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105ChanDC Taxi Commission Delays Vote on Cab Meters--mayor seems to lack backing to replace zones
106EditorHousing for the City--DC's landmark housing bill good: gotta nurture middle class, not sqeeze out poor
108FahrentholdCabbies Unite Against Meters--would lose on short trips (visitors), cost resident long trips more
109WilgorenDC Council Passes Bill to Promote New Housing--aim is to encourage low end, middle and upscale
109StaffNew Mortgage Lending Bill Draws Fire--one of two new versions has too many exemptions for activists
109StaffWork Begins on Wilson Bridge Access Roads--VA side kicks off $1B+ for new ramps, access roads
109Wiener (Curr)Housing Bill Marks Funds for Low Income Residents--median income based on area too high for DC!
110DeMilloReversing Decades of Neglect: DC to Restore Dwindling Green Space--tree coverage down 37>20%
111ChanDC Water Board Rejects Rate Rise, Proposes Fees--goes for metering, ROW fees over 10% hike
112KovaleskiMonitoring Device Sought for Slumlord--City doesn't believe man is honoring penalty to live in building
113HoyerGrand Gateway for the Capital--$500K study could lead to major revitalization of So. Cap Street/bridge
114SpinnerAfter Decade of Neglect, 81-yr old Mather Building Finally to Get $12M Renovation for art space, apts
116ShaverRising Costs Jeopardize New Wilson Bridge--MD lawmakers say more Fed $ essential for overruns
116WilgorenDC Has Big Plans for Derelict Homes--buy 100's, sell to developers to fix, sell to low/mod incomers
117WilgorenRestoring Houses and Neighborhoods--residents hope plan will bring families back to blighted areas
117KovaleskiDC Taxi Zone Map Sparks Criticism--city cab panel postpones move to install meter system
118ShaverWilson Bridge Work Bringing More Delays on Beltway--MD drivers to find some merges trickier
118KovaleskiTougher Monitoring Sought for Slumlord--DC wants time ordered spent at run-down apartments in writing
119WilgorenConvention Center on Schedule--revenue cushion is still sufficient, House Committee told: to open 4/03
120Brazil ltrA Good Housing Bill that Could Be Better--should have made it easier for 'working class' to move to DC
124Wheeler19 DC Firehouses Nominated for Historic Status--designed to blend into communities in early 1900's
126ltrsMetro Revamp--one letter advocates light rail, another suggests dedicated 'busways' as better
127LaytonRobbers, Car Thieves Striking at Metro Parking Lots--crimes rise from 686 to 1088 in 50K spaces
127Mercier ltrP-L-A Spells Bad News (for Wilson Bridge)--union 'project labor agreements' can raise costs 5-26%
128SpinnerBuilding on Top of Hecht's--'air rights' office project will add 480K sqft behind and over downtown store
129StaffDC Takes Time Deciding on $500M Convention Center hotel project--slowed by 9/11: won't open til '05
130KovaleskiTaxi Meter Plan Awaits New Reality--mayor focuses on cab commission re 70 yr-old system, 6200 cabs
130Anderson(Curr)DC Debates Alternatives for Light Rail--early study presented to Council by DoT chief, others in gov't
203Scarborough ltrFort White House--'security is a poor excuse for a president closing his doors to an open society'
204HedgpethDC Seeks Key to Hotel Funds--revenue bonds could help build 1000+ room Convention Center complex
205FernandezWhite House Tours for Schoolkids to Resume Feb 15th--city, tourism officials laud (limited) reopening
206StaffLack of Quorum Quashes Taxi Meeting--2 seats vacant, 4 others in question, 1 stalks out: who's left?
208StaffFirst Metro Station Canopies Studied at 3 stations--plan provides $27.2M for 53 stations' entrances
208WheelerNCPC Backs Plans for Washington Monument--sunken walkways, underground visitor center OK'd
210Rieffel ltrBetter Cabs For Nation's Capital--more comfort, safety, driver skills, acceptance of meters 'deserved'
210LaytonMetro Predicts Year's Delay for New Cars--mfgr, officials bolstering quality control $340M for 192 cars
212LaytonMetro Debuts lst 10 Clean-Air Buses--nat gas, other hi-tech items modernize fleet in "Year of the Bus"...
212Layton (cont)...paying $53.3M for 164 buses ($15.4M for fueling sta)--1432 diesel buses in use, 500K daily users
214StaffMD Won't Negotiate on Wilson Bridge Bid--contractor too far from estimates: 6-mos delay at least
219LeonnigHUD Loses Faith in Housing Program--DC initiative halted over for-profit deal re 300 abandoned homes
220KovaleskiDC Slumlord to Sell: tenants to get proceeds--lawyer must also live in his property for non-compliance
221LaytonNew Metro Cars Blamed in Dragging Passenger, Rail Delays--faulty circuit panel linked to accident
221LeonnigFBI Probe ofTowing Uncovers Corruption--convictions include area auto theft, fraud, drug dealing
222StaffPr. George's County Exec Wants to Turn Low Income Landover Apartments upscale--angers poor
222LaytonMetro Looks for Something Between Bus and Train--chairman wants new mode of transportation
222LaytonDespite Dragging Accident, Metro Calls New Trains Safe--faulty component an isolated incident
224EditorDoors Closing--Not!: better disclosure of safety problems essential if Metro to maintain public trust
224Bucek ltrTwo-Base Hit for Mt. Vernon Square--develop stadium and housing together: satisfy both factions
224LeonnigDC Revitalization Promised, Not Delivered--non-profits collect millions, work not done, eyesores remain
225Leonnig$100M Failure--Urban Revival Stalled--risky ventures, little accountability, non-profits have done little
226LeonnigBlighted Sites May Revert to DC--revival stalled: non-profit CDCs did only 70/200 projects, blew $100M
226StaffCity Seeks Input on Possible Streetcar Routes--3 suggested lines identified: GA Ave, U St, and M St
228Editor$100 Million Down the Drain--do city leaders have intestinal fortitude to shut down failing CDCs's
301LaytonMetro Aims to Improve Bus Service--consultants suggest express service, new routes, busways, etc.
302LeonnigDC Non-Profit Assailed Over Housing Deals--Federal audit finds discount gov't homes resold at profit,
302ShaverBidding on Wilson Bridge Under Investigation by MD, Feds--'joint venture' contrived to inflate cost??
308KovaleskiDC Taxicab Commission Kills Meter Proposal--voted 5/1 for year of study: new members needed!
309BochdadyK-mart Suspends Work on DC Store at Brentwood Site--seven other stores in MD and VA to close
309LewisSense of Mission for Affordable Housing--Montgomery Cnty leaders promise more, against high odds
309ShearRoad Projects' Costs Confound States--'Mixing Bowl' up to $700M frm 320; Wilson B ridge up to $2.4B
309LeonnigDC to Audit Non-Profits--DHCD failed to monitor $150M in federal funds to revitalize blighted areas
310StaffNonprofit Loses Deal to Renovate Houses--Church Assn for Com Services hired forprofit to do work
310WilgorenWhat's Going Where--construction wave transforming city--greatest since '60s--good map of 34 projects
311ShaverMetro Yields on Nat'l Aprt Station Name Change--$400K to add Reagan's name to 4700 maps, signs
314WilgorenDC hires Cincinnati's transportation director John Deatrick as dep director DoT for AWI trans projects
315EditorFunding a Bridge and a Bowl--estimates too low or bids too high, states gotta find revenues to go on
315LaytonMetro Parks New Natural Gas Buses--driver finds loose wheel, diesels to return til problem solved
315StaffMetro Ridership Improves, Cutting Deficit--from $20M to $11M--tourists could help even more
317WoodleeDC Council Targets Housing Groups' Funds--may repeal law creating CDC's, DCHD plans more audits
317WhoriskeyProsperity Feeds Housing Pinch--working families find few affordable options anywhere in region
320Kunkle465 Affordable Apartments at Stake in VA--sale of Arlington Complex could displace immigrants
322IrwinLaw Firm To Rent at New Site--538K sqft office bldg planned near Convention Center--open by end '04
402StaffDowntown Improvement District (BID) to grow--to extend services further east by 18 sq. blocks
403StaffMeeting to be Held on Kennedy Center Access--FHWA proposing ways to reach center, connect to DC
405LaytonMetro Officials Move Ahead on $3.3B Rail Plan--3 options for 24 miles+in Dulles Corridor: $481M>$3.3B
407LaytonMetro's Traffic Jam Takes Bloom Off Cherry Festival--many escalators and elevators down, big delays
407EditorBack Burner for Fair Housing--illegal discrimination getting a free pass as affordable homes dry up
418LeonnigCity's Housing Authority Probling Sale by Non-Profit--DCHA: homes went to investors, not needy buyers
419LaytonSteering Towards New Fuel--Metro to buy 250 more natural gas buses, convert 100 for $127M
425ArgetsingerDC Rule on GWU Housing Rejected--US Judge calls on-campus housing requirement unfair burden
501StaffSuit on GW Housing Thrown Out--no permit needed to turn GWU-owned bldg to dorm in mixed-use zone
501EditorCar Troubles at Metro--slips in car deliveries serious--Metro should do some comparison shopping
503LeonnigNonprofit Firm Fined $155K--sold renovated od DC rowhouses to investor, not low income families
504LeonnigComputer Crash Stalls Hundreds at DMV--offices struggling with ragged start-up of $17M new system
504Schaeffer ltrNatural Gas Not the Way to Go--cost of 250 n.g. buses and refueling could by 350 very clean diesels
506IrwinGallery Place Project Gains Funding--DC-backed bonds will help finish 20-yr project in 2003!
513ShaverRoad Work Adds to Traffic and Vice Versa--paradox explains delays on nearly-done NY Ave project
517LaytonMetro Faces Rights Issues on Broken Elevators--ACLU, bd mbrs, call for improved access
519KovaleskiDC's 10-yr Grand Prix Auto Race Planning Ignored Impact--lawyers said no environmental study needed
523LaytonMetro Moves to Drop Drug Tests--while union defends checks of workers on 'critical' escalators
523StaffDC Dept of Transportation Now Cabinet Agency--separate from Dept Public Works
524LaytonMetro Plans to Buy 64 New Subway Cars--for $148.6M new company Alstom gets option for 120 more
527KovaleskiDC Sports/Entertainment Commission Mum on Grand Prix Finanial Data--rebuffs mayor's info appeal
528FisherTrash Pickups, Road Fixes Nice, But Not Enough--big items (safety, schools services, the poor) remain
601LeonnigDMV Returns to the Back of the Line--progress was temporary--DC agency service drops again
606StaffPoll Finds DC Split on Funding Baseball Site--84% want team, 50% don't want city to pay for any of it
606StaffSt. E's Named Imperiled Historic Site--Nat'l Trust to Urge Congressional Action: save for developers
607StaffCitywide Resurfacing Project Begun--$155M for shot-down Barney Circle project redirected to streets
607HsuNCPC Adopts Design for PA Ave Plaza-- in front of White House--pink crushed granite and trees
607LaytonMetro Urged to Build Light Rail by Rep Blumenauer (D-Ore.)--Metro Bd Chair wants 'Metrotram'
612LaytonMetro Taking Hands-on Approach to Elevator Woes--now deploying repair crews before breakdowns
614LaytonMore Buses, New Garages in $1.3B Metro Budget for Next Year--no fare increases, but subsidies rise
616BroderMayors Applaud Renewed Bush Focus on Urban Issues--more $ for affordable housing, welfare help
617KovaleskiDC Sports/Entertainment Commission Reverses Course--grand prix planners to examine enviro impact
619GoldsteinBeleaguered DMV to Get Much-Needed Help--agency to add workers, fill vacancies, city says
619KovaleskiRpt Recommends New Taxi Office--mayor's task force says downsize commission, use only for policy
619ShaverRetimed Stoplights in Works for Region--DC, States expected to cooperate, spend millions
620StaffDC COG Transportation Bd OKs Traffic Light Retiming--to spend $3-5M annually to reset 4500 lights
621StaffNew Bids Sought on Wilson Bridge--competitive bids for $140-170M draw spans due Nov 7th
621Staff Metro Directors Approve FY03 budget for 100 natgas buses, 4 new garages--subsidies upped $17M
621GoldsteinDC Will Offer Partial Amnesty (on fees/penalties) On Old Parking Tickets; gas stations to aid inspections
628LaytonTough Odds for Some of Metro's Escalators--repair list reveals recurrent failures: 3-10 hr repair time
628KovaleskiMayor Tries to Appease Grand Prix Neighborhood--suggests compensation, homeowners still angry
630WoodleeRenovated ($68.5M) DC Wilson Bldg Dedicated--protesters disrupt re Olympics bid, DCGen'l closing
701staffMaking Way for New IMF Complex--PEPCO office bldg at 1900 PaAve to be replaced by 650K sqft bldg
705ForgeyIn Adams Morgan, Lofty Ambitions for Manufactured Factory--prkg garage w/loft condos good solution
707Hershey ltrReopen America's Main Street--PA Ave in front of White House doesn't have to stay closed: give it back
707WolffSo, Call Me Party Pooper--writer/jogger says ugly 'party animals' look like denizens of amusement park
708KovaleskiDC Putting Up Funds for Grand Prix Track--promoter gets 10 years to repay $3.5M construction cost
710LaytonEscalator, Elevator Aid Sought by Metro Chief--expert would study breakdowns, suggest plan to fix them
710KovaleskiSubpoena Urged on Grand Prix Racing Contract--7 councilmembers raise funding/payback concerns
711StaffSoutheast Residential Growth Continues--mayor cuts ribbon on Ward 8 Woodmont Gardens--175 apts
711KovaleskiGrand Prix Race Impact 'Negligible', City Rules--11-ft Canadian sound damper fence to help cut noise
712ReelSecurity Design Approved for DC--designed to mesh with landscape: low walls, stone benches, etc.
713StaffFederal Appeals Court Rules in Wilson Bridge Labor Case--president can bar imposed labor, pay rules
717MorelloQuantico's Schools 'Celebrate' Children--marines eat with kids in school cafeteria: education family affair
717KovaleskiCost of DC's Grand Prix Rising--Council angry over extra $1.6M, Sports Commission secrecy
718KovaleskiFew Questions Before DC Approved Grand Prix Race--activists decry lack of concern for high noise
719KovaleskiPreparations in High Gear for Start of DC Grand Prix--organizers offer free tickets to wary neighborhood
719StaffSewer Authority Approves $1.26B Pollution Plan--big new tunnels to be emergency reservoirs, cut run off
720KovaleskiUnwillingly, DC Neighbors Off to Races--grand prix opens with roar--devastating noise on 1.7mi track
721Fenty ltrThe Wait Goes On for a Better DC DMV--systemic problems galore: residents deserve better service
721LeonnigCut Noise or Pay $500 Fine, DC Tells Grand Prix--93-96db noise way above residential 60db allowed
721FernandezColossal Test of Precision--new convention center strives for historical balance--biggest bldg in DC
722KovaleskiNoise Imperils 2003 Grand Prix--estimated 70,000 attended 3-day event that riled close-by neighbors
723KovaleskiRed Flags for Grand Prix--mayor calls first race huge success, but wants less noise, more disclosure
724LaytonMetro Issues 'Mea Culpa' for Breakdowns--agency blames mechanics, mgrs for escalator breakdowns
726LaytonMetro Bd Approves Expert Panel Review--chief says he'll wait for results to make discipline decisions
728KovaleskiGrand Prix Firm Misled DCRA on Sound Barrier--letter touted plan, but firm was never hired to do job!
801StaffWilson Bridge Pile Driving to Halt Temporarily--1039th hvy pile driven one month early: light ones later
811BarrasGiving Gentrification a Good Name--hey, DC, it's not a black and white issue, it's inevitable for blacks
811TurnerRe Gentrification--throw money at problem, just aim in the right direction: gotta include affordable hsng
815VasquezMany DC Trees Found Unhealthy--11-week citywide survey finds 10% dead, 32% fully healthy
815Vasquez (Curr)Problem Between Rain and Rivers--DC seeks US funds to cut waste spuillage during storms
817StaffDC Seeks Plans to Save Housing for Low-Income--issues r.f.p. for $25M to rehab low/mod income hsng
817FahrentholdDC Fire Dept Using Dirty Bomb Detectors--old Geiger counters revived for new threat: HazmatU has better
817HsuSept. 11 Chaos Prompts Exit Plan--federal workers to get orders within 15 min for 'orderly exodus' (?)
818LeonnigDespite Protests, Historic Cabaret Razed--Duke Ellington starter had become 'imminent danger'
820LaytonSpeedy Bus Lanes Studied for K Street--rapid transit route could ease gridlock: G'town to Union Station
820StaffAffordable Housing Complex Launched--600-townhouse Henson Ridge: goal to sell to ex-pub housed
822WilgorenNew Housing Hasn't Helped Mayor's Image--locals shrug off $560M spent on 10,000 new units in SE
822EditorDon't Ratify a Bad Traffic Call--redesigning K St for rapid buses is just to make up for closing E St ???
822StaffGround Broken for 1500-car Metro Garage at Grosvenor Station on Red Line in Rockville
822WilgorenConvergence of New Possibilities at Old Convention Center Site--want downtown mecca for fun, nightlife
830GinsbergBid Process on Wilson Bridge Delayed--weight limits may be necessary on old span as delays grow
831SpellmanUpgrades Rejuvenate Ward 8 Apartment Complex--392 affordable (Sec8) units get uplift, new name
905Wilgoren'Target' Fills In Blank--retailer to anchor Columbia Hts, shopping-entertainment complex at Metro stop
913Layton$12B Metro Plan Has Trolleys, Rapid Buses--big growth, more connections to East of Anacostia
914LaytonMetro Canopies' Price, Schedule Off--average cost of escalor covers up $100K to $430K, first in Spring
915WilliamsDown Payment on Affordable Housing--DC, Montgomery, Alexandria agree to joint pvt housing initiative
916StaffFunds Proposed for Pennsylvania Ave--provide $11M for pedestrian plaza, study $100M tunnel, E St.
918EditorStretching Metro Dollars--$12.2B 10-yr transit plan, big plans scrapped, include 114 mi light rail/bus
918WilgorenNew Day Dawning in Columbia Heights--$145M complex to anchor total of 11 new projects near Metro
919StaffWork Starts on New Henson Ridge Housing Project in Southeast--57 acre, $91M, 600-home HopeVI
920LaytonMetro Mechanics Criticized--elevator technicians should be removed, panel of experts says
921LewisWashington Area Private Affordable Housing Partnership Fund a Start--need more Fed$, housing units
921StraightBreaking Ground Anew In Anacostia--176-unit Woodmont Crossing 1st new private rental complex in 25 yrs
925LaytonMetro Report Angers Elevator Repair Union--leader says managers, wages to blame, not crews
926GoldsteinDeveloper Pays $26M for Columbia Hospital Site--luxury apts planned--delivered 275K babies in 136 yrs
928DeaneThird Time's a Charm--82-yr old 8-flr Roosevelt Hotel reopens w/200 luxury rental apts in 250K sqft.....
928Deane(cont).....4570 luxury rentals on line in DC since 1998--3327 more underway, 522 more in planning
929Timberg5 Potential Baseball Sites Eyed--for 40K seats, $250-450M cost, Union Sta, SE Waterfront best on list??
1002StaffFunding Advances for Metro Expansion--$152M for 24 miles to Dulles, $60M to extend to Largo, MD
1002StaffLuxury Condos Planned at DC's Columbia Hospital Site--up to 130 condos on 8 floors, cost $900K max
1003StaffPanel May Study Closing Schools, City Buildings--mayor seeks to emulate base-closing commission
1006ShaverNY Avenue 'Gateway' May Get New Look--city seeks input on improving traffic, residents' amenities
1006LaytonDC Looks at Self-propelled Train--diesel rail cars run on non-elex tracks--use on "Anacostia starter line?"
1010IbrahimArtists Touch Up Party Animals for Auction--pre-bidding already underway at $250 to $2000 per
1011WoodleeNew Giant Welcomed in Brentwood, NE--supermkt seen as boost for community--Home Depot nearby
1012KassDC Tax Credit for First-time Home Buyers is Good thru 2003--up to $5K if AGI below $110K
1012RubenWhere Home Buyers Join the Club--make-over of 'Oxon Creek' in SE stresses home ownership
1012RubenDowntown but Discreet--9 luxury apartments share historic building with Internat'l spy museum
1013Matthews ltrPriorities and Playgrounds--complains about city fixing streets, sidewalks, but not playgrounds
1027Becker ltrGimme Shelter--for renters, trip to DC landlord/tenant court can be unjust/degrading experiece
1029ForgeyCityscape: PA Ave Newseum That Fits--glass fronteddesign reflects free press--incl. 100 apts: $500M
1029ReinFairfax County Supervisors Endorse $3.2B Project to Extend Metro to Tysons Corner, Dulles
1030HedgpethDC Envisions Issuing Bonds to Fund Hotel--1500-rm Convention Center Marriott may cost $500M
1023Wiener (Curr)Superior Court Delays American Tower Suit--wants larger federal suit resolved first: parties agree
1104LaytonMetrobus Leaves Passengers Wanting A Lift--better service, shelters, schedule information sought
1106SlowinskiLand Swap Isn't Good Deal for Public--trading woodland near Foxhall for mayor's residence not good
1107BarkerParty Animals' Find New Homes--Arts Commission raises $313K for 42 sculptures, 17 miniatures
1108ShaverNew Wilson Bridge Bids in Ballpark--$18M over estimate for draw spans is relief to engineers
1111StaffWW II Memorial Dedication Set-- for 5/29/04, says PX Kelley, head of Am Battlefield Monument Com
1114SantanaDC Tower Appeal Vowed--3-judge Court of Appeals upheld Circuit Ct on stop-work order--next step?
1115TimbergCost Estimates Jump for New DC Baseball Stadium--up to $542M for 1 of 5 sites, due to land costs
1116FleishmanNo Need to Be Ugly--photos show good-looking affordable housing all over metro area (but not much)
1118TimbergDC Council Eyes Taxes to Finance Ballpark--$200M share pledged by DC no longer affordable
1119EditorBaseball at What Cost?--how can mayor make good on $200M pledge with "structural imbalance"
1121WilgorenDC OK's 6 Affordable Housing Plans--45 abandoned lots go to developers, 30 more coming: 3900 to go!
1122HsuWilliams, Norton Criticize Limits on Tour Buses at Newseum--fed judges object to US Courthouse traffic
1122LaytonMetro Adopts Dulles Rail, Capital Plan--board unsure how to cover estimated $12.2B cost: future dubious
1125NakamuraMayoral Mansion Plans Imperil Wild Slice of DC--Foxhall-ites try to save 4 acre park beyond 16.5 bought
1126StaffHolmes, Williams Lobby for Security Headquarters--want to use 180-acre site at St. E's
1205LaytonUnion Opposition Delays Metro Escalator Findings--vowing to fight privatizing 102 mechanics
1212LaytonMetro Chief to Layoff 200, Raise Fares (1st time since '95)--agency faces unforeseen $48M shortfall
1213BarkerDC Commission on Arts Does Itself Party Favor--bought back 9 party animals for $39K at auction
1213CastanedaFresh Look, Attitude in SE Apartments--renovations, management revive 110-unit Crescent Park Village
1216WilgorenCleanup Agent Being Cleared Out at DC Brentwood Postal Plant--poison gas converted to saltwater
1216IrwinRenovations Driven By DC Law Firms by DC Law Firms--legal sector leads downtown leasing projects
1216IrwinDC Developer Lets Money Talk--offers $10M bid increase for $1.8 acres on Mass Ave in midst of hearing
1219WoodleeDC Council Members Try to Pave Way for Baseball--responding to citizen concerns, create goodwill
1220LaytonVA Transport Bd OK's $4B 24-mile Metro rail to Dulles, via Tysons Corner--expect 80K daily riders
1221WilgorenAffordable Housing Plans Chosen--$25M set to finance 27 projects,1850 units in 'gentrifying' communities
1221StaffWilson Bridge Cost Grows $120M to $2.56B, 6-lanes each way w/draw bridge--but still no Metro!
1222TimbergDC's Share for Baseball Stadium Increasing--mayor says city cost could hit $300M--team to move by '04
1223Nader LtrBaseball Stadium Shouldn't Strap DC--shouldn't strip funds from unmet city needs, encourage wasted costs
1227TimbergDC Location Urged for Agency--Loss of Homeland Security HQ could cost DC $171M over 5 yrs, 10K jobs

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