikes Deal with Private Special-Ed Schools--fees cut in exchange for enrollment guarantees
410BlumConsultant's High Pay Decried--finance expert received $279K from DC Schools in 6 mos, $425K 15mos
411BlumDC School Bd Trims Current Budget--another $12.9M cut to make up for 551 excess wkrs out of 11,235
412TuckerAnother Guilty Plea in Teachers Union Probe--phony company funneled $ to DC Local officials
413Toyer/BerkeyltrSkimping on Schools--DC children deserve suburban-quality education (ref Parents United report)
415BlumDC Student Study Guides Problematic--errors mar document for 2nd year (some have no correct answers!)
417Fisher OpEdCafritz Rolls with the Polls--might as well lean back and enjoy vouchers from Congress: can't fix unions
425StaffContract Awarded for New Prince George's School Chief--$250K for 4 yrs for Hornsby: maybe bonuses
426SchulteMontgomery Cnty Faces Tough Call on Head Start--Council cmte votes to retain current service; no new kids
427StaffArlington Cnty Board Adopts FY04 Budget of $655.7M, $252M for schools: real estate boom helps
502TimbergMayor Endorses School Vouchers in DC -- Norton criticizes statement as 'selling out' home rule
503TimbergWilliams Shed Light on Vouchers Stance--mayor cites need for new approach--many parents favor
503EditorVouching for Vouchers--program not being forced on DC: fed$ being offered in still-fuzzy Bush plan
510BlumMayor Explains Voucher Decision--fed program could aid kids getting crappy education in 'bad schools'
511Norton ltrDC Wants Accountable Schools, Not Vouchers--DC delegate says charters, transformations enough
512EditorStraight Talk on Vouchers--Norton's over-the-top rhetoric and personal invective adds little substance
513TrejosMeasured Agenda Outlined for Pr. George's Schools--no big promises, to start with literacy
514BlumSpecial-Ed Complaints Rise in DC--audit cites failure to comply with laws: 3044 cases out of 11,700 kids
515BlumMayor Williams Taps Two to Fill School Bd Posts--businessman Martin, activist Thornhill appointed
517StaffAudit Shows School Enrollment Dip--State Ed Office now says 66,852 in public, 11,603 in charter schools
517BlumControversial Educator Emerges in Charter Plan--head of trustees Anigbo convicted in earlier problem
523BlumDCPS Principal With Record Placed on Leave in DC--had plead guilty to credit card fraud in earlier job
524WigginsPr. George's Wins One for Schools--Gov Erlich signs bill increasing surcharge on housing units to $12K
529BlumPrincipal Allegedly Misspent Funding--DC Audit cites spa kit, DVDs among $9.8K taken from student fund
530PerlsteinTest Scores Rise at Montgomery 'Focus' Schools--poor, immigrant students gain most (60-70%)
601Christie ltrVirginia's Tests Measure Up--multiple yrs, uses show Std of Learning (SOL) tests 'remarkable positive'
604EditorDC Report Cards--BdofEd says 50% of DC's 37 charter schools (11K kids) failing: 75% of G/4 'below basic'
605EditorMr. Weast's Scores--overall gains in Montgomery schools impressive in limited areas: will they spread?
609MeltonVA Gov Warner to Press for School Funding--hopes to build legacy, has concept to improve education
612TrejosPr. George's Schools Having Payroll Problem--new computer system plagues by start-up glitches,
619BlumQuality Uneven in Charter Schools Despite Popularity--no evidence achievements beat regular schools
619MorenoSuper. Vance Fills Key Posts in DCPS--4 aides include new chief of staff: 'fine group of professionals'
619MontgomeryMD Schools May Not Get Promised Funds--budget shortfall jeopardized $365M slated for public ed
620StaffDC Charter School Rejected over Staff--Board rejects new tech school with controversial Anigbo involved
620BlumStaying the Course in DCPS, Despite Competition from Charters--DC system unresponsive to transfers
620FletcherNational Reading Scores a Mixed Bag for Students--test shows lower grades improving, seniors slump
621KeatingDC Schools to Revamp Rules on Credit Card--dubious charges among $15.6M by 275 cards in 2yrs
621StaffToo Many Apply for DCPS Summer School--11,000 applicants 1000 more than funding will cover
623HsuFed Voucher Bill Omits Public School Increases--Williams says additional funds needed for all in FY04
624EditorVoucher Initiative--mayor, supporters putting parental desires, education needs first: Congress should help
625MorenoVouchers No Threat to DC Public Schools, Says Rep Davis--bill would not take $ from DCPS
626WilgorenGilmore to Take Over Special-Ed Buses-- former DC housing receiver put in charge of troubled system
626ArgetsingerFull Accreditation Delayed for UDC Law School--concerns raised by poor performance on bar exam
626Moreno'Transformed' DC Schools Show Progress--elementary scores rise as others hold steady in most of 12
627TrejosPr. George's Cnty School Bd Trims $50M for '04--postponing smaller classes, cut temp teachers, etc.
627StaffHouse Vote on School Vouchers Postponed--amendments being proposed by Delegate Norton, others
628ArgetsingerUMD Tuition On Its Way Up--officials say layoffs still likely with 21% rise in undergraduate tuition
629VanceTesting Fails to Measure DC Student Progress--Super. says low-end reader progress doesn't show
701MorenoSuper. Vance Fumes at DC Summer School No-Shows--fewer than 10K of 12K applicants come 1st day
704MorenoDeficit Forces DCPS to Eliminate 422 Positions--to save $28.8M towards $40M gap: has 639 too many
709FahrentholdDC Council Narrowly (7/6) Votes Chief a Pay Raise--but benefits package stalls amid Ramsey criticism
710CohnCensus Finds Area Getting More Educated--DC lags due to higher black/Hispanic populations
711MorenoHouse Panel Approves Plan for DC Vouchers--Del. Norton says member's absence affected result
718HsuFoes Halt Vote on School Vouchers--Democrats reject senate's DC bill, threaten to strip provision
718EditorBlocking Vouchers--inexcusable for senators from afar to make partisan issue: DC needs better schooling
718BlumDC Schools Lambasted for Canceling Pay Raises--mayor's spokesman calls Board vote 'unconscionable'
723BlumDC Tests Poorly in Reading, Writing--urban students' scores compared--DC 4th Grade behind LA, NY, etc.
724BlumMayor Pursues Vouchers in Talks with GOP on Hill--air for public schools sought as well
725StaffHouse to Vote on Postponed Voucher Bill After Recess--measure would give up to $7500 to 2000 poor kids
726EditorBroken Schools--Parents United cites bad conditions of windows, bathrooms, etc.: city must fix schools
801TrejosCuts Prompt Pr. George's to Shut School--hope to save $208M of school for 60 troubled kids
801KeatingDC Schools Paid Vendor $240K Without Bidding--six employees suspended over payments
804DuhiggDC Area Venture Funding Lags Behind Nation--small companies pay high price for investment capital
805StraussUDC President Faces Wave of Criticism--some faculty fault hiring of friends, administrators
806StaffSchool System Official Resigning Job--chief academic officer lasted less than one year
806BlumSchools Suspend 4 Officials--blind student lacked electronic equipment DCPS supposed to provide
808VargasDC Library Chief Quits after 33 yrs for Better System--Portland: $45.5M, 17 libs, 660K, v DC,$27M, 27 libs, 570K
812LeonnigDC Probe Launched into School Contracting--no bids, no invoices, lousy credit card use
814ReelDC, Greater Southeast Hospital Agree on Terms for Licensing--fix poorly staffed ER, records, maintenance
820Trejos9 Principals demoted to VP's in Pr. George's--move 1 week before school opens angers unions
820StaffArea School Lunches Graded by Vegan Diet Group--DC flunks nutrition, veggies, low fat tests
821SantanaUDC Needs Immediate Repairs, Official Says--Council member takes tour with students, cites mess
822BlumDC Schools Adding 540 Special-Ed Slots--hope to move 150 of 2200 frm pvt to pub schools (tot=18%)
823Staff143 DC Teaching Positions Remain Empty--certified applicant pool large enough to cover needs
827BlumDC Teachers, Union, Weigh Strike Over Canceled Raises--other protest actions considered
827TrejosRegion Shows Gains on SAT--7 districts improve by double digits: MD,VA suburbs 28% ahead of DC
828BlumDC Schools Ordered to Reinstate Teacher Raises--Superior Court sez cut violated AFSCME contract
828ArgetsingerFaculty to Vote on Proposed UDC Deal--professors without contract for 10 yrs, still resist tenure stiffening
829BlumNo Job Action Next Week, DC School Unions Say--won't demonstrate against pay freeze....yet!
830BlumDC to Bar Students Who Lack Their Shots--10,000 haven't complied with rules: less help from DoH
830ArgetsingerUDC Professors Reject Contract Proposal--63/42 vote dashes hopes for solving sorely demoralized staff
901Keating3 DC Schools Paid Mystery Company $59K--some workers paid w/ credit cards: firm not found
903Williams+Washington's Children Deserve More Choice--Mayor, Chavous, Cafritz support school vouchers
903GoldsteinDC Students Line Up for Shots--clinics mobbed as many scramble to comply w/immunization rules
903BlumNew Year, New Standards--DC high schools introduce programs to boost Stanford 9 achieve scores
903Milloy OpEdDC Students Need Health Care, Not Harrassment--don't mix immunization shots with school opening
904HsuSen. Feinstein to Support $13M 5-yr SAC DC voucher plan--2000 kids to get up to $7500 for pvt schools
905HsuDC Vouchers Clear Senate SAC Panel 16/12--Dems vow fight, others say DCPS broken down, useless
906HsuHouse Approves Vouchers for DC--US would pay up to $7500 for at least 1300 students: Norton resists
909StaffFiscal Chief Named for DCPS--latest of many turnovers brings outsider from Colorado says Gandhi
910HsuDC School Voucher Bill Passes in House by 1 Vote--Senate must vote on grants for 1300 DC students
911WigginsHigher Rate Denied for Ailing Pr. George's Hospital--center sought 10% rise as emergency measure
911HsuVouchers Incite Far-flung Fight--nationwide opposition to DC plan makes for close vote in House
912HeldermanNVA School Districts Fall Short of US Standards--special ed, other categories' scores don't rise enough
916MathewsTo Educators, 'No Child Left Behind' Goals Out of Reach--trying hard, but too ambitious, under funded
917Staff1345 Kids Still Need Shots--out of some 5000 not immunized 2 weeks later, mostly high school kids
918StaffUDC Governing Board Approves Faculty Contract--first since '88 includes modest raises
918MauroExpansion of Private School Faces Sharp Criticism--residents say too many schools, too much traffic
918BlumDisputes Boost Special-Ed Costs, Report Says--Appleseed says mediate more, sue less
919HsuMayor Williams Gives Boost to GOP on Vouchers--extensive lobbying for 1st federal voucher program
920Staff7 Area Schools Honored for Achievement--3 in DC, 2 ea in MD and VA named 'blue ribbon' by USDoEd
925HeldermanComparing Schools' Progress Difficult--'no child' law lets states, DC choose own tests, standards
925Timberg/BlumMayor Seeks School Takeover--Williams says reform efforts unsuccessful, system a natural disaster
925HsuSenators Considering Compromise on DC Voucher Plan--GOP backers open 11th-hour talks with Dems
926HsuSenate Talks Resume on DC Vouchers--Williams makes rare visit to Senate chamber (1st since '79)
926Timberg/BlumTakeover of DC Schools Supported on Council--majority receptive to mayor's plan for all-appointed board....
926Timberg(cont) board, without taxing authority ', acts like non-accountable activists', not financial overseers
927HsuGOP Senators Urged to Drop Voucher Plan--filibuster threat looms as recess approaches
927BlumDC School Board Restores Pay Raises--will find other ways to cut $40M: unions won't lower demands
928CafritzOpEdDistorting the Record of DC Public Schools--mayor's stats wrong on dropouts, murders,costs, pluses
928EditorThe Mayor on Schools--sudden swing a "doozy' from compliments in June require more explanation
1001HsuSenate Retreats from DC School Voucher Plan for Now--Republicans lack needed 60 votes
1004EditorA Union's Real Losers--were union leaders thinking about teachers and kids or themselves? obvious!
1004LeonnigFormer Leader of DC Union Charged in Theft--Bullock accused of stealing $2.5M from teachers
1005Mikuta ltrRoiling DC's Schools--Dist 1 BdofEd says practical reforms needed, not bickering, literacy, teachers, etc.
1007HsuDC Schools Lost $M in Fed Ass't--$4.4M lost by lack of emergency planning: compliance not monitored
1008LeonnigTeachers' Union Ex-Chief Pleads Guilty--Bullock agrees to prison and fines for stealing DC dues
1008StraussCapital Area Food Bank May Quit DC Program--fed up trying to work with DC State Education Office
1014PerlsteinMontgomery Schools at Diversity Landmark--last graduating class to be majority white (94% white in 1868)
1017StraussDC State Education Office Admits Bungling Food Program--failed to provide meals or location info
1024BlumDC School Bd Cuts $19.5M to Restore Raises--$7M to come from 1500 lower school enrollment!!
1024TrejosPr. George's School Employees Protest Outside Bd Mtg--re stalled contract negotiations, payroll gaffs
1025HsuSenate GOP Sets New Fed-funded Voucher Strategy--plan would reemerge in conference talks
1030TimbergMayor's School Plans Coolly Received--DC Council members skeptical of bid to gain control of system
1030PerlsteinSuper. Weast Seeks Big Increase for Montgomery Cnty School Construction--predicts 5-yr growth 140K>146K
1015Staff (Curr)Scathing Report Lambastes Waste on Special Ed--Appleseed deplores dependence on legal hearings
1103EditorThe Mayor's School Plan--worth a try, but herculean effort needed, mayor not known for persistence
1108StaffDrop in DCPS Enrollment--system enrollment down to 65009, 2423 less than the last school year
1109ChanSchool Shooting Highlights Crime Debate--penalties (try kids as adults) vs law&order (more cops, YSA)
1112Milloy OpEdElemental Fury at DC Schools--is violence/vandalism related to language skills, illiterate parents?
1113BlumFirst DC Winners Chosen for $25K Teacher Prize--Nat'l program honors hope to help recruit,keep best staff
1115Zongker (Curr)School System Amends Criteria for Principals--less on test scores more on leadership in 7 categories
1115BlumVance Resigns as Chief of DC Schools--uncertainty over future control led to abrupt announcement
1116BlumResignation Re-ignites DC Debate on Schools--no Council consensus on future of School Bd, mayoral bid
1116Barras OpEdIs This Mayor Ready to Take Over DC Schools?--may lack courage, passion, despite agreeable Council
1117HsuRepublicans Revive DC Voucher Plan--Congressional passage sought this week: add to veto-proof bill
1118Milloy OpEdImagine DC as One Big Happy Family--black power education could provide a world-class system
1119EditorSchool System Adrift--'political food fights' continue, super's patience ran out: no wonder charters/vouchers!
1121LeonnigEx-Union Officials, Accountants Indicted--Teachers' Union members conspired to loot $4.6M
1121BlumSuddenly in the Spotlight at DC Schools--acting school super arrived 5 months ago as chief of staff
1123BlumDC School Troubles Blamed on Oversight--Super Vance cites lack of common approach frm Bd, mayor, etc.
1126WilliamsMayor's Schools Plan Discussed--forum, held without Williams, draws foes of proposal: no plan?
1126HsuCongress Breaks Without Passing DC Vouchers--delayed til at least January: use in '04 doubtful
1127TrejosSchools Struggle to Tame Deficit in Pr. George's--$33M reserve already gone, overspending on salaries
1128DobbsBig Schools Reborn in Small World--New York converts one big campus to six separate, better schools
1129EditorReal Voucher Questions--DC needs Congressionally proposed vouchers, given sad shape of education
1127Ken RichSchools Need Improvement but Vouchers Aren't the Cure--says 17-yr-old Woodson student
1203EditorMore DC Schools Pain--Bd of Ed has directed DCPS to cut $2lM in current budget: 771 position cuts needed
1203Thoms (Curr)National Reading, Math Tests Place DC (13%) Below Average--no change in reading, little better in math
1204Staff (Cont)...DC, Pr. George's near bottom of 157-school list: some linkage to % lunch subsidies
1204StaffHow Area High Schools Rate in College-Level Test Participation--"challenge index" = AP/IB test/senior grads...
1207KalitaSchools Chief Shifted Fairfax District's Focus--departing Domenech targeted low-performing students
1209HsuHouse Approves Vouchers for DC--plan to fund tuition for private schools faces fight in Senate
1210StaffSenate Vote on Vouchers Postposed--budgets for 11 fed depts and DC hung up til after 1/20/04
1210BlumDCPS Audit Finds Grades Altered--check faults records at 16 high schools: some diplomas unearned
1211TrejosMagnets' Test Score Advantage Minimal--Pr. George's will weigh study, other factors re spotty results
1211BlumDC Schools to Lay Off Nearly 780--out of 11262 employees incl 5000+(?) teachers, 545 tchrs on list?
1211MorenoSchools Help Latino Parents Beat Illiteracy--program hits parents' role in kids' lives and education
1212EditorElementary Report Card--Montgomery Cnty schools up impressively: too early to declare success
1216StaffTeacher Layoff Plan Draws Protests--dozens of students protest plans, present arguments to Board
1216EditorNo Instructional Harm--65,000 students deserve better: if pain to be inflicted do it right, not kids' fault
1218BlumDCPS Super. Vance Gave Bonuses, Raises to 2 Aides Before Resigning--despite serious shortfall
1218BlumDC School Administrator Resigns--new official had been fired from NC post for maybe misspending funds
1218StraussReport Decries Leadership, Instruction at DC Schools--officials vow big changes to 'incoherent' program
1220BlumProbe Targets DC School Raises, Bonuses--Vance's payments to aides on his departure questioned
1223FernandezAmid Turmoil, Ballou High School Perseveres--principal nudges and nurtures to keep students on track
1226EditorIt's the Schools Stupid--mayor and council must become engaged, fast, in resolving abysmal instruction
1226Casserly, OpEdFixing DC's Failing Schools--DC near bottom of US's 67 largest school districts: leadership needed

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