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102EditorDC School Trustees: Year One--taken aback by size of dysfunction; culture accepts failure; eval a joke
102StraussGWU Takes Control of DC College--Mt. Vernon to become women's campus--27 acres
103Shniderman ltrAlice Deal: Oasis Among DC Schools--most schools don't do as well--
104HawkinsTo Make Dreams Come True, Black parents must push their children to excel--many sit back
106WilgorenSchool Board Elects New President--Wilma Harvey replaces Reeves--says will work with trustees
107LocyControl Board Erred Naming Trustees for Schools, Court Rules--cannot delegate authority outside?
107BenningVirginia Plan to Overhaul Licensing of Teachers Sparks Dispute Over Academic (Specialty) Training
108Vise/WilgorenControl Board Considers Taking Over DC Schools--OK by Becton--Norton/Davis "told you so"
108EditorThe Control Board and the Court--gives little cause for school board celebration--board can reorganize
108StaffHow DC Schools Rate in Math Reading Skills--complete tabulation by school--results ghastly
108Wilgoren/ViseDC Schools Covered Taxes in Bonuses--Becton says 3 officials to repay extra funds
108Mooar/WilgorenDC Schools Pay Bonuses to 3 Officials: Williams, Ackerman, Brooks to share $70K for sign on, performance
108HaggertyLittle Progress Made on Disposal of Old Schools--due to legal problems, community opposition
108SanchezUrban School Problems: unstable leaders, huge bureaucracies, special interests $4500 v $5066/student
108SanchezUrban Students Not Making the Mark--majority (60%) score below 'basic' level--many problems cited
109BenningFairfax Superintendent Requests 5.9% Increase in School Funding--hi-tech, etc. supervisors balk
109BabingtonMD Gov Glendening Jacks Up School Aid Proposal--$635M for state colleges, $225 to public schools
110Wilgoren4 Dissatisfied Parents Groups Want Elected School Board Restored, but Control Board keep veto power
111BrownMD ready to Tackle Certified-Teacher Shortfall in Pr. George's--12.8% way of line for MD,VA: DC n/a
111FrazierRobust Economy to Drive MD State Legislature to school funding boost--shows huge aid to local districts
111MilloyLow Test Scores Demand Better Answer--terrible scores--like 94% below grade in math in 14 of 18 HS's
112WilgorenSchool Officials' Pay, Bonuses Called Wrong Signal--high salaries bother some, Becton says needed
113Vise/WilgorenDC Repairs of Schools Criticized: audit says practices cost $7.2M--left door open to fraud--not found
113ShenMontgomery County Schools to Revamp Expulsion Policy--make 'em tougher after report on violence
114Sherwood (GC)An Incomplete Success--suggests that Becton and Ackerman report to Brimmer/Barnett to run schools
115ConstableRep Moran Hopes to Validate School Panel--Lawmaker Plans Bill on DC Trustee Board--Brimmer Agrees
115ThompsonControversial Garvey Principal (Anigbo) Fired (by Board) --tenure ends amid allegations of theft
115ConstableRe School Panel: Norton wants elected Board back; Brownback, Patterson, Barry want Becton out
116EditorGenerals and Auditors--concern over audit showing waste, poor emergency contracting by Becton
116StraussFiring of Charter School Principal Upheld in Court--parents' suit to keep Anigbo has no legal standing
116StaffRep Tom Davis to Hold Hearings on School System--bonuses, contract audit, etc.--calling in GAO
117HarrisSchool Committee Hears About Food, Bus Problems--Chavous angered by lack of special ed progress
117KingLesson of Test Failures: (Taylor Clucks; Ackerman calls 'educational genocide')--is parents', adults' fault
117EditorAlmost All in the Family: Anigbo Problems at Marcus Garvey no laughing matter for 130 enrolled kids
117EditorReport on (US) Urban Education--abysmal results by 11M public school kids: 40% 8th Graders can't read
121MilloyParents Teach Crucial Lessons: Path to Honor--Hard Work, Loving Parents--plus character, energy, etc.
121StaffSchools Want $5M for Remedial Programs--mainly for 20,000 ikds to attend catch-up summer school
122StraussActivists, Parents Say Schools Little Better Under Becton, question student count, repairs, security, etc.
122StaffElected School Board to Probe Finances of Garvey School--problems with Anigbo, brother-in-law, etc.
122EditorWho Is Running the Schools? Board should reconstitute trustees as advisory bd--as court suggested
123StaffDC Medicaid Recipients to Get Choice of 7 HMOs--effects 80,000--but not 50,000 elderly/disabled
124StraussControl Board Sees Need to Keep UDC--if it adjusts focus to help graduates get jobs--some critical
124WilliamsDC Council Member Chavous Makes Surprise Lunch Appearances--testing disliked prepackaged food
125StraussGarvey's New Leader Has Attendance Problem--only half of students showing up after Anigbo firing
125Falk (ltr)Let Them Swim!--Only 1 of 5 high school swimming pools is operational--teams try to train dry--a sham!
127Brown7-10 Pr. George's Schools to Get BdofEd Ultimatum: Worst Must Improve or Face MD State Takeover
128NakashimaA Proposal to Patch up VA Schools--Democrats push huge renovation plan using $350M lottery profits
128TapscottOfficials Say Clinton Plan Offers Limited Relief for Local Schools--$3.2M for DC, $14.7 for MD, $16.4 for VA
129Brown9 Pr. George's Schools Under Threat of Takeover--MD State School Bd wants fast action on low scores
129StraussUDC Law School Loses Another Bid for Provisional Accreditation--uncertain finances, office quarters
130StaffSchool Workers Will Not Strike--agreement reached on raises and back pay
130LengelEx-Library Director (Franklin--for 22 years) Indicted on Charges of Defrauding DC of $20K+
131Brown/MeyerGetting Troubled (MD) Schools Back on Track--won't be easy to improve 9 underachievers
202WilgorenStruggle to Learn: Exercises in Frustration at PR Harris (School): lack of supplies, student & teacher skills
203StraussDC School Headcount Disputed--Critics say 77,111 too high--given pop'n drop, rise in private school use
203StaffDC High-schoolers Begin Capitol Hill Internships--first 100 students particpate in Norton plan
204Vise/WeilUDC Firings Excessive, Says Judge: Control Board Must Honor Union Pact re 1-yr sev. pay or notice
204WilgorenSpecial-Ed Chief (Myers--hired by ConBd) Leaves DC Schools after year--backlogs, shortages persist
205ShenMontgomery County Schl Bd OKs ($941.7M) Budget Focusing on Smaller Class Size--add 258 teachers
205Vise/StraussControl Board to Appeal Ruling that UDC Firings Were Unlawful for not paying severance--can't afford it
205MacLaury opedDC Schools Need Leadership--Not Volunteer 'Advisory Board'--key actions on hold--need authority to act
205EditorAcademic Paralysis 101--PR Harris School's severe problems need drastic action--are they getting it?
206WilgorenSchool Bd Still In Legal Limbo--trustees' appeal extended, elected board hopes to regain power
207Brown/FrazierPr. George's Schl Bd Backs Power Sharing Plan (7-2)--more state aid, end to busing--kids now 74% black
207EditorA School System Without Oversight--Control Board must act fast to find role for trustees, other groups
212StaffMontgomery Schl Bd Approves Teachers' (and Staff) Contracts--new collaborative approach by unions
212Vise/WilgorenDC Trustees Still Have Place in Control Bd's School Plan--advice to get 'great weight'--over elected board
213StraussUnsatisfied (Elected) School Bd Back in Court--fighting trustees' new role set by Control Bd
213BrownPr. George's Schools Chief Vows to Ease Book Shortage--parents, officials demand answers
215RuaneClass Size Big Issue in Montgomery Cnty--to add 238 tchrs to get below 20--125Kstudents, $942M budget
215EditorControl Board's Blind Spot--reinstating Bd of Trustees is arrogant, ineffective--should turn to elected mbrs
217Harvey (ltr)Leadership DC's Elected School Bd Can Provide--new pres offers to reflect voice of community, etc.
219Strauss/etc.City School Officials Want (19%) Bigger Budget for 'mamoth reform' --raises, special ed, summer school
219StaffState Farm Ins. Donates $100K to Howard University for freshman scholarships in insurance, actuarials
220BrownPr George's School Bd Passes $858M budget for 182 schools for 127,500 students in '98-99
221MathewsIn VA, Tighter Standards Squeeze Would-be Teachers--35% fail Praxis writing/math tests
221HavemannBenefactors Create Their Own School Voucher Programs-2 in DC offer $6M for 1000 scholarships
222StraussPrivate Schools Make Parents Apply Themselves: admissions dance intensifies wth entry demand
222Leopold/ScottCharter Schools: MD dragging its feet....VA rushing in with few facts--real promise vs diverted resources
222StraussSome DC Teachers Become Students of Higher Academic Stds: retraining teachers to take years
222SingerDC Public Schools: Train the Teachers--most efficient way to invest money and time for kids' futures
224ShenMontgomery School Bd Approves Cuts--concern for possible reduction in teachers: $956M '99 budget
225WilgorenDC School Official Resigns Opns Post: COO Gen Williams; DCSS Gen Counsel Wirtz resigns after 9 yrs
225SanchezUS High School Seniors Rank Near Bottom of 21 nations--Europeans Score Higher in Math, Science
225WilsonHoward County School Board Adopts Spending Plan--10% increase to $278M for 40,000 students
226ShenMontgomery School Board's Trim List Puzzles Some--teacher cut-back could hurt class-size initiative
226StaffSchool Trustee Case Going Back to Court--due to Bd of Education federal court challenge
226EditorA New School System Test--now that COO Williams has resigned--rest of school system on the line
227BenningFairfax School Can Do Better--Board focusing on ' regular students'--talented vs challenged of 150K total
228EditorMath, Science--and Workplace: how fill high-tech jobs with US HS grads trailing all but Cyprus, SoAfrica?
228GainesMaking Promise to At-Risk DC Youths--Powell's Alliance for Youth makes MacFarland first 'School of Promise'
228MontgomeryGeorgetown U Plans Complex w/ 800-bed Dorm, dining hall, parking garage--delights Burleigh neighbors
228Strauss/Vise(COO Williams Sudden) Resignation May Stall DC School Repairs--at critical time in facilities contracting
MARCH, 1998
304StaffSchool Emergency Trustees Return to Action with redefined status, legitimacy declared by Control Board
305FrazierPr. George's Reaches Pact on Busing--25 yr-old segregation case settled, if county picks up more school $s
306StaffAnother DC School Official Resigns--Richard Wenning--consultant to public charter schools
309WilgorenSchool Trustees' Closed Sessions Draw Protests, Possible Challenge--parents, officials fed up
309StaffComing Up This Week--Sen Brownback will hold hearings on school repairs, GAO audit
310WilgorenSenator Seeks School Probe--Brownback suspects 'fraud' in DC roofing contract--hints from auditor
311MathewsNew VA State Exams Get First Test--44 questions said to measure students' english skills--200K+ students
311NakashimaVA School Plan Wins Praise--Manassas Officials Upbeat--new construction of $1.7M (259KVA students)
311ShenIn Montgomery, Move Towards Charter Schools--Board proposes guidelines for allowing them
312Loeb/WilgorenSchool Finance Chief Brouhaha: Becton Resists Finance Chief Williams' Firing Finance Officer, loses
312StaffDC High School Top Achievers--Public Schools Show 233, Private Schools 241 A Honor Roll Students
313Perez-RivasMontgomery's Duncan Disappoints School Board, proposed $1.02B budget will still mean 'painful cuts'
313StraussParents Debate Vouchers on Hill--residents spar over GOP proposal--provide $3200 each, 2000 students
313EditorGoverning Behind Closed Doors--treating parents, officials, etc, as meddlers is serous self-defeating blunder
314EditorMr. Robinson's Day School--now convicted on fraud, got $875K contract for Kedar School--no experience
314EditorTo the End of Busing--historic and happy ending to court-ordered busing--Annapolis could still overturn
314WilgorenBecton Says He'll Bar Non-resident Students--ban pledged in time for summer school
315Don Brown opedTo Reconstruct DC's Schools--volunteer monitoring repairs/upgrades--big job, needless carping hinders
316StraussFile Disarray Causes Some DC Teachers to Bail Out--educators, officials decry lousy record-keeping
317WilgorenDC Schools' Special Education Plan Approved by DoE--releases $3.75M--$37M goesd for private tuitions
318ShenMontgomery School Districting Plan Decried by Silver Spring parents--will bring crowding poverty kids
318WilgorenDC School Task Force (on diversity) Plans to Quit--says ignored --officials claim no warning, or contact
320FrazierFinal Accord Reached on Ending Prince George's Busing: Curry, BdofEd Chairman, NAACP Chairman
320WilgorenCiting Infighting, Key DC School Official (Brown) Resigns--repairs advisor cites politics, turf battles
321MillsDC Schools Seek Internet Funding--plan $45M program to fiber-optic wire all 5500 classrooms
321BrownPr. George's Schools Accord Pushes Changes--superintendent talks tough--will fire to improve academics
323SlevinA New Way to See the Future--'See Forever' School with high-powered backers aim to help troubled teens
324StraussUDC 'Progress' Means More Cuts--3 degrees (to 73), 9 teachers cut; down to 4755 enrolled, $37.8M frm DC
326WilgorenEmergency Trustees Tie DC Student Promotions to Test Scores, agree to sell 2, long-lease 2 schools
327WilgorenBecton's Likely Successor Has Already Made her Mark--Ackerman has reorganized whole school system
327Strauss/LoebA General's Strategy Backfires--lacked vision, skills, flexibility--tuned out elected board, parents groups
328Loeb/StraussDespite Efforts, DC Schools, Police Still Troubled--Council blames Control Board--'too many incompetent mgrs'
328WilliamsLadner Optimistic on School Shake-up--Control Board Picks Ackerman as Superintendent--as promised
330WilgorenAt DC Schools, Unfinished Business--Becton initiatives overshadowed by chaos in pay, supplies, spec ed etc.
331HoweU MD Gets $15 Million from Area Developer--Smith gift goes to business school
APRIL, 1998
401StaffMinisters Denounce Scholarship Proposal--that would provide $3200 for 1000 kids to go to private schools
404Pierre et alPr. George's School Formula Rejected by MD House--action jeopardizes agreement to end busing
404StraussDC Funds Pledged for Summer Classes--Control Board to find $10M for up to 20,000 lagging students
405EditorSchool Sabotage in Annapolis--game-playing and financial finagling in Annapolis killing serious plan
405SpinnerPG's Curry Blasts Governor (Glendening) on Pr. George's School Deal --trying to hoodwink County
406WilgorenTesty About DC Exams--parent activists decry push to prepare students--replacing regular lessons
407EditorDC Budget News--and Blues--'99 budget plan sensible--til new PSFO finds $60M due to poor oversight
407PierreMD's Glendening Presses School Funding--lawmakers slam Curry Comments--has he lost his mind?
407Vise/WilgorenDC Schools Face Sudden $60M Deficit--failure to dismiss 400+ employees cited--nobody followed up orders
408PierreCurry Urges PG Legislators to Back School Funding--to provide extra construction funds
409Vise/WilgorenDC Schools to Fire, Furlough Employees--system facing $62M deficit--in part by not firing 440 last fall
409PierreHouse Again Cripples Pr. George's School Bill, rejecting proposal to increase construction funds
409StaffControl Board Approves School Policy--pass std math/reading tests, or do well in summer school to advance
410JeterMinnesota to Build State-Run Boarding Schools for Needy Children--hybrid between orphanage, prep school!
411KingThe Media's Education on DC Schools--permissive and slack stewardship made mess possible
413MathewsOn Question of Schools, Area Students Face Multiple Choices--in high schools as well as colleges
414StraussPact on DC School Repairs Disputed--DC Procurement Chief won't approve Becton/Corps of Engrs deal
414EditorMediating School Governance--Court gives DC one more chance--oughta transition back to elected board
414PierreMD Assembly Approves Pr. George's School Construction Funding--should settle 1972 busing suit
415MeltonVA Gov Gilmore Backs Long-term State Role in Building Schools
415BenningN VA Schools Expect Less Construction Money Than Others in smaller, poorer districts
415Vise/WilgorenBecton Tried to Resign Over $62 M Deficit--$39M due to too low base for 8623 FTE's?? not really sure yet
416Vise/WilgorenDC Schools Chief Hastens Departure--Becton Says Bosses Assailed Integrity--will go Apr 30, 2 mos earlier
416StaffCity Launches School-Religious Partnership--churches to adopt a school, provide tutors, mentors, etc.
418EditorWant toHelp DC Schools?--join volunteers pitching in to paint, fix-up DC schools
418KingThe Children Aren't Fooled--they see what's going on in nasty falling out between Becton, Control Board
420BenningYear-Round Classes in Fairfax: elementary school first to try longer (11-mos) schedule
421MathewsUproar Over VA Education Standards; objections to staff-sought delay in action against failing schools
421StaffImprovements Sought in School Lunches via citizens advisory panel, consultant
422WilgorenCuts Weren't Enough, School Finance Chief Says--$36M budget cut not reflected in personnel levels
422StaffUDC Trustees Approve Julius Nimmons as 6th president in 20 years--eliminated $18.2M deficit
422StaffAd Campaign to Push School Choice--$130K ad campaign to push $3200 voucher for 2000 DC students
423Staff'1125 Howard Faculty Members Get Boost in Pay--average salaries up to 90% of AAUP average
424EditorJust Fix the School Problem--re $62M deficit: severe management and personnel problems still unfixed
424DewarSenate Passes Expanded School Tax Breaks Bill--Veto Called Likely--to make $2K tax-free set aside
425StaffStudents Named Presidential Scholars--8 of 141 from DC area, 3 from DC all from private schools
425StaffThreat Spurs Quick Payments on Tuition--DC owes $2.5M/mos to 27 private schools doing special ed
426ViseDC School Vouchers on Verge of Passage--Clinton Veto to Follow House Vote--arguments rage pro/con
427TwomeyThe District's New Rulers Step Boldly Out of Hiding--ridicules first open meeting of school trustees
428BrownPlan for Nine Pr. George's Schools Seeks to Avoid Takeover by State--smaller classes, parent involvement
428ViseDC May Boost Education Funding--$121 M increase for better academic program, higher special ed costs
428StaffCity Faces $5000 Daily Fine for Late Tuition Payments to Some of 40 Special Ed Schools
429Vise/StraussControl Board Wants UDC Law School to be Self-Supporting--gets $2.8M from DC--170 students v 284 in '94
430StaffDean of Embattled UDC Law School to Leave--Robinson only dean since Council created it in '86
430Wilgoren1001 DC Students Win $1700 Scholarships--lottery awards private money toward private school tuition
MAY, 1998
501ViseDistrict School Voucher Bill Gets Congressional Approval--$3200 each for 2000 --last best hope for some
501WilgorenBecton Leaves the Fray, Eludes the Limelight--on last day appointee promises 'open letter' on problems
502ViseProposed School Cuts Opposed by Council--Patterson/Ambrose to add limits--spec ed costs reach $48K
504Strauss(17 New) Charter Schools Face Tests in Rush to Get Ready--4 big, some very small--avg 273 students
507WheelerVolunteers Respond to Plight of DC 'Reading is Fundamental' Program--RIF office burglarized
507StaffControl Board OKs Sale of Richardson School for $650K; leases Woodridge for $70Kpa; Slater, $77K
508StruassAckerman Excludes Some Programs From Possible Cuts--will cut 723 employees, 175 staff, 300 custodians
509StraussNew Schools Chief Says Heads Will Roll--expects housecleaning, refusing excuses,20K summer students
510Ackerman ltrDC Schools, Promises we intend to keep: longer hours, kids tests, staff evals, clear goals, answers, etc.
510Ackerman ltrDC Schools, Promises we intend to keep (cont): no social promotions, up to 20,000 in summer school
511RaspberryWe Are Asking the Wrong Question: not how to save affirmative action, ask why don't black kids do better
512EditorA New Era for DC Schools: Ackerman needs help and time to achieve goals, saddled with convoluted gov't
512WilgorenStruggle to Learn in a DC School--schools rely on intensive reading program to boost scores, enthusiasm
514StraussParents Watching as Schools Begin Assessments of Principals at 146 schools--scoring system given
517Julius Becton ltrThe Charter School Parade--no one certifying; paying more per student; no provision to return $ if kids quit
517Sen. JeffordsGet Behind Arlene Ackerman--Becton took bum raps for years of school neglect: help Ackerman do job
518StraussDC School Chief Hits Familiar Barriers to Reform--personnel, funds, bosses--activists want quick reforms!
519Strauss(Elected) School Board Revokes Marcus Garvy Charter (7-1)--only 73 kids left for new priest/principal
520StraussGarvey School Board May Sue to Save School, despite charge of 'pattern of fiscal mismanagement'
521StaffClinton Vetoes DC School Voucher Bill because it favors some students, doesn't fix schools
521EditorCharters: Unsettled Issues--who's ensuring Garvey experience won't be repeated--more kids suffer?
521StraussGroups (PU, COPE) Seek Raises for DCPS: teacher pay starts 10%, principals 20%, below MC,Fairfax
523HorwitzPoll finds Backing for DC School Vouchers: 60% blacks, 43% whites, 70% parents support idea
524Walden ltrVouchers Deserved a Chance--any way to save a child from jail or dropping out is worthwhile
527MillerEx-DC Library Chief Pleads Guilty to lesser offense than stealing--conflict of interest plea could get probation
527EditorMr. MacLaurey Steps Down--those in command of schools need to set aside differences for kids' sake
527Strauss/ViseHead of DC School Trustees Resigns: Brimmer forces retirement, no reason, Maudine Cooper takes over
528StraussAfter Garvey Decision, Doubts About Charter Schools--new concerns over accountability by school board
530StraussDC Schools Get Late Start Again on Summer Repairs-- contracts not signed for 36 schools--activists flap
531StraussConfusion Still Rules at DC Schools--who is in charge remains question--MacLaury irked Ackerman,
531Baker/LoughlinChartering a New Course for DC Schools--DC Public Charter School Board will assure accountability
JUNE, 1998
603HorwitzSchools' Student Tally Accurate, Auditor Says: 77,111 'fairly stated' for 146 schools but 'no one accountable'
604StaffJudge Says Schools Violated Disabilities Act--untimely delays in evaluating special ed entitlements
607Ltr/BardonilleUpgrading Public Classroom--why DC needs charter schools--unlike Becton, says DCPS needs enrichment
607Ltr/WhitemanUpgrading Public Classroom--why VA needs higher stds/performance--current tests not good enough
607Horwitz/StraussImportant Summer for DCPS--mandatory classes key to raising stds, promotions: 1000 tchers, 76 schools
609StraussDC Schools' Test Scores Rebound--'solid growth' claimed (but not released), all grades tested
609StraussDC Schools' Test Scores Rebound (cont)--Chief of DCPS Personnel resigns: improvements expected
610StaffCharter School Postpones Opening--by one year: K-5 school won't be ready on time
610StraussSuperintendent Ackerman Freeing Federal School Funds--from tangled controls within DCPS
611StraussDC School Test Results Seen as 'Progress'--some improvement but more 'below basics' than nat'l stds
613EditorDC School Test Scores Looking Up--Ackerman says show "solid progress", but no leaps and bounds
615StraussDCPS Cuts Jobs--Chief laying off 175 of 646 central admin/staff--rooting out (1000's?of) non-res students
615StraussDCPS Chief revamping dysfunctional personnel office--hired former pers. head of Sacremento Unified SDist.
616StaffUDC Censured for (125) Faculty Layoffs by Am Assn of University Profs--no direct effect on colllege
617EditorSchool Vouchers in Milwaukee--experiment OK'd by WI courts: can yield nearterm help--still gotta fix schools
618StaffSale of DCPS Armstrong School for $1.5M to Charter School OK'd, Ackerman named 'state education officer'
619EditorSuperintendent, not Supplicant--Ackerman gotta change petty bureaucrat stalling--w/Council,Control Bd help
619StraussDCPS Firing 400 (more) Employees--over earlier 175 FTEs--includes 300 in custodial jobs--may be 3rd wave
620StraussAckerman Better Paid than Many Area Peers @$150K+benefits, like Fairfax, Montgomery, but above PG
621LiptonHard Lessons/The Struggles of Prince George's Schools--system beset by problems, poor tests, tchrs, etc..
622BrownHard Lessons/The Struggles of Prince George's Schools--superintendent tries moving a mountain
623NakashimaMontgomery Teachers Lose 10% Pension Supplement--MC School Bd's decision met with anger
623FrazierHard Lessons/The Struggles of Prince George's Schools--where there's never enough continuity, parents, $
624Lipton/FrazierHard Lessons/The Struggles of Prince George's Schools--even the affluent forced to make hard decisions
625Thompson/StraussCharter Board Appeals to House Panel for More $--$12.2M not enough--DCPS,MPD want higher pay
625Greene/StraussStaff Changes on Hold at DC School of Arts--Ellington teachers'removal by temporary principal investigated
625StraussSchool Users Get Boot or Bill--free use by YMCA, non-profits, costs DCPS $2M they don't have
625LoebControl Board Agrees to Fully Fund (w/$2.2M) Youth 6-wk Summer Jobs Program: business helps only 7%
626StraussOf 77,111 official school students, 12,878 did not return residency verification forms--Ackerman to probe
626StraussSome 6-wk Summer School Students May be Turned Away--over 20K signed up--1300 tchrs, 80 sites
627StaffControl Board Votes to Sell Bruce Elem School Building to Charter School for $412K
629NakashimaMontgomery Debates School Chief's Successor--students now 45% minority--nat'l search? new ideas?
629StraussThousands Head for Summer School--7400 mandatory, 20K total--feds paying bill--MC has 13K, Ffax, 11K.
629BroadwayBecton Speaks Out and Up for Schools--did Lord's work, kept bus on bridge--too many ego-driven critics
630StraussDC Schools fire 48 in Personnel Dept:--to 'clean up dysfunctional office', bad record-keeping--only 14 left--
630BenningFairfax May Reward Use of Uniforms--Board considers student incentives to improve discipline, self-esteem
630StraussDC Summer School Starts Without Major Snags--large numbers show up to trade leisure for learning
JULY, 1998
701EditorFired By the Schools: Ackerman has grit to clean house--more staff should go in other dysfunctional offices
703Matthews2000 Students Overflow DC Summer Schools--part of national effort (!) to raise student standards
703HarrisBrazil's Vision for Education--tougher standards, alt schools for troubled kids--yr-rd, all-day school use
707Finn, Manno etc.Charters: After Marcus Garvey--visits to 80 schools 15 states--issue of accountability is key--but don't overkill
707StraussDC School Chief Sets Ambitious Agenda--like Seattle, Sn Frisco, Chicago--personnel, academics, orgnzn
708StaffDirector Named for Charter School Board--Nelson Smith moves from policy/planning at Emergency Board
709StraussDC Summer School Still Scrambling for Supplies, Teachers--22K students show up for reading, math
709FrazierPrince George's Teachers Discouraged--employee survey: low morale, poor facilities, bad mgmt/board
713Strauss(16 New) Charter Schools Strive to Get Ready--half lack leases, renovation, students--insufficient funding
715StaffUDC President Appoints Provost and VP academic Affairs--Beverly Anderson at UDC since 1969
717MathewsOpting Out of DC School System: Paul Junior High to become Charter school--730 students, high rating
717StraussDespite Repairs, DC Schools Will Open on Time, Officials Say--Judge Christian now out of loop
718GoldsteinHarbinger of Change for Hospital for Sick Children--big staff changes, reductions, less than 50% beds used
719StruckDC Special Ed System Still in Disarray--Rpt shows 4500-kid eval backlog;runaway costs of priv schls, atty fees
719Struck(cont)DCPS $545M FY99 budget has $125M for 8179 spec ed kids (out of 77K): more coming: 2x suburban costs
724StraussPrincipals Targeted in Schools Shake-up--staff reductions done, now Ackerman goes after top, some new hires
724Strauss (cont)Ackerman seeking help/advice/names from school experts nationwide--re personnel, accountability
723StraussFirst Day of School Sept.1: not clear why starting before Labor Day--kids did get their 180 days last year
725MathewsWeek of Swelter Takes Toll on Learning--many of 24,500 students in non-airconditioned classrooms
725StaffHearing Set on Ending 25 years of Race-based Busing in Prince George's--return to neighborhood schools
728FrazierBlacks' Poor MD Test Scores Probed--PG below MC @ 21%blk pass vs 52%wht, and Howard @ 26% vs 51%
729StruckFBI Probes Special-Ed School Used by DC: inflated bills, no teaching, amounts to mobile baby sitting
730StraussNumbers Problem in DC School--system having trouble counting ( 24.5K summer) kids: old tech, untrained
AUGUST, 1998
801StraussDC's Ackerman to Name 39 Principals--replacing total staff at SE's Shadd--activists claim took too long
804StraussUDC Chief Forces Financial Review--Nimmons calls for review of actions by 2 prior cfo's now with CFO
812StraussFinances at UDC Are Focus of 2 Probes by IG's Office--unpaid teachers, unrecovered parking costs
813StaffDC Parent Training and Info Center, funded by federal Dept of Education, to help parents get needed data
814StraussCharter Schools Pulling from DC System--100 of 4500 teachers, 3500 of 76000 students--worries officials
816EditorSchool Board's Last Chance--reverts to home rule mid-2000; but same old dismal candidates running!
817StraussTroubled DC School (PR Harris in SE) Improves, Keeps staff, principal now permanent--was among 21 worst
818EditorThe Public Schools Succession--liberal charter schools policy--gotta get two (3?) school boards together
819Gray Gen. Powell Urges City Schools to Put Kids First--'America's Promise' hopes to 'adopt' 4000 schools USwide
819MathewsCandidates Evans,Chavous Seek Charter Schl Moratorium--N Smith says claims of draining exaggerated
820LooseReaching Way Out to Help--Freddie Mac commits 3-yr $2M fund to transform school--and neighborhood
821StraussStudents Must Prove Residency or pay $4700-6400; maybe 12,000 non-res? no proof for 30,000 last year
821WilliamsBrazil, Williams Take DC Mayoral Contest Back to School--offer positive proposals
822StaffProving DC Residency: can be done by tax payment; veh.regis; property title, voter regis, or utility bills
822StaffAckerman Replaces Two (high-ranking) School System Facilities Officials--for giving poor mgmt info
822StraussBrimmer Says UDC Survival Requires Changes in management, academics, oversight: less $ from DC govt
824StraussLessons of Arlene Ackerman--puts her past into DC School reform--trusts few aides--says system fully broken
827MathewsDC Schools Back Off Student Retention Plan--too drastic--hold back only those missing summer school
830Dubois OpEdForcing DC Schools to Measure Up--DoEd threatens to cut fed$ if special ed system not improved
830J Baker OpEdCampaign Against Charter Schools, claims chair of DC Public Charter School Board
830Staff30 File to Fill 5 Seats on DC Board of Education--with diminished authorities
831NakashimaDC Area Schools Scramble to Hire Teachers--PG hires 1300 new, needs 44 more; only 57% certified
827StraussAckerman Aims High in Year One--new chief expects everyone to perform better this year
901MathewsDC Schools Are Set to beat the Tardy Bell--even activists praise summer school efforts
902StraussDC Schools Get Better Start This Year--officials happy--new AssocSuper for Admin hired frm Minnesota
902StaffStudents, Parents Protest Temporary School Facility--worried about asbestos--officials say OK
902PierreAfter 26 Years of Busing, Most from Pr. George's Pleased to See It Go--students now 75% black
902BenningDespite Gains, Disparities in SAT Scores Vex Officials--DC 21% below MD, VA suburbs
904StraussDC Schools' Meal Tab Doesn't Add Up--Fed Audit of '95-'97 finds $4.4M misspent, maybe more
908StraussCharter School Movement Growing in DC Amid Questions, Concerns--now 800 in 23 states, none in MD,VA
909Finn/Manno ltrWho's Afraid of Charter Schools?--competition healthy--oughta make every public school compete
909StaffDC Schools to Get $12 Million in US Grants--to fund reading specialists in schools lacking capabilities
909Mathews19 DC Charter Schools Open to High Demand--enrollment still climbing--"dozens more" applying for '99
910PowellIn Mayor's Race, Big Pledges for Schools Will be Hard to Pay For: Williams most realistic
914StraussAs Schools Re-open, Problems Return--lack of staff, custodians, supplies persist--only 68K kids enrolled!
914Strauss (cont)School Problems Return--US DeptAg wants $4.4M back in misspent funds; 4K kids flee to charter schools
916OverholserTo Work on Schools--many nation's schools 'crummy'--not only in urban slums,but suburbs mediocre too
916NakashimaArea Schools Strive to Raise Test Scores of Minorities--ignoring differing family education/income
916PerlsteinEdSec Riley Cautions Schools on Hasty Hiring--'sacrificing quality for quantity' as boomers' kids hit schools
917MathewsDC Students Show Improvements on Tests--More kids reaching 'basic levels' in reading and math
918MillerFormer DC Library Chief Sentenced to 5 months home detention and to repay $24K in misused funds
920Eakin/ThomasHow to Build Better Schools in DC--commit to charter schools, and pay teachers for experience
921StraussIn DC, Talks on Control of Schools--elected board would regain power gradually--incompetence feared
922StaffUDC Boosts Enrollment 70% to 1125 freshmen for total enrollment of 5300--1st yr law students up 50%
925StaffNat'l Poll Gives After-school Efforts a Thumbs Up--80% would pay more to keep schools open later
926StraussDC Schools Get Set for Custodial Strike--protesting large staff cuts--no good data on how many there were!
927Frazier13 New PG Schools May Not Eliminate Crowding (9 close to DC)--127.8K enrolled to grow 7.1K in 4 yrs
927StaffSchool Custodians Unsure About Strike--unions hold off as Ackerman attempts to resolve issues
930Strauss2000 Pupils Fail to Prove DC Residency preliminary enrollment of 71.6K to be finalized on Oct 8
1001Staff4 Charter Schools Endorsed for '99, including one PS junior High--9 others rejected
1001StraussFunding, Situation Improve for UDC--(enrollment up to 5300)--but challenges still ahead--deferred costs
1004StraussDC Schools Hire Advisor for Special Ed--Frieda Lacey from Montgomery County--lawyer fees an issue
1008LooseNew to Politics, Serious about Schools: 5 run in Ward 7, 4 in Ward 4--most without public experience
1008ViseSchool Vouchers Out of DC Budget Bill--other controversial items remain but may not spur veto
1009MathewsNo Room at Charter School--math, science academy overfowing, 25 students must go--enrollment mix-up
1012StraussCaliber of Board Hopefuls Concerns DC Educators--activists claim no experience, track record, job know-how
1012StaffDC Public School System Receives $150K grant from NSF--to develop way to assess professional needs
1013EditorFor School Board: Post Picks Byrd for Ward 2, Singleton, Ward 4, Canady, Ward 8
1015MathewsFor School Board, Many Hopefuls: 6 run in Ward 2 w/good ideas, little experience, 2 in Ward 8 w/some of both
1016StaffDC Council Committee Confirms 5 new UDC trustees--should be approved by full Council soon
1022StaffFeds Fund DC Special Ed Programs ($30M more than $125M asked), MD Metro line extension ($50M)
1027StraussDC School Board Wins Some Power--gains influence in 2 areas: advising on facilities, discipline
1027Strauss (cont)DC School Board wants Ackerman at monthly meetings: Cntrol Bd wants more joint school board mtgs
1028EditorDC School Board Races: Post picks Counihan at large; Kelly Ward 7; Byrd 2; Canaday 8; Singleton 4.
1028StraussDC Public School Enrollment Drops 7 Pct, Officials say (3600 to charters, 1600 to suburbs?):some say more
1029StaffDel. Norton Backs Stronger School Bd--to begin advising Control Bd on school closings, student discipline!
1030BenningVA Bd of Ed May Set Standards Too High on VA Statewide Exams--way above teachers' advice
1030MakamuraVA denied US Funds for Charter Schools--claim local school bds given too much control in denying them
1031HsuSchool Bd Candidate's Biography in Question--colleges say Artisst didn't get degrees claimed
1031StaffTwo (Members of Elected School Bd) Named to DC School Trustees Panel--TV Kinlow, Childs, join Harvey
1031BenningVA Students Face New Stds--Board sets some new passing scores above present statewide average
1022StraussEight Pursue One Seat on School Board--diverse group, little school experience, very differing views
1102StraussAs School Board Gains Power, Members urged to Get Along--badly structured, says MontCnty expert
1103BenningMost VA High School Students Flunk New Exams--just as poor at elementary, middle school levels
1104MathewsSchool Board Incumbent Trails in Early Count in Ward 4--4 other incumbents declined to run again
1104StaffAckerman Invites Team of Experts to review 'still unacceptable' school payroll/personnel mgmt systems
1106StaffFinancial Help for Charter Schools -- from Charter Schools Development Corp--has $750K from feds
1114StraussDC Special Ed Official's Admin Leave Linked to Contract Probe--suspected of contract conflict of interest
1115StraussParent-Teacher Mtgs Increased at DC Schools--activists blame schools for not inducing parents to show
1117O'HanlonFairfax Special-Ed Policy Probed--VA agency looks into school system's (mis)placement of students
1118StraussDC Focuses on Poor Teachers--low performers face firing after 90-day probation--activists support
1119ArgetsingerImproved Test Scores Pay Off for MD Schools--83 schools share $2.75M cash awards, 200 more praised
1119MathewsProblems Vex Two Charter Schools--start-up, repairs eat $500K funds, trustees squabble
1119StaffHigh-Tech Training Center Opening at 401MSt, SW at 40,000 sqft foundation-sponsored facility
1120MurphyNew President (O'Connell) Installed at Catholic University--Vatican-chartered school to stay faithful
1120StraussDC Council Panel Presses School Officials for Budget Details--Chavous pushes Ackerman--activists agree
1122FrazierNonblacks Say Why They Avoid PG County's Magnet Schools--inadequate safety and academic stds
1123StraussGiving Schools New Sense of Direction--Stanford 9 Tests Reform Style of DC Instruction--goals set
1128EditorGuaranteeing Graduates--VA HS grads to get "warranty" they can do college work--why not diploma?
1128Editor....And Firing Teachers: DC plan to fire poor teachers from system on 90-day notice is good move
1130StraussMaryland to Help DC Handle Special Ed Case Backlog--providing judges to evaluate 2500 kids
1203StraussDC Schools Probing 300 Special Ed Bus Drivers, Drug Use--lack valid licenses,--system dysfunctional
1204StraussChavous Says Up to Half of Special Ed Drivers May Lack Credentials--commercial licenses
1205MathewsDC TechWorld Charter School Dismissed 3 Board Members for inappropriate actions
1205EditorWho's Driving Your Children--find and fire people who let this situation develop in the first place
1209NakashimaMontgomery Schools Link Test Scores to DC Teachers' Attitudes--teacher expectations cited as key
1209WilgorenTeachers' Union Opposes Plan to Up Minimum Salary for Teachers $30K frm $27K--wants raise for all
1209ArgetsingerMaryland Students Boost Test Scores--but less than half rated 'satisfactory' on Spring exams
1210WilgoremDC Schools Plan Saturday Reading Classes--all schools to offer intensive program to boost skills
1210NakashimaFor Montgomery County School Chief, Small is Beautiful--wants to speed up timetable for smaller classes
1210StraussDC Fires 19 Special-Ed School Bus Drivers--FBI running background checks on rest of drivers
1212StraussDC Parents Tell of School Bus Driver Troubles--some say schools ignored complaints of abuse, drinking
1215ShearVA Gov. Gilmore Announced 20% Tuition Rollback Plan for In-state Students--from $2750 to $2200 (4-yr)
1216StaffControl Board Names Panel to Develop Transition Plan to Restore Power to Elected School Board
1217WilgorenSmall School to Close After Being Denied DC Charter--remnants of Garvey School students go elsewhere
1218WilgorenChavous Proposes New Office to Supervise Charter Schools--equiv of separate 'state education office'
1220StraussAckerman Plans to Modernize Schools--$1B to fix all 146 blgs by '09--by PS officals, Engr Corps,C21Fnd
1220Strauss (cont)Plan calls for new way to look at schools, facility mgmt--as learning/community cntrs, tot rehab for many
1230WilgorenDC High School Accused of Misusing Funds--DC IG questions $127K spent by prior principal


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