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104PerlsteinMD Students Still Struggle on State Tests--'09 diplomas hinge on exams: only 40% pass English!
105StaffMayor's Schools Takeover Stalls--hasn't made case for "slow-moving train wreck" or its solution
106EditorPutting Children Last--7 weeks after Vance retires, no closer to real leadership: skip 'analysis paralysis'
107BlumDC Council OKs Funding to Cover $15M School Bd Shortfall--acting super. says admin layoffs still needed
109TrejosPr. George's Cnty Super Asks 11.8% More for Schools--uncertainty over state aid looms: $1.3B for 136K kids.
109Seymour7.1% Raises Proposed for Fairfax Teachers--$1.8B budget up $136M for 166,780 enrolled kids
110HsuBush Pushes for DC Vouchers--urges Senate to go for $7500 for 1700 low income students
113WilliamsDC Plan Shuffles Police Coverage--put more cops in high crime areas, reduce PSAs from 83 to 43
115BlumSpecial-Needs Busing Getting Better--Court-appointed administrator Gilmore make progress @ $15Kper kid!
117BlumDCPS Super. Vance Gave Signing Bonuses ($102Ktot)-- to 12 at signing to attract right people
117EditorSchool Chief by Default--gotta get together on choice of new DCPS superintendent: agree on selection process
119HeldermanTurning Troops Into Teachers--popular DoD program provides recruiting tool for hard-to-fill classroom jobs
120TrejosArea High Schools Stretch to Include Adult Immigrants--grown-ups seek to balance chores, jobs, learning
120MuiHoward Cnty Schools Chief Won't Be Rehired for 4 More yrs--Bd reverse self: poor leader, communicator
121MuiHoward Cnty Schools Chief Says He Got No Warning--Bd acts rudely, demands that he vacate office
122StaffEx-Deputy Mayor Picked for DC School Bd--Dep. for Kids,Youth,Families Seniors, Graham picked 5 mos later
122BlumSearch Set for DC Schools Chief--national hunt backed by all, acting super encouraged to seek job
123HsuDC School Vouchers Win Final Approval--DoEd to administer fed funding via contractor for 1700 low inc kids....
123Hsu(Cont) info yet on eligibility, how to apply, what schools, etc. Catholic Diocese alone has 1380 open slots
124EditorSchool Choices--now Senate has OK'd vouchers, DC needs to assure accountability for funds and kids
124TimbergMayor Has New Plan for Schools--reduce power of Bd of Ed, put superintendent in Cabinet
124TrejosPr. George's School Super Seeks End of Magnet Programs with specialty courses: parents worried
125BlumA Bridge to Charter School--DC offers campus space in return for special ed enrollment slots
127EditorThe Next DC School Chief--not looking for school room teacher, need leadership, mgmt, sense of mission
129StaffUS SecofEd Promotes Unfinished DC Voucher Plan--should be model for use elsewhere, contractor-run
130StaffDCSEO Audit Finds Lower School Enrollment--count is 64,248, not 65,099: includes 589 not living in DC
130StaffWeb Site Helps Track School to provide data clearing house for all
131LeonnigEx-Teachers Union Chief Gets 9 Years--Bullock claims bipolar disorder made her compulsive buyer
131EditorMs. Massie Bows Out--interim DCPS super. won't take job--search committee gotta find someone as good
131BlumMassie Won't Take Top DCPS School Job--interim chief won't stand for outside controls, lack of consensus...
131Blum (cont)...Mayor's office won't focus on agenda, 'more interested in control of DC real estate', budget issues
131Mathews19 DC Area Schools Chiefs Seek Changes in No Child Left Behind Testing Law--too tough for disabled,
201 K Patterson ltr Targeting DCPS: Mayor Can Do Lots Without 'Taking Over'--serious search, better admin, lobby, etc.
201 White ltr Targeting DCPS: Start with a Super Superintendent--go for a retired CEO type, topnotch search team
207 Argetsinger UDC President's Hiring Decision Ruled Proper--hired Syracuse colleague as provost w/$10K signing bonus
209 Editor Short Memories--No Child Left Behind Act does need fixing, doesn't need to be political football
209 Mui Scandals Stun Howard County in Academic Year Gone Sour--47,200 kids, 67 schools, 18% black
211 Staff Counties Approve School Budgets for FY05--$1.6B for Montgomery, $1.3B for Pr. George's
211 DCPSTeachers Better Choice for DC Teachers--Garriott/Haldeman say vouchers won't inspire, pay for performance may
214 Blum Bush Praises DC Voucher Plan--at NE Catholic school ,president says program will force reforms
214 Trejos Pr. George's Scraps Magnet Schools for 30,000 kids--now part of base curriculum: academic centers going too
215 Craig Maryland School Facilities in 'Crisis'--funding lagging for 24 districts asking for $2B over six years!
217 Mathews Arlington School Pushing AP Courses--college-level classes urged for most Wakefield High School kids
217 Strauss Schools Investing in Fiscal Literacy--credit unions help Alexandria students learn finance with accounts
218 Montgomery Bailout Set for Baltimore Schools--governor urging $42M loan to be repaid by mid-2005
218 Mendelson ltr DC Council mbr says School System Doesn't Need More Instability--system needs time to keep improving
220 Dobbs 'No Child' Tests for Schools Relaxed--rules on annual targets eased to protect education law
220 Mui Howard Superintendent Agrees to Go--school to buy out last 4 months of O'Rourke's contract
221 Blum DC Schools Chief to Leave in April--2nd opening at top since November: too focused on power/control
224 Blum Latest Proposal for DC Schools Would Diminish Board Control--Group of 17 push one, Cropp another
224 Editor As City Leaders Dawdle--little progress on selecting new super: whole process is a disgrace
225 Montgomery Gov. Ehrlich Puts Baltimore Schools on Notice--to require major restructuring, maybe dissolve School Bd
226 Staff Superintendent Search Committee Meets First Time--includes mayor, council and Board mbrs
227 Paige ltr Focus on the Children--called union 'terrorists' due to deep frustration: need more focus on teaching
227 Editor Evading the Sunshine--'sunshine law' requires School Bd, Council hold open sessions, doesn't happen
228 Strauss DC Education Office Under Investigation--agency's use of funding, contracts, questioned by IG
229 Blum DC School Turmoil Worries Activists--governance struggle between mayor, board could hinder search
301MathewsEducation Pressures Cut Short Tenures--superintendents face new strains--Manassas, Howard, Alexandria, etc.
302Fisher OpEdDC School Shows How It Can Be Done--"big boys" have grand ideas, tiny San Miguel cellar school works
302StaffOfficials Question DCPS School Security Firm--multi-yr, $1M+ contracts signed without Council approval
302StaffSchool Plan Would Cut Baltimore City Board--MD state and city agree to 3-person appointed board
304DobbsUS Plans to Relax Restrictions on Single-Sex Schools/Classrooms--ends 30-yr federal co-education policy
306EditorDC School Board Blues--meeting to announce interim appointee canceled: circus continues!
306StaffDC School Bd Faulted on Lack of Search Openness--says working behind closed doors to speed process
306Staff$1.3B MD School Aid Measure Enacted--governor OKs increase despite reservations re affordability
307Greene/WintersWhat DC Can Expect from Vouchers--Manhattanites say schools, test scores improve: expect modest gain
308StraussWorkers to Leave DCPS State Education Office--suspected of misuse of funds, pressure from mayor's office
308SamuelsTaking the To-and-Fro Out of the School Day--Pr. Williams pushing longer fixed periods, less moving
310EditorHave Funds, Will Travel--staff members in State Education Office took boondoggle trips: who's watching?
312BlumDC Renews Search for Interim School Super.--Bd surprised by candidate withdrawal on eve of announcement
313EditorA Bumbling Board--DC Bd of Ed gives deeper meaning to word 'farce'--closed doors, candidate back-out, etc.
314Will OpEdRadical Approach to Big City's Schools--LA's super. 'changing culture of low expectations' re kids' ability to learn
316Fisher OpEdMayor Needs Way Around Library Board--'illiterate, dysfunctional, incompetent' group refuse Nader's help
317BlumDC Ballou High School Principal Put on Leave, Prompting Student Protest--a 'personnel matter' being probed
327EditorDC's Newest Adjective--schools a mess, Council ldrs create dumb 'Ed Advisory Collaborative' in secret
330BlumDC Schools' Computer System Stalled--officials consider scrapping $25M project after 4 yrs, use city plan
330TimbergMayor Pledges to Fix Schools or Maybe Quit--Williams raises stakes in bid to take control
330StaffFires Set at 3 Senior High Schools--in single afternoon: no accelerants used, likely not connected
330StaffSchool Security Contract Investigated--DC's IG looking into improperly awarded contract
402BlumTemporary Chief of DCPS Schools Named--DC choice from Anne Arundel Cnty made at rancorous Bd mtg
403StaffMost Schools Fall Short of NCLB Test Goals--poor schools must allow kids to transfer to better schools
403BlumMayor Rebuffed on School Takeover--Council approves alternate plan to keep Bd til '06, then go all-elected
403EditorDC's Report Card--83 of DC's 151 schools fail to make enough progress toward nat'l standards--shameful!
406EditorSuperintendent Search--search firm interviewing staff and board members--how does this impact search?(?)
406StaffMore School System Changes--Rep Tom Davis wants big changes, not baby steps, for broken system
407StaffVote Postponed on Oversight of Schools--Cncl chair called away: return to all-elected, or give to mayor??
407Sherwood (Curr)Where There's Smoke, There's More Smoke--Council preference for status quo could bring in House
408FernandezSeeking to Turn a Page on Disrepair--DC libraries getting new attention after languishing for years
408EditorGovernance Showdown--2-wk delay in Council vote gives mayor chance to press his case: hope he does!
411BlumMayor's School Plan in Doubt--most Cncl mbrs oppose takeover despite lobbying push: mayor still hopeful
411MuiWriting New Chapter on Charter School--3 Howard Cnty women propose program tailored to students
413MathewsParents Rate Schools on Image of Principals--test scores not as important as reputation of school
413Fsher OpEdPrincipal Problem in DC Schools: No Accountability--schools fail worst where great leader needed most
414Staff$20 Million School Renovation Begins--Brightwood Elementary will have space for 548 kids by 2006
416SamuelsVA Budget Deadlock Leaves Schools in Difficult Spot--some districts begin hiring anyway, others wait, watch
418StaffVoucher Applications Now Available--from Washington Scholarship Fund, who will administer program
419EditorA Vote That Matters--Tuesday vote to give control of schools to Mayor crucial--would advance cause of kids
420Blum2 Votes Short, Mayor Pushes School Control--Williams cites 'moral obligation' to change system
421BlumWilliams's School Plan Defeated 9/4--Council Scoffs at Takeover Bid, vote 11/2 to make all-elected after '06
421EditorOne Verdict on Vouchers--pro-active group presents 1400 families, 3000 kids interested, critics wrong
422WilliamsDC Officials Spread Blame on School Plan--major defeat for mayor--next steps unclear
423BlumInterim DC School Chief Gets $33,750 Bonus--from School Board for 6-mos work: example of too much
425BlumMayor Attempts to Mitigate DC School Bd Proposal--Williams would still hire, fire superintendent
427EditorThat School Board--bonus to interim chief might have been OK if basic school opns good: not so--bad board
429BlumHundreds of DC Parents Seek Voucher Information--orientation sessions held for new program
415SullivanFuture of Historic 1911 Crummell School Debated--neighbors resist DC plan to sell Ivy City site named for black
501StaffVote on DC School Board Structure Delayed--to wait for return of Chair on emergency leave
503EditorThe Mayor Tries Again--status quo is unacceptable--new hybrid 'state board' super hired by mayor,
504Staff900 Families Seek School Vouchers for about 2000 kids-- more vouchers sought before 5/10
508BlumFinalists for Top DC Schools Job Interviewed--committee says great candidates are applying
512BlumFour in Running for Superintendent Job--search panel forwards names of 3 educators, one ex-airline exec
512TrejosThe Lost Freshmen--many students in area have to repeat 9th grade--22% not promoted in Pr. George's school
512EditorWanted: A School Chief--little known about for candidates, covert selection process borders on occult!
513MontgomeryDC May Pay $600K for a School Chief--mayor asking city businesses to kick in to raise sky-high package
513BlumDC Board Cutting Hundreds of Teachers--changes take effect at end of school year--lop 285 tchrs, 272 staff
517StraussMayor's Choice for Schools Super Tours DC--Crew ousted from NY City system after trying to fire principals
518BlumDC Schools Chief Finalist Takes Miami Job--officials say other good candidates remain, reasons unclear
519BlumMayor is Dealt Defeat on Schools--DC Council approves bill rejecting takeover by 7/6: mayor may veto
519EditorWhy Mr. Crew Flew--impact of council and school board blocking mayor's take over discouraged finalist
520HsuDC Schools Can't Spend US Voucher Funds--Senator DeWine says system lacks adequate plan for $13M
520BlumDC Moves to Close Charter School--board votes after audit questions spending at Village Learning Center
521BlumDC Superintendent Search Hurt by Oversight Dispute--governance uncertainty major factor in turndown
522EditorCan the 'Collaborative'--Council school plan gimmick doesn't fly--Crew's views aped by two other candidates
526BlumSchool Without Walls Decried--NW Elementary's parents, pupils protest construction delay
526TrejosPr. George's Schools Expansion Thwarted--Council wants system to build new facilities, not expand old ones
527EditorSabotaging DC Schools--Congressional interference in DC as outrageous as school governance stalemate
527BlumDC Principal Fired Over Missing Bus--vehicle bought with school money may have been improperly sold
528BlumBanneker High School Classes Canceled in Sickout--32 of 36 full-time teachers protest staff cuts
528MontgomeryMayor, R F Crew Exchange Words--school chief candidate who turned DC down calls mayor 'classless'
529EditorNo Way to Treat Schools--DC leaders consider school system political football, hence staff cuts
529BlumMayor Vetoes School Board Bill--mayor still seeks to take control of DC system, says board failed
506DvorakCatholic Schools' Renaissance--private fund drives are restoring crumbling inner-city campuses
605EditorSuperintendent Wanted--city and board must reach agreement that makes job worthwhile: get on with it
606BlumStudy Urges DC Schools to Halt Computer Plan, Use City System--$25M sunk, lost w/0 $23M more!
606Simmons/UcelliHow to Grow a Smart School System--get accountability; equitable resources, good information/data
608MuiInterim Chief Favored for Howard Cnty School Super--would switch to four-yr contract v national search
608BlumMayor Accedes to Council in Altering School Bill--improve collective bargaining? limited mayoral powers?
609BlumDC Officials Travel to California to Talk with School Candidate--former Long Beach super favored
610EditorComputer Failures--after six years, $25M, DCPS still has 'worst of both worlds': tried too hard to tailor, etc.
610MathewsDC Close to Hiring Schools Chief--going after former Long Beach, CA, school super Carl A Cohn
611BlumDC School Voucher Applications Fall Short--but not by much--about 1400 of potential 1600 have applied
612BlumDC Schools Wasted Millions, Report Says--may have blown $8.8M with contract to 'least competent bidder'
613MathewsPick for DC Superintendent Risk-Taking Achiever--lifelong Californian called 'educator worth wooing'
616BlumDC Schools Candidate Lists His Conditions--recruit would take position for one yr, wants oversight changes
617BlumMayor Open to Hiring Short-term School Chief--claims he could 'set the building blocks to rebuild the system'
622EditorA Temp for School Chief--gotta get a better tenure deal from candidate: get it right this time!
626BlumTop Choice to Manage DC Schools Backs Out--DC's concessions fail to persuade Californian to take job
626EditorBe Nice to Robert Rice--interim DC school chief is all the city's got now: let school Bd find new superintendent
629BlumCharter School Ordered Closed--DC Bd cites fiscal mgmt, other problems at 460-kid 'Village Learning Cntr"
630MuiMore Schools Meeting MD's Test Standards--200 of 1430 still below stds: Pr. George's worse by far
701BlumNo Stampede for New McKinley Tech High School--lag in applications blamed on limited publicity
701BlumDCPS Schools Chief Search to Resume Promptly--DC will consider new and previous applicants
708Fisher OpEdWhat DC Got from 'Wizard of Long Beach'--could he have fought bureaucracy? many systems troubled....
708FisherOp(cont)....cited 3 specials issues: too many cooks w/o authority; middle class kids gone; public jobs too easy
710ChanFor 1 DC School, Rough Summer Start--at Sousa, kids leave, principal fumes, parents decry teacher no-shows
710StaffPr. George's Schools Form Donation Arm--"Excellence in Education Fdtn" nonprofit to work outside system
716IrwinDC public Library Wins in Current Site Plan--Old Convention Cntr wouldn't have hotel or music center!
716StaffHouse Backs Extending Tuition Assistance--extends college assistance for DC-ites for another five years
722ChanDC School Board to Offer Healthier Vending Choices--nutritous snacks, fruit juices to replace junk foods?
723ChanDC Schools Renew Hunt for Chief--search committee interviewing seven candidates: hope to narrow soon
724ChanFour Finalists Chosen for DC Schools Chief--from Rochester, NY, Toledo, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Illinois State
726ChanTwo Top Contenders for DC Schools--Illinois, Toledo leaders have urban experience: Schiller and Sanders
728StraussDC to Push Education for Adults--have spent Fed$4M to improve capacity, awareness for English, GED
730ChanOfficials to Return to Task of Picking Schools Chief--panel cites need to end DC's protracted search
731ChanDC Schools Chief Candidate Withdraws--Pittsburgh super Thompson complains of premature disclosure
801Joseph ltrBuilding Blocks for Better Schools in MD--stop playing numbers games, address fundamental issues
801Abelmann ltrBuilding Blocks for Better Schools in DC--new environment needed: less blame, more help higher aims
802ChanDespite 'No Child' Law, Few Transfer Slots Open--68 schools below par, but no room in high, middle schools
805ChanVA Official Leads Candidates to Run DC Schools--39-yr-old state commissioner emerges from nowhere
805FisherOpEdRare Chance to Redeem DC Libraries--sell off old bldg, raise $, get new main library, 21 branches for $170M
806ChanDC Moves Quickly on Schools' Aspirant--search committee to interview young VA lawyer: some caught off guard
807StaffTop Superintendent Candidate Interviewed--by search committee including officials, parents, unions
808MerrowOpEdCan DC's Search Make the Grade?--schools need a new kind of leader: hire bankruptcy firm to salvage it!
810ChanDC Panel Backs Two to Lead Schools--VA state official out of running: down to Toledo vs Rochester
810ChanFew DC Students Apply for Transfers--parents have til 8/21 to request school switch, but no options after ES
811ChanDC School Panel Endorses Janey--Board will vote on educator with Rochester,NY, Boston, MA experience
812ChanDC Names Janey Chief of Schools--plans to start within the month: 'not where you start, but where you finish'
813EditorDC's Search Ends--last thing new super needs is micromanagement: officials act as policy-makers
815ChanDC Schools Chief Gets Mixed Reviews--stubborn, aloof, impractical, or determined, cerebral, idealistic?
816RaspberryOpEdNo Quick Fixes for DC Schools--like DC gov't, DCPS source of jobs, not serving people or kids: where are parents?
817StaffDC's McKinley Tech High School Reopens--closed in '97 for $75M renovation--applicants lagging?
818StaffMayor Offers $1M Grants Tied to Charter School Locations--part of 'City Build' to attract new residents
819StaffGrants Tied to Charter School Locations--mayor offers $1M to each willing to locate in 12 n'hoods losing kids
821FernandezJaney Pledges Extra effort to Fix Schools -- new DC superintendent says disrepair 'totally unacceptable'
822FullerDC School Transfer Period Ends with Just a Trickle--only 106 move of 33K eligible due to static test scores
825YrejosBaltimore City Schools Placed on Watch List--16 campuses face deadline to curb threat of violence
829Silberman ltrThe Best School Plan: Follow-Through--schools need accountability, responsibility, funding source
829ChanIn Busy Visits to DC, Janey Carts Mission of Reform--new super. eager to tackle many challenges
901MilloyOpEdA Nice School Is Nice, but Not Enough--first new school East of Anacostia, but still gotta make use of it
901MathewsSAT Scores Up at Many Area Schools--Montgomery joins Fairfax at 1100+, nat norm even at 1026, DC=814
901ChanMany DC School Vouchers Go Unused--290 students forgo $7500 tuition grants, most of rest (1069) go Catholic
902ChanThree Fired Over Delay in Opening DC's Eastern High School--schedules and room assignments not ready
903ChanEastern High Opens Late, Unprepared--only 665 (of 1000?) show up, still no schedules or room assignments
904ChanDC Schools' Techies Pull All-Nighters for Eastern Schedules--849 kids get programs thanks to outsiders
904EditorSchool Daze--fiasco at Eastern high school starts year off badly: indication of how much ahead for Janey
908ChanSallie Mae Gives $28M to DC Charter Schools--'CityBuild' to help get charters in key poor neighborhoods
909ChanPrincipal, Parents Voice Concerns--Eastern High gets blunt critique: crumbling bldg, unruly kids, poor tchrs,
911ChanPrincipal with Fake PhD Removed--DC elementary school educator shifted over to Eastern High
911Schorr OpEdCharter Schools: Still Proving What Works--many are proving their worth with new approaches: keep at it
915TrejosStudents Do Better on Statewide MD Exams--diploma requirement looms as many struggle to learn
919Motley OpEdSkills DC Students Can Trade On--wants construction school at Cardozo High, but kids shy from blue collar jobs
921MathewsBoarding Schools Nurture Low-Income Students--charter schools get Fed$14K for every live-in: some feel cut off
921TrejosSchools Vying for Share of Tutoring Funds--new public school programs compete with private businesses
927StraussDCPS's Janey Makes Brisk Work of Schools--shake-up begins with learning standards: NAEP v Stanford 9
1006ChanDCPSS Janey Finds Widespread Failure in DC Schools--firings, outsourcing being considered
1006BarkerHoward University Gets $71M Gift from Corporate Alliance--plan to upgrade engineering technology
1008StaffPr. William Cnty School Enrollment Booming--up to 66,100 kids for '04-'05 (v 64K in DC; pop'n 340K=60% of DC)
1010ChanFew Kids in DC Transfer Schools--of 25K-33K eligible, 106 apply, 68 accepted: 'startlingly few' v suburbs
1019HeldermanGraduation Rate Steady after SOL Exams--94.3% (72,115 kids) still graduate, though classes getting smaller
1021StraussFour Outsiders Among Six Janey Hires--from Fairfax, Tennessee, New York, elsewhere
1026StraussSpecial Ed Drivers Miss Work in Alleged Sickout--union denies orchestrating action but faults DC on pay
1026MuiPr. George's Warned on School Scores--districts in St. Mary's, Charles Cnty also risk state sanctions
1030Fernandez41 Parents, Guardians of DC Students Without Shots Sent to Court--for violating Compulsory Attendance Law
1104SheridanLatino to Add His Voice to DC School Board--FCC official Reinoso defeated 6 candidates, incl incumbent
1104StraussCharter School Measure Slips into DC Law--city furious not consulted re selling them DCPS land 25% off
1105SalmonUtah Family Gives $5M to Gallaudet--donation to help fund center for communications at school for deaf
1107SunConnecting to Overhaul DC Schools--community leaders close summit with pledge to set aside differences
1109MathewsPhiladelphia Shows Progress in Schools Run by Companies--'diverse provider' model seems to work
1111StraussOne School Tells System's Torment--at dilapidated (75% used) Bruce-Monroe, empty promises constant
1111TrejosTwo New High Schools Planned for Pr. George's--'baby boom echo' leaves PGPS 6000 seats short in 06
1124MilloyBallou High School Band's Many Supporters Should Be Proud--comes in 2nd in national contest
1130StaffNew Schools Facilities Head Starts Work--Cornell Brown hired by Janey from Baltimore public schools
1107StaffTuition Assist Program Continued--Congress extends $2500 grants thru 2007: helped 6000 kids so far
1201FernandezDC Library Backers Sorry, Not Surprised--'windfall' $45M community investment cut from early stadium plan
1209Fernandez32-member DC Panel to Advise on Library Reforms--mayor taps local, national leaders
1209StraussMany Schools Cite Shortages--principals lack books, teachers, security, says DC Voice survey
1212de ViseEnrollment in Advanced Courses Surging at Regional High Schools--incl. DC, though relatively fewer
1215DanaSuper. Weast's $1.7B '06 Budget Targets Class Size, Special Ed--more staff; all-day K, ass't principals
1215DobbsCharter vs. Traditional Schools--DC public schools not easy to compare, facilities, academics, staff, etc.
1215Shah (Curr)Wilson High School Mulls Switch to Charter--would get $3500 more per kid + $200 per kid for maintenance
1216Hsu(cont)...6644 kids helped in 4 years: 51% from richer wards (2,3,4,5); 45% from poorer (1,6,7,8)
1216HsuSenators Question Tuition Program--need revisions?: too easy, unbalanced private ($2.1K), public ($6.9K)....
1220CohnESL Enrollment Slows in Inner Suburbs--suspect higher real estate prices forcing immigrants further out
1221TrejosScrutiny Troubles Pr. George's Schools--turmoil over Hornsby, school board has familiar feel to many
1225StraussDC to Pay Penalty, Use Stanford Test Again--broke promise to DoEd to administer different test

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