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109 MacGillis Fairfax Urges Another Look at Metrorail Tunnel Under Tysons--growing discontent with overhead track
109 Weiss Federal Investigators Question Metro's Safety--NTSB looking at latest derailment all of same type car
109 Nakamura New Mgmt at DC United Starts Public Push for new $150M Soccer Stadium in SE--will build if given land
110 Weiss Inquiry Examines Repairs on Metro Car--'routine' repair work done 2 days before derailment
111 Fisher OpEd Stadium Deals that Might Smell a Bit Sweeter--trade land for building cost for new soccer/football venues
112 Weiss Metro Derailment Investigation Widens to Similar Cases with Same 5000-Series Car Model--20% of fleet
117 Konheim (Cur) Tower with a View--Old Post Office Tower on PA Avenue has observation deck, great view of downtown
119 Weiss How Safe is Your Metro Ride?--Metrorail (2nd biggest) holds its own against 9 other system's accidents
125 Nakamura Stadium Cost Gap Exceeded, Some Say--no transportation costs included? DDoT has $18.6M for roads
125 Weiss Douglass Bridge Closure Marks Start of Construction Season--west end to be lowered for traffic circle!
201 Hedgpeth Union Station Leased to NY Firm for $160M--84-yr lease give its control of office,retail space, concourse, etc.
202 Editor Not Again--Metro's troubles (nuisance service interruptions) raise risk of riders being turned off, away
203 Editor A Revamped Arena? -- DC must consider own interests in deciding whether to renovate Verizon Center
204 Loud ltr Georgia Ave Has Already Awakened--businesses, residents, and DC gov't have joined to fight blight
205 Staff DC Seeks Walking Solutions--developing new "pedestrian master plan", offers questionnaire on deterrents
205 Hedgpeth Tall Order for DC Office Market--Brookings' Leinberger suggests raising building height at NoMA, elsewhere
207 MacGillis Tunnel Backers Given New Hope--May deadline enough time to switch Tysons plans, advocates say
207 Hedgpeth Fifth Nat'l Capital Revitalization Corp Agency Chief in 6 Years Quits--moves on after 2 years of progress
209 Sun Metro Shelves Fare-Hike Plans--will hire consultant to search for budget-cutting methods
211 Duggan For Nats' Home, a Rapid Ascent--corner-free clubhouse among unusual details in ballpark on River
212 MacGillis On Road to Dulles, Confusion, Angst--Gov Kaine firm as cry for rail tunnel at Tysons grows louder
217 Editor Tragedy in a Crosswalk--whatever caused deadly accident downtown, Metro has serious work to do
219 Schwartzman Thwarted Renaissance Near Convention Center--9th St. corridor denizens baffled by lack of development
219 Kang DC Solicits Proposals for Capitol Hill Landmark--130Ksqft Old Naval Hospital to get rebuild for community
221 Stewart DC May Fund Verizon Arena Upgrades--$50M urged to help spur development in China Town area
222 Montes Hospital Overdue for Treatment--$6M in hand, DC seeks 'right' plan to become 'real community center'
225 Sun Metro Chief Vows Better Bus Safety--drivers seen speeding, running lights: Catoe agrees to fix now
301 Wiggins Purple Line, Two Other Transit Projects Delayed--flawed study uinderestrimated number of riders
302 Sun Metro to Cut 281-man Construction Staff by 100 to Help Close Budget Gap--would save $7M of $64M
309 Johnson DC Seeks Old Naval Hospital's Lost Links--missing pieces sought to Civil War-era fence: OPM to refurbish
309 Ruane Capitol Visitor Center Debut Again Delayed--opening now due mid-'08: security add-ons up cost to $600M
309 Turque Tysons Corner Metro Tunnel Costly Risk--state-ordered study analysis a set-back to Fairfax advocates
316 Gardner High Cost Jeopardizes Metro Extension to Dulles Airport--federal 'cost-effectiveness' criteria is hooker
317 Sun Georgia Ave Gets Express Rush-Hour Buses 3/19--New #79 'Metro Extra' offers 15 stops v 54
319 Schwartzman Far Side of Rebirth--forsaken neighborhood, estranged from Capital Hill, sees Stadium opulence coming
321 Sun Metro Has Lesson for Unruly Students--effort aims to quell surge in bad (noisy) behavior after school
322 Sun Metro Tests Repositioning Mirrors on 15 Buses--mirrors block drivers' vision on model involved in 3 hits
323 Sun Metro Hires Its First Inspector General--new $172,500 position to boost agency oversight w/27 staffers
323 Turque Rail Project for Dulles Raises Concerns--secrecy of negotiations, other issues worry officials, critics
330 Sun Metro Drops Plan for Fare Increases--gen'l mgr Catoe to use layoffs, time to find more 'even' increases
331 Turque Contract Set for Rail Line to Dulles--prospects look dim for plan to tunnel beneath Tysons Corner
402 Sun New Metro Chief a Man of Quick Decisions--major cuts in engineering, execs to use system, no fare rise
405 Rucker Study Proposes Rerouting Hazmat Trains thru Maryland--shift East Ft. Mead to Indian Head or Dahlgren
408 Editor Metro Money--fare hikes deferred, dedicated revenue may be coming: raise fares with std of living??
411 Weiss Metro Funding Depends on Maryland--State argues it has stable cash source w/o new dedicated source
420 Stewart Verizon Center Ticket Tax Raised to 10%--increase from 5.75% OK'd 9/2 by Council: owner can't pay all
420 Pierre Affordable Housing Trust Fund Makes Headway Says Advocates Rpt--5000 units built or OK'd in 5 yrs
422 Porcari Maryland Will Put Up Metro Funds--state 'prepared to do whatever required' to assure dedicated funds
424 Sun Metro Prepares to Cut 220 Jobs--administrative staff targeted: cuts are 2% of 10,600 workforce
426 Editor Metro No-Check--Federal employees freely commit fraud: workers sell subsidized tickets openly
427 Sun DC Hopes to Move Metro Hq. to New Bldg at Anacostia Metro Station--spur economic development
504 Sun 83 Lose Jobs as Transit Agency Shifts Focus--eliminates 95 vacancies: no new construction planned
509 Wiener (Curr) Long-awaited Garage Debuts at National Cathedral--20-mos, $34M 414-car, 18-bus, 4-levels undergrnd
513 Sun Entertainers Audition to Make Metro a Moving Experience--hopefuls try out for station amusements
516 Sun Firm Hired to Improve Transit Safety--'change agency culture' to reduce work and rider accidents 50%
524 Dupree Zoning Commission Hits Home Run for Parking Lots--OK's temp. surface prkg for 3775 cars, 5-yrs max
525 Editor Money for Metro--Congress should deliver matching funds for badly needed repairs: states have agreed
525 Layton A Carbon-Neutral House--plan for Capitol powerplant would offset emissions by end of this Congress
526 Woodlee Charter Bus Operators Wince at New Permit Fee--out-of-DC companies say charge could cut tourism
606 Wiener (Curr) Council Restores Funding for DC Historical Society--restored $500K grant, though museum failed
607 Dupree Farmers Market Follows DDoT to New Home--opens on plaza near new baseball stadium
607 Fisher OpEd Given Choice, Desperate Tenants Take Chance--agree to leave Temple Courts, hope for better replacement
607 Silverman Fenty to Clear Out Temple Courts Housing Complex, Relocate 211 Families, awaiting new multi-income units
607 Heath Premium Nats Tickets to Rise--at $400, new stadium's top seats among priciest--cheapest are $5
607 Gardner Metro Area Airports Authority Signs Deal to Initiate Transit Project--will launch first half of Metro to Dulles
608 Weiss DC Offers $1M Incentive to Expedite Key Douglass Bridge Repairs--if contractor gets work done in 1 month
614 Pierre DC Sending In 'Fix-It' Teams--amazed residents wonder whether alley trash/garbage cleanup effort will last
615 Catoe ltr New Metro Chief claims Metro Moving to Solve Overtime Problem--has 'cresting wave of retirements'
617 Gardner If Tunnel Not an Option, Fairfax Intends to Vote for Plan--for Metro extension to Dulles
620 Sun Heavy Green Line Delays During Outage--faulty circuitry, communications spark confusion, anger, chaos
620 Sun Rail Car Woes Leave Metro Lacking Trains at Rush Hours--shortage varies 10>48, avg=~24: new cars late
623 Duggan Fenty Tours Ballpark Site, Rallies Workers--9 months to opening, delays could mean big fines for city
625 Editor Tunnel Vision--more to Dulles Metro extension than Tysons controversy: economy improves either way
629 Weiss Metro's New Budget--no fare increase; funds Tysons' rail extension; more ads; contractor for Navy Yard sta.
629 Weiss Metro Settles Disability Lawsuit--WMATA to give MetroAccess riders 10 free trips, $12M for improved service
702 Sun Ambiance of Metro May Take Sharp Turn--metro riders may soon be riding in less style: carpets, seats, etc..
703 Editor No More Orange Carpets--some small changes to Metro's look in decor, lighting, ads, etc.
704 Solomon (Curr) Mayor Freezes Study on Whitehurst Future--halts $1M EIS, fed $s can be used on other major artery studies
705 Weiss Dead End at Anacostia--two month project will complicate life for 77000 Douglass Bridge commuters
707 Weiss Douglass Bridge Closing's 1st Day Made Easier--officials warn next week will be worse (after holiday)
708 Stewart DC Council to Consider Limiting Tavern Licenses--Adams Morganites want city to stop shift towards bars
711 Malloy The Tiverton: at Center of Storm--re West End redevelopment: land for new library, fire, police stations
711 Pearce (Curr) DC Council Ratifies West End Land Deal--350 residential units incl. 30% affordable on former DC land
711 Kain (CurrEd) What's the Emergency? why did Council use emergency procedures to OK West End redevelopment?
718 Editor Taxi!-- it's still time for meters to replace DC's zoned fares: mayor still hasn't taken position
718 Gontcharova (C) DDoT Embarks on Georgetown Traffic Study to Look at Safety, Mobility for pedestrians, bikers, cars, etc.
718 Pearce (Curr) Property Sale Brings Protest in West End--"land grab" by favored developer on Squares 37, 50 decried
719 Dupree Approving Paradise (?) in Place of Parking Lot--NCPC says temp. parking lots OK (for 5 yrs) near stadium
725 Kain (CurrEd) Too Much Decisiveness? Council moved to fast to OK Fenty plan for West End redevelopment of library et al
725 Westfall(Curr) Evans Apologizes for Haste on Deal for West End Sites--agrees opportunities were missed to be more open
726 Silverman Handling of Deal to Sell Library, Firehouse Irks Residents--Foggy Bottom Ass'n flips over 'secret' deal
727 Editor Rush to Action--downside of Fenty's push for results is community animosity: viz West End library/fire station
728 Turque Dulles Metro Funding at Risk--USDoT says costs are close to limits of Fed guidelines for 11.6 mi Phase 1
728 Montes Report Adds to Debate Over Putting Meters in DC Cabs--Senator Levin wants change, action from Fenty
730 Sun Metro Shuts 3 Stations Because of Dead Birds--contractor spread poison at wrong time of day, no cleanup
731 Turque Under Metro Rail to Dulles Deal, Cost Will Grow $3-6M Monthly til Federal Review Done--delays have costs
731 Sun Metro to Consider Other Ways to Get Rid of Birds--activists think 'using poison not very humane'
801 Solomon (Cur) Zoning Commission OK's Expanding Affordable Housing Policy--to Cleveland&Woodley Parks, Capitol Hill
801 Pearce (Cur) Tiverton Residents Question Role in Land Sale--Council cited looming deadline for using emergency bill
801 Weiner Foxhall Village in NW Gains Historic District Status--exterior changes, additions must be reviewed by HPRB
803 Laris Area Bridges Need Pricey Repair Work--hundreds of spans cited in USDoT report (12+ in DC)
803 Schulte Reassuring Sound Above Traffic's Din--Virginia bridge inspectors depend on senses, special tools
805 Sun Night Owls May Need New Way Home--Metro could replace late weekend trains w/buses: 23K trips in May
805 Editor Great Expectations--best/worst times for Metro--Senate panel OKs matching funds, Dulles Ex $s threatened
809 Sun Metro Motor Problems Disrupt Rush-hour Service--take 60 cars off-line for 10 weekdays
809 Dupree Awaiting New Home, School Buses Hold Back Canal Park--moving to park in Pr. George's County!
811 Editor Money Train: Congress shouldn't let bill to help Metro stall out--$1.5B over 10 years requires local matching
813 Stewart Growth in Chinatown Exposes Deep Rift--battle unfolds over closing alley for big-building development
822 Pearce (Cur) EastBanc Presents West End Designs as Community Objections Continue--concensus still hard to come by
823 Fisher Ensuring the Promise of DC's new stadium--gotta spark development around it: other cities have failed
824 Nakamura DC's Eastern Market to Reopen in Temporary Home--city paid $1.5M to open site: total renovation = $25M
827 Weil Outbreaks of Fires, Smoke Shut Down Metro Stations--hundreds of passengers scramble as all 5 lines hit
828 Sun More Metro Stations Shut Down by Smoke--officials call 2 days of cases baffling, no signs of sabotage
829 Sun Metro Blames Mechanical Failures--probably caused by power fluctuations, aging equipment failures
829 Gardner As Dulles Rail Project Staggers, Plenty of Players Cast -- and Share In -- Blame: including USFTA
829 Staff Commuters to Welcome 8-Day Early Reopening of Douglass Bridge (So Capitol St) in DC Tomorrow
830 Staff Frederick Douglass Bridge Back in Business--big photo op for city officials
830 Editor Where There's Smoke....Metro sees costs of its chronic shortage of funding--unending string of mishaps
902 Rein Metro Fails to Nurture Development, Task Force Report Finds--'totally ineffective and counterproductive'
908 Montes Hybrid System Gains Ground as DC Cab Fare Vote Nears--some sort of zone/meter calculator lash-up
908 Sun Metro Weighs Average Fare Hike of 45 Cents--higher rates could take effect in January to close budget gap
909 Hudgins ltr We Must Not Let the Silver Line Die--reacts to Post cartoon saying "Metro Dulles Rail Coming August 2027"
909 Breaux ltr It's Not Just About Meters--gotta overhaul total unique regulation system: why not follow other cities?
910 Weil Suspicious Package on Metro Train Quickly Found to be Harmless--unattended briefcase cleared in 17 mins
911 Fisher OpEd Will DC Be Taken for a Ride? -- don't change DC taxi system unless public sees commission survey, reacts
912 Sun Metro Rail Cars to Be Added During Rush Hour--longer trains on Blue,Yellow Lines come as delays worsen
912 Montes Taxi Commission Hands Meter Issue to Fenty--no stand taken on replacing zone system: 'hybrid' suggested
914 Sun Discussion of Metro Fare Hike Postponed--political board members seek more data from Gen Mgr Catoe
921 Sun Metro to Suspend System Proving Next-Bus Arrival Times--months of repairs needed before expansion
923 Sun Political Realities Stalled Fare Hike--resistance gives metro chief lesson on board: Catoe agrees goof "duh"
923 Dioetz ltr German Lessons for Metro--don't need fare hike, just add advertising, use on-off escalators, use passes
924 Lazo Conference Call--experts say DC needs more than a new hotel to lure big meetings to new convention center
925 Schwartzman DC Convention Center's Hotel at 9th and Mass Ave Set to Open in 2011--merchants say delay will hurt them
926 Sun Metro Board Weighs Scaled-Down Fare Hike--asks +25 cents for buses, +50 for parking, +20-40, rush hour
927 Nakamura Struggles Cloud Stadium Progress--Navy Yard Metro Station Renovation 7-wks behind, parking uncertain
928 Nakamura Protest Looms Over Bus Garage Sale--lawsuit threatened by losing bidder for 2.2 acre parcel near stadium
928 Sun Metro's Fee Talks Pit City Against Suburbs--DC's Graham (Ward 1) wants to protect low-income residents
930 Editor Remember August 27th--Metro Board would prefer not to, but had better: need regular funding, fare increases
930 Staff 5 Riders Comment on Metro Fare Hike--2 say "do it if necessary"; 1 says "don't up fares if doesn't work now"
1006 Sun Metro Considered Free Fare cards for Low-Income Riders--distribution plan would include service agencies
1007 Union ltr No Overtime, No Metro--ovetime is fact of life when operating bus/rail systems 7-days/wk, special events,etc
1008 Sun Metro Headquarters Leaves Light on for You, Like It or Not--audit finds agency could save $Ms on electricity
1010 Sun On Transit Board, DC Counters Metro Boss's Fare Plan--no change for buses, bigger parking lot increase
1012 Nakamura Suit Over Metro's Sale of Garage Could Pose Problem for Stadium--Monument fights sale to Akridge
1012 Sun Metro Board Delays Discussion of Fare Hikes for 2 Weeks--need to consider 3 alternatives to Cato proposal
1012 Editor Meter Myths--Mr. Fenty shouldn't buy DC taxi industry's sob stories: 2/3rds of riders say service stinks
1015 Sun Metro Seeks Better Ways to Get Word Out to Riders--re train delays, substitute buses, etc.
1016 Sun Derailment Hearing Is Today--type of Metro Car had 13 other incidents in past five years
1016 Montes Many DC Cab Riders Are Eager for Meters--city zone system often linked to bad experiences
1017 Sun Safety Board Accuses Metro of Neglect in January Derailment--failed to act on warnings of prior incidents
1018 Editor Meters at Last--gutsy call by Mayor Fenty approves long-overdue reform for DC if to be world-class city
1018 Labbe Teacher's Union Leader Urges Board to Fight Fenty Plan--precedent of central office move feared
1018 Montes DC Cabs Told to Switch from Zone Fares to Meters--Fenty decision affects all 6000 cabbies
1021 Fosterltr Metro Opens Doors (to Automobiles)--selling land for townhouses with 2-car garages won't help public transit
1023 Weil Leaking (4') Pipe Dumps Raw Sewage Into Anacostia River (for 1st time)--officials to divert flow while fix made
1024 Nakamura DC Officials Say Nats' Plan on RFK Parking Not Done Deal--team's claim of free parking rebutted by city
1025 Marimow Residents Try to Thwart Takoma Station Townhouse Project--Metro Board Vote Scheduled for Today
1026 Sun Subway Fares May Rise 30 Cents--Metro's proposal heads for public debate: board can only reduce level
1028 Montes Cabs Will Switch to Meters, but Question Now Is How--logistical challenges ahead in leaving zone system
1101 Montes Mission Accomplished in Taxi Strike, Drivers Say--but many cabbies defy job action, passengers make do
1102 Montes Fenty Sets $4 Minimum Fare in Switch to Cab Meters--hopes to switch 6000 taxies by April 1, '08
1107 Sun DC Leads 5-yr Metrorail Ridership Surge--DC up 17% to 192.5K, MD up 8% to 249.9K; VA up 4% to 190.7K
1109 Editor Play Nice--the Nations and DC officials have something to learn about wooing fans: don't host events in MD!
1109 Marimow Metro Board OK's 6.8 acre Townhouse Project at Takoma Station--5/0 vote w/little discussion angers activist
1111 staff Time to Talk Fares--good table of fare increase details for rail and bus to make up $109M budget shortfall
1114 Moreno Fenty Unveils Plan to Fund Units for Range of Residents--house homeless, preserve, build more affordable
1115 Dupree Demolition Begins on Building Nobody Will Miss--Arthur Capper Senior Citizens Facility to be office complex
1117 Sun Metro Names New Rail Chief, Senior Mgr--officials promise to improve subway service w/better focus, energy
1204 Wan Purple Line Could Draw 47K Riders a Year, Say Metro Officials--16-mile light rail Bethesda>NewCarrollton
1205 Sun Metro Tests Bench Seats, Grab Handles, Carpetless Cars--looking to squeeze 200 passengers per rail car
1206 Wan Appetite Grows for Purple Line Data--costs could reach $1.8B for 47K rail version, bus would draw only 29K
1207 Sun Area Officials Say Hands Tied by Storm--AAA highly critical of snow response: timing etc. hurt cleanup
1209 Sun Alternative Metro Fare Hikes Proposed--MD plan would lower increases in long-distance trips, parking
1209 Sun Rocket (and Subway) Science--Metro hopes upgrade will make for a smarter, better wearing, Smartrip card
1210 LeDuc Baseball Stadium's Neighbors Fear Fan Inundation--residents say officials not sharing parking, traffic plans
1212 Sun Amid Complaints, Metro Reverses Cuts in Off-peak Hours--6-car trains will be back in off hours
1214 Sun Metro Passes Largest Fare Hikes in Its History--hits longer-distance riders and parking rates hardest
1216 Sun Increases in Fares, Service Unequal--Metro to use new money to avert service cuts, not provide new service
1216 Editor Metro's Shaky Future--held hostage by one Senator Coburn (R-Okla) holds up $450M/yr--much more needed
1218 Vogel Maryland Vows to Help Counties Cope with Military (BRAC) Growth--incl. funding for Bethesda road projects
1221 Fisher OpEd In Stadium Contract, Prototype for Job Creation--Catholic charity helps those without skills learn simple trades
1221 Sun Lots of Moving Parts in Metro Changeover--transit agency prepares for (96,774!) new subway fares
1226 LeDuc DC Ballpark Field General Rallies Troops--no detail too small as workers sweat to prepare for opening day



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