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101MathewsArlington Sees Significant Drop in Test Scores--gap not narrowing between white and minority students
102NakashimaMontgomery Teachers May Face Peer Review: county considers new evaluation system by best teachers
103StricherzWhere Chicago Schools Are Headed, DC Should follow:stop social promotions, give mayor control, etc.
105PerlsteinWanted: A Few Good Principals--jobs more complex, many retiring; half of area schools face shortages
105StraussUnlicensed DC School Bus Drivers Face Dismissal--19 fired last month for drug and alcohol use
106EditorOff the Buses, Out the Door--DCPS has no more pressing problem than eradicating rot in transportation
107StaffDC Board of Education picks Harvey as president, Singleton vp; Harvey to sit with Emergency Bd too
107WilgorenSix Take DC School Principal Positions--stress listening, involving parents--4 from inside DCPS
109StraussSchool Bus Drivers Ordered Off Road--23 lack credentials, most worked for local contractor--112 more iffy
109Mathews97% of VA Schools Fail New Exams--officials say results worse than expected--13 of 17 OK in Fairfax
110MorenoAlexandria Schools Offer Flat ($109M) Basic Budget, Longer Day, for 11,000 students ($9909/student)
112StraussDC Schools to Replace Contract for Special Ed Drivers--42 drivers fired--no rqmt for licenses, penalties
117StaffPanel Urges Changes in School Mgmt--re special ed; general counsel; teacher credentials; CoEngr mgmt.
118PyattIn Prince George's Business Should Try On Its School Ties--need business advocacy to help schools
121ViseTuition Bill (by Rep Davis) Would Aid DC HS grads--pay in-state rates at US public colleges, feds pay rest
121WilgorenPanel Urges Control by Ackerman--Nat'l experts rpt says system still troubled--change payroll system.....
121Wilgoren (cont)...reduce backlogs in spec ed, bldg repairs, etc. work w/surrounding systems re spec ed; hire trained staff
122LeDucMD Gov Glendening Makes Education 'the Priority'--pledged $1 billion + for schools, teachers, highed ed
122NakamuraPr. George's Chided on School Reform--State oversight officials say heading 'in wrong direction'
123BenningVA Official Shifts Position on Scores--1st yr test results won't go in records--most students failed
123NakamuraMD Lawmaker Blasts Pr. George's Schools--despite rhetoric, old bureaucracy, business ways, prevail
124EditorGov. Glendening on Education--quest for quality goes beyond big-ticket items to teachers, standards
124ArgetsingerDespite Takeover Threat by State Officials, Little Gain in MD Schools--90 schools now on warning list
126RuaneMontgomery County's Blair High Has 6 of 40 finalists in Science Contest--one frm Va's Fairfax, Chantilly
127Strauss(Davis Tuition) Plan Puts UDC at Risk--protesters say 'just another plan to kill UDC' (and educate DC kids?)
127NakamuraWarning from MD Hits 3 PG Schools Hard--way below academic standards though attendance OK
127PierreTwin Threats Face Pr. George's Schools--state would shift power away from PG School Bd--like DC
128NakamuraPr. George's Bd to Replace School Superintendent--too many uncertified teachers, very low test scores
129StaffPaul (750-student) Junior High School Withdraws 1999 Charter School Application--maybe try in 2000
129EditorThe Brains of Blair (High School)--loud regional cheer for 6 HS talent finalists--all from magnet program
131WilgorenDC School Funds May Be Redistributed--set per-student amt, extra for special needs, disregard size!
125Phillips (CD)SEED Sprouts as City's Only Public Boarding School--5 teachers 40 kids from 'disruptive homes'--do well
131WilgorenSchool Funds May Be Redistributed--DC to set per-student amount, allot extra for special needs
201PierrePr. George's School Takeover Threat Brings Hard Lesson--officials want system fixed, not blame
201EditorPrince George's: School Control--school bd ready to (and should) replace superintendent with outsider
202WilgorenDC Parents Question Weighted School Funding Plan--goal of equity praised, means questioned
202MathewsVA Teacher Quality Targeted--state panel endorse incentives, training, $120M in raises (6%), bonuses
202BenningFairfax County School Bd Gets Earful--parents, business leaders want more $ for 156K kids, 208 schools
202NakamuraPr. George's School Superintendent to Retire--defends 'troubled record' but won't fight for new contract
203StaffDel. Norton Seeks Historic Designation for UDC--'historically black university' would get more fed$
205PierreBusiness Leaders Key to Pr. George's Reform Proposal--would get 3 seats on expanded school bd
206WilgorenDC to Publish Profiles of Individual Schools--like MD and VA, DCPS will show key stats on each--online too
207Browne et al ltrsHow DC Can Keep Middle Class--buy Davis' plan to let DC students pay instate college rates in MD,VA
209BenningFairfax School Bd to Increase Budget Request of $1.24B by $8.5M for technology, maintenance, buses
211NakamuraPr. George's Schools Chief Explains $931M budget for 128,000 kids--58 staff cuts questioned
211WilgorenEmergency Trustees OK Ackerman 150-School Funding Change : to benefit 100 big, hurt 15 small schools
213Staff600 student Garfield Elementary School in SE Wins Rare Accreditation-- only 2nd in DC, to Murch in NW
214StraussJudge to Appoint Special Master for Some DC Special-Ed Cases--asserting 'woeful failures' of system
216EditorSchool Funding Formula Mess--trustees, school board, superintendent must distribute $ fairly to most
217StraussDC Schools Lagging in Special Education--backlog of hundreds of due-process cases, no evaluations
217ArgetsingerMD Debates Charter School Bill--would encourage creation of experimental 'academies'--like Baltimore's
218StaffTwo New Charter Schools Approved--academies planned for K-6th, and K-8th in Southeast and Northeast
218WilgorenFor Schools, a Needed Link--Ackerman hires a 'director of public engagement' from Houston school system
218ViseMayor Seeks Raise for DC Teachers--stem loss to suburbs: $2200 too low at bottom, $8600 too low at top
219Nakashima8000 Montgomery Teachers May Get 3% avg Raise, Bonuses--avg pay now $50.7K, new starts $40K
220WilgorenAckerman Softens School Funding Plan--limit cuts to 10%--pays school staffs, supplies, not maint, gds, bks.
221MilloyWhen Schools Made a Difference--DC's black schools of 1930's some of country's best, now near worst
221Milloy (cont)Last Year's DCPS Bottom-ranking Stanford 9 Math Scores Did Not include 4000 tests too bad to grade.
221Byrd/MaloneyFormulating School Success in DC---and Perpetuating Poor Policy in Prince Georges--worries for both
224Wilgoren15% Increase (to $627.5M) Sought for City School Funding--most for schools, raises, special ed, etc.
225StraussDC's Board Musters a Quorum (by 1)--gets around to passing FY99 spending plan, now over half over
225WheelerGroup Wants Historic (100-yr old surplus downtown immigrant) Webster School Spared--to avoid razing
226Wilgoren67% of DC Schools Targeted for $25M Bathroom Repairs--$80M sought to modernize 8 schools, build 1
226BenningArea Schools Pressed on 'Social Promotion'--too easy to advance struggling students, say parents, pols
227StaffNW Daniel Webster School at 10th and G St Wins Historic Landmark Status--potential buyer can appeal
301NakamuraPG $928M School Budget Seeks $42M Teacher Pay Boost--now start at $28.7K v $30.9Kin MC; $30.2K in Fairfax
301NakamujraDelays Plague PG Special Ed--some of 13K learning disabled wait months for private school placement
304WilgorenMess Festers in DCPS personnel office--no successful action by Emergency Trustees in 2.5 years
305Vise (cont)U MD in-state tuition $4699, out-state $11,221; UVA in-state, $4870, out-state $15,820: feds pay difference?
305ViseHouse Gets (Davis) Bill Proposing Tuiton Break for DC students at State colleges--passage expected
305ArgetsingerMaryland Senate Bill Aims to Get Retirees to Teach Again--offers full teacher pay + retirement pay
307MathewsThe Differences Are Elementary--comparisons between regular and charter schools--both work
308ArgetsingerTeachers Grade New MD Exams--emphasis on critical thinking elicits cheers, fears for below-avg kids
309NakamuraPG Urged to Hire Interim School Chief--to make 'drastic changes w/o repercussions'--voluntary receiver?
311StaffProcess Unveiled to Mediate (v Suits) Special-Ed Assessments--11 mediators, 4 case mgrs hired
311StaffDCPS (and Corps of Engrs) to Discuss Ideal Schools for Future--hold hearings at six schools
312Wilgoren/ViseDC Schools Power Shift--Elected Board to get some say in discipline, attendance, maintenance by end'99
313CottmanHelping Students Stay True to School--DC College Access Program gives aid to 000's from big DC donors
313EditorWho Should Lead DC Schools?--plan to restore elected Board powers will show if it is still unprofessional
314WelshMore Kids Want to Do Well in School--no longer 'uncool' or 'acting white'--black/white gap closing?
314Wilgoren5000 Teachers Go Back to Class--DC staff gives mixed grades to monthly half-day training sessions
316WilgorenUDC Hostile to Williams Plan--proposed relocation (to Anacostia) denounced as threat to UDC future
316CottmanMayor's Budget Plan Met with Anger--labor, UDC backers say they weren't consulted:' sold out like slaves'
318WilgorenDC Budget Bolsters School Construction--Build 2, renovate 48 in 6 yrs for $620M, fix toilets for $25M more
319WilgorenUDC President Blasts Plan to Leave NW Site--tearful Nimmons cites rights legacy to share whites' space
319RaspberryThe Mayor who Flubbed the Sale--how did black Williams get in such a pickle? no political skills?
321ThompsonDC Parents Weigh Charter Schools--alternatives showcased at Catholic U--19 now, 10 more next year
321MathewsNVA School Districts Contrasted in 'Report Cards'--differing violence, absenteeism not explained
322EditorThe Mayor and UDC--difficult to understand why he sprang surprise one month into term
323StaffCharter School ('See Forever') to Buy, Renovate 5-story Odd Fellows Building at 9th and T St, NW for $2.8M
323WilgorenDC Principal's Dismissal Sought--DC IG finds pizza sold illegally, got 30% for school, but few records
324Staff8 DC Students Win 4-Yr Scholarships to GWU--frm Ellington, Wilson, Eastern, Bannecker, No Walls High
325NakamuraPr. George's Fears Resegregation--some worry 72% black schools may split along socioeconomic lines
325EditorThe Alice Deal (School) Pizza Deal--IG did right to scold principal--notion ripe for abuse, illegal actions
326BerselliRegional Vocational Ed Classes Aren't What They Used to Be--now hot and high tech--in suburbs
326StaffEast of Anacostia Coalition Supports Moving UDC to SE--many oppose isolating students from affluence
328NakamuraPr. George's Losing Teachers--11% left last year ref 6% nat'l average: retirees, low pay, crowding blamed
328Chavous ltrSetting Benchmarks for Special Ed--cites need for new director, motto, legal help, training, in-house skills
328BesharovScandal in School Lunch Program Isn't Pizza--its near-inedible food in federal school lunch program
329PyattIt Has a Plus and Minus Side, but New Campus (for UDC) Isn't a Magnet--Anacostia needs ec stimulant
330ArgetsingerMD Passes Measure to Hire 1100 Teachers--get class size down; Montgomery to get first salary grants
331MathewsVA Teachers Wary of Evaluation Plan to hold teachers accountable--too much focus on Stds of Learning?
331WilgorenDC School Security Chief Also Working Same Job (for$85K) for Cleveland Schools--may lose both: fraud?
331CottmanMayor Pitches UDC Plan to Anacostians--'don't kill it before exploring it'--move Ellington high school too?
331Kain(Cur)Small Schools Win Funding Reprieve--Ackerman will not cut budgets under Weighted Student Formula
401StaffUDC Officials and Students Suggest Anacostia Satellite Campus, while retaining main NW campus
403StraussPrincipal to Return to Deal, but may give him 10-day suspension for raising funds by selling pizzas
404PerlsteinNew Tests Worry Special-Ed Advocates--students may lose diplomas--most now given in MD,VA,DC
407Vise Williams Drops Bid to Sell 25-acre UDC Site--mayor considers leasing instead--feds own land!
407NakamuraRacial Gap in MD Colleges--less high school grads go to college (53v61%), less graduate(40v64%)
408EditorTest for School Board--11-mbr panel has tasks to pass: vision, mission, plan, discipline, facilities, etc.
408StaffDC Mayor Meets with UDC Officials--to ease tensions over relocation proposals--now 'beyond chaos'
412StaffTwo Reports Confirm DCPS Student Count--71,889 in public schools, 3594 in charter schools
415Vise(cont)College Tuition Bill Would also declare UDC historic black college, provide $1.5M annual subsidy
415ViseDavis Fed-funded DC College Tuition Bill Expanded to add $3000 for Private College attendance
415WilgorenSchools, DC Contracts Office Wrangle Over Supplies--computer delays reflect transition pains to new ways
416NakamuraPG Magnet School 'Contract' Draws Complaints--parents say schools give up on struggling kids too soon
420EditorOld Board, New Deadlines--elected Bd of Education couldn't meet deadlines set--provide needed help
421CottmanMayor Faces Music at UDC--Barry-coached students sing 'devil can't take UDC away', as mayor apologizes
421StaffDC Council Committee Votes to Transfer $9.3M DCPS school security to MPD to keep or contract out
422ViseSenate (Jeffords/Warner) Bill Limits DC Tuition Break to Nearby Colleges--$10K max pa/$100K max HhldInc
427Strauss(cont)Spec Ed's Armstrong relieved--missed deadline on 184 kids: 1250 await 1st test, review overdue for 2200,
427StraussShakeup Ordered at DC Special Ed: Ackerman wants principals to make assessments, change teaching
430StaffParents Get Chance to Grade DC Schools--1-page questionaire goes to all parents--will air results
421Staff(Current)UDC May Need $60M for Fix-up--incomplete investment budget to make up for years of neglect
501WilgorenDC to Dismantle Special-Ed Division--Ackerman vows "major changes", Hill questions staff competence
502ViseUDC Chief Nimmons Faults City CTO Peck for Blocking New $2.5M Computer--wants citywide data system
506StraussSpecial Master's Report Blasts Special-Ed Program--suggests $400K fine for transportation, data, failures
509WilgorenTwo Charter Schools' Troubles Raise Questions--Bd of Ed adds probation process for weak performers
512Scott (Gaz)MD State School Building Funds Match Last Year--$50.2M for Montgomery Cnty ($194M tot '96-'00)
513StaffUDC Interim Pres. Nimmons to be Inaugurated 5/14 at 22nd Graduation--took over in '96 financial crisis
513MathewsVA SoL Test Scores Show Ethnicity Gaps: 1-subj failures = 75% for Blks, 53% Hisp; 41% Whts, 33% Asians
513StraussDC Warned on Special Ed--Judge OKs $4M in legal fees above $50/hr, $1300/case caps set by DCPS
515WilgorenDC Schools Failed to Act on Offer of New Gym--ignored offer to pay $1.95M to Garnet-Patterson School
516StaffPost Analysis of '97-98 MD school test scores shows 50-70% correlation to poverty (school lunch aid)
516ArgetsingerBeating Poverty in MD Classrooms--some schools find ways past poverty, do much better than 'norms'
517SlevinDiplomas, Dreams, Dissent--600+ graduate: unexpected Barry boasts "long live UDC--we didn't bow"
520StaffSchool Trustees Waive Teacher Contract Vote--still under legal review if binding for returning BdofEd
520StraussPrincipal Gay of Janney ES to Head DC Special-Ed Program--3-yr vacancy--100 staffers must 'reapply'
520Staff$17M Bill on in-stateTuition for DC HS grads passed by House Gov't Reform Comm--$10Kmax/student
522Staff4000-Teacher Union Relects President and Gen'l VP to third two-year terms
523FountainAt DC Teacher's Fair, Anxiety and Optimism--big campaign underway to hire 500-1000 new tchrs by fall
524MeyerMost at U-Md Slow to Graduate--only 32% in 4-yrs, 63% in 6-yrs: well below other major universities
525ViseHouse OKs out-of-DC Tuition Break for DC HS students--UDC subsidy upped as historically black college
527CypressTwo DC Teachers Earn Highest Marks--Elizabeth Primas is Meyer Outstanding Tchr, Mercer, Tchr of Yr
527WilgorenDC Bd of Ed takes months to make minor changes in DCPS "vision" and "mission"--remove tgt dates
529ViseRestraint Urged on College Tuition Aid --White House wants to limit scope, prevent big growth to $117M
530CottmanWilliams Aims to Put DC Schools on Course for Comeback--talks up need for maintenance, construction
530NakamuraPrince George's Struggling to Hire Certified Teachers--recruiting way short of 5000 needed by fall
530StraussSchool-Based Budget Teams Get Mixed Reviews--DCPS effort to involve community often hits snags
601StraussAckerman Gets Mixed Reviews for 1st Yr--some pleased, some say reform pace too slow: long way to go
601BenningVirginia School Boards' Partisan Backing--parties' influence grows in election races--illegally
605BenningTeacher Retirements Straining No. VA School Districts--400 tchrs, 32 top positions coming up vacant
609StaffCouncil Approves $125M After-school Spending, plus $6M to extend health care to 2400 childless adults
610WilgorenDC Labor Contract Would Reward Top Teachers--pay raises performance-based, higher starting salaries
610FerrechioTimesSlow Growing for Charter Schools--Control Bd halts sale of surplus schools til policy created--charters lose
611Staff64 DC Residents Finish Computer Skills Course--many from welfare at Edgewood Terrace--CathU hosts
617HorwitzChildren to Go Hungry, Official Warns--food bank chief upset some DC schools will close for 4 weeks
617SchumacherBudget, Raises OK'd for Pr. George's Schools--$876M for 128K students (v. $717.3M for 66.3K DC students)
618StaffDC Bd of Education Moves to Revoke Charter or Young Technocrats Charter Schl for poor mgmt, etc.
619EditorSchool Test for Ms. Metts--will new PG superintendent Metts succeed w/accountability, appointments,etc.?
623MathewsStudents Make Similar Strides at Two Schools--Charter doesn't outperform regular DC public school
624Wilgoren'98 Test Scores Edge Up 1% or DC Students--27v28% below basic reading; 48v49% below basic math
625StockwellHigh School Where Hospitality Honed--Marriott Charter School program to open in September for 200
625SalmonAlexandria Parents Call Plan to Alter School District Boundaries Racially Biased--pop'n up 20% since '93
625TimbergVA Raises Standards for New Teachers--math, english cutoff scores are highest in US (way above DC)
625StraussAckerman Settles Special Ed Suits--resolve 700-hearing backlog by end summer, 400 decisions, later
625NakamuraPr. George's Parents Protest (money saving) Magnet Busing Plan of 12K students from 'cluster stops'
625CooperUnder Vouchers, Status Quo Rules--programs haven't helped public education or hurt finances in decade
627McCarthyOpEdEducational Choices--Charter schools will work if given a chance--and assured proper share of funding
627GibsonOpEdVouchers Won't Improve Student Performance--hard-to-educate left behind, teacher pay cuts wrong
703EditorSchool Chief for Montgomery--Jerry Weast up to task in growing system:128K kids in 185 schls, 20% poor
704TwomeyMetro Area Teachers: Beseiged but Enthusiastic:96% enjoy job; 77% OK principal; 53% OK pay; ....
704Twomey(cont)DC Teachers less worried re discipline, being fired, far less satisfied with pay, supplies, diploma worth,
705BenningTeachers Wary of New Exams, but 61% accept need for some measures for kids, 52% for schools
707WilgorenDeeply in Debt, 2nd DC Charter School Closes--Young Technocrats' co-principals fired; 9 more to open
709WilgorenSchool Bd of Ed Chief Wilma Harvey Urged to Step Down for misusing aide for summer travel plans
710WilsonMontgomery Cnty Approves Hiring new superintendant Weast for almost $300K/yr--3rd highest in US
713WilgorenAckerman to Soften Too-tough Principal Evaluation Scoring System--now looking for 20 new ones by fall
713StaffFormal Complaint Lodged Against Bd of Ed Chief Harvey for staff misuse--members cite poor leadership
714NakamuraPG Teachers 'Unhappy' (71% want out)--new super Metts plans better pay, mgmt, trng, less central staff
715StraussJudge Orders City, Schools to Pay Fines--money is for lawyers in class-action suit re special ed problems
717StraussSchool System Transportation Director Fired by DC Superintendent--100 administrators dropped too
718StockdaleOpEdGrab by DC's Private Colleges--12 local colleges shouldn't get big share of $17M DC college tuition aid
719HorwitzSummer School Feeding Programs, Critical For Many, May End--43,750 DC kids at risk to go hungry
720WilgorenAfter Young Technocrats Charter School Closing, Some Wait for Pay, school transcripts for college
721Staff65 Schools To Continue Serving Meals for school kids--plus about 100 other sites--til school opens
721WilgorenSchool Bd to Meet on Bid to Oust Leader Harvey for misusing office personnel --still like '96 and before?
722StaffDC Bd of Educaton Formally Revokes Young Technocrats School Charter--another school in limbo
722StraussSuperintendent Ackerman Seeks $20K Raise, Security against firing by School Bd's micromanagers
723EditorSchool Bd on the Rocks--Control Bd must weigh behavior and serve best interests of public education
723WilgorenDC School Board Ousts President--Wilma Harvey loses 6:5 over staff misuse, lack of action, leadership
724KingThe DC (School) Board of Egomania--big shots have time for rhetoric, not kids--let them all resign!
725ArgetsingerUS School Districts Pay More to Get Supers--mean salary up 48% to $133.7K in 10 yrs, tchrs up 30% to $38.5K
725StraussDC School Board Still Troubled--bickering like old days: activists hope new leader will work with Ackerman
727WilgorenBitterly Divided DC School Board, No Business as Usual--Singleton new head, VP Bonham controversial
727LadnerAn 'F' for School Board--power struggle unrelated to struggling kids--shift to confirmed/appointed board
728NakamuraPr. George's School Chief Metts Eyes Cutbacks in Central Office Staffing--10% of 1500 (!) may go
728ChanChildren's Rights Council Ranks DC Last (51st among states) as Place to Raise a Child--MD 7th, VA 16th
728staffControl Bd OKs Teacher Pact--4.5% raise, tieing future raises--and firings--to future performance
728WilgorenRatings Put 6 DC Principals' Jobs at Risk--original ratings marked 46 of 141 as 'unsat' (12 'outstanding')
728StraussWilliams Rebukes School Board--'deeply disappointed' by turmoil--wants focus on troubled school system
729StraussTeachers Lose Jobs at UDC--rehiring those fired earlier after 2 courts declare action illegal
729NakamuraStruggling PG Schools Desperate for Good Teachers--too many provisional, new, vacant, inside Beltway
731KingDeadbeats and Doers in Our Schools--compares School Bd to See Forever Charter School aid to kids
731WilgorenDC School Board Balks at Mediation--can't agree when to meet--Chavous 'open' to non-elected board
803LiptonTuition Aid Likely to be Restricted--DC students could pay in-state tuition in MD and VA only --at least now
804StaffSenate Gov't Affairs Committee Approves $17M College Tuition Bill--MD, VA or local colleges
804EditorFair College Access for DC--swift Congressional OK of $17M is essential--product of bipartisan effort
805StraussDivided DC School Bd Talking--may reinstate president under compromise to add exec committee
806StraussSchool Bd Compromise Would Reinstate Harvey w/Oversight by new ExecCom--Chavous mediated
806BenningRacial Gap Shrinks on VA Exams--black kids' scores up 26%, but still lag by 36% --66% would have failed
811StaffSchool Board Negotiations Continue: may take Harvey back as president with executive committee control
812StraussTroubled DC School Bd May Face Changes, says Chavous, maybe appointed, smaller--if OK by Cntl Bd
813StaffSchool Bd to Finalize Compromise--Harvey to be restored under 5-member executive committee
814BenningState Tests Fail 93% of Virginia Schools--educators renew push for changes, can't meet 2007 timetable
815StaffHearings Set for 18 new Charter Schools, 12 of 39 prior bids OK'd: 8 opened last year, rest next month
816EditorIs This Board Educable?--Chavous resolved leadership issue for now--gotta look to more reforms at top
817StraussUDC's Finances Target of FBI Probe--improper handling of rental payments found last year by DC IG
823StraussNew Chapter for DC Special Ed--hope to 'mainstream' more kids, but $101M for outside-DC schools
823SchulteMontgomery Cnty Builds, Rebuilds Schools--student body grows to 131K in 185 schools (DC=65K in 146)
823Schulte(cont)New MC Schools use new designs: flex classrooms; media centers; community, health, afterhours cntrs
826WilgorenDCPS System Faces More Change--reforms on all fronts--new teachers, raises,accountability, charters.... DCPS Facilities Director Kifah Jayyousi prepares big plans to close, sell, old schools, build new
826WilgorenUpbeat Start to DC School Year--Ackerman hails slight (if any) gains in scores--1100 of 5100 teachers new
827NakamuraMost Schools in Region Find Most of Needed Teachers--only 350 of DC's 5100 uncertified v 1200 last year
827ChavousKevin Chavous offers 8-part "Smartstart' strategy to 'prod', fix schools (got nothing from elected board)
828SchulteLatino SAT Scores in Montgomery Drop 22 Pts in Yr--to 973 (blacks rise 3 points to 922): MC avg=1096
831Editor'New Day' in Prince George's--new superintendent Iris Metts provides 'heartening new momentum'
831SchulteMontgomery Cnty Aims to Put Safety in Picture--all high school students required to wear photo badges
901NakamuraSAT Scores Steady in Area--Montgomery 1096; Fairfax 1094 ; PG 889: DC 813 (65% in Md/VA, 78% in DC)
902Bathen (Gaz)Montgomery School Boss wants SAT scores up: 922 for blacks, 973 hispanics; 1131 asians, 1149 whites
905CooperEducation Standard Gaining Momentum Across US--third of states to unveil new skills tests for students
907PanLimited English Biggest Test for some new students--5069 in DC; 7987 MC; 4736 PG; 12213 Ffax; 4078 Arl
909NakamuraPG School Boss Metts Offers Pay Incentives--wants to tie 8000-teacher ratings to 133K-student test scores
911StaffJefferson Junior High Principal Honored--Alesia Slocumb-Bradford wins Excellence in Teaching Award
911StraussChartering a Course--students settling into works-in-progress charter schools with high expectations
912StaffHearst Elementary School Parents Seek Charter after year of turmoil with principal, staff, Ackerman
914StraussIn Shaw, Park for kids or Parking Lot?--battle over playing field pits kids against church that mentors them
915SchulteNew Reading Approach Shows Promise in Montgomery County for blacks/hispanics lagging whites/asians
916MathewsVA Schools May Get Repreive on Standards--if they come 'close' and make 'steady progress'
916StraussAckerman Plan to Share School Field Headed for Court--was trying to avoid losing church and its mentors
916StaffNorton Introduces Prekindergarten Bill urging all school districts to seek federal funds for 4-yr olds
916StraussDC Special-Ed Plan Gets Fed OK--$11M released (some '98$)--to mainstream, not isolate, disabled kids
918WilgorenHarvey Defends Request for Car, Driver--other school bd members criticize her--issue goes to committee
920BenningFairfax Looks at Teacher Reviews--school chief seeks to up 5-yr frequency, bucking trends elsewhere
921Moreno1st DC Public School OK'd for Charter Status--730-kid Paul Jun Hi gets 2/3rds parents' signatures after 2 yrs
921EditorSpecial Ed's Special Problem--cap on plaintiffs' attorneys' fees hurting kids that need help--let cap go
922WilliamsOne Style Fits All? Schwartz-Chavous proposal would mandate uniforms for all DC schools--now optional in 91
922ArgetsingerMaryland Firm on School Takeover Plan--private companies would run schools that don't improve scores
922BenningFairfax Will Set Testing Targets--each school to get own score rqmts--20 at-risk schools get extra help
922StaffDispute Over Garrison School Field Resolved by mayor--Metro Baptist Church to stop parking, DC to fix up
923Strauss1 Out of 3 DC Students Drops Out from high school, may have been over 40%--national average 5%,
924BenningFairfax School Bd Likes Plan for Individual Target Scores for school achievement ratings--some worries
925EditorGovernance Gap at UDC?--Mayor should act swiftly to appoint good new trustees, not political hacks
927WilgorenTaking a Chance on Promotions--some DC schools try advancing kids based on ambition, not scores
928StaffDC's Hine Junior High School Nation's First to Use commercial data portal on nat'l student information
929StraussDC Charter School May Have to Close--officials say Kwame Nkrumah facility opened w/o permission
929CooperStudents Weak in Essay Skills--75% below standard: Va: 27%, Md:23%, DC:11%--only Virgin Is. worse
930StraussParents Seek to Save School--DC officials order Charterless Kwame Hkrumah to Close 9/30/99
930WilgorenAppleseed Report Urges Smaller DC School Bd, clarifying roles for Super; separating state functions
930EditorRevamping the School Board--Appleseed rpt wants smaller board: moot on elected vs. appointed
1002StaffKwame Nkrumah Charter School Told to get new lease or vacate--but lease requires approval to operate
1003Ackerman EdLtrLess for Lawyers, More for Our Special-Ed Kids--legal fees rose from $2.7M to$14M--keep cap at $10M
1005MathewsFairfax History Teacher Bigler Gets Another Honor--and $25,000 for 'excellence in the classroom'
1006RosenbergDCPS athletic Facilities Don't Make Grade--programs have lousy venues, eqpt--say 3 studies in 12 yrs
1006ArgetsingerHard Decisions with a Soft Touch--MD Schools Chief wins kudos for reform efforts, diplomatic approach
1006BenningPartisan Strife an Issue in Fairfax Schools Race--hopefuls target partisan fighting
1006StaffAt Fork in Road, Options Offered for DC School Board: abolish, stengthen, make at-large, break-up, etc.
1006ShieldsCharles County Weighs Minimum on House sizes--2000 sqft to protect recent restrictions on town houses
1006ArgetsingerChairman Leaving Prince George's Schools--Thorton to chair MD task force on allocating school funds
1007WilgorenBlacks in Catholic Schools Outscore those in DCPS by 6-8%, even w/bigger classes, lower paid staff
1007WilgorenSeeking a Path for City's School Board--alternative structures suggested: shrink, enlarge, appoint, etc.
1007MathewsStanding on the Middle Ground--VA Schools Chief models mediation in battle over state tests
1007SchulteSchool Diversity Policy Overruled--Court says race cannot bar kids transfers in Montgomery Schools
1007StraussSeeking a Path for City's School Board--charter school woes mar board comeback--poor screening
1008SchulteSchools Wrestle with Rulings on Transfers--danger of school resegregation appears real, troublesome
1008EditorThe Montgomery Schools Case--public agencies should still keep race in mind, but not as only factor
1008StraussAckerman Orders Screening of Volunteers--for TB, criminal records--advocates call steps excessive
1009Wilgoren1 in 11 DC students Opt for Charters--double last year--some say could reach 25% by 2005
1013EditorWhy 2 Charter School Boards?--public charter school bd doing far better: so give up Bd of Ed role
1014StraussWilliams Changes Mind on Attorney Fee Cap urged by Ackerman--says too much energy wasted arguing
1014WilgorenDC School Scores Still Lag--most advances in whiter schools, a few key exceptions--but many still 'mired'
1014StraussAckerman Mulling Cuts ($26-56M) in Spending--spec ed cut back; 5% withheld til enrollment counted
1015StraussAckerman Plans Overhaul of DCPS Special Ed Transport Admin--70 can reapply, most won't make it
1015EditorDC School Tests Story--system may be on right track, but pace of school improvements must quicken
1016SchulteMontgomery Cnty Exam Scores Don't Improve--slight drop due to school system 'lethargy' says Bd membr
1016Weil/LyDC Teachers Chase Down Pay--200 go downtown to find checks not sent to schools under new system
1020StraussJudge Tells School to Fix Bathrooms--9 yr-old wheelchair user had to drag himself to toilet for 18 months
1021StraussSecond Pupil Had Gripe over Toilet Access--fixes were to have been done last summer--many excuses
1021StraussDebating School Bd's Future--Council grills Bd over current system for 2 hrs, others wait to testify
1022StaffTeachers Still Retreiving Paychecks--at least 900 of 10,000+ DCPS employees late, missing, or wrong
1022StaffSpecial Ed Director Trumpets Progress--backlog down 78%, but waiting cases up from 2000 to 3900--oh?
1023NakamuraStaying in School While Suspended--PG program offers student help (DC susp. rate 38% area avg)
1023StraussDC School Tour Fails to Settle Toilet Access--expert disputes compliance, Mom wouldn't change schools
1024StottlemyerLtrExperience Has Taught Fairfax Can't Coast on Reputation--haven't planned for student expansion
1024SchulteDiscrepancies Mar New School Gauge--Montgomery Stresses 'productivity gains', not just state tests
1024Beale LtrExperience Has Taught Can't Solve Special Ed Applicatons with caps on legal fees
1025MathewsVirginia Achvmnt Tests Attacked--some educators claim some questions imprecise, racially insensitive
1026EditorIt Took a Judge--to get toilet access for kid in wheelchair--more proof of special ed problems
1026SchulteParents Back Revised Montgomery County Special Ed System--now involves 16,000 kids--lawsuits down
1026StaffCharter School Bd Backs 'AppleTree Institute' Ouster of Principal--enrollment now up from 200 to 327
1027Perlstein4th Grade Reading Skills Improve in MD--'proficient' up frm 24% to 29% since '92: DC hangs in at 10%!
1028ArgetsingerMD to Require Tutoring Programs for all kids falling behind--backs away from summer school plan
1028StraussTop Pesonnel Official Quitting DC Schools--physically exhausted after 9 mos; a staff lawyer leaving too
1029PerlsteinHoward County to Assess Equity of Schools--40K kids in MD's #1 performance-ranked school system
1029SchulteMontgomery Cnty School Boss Wants $665M for 3 new schools, 202 clsrms for 32 more--140K kids in 6 yrs
1030WilgorenDC Schools Expect More Paycheck Problems--1 in 10 got wrong or no pay last period--to happen again?
1031PerlsteinHoward County School Equity Debate Erupts in Columbia--once shining campuses fight to keep up
1028WilgorenTest Scores Get Conflicting Interpretations--officials, parents differ on meaning of 2-yr mixed improvements
1102WilgorenChavous Would Shrink School Bd frm 11 to 9--all (incl pres) elected citywide after ward run-offs--by 2002
1102Wilgoren (cont)Chavous Asks Control Bd to Delay Returning Power to Elected School Bd until first new elections held
1102FehrHouse Approves DC's Tuition Bill--DC seniors can go to MD, VA at in-state tuition rates--cost $17M/yr
1102MathewsHispanics Top White Enrollment in Alexandria--24.7%Hisp, 22.6& Wht, 46.5% Blk--language issue up
1103Bathen (Gaz)Montgomery Schools Request Record $666M for 6-yr capital budget for classrooms, early-kid centers
1103Sherwood(Curr)Re College Tuition,Rep Davis notes 90% of some high schoolers go on to higher ed-- only 25% in DC
1103NakamuraMagnet Schools Fall Short in Prince George's--report says most not meeting diversity or test goals
1104Horwitz35.6% of DC Kids (38,400) Lived in Poverty in '96--v. VA, 16.5%; MD 14.1%; US, 20.5%, similar for hshlds
1104StaffDelay Sought in School Bd Transfer--Chavous wants til 2001, after first round of newly elected members
1105StraussSpecial-Ed Driver Records Probed--documents show some have criminal past, drugs, etc.
1107LtrtoEdAmbrose/Chavous push to Sell Surplus Schools--almost 50 abandoned schools unsold since '96
1107WilgorenOn the Learning Curve--DC's charter school campaign has winners and losers--too early to judge
1108StraussMost of UDC Board Leaving Soon--mayor hasn't nominated replacements, concerns voiced over hiatus
1109EditorDelay on UDC trustee replacement--mayor dawdling ('can't attract good people'): doubt commitment
1110EditorGoverning DC's Schools--Chavous deserves credit for trying to make school board more effective
1110WilgorenTallies of Pupils Fail to Add Up--DCPS -1127 to 70,762, Charters +3253 to 6912--unsure why DC net up
1111WilgorenA New Take on School Takeover--Chavous wants to delay empowering board until restructured in 1/01
1111ArgetsingerHigh-Tech Grants Entice Few--excess Maryland funds for scholarships used for aspiring teachers
1111StraussUDC Board Cuts Proposed--Chavous/Catania push to shrink board from 15 to 9--7 members leave soon
1113StaffOut-of-State Tuition Help Now Law--bill signed letting DC grads use MD VA colleges at in-state rates
1114KahlenbergOpEdIntegrate, but Not by Race--kids do much better in middle-class schools--better 'hidden curriculum'
1114OsborneOpEdMake 'Em All Charter Schools--gives all arguments for local controls, local funding, parent involvement
1114Rayford LtrWhat DC Schools Can Do--DC mom's kids do well in DC schools, college--she gets degrees too
1114ChinniCity College--UDC has legendary woes--still only path to higher ed for many: still young and improving
1116ArgetsingerDC's Scholars in Demand--tuition law spurs local college recruiters w/grants up to $50K total per student
1117EditorEducation Milestone in DC--College Access Act ranks w/home rule, revitaliz'n acts--major step for DC
1117NakamuraPG County Exec Curry Offers to Speed New School Funding--contingent on him picking 2 school sites
1117WilliamsSmaller UDC Board to Continue Operations--DC Council gives emergency powers--mayor's picks overdue
1118StraussSpec-Ed Kids Face Tuition Loss w/o Residency Proof--178/ 238 live-ins (at$50K)+890/1795 day kids(at$30K)
1118NakamuraPr. George's Schools to Get State Funds--MD lawmakers release token $8M to new superintendent
1119EditorProgress in PG County--New PubSchl Boss Metts off to excellent start, making major changes, staff cuts
1119StaffDCPS Teachers Plan Protest over Pay Problems--no pay, wrong pay problems continue since Sept.
1121BenningFairfax Schools Feel Push--SOL and Stanford 9 test-based goals for schools create debate--ignore SATs
1121LtrstoEdsVA Stds of Learning (SOL) Tests Unfair to Children--shouldn't use in isolation from other factors
1124Staff5-Member Mayor-appointed School Board proposed by Ward 3's Patterson--hearing set for all plans
1124EditorSay Yes to Duke Ellington--should transfer control to Ellington Fnd/JFK Cntr/GWU partnership for arts
1125StaffSchool Bd OK'sTwo Charter High Schools to Open in fall, '00, revokes probationary status of another
1128StaffOver 300 Teachers/employees Protest Fouled-up School Payroll System--Control Bd trying to help fix
1128PerlsteinHoward County School Boss Leaves Great Expectations--board struggles to replace superintendent
1201Wiener (Curr)School Board Debate Opens Emotions: Patterson wants 5-member appointed; 'up sense of professionalism'
1201Wiener (Curr)School Board Debate: Lightfoot says fold DCPS under mayor's control: involve relevant agencies
1201Wiener (Curr)School Board Debate: Patterson/Chavous accept Lightfoot idea of DCPS Super on mayor's cabinet
1201MathewsChange Sought in VA Standards--educators ask school board not to rely solely on testing
1201StaffMayor Urges School Board Change--7 members, some elected, some appointed
1201WilgorenDC School Board Chief Receives Reprimand--election officials confirm staff misue for private business
1203EditorStudents First--mayor and council should be held accountable for school quality, academic achievement
1203NakamuraPr. George's School Chief Disputes Audit--Metts says $125M saving is 'myth', plus typos
1203Woodlee2 Suspended Over $17.5K in Checks to School Payroll Wkr--written by herself: comes atop pay problems
1204StockwellSurplus Leaves Students Well Versed--Fairfax school gets many surplus books from Library of Congress
1204ShenFrederick County's Class Struggle--schools strive to keep up with fast-growing community--now 36K kids
1205Shinberg OpEdHelp Charter Schools Find Inexpensive Homes--why not use 50 empty DC schools now deteriorating?
1205SilvermanOpEdPut $ in Montgomery Kindergarten/elementary grades--down to 50% white, up to 23% poor, gaps growing
1206MathewsUS Teacher Training Debate Extends to Colleges--tougher teacher tests, scores, needed to help kids
1207NakamuraPG County Exec Curry Plan for School Hits Snag--board puts brakes on faster building til sites OK'd
1207BenningFairfax Schools Say $112M Budget Boost Needed--9% more sought for FY2001--for 160K kids (=$7800/kid)
1207StaffNew Chief Elected for Pr. George's School Board--JE Henderson 27-yr Air Force veteran
1208StaffFord Motor Company to Give Howard University $2M--long-running corporate/university partnership
1208Schulte$1.2B Sought for Montgomery Schools in FY2001--7% increase for 131+K students (= $8900/kid)
1209MathewsHigh Rate of VA Teacher Retirements Expected--40% in 7 years--partly due to retirement age drop to 50?
1210MeltonGov Gilmore Proposes $27M More SOL Spending--to help students pass mandated tests
1210SchulteMontgomery Cnty Super Promises Balanced Approach--school budget won't overstress achievement gap
1211EditorNo Way to Treat Public Schools--budget unsettled 3 months into year--not sure how much for charters?
1214SchulteDisparity in Special-Ed in Montgomery Cnty--whites stay near home, blacks bused to isolated campus
1215SchulteMontgomery Kindergarten Gets Tougher--new curriculum favors academics over naps, music, art
1216WilgorenAudit Backs DC School Enrollment: DCPS at 70,760, charters at 6,980--total up 2200 from last year!
1217BenningFairfax Board Gives Raise to Schl Super--+$30K to $205K for 4-yr pact; 2nd to $237K for Montgomery.Cnty
1217StaffWilliams Nominates 4 UDC Trustees:Rev. Willie Wilson; RE Gilliam; CJ Ogletree; Amb Mark Palmer
1217ClaiborneDisparity in High School Discipline--blacks disproportionately penalized under new US get-tough policies
1217WilgorenDC School Bd Members Deadlock on New President--no one of 3 candidates gets majority--try next yr
1217ArtgetsingerMD Governor Budgets More for Colleges--double spending for construction to $1.2B over 5 yrs
1218SeymourArea School Systems Struggle to Attract Substitute Teachers--big pay raises proposed to increase pools
1218StaffAmerican University Receives $15M for Arts Center--art/dance studios--galleries for 4000 20thCen works
1220StaffCoalition of Education Advocates Seeks Budget Action--threatens to sue to keep $5588/pupil 'set by law'
1222WilliamsCouncil Delays UDC Board Nominations due to Minister's racially divisive rhetoric--mayor still pushing
1223StaffWarning Sent to 341 Special Ed Kids (and 46 private schools)--prove residency by 1/19/99 or lose $
1223CottmanMayor Stands by Rev's UDC Bd Nomination--Wilson has helped UDC, made up w/Asians, is 'leader'
1223EditorSpeaking for DC Students--too few $ for DCPS, charters, special ed needs--Council, mayor must step up
1225EditorWhen Tests have Consequences--gotta close unbiased test score gaps, not litigate allegations away
1227WilgorenDC Elementary Bierney Shows Pupil Progress--rigorous program bringing poor kids up dramatically
1230MathewsArlington Cuts Test Score Gaps--blacks +6-7 pts(49%) on Hispanics who are +2 pts(55%) on whites(81%)

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