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103EditorGood News from HUD--going for more subsidized, affordable housing for third year in row--real progress
107CohnCost of Water in DC Going Up 4.8% in '00 and 4.9% in '01--average bill to rise from $34.07 to $37.74
115CottmanDC Recreation Upgrades Planned--$25M added to fix up 6 parks as 'downpayment' from mayor's summit
115Editor3rd World Conditions in DC--families put in squalid apts inspected by DCRA, OK'd by Child,Family Services
116Staff100 Protesters Call for Improvements to Meridian Hill Park--'stop treating neighborhood as '2nd-class'
117LeDucMD Gov Glendening Backs Funds to Extend Metro Blue Line to Largo--nearer FedEx (Redskins) Stadium
121BraniginMetro Repairs Could Be Delayed--officials blame red tape in Fed Loan Guarantee of $69M program
121EditorIn the City, A Moving Sight--new municipal management has made a difference in (light) snow operations
123HsuTrash Station Site Selection Advisory Panel Gets Earful on 7 stations--bad planning, bad zoning
123FearsProtesters Oppose Park Cell Phone Towers--despite overnight erecting--chant 'park is ours, no towers'
126StaffEnvironmentalists, activists, Sue Park Service to Remove Cellular Towers--too close to bird census area
126DvorakDC Trash Woes Traced to Feeble Truck Fleet--30% (17) of 55 trucks out of service--can't cover 42 routes
126EditorRed Light on Racial Profiling--taxis cannot, should not, avoid picking passengers or locales on looks
129LaytonSnow-Resistant Metro Possible--at Too? High Cost--20% of rush-hour fleet get shorts in motors--no extras
130HsuWilliams Promises 'Action' on Trash Dumps--reacts to NE/SE complaints of impact on poor nghbrhds
201 Staff DCHA to accept nominations for nine members to Housing Board--to replace Receiver Gilmore
202 Achilles (Cur) Mayor Should Move Trucks from Parkland--100 trash trucks in midst of Georgetown Nat'l Waterfront Park
203 Fehr Residents, Council Slam DC Snow, Trash Service--critics dispute claim streets were passable
203 Wheeler Meridian Hill's Great Divide--Park Service, Community Differ on Park's Future--history vs new uses
204 Layton Federal Funds Promised for New Metrorail Stops: Red Line NY /FLA Aves in DC; Blue LIne to Largo, PG
205 Fehr Williams Assigns 6 More Trucks to Trash Collection--after serious pickup delays due to snowed-in alleys
206 Meyer Funds for Metro Blue Line to Largo Welcomed in Pr. George's--spur ec development near USA Arena
210 Wilson Lawmaker Tries to Reroute Proposed Montgomery County Trolley--from Bethesda to Silver Spring
211 Fehr DC Trash A Sticking Point--residents fume, truckdrivers struggle with 355 miles of narrow icy alleys
216 Shear Fairfax Cnty Denounces Virginia Senate--19/18 vote would allow phone towers on state land w/o local OK
222 Cottman Williams Taped Phone Message notes delays in trash pick-ups, snow removal--vows to improve
222 Layton Opposite Sides of the same (CSX) Tracks--MD's local rail service rocky compared with VA's smooth ride
223 Montgomery MD Bills Target Water Project--Montgomery Cnty lawmakers want Fairfax to wait (yrs?) for study results
224 Hsu/Fehr Grants Mismanaged, DCIG Audit Finds--DHCD can't explain how or why fed grant funds spent
225 Layton Metro Spending Millions on Consultants--$7M in '00 for 36 advisors--more than Metro's boss pay of $185K
228 Pyatt They Forgot to Reserve the Rooms--no viable proposal yet for convention cntr hotel--use old cntr?
301Chagnon LtrDemocracy at Metro--secret WMATA mtgs may violate promise not to develop around mtero stop!
302DayHUD Says Mortgage Policies Hurt Blacks--Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac below nat'l avg for minorities
302MontgomeryFreedom Forum's 'Newseum' Eyes DC Sites--popular facility seeks more space: 1.5M visitors since '97
303LaytonConsultants Pricey but Necessary, Metro Says--Transit Board says rates competitive:100+ being used
303DayFannie Mae Chief Defends Record--vows higher profile in 'subprime' loans: HUD sticks by ctriticism
308SipressDeal Would Boost Flights at Reagan National Airport--24 more flights, but only 12 beyond 1250 miles
309MontgomeryPlanned 9-acre Holding Lot for DC Convention Cntr-Bound Trucks Alarms PG Cnty--lot industrially zoned
310EditorDC's Next Taxi Commission Chief--Post blasts mayor's potential NYC candidate as incompetent
310Staff7000 DC Public Housing Residents to Elect 3 mbrs to new Housing Authority Board taking over frm rcvr
310WilsonMontgomery Cnty Council Urged to OK $63M for Duncan's Montrose Parkway Plan to ease traffic
310PanCondemnations Evict NW tenants from Columbia Hts slums--50 other squalid complexes to be hit
310Pan(Cont)100's to be evicted from slums fear 'gentrification'--city hopes to allow return to renovated units
311ReinTaxi Chief Nominee Won't Seek DC Job--allegations of controversial style followed Williams' choice
312MontgomerySoHo on the Potomac--'North of Mass Ave (NoMa)' now home to struggling artists--may be displaced
313Staff3 Tenants Elected to DCHA 9-member Housing Commission--2100 (30%) of eligible voted--23K tenants
314PanLandlords Owe Sewer Bills--DC to close unfit bldgs: owners face fines: one owes $500K, 3 others $250K
315Pan(Cont)....32 slum apt bldgs on DC 'hit list', 22 in Columbia Hts,Mt. Pleasant, Shaw--HUD offers $1K for relocation
315LaytonThose Northern Delights--Finnish artwork lends (temporary) flash, sparkle to DuPont Circle Metro Sta.
315LaytonHidden Road Tear-up Costs--DC Taxpayers stuck with bill for trench-weakened streets: cable, gas, etc.
316PanSlumlord Crackdown Hurts Renters First--DC vows to help displaced families (but many w/o greencards)
318LaytonMetro Consulting Plan Challenged--board questions giving more work to outsiders--avg pay $194.4K
318EditorThe Mayor's Bumpy Roads--mayor's gotta decide on road damage compensation--and fix mess
318FehrLack of Fees for Street Cuts Could Throw Off DC Budget--city not charging utilities for street use!
319Lawlah LtrTime to Bury the Tunnel Idea Once and for All--2x costlier, 3 yrs longer--Wilson bridge to have rail option
319LooseMystery Mountain" of Debris Irks NE'ers--NPS piles .5M tons dirt/debris on 15-acre park, 26 ft high!
320PyattGet Telecom Companies Off Easy Street--badly cut up streets draw fire to lousy DCPW mgmt, contract
321StaffDC Council Bill Aims to Help Slum Tenants--deter landlords from converting slums to higher rent apts
322LaytonDC to Charge Cable Firms for Street Damage, Usage--Council authorized fees 1997--DCPW ignored
322Jurtz (Gaz)Purple Line has Taken Circuitous Path--local politics, piecemeal alternates keep ring metro decades away
322PanCouncil Rejects Additional Rights, Moving Costs for Slum Property Tenants--7 too few for emergency law
323LaytonDeputy Mayor Orders Trench Coordination between DCPW, Traffic Div--reduce congestion, gripes
324LaytonWilliams Takes Heat for Streets--from Council Repub Schwartz--mayor promised actions months ago
325Pan2 Landlords Arrested in DC--housing crackdown sends 'strong message' to (50+?) others says DC corpcnsl
326StaffArrested Landlords Plead Not Guilty to (200+) Violations in one 27-unit slum apt bldg in Columbia Hts
326WilliamsWilliams Halts Cable Firms' Work on Roads--DC to focus on coordination during 2-week moratorium
327EditorGood Moves on Housing--clear, strong enforcement good for tenants, prop owners--neighbors and city!
328LaytonDC Ready to Dig In on Street Trenches--mayor may extend 2-wk moratorium on 9 firms to get organized
329BraniginHigher Rents Frustrate Homeless in Fairfax--jobless rate 1.4% (!) but homeless up 21% to 2000 in 2 yrs
329LeonnigPG Cnty Exec Curry Angry re 1000+ DC Housing Unit Razings--wants$ for 600+ new Sec. 8's in PG in 4 yrs
331PanDC Tenants Intimidated, Officials Allege--landlords investigated for eviction notices w/o 180 day period
331EditorUS Housing Gap--5.4M pay 50%+ for rent, often run-down units--gotta plan to assure 'decent' hsng for poor
401PanLandlord Faces Criminal Charges--police seek owner as DC targets blighted housing, slum landlords
401LaytonDC to Charge Utilities for Cables--comparatively low fees will rise as city decides cost of road damage
406StaffDC Public Service Commission Demands Fast Action on Manholes--flying covers unnerve populace
406MurphyToo Much Nightlife? Question Divides Adams-Morgan--100 liquor licenses already--many more sought
407EditorBraving the DMV--mayor failing on promise to deliver basic services: station closed, no replacement!
407LaytonLater Weekend Hours Bring Riders onto Metro--meeting target of 4600 post-midnight riders (23% for jobs)
407Mencimer (CP)The Slumlord Next Door--city calls Welches among most notorious slumlords, but neighbors love them
408MillerCrackdown Reaches 4th Slum Landlord--DC charges former MD candidate for 2800+ criminal violations
408SpinnerDecaying Buildings Targeted--DC to Acquire, Repair, or Demolish 1000 abandoned properties over 3 yrs
408Spinner(Cont)...1000 More Properties to be marketed to developers--blight retards development--DC laws need change
411StaffApartment Bldg's Closing Put Off a Month--city to lean on landlord, but wants volunteers to fix bldgs (!)
411Fisher DCPW's Burns Can Talk, but Can She Walk the Walk?--future in doubt for controversial DC official
411LaytonRules Kick In, Repairs Start on Trenches--city officials promise that companies will fix cuts or pay up
412EditorLate-Night Metro--extended service is a smart investment--should go further to 2:00AM weekends
412StaffMayor to Meet with Housing Activists--who don't want tenants evicted from uninhabitable buildings
414LeonnigBattling from Day 1--anger over snow, trash, street cuts keeps DCPW chief on hot seat: job in doubt?
416McIntyre LtrWant Better Columbia Hts, not Different--gotta overcome racism, druggies, restore diverse middle class
416Blackwelder LtrSewage Runs Thru It--Sad State of Anacostia--outdated DC system dumps 1B raw gals a year into river
416Sueiro LtrCrisis in Columbia Hts--closing 22 run-down bldgs could evict 250 families--Hispanics must mobilize
419StaffCity Gives Landlord Another Week/Month to make repairs to two bldgs 'unfit for human habitation'
420HarrisChurch Faces Code Deadline--Pr. George's may halt services if Ark of Safety doesn't fix bldg violations
420TuckerTenants Sue Over Anti-Slum Effort--Hispanics, Viets say DC evictions discriminate: hit 81 of 138 hshlds
421StaffDC Council PubWks committee Votes More Funds for DPW ($5.4M), DMV ($1.4M)
422LeonnigDC to Repair Street Cuts, Bill Utilities if fixes exceed 45 days--moratorium to be lifted on quick-fixers
422ForgeyBright Side of City--Nat'l Bldg Museum shows public housing successes in 12 cities w/Hope VI programs
423Swygert LtrHow to Transform a Neighborhood--Howard U president boasts of 150-block LeDroit Park Initiative
423LeonnigWilliams's Staff Blocked Fee for Cutting Streets--records suggest utility pressure, fear of losing business
424Rogers LtrAll Together Now for Affordable Housing--MWCOG Director pushes regional policy for housing problem
427StaffCity Lifts Apartments' Condemnation--90% of 600 violations fixed in 43 apts--city declares victory
427FisherReviving the Spirit of U Street--some see threat--won't accept "gentrification as the engine of change"
427SpinnerDeveloper Plans Housing Near FBI Building--180Ksqft space not best for offices--other apts coming too
428MillerJudge Orders DC to Consult with Tenants in Slum Crackdown--renters face eviction: OK? no, last resort
429FisherWhere Should the Poor Live? Let's Ask Them--voluntary relocation OK, displacement wrong
430MontgomeryFoes of Takoma Metro Project Say Sold Out--some residents don't want townhouses in park near Metro
430LaytonMass Transit Popularity Surges in US--demand at 40-yr high--burdens systems--Metro maxing out too
412Editor(Curr)Eliminating the blight--other cities have stronger laws to force landlords to fix or raze rundown buildings
501ShaferNew DC Director of Transportation Tangerlini Wants to Put 'Dr. Gridlock' Out of Business w/good streets
503EditorMetro Fires--and Misfires--Metro's pride in top safety record jeopardized by recent case of bad commo
504CottmanMayor Targets DMV 'Horror'--expanded hours, staffing aimed at cutting wait for vehicle inspection
504LooseLips(CP)Gimme Affordable Shelter--Columbia Hts activists fight gentrification, push rent control--dev.corp. at fault
506LaytonSparks Fly Between Metro, Fire Officials--13 minute delay by Metro in contacting Fire Dept unacceptable
510O'HanlonRelief for Section 8 Tenants--major Alexandria landlord won't leave affordable housing program--yet
511LaytonMetro Exhorted to Give Up Diesel Fuel--board wants new purchase of 230 buses to shift to natural gas
511WilsonComputers Proposed for Affordable Housing in Montgomery Cnty--provide Internet access for poor
512LaytonMetro Curtails Pitch for Natural Gas Buses--advocate not allowed to address (outdated?) directors
512LeonnigHousing Chief in DC Seeks Autonomy for Agency--resists switch to city audit/accounting/contracting
512StaffTariff Building's 'Unboarding' Celebrated--161-yr old landmark to become 172-room luxury hotel
513StaffDC Housing Authority Presents $118M Plan--to raze, rebuild East Capitol Dwellings for sales, rents, shops
515PyattMissing Link in Food Chain--identifying suitable supermarkets sites more important than tax incentives?
515EditorWhen to Yell Fire--Metro handling of tunnel fire more troubling with hints of covering up botched job
516FearsNeighborhood Activists Criticize GWU Expansion--for 'gobbling up' historic community, getting too big
516SipressUS May Cut Road Aid to DC, MD, VA--none have passed new DWI open alcohol container laws
517StaffWaterfront Redevelopment Events--DC and GSA 's Center for Urban Development kick off workshops
517SpinnerNo Rush on DC Property's Fate--inputs sought for redeveloping Dept of Emplyment Services site
518Staff34 Homes Available in Annual Housing lottery for non-owners--30 from public housing, 4 delinquent taxes
518MontgomeryFor DC Artists, A Dark Period--F St colony tries to save studios from wrecking ball--part of rebuilding area
519EditorWilson Bridge: Let It Begin--activists' suits, slow funding drag out plans already years overdue
520LaytonDefective Parts Plaguing Metro--electronic relays control major functions of rail system, breaking early
520FleishmanA Ticket to Homeownership: DC's Latest Housing Lottery--rehab costs $47 to $210K, could sell for $300K
520DeaneMixed-Income Development Sells Out in DC--Townhomes on Capital Hill replaced Ellen Wilson slum
521Lynch LtrtoEdLiving Downtown in Limbo--Tariff Bldg sale OK, but Mather Bldg, DoES Bldg, Roosevelt Hotel stuck
524MeltonVA Gov Gilmore Hails Unity with MD on Wilson Bridge Replacement--but differ on everything else!
524HedgpethControl Bd Agrees to Sale of Roosevelt Hotel for apts--was a top DC nightspot in '50's, seniors to bid too?
525SipressWilson Bridge Cost Estimate Jumps 25% (to please local demands)--MD/VA reneg, want US to pay
525DvorakDC Taxi Drivers Applaud Council's Latest Prposal--50% increase in fines, jail time for cab attacks
526SipressMD/VA Said Earlier They'd Cover Extra Wilson Bridge Costs--but $600M out: 'then was then, now is now'
526LaytonMetro's Fumbles in 2 Fires Trigger Internal Probe--bad goofs found w/dispatchers, Fire Dept maintenance
526LaytonMetro Audit Finds Few Problems--FTA criticizes some procurements, too many high-$ consultants?
529EditorWilson Bridge Math--higher cost not essential--can't even get $ for $1.9B estimate, oughta start w/o funds!
601HarrisChurch Leader Has Court Date--Prince George's Says Oxon Hill Storefront Violate Fire/Bldg Codes
601LaytonBell Atlantic Vows to Wire Rest of Metro for Cell Calls--denies meant to skip Black, Latino neighborhoods
602LyDC's Asian Americans Say Services Fall Short--16K (3%), operate 80% of Class B commercial licenses
602Layton2: AM Metro Close on Weekend Gets Support of area metro leaders--MD questions cost of subsidy
602FehrNewark, NJ Taxicab Chief Selected by mayor for DC Agency--plus 4 new commission members
602StaffWilson Bridge Critics Seek Supreme Court Review to overturn federal appeals court OK to start in fall
603LaytonMetro Let Train Go Despite Blaze--controllers knew of fire, bosses say--left 273 passengers in tunnel
604Davis/MoranRed Herrings on Wilson Bridge--Sierra Club really trying to stop construction--using calculated deceit
605PyattBrdge Too Fat--50% cost in interchanges; HOV, bike lanes pointless--build Metrorail lanes instead
605EditorMetro Under Fire--has botched 2 recent fires: one marooned train, other sent firemen to wrong station
605SipressWilson Bridge Cost Cuts Derided--attempts to roll back costs, setasides almost impossible to implement
606WheelerWWII Memorial Site in Middle of Mall Attacked--Comm 100, others, want different memorial, elsewhere
607WheelerBob Dole Raps Critics of Memorial as 'Late'--$90M raised for WWII project--where were they in '95?
608Keary (WT)DC Council Member Schwartz Questions DC Vehicle Buys--DC has 300+ SUV's--some w/luxury kits
608HedgpethPepco to Sell Last Four Power Plants--in MD, VA--radical transformation to electricity re-seller
609SipressMD, VA Decry Cuts in Plan for Wilson Bridge--removing "congestion-fighting" measures, low bus fares
610SipressWilson Bridge Schedule Imperiled by Overruns--Sen Voinovich et al balk at taking more $ from trust fund
610SpinnerConvention Cntr Costs Rise--Again: DC Cntl Bd withholds some go-aheads; actvisits, opponents cluck
613EditorHome Truths--ec boom hurts low cost housing: cap mortgage int. deduction at $300K, use $ for vouchers
616EditorMetro's Burning Issue--need top-to-bottom grip on emergency procedures, mandatory training, soon!
620CottmanDC,US Strike Deal to Maintain Roads--feds to spend $70M over 5 yrs on 75 mi of major DC thoroughfares
621EditorDC's Deadly DMV--Huge effort to turn DMV around--behind by 3000 license revokees, 12,500 suspensions
624LaytonWhat is Wrong with Metro--string of mishaps worries commuters; officials say "just in a slump"!
626StaffGovernment Cars to be Reassigned--centralize 4000 vehicle fleet, adopt motorpool, screen out old ones
626SipressBill Would Cap Wilson Bridge Fed Spending--Congress wants to hold at $900M--costs rising to $2.5B!
627LeonnigDC Council Tries Tactic to Avoid Congress, Adopt New Plates w/slogan--OK's mayoral executive order
628EditorAs Bridge Crumbles--Congress must act--jeopardizing vital link, aggravating region's near-paralysis
629LeonnigDC Playing Fields Not Level--neighborhood wealth, volunteErism fill in where Parks Agency Lags
630LaytonEngineers Say Wilson Bridge Needs New Steel Deck Soon--$6M cost; Sen Warner offers new funding plan
701BraniganWilson Bridge Work to Start on Time--Sen. Warner's bill makes exception to full-funding before start
701LaytonMetro Plans Overhaul of Safety Procedures--incidents shake public trust in subway, changes coming
701LeonnigUnder Pressure, DC Public Works Chief Burns Quits--unable to get trash picked up, potholes filled
701EditorPitiful Parks--no excuse for DC parks and rec facilities not to be clean/safe--mayor has not delivered
702Rozenman ltrMaybe Metro Needs Its Own Control Board--gotta catch up on years of deferred maintenance
702GlodAs Metro Runs Later, Night-Owl Riders Cheer--only taxi drivers grumble about extended weekend hours
705LeonnigMayor Prods Metro Over Escalator Woes--free trips sought for winded riders--ridership at alltime high
707LaytonMetro Reassigns Top Train Mover--safety investigation says ops control center staff broke rules
709LyArch, Pavilion Vie for Millenial Honor--$50M Barney Circle memorial to be on city land with private funds
711Wheeler3 DC Buildings Urged for Preservation--DC Nat'l Guard Armory, Municipal Center, Recorder of Deeds
711TuckerDeal Transfers DC Slum Building to Tenants for $1 plus $275K in repairs, $25K legal fees, mortgage, etc.
712Spinner'Newseum' Bids for DC Site--City offered $100M for DoES building next to Canadian Embassy on PA Ave
712Melton/SipressGov Gilmore Threatens to Fire VDOT's Senior Leaders--re criticism, political jostling for new agency
712LyTenants Become Instant Owners--slum landlords strike a deal--plead guilty, agree to get out of DC
713BehrHome Depot to Open at Hechinger Site in NW--'very long lease' to be signed if community, officials, OK
713LaytonWater in Metro's Basement--seepage ruining eqpmt in most tunnels--most stations below water table!
713EditorPromising News for Downtown--agree with mayor to move heaven and earth to get deal done ASAP
713MurphyCapping the Bottle--Liquor License Freeze Approved for Adams-Morgan: 100 licenses in small area
713TuckerApartment Landlord Sentenced--includes community service, selling 11 other properties, exile from DC
713StaffV. Burns to Depart DPW Tomorrow with $27K in severance pay, despite criticism for non-performance
713BredemeierA Foundation to Build On--Freedom Forum's $1B of investments in stock market got funds for DC offer
714EditorDecent Place to Call Home--whole region must face affordable housing gap--good to give tenants stake
715Staff9 Members Sworn in as new commissioners of 10,000-unit Housing Agency--post receivership
715SpinnerUS Could Take Share of Newseum's Purchase Offer--Labor Dept owns 60% stake in building it built
715ForgeyA Fitting Memorial in Every Way--WWII Monument would add to the emotional power of the Mall
716EditorBuild the WWII Memorial--contrary to critics, design can contribute to effective, appropriate memorial
718StaffPublic Welfare Fnd'n to Build 12 Affordable Townhouses--on U St. empty lots, once Temperance AveNW
718FisherRoar Restored, Lions to Rule Taft Bridge Again--Mayor's promised repairs finished after $735K fixup
718LaytonMetro Wants Shorter Stops--closing doors faster could ease rush hour by cutting dwell time to 30 sec max
719WheelerWWII Memorial Foes Plan Another Volley--claiming Rainbow Pool integral part of Lincoln Memorial
719FearsThe Capitol's Case of Slave Labor--forgotten blacks may be honored for work on Liberty's landmarks
719Celender (Gaz)Montgomery Planners Want More Choices for New Rail Line--'Purple Line" Metro Plan lacks flexibility?
719EditorMetromania--piling in and bolting out faster dumb idea--Metro must grow, politicians must support it
720LaytonStranded Metro Riders Given No Word of Plight--operator left stranded passengers uninformed
721WheelerWWII Memorial Clears Key Hurdle--Fine Arts Commission approves less obstrusive design--NCPC next
721FehrHouse Panel Reallots Metro Stop Funding--Istook suggests use of accruing interest already earmarked
721MillerEx-superintendent Admits Cheating Cemetery, Clients--headstone payments stolen at historic DC site
723EggenStates' Plates Say It--with new slogan DC breaks mold by going negative: 'taxation w/o representation'
724StaffTaft Bridge Regains Regal Presence--as first two of four replacement lions restored to bridge
724LeonnigA Year After Promises, Parks in Disarray--mowing, trash collection, recreation programs neglected
724WoodleeChief of Troubled Parks Department Inflated Resume--job duties overstated--violtation of city code
725O'HanlonBoom Times a Bust for Housing Subsidy--area landlords won't take Section 8 vouchers, evicting some
725EditorTaking the Boards Off--18,000 still waiting for subsidized housing--DC making headway, but not enough
726EditorMeeting the Payroll--no excuse for not paying 117 summer employees of Parks and Recs--gotta fix
726Dennis (Gaz)Purple Line Would Help Little--Md predicts less than 1% fewer Beltway cars--study plan to finish in 18 mos
726WoodleeDC Parks Director Vows Action--Newman plans clean-up blitz; paycheck solution; resume rewrite
726FehrDC Site Pushed as Music Museum--old convention center proposed for $1B complex of shops, archives
727EditorWilson Bridge: Now Begins--Glendening initiative avoids delay--Congress et al. should seal rest of deal
727SipressWilson Bridge Impasse Broken--despite shortfall, Gov Glendening orders work start, pay 20% overruns
727LaytonMetro Gives Riders Platform for Views--officials greet and hear commuters--get generally good views
727LeonnigDC Parks Official Resigns over Camp Woes--4th in line quits over paycheck problems, low attendance
728SipressStates Told to Ante Up for Bridge--some Congressmen unmoved by Glendening initiative, 'open spigot'
728SpinnerDC Gov't 'Going Home'--pact with US lets DC reclaim Wilson Bldg as City Hall, pay $6m pa for 20 yrs
728SipressWilson Bridge Deal Emerges on Hill--raise fed contribution to $1.5B, leave rest to states--still in red?
729LewisModified Memorial Retains Grandeur--granite, water define proposed scaled-down WWII Plaza
730LoebMission Accomplished--How One Man's (Gilmore's) Receivership Turned DC Public Housing Around--`
726Bermpohl(Curr)Home Depot Details Plans on Tenley Site--of 'historic' (1941) Sears building--facing 'unique' remodeling!
727Miller(Curr)US Suits Seek to Seize Crime-Ridden Buildings--using civil suits re nuisance and drug-ridden bldgs
801StaffDC Council to Question Parks Director--re summer progs, trash, mowing, rangers, fields, resume' fibs
802EditorYes to a Brownfields Bill--environmental bill held up by Sens Lott/Crapo--they should let it go forward
803LeonnigDC Park Agency Stumbled--Chief admits failure to launch roving leaders program, summer camps, etc.
804Cottman$31M HUD Grant on Way--2 DC housing projects (1107 units) to be razed for new units under HOPE VI
804FehrDC Driver's Licenses Obtainable Online v. In Line--DMV trying to become model agency week-by-week
805PierrePr. George's Says It Pays Price for DC HUD Project--700+ displaced low income families look to PG
806White OpEdMetro Makeover--Metro gen'l mgr promises new plan for 25 yr old rail equipmnt, 27-yr old buses
807SpinnerThe Flop on Main Street--DC's Old Post Office Bldg remains a failure amid success: lost $ for 17 yrs!
808PierreDC Mayor Agrees to 'Newseum' Plan--DC gets $25M for affordable housing, +$75M for DoES site
808Pierre(Cont)DC Mayor Agrees to 'Newseum' Plan--Foundation to add 36Ksqft retail, 290Ksqft offices,100 condos
811FarentholdDown Payment on Road Repairs--$12M (frm feds) emergency plan 'just the beginning' say DC officials (?)
811LaytonMetro Vows Improvement in 60 Days--some longer trains, better informed riders (611Krail, 500Kbus/day)
813LaytonDespite Many Promises, DC Roadwork Still Chaotic--only 1 cut coordinated out of 507 new permits
816KovaleskiDoors Slow to Open for DC Housing--poor wait years --21,000 applicants avg rent 112% avg hhld income
817MontgomeryMayor Signs Order for DC Democracy Plates--1st 13,000 plates ready in 2 mos--for all new registrees
817Editor60 Days to a Better Metro?--growing problems well-known, gotta get guts for financed regional authority
818ChanDC Officials Blocked from City Hall--dispute with developer over financial agreement cuts off access
822LeonnigAt DC DMV, a Speedier Trip--24 more workers mean less waiting, says IG (car registrat'n up 20% in yr!)
823SipressWilson Bridge Deal Unlikely This Year--financing decision would await new administration, Congress
825ChanAgreement Gives DC Access to Wilson Bldg--developer still fears loss of millions in tax credits
826EditorEnd the Concession to Fear--Clinton should re-open PA Ave at White House restore 'America's Main St'
828EditorA Bridge--and a Span of Time--Congress shouldn't needlessly stall Wilson Bridge funding to next year
829StaffAdvisory Council on Historic Preservation delays WWII memorial vote--will decide in conference call
830StaffTop Aide to DC Dept of Parks/Rec Resigns after 10 mos--strained by mismanagement, poor services
831PattonRestoring Georgia Ave. Faded Gradeur--$111M face lift for sidewalks, zoning, rec centr, DMV cntr, etc.
902BeckerRebuilding a Housing Strategy--Montgomery Cnty seeks to stave off crisis in lost affordable housing
906LaytonMetro Turns From Diesel--toward natural gas buses--cost 15-25% more, need $1.7M refueling stas.
907Pizarro (Curr)Parking Crunch Stirs Cry to Review Garage--Adams Morgan forces smaller garage, now complains
907Kain (Curr)Developer Modifies Tenleytown Project--forced to reduce density--build 14 $400K townhouses instead
907WheelerAdvisory Council on Historic Preservation Criticizes WWII Memorial--calls design incompatible with site
908LeonnigWater Board Chief Slams New DC Fee--charge on pipe repairs of $50/yr 'morally wrong' for DC-ites?
910StaffNat'l Trust fior Historic Preservation Joins WWII Memorial Objectors--damage to historic fabric of Mall
912LevineWhere Sewage Comes Clean--Huge Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant radically turned around
913StaffComplaints Halt Work on TV Tower in NW --activists delay project even though fully approved for a year
914LaytonMetro Looks Overseas for Workers--with escalators in disrepair, only half mechanics, turn to E Europe
914WheelerDesign Chosen for Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr--crescent shaped design on rim of Tidal Basin won
918KovaleskiPublic Housing Faces New Test--receiver Gilmore leaves healthy agency, Kelly more business-oriented?
919FleishmanDC Targets 'Predatory' Mortgages--mayor wants tougher foreclosure rules--DC rate above area norm
919StaffGroup Forms to Push New Potomac Span--needed west of American Legion span to relieve congestion
920LaytonA Kinder, user-friendly Metro--operators to improve commo skills re delays 'as culture changes'?
920Wiener (Curr)Council Acts to Halt New 750' TV Tower--health and safety impacts ignored when permit granted???
920WienerLocal ANC's Oppose Latest Townhouse Plan for Tenleytown in mixed votes--admit near Metro station
920WienerOwner Fears Home Depot might back out of lease--admit not sure how to put efficient store on site
921LaytonMetro May Use Contractors More for Escalators--plan would OK private firms for 350 of 557 escalators
922WheelerWWII Memorial's Design Gets Commission Approval--some elements postponed, opponents to sue
922StaffMetro to Open 5 New Green Line Stations on Jan 13--3 months ahead of schedule through Anacostia
923SipressNew Rift Over Wilson Bridge--Gilmore plan for dividing overruns between states called 'bogus' by MD
925SpinnerBuilding Main Street, USA--Pentagon Row development in Arlington VA reflects new urbanism trend
926MontgomeryFoggy Bottom Storm--GWU battles neighbors, DC, over growth beyond 45 acres--DC's biggest employer
926HamiltonHome Depot Backs Off Plan for NW Store--Target may look at Hechinger site w/historic site status
926LeonnigPhillips Art Gallery Out on a Limb--neighbors stop cutting down of trees in midstream, outdated permit?
926StaffWWII Memorial Groundbreaking Set for Nov. 11--after NCPC votes 7 to 5 to approve design
926FehrNorton Claims Clinton Backing--reopening PA Ave in front of White House depends on assuring safety
927StaffMayor Opposes 756 ft Tenleytown Commo Tower--inappropriate location? city OK'd plan 6 mos ago
928StaffPhillips Gallery Lacked Approval to Cut Trees--permit to remove only dead trees had expired: will DC sue?
928Wilgoren$5M Commo Tower Review Not Accurate, Say DC Officials--for high-def TV, cellular phones, FM radio
928EditorTo Restore PA Avenue--time to overcome terrorism fear, get on with reopening America's Main Street?
929StaffAttorney Warns DC on NW TV Tower-- halt would be 'costly mistake' and 'send business terrible signal'
927NW Curr EditorMore Parking Spots--urges downtown office bldg parking lots to stay open late with parking tax relief
1001NakamuraPlan to Raze Houses, Build School Divides Prince George's Neighbors--may be forced to use courts
1001BeckerElderly Housing in Montgomery County Sparks Clout War--plans for affordable housing stir resistance
1001FehrFed-Up Merchants Behind Avenue Effort--Fed City Council pushes reopening PA Ave at White House
1002FleishmanDC To Hold Hearing On Overhauling Foreclosure Law--to protect consumers against evil lenders
1003FleishmanDC Council Hears Dissent on Foreclosure Bill--concerns voiced, but many anecdotes of predators
1003StaffSupreme Court Rebuffs Wilson Bridge Foes--rejects appeal seeking to limit bridge to 10 lanes
1003WheelerLawsuit Filed in US District Court to Derail WWII Monument site--veterans' groups criticize activists
1003LaytonCovering the Commute--executive order gives $65/mo to all federal workers switching to public transport
1004EditorSaving .08 and Other Road Aid--Hill conferees accept more $ for Wilson Bridge, nat'l DWI standard
1004SipressWilson Bridge Deadlock Broken--Feds add $600M to fund span if states will do rest, accept .08 DWI std
1004FahrenholdAnger Builds in Cathedral Neighborhood--NW residents unite to fight big new private school gym
1004SpinnerOmnibus Proposal--BID wants downtown trolley-bus loop to shuttle tourists, workers around/across mall
1005Perez-RivasIn Montgomery County--new soccer mecca opens: multi-field complex praised as one of nation's best
1005Staff$10M Down Payment Made for Newseum Move--approval needed from DC Council by year-end
1005SipressIncredible Ballooning Price Tags--budgets don't expect huge increases on huge tranportation projects
1006WilgorenTivoli Proposal Preserves Historic Theater--Columbia Hts compromise moves grocery store, gets DC nod
1006WilgorenDC Cancels Permit for High commo Tower--DCRA expects to take financial hit: acitivists thrilled
1007LeonnigTrash Station Plan--DC panel nears decision to expand one, open one--on empty DC land on Potomac!
1007StaffTower Company Considers Suing City--permit revoked for 'contrived, political' reversal on 756' TV tower
1007SipressBridge Gets $600M More from Hill (tot now $1.5B), states have promised $200M ea, but not the rest yet
1007LaytonMgr Says Metrorail Feels Its Age--at make-or-break crossroads--repairing 170 escaltors on 60-hr week
1007Layton (Cont)Mgr Says Need $740M more for maint.--plus 50 rail cars beyond 192, 300 buses beyond 230 coming
1007EditorWilson Watch: Now What? how many officials needed to build Uncle Sam's only bridge, c'mon Govs
1009FehrSE Freeway Could Go Under--new 6-lane blvd, tunnel could boost redev'l'pm't--leave SW Freeway as is
1009SpinnerCircling the Block on Old DC Problem--business leaders say lack of parking driving away customers
1010LeonnigNew Digs Sought for DC Services- -DPW facilities moving to make way for development: nowhere to go?
1010EditorWhither Southeast Freeway--connect capitol hill to waterfront by razing Chinese Wall--unlikely challenge
1010ChanSuit Filed Over Wilson Bldg--developer wants $20M losing tax credit if city takes over whole bldg
1011StaffDelinquent Landlords Won't Lose Utilities--tenant activists protest in units with single meter, multi-units
1011HedgpethPuttin' on the Ritz in DC--hotel chain brings its brand of luxury to city's west end (Washington Circle)
1012ChanTenants Decry Study Urging End to DC Rent Control--critics claim Nathan Assoc methodology flawed
1012WoodleeDC Parks Send 27 to Arizona Seminar--staff shortage closes rec center--Council questions expense
1012EditorMD Gov. Glendening's Road Map--adds $160M for highways, transit--none for Intercounty Connector (ICC)
1013StaffWilliams Defends Park Employees' Trip to Arizona as part of training/retraining frontline employees
1013EditorSomewhere, a New Bridge--VA's Frank Wolfe adds $2M Fed to study new Potomac Crossing (ICC)
1013LaytonArlington Cemetery Cell Tower Quashed--Metro rejects proposal to lease space as too unpopular
1014PierreDC Park Agency's Youth Trip Criticized--$142K spent to take 68 kids to Virgin Islands Summer Games
1014SpinnerFinancing Stalls Downtown Gallery Place Project--tax increment financing (TIF) turns away lenders
1015StaffFuture of 25-acre Camp Simms developent to be discussed--was sold by feds to DC in 1984
1017LeonnigDC Village Backed as Trash Site by Advisory Bd--other sites too close to residents, far from main roads
1017FehrDC Doubles Rush-hour Parking Fine to $100 to speed commuter traffic: BIDs say more parking needed
1018WoodleeDeputy DC Mayor Faults Parks Spending--recent trips to Virgin Islands, Arizona 'inappropriate'
1018ChanDC Agrees to Rehire Snow Crews--contract follows $25K bonus to retire--to work when needed at $25/hr
1019ShearGlendening Opens Door to Potomac Bridge in Montgomery Cnty--MD leaders support study of all options
1020LaytonMetro Escalator Canopies Win Two Crucial Votes--stainless steel/glass design unique--like '58 Buick?
1020LeonnigParks Chief in Dutch Again--employee coached school team of Newman's daughter, mispent fed grant
1020EditorWrecking DC Recreation--'reform-minded' mayor must explain why Parks /Rec Boss still in office
1021StaffCouncilman ChavousTakes Aim at Parks Chief--4th member to call for Newman's resignation now
1021EditorGetting Metro Up to Speed--where is region's sense of urgency to fund improvements in good times?
1021GinsbergScoops of Mud, Scads of Hope--Wilson Bridge work begins: dredging operations to move 300Kcuyds
1022PierreDC Recreation Chief to Resign--mayor criticized for failing to act sooner--says fairness needed
1022StaffTower Firm Files $250M Suit Against DC--continues building 756-ft tower despite loss of permit
1025WoodleeParks Chief Defended at Hearing--deputy mayor draws fire from Council, blames youth, clumsy system
1025LaytonOn Metro, AM Rush Dawning Earlier--crowded trains, parking lots, require earlier start: peak 8-8:30AM
1025StaffRenters Buy Dilapidated NW Building from foreclosed slum landlord--$605K for 40-unit, 5-story bldg
1026ChanTree Staff Over-Pruned, Council Told--7 of 14 tree pruners retire early, despite 25K backlog of 115K trees
1026PierreParks Department Gets Interim Chief--dep director Albert during nat'l search--no major changes planned
1026LaytonLocal Architects Object to Metro Station Canopy Design--decry lack of competition, 'giant comb-over'
1027StaffMetro Postpones Canopy Decision to consider comments re competition, 'flawed design'
1028StaffActivists Prod Mayor to Renovate Vacant Mather Bldg--city actions delayed by ownership dispute
1029WheelerDouglass Memorial Approved--SE Group's plan clears Congress: 60 acre aboretum on Poplar Point
1029WheelerGeorgetown Gets Waterfront Park--one mile industrial area intended to complete park in 1930 (!) bill
1101Vaughn (Gaz)Focus Group Wants to Transform Shady Grove Metro Station w/housing, roads, and parks, light rail stop
1101ChanDC Details Its Snow Battle Plan--new "snow czar" + 450 vehicles, 60 new heavy, 39 new light plows
1102MillerNew Construction on Tower Rejected--Judge questions DC's lax review, say firm could recover losses
1102LaytonAs Space Tightens, Parking Rules Change--Metro opens 3700 $65/mo reserved spots after 10:00AM
1103StaffMetro Moves Ahead on Natural Gas Buses--to buy 100 with $13M, plus special refueling station
1103StaffBuilder Still Blocked from building 168-unit apt bldg in NW despite permit--activists still in court (like tower)
1104StaffClinton Signs Bill for 55-acre SE Fed Cntr to be developed by private contractors--Norton initiative
1109OttoPublic Housing Strategy Riles Baltimoreans--some residents resist plan to scatter poor throughout city
1110LaytonMetro Backtracks on Canopy Design for 53 stations--three more architects to compete for design, job
1110Wheeler2 Paved Helipads Proposed for Mall to make up for area lost to WWII memorial--activists flip out
1111EditorNew Looks at Metro--more work needed on signs, parking, canopies, station names, late operations
1112MontgomeryGenerations Gather in Gratitude--WWII Memorial Break Ground (symbolicly) on Mall--activists still resist
1113LevineTrampling the Nation's Front Lawn--Mall is worn down by tourists and special interest demonstrations
1114LaytonGiving New Metro Segment a Whirl--school kids ride, learn about not-yet-opened Green Line South
1114StaffCity Unveils Online Zoning Map--computerized map now available to public at
1115Staff (Curr)DPW's Transport Director Sees $4 Billion shortfall for roadwork over next 25 yrs--could rise to $10B,
1115WilgorenDC To Move Quickly to Launch Downtown Revival--first bids due in by 1 Dec for Mather Bldg renovation
1115Bermpohl (Curr)DC Zoning Board Favors 10-yr Plan to Expand Georgetown U--ups enrollment w/o on-campus housing
1117StaffTower Firm Airs Radio (and Newspaper) Ads for NW 756-ft tower project--DC fighting $250M suit
1117Morgan ltrVP AmTower Corp claims Mayor Missing Hi-Tech Beat by stopping 1-pt DC wireless tech, hi-def TV
1117ShearSpringfield, VA, $540M 'Mixing Bowl' Construction Going Smoothly, Ahead of Schedule--375K veh/day
1118StaffNCPC Urged to Reject Helipad as "all-out assault on the Mall"--Norton supports (anti-WWIIMem) activists
1119O'HanlonElevated Alexandria "Urban Deck" Cut back--reduced to pedestrian bridge over beltway at Wilson Bridge
1119StaffCommittee Exploring Affordable Housing Options--HomeStart Initiative looks at financing, renting, owning
1120StaffProtesters Object to 3 DC Projects--Tower, Tilden Park apts, NCS gymnasium lack citizen inputs, EIS's
1120SpinnerDC Zoning Comm Reviews 5 'Tech Hotel' Projects--1M sqft impacted by new rules, mostly empty bldgs
1121SipressMD to Seek Union Deal for Wilson Bridge Construction--avoid strikes, overruns, labor shortages for 7-yrs
1122Fehr2-Way Traffic Returns Behind White House--now 2 lanes each way, fed $ used to reduce congestion
1122SpinnerGallery Place Metro Office Tower Sought--250K sqft tower to replace fewer theaters in $200M project
1123EditorE Street Event--restoring E St to 2-way traffic welcome development--should re-open PA Ave too
1124DeaneLocal Rents Go Through Roof--area rises biggest in years force tough decisions--DC up10-15% in 2 yrs
1126EditorGovernor's Bridge to Unions--MD's Glendening deal with unions for Wilson Bridge must be open re costs
1126West ltrDupont Circle Resident Decries buy-outs of local businesses by nat'l chains, high rents, loss of eclecticity
1127LaytonMetro to Test-Drive Longer Trains--officials to try 8 cars (v. 6) to ease rider crush on trains, platforms
1128LaytonMetro Riders Hardly Notice Autopilot's Steady Hand--trains return frm manual to auto controls after 20 mos
1128MontgomeryIn NW, They're Attached to the Trees--Cleveland Park 'tree-huggers' chain selves to trees to block bldg.
1130StaffGroundbroken for 147 Ft Dupont Town Houses SE--Nehemiah Dev. by churches replaces pub housing
1123Furness (Curr)Capitol Hill Parking Is Everyone's Concern--no clear solutions available to parking crunch on Hill
1201PierreWork Begins on Affordable Homes--SE Groundbreaking for 147 homes by tenacious Interfaith Coalition
1201ChanDC Gives Tenants Another Week to Move--slum landlord w/1246 violations skips town--homes scarce
1203Morgan (ltr)City Where Done Deals Get Undone--VP, Am Tower Co. gives litany of activist-reversed DC agreements
1204FleishmanDC Council Plans Vote on Foreclosure Law--stronger consumer safeguards v. abusive lending
1206Kain (Curr)Ending Nuisance--new DC Council Bill to use Baltimore model to speed up slum condemnation, fines
1206FleishmanDC Updates Borrower Protections--Council unanimously targets 'predatory financing'
1208FleishmanDC Loan Bill's Changes Faulted--Amendment exempts biggest lenders, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
1208StaffCouncil OK's City Soliciting Plans for 25-acre Camp Simms Site--if current developer fails in 35 days
1210ShearArlington Debates More Affordable Housing--hope to go from 3888 to 7500 subsidized units by 2010
1210Spinner'Tech Hotels' Check In--DC holds out as demand for data centers soars--planners want people not $'s
1211ChanNeighborhoods, Industry Push Liquor License Bill Debate--DC Council struggles as overhaul vote nears
1212FisherTower Backers Sending Out Ugly Message--ads fan racial flames claiming affluent voters favored...
1212Fisher (cont)...Cooper won anti-tower move because "we're activists and know how to move political agenda"
1212FehrBarney Circle Leads List for $50M Millenium Memorial --neighborhood wants to spruce up PA Ave East
1213KainFoes of NCS Construction Drop Lawsuit--but still hope to overturn city building permit:construction starts
1214ChanBrownfields Measure Raises Hopes of Greener Pastures--Council bill lets developers help for tax cuts
1215LaytonMetro to Buy 100 Natural Gas Buses--for $43M, fix up 364 rail cars for $361M--make diesels cleaner
1217BroadwayGround Broken for NE 'Infill' Metro Station --NY/FLAAve project hailed as DC development milestoner!
1218StaffBuildings Approved for WWII Memorial on Mall--NCPC follows Fine Arts Comm--one signature remains
1220WheelerDC Visitors Promised Elegant Signs to Tourist Sites--Downtown BID hopes to install before inaugural
1220MillerJudge OK's Control Bd Selling old Roosevelt Hotel to apt developer for $10M--DC hsng rules don't apply
1220BermpohlGiant Officials to Scale Back Planned Complex--pleasing activists results in major loss for area
1221Kovaleski5 Yrs After Start-up, 116 Pub Hsng Police Making Strides Cutting Crime in Half--was 80% of DC total?
1221KopvaleskiDC Housing Agency Lands Repair Loan--Bank of Am + Fannie Mae lend $29M against future fed $'s
1221Richards LtrDevelopers, Beware--developer must help win public support for undesirable projects, not coerce
1222LaytonMetro Plans More Cars, Buses, Parking--$1.57B budget by 500 cars, 100 buses, 4400 parking spaces
1222LeonnigReport Gives Failing Grade to DC Trash Fleet--DC's IG says old vehicles detrimental to cleaning, pick-up
1222StaffQuick Sale of DC DoES Bldg Earns DC Bonus--Freedom Fndtn gives $25M for affordable housing
1223StaffCity to Remain Owner of Kingman Island (in Anacostia R)--bridge being built for DC park/recreation
1223FleishmanAffordable Housing May Test Martinez--Bush's HUD nominee lacks experience, may work out
1225Spinner'Tech Hotels' Win Zoning OK--4 projects total another 1M sqft--to look like office bldgs, grnd flr retail
1225EditorMass in Mass Transit--DC metrorail 2nd busiest in US, looking at new routes--local gov'ts need $ guts
1228EditorNew Rule In Public Housing--gotta keep near avg tenant income--deconcentrate richer, poorer units
1231Sternlieb ltrAll We Wanted Were Directions--federal/local agencies string out new DC tourist signs frm 6 to 48 mos!

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