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104TrejosPG Cnty Super. Hornsby Increasingly Scrutinized--School Bd considers tighter spending controls
105StaffRebuilt DCPS School Opens--Patterson ES is one of five new/renovated schools this year (of 150 open)
113Trejos$10M Frozen for Pr. George's Schools--Hornsby probe holds up audit: did super shortcut contracts to friends?
115EditorNew Achieve Inc. Study--shows plenty wrong w/US high schools--will No Child Left Behind expansion help?
119Kain(Curr)Fixing Up Schools--sensible to renovate, not modernize: $1B over 7 yrs made life better for 5% of kids!
126Shah(Curr)New Plan Looks to Stretch DCPS Facilities Dollars--now hope to fix all 147 bldgs (!) vs 48 by 2020
201TrejosPr. George's Expands Schools for Troubled Students: 13K of 137K kids suspended, 332 expelled in '03-'04
202HaynesDC Teachers Union Leader Vows Reform--educator's predecessor had embezzled funds, convicted
211StaffPrince George's Schools Budget Approved--up to $1.42B for FY06, up $250M from '05
213ChoSchool Enrollment Boom Stalls--all inner metro area districts predict half-growth rate (at best) of '90s
215StaffSenator Troubled Over Voucher Recipients--Feinstein balks at 187 going to private kids, only 75 of public kids
215HaynesDC Schools Revisit Capital Plans--Board weighs major scale-back: shifting funds from overhauls to renovations
216O'Donoghue (Curr)Board to Vote on School Facilities Plan--move to renovation from new schools could speed repairs
216O'Donoghue (Curr)City Officials Outline Plans to Overhaul DCPS--more flexibility for good schools? will Wilson HS go charter?
216EditorWhat Ms. Cafritz Said--superintendent 'has to go' if can't deliver world-class business system? he just got here!
219StaffAlexandria School Board Adopts $165.8M budget for '06, up 5.7% from prior year
221Strauss'Flagship' DC School Weighs Charter Bid--Wilson High, tired of poor maint, supplies, would be big loss
223WilgorenDC School Wrong Spot for Clinic, Health Officials Say--shouldn't have used school to spay 500 cats!
225Editor2 Education Messages--68% graduate HS, 40% enter college, 27% make 2nd year, 18% graduate in 6 yrs
226King OpEdWhat Really Needs Fixing in DC Schools--Super can't force centralization, lose 'flagship' school like Wilson
227Chenoweth ltrPoor Children, Poorer Teachers--stats show when poorer kids get worse teachers, they do much worse
227HaynesDC School Board Balks at Plan to Buy 375 Buses--idea urged to cut special-ed costs for 4000 kids
227BalzMicrosoft's Bill Gates Urges Governors to Restructure US High Schools--fix dropouts, prep for college, etc.?
227Brooks ltrOur Schools Shouldn't Be Scary--gotta deal with violence problems in schools, after hours, safety, etc.
303StaffVouchers to Go to Public School Students this year--200 of 1000 went to private schoolers last year
305AndersonElection of Pr. George's School Board Proposed--change gains steam in MD house
308TrejosParents Protest Magnet Makeup--Montgomery group contends program is unfair to blacks: leaves too many out
308MuiYoung Students Make Gains in Reading--minorites still lag in Montgomery: blacks bad, hispanics worse
309Milloy OpEdTeaching Girls the Power of Learning--Catholic private school operates in rough section of Southeast
311EditorClosing the Racial Gap--by several measures, black kids in Montgomery Cnty are testing better: don't stop now
313FilardoFor DC School Buildings, Practical Plan v Wish List--$70M to build one school could rehab six others
316EditorLeave No Principal Behind--cost of lavish off-site DCPS school officials' meeting surely had better uses
320Finn ltrRetooling DC Schools? Watch Out for Monkey Wrenches--time to belly-up to Janey plans for major change
321de ViseFor MD Charter Schools, It's Tough Going--resistance remains strong among local state boards
321HaynesDC Special-Ed Official's Trying Tenure--reform chief to leave after 2.5 yrs leaving much undone
324StaffVoucher Program Increases Student Pool--filled only 1000 or 1600 slots last year: staff expected 2-yr ramp up
324AndersonScrutiny Increases at Ailing Schools--4 in Pr. George's may get "turnaround guidance" to boost scores
330HaynesSchools Brace for Cuts Despite DC Boom--advocates warn of pending layoffs and funding formula changes
330staffWeb Site Tries to Paint Picture of School Systems by the Numbers: has good poop
331HaynesScaled-Back Plan to Repair DC Schools Supported by Board--more repair, less replacing @ $100M per yr
331RaghavanPr. George's Cnty Exec Budget Bolsters Schools--$2.15B plan would up schools to $1.4B, add 200 cops
331Shapira$655M '06 School Budget Approved for Pr. Williams--up by $65M, stipulated to get 56.8% of local revenues
331StraussWhat DC's Students Breathe--substandard ventilation/heating systems spew unhealthy air: limit learning?
401StaffDC Library System Names Interim Director--Buckley to replace former interim director @$128K
401ArataniMontgomery County to Revamp 36 Middle Schools--scrutiny planned after inconsistent training, discipline found
405Haynes25% of DC Teachers (i.e., 1400) Lack Certification--review also questions skills of 25-40 principals
406StaffResearchers Can't Assess DC Voucher Impact--too few recipients came from public schools
414HaynesDC Schools May Cut Jobs of 395 Teachers, Staff to Pay for Raises--last year cut 527 for same reason
416StaffN.VA Students Score Perfect 2400 on New SAT--four kids at Jefferson High magnet in Fairfax (107 in US)
420StaffFenty Bill Seeks Bonds to Repair Schools--wants to authorize $1B bond issue,secured by lottery income
421HaynesDCPS Super. Janey Lists 16 Schools that Could Rent Space--part of broader move to use space efficiently!
422AndersonPr. George's Board Defers Hornsby Decision--closed meeting held after FBI searches: needs due process?
425RaspberryFixing What Aids the Schools--gotta reach and teach parents how to prepare their kids for learning
426de ViseTrying Times for Special Ed--many hours are spent on MD state test preparation for severely disabled
427HaynesLeasing Plan Adopted for Charter Schools--lists 10 under used bldgs (DCPS needs10Msqft of 16Msqft owned!)
429AndersonPr. George's Super. Hornsby Vows to Ride Out Bumps--chief regrets controversy but looks ahead
504 Haynes More than Half of DC Schools Targeted for Help--88 of 174 (?) fail to meet no kid left behind--in 4 categories
510 Weiss Much of DC '06 Budget Windfall Directed to Schools--$16.4M for raises; $10M for $100M capital improvements
510 Editor Will DC Support Mr. Janey--'declaration of education' promises to fix schools in 3-7 yrs: now up to DC gov't
512 Fisher No Way To Choose a Principal--'overqualified' white passed over for school 96% non-white
519 Kovaleski Bill Would Untie Red Tape for Gifts to DC Libraries--direct donations would be allowed, avoid delays
519 de Vise Two Arundel Charter Schools Approved--unanimous OK for one in Annapolis, one in Glen Burnie

602 Haynes Cost of School Security Contract Questioned--DC spends $230/kid: way more than Baltimore, Philly, etc.
603 Anderson Hornsby's Abrupt Departure Leaves Fiscal Matters in Flus--quit amid ethics probe, budget problems
608 Anderson MD Schools Show Gains on Test Scores--minority results rise significantly, cut achievement gap
609 Anderson Pr. George's Cheers Gains in Test Scores--county schools still rank near bottom statewide
610 Leonnig DC 2002 Teachers Union Scandal Outlined--US trial begins in alleged thefts of $5M by three employees
611 Haynes DC School Security Pact to Proceed Despite Appeal--protest won't stop 2-yr $30M deal despite financial risks
612 de Vise Housing Costs Pushing Teachers Far from School--starting pay of $35-40K leaves many renting far away
613 Haynes Vouchers Breathe New Life into DC Catholic Schools--tuition rates, morals appeal to parents (~600 DC kids)
616 Montgomery Under used Schools Targeted--Senator Brownback wants DC to close buildings: imitate BRAC process
617 Leonnig DC Jury Hears Brazen Account of Embezzling--splurges while running teachers union detailed
620 Haynes Reinventing the Route to DC Diploma--fast-track course load and 5th-year option planned for DCPS
621 Ryan Summer Meal Program for DC Youngsters Launched--aims to feed some 30K kids v 25K+ last year
621 Anderson Maryland Releases Schools Watch List--39 of 98 schools in Pr. George's face stricter oversight
622 Haynes DCPCS Board Revokes SE School Charter--Academy for Scholastic Excellence: bad teachers, curriculum
622 Dixon ltr (curr) Senator Landrieu Needs to Help Fix Public Schools--comparisons to New Orleans schools falls short
623 Broder OpEd Split Over Schools--parents and teachers disagree on reforms: variable or fixed performance standards?
624 Anderson Five Teachers Get Free Rent at Troubled MD Complex--in return for tutoring neighborhood kids
625 Editor Reinventing High School--3/5-year options depend on ability to keep track of students: accountability?
626 Haynes As DC Charter Schools Grow, Competition for Space Tightens--19 new charters need existing school space
626 Welsh It's High School Graduation! Anybody Feel the Thrill?--really big deal to survived worst of teen-age years
629 Fenty OpEdCurr Why Not Really Fix Our School Buildings--Cnclmbr suggests $1B bond issue to make long-term fixes
630 Hsu Voucher Plan Expansion Considered--Senator Brownback weighs using schools outside FC

701 Haynes DC School Official Pans Broader Plan on Vouchers--Cafritz doesn't want kids in private schools outside DC
703 Anderson The $100/hr Leadership of Pr. George's Schools--board has yet to begin superintendent search: getting late
707 Kinzie UDC Marks Milestone in Rebirth--accreditation improves after years of budget cuts, layoffs
710 Anderson Schools Hustle to Land 'Highly Qualified' Hires--"No Child" law ups recruiting ante in a teacher's market
711 Dion Haynes DC Finds Gold Mine of Future Principals--"New Leaders for New Schools" training program criticized by some
712 Fisher OpEd Advocate for Kids Says Money Isn't DC's Problem--head of DC Action for Kids says people incompetent
712 Dion Haynes Mayor Williams Opposes Voucher Expansion--thinks it's too soon to tinker with trial program beyond city
715 Haynes Sen. Brownback Drops Plan to Use DC Vouchers in MD,VA Schools--still wants to expand available slots
715 Dobbs School Score Gap Narrowing--biggest gains at elementary level: whites, 217>226; blacks, 181>200 in 30 yrs!
715 Editor Rethinking DC Vouchers--Sen Brownback idea to use vouchers outside city needs more thought: city input
720 Anderson Pr. George's Audit Finds Positives, Problems--results pave way for state to release school funds
721 Anderson Pr. George's Hoping for Long-term Schools Chief--to build on current academic policies

801 Anderson Schools Shift Approach as Adolescent Readers Fail to Improve--NAEP data show gotta work middle schools
802 de Vise MD Sanctioned on Special-Ed--racial issue? blacks=20% kids, 40% spec-ed in Montgomery, Anne Arundel
802 Haynes School Transfer OKs Announced--DC officials' notification too late to help parents relocate kids under NCLB
802 Fisher OpEd DC Libraries Can Escape Insignificance--mayor now wants to build new flavor of library: get with it
806 Haynes DC Elementary Scores Rise (well) as Secondary Results Decline (a bit)--will send good principals to help!
807 Smarick ltr Failing Schools, Dragging Feet--many MD schools that performed poorly a decade ago, still do--how come?
809 Haynes DC Charter School Data Show 8 Attain Benchmark--8 of 18 make required progress: 13 not tested!
811 Staff Charter Schools Lagging in Progress Tests--only 6 of 16 under DCPSBd make it,19 0f 31 under DCCSBd
816 Ginsburg ltr Chance to Improve DC Libraries--shouldn't keep outdated library because of architect: build a new one
816 Editor Losing Student Loans--'98 act strips fed loans kids convicted of drugs--doesn't hit all kids, or all crimes: fix
823 Haynes 33% of DC Principals New--super says of 44, 23 from outside DCPS: 6 resigned, 6 fired, rest retired or promoted
824 Anderson 7 Pr. George's Schools Win Upgraded Rating--appeals from 25 others rejected, part of NCLB law
824 Haynes Report Fans Flames in DC School Funding Debate--critics challenge claim that charters get less per pupil
824 Mui Scores Slump on Most MD State Tests--pass rates decline in algebra, biology; rise in government
825 Montgomery Spruced-Up Schools Brighten Outlook--Ketcham Elementary showcases $6M maintenance efforts
828 Anderson Audit Finds 2-Yr Pay Errors in Pr. George's Schools--officials trying to recoup $1M, in unusual step!
828 Haynes New School Year to Reveal Breadth of Janey's Reforms--sees "different place" after painstaking restructuring

825 Ryan Schools Make Headway on Renovations--long-empty Nichols Ave ES to reopen as rebuilt Charter HS
825 Haynes New Standards to Sharpen Teachers' Focus--DC's more rigorous curriculum meant to boost achievement
830 Helderman Seeds of Loudoun County Science School Sprout--new academy features hands-on research
831 de Vise VA raises Math Scores, MD SATS even--states near nat'l avg of 508/520 with VA=516/514; MD=511/515
902 Aratani Montgomery County SAT Scores Barely Vary from '04--560/541 2nd best in MD; ref DC=404/414
908 Haynes SAT Results Put Focus on Improving City's Schools--3 HS's 2% over US avg, 13 HS's, 29% below US avg
909 Anderson 7000 New Teachers on the Job in metro area--"No Child" requires highly qualified hires: DC got 500 of 5200
910 Haynes DC Schools Beset by Computer Errors-principals report surge in errors re attendance, schedules, etc.
918 Haynes Technology Mars Start of DC School Year--DCSTARS computer system makes troubled debut
918 Montgomery DC Schools Faulted on Training for Jobs--vocational training in skilled trades neglected, panel told
918 Janey DC Schools, Offering Shelter from Storm--has taken on some kids, raised some money through students
920 Staff School Voucher Demand Skyrockets--has now reached full capacity with 1733: 1.7x as many applied!
930 Dvorak Activists Take Schools Campaign to Council Offices--group hopes to persuade DC not to sell abandoned bldgs

921 Westfall(Curr) Court Tosses Out Remaining GWU Claims--District Court says housing restrictions do not violate constitution
1010 Anderson Pr. George's Yields, School System to Pay for Disputed Gym, unusual deal for project already underway
1016 Anderson Pr. George's Loses Students--1200 drop comes as 'most' suburban systems gain (a little bit)
1020 Romano Area Math, Science Test Scores Move Little--improvement slight since NCLB: DC way behind suburbs!
1024 de Vise State Gains Not Echoed in Federal Testing--results fuel criticism of MD, VA education and local tests
1027 Montgomery New Jewel of a School in Ward 8--Marshall Academy Charter School moves to renovated Anacostia site
1030 Davis ltr DC's Disgusting Double Standard--teacher decries lousy, worsening school conditions in midst of plenty
1030 Milloy How Bush Visit Because 'the Siege of Howard U'--campus lock-down/-out for president aggravates kids

1102 Kinzie Bitterness is Still Evident at American U--students lampoon, faculty condemns buy-out of president Ladner
1102 Editor Are DC Schools a Priority?--will DC Council support $1B, 10-year capital funding to modernize schools?
1104 Anderson Pr. George's Schools to Make Major Repairs--$126M proposed for roofs, heating, cooling, etc.
1106 Haynes Costly Charter School Failure--$15M special-ed boarding school plan designed to save money failed
1108 Haynes Councilmbr Patterson Delays Vote on Tax Boosts for School Repairs--business groups want explanations
1109 Gould (Curr) Janey Reviews 1st Year as Super.--'not delusional, not discouraged: resolved 10K personnel grievances!
1110 Aratani Montgomery Cnty Growth Plan Envisions 7 New Schools--super proposed 1 high school, 6 elementaries
1110 Anderson Student Transfers Increase in Pr. George's--1400 leave schools that fail standards: up 35% from last year
1112 Kinzie Angry AU Students Lash Out at Trustees--vice chairman meets with protesters re $3.75M severance pkg
1114 Haynes Realistic Plan Sought for DC Schools--renovations would try to avoid past mistakes, conditions shocking
1114 Staff First Forum on Improving Schools Tonight--community ideas/opinions sought on what kind of system: now??
1115 Aranti ....DC Schools See Opportunity to Scale Back--Supreme Court Ruling OK's cutback in legal costs
1115 Lane In Special-ed Case, Court backs Montgomery Schools--parent challengers bear burden of proof.....
1121 Strauss After AU, Colleges Increase Scrutiny--scandal heightens efforts to seek advice, ask for new audits
1122 Haynes DC Woodrow Wilson HS Abandons Charter Bid in Exchange for Chance at Autonomy within System
1122 Fisher OpEd Fix Up Schools, but Not with Faulty System--gotta get rid of extra schools that developers salivate for
1123 Haynes Woodrow Wilson Parents Hope to Help All 147 DC Schools--more funding, autonomy pushed for all
1127 Haynes DCPS Budget May Exclude Teacher Raises, Unions Fear--labor negotiations may not finish in time

1201 Haynes DC Auditor to Investigate Shortage of Textbooks--school officials had assured problem was solved
1202 Staff DC Students Make Gains but Rank Last-- among 11 urban school districts by NAEP scoring
1203 Kinzie Probe Turns Focus to AU's Trustees--university board sends letter to Senate Finance Committee
1203 Editor No Excuses on Textbooks--if school officials can't get this right, what hope for the DCPS kids?
1204 Gurian Where Have the Men Gone? No Place Good--drop-outs, divorce rates, homeless, crime rates follow
1204 Fallis DC School's Overruns Offer Lesson for Renovatrions--McKinley High's budget debacle offers lesson
1204 Haynes Late Order, Faulty DCPS Enrollment Figures Cited in Textbook Delay--School Bd very upset
1205 Ltr Writers Ensuring Better School Buildings in DC--fund maint.; new schools good;close some, co-locate services
1206 Weiss DC Council Ed. Comm. Draws DCPS 'Marshall PLan'--boost business, cigarette taxes to rebuild schools
1207 Anderson MD Charter Schools Show Strong Gains--backers see problems in law, funding in Baltimore, Anne Arundel
1208 Haynes Super. Janey Introduces Preliminary School Budget--delay sought for final spending plan!--up to $810M
1218 Wagner High Cost Imperils Maryland Teacher Pensions--union wants $480M boost: claim pensions worst in US
1220 Weiss Charter Schools Push to Use Extra Buildings--don't want city to sell them: Congress Heights included


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