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104StaffFailing Trash Trucks to be Subject of Council Hearing based on discouraging IG report re backlog
105Staff$73.5M Fed EPA Grant for Blue Plains--toward $1.6B, 10-yr plan to increase pumping, storage, lower odors
108Spinner12 Stories Up at Ground Zero--400K sqft at "One Metro Cntr" in old Hechts would add 6 floors over store
114Webdale ltrDrain on Affordable Housing: Arlington Survey confirms 7.8% rent rise--out of reach for 2 min-wage wkrs!
114LaytonAll Metro Doors Now Open--5 new Green Line Stations complete 32-year Project, but expansions continue
114Ewing ltrThis Bridge Won't Happen--2nd Potomac Crossing not wanted by almost all MD politicos--find other ways
114WhoriskeyIs It Smart Growth or a Dumb Idea--plan to increase hi-rise density in some areas near transit fuels debate
119ChanInaugural Visit, but No Homecoming--dispute over Wilson Bldg still keeps DC officials out of old city hall
119LaytonNew Green Line Riders Feeling Crunch--new stations exceed hopes for 6-mos hence--more cars added
119ShearFairfax Cnty Weighs 4 New Metro Station Development--hi-rise, hi-density land use plans under fire
120EditorDC's Inaugural Viewing Stand--DC gov't, Council still can't get into Wison Bldg, snowed under with lawsuits
123StaffWilson Bldg Dispute on Hold as Deal Sought--good faith negotiations could lead to $10-$20M buy-out
125LaytonMetro Seeks to Unclog Green Line--options limited, new cars ordered--use rate 3x that expected
126LaytonMetro Chief Aims to Speed Green Line Relief--need more cars to ease crunch--free parking to blame?
128Editor(G'towner)Another $5M Down DC Drain--Tower company stopped in mid-contruction gets $5M award--appeal affirms
130LeonnigFBI Seizes Files, Computers in Housing Probe--Homestead program head bought house from DevCorp?
131Editor$12 Billion Farecard--Metro growth above hopes, shy $9.8B for maint, $2.5B for equip., parking over 20 yrs
131SipressMD's Wilson Bridge Labor Deal in Jeopardy--if Bush issues exec order banning work rules on gov't jobs
131LeonnigConstruction Dispute Cost DC $41M--judgment won by Union Station garage contractor--$9M more in fees
131LeonnigOfficial's House Special Case--DC non-profit focused on multi-units, but fixed one home, sold it for $180K
1228WilgorenCity Imagines New Chapter in Life of MLK Library--$75-80M redesign w/added floor, atrium proposed
201LarisMore Riding Room on the Green Line--3 additional trains to expand today, adding 2 more cars each
201SpinnerCity to Seek Proposals for 400-Unit Complex--3-acre lot idle too long near Wax Museum:offers ready
201EditorHousing Squeeze--glad Fairfax withdrew bill to bar sleeping in non-bedrooms: need for housing acute
204StaffDC Council Members Push Parks Programs--want Mayor to add $7M for youth recreation programs
206StaffLabor Deal Stalls Wilson Bridge Work, as Bush plan to deny fed$ to such projects worries officials
207KunkleWilson Bridge Takes Environmental Hit from Right--property rights groups raise endangered species
210MontgomeryConvention Center Tests Limits of Budget--despite increased material costs, facility to open on time
213StaffHousing Lottery Official Reassigned--questions re how she acquired Columbia Hts house
214LeonnigNew Questions in DC's Housing Probe--grants from DHCD continued after waste warnings raised
214MontgomeryDC Issues Ultimatum to George Washington U Expansion--must provide more on-campus housing
217GooUS Airways Arena Gets Stay of Execution--28-yr-old center may get events again, as part of new mall
217SpinnerJemal Plan for Woodies Building Gets Boost--Zoning Bd to OK 8 flrs of office space over 3 flrs retail
217MontgomeryBush Plan Would Block Wilson Bridge Labor Deal--disallowing forced use of union labor/rules
218LaytonNext Station, Madison Ave--Metro joins national ad campaign for mass transit w/$750K, push 'TEA-21'
219St. GeorgeUnion Deals for Fed Projects Voided by Bush Order--labor warns of delays for new Wilson Bridge
223Leonnig3 to Testify on How DC DHCD Official Singled Out, Bought Renovated Home--fed grand jury formed
224MillerEnvironmentalists' Suit Targets FDA Plan to Relocate to $600M campus, 6200 wkr, 130-acre MD site
224GooMD's National Harbor Development Delayed a Year to 2005--slowed to match Wilson Brdge delays
228PierreTowering $50M Gift Has DC Tree Lovers Ecstatic--$50M more for mayoral mansion on Foxhall Rd
301EditorCasey Offers Can't Be Refused--$50M for DC trees, $50M for mayoral residence should be accepted
302SpinnerHome Depot Plans DC Debut in Northeast--chain eyes more sites, NW (Tenley) deal not dead
306ChanDC Developer Near Wilson Building Pact--DC would pay $15.7M, regain prior seat of government
306KunkleLabor Deal Rancor Heats Up--Wilson Bridge focuses Industry-Wide Debate on payoff vs protection
307StafferPrivate Developer Picked for Ft. Meade military family housing--$400M to replace, fix, run 3300 units
307FahrenholdLooking a Gift House in the Mouth--free mayoral mansion in upscale Foxhall raises race, class, issues
308WilgorenHousing Plan Shuns DC Poor, Critics Say--push for middle class residents needed to 'bolster tax base'
308BeckerCnty Exec Duncan Reveals Plan for Montgomery Cnty Affordable Homes--earmark 2.5% Property tax!
308TrescottDoT's FHA Report Recommends Kennedy Center Plaza--$269M urban deck would cover freeways
309HsuBush Puts Brakes on Reagan Memorial--wait 25 yr after death?, put on $10 bill? honor in 3067 counties?
309MillerPlans for WWII Memorial on Hold--officials question legality of root-pruning,NCPC vote OK'ing design
310FisherA Long Journey to Fix a House Next Door--very long delays still common in DCRA bureaucracy
314EditorReshaping Kennedy Cntr--ambitious $269M plan for 11-acre plaza (urban deck): 'think big, gain much'
315MillerTenants Sue DC Over 'Sudden' Condemnation, Eviction--numerous violations, no rear exit, etc.
322HernandezCommunity Initiative Hits Home--Annapolis program helps residents buy houses in poor neighborh'ds
323LeonnigSome DC Property Tax Values Skyrocket 38-46% after 3-yrs--avg less than 10% over 40K properties
324SpinnerDRI Buys Former World Bank Building on PA Ave--will strip, add parking, more rental space
324StaffPr. George's Cnty Delegates Reject Trash Transfer Site Plan 17/2--too close to Bowie College
325StaffHearing Set on Development Proposals for Wax Museum Site, DC's Brentwood 23-acre impound lot
325LaytonComing to a Curve--Metro system begins to show its age, limits--keep 270K cars off road daily
326LaytonMetro at 25: Crowds Could Derail Decades of ProGress--8-car trains needed--unfunded needs growing
327LeonnigPlan to Move DC DMV Site East of Anacostia Assailed by SE residents, NW drivers, Council mbrs
329GesselAt 25, Metrorail Still Overwhelmingly Popular--redevelopment transforms Arlington Corridor, Bethesda
329StaffActing DC Parks Director May Keep Job--mayor expected to name Neil Albert to replace Newman
330WilliamsFew DC Cabbies Make Safety Changes--program floundering as deadline nears--little planned/done
330PierreEmbattled Parks Dept Gets Chief-- Williams Promotes Acting Leader, Fills 3 other senior jobs
324StaffMD Delegates Reject Prince George's Plan for Trash Transfer Station within 2 mi of Bowie State U
329ArgetsingerWith Squabble Settled, DC Council Heading 'Home' to Wilson Bldg--agree to occupy entire building
401Staff Sen. Hutchinson Bill Tries to Speed WWII Memorial Along--exempt it from 'frivolous legal challenges'
403WilgorenAffordable Housing Focus of DC Push--mayor hopes to double 5000 units, subsidize mortgages
404ChanDC Cncl OK's Sale 19-acre Brentwood Rd NE site for K-Mart, Giant, Home Depot--lose impound lot?
405LoennigNeighborhood Cancers Remain Untreated--DC not getting rid of abandoned buildings--understaffed?
405WheelerDouglass Home on Endangered Parks List--conservationists cite leaky roof, faulty heating
406LaytonMetro Strains Under Spring Break--tourists, kids, bring daily total to new high of 662,400 trips!
406WheelerPlanners to Reconsider WWII Memorial--legality of NCPC vote prompts re-look at design, central site
406ShearWilson Bridge Rail Proposal Adds 12.5 mi, 5 Stops--starts Purple Line in MD, Temple Hill, Oxon Hill....
406Shear(Cont)... Old Town and Ft. Hunt in Fairfax--VA officials claim no metro coordination, express outrage!
409BraniginAffordable Housing for (physically and mentally) Disabled in Short Supply in NVA, MD--up to 20% total
411StaffDC Cncl Shifts $'s to Restore 3 DC-owned Historic Bldgs:: Recorder of Deeds, Tivoli, Old Navy Hosp
413WilgorenDC "Inner Harbor" w/o Water--mayor hopes to replace Convention Cntr--hotel, apts, parking, park?
416LaytonInside Silver Coating, Whole New Metro Look--describes first new batch of 192 rail cars--new insides
418MilloyConcept to Courts: $5.1M Cora Barry Rec Cntr Opens--6-outdr/4-indr tennis cts, fitness,computers,etc.
418Kain (Curr)756' Tower Firm Stirs Queries with Talk of Accord--but basic gripes remain despite base facade idea
418KunkleFarmer Fights Losing Land to Wilson Bridge--resists swap of tidal swamp for piece lost near bridge
418FahrentholdFree House for Mayor Backed at DC Forum--Foxhall Road site, others weighed by Official Res Comm
419LaytonRenaming Nat'l Airport Metro Stop for Reagan Stalled--board, county ignore Rep Barr demand
419StaffSierra Club Pushes Beltway Metro "Purple" Line--hands out postcard fliers re early planning effort
420FahrentholdNeighbors Oppose Girls/Boys Town Facility in SE--don't want home for troubled kids, want ec dev.
420PierreOpen Soon, the People's Courts--SE tennis, fitness, education center raise neighborhood's hopes
420LaytonRebuffed by Metro re Reagan Apt, GOP VowS End Run--transit agency concerned by Hill threats
421LaytonRiders Rail at Cost of 'Reagan' Metro Stop--$400K for sign changes too much--'useless waste of $'
421ForgeyAt SE Tennis Center, a Design that Simply Serves--$5.1M complex lacks class, appears too modest
422TuckerWilliams Sisters Open Tennis Center with Fan Fair in Southeast--big project for depressed community
422StaffEPA Helps Fund Testing for Contaminants--$100K to help check pollution at DC 'brownfield' sites
422Seaton LtrLet's Tear Kennedy Center Down, Start Over--why build 'land bridge' to 'nothingness', no Lincoln Cntr
423MeyerPr. George's Cnty Recreation Budget Hits Thin Ice--sportsplex, other parks exceed stagnant tax pool
426ArgetsingerGW University Sues DC Over Growth Restrictions--neighbors want more on-campus housing (50>70%)
427WheelerCenter at Vietnam Memorial Voted Down--NatCapMemComm opposes above-ground education bldg
429Bucek Ltr35 Miles: Why (and where) Metro Should Build Line to Baltimore--to help develop new smart growth
501BarkerRegion's Air Rated 7th Worst in Nation--ozone worst in Anne Arundel Cnty within metro area
502FahrentoldDC Group Fights Plan for Mayoral Mansion--preservationists want 1936 house declared historic!
502SpinnerFrom Remnants, Revival--Silver Spring Theater being rebuilt scrap by scrap--part of edge city revival
502FleishmanDC Housing Group Urges Moratorium on Foreclosures--to stop predatory lending til new law comes in
504WheelerWWII Memorial Site, Design to Be Reconsidered by Nat'l Cap Plng Comm w/mockup, hearing, etc.
504LaytonMetrorail Envisions New Downtown Line as Ridership Rises--several options+tunnels,pedestrian tubes
508ShaverTraffic Misery Slips--on Paper: San Francisco passes DC for lost time commuting: 46,45 v36hrs US avg
508WilgorenFirm Bypassed DC Laborers--(no apprentices),protesters urge mayor bar company from bldg projects
509WheelerNCPC Panel Not Necessarily Planning to Vote Again on WWII Memorial Site--but could win 7/4 or 6/5
509Leonnig5-mbr Panel Opposes DC Village Trash Site--Citizens Against Trash Transfer Stations suggest Wd 3,2
509LaytonMD Looks Across Potomac for Regional Summit on Metro--VA's Gov. Gilmore cool to 'secondary' idea
510WilgorenFed $s Sought to Replace 3 SE Housing Projects (700 apts)--Hope VI grants to help Waterfront Rebirth
511ShaverWilson Bridge May Come Up Short--$2.2B estimate used unrealistic cuts, assumptions: maybe $2.5B
512StaffBill Would Clear Way for WWII Memorial--intro'd by Bob Stump (R-Ariz) w/20 co-sponsors
513Livingston ltrHigh Time for Metro to Fix What's Broke--Baltimore, sign changes = diversions: invest in capacity now
515WoodleeDC Dumps Cars on Residential Streets--lost Brentwood impound lot to be replaced by next week?
515WheelerHouse Vote Backs WWII Memorial as Planned--bill would lock in site, stop tiny band of opponents
516WoodleeCouncil Mbrs Say Cars Piling Up on DC Streets--no substitute for closed DPW lot in Brentwood
516WheelerHouse Vote 400 to 15 Backs WWII Mem as Planned--bill would lock in site on the mall, kill opponents
517WheelerBush Backs War Memorial--commends House, asks immediate Senate vote to approve mall plan
519LaytonGlitches Delay Metro's First New Rail Cars--Spanish mfgr to miss June 30 deadline, pay $330/day/car
519King OpEdWhen Neighborhood Becomes a Memory--pines for 50-yr status quo ante, threatened by gentrifiers
519StaffPredatory Lending a Hot Topic--DC plans more workshops for homeowners to avoid mortgage pitfalls
520Thomas ltrFoggy Bottom's 800-Pound Gorilla--local officials must defend community against GWU expansion
522ShearFairfax Cnty Increases Development Density Near 4 Future Dulles Corridor Metrorail Line Stops
522HsuSenate Backs WWII Memorial--amended bill, on way to House, would block challenges, activists
523FahrentholdHouse Comes Down for Mayoral Mansion--quick razing catches activists off guard--no landmark now
523HsuWWII Memorial on Mall Gets Final Approval--House ends controversy by voice vote, ends delays
523EditorMemorializing WWII--cannot fault Congress's decision to get on with memorial--NCPC relieved
525LaytonMetrobus Warns of Shortfall--$125M more needed for fleet expansion, keep average age at 7.5yrs
529Chan WWII Memorial Bill Signed--Bush endorsed Mall tribute--activists ponder futher court appeals
601LaytonWorkers Engineer Metro's Rebound--plagued by delays, facing rider revolts, metro gets things rolling
601LaytonComputer Crash Leaves Disabled Metro Riders Stranded--Metroaccess loses 600+ reservations
602ShearCost of VA part of Wilson Bridge Rising by at least $106M--due mainly to delays, inflation
605WheelerNew Suit Filed Against WWII Memorial--2 groups pursue environmental argument--is there a case?
606WilgorenDC Warns GW University--lack of required work apprentices could halt DC cooperation, financing
606Brown LtrUS Fine Arts Chair explains WWII Memorial Design a Winner--celebrates, doesn't compete with, vista
606StaffLimits on Giant Billboards on buildings OK'd--cap number at 32, incl. 13 permits w/art still unapproved
608MillerJudge Lets WWII Memorial Plan Advance--first contract awarded same day--activists undaunted
609StaffNon-Profits Win Suit Against Water Agency--Downtown Cluster of Congregations sued re no hearing
612WilgorenHsng Activists Fault DC Cncl--Catania, Cropp, Mayor's bills help middle class, not 83K hshlds <$25K
613WienerMayoral Proposal Would Force Builders to Setaside Affordable Housing--does it go too far?
614WoodleeDC Slow to Remove Junk Cars--audit shows 3-mos delays, plus mismanagement of auction cash
615Spinner'Newseum' Building Contract Stays Local--DC firm to fix up PA Ave DC gov't bldg for Freedom Forum
615StaffFed Judge Rejects Tower Co's Suit Against City--can file in DC Superior Court if zoning appeal fails
615LaytonMetro to Keep Late Weekend Hrs:new $1.9 B budget adds 50 rail cars, 1000 buses, 4400 pkg spaces
617Hopkinson OpEdI Won't Let DC Lose Its (Chocolate) Flavor--helping fight white gentrification by buying house at high $s
618EditorWilson Bridge: Onward--MD, VA have finally agreed on finances, time to finalize contracts w/Fed OK
619StaffDeal Made to Keep DC Animal Shelter Open for one yr with DC Humane Society for $!M+ vs $650K
620KainTenleytown development plan near Metro wins ANC support--very low density for local activists
620Wiener (Cur)Judge Throws Out Tenley Tower Suit with prejudice--'just round 1' says tower co.; activists happy
622LaytonAssembly of Metro Rail Cars Halted in Spain--builder must fix flawed electronic systems: delays ahead!
622EditorStill Growing at Metro--Metro doing right thing in short-run but more needed to avoid transpo paralysis
623LeonnigDC to Overhaul Home Lottery--hire private lawyers to settle title issues, speed up 80-yr bcklog (4000)
625Twomey$1 Billion Remedy for DC Sewer Spills--plan miles of tunnels to keep raw sewage from 3 DC rivers
626BaconDC Activists Unhappy with Proposed Bldg Wall Sign Limits--bill OKs approved ones, curbs new ones
627StaffHumane Society Signs 1-yr Contract Extension--to continue animal control til competitive bids judged
627LaytonMetro Sidelines 17 New Rail Cars--cites concern about hi-tech wheel joints: no documents, redo work
629ShaverPounding and Pouring Mammoth Project--Wilson Bridge pier construction about to begin in earnest
630EditorA Step on Pennsylvania Ave Reopening--Morella bill OK'd in subcom.: others, incl. Bush should too
701MyersRequiem for Kentucky Courts--article details decline and fall of one of DC's failed housing projects
703ShaverWilson Bridge Gets Off to Booming Start--pile drivers begin pounding 1st of 1300 45' concrete columns
706KovaleskiWilliams Seeks Taxi Overhaul--considering going to meters, limiting number of licensed taxis
706SpinnerDeveloper Gets Private Gallery Place Loan--to start $220M mixed-use complex at downtown metro sta.
707Herrling ltrNo Cloud Over WWII Memorial--Fisher OpEd wrong--Mem has strong support, good design, good firm
709WilgorenSE Riverfront Vision Seeks HUD $s--$34M HOPE VI funds to revitalize Capper, Carrollsburg projects
710Staff2 New Georgetown Bus Routes--6 buses to link to Rosslyn, Foggy Bottom, DuPont Circle Metro stops
712StaffConstruction Begins on RI Ave, Brentwood NE Shopping Cntr for Home Depot, KMart, Giant--in old lot
713LaytonMetro Picks Canopy Design--open arched multi-pane glass/steel 'awnings' picked for 46 entrances
714StaffDC Auction to Sell Off 5157 delinquent properties worth $10M (@$2K?) if taxes unpaid by auction day
718BeckerProbe Faults Montgomery Housing Commission--regulators say tenants unfairly charged fees
718WoodleeNonProfit Probed by DC IG for fund abuse Gets HUD Deal to fix up, re-sell 300 foreclosed properties
718BaconRec. Center Reopens with Room for Seniors--$1.8M upgrade part of mayor's plan for 77 DC centers
719Kovaleski10-mos Fight re Historic DC Block Settled--mediation gets smaller office bldg,, saves houses art space
719BeckerMontgomery Cnty Landlord-Tenant Panel Criticized--too biased in favor of landlords?
719SpinnerGSA Settles on Site for DoT--7000 workers to move to 11-acre complex in 55-acre SE Federal Center
721WheelerPreservation League Lists 10 Endangered DC Properties--incl pub housing complex, 2 Blk Ldrs homes
724Staff50 DC Activists Demand Housing Fixes--protesters want violations fixed in several run-down apt bldgs
725SternModel Operation--Comcast says DC Cable fiber-optic installation will show ATT how its done
725StaffHousing, Community Development Chief to Resign, return to working DCHFA- quit sawing w/hammer
727LaytonMetro's Off-Peak Ridership Surges--up 13% from June last year--rush hour may be further expanded
728King OpEdA Tour the Mayor Should Take--vast Ward 7 rundown areas--very little police presence in worst areas
803StaffConvention Center Price Tag Up 3% to $778.2M--still within contingency fund--still on track for 3/31/03 opening
803ShearMetro Urged to Develop Plan B to Face 2025 (!)Funding Gap--$3.7B of $12.3B needed still uncovered by DC,MD,VA
807BaconNE Residents Protest Habitat's Housing Plan--non-profit group says flood worries hide true motive to keep poor out
809Shaver$1/day Regional Parking Tax May Fund $180M Effort to Cut Air Pollution--Transptn Planning Bd says might get $1B
811ChanSquatters, City Face Off Again--activist group refuses to quit vacant NE house--say homeless, affordable homes shy
811Staff$ Pact Set for Wilson Bridge: MD, VA to assume their side's overruns--can now sign $557M, 2-bridge contract!
812ChanCabbies Decry Suggested Switch to Meter System--drivers attend mtg, complain about mayor's commissioner
814ShearWilson Bridge Labor Talks to Resume--judge's ruling lets MD re-open bargaining--overturns Bush ExecOrder
817SantanaJudge Clears WWII Memorial Plan--construction to start Aug 27: Court agrees Congress can take over jurisdiction
818Wiener (Cur)Owner Briefs Neighbors on Ideas for Old Hechinger Store--might put 4 stories of upscale apts over 90K retail sqft
818LaytonMetro Sees $3.7B Shortfall by 2025--$8.6B already pledged. Ridership up 11% in year, new cars coming
819DavenportSpills Plague DC Sewer Systems--now a federal disaster area, this case rare but billions gals leak annually
822LeonnigDC DMV Probed in Rental Car Referral Scam--driving testers feed local renters by turning down owners' cars
822SpinnerMacy's Deal for Old Woodies Site 'Dead'--officials cite disagreement on incentives for downtown cite
822Spiner (cont)Retail Gap: DC has substantially less retail space per resident: 9sqft vs NVa 27, Mdsubs 23, US avg 16, GWMSA,22
824LaytonFour New Rail Cars Ease Crowding on Green Line--first units arrive, 8/month to follow for total of 192 for $340M
824Santana3 Judge Panel to Consider Halting Work on WWII Memorial--wait until appellate court hears case?
826EditorMetro's Reddest Line--state delegations must belly-up to increasing financial needs of growing system--up 11%in yr.
829HedgpethMather Building Renovation Set--long-vacant downtown site (across from MLK Library) to become arts/condo center
829AdlerArea Metro Stops Become Micro-Cities as high-density developments swell--still just the beginning claim experts
831HamiltonDiscovery to Close Store at MCI Center--Gallery Place may be thriving entertainment cntr, but not for retail shops
901BeckerNew MD Metro Purple Route Down to 2 Choices--slow trolley inside, heavy rail outside beltway
901SantanaUS Court of Appeals to Hear WWII Memorial Case--did Congress exceed powers by barring review?
901DeaneHistory Cop--from Georgetown to Capitol Hill, preservation enforcer makes renoation rules stick
903LeonnigSupplier Sues DC for Unpaid Gas Bill--but city claims company overcharged residents $4M last year
904RahugnathanGarage of Future Will Find Space Downtown--computer to park palletized cars--no ramps, more cars
905Kurtz (Gaz)Light-Rail Debate Rages On--11 years of bickering over Bethesda to Silver Spring trolley continue
905StaffPersistent Protesters Speak Out Against Mall WWII Memorial where work has begun, prefer nearby site
906StaffMetro Offers Special Smart-Kid Pass for Students--unlimited school-related rides for $20 per month
906LaytonMetro Plans Rental Cars at Stations--hope to have 200 cars for short-term use at $3.50/hr, 0.9$/mi in '03
906WheelerNew Leaf for Tree-Challenged DC--non-profit group says 551,040 too few trees for adequate canopy
908StaffNCPC Gives Unanimous Support to CPC's Plan to Limit New Memorials on Mall--offers alternatives
908King OpEdDC Dumping Ground--why should black trash hauler despoil a black neighborhood near a school?
908ChanDC Homecoming--leaders relish return to renovated City Hall--Wilson Bldg got $68.5M, 4-yr facelift
911O'HanlonArlington Cemetery Expansion Assailed--activists don't want graves near Arlington Hse, Iwo Jima Mem.
911VogelFt. Belvoir, VA to Get Museum (over DC, PA)--Army to show off 200-year history--$100M, 30-acre facility
911ShearVast Soccer Complex Proposed for Lorton,VA--175 acres, 50 fields, 5K cap stadium, home for DC United
920WheelerTowing Woes Detailed at DC Council Hearing--slow removal, mishandled funds, inflated rpts, etc.
923StaffBid to Stop WWII Memorial Work Denied--judge OK's tree removal--Appeals court still hasn't ruled
923VogelNew Pentagon Pays Off--survey of wreckage shows new section innovations saved some lives
926StaffHearing Set on Suit over WWII Memorial--Federal Appeals Court to decide if Congress overstepped
928ShaverCrowded Metro Seeks Short Term Fixes--longer trains, pedestrian tunnel, more entries, split lines, etc.
929HsuMore Street Closings Weighed--fed officials eyeing closing Independence, Constitution near Capitol
929EditorLand Grab in Security's Name--knee-jerk reaction by Capitol Police--gotta respect city's needs
929LeonnigMetro Declined to Close After 9/11 Attack--suggestion by police would have halted exodus: disaster!
930HsuPA Avenue Task Force to Suggest Tunnel in Front of White House--push to open falters after attacks
1007LaytonBraking, Door Problems Hamper Metro's 8 New Cars--reliability less than half needed, deliveries held
1010DeMIllo4 Months After SE Gas Spill, DC Sounds All-Clear--13+ families boarded in hotels during clean-up
1011Dennis (GAZ)Montgomery County, Duncan Seeking Deal on Purple Line--hopes $4B Metro wins over inner light rail
1011LaytonMetro Officials Review Actions in Terror Scare--commo problem cited in spraying incident by looney
1011MillerFoes of WWII Memorial Site Urge Revival of Lawsuit--3 judge panel hears case, sets no ruling date
1016LaytonMetro Seeks High-Tech Security--Stations would get sensors to detect bio/chemical attacks
1017ChanDC Council OK's transfer of 88 land parcels worth $600M from now defunct Redev Land Agency to NCRC
1018LaytonMetro Tries to Keep Clean Minus 1450 Inside Trash and Recycle Bins--more work for 145 janitors
1018StaffClifton Terrace Renovation Gets Underway--will be 228 (v 285) mixed low income and condo units
1018ChanVendors Decry Oversight Plan--DC business groups would set standards--to make up for city inactivity
1019EditorDC's Future Shape--NCPC OK's memorial to disabled AmVets, using new master plan (DC=174mems)
1019LaytonMetro Faults 10-yr old Area Evacuation Plan--other officials dispute lack of progress, but no plan seen
1019LaytonMetro Fleshes Out Expansion Plan--$6.3B New Blue Line from Falls Church to Largo via Georgetown...
1019Layton (cont)...and Union Station entails 22 miles new track, new river tunnel, 11 new stations, help unclog downtown
1020EditorThe Bad-for-Business BID Bill--Council suggests locally cotrolled "retail district mgmt"--dumb idea
1020WilgorenDC Gets $35M Hope VI Grant to Renovate Area NE of Navy Yard Metro Sta: replace 2 public housing...
1020Wilgoren (cont)...sites with 700 subsidized houses plus 800 middle/upper income hohhlds--activists fight upgrading
1024ShaverDC Plans for Metro Disasters--rail, bus policies revamped to handle terrorism scares--ask feds $190M
1025WilgorenDC Plans to Redevelop Waterside Mall (SW) into Pieces--4th St to reopen; twin towers get new uses
1026ShaverNat'l Airport to Resume 100 More Daily Flights--up to 425 flts daily to 26 cities by yr end = 50+% peak
1027Becker'Transit Initiative' Awaited Anxiously--decision re inner (light) or outer (heavy) rail Purple line at issue
1029ShaverRising Price Could Stall Purchase of Clean Buses--refueling garage costs have nearly doubled
1029WheelerMaking Room for John Adams--as bill to create memorial passes, fight re location on Mall looms
1029SpinnerRooftop Residences at Hechinger Site--DC historic panel OK's 172 apts over old Tenleytown store
1030ShaverMD's Glendening Stokes Rail Fight--decision for inner, light rail purple line fires up Cnty Exec Duncan
1030StaffHearing Planned on Housing Bills--Council would incentivize making affordable hsng from old houses
1031StaffMontgomery Council Backs Purple Line--light rail version preferred by MD governor, planning board
1101EditorMr. Adams's Location--Senate OK's nat'l memorial--backers show signs of flexibility for off-Mall site
1103StaffDC Couple Indicted for Abusing $35K revitalization discount incentive on purchase of apt house
1104Duncan ltrBlame Political Gridlock for Stalled Purple Line--cheap light rail solution begs bigger traffic issues
1107MillerAppeals Court Rejects Suit Over WWII Memorial Site--3 judges agree Congress acted legally!
1108StaffMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan Criticizes State Affordable Housing Programs--rental programs ignored
1108MillerMD Gets OK on Bridge Labor Pacts--judge overules Bush admin: states can make deals on fed projects
1109LaytonPost-9/11 Unease Hitting Metro Hard--tourists disappeared (down 50%), fewer local outings (down 20%)
1109WilgorenAnacostia Waterfront Initiative--lively,costly area envisioned along River--30-yrs and $billions needed
1110LeonnigFearing Attack, Blue Plains Treatment Plant Ceases Toxic Chemical Use--removing chlorine, SO2
1111Warnock LtrInner Purple Line: Inner Turmoil--grnd-level trolley silly--should connect Wheaton, Grosvenor undergrnd
1111Ewing/FranchotAll Aboard for the Purple Line--two officials support cheaper light rail decision linking more places
1111KovaleskiNo Slumlord Trials Despite Crackdown--tenants cite continuing hazards: none of 32 'hot properties' fixed
1111McGrath ltrA Bad Sign for DC--apalled at idea DC Council might OK high-tech billboards for first time in 70 yrs!
1119LaytonMetro Experiencing Flood of Problems--thousands of leaks act as sink, draw groundwater like sewer
1120CohnCommute Here Among Worst--hour each way not unusual (7%) census says--but DC avg of 29 not bad
1123WheelerFamily Fee Request Stalls $100M King Memorial--pay to use name, image, avoid commercialization
1126EditorPurple Projections--new outer metro line should be built before areas develop around roads
1129KunkleTentative Deal Would Move Air Force Memorial to ex-Navy Annex behind Pentagon v. near Iwo Jima
1129StaffMWCOG say Top Transit Needs are 1) rehab'ng metro; 2) proper emergency response plan
1130LaytonMetro Injuries Jump About 50%--hurried passenger slips and falls account for 82%: most on escalators
1115WilgorenCouncil Committee OKs Landmark Housing Act of '01--tax breaks, protect Section 8'ers, raze property
1121Cope (Curr)Council Mulls Independent DC Transportation Agency--want lean/mean, not a bureaucratic monster
1201LaytonHouse Votes to Require 'Reagan' at Metro Stop--tucked into $60B transportation appropriation
1201ShaverMD-US Labor Pact Dispute Delays Wilson Bridge Contract--FHA still won't OK union agreement
1202MoskPurple Line Breeds More Confusion--sides attempt to clarify competing routes: slower trolley vs subway
1205LaytonMetro Drill Testing Response to Attack--first exercise to address chemical/ biological assault
1205O'HanlonMetro Rolls Out Deal Providing Rental Cars Near 8-10 Stations--hope to cut car use, lower pollution
1206StaffEffort Would Expand Downtown BID District--to include 13 blocks North of Capitol to Union Station
1207LeonnigStalled Towing Reform Angers DC Council--Corp Council frets Mayor lacks authority w/o Council bill
1207LaytonTo Keep Up, Metro Wants $4.5B--railcars, 2 walkways, 2 reroute tunnels, parking, rep. shops on list
1208StaffUS FHA Says No on Wilson Bridge Labor Pact--unions unhappy, contractors praised resisting unions
1209ChanDC Push for Taxi Meters Revs Up--industry, officials, uniting behind plan: drop peculiar zone system
1210SpinnerDC Opposes Fed Delay of Museum Makeover--Portrait Gallery seen as vital to planned arts area
1213DeMilloWard 8 Voices Concerns in Town Hall Mtg to Mayor who says "Sun is really rising east of the river"
1213ShaverWilson Bridge Job Proceeds Without Labor Pact--MD, US at odds over project--building will go on
1213StaffDC Council Ec Development Committee Passes Low-Income Housing Bill 3/2--helps w/derelict bldgs
1214ShaverWilson Bridge Bid Called 'Budget Buster'--lone $860M bid 75% over estimate, could delay construction
1214HedgpethDC Delays Selection of Convention Center Hotel Developer--1 mos delay criticized by officials
1214LeonnigSlumlord Gets 60 Days in His Building--DC man who denied heat, hot water gets unusual sentence
1214StaffCity Gets New Chief of the Trees--Buscaino to restore DC's 116K trees, oversee $50M Casey Grant
1215ShaverMD Finds Bloat in Bid for Wilson Bridge Job--prices for many items far exceed estimates, seem phony
1217LaytonMetro Push Would Put GPS on Its 1400 Buses--$4M project to keep track could aid safety, punctuality
1219ChanDC Council Grants Stay for 32 giant wall signs, gives 1500 school service workers retroactive raises
1219HsuRFK Makes DC Player in Baseball Talks--city may give group rights to stadium to get franchise
1219Wiener (Curr)Metro Bus Garage Project Adds Housing, Retail--10 stories over 15' deep undergrnd maint/storage barn
1220HsuDC Pledges to Finance Half of New Ball Stadium--donate $200M public land, financing, etc.
1220ChanCabbies Plan Work Stoppage--association hopes to build opposition to using meters by AM shutdown
1220StaffCondos Open on Georgia Ave--17 moderate-cost units ($70-160K) all sold--first on avenue in 20 yrs
1221LaytonFor Metro, $49M Fed Security Blanket--high-tech anti-terrorist upgrades will put DC ahead of 13 others
1221LeonnigWilliamsTakes Swipe at City Eyesores--Anacostia house-razing revives long-overdue '99 promises
1222StaffMD DoT to Probe Wilson Bridge Bid--single bid for superstructure 75% over estimate, noone knows why
1223StaffAppeals Hearing Sought for WWII Memorial--activists won't accept Congressional, court decisions
1225LaytonMetro Set to Initiate Chemical Sensors--use at 2 downtown DC stations a first for subways--45 to follow
1225EditorBridge Bloat--Wilson Bridge bid of $860M 75% over estimate--best bet is to try rebidding whole job
1228EditorHole in Downtown--OMB plans to cut Smithsonian renovations shortsighted: DC needs tourist catalysts
1230Layton1400 Metro Buses to Get Digital Cameras--hope to reduce crime, false claims--5th largest in US

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