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101 Harris Barry Fights to Keep UDC Funds: Suggests Anti-black bias in Cuts
104 Wilgoren Students Forge Harmonious Union (at 2 merged schools)
108 Williams Barry Blasts UDC Board for Voting to End Deficit
114 Strauss UDC to Cut 125 from its Faculty (mainly remedial teachers in English, math)
115 Strauss Embattled, Lauded director of DC Library to Retire (sexual harrassment??)
115 Wilgoren School Dispute Ups Racial Tension (Latinos say mistreated--Blacks ? motives)
116 Strauss UDC: Failing Grades: Marching in PLace; Independent Attitude led to Isolation
119 Strauss UDC, Reeling from Order to Lay Off Faculty, Told to Cut $682,000 More
121 Strauss UDC Deficit Bigger by $1.5M (requires more cuts)
125 Strauss UDC Faculty Offers Its Own Budget Plan: cut benefits, fewer employees
125 Wilgoren Becton Tells Schools to Extend Hand to Immigrants
129 Strauss UDC Law School Battling to Keep Accreditation
128 MacLaury Let Every Child Succeed: ref Dan Reeves article (?) 1/21--adds parents and unity
130 Strauss Dioceses to Focus $1 M on DC schools --Catholic elementaries show enrollment dip
131 Raspberry Innovating Isn't Educating:
131 Woodlee Five on Becton's Staff Are Being Paid $100,000 or More
201 Wilgoren 3 DC Schools Closed ( by judge) over Fire Code Questions
204 Constable DC Schools Unleash Art Enrichment--70 Groups Join Effort to Mix Kids,Culture
205 Wilgoren DC Reopening 2 Schools--Roof Repairs delayed on 3rd
208 Wilgoren DC School Official Seeks $86M more to Make Repairs
208 Miller Anigbo (Marcus Garvey school) Voiced Racial Insults, Prosecution Alleges
208 Vise/Strauss Control Board to Refuse Barry's UDC Request--Calls for More Job Training
210 Loeb DC Library System Feels Pinch Tightening With Latest Cutbacks
211 Goshko New York Regents Oust Board over Adelphi (College) President's Role
215 Strauss UDC Sends Pink Slips to 125 Faculty Members--Warnings of Academic Ruin
216 Horwitz/Strauss DC Schools: Learning Hard Way--System Protects Jobs, Shortchanges Classrms
216 Strauss Meaning of UDC Cuts Depends of Viewpoint
218 Powell/Loeb DC Schools: Learning Hard Way: In Lieu of Planning, Patchwork
219 Struck DC Schools: Learning Hard Way: Special Ed System Exacts Price in Waste/Neglect
220 Strauss/Horwitz DC Schools: Learning Hard Way: Students Caught in Cycle of Classrm Failures
221 Strauss/Loeb Top Officials Want Smith Investigated: School Spending Broke Law
228 Wilgoren School Board President (Reeves) Considers Resigning from DC Trustee Board
MARCH, 1997
303 Wilgoren Charter Schools in Limbo under New DC Board (renegotiating agreements)
305 Wilgoren More Aid Sought to Repair DC Schools
307 Wilgoren DC School Closings Stir Racial Tensions--trustees adopt criteria for shutdowns
310 Strauss A Leaner UDC Draws Mixed Reviews--major restructuring
311 Wilgoren DC School Trustees Ready to Act, Minutes Show
312 Wilgoren Judge Closing Ellington School--Cites Barricaded Stairs
313 Wilgoren Faculty Stops Work at Anacostia High--complain of violence, teacher-student fight
313 Struck Disabled Students at Mercy of Worn-out DC Bus Fleet
314 Wilgoren+ Georgetown U. Offers to Repair Ellington School
319 Wilgoren DC Officials Propose to Close 16 Schools---first step in overhaul
326 Milloy Becton's General Intentions--re school revamping
328 Abramowitz Baltimore School Aid Wins Key Vote, no similar deal for DC suburbs
APRIL, 1997
402 Vise DC School Properties to be Seized--by School Board to Dispose of Surplus
410 Beyers School Construction Costs Headache for Montgomery County $1400/sqft:151sqft/stud
412 Editor Closing the Right Schools--could undercut essential goals
421 Haggerty DC Overstating ($42M) Payoff from School Closings, Specialists Sat
425 Wilgoren Vote Set for (16) DC School Closings--after weeks of hearings
429 Wilgoren 11 DC Schools to be Closed; 5 Others Spared--outrage, weeping, etc.
430Wilgoren DC Trustee's Vote to Close Schools Only a Beginning--eliminates 25% excess space
MAY, 1997
502 Locy Founder of DC's Kedar School (for emotionally troubled kids) Is Indicted (for fraud)
502 Wilgoren Norton Tells School Board to Make Do With Budget--find funds for Charter Schools
504 Matthews DC School Closings' Emotional Toll--on students from adult anger
505 Sanchez Seattle's Drive to Keep Middle-class Students--Example for DC?
UDC Law School Losing its Fight for Accreditation
506 Wilgoren DC Schools (Bd of Ed) Official Accused of Mishandling His Church's Money
508 Loeb Efforts to Reform DC Schools Found Wanting--policy chief doubts draft of academic plan
510 Wilgoren Records Tripping Up DC School Officials; Trustees Still Don't Know Who Works Where
512 Vise/Morin Poll finds Majority in DC Give Control Board Low Marks on Schools, Services
514 Wilgoren School Trustees Chairman (MacLaury) Criticizes DC Academic Plan
515 Beyers School System Praised for Partnership with Businesses--in Montgomery County
517 Wilgoren Becton Sees School Reform as 'on Track'--progress to be evident in fall
518 Segal Howard, UDC Lag on (MD) Bar Exam Passage Rates--worse than other local schools
523 Miller Tax Crackdown (on scofflaws) Produces Dividend for DC Schools (public service fines)
523 Wilgoren (regular) DC School Board Running out of Money--may have to cut pay, privileges
528 Editor A School Board Farce--elected school board spending high on personnel services
JUNE, 1997
602 Editor School Shakeup Praised: Pr. George's Superintendent takes over 6 schools
602 Frazier Pr. George's Parents Face Tough Academic Choice (middle class blacks look elsewhere)
602 Wilgoren Becton Advances Plan for Disruptive Students--wants alternative program
605 Loeb Microsoft Helps DC Libraries Get Connected--$1M to provide Internet Access
605 Fisher UDC plans Quick Sale of 4 Buildings--to cut school deficit
617 Wilgoren Becton Names a Senior Advisor on Cultures--based on reports on immigrant students
625 Wilgoren A Fresh Start for Charter Schools in DC--School Board action opens application process
625 Vise/Strauss Chairman Taylor (House Appns) Tells DC to Close UDC Law School--won't approve funding
627 Wilgoren DC Schools to Get New Chief of Personnel (from Pentagon)--to modernize personnel system
628 Powell Becton Assails School Trustees over News Leak--re new personnel chief from Pentagon
JULY, 1997
702 Editor Schools are the Public's Business (Becton too secretive)
706 Wilgoren Closed DC Schools Get Some Offers (selling plans for many of 60 excess properties)
709 Wilgoren Master Named to Fix DC ("Long-broken") Special Education Transportation
711 Sanchez (Clinton's) Education Initiatives Off to Slow Start($ cut to repair dilapidated schools (incl DC))
711 Miller Judge Warns of Back-to-School Delays (due to unfinished building repairs)
711 Wilgoren DC School Chief (Becton) Seeks Shorter, 1-Yr Terms for Proncials (speed up axing poor ones)
713 Students Our Law School Has Earned Right to Stay Open (cites out of date data in Congress)
715 Strauss Opponents May Derail UDC Radio Station Sale (avoid sale to religious group)
715 Wilgoren 43 DC Schools to Wait Longer for New Roofing (work postponed: can't do in time)
718 Editor Fix the Roofs (work out way to fix roofs, open schools on time)
721 Strauss UDC Law School, Needy Clientele in Limbo--future uncertain; Cong Taylor won't fund
723 Wilgoren DC Students Score Poorly in Basic Math, Reading Tests--many below new promotion standard
723 Miller Principal Admitted Taking Notebook, Officer Says (trial of Anigbo of Marcus Garvey School
724 Wilgoren Education Firm to Apply for DC Charter School, NY Edison Proj partner with SE Friendship House
724 Miller Times Reporter Testifies Anigbo Hit, Taunted her at Garvey School
724 Editor Low Scores, Higher Expectations--Emergency School Takeover will fail if don't improve
727 Letter The City Closes a Good School, based on economics not academic performance
730 Williams Control Board Bypasses DC Council, Approves Medicaid Contracts
731 None DC Officer Says Principal Complained About Police Conduct at Garvey School
731 Matthews Vacancies Beckon at DC Job Fair--filling 200 Teaching positions
AUGUST, 1997
803Rice ThurstonDC Schools Must Open on Time (says Parents United)
805StaffDC Schools in Line to Get Millions from (Sallie Mae's) Privatization--get profits, by law
805MillerGarvey Teacher (Anigbo) Says DC Officer Hit Her--=according to defense case
807MillerAnigbo Testimony Blames Reported for School Melee
807StraussUDC Law School Given Another Shot at Accreditation--to argue its a case in January
808MillerJudge Expected to Rule Today in Garvey School Assault Case
808ConstableDC Schools Delay Start by 3 Weeks--officials, parents bicker over repairs
809ConstableDC Schools Are in a Bind, Top Official (Becton) Says--defending postponing opening
809MatthewsLatest (School) Crisis Puts Many Parents in Bad Mood--accuse officials of mismanagement
809EditorLate For School Again--students have the most to lose by parents,officials bickering
809MillerPrincipal (Anigbo), 3 Others Found Guilty of Assaulting Reporting, Police Officers
811MatthewsNew DC Academic Officer No Stranger to Challenges--Ackerman to set high standards
812MatthewsSchool Chief, Parent Group to Cooperate--to urge judge to open on time
812EditorThe Marcus Garvey Verdict--racist charges didn't work
813MatthewsRequest Made to Open Schools on Time--by parents and officials
813YasskyFailing the Schools Experiment--control board/trustees not succeeding
814MatthewsJudge Rejects Both Sides' Plea to Let Schools Open--unsafe during roof repair work
814StraussC-Span Buys Radio Station from UDC--for $13 million
815MatthewsTwo Sides to Appeal Ruling on Opening of DC Schools
816MatthewsDC Schools Shuffle Ranks of Principals--Bector fires 8, upgrades 31 others
819EditorQuestions for Charter Schools--unaccountability and "idiosyncratic" specialization
820WilgorenDelayed Opening to Mean Longer DC School Days--Becton sticks to Sept 22 start date
821WilgorenBecton's Shake-up Heaviest in DC's Middle, Junior High Schools--12 principals removed
821TuckerSinking in DC's Schools--pushing for tuition vouchers to get some out of 78% low-income student body
822SanchezEdison (Charter) School Project Growing Slowly--yet to make profit in 3rd year
822AssocPressUS School Enrollment to Hit Record This Year--peak in Yr2007 (not in DC)
822GreeneRoof Crisis Catches Becton Off Guard--safety issue overlooked --54 /126 schools involved--$s late
823Silberman/SwiftRaising the Roof about School Delays--Becton and aides dropped the ball
823Miller/WilgorenDC School Appeal Rejected by Judges--roof repairs "too risky"
823EditorSeizing Lost Class Time in DC--keeping recreation centers open--more ideas needed
823EditorJam-packed Suburban Schools--hiring 3200 teachers to handle 12000 more students (now 520,000)
824MillerIn Her Court, an Open-and-Shut Case--Judge Christian shows she's serious--son in DC school
825LadnerThe Good Going on Behind Headlines--firecode violations fixed, schlbks in--avg bldg age 50+yrs
826WilgorenDC Schools Make Progress on Transport--but service for (8000) disabled students still "troubled"
827WilgorenHave a Good Year -- or Else, Becton Says (lays out standards for principals and students)
827BenningSAT Scores Rise in Montgomery (to 1092), PG (to 895), fall in DC (to 811), NVa (to 1044 in Arl)
828BeyersBlacks' SAT Scores at 2 Montgomery Schools Raise Flags--school board to probe reasons
828WilgorenDC Charter School Plans to Keep Anigbo, 3 Others--despite assault convictions--school board unsure
830SismanidisEmpty Words (from Ladner) about DC Schools--no evidence from Becton re long-range plans
831MannoCharting a New Course:Across the Nation, Charter Schools are Thriving: Why not here?no answer
901WilgorenDespite Shaky Start, DC Schools Chief Says Progress Will Show This Year:roofs, teachers, books
903WilgorenParents Decry Class Inaction: (small) group marches on DC school headquarters
904WilgorenGingrich Gives ("Total") Support to Becton School Reform Plan
905GluckmanLtrTroublemakers in DC Schools--gotta separate violent disrupters, emotionally disabled or not
905NakashimaVA School Board Adopts Tough New Standards: testing, penalties, courses, counseling
905WilgorenDC Could Face Fines for Unfinished Schools: Judge (Christian) says offcials "less than truthful'
906EditorRaising the Roof Over Schools: gotta get schools opened by 9/22: Becton losing credibility
906WilgorenIn a Word, A Setback for DC Schools: Judge Christian's "complete" is confusing in roof repair
908HarrisFirst No Summer Jobs, Now Students Still Await Promised Refunds
909PresslerLearning Annex's DC Adult Education Is Shut Down--losing money, inappropriate course catalogue
909WilgorenBecton to Ask Senate Subcommittee for Fire Code Change, prevent school shut-downs
910WilgorenOpening Date Is Firm for Schools, DC Officials Say--to meet with Judge 9/11
911Horwitz/StraussFilling In Til Schools Open--some using home-teaching
912Wilgoren26 DC Schools Cleared, But City Fined $14,000 by Judge Kaye Christian for Repairs Not Finished
913EditorNo More DC School Daze--school system in crisis can't stand bad decisions causing late start
914Cain (parent)Who is Being Served by Closing All DC Public Schools?--punishing parents/students--secrecy bad
915EditorWrong Move on Education--merging all federal aid to elem/sec schools into 2 block grants to districts
917WilgorenDC Charter School Futures on the Line: Bd of Education considers revoking Garvey charter after Anigbo
917Vise/PowellLawmakers (Gingrich/Lott/Lieberman) Again Propose School Vouchers for 2000 of DC's Poor Students
918WilgorenSchool Board to Focus on Garvey Scuffle--6-5 split vote on whether to consider revoking charter
918StaffDC Schools Seek Volunteers to Help Clean 146 Buildings--especially 50 closed for repairs
918HorwitzDC School Curriculum Overhaul Proceeding--standardization, learning goals at each grade, etc.
918WilgorenDC Schools Promise to Do Better Despite Continuing Turmoil--new tests, staff cuts, teacher certification
918BehrHoward's ex-President (Cheek) in Bankruptcy Battle--may lose luxury assets amassed during tenure
919WilgorenRoof at Leekie Elem Dchool in DC Fails Test--last building still ordered closed
922WilgorenDC Schools Back in Business--scrambling to prepare for kids--got little community help--11 less schools
923WilgorenDC Schools Open with Promise and Lingering Problems--some parents fume over 30 min longer day
924LoebNat'l Ed Assn (Union) Will Pay $1.1M Annual DC Prop Tax--exemption was to be revoked by Taylor
924StaffDC Principal Wins $25K Education Award for boosting academic accomplishments of disadvantaged
925WilgorenDC School Board Proposes Revoking Garvey's Charter (4 to 2) re misdemeanor convictions
925WilgorenSome DC Schools Still Missing Textbooks--due to problems with deliveries, credit, roof leak damage
926WilgorenDC School Officials Say 3% of Books Still on Order--delivery delays, closures for repairs
927EditorThe Marcus Garvey Decision--Garvey trustees should reconsider position brushing off convictions
927WilgorenCouncil Gives Becton Earful Over School Repairs and Costs--Becton promises more openness
928WilliamsDC Council Takes Some Heat Over Council Education Committee Inaction--during School Crisis
930EditorThe Voucher Issue:--modest experimental program might energize public schools--do no harm
930Loose/Strauss(School) Vouchers (@$3200) May Open Few Doors--parochial/private schools near full, more costly
1001Sanchez(National) popularity Grows for Alts to Public School--some districts react as charter schools expand
1001Vise/LoebSenate Democrats Block DC (School) Vouchers for Now--may be revived in conference
1002EditorThere Will Be More (School) Closings--no consensus on long-term master plan for school facilities
1002WilgorenRoof Leaks Force 2nd DC School Closure in Two Days--students move from Paul to Coolidge High
1004StraussDC Students Move as Officials Grumble--800 students spend day at UDC--judge's moves called absurd
1004EditorHow Businesses Help the Schools--Giant, Safeway, others award $tens of million in equipment
1006LooseFormer DC Leader's Firm Paid to Push School Vouchers--Sterling Tucker 1st Chairman DC Council
1006Dixon (D-CA)A Surefire Way to Undercut our Public Schools--voucher programs starve schools
1006WilgorenPraying to Buy Building--church group seeks (to renovate) old Buchanan School for civic uses
1007WilgorenBecton Seeks Private (Law) Firm to Represent City Schools (pro bono)--to battle Judge Christian
1008WilgorenBell Students Stage Protest at School--Council Member Chavous Proposes Repair Plan
1010ViseHouse of Reps Votes Vouchers for DC Students--by one vote: "time has come for school choice"
1010Thomas-LesterLeaky Roof Closes Hart for 4th DC School Disruption--700 students affected, to be bussed elsewhere
1010MillerProsecutors Suggest Jail for (Charter School Principal) Anigbo--backers cry "racism"
1011WilgorenDC Leaders Say Students Hurt by Suit--Judge (Christian), Parents United blasted over repairs
1011GilliamBeware of Republicans Bearing Gifts--argues against helping only 2000 kids go for college v crime
1012Bunzel/NelsonHard Facts About Falling Minority (Law School) Admissions--two supporting views
1014BabingtonPrince George's (County) Faces Greater MD Oversight--Congress insists on more state oversight
1015StaffGarvey (Kindergarten)Teacher Ordered to Do Community Service--for role in confrontation
1015BabingtonImproving PG School Marks Do Not Sway Skeptics--more state oversight for biggest MD schl dist
1016MillerAnigbo Gets No Jail Time--principal put on probation--10,000 petitioned support--SchlBd decsion ahead
1016EditorCharting Path for DC Schools: quarreling adults should stop paralysing school system, victimizing kids
1017EditorBossing Prince George's Schools--Rep. Rawlings should not be calling shots in PG, MD should
1018StraussSettlement Odds Improve In Schools Suit--School Board and Parents United say talks are positive
1019MacLaurey ltrTerminate the Lawsuit: Parents United action counterproductive--time to put kids, not lawyers, first
1019StraussJudge (Christian) Allows DC School to Reopen--Bell water leak in glass breezeway fixed
1020TwomeyHow DC Has Failed Its Students: Bell closing jeopardize kids; no lunch, no gym, no labs or auditorium
1021BabingtonProposal Would End Busing, Settle (25-yr old) Suit in PG--between Bd of Education and NAACP,
1022Frazier/Spinner(PG) PLan to End Busing Blasted by PG Leaders as Too Costly--don't have $500M for local schools etc
1022WilgorenDC Schools Look at Stricter Stndrds: new academic boss wants hold-backs, summer school; C to graduate
1022SanchezUS Students Do Poorly In (NAEP) Science Test: 40% in MD/VA fail in basic understanding, 80% in DC
1023BrownPG Closing All Its Public Mental Health Clinics--MD shifting to fees to private service providers
1023WilgorenBallou High (School) Students Walk Out--hundreds protest over school closing, principal's ouster
1023EditorDC Schools -- No More Excuses: wants city to push new Ackerman standards to advance, graduate
1024StraussJudge (Christian) Closes DC School to Fix Boiler--46 more need heating repairs--decision called tragic
1025StraussAngry Judge (Christian) Closes 4 More DC Schools--scolds officials for not getting her permission
1025Terry LtrParent Support for Marcus Garvey--attended trial, think jury wrong--Anigbo non-violent
1025EditorSchool Disgrace--stalemate among so-called adults as bad as condition of schools
1026WilgorenContest of Wills Contribes to School Chaos--overzealous judge, stubborn General
1028WilgorenBattle over Boilers Leaves DC Students Out in Cold--kids bused as judge keeps school closed
1029WilgorenFire Marshal Finds (roof) Leaks, Closes Eighth DC School--4500+ students being bused elsewhere
1029EditorClosed Minds, Closed Schools--lack of credible political leadership makes DC regional laughingstock
1030WilgorenTests Show Many DC Kids Wouldn't be Promoted--40% Grds 2, 3 can't read, 50% Grds 10,11 very bad
1030TwomeyRecipe for DC: School Repairs Chicago-style--where all schools will stay open during roof repairs
1031LocyIn Christian's Court Watch What You Say--maintains tight control over court, won't be interrupted
1031WilgorenRoofs Replaced, 2 Schools to Reopen--eight others remain shut
1031Finn/BrrunoDo the Right Thing for Marcus Garvey--and All Charter Schools: change ldrshp, take over, or shutdown
1031ShaverIn DC Suburbs, Closing Schools for Repairs is Avoided at All Costs: Fairfax, Howard, Montgomery, etc.
1101EditorDC Public Schools' Stiffest Test: support for Academic Officer Ackerman on standards, test scores
1101MatthewsArlington (VA) Gets Specific about Academic Goals: school board sets numeric goals for students
1101Frazier13 Prince George's Schools Feel Heat: Raise Scores or Risk Overhaul by MD state school board
1101WilgorenBoth Sides Tout Progress Towards Settling DC School Lawsuit: Parents United vs School Board
1101Strauss(DC) Council's Education Committee to Launch New Review of UDC: Control Bd reports not made public
1102BrandenburgTaken for a Ride on an Educational Bandwagon: teacher says tests inconsistent with curriculum
1102MilloyUnblinking in Her Duty to Children: Judge Christian praised for fighting 'bureaucratic culture'
1103Shen/ShaverPlan to Add (State) Graduation Exams Leads to Division in MD: NAACP frets some don't 'test well'
1103BowlesCreate-a-School: 26 Proposals Vie for DC Board Approval--to join growing Charter School movement
1104StraussSome Praise, Others Decry School Accord--saying Parents United didn't get enough controls
1104WilgorenParents Group, District Settle Lawsuit Over School Repairs: Board commits to repair funding
1104MooarGarvey School Board to Suspend Principal (Angibo)--30/60 days, to Preserve school's charter
1105SanchezHouse Votes Against (Nationwide) Bill to Provide School Vouchers--Republicans defect
1105StaffCouncil Backs Part of Health Care Measure--to benefit some low-income residents
1105StaffSession Planned on Garvey School's Charter by DC Bd of Education following Garvey Board action
1105WilgorenWithout Suit, 3 DC Schools to Reopen--Judge Christian Offically Relinquishes Control
1105EditorWhat the (School) Settlement Could Mean: with Christian out of the way, up to DC school officials now
1106FrazierMD School Chief Criticizes PG County Bid for Funds--$500M requested to end court-ordered busing
1106LoebDC Day-Care Centers to Get a Close Look: Control Board to Push Inspections, Massive Overhauls
1106ShenOlder (Montgomery County) Schools Set for Rennovations--plan to modernize all every 30 years
1107WilgorenDC School Board Decides (10:0) to Let Garvey Keep Charter--based on disciplining Anigbo et al
1107BenningDissension Over Discipline: Fairfax Schools Slow to Try 'Timeout Rooms'--to settle down unruly kids
1109TukevaThe Damage That Can't be Repaired: missed opportunities when her DC school was closed
1109GillenNational School Testing Will: a) Help, b) Hurt,c etc.--testing doesn't provide info parents want
1112BenningFairfax Schools Hire LI Educator praised for his passion ($150K salary)
1114BenningNew Fairfax School Chief Wants Clear Student Goals, United Board: go from excellent to exceptional
1115BabingtonPG Schools Likely to Get Big Increase in Construction Aid--up to $50M to help end busing
1116Jarrett ltr......Get the Children Readng: need a privately funded 'reading czar' for 20-yr literacy campaign
1116BenningGood Isn't Enough for Fairfax School System--new superintendent to battle complacency
1116Sherburne ltrThe Next Priority for DC Schools......: need audit agency like normal state school boards
1116EditorA New School Chief for Faifax--new challenges in urban/suburban gaps in white v minority performance
1116StaffPlanned Rally (to show support) for DC Public Schools Fizzles--ony a dozen show up
1117Strauss et alTwo School Boards Seem Born to Fight--Elected Board, Appointed Trustees at Odds: Reeves v Becton
1117ShaverFor High School Students, A More Realistic Course--alternatives to aiming for college, dropping out
1118FrazierPG County Goes to Court Over School System's Future--may end years of busing for desegregation
1118Wilgoren et alOne Year Later, Becton Still Struggling: critics point to problems, backers to progress: 'fix by Yr2000'
1119SpinnerPG County Council Votes to Cap Growth for Sake of Schools--developer moratorium/fee to build schools
1119StaffBecton Calls for Volunteer Reading Tutors--to help 2nd graders: 40% tested below promotable level
1120StaffSchool Workers Consider Strike Over Pay Issue--union wants raise and back pay-might cut heat/food
1120EditorDC School Reforms: Year One: huge job, Becton's style, bad staff, etc.--yr 2 gotta make breakthroughs
1121StraussWarning on UDC's Accreditation Lifted After Financial Outlook Improves, budgets cut, $37.8 in new Bill
1121ShenMontgomery School Board Passes $114M Budget--emphasis shifts to renovating buildings
1122EditorUDC's New Lease on Life: Has survived pain and sacrifice--needs all the support it can get
1123WilliamsDC Schools Face Threat of Walkout by 2 non-classroom union workers over pay raise ordered, unmet
1127ValentineBaltimore Suspends 1200 students as Massive Response to Student Anarchy, rowdiness, chaos
1127StraussDC Public Charter School Bd OKs 3 New Charter Schools (one for adults)--8 others may follow
1130WilgorenDC School's Big Test: principal, teachers, 873 students strive to measure up to new academic rqmts
1201ER MyersUDC: 'A Citadel of Hope'--has proved its viability as the first big public university in nation's capital
1201WeilArea's (Creative School) Principals Honored with Post Awards--includes DC's Upson @ Coolidge High
1202EditorPushing for New Maryland Schools--need emphasis on balance/fairness, not 'business as usual'
1202StaffSchool Officials Move to Avert Possible Strike: bonus accepted but back pay, raises still at issue
1203FrazierPr. George's Leader Describes Shift (away from) Forced Busing--based on growing black power
1204WilgorenDC School Board Not All Ears at (Charter School) Hearing--most elected members absent or tardy
1205Perez-RivasCrowded Classrooms Rise on Montgomery's Agenda--officials agree to tackle--1500 classrooms too full
1205RaspberryTo Change a Culture--convince black kids/parents education matters: gotta improve all public schools
1206ShaverMaryland Education Board Ready to Move on (tougher graduation) Testing Program--some not sure
1209StaffControl Board Takes Over 31 Closed Schools--prelude to sales or lease by school system
1210ValentineMD Panel Urges (State School Board to) Increasing Teacher Training in Reading--including phonics
1210ShenMontgomery Reading Scores Rise--racial disparities persist : 77% white/asian; 45%black/hispanics
1211BenningA Chance to Set a Course for Schools--VA Panel to Propose New Agenda--more vocational training
1211ShaverMaryland School Board Approves New Test--students must pass exams to graduate--by Aug, 2000
1211WilgorenDC Students Say Schools Still Need Improvement--teachers and texts still short--little progress
1211FrazierPr. George's Curry Calls Desegregation (Busing) Order 'Obsolete'--urges end of Court Oversight
1212ShaverMD releases Results of State (Education) Assessment Tests: Howard top, PG, Baltimore at bottom
1212StaffBell Atlantic To Finish Linking School, Internet: Foundation Gives Grants to Anacostia
1212ShenMontgomery May Pump Up Teaching Staff--superintendent's plan stresses key subjects
1213FrazierPr. George's Residents Launch School Crusade--want more volunteers, better results from officials
1213EditorSchool Reform, Maryland Style--Europeans and Asians both do better educating kids, says OECD
1213NakamuraLack of Substitute Teachers Puts Area Schools to Test--officials juggle, some teachers exhausted
1213WilgorenOften in DC Schools, Check Isn't In Mail--teachers, others frustrated by payment delays--old systems
1214BenningFairfax Magnet School Gets President's Attention--Race Initiative Board to study Bailey Elementary--like UN
1216StaffDC School Workers Renew Strike Threat on Jan 5--if back pay, bonus, promises not reconfirmed
1216WilgorenDC Wait Grows for Hearings on Special-Ed Needs--despite Becton pledge, backlog still rising
1217MathewsState (VA) to Phase Out Old Literacy Test--more difficult exam to replace 20-yr old one
1217WilgorenDC Schools Vow Action on Test Scores: Official 146-school enrollment at 77,111, down from 78,648 in '96
1217BenningFairfax Board Favors (1-week) Earlier '98 School Start --majority disagree
1218StraussDC Bd of Education Awards Provisional DC School Charters to 5 organizations (2 technology-oriented)
1218StaffPlanned Sale of Hardy School (to GWU) Decried, claiming Georgetown kid population rising
1218MathewsSchool Honor Roles Posted: in DC: 37 in public schools, 230 private; Montgomery 1375 public, 200 private
1219FrazierCurry's Plan Gets Tepid Response--some Pr. George's officials see power grab in $483M for new schools
1220FrazierTry to Settle (PG) School Desegregation Case (reversing '72 NAACP suit) Judge Messitte urges parties
1222Staff2000 School Employees Get Bonus Checks--promise of raise--backpay unresolved--may avert strike
1223SanchezClinton '98 School Plan to Propose Urban Aid--focus on big city 'education opportunity zones' (DC?)
1224PierrePr. George's Schools Chief Seeks 10% SpendingJump: +$77M for new schools, teacher pay, safety
1225PanPr. George's Board Rejects Curry Bid for More Control Over School (construction)--opts for committee
1227StaffDemoted DCS Offical Takes New Post--'disorganized' chief academic officer now high school principal
1227WilgorenSchool Bus Purchase Can Save DC Millions in Court Fines by buying 300 16-pass. buses for disabled
1230WilgorenDC School Trustees Release Prog Rpt--count 9980 employees, 77111 students--11 schools closed


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