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108GinsbergProgram to Pay Drivers to Get Off Wilson Bridge--1000 to get transit passes or vanpool subsidies
109StaffMetro Bd Picks Name for New Station--NY Avenue, Florida Avenue, Gallaudet University: cost $100K/station!
112WilgorenEx-Tenant/Owners Aghast at NW Bldg Turnaround--condemned 28-unit bldg sold for $2.5M, then $4.4M
113StaffPublic Works Chief to Retire in April--Leslie Hotaling gets kudos after 25 years in department
114Wiener (Current)Wisconsin Ave Plan Yields New Criticism--don't accept argument to" develop corridor to protect rest of area"
116LaytonMetro Officials on Mission to Cut Costs--fear overruns of $36M of $934M '04 budget: labor perks probed
122Rein 800 VA Landowners Offer Special Tax District to Revive Metro Dulles Route--may make rail possible
124MurphyBoys Town Ready to Fold Project--neighbors wanted more development, less crime, may get luxury apts
124KerstenMakeover at Trinity Towers--122 subsidized units rebuilt: 10 stories, 500 sqft avg units at Columbia Hts Metro
125Squires ltrAffordable Housing for the City's Workers--need inclusionary zoning, use part of mayor's mansion land
125ShaverTraffic Patrols Could Help DC Unblock 'the Box'--downtown gridlock at intersections caused by bad drivers
131NakamuraDC Water Exceeds EPA Lead Limit--random tests found high levels in 4000 homes throughout city
1224Kain (Current)High Schools Seek New Space for Crew Shells--Thompson Boat House yard to be Swedish Emb complex
1224Mirigliano OpEdHalf-Baked (Upper Wisconis) Plan Should Not Move Forward--swamp schools, roads, community life
1224Current staffWisconsin Ave Plans Provoke Sour Response--locals fight 10-story height near Metro: overwhelm homes
202 Goldstein Experts Differ on Lead Threat to DC Tap Water--can it dull kids' IQ, cause odd behavior: is lead paint worse?
203 Nakamura Congressman Davis Assails WASA on Lead Risk--faults lackluster approach, delay in alerting DC residents
204 Wiener Former Tenleytown Convent of Bons Secours Gets Landmark Status--to be expanded as girls' school
205 Nakmura DC to Create Task Force to Probe WASA Actions--4K over limit of 6K tested frm 23K w/lead pipe, 107K OK
207 Ginsberg Expanded Ad Use Planned by Metro--rail movies, videos would raise revenue
208 Olsen Why Didn't They Get the Lead Out?--WASA and EPA ultimately responsible for not notifying those at risk
210 Staff Baltimore to Get High-Tech Bus System--show schedules, closed-circuit TV, etc.: may raise user fees
211 Nakamura WASA Avoided Replacing Lead Service Lines--records incomplete, used testing instead: schools OK
211 Cope (Curr) Mayor Agrees to Time for Input on Corridor--will hold off til May re Upper Wisconsin Ave Corridor Study
211 McCarthy ltr Truth About Wisconsin Ave Study--many myths being spread, not true: Planning Office knows what its doing
211 Hedgpeth Gov't Printing Office Seeks New Home--wants developer to swap current NCapSt site for smaller new one
213 Staff Metro Considers Short Trains at Night--two-car units after 10:30pm could help cut $36M budget gap
213 Nakamura $25 Million Sought for NW Property--Casey Fndn sets terms for site of scuttled mayoral mansion
214 Nakamura DC Task Force to Probe Lead-in-Water Issue--critics want outside panel to review WASA responses
219 Layton Aiming to Steer Metro in a Different Direction--new chair to focus on maintenance, not expansion
220 Goldstein An Immeasurable Threat in DC--high lead levels hurt developing kids: scientists say danger hard to gauge
220 Layton Metro Proposes Plan to Increase Fares and Fees--rail, bus, access, parking all raised to make $36M
221 Lewis Shaping the City--differences between public housing policies as wide as ocean: Hope VI criticized
221 Editor On DC's Waterfront--why does Anacostia Waterfront Initiative needed new bureaucracy instead of NCRC?
222 Timberg City Cuts Costs in Bid to Win Baseball Team--$436M stadium cut to under $400, early $ all from taxes
223 Nakamura EPA Failed to Hold DC Accountable, Some Say--regulators gave WASA leeway on lead action
224 Ginsberg Fairfax Cnty Board OKs Metrorail Tax Plan--proposal would help fund extension: last,best hope for fed $s
224 Wilgoren Waterfront Plan Encounters Flak--critics say new Anacostia agency not needed, others say too big to bury
224 Fisher One Community Finds Courage against NIMBYs--agrees to need for more Wisconsin Ave development
224 Staff Council Backs Mayor's H Street NE Plan--corridor to get housing, shops, parking, better Metro access
226 Layton Millions Stolen at Metro Lots--parking cashiers took $.5-1M annually, officials say: 31 cashiers fired
227 Staff First Permanent Radar Camera Installed--on FLA Ave 24/7 several fatal accidents near Gallaudet U
227 Layton Hearings Planned on Metro Fee Thefts--unheeded warnings from contractor disturb lawmakers
228 Nakamura Lead Fears Force DC to Expand Response--pipe-coating materials, new chemicals, blood tests
228 Editor DC Needs Answers--action on lead below what citizens deserve, task forces meeting behind closed doors
228 Layton Metro Disregarded Thefts, Audit Finds--transit system lacks means of oversight-- no good count of cars
229 Leonnig Agencies Brushed Off Lead Warnings--WASA, Army Corps rejected warnings of threat as early as '94
303ReelDigging For Solution to DC Water Woes--replacement of lead lines to begin 5/1 on first residential blocks
304NakamuraLead Levels in Thousands Found in Two DC Homes--24-48Kppb high enough to taste ref 15ppb base
304LaytonMetro Called Unfair in Theft Cases--firing of 33 cashiers protested by Council mbr Graham, others
304GowenExtensive Water Tests Begin in Arlington--lead checked in 34 schools and hydrants: elevated levels found
306NakamuraManager's Firing Defended by WASA--woman told EPA of problems with water, bosses call her incompetent
306LeonnigDC Handling of Lead Issue Blasted on Hill--EPA threatens to step in, oversee water system, stop buck-passing
308NakamuraOfficials Hid Facts on Lead, Suit Says--DC gov't, WASA blamed in law suit by Capitol Hill families!
308EditorAsleep at the Switch--lax oversight astounding: need to shift to cash-free farecard collection system
311HernandezWSSC to Test for Lead in Water--MD utility seeks to reassure customers, wants to be safe, not sorry
311LaytonFirm Set to Battle Metro--parking contractor defends actions, images, sez she told Metro monitors needed
312LaytonUS Agencies Aid Metro Theft Probe--FBI, DHS, others to help learn if cashiers had organized conspiracy
314Elder ltrClose the Water Gap--mobilize more resources to deal with near-term, start costly changes to treatment system
314GowenArlington's Tap Water Tests Were Flawed--homes originally showing high lead levels now cleared
315Arzua$20M City Fund Would Help Replace Lead Pipes--DC homeowners need assistance, says Council mbr
316LeonnigDC Lead Issue Was Debated for Months--regional EPA office decided no federal action was needed
317TimbergMayor Tells WASA to Mail 23,000 Filters--vast majority of those affected haven't picked up free ones
318LaytonFew Attend First Hearing on Metro Rate/Fee Increases--only four speak on St. Pat's Day, bad weather
318NakamuraEPA Urged to Tighten Rules on Tap Water--House members cite DC crisis, want more, better testing
318GoldsteinLead Testing for Kids So Far Inconclusive, DC Officials Say--not sure if tainted water raises blood levels much
320GoldsteinDC to examine 60 Service Pipes--lines listed as copper or bras may be lead due to classification goof
320EditorWashed Up Credibility--conflicting words from WASA, city, EPA officials, plus meeting secrecy, decried
321RJ Smith ltrMetro's Park-and-Pay audit after hot tip shows $.5-1M annual loss--will soon shift to SmarTrip cards
323PerlsteinLead Levels High in 3 More Schools--Montgomery and Pr. George's Counties, testing continues
325LaytonDisabled Riders to File Lawsuit Against Metro--MetroAccess vans often late, awkward for 12000 users
326LaytonMetro Moves to Revamp Electronic Subway Signs--poor info on "approaching", "arriving", trains
326NakamuraDC Officials Seek $26M to Cover Cost of Lead Problem--letter from Mayor, Cnclmbr Schwartz faults EPA
328CohnEPA Asks for States' Plan Against Lead--claims of slow action re DC push agency to review own rules
328Herrity ltrBuses to Dulles Deserve Second Look--modern busway could be better than $4B into hvy rail extension
329LeonnigDC Knew of Lead Problems in 2002--timing of e-mails contradicts claims of ignorance: why hushed up?
329HedgpethMeeting Expectations--new convention center has hardest work ahead--staying successful ($16.8M opn loss)
330EditorMayor's Suspicions--felt some in gov't knew about lead problems: why tell him when he keeps info from public?
401LeonnigAdvocates for Disabled Sue DC over Parking Access, Rules--out-of-state permits not recognized in DC
402LaytonMetro Chief Predicts Transit 'Death Spiral' Without Extra Funds--'meltdown' without more cars,maintenance
404Perler ltrThis Is 30-yr Old Problem--why should water utility be allowed to deliver clean water only as far as curb?
404GoldsteinDC Law on Lead Testing Often Ignored--result on all kids' blood work not sent in, obscuring problem scope
404WilgorenHousing Groups Decry Mayor's Plan for Fund--switching funds from building sales that exceeded estimates
404Gitterman ltrGetting the Lead Out--no 'safe' level of exposure for young kids; gotta get rid of all exposure sources,
410CohnWASA Adds 21,000 More Homes for Lead Tests--free filters to be offered for excessive levels found
411MoskWSSC Deal Added Little but Cost--board member's firm profited as 'pass-through' minority subcontractor
413GoldsteinBush Aims to Localize Rent Aid--money-saving plan would relax regulation of Section 8--bad for DC!
414NakamuraHumane Society to Regain Control of DC Animal Shelter--after long contract delays, Congressional OK!
415LaytonVA Hopes to Privatize Building Dulles Rail Project--state to seek Metro OK of deal with partnership
416LaytonMetro Agrees to Privatize $4B Rail Plan--Board questions Dulles Partnership for 23-mile extension
417StaffMayor Names Temporary DPW Director--replacing Leslie Hotaling W.O. Howland, CoS to DepMayor, Opns
421NakamuraDC Private School Acquires Casey Site--St. Patrick's plans campus on site set aside for mayoral mansion
422EditorAll Aboard? Not So Fast--questions about cost, timing, alternatives continue to arise re Metro to Dulles
422NakamuraWASA Official Defends Lead Disclosure Actions--other say key data not included in warning brochure
423LaytonMetro Chief Advocates Higher Fare for Bus, Rail--2nd increase in 2 yrs opposed at public hearings
423SDtaffDeal Reached on Wax Museum Development--NCRC OKs private developer to build 600+ residences
423NakamuraWASA Advised to Reduce Lead, Not Raise Rates--interagency task force claims wrong timing?
424LeonnigWASA Defends Its Actions On Lead--EPA could fine agency over inadequate testing, faulty warnings
426LaytonPublic Opinion Runs Against Metro Plan--some say increases might drive them off: cheaper to drive, park
428EditorThe Watery Task Force--interagency WASA task force issued rpt, disbanded after 9 wks: leadership?
429ReelWWII Memorial Opens--800,000 expected at May 29 dedication: took $172M, 17 years to get done,
430GoldsteinTests Find Lead High at 29 DC Schools--officials shut down 43 sinks, fountains for excessive lead
430LaytonPassengers Would Pay More of Metro's Cost--localities would get refund of subsidies
430ReelAn Opening into WWII--first visitors arrive to see DC's newest national landmark as it opens to public
501GoldsteinChemical Approved for Addition to Water in Part of NW DC--EPA backed plan for test to remove lead
504LeonnigVermont Senator to Propose Tougher Water Rules--DC problems prompt far-reaching legislation
505MontgomeryLeague Officials to Hear Latest Baseball Plans--mayor to meet again with officials: 4 sites still possible
507MontgomeryBaseball League 'Serious' About DC--mayor offers 4 new stadium sites min $283at RFK, max $383M at SW
507CohnWASA Told Tap Water Is Relatively Limited Lead Source--75% comes from paint, dust: 7% water
507LaytonMetro Bd Chairman Thwarted on Bus Choice--wanted cheaper, smoggier clean diesels over nat gas units
507StaffDC Council Bill Would Offer $3K Grants for Homeowners with income below $60K (single), $120K (families)
508RubenHelping Single Mom to Buy--studies show upside for kids, but income, credit barriers remain
508CohnWASA Urged to Improve Outreach--EPA wants plan from DC agency within two weeks
509Dastur/LazereltrBad Deal for DC Housing--mayor renegs of Housing Production Trust Fund funding when windfall grows
513WilgorenDC Looks to Block Evictions--city may go to court to save low-income housing that failed HUD inspections
513LaytonMetro Fare Plan Prompts Boycott Call--organizer wants more $fed: locals pay bigger % of cost than other cities
513GinsbergKey Work Completed on Mixing Bowl, Wilson Bridge--clears way for other facets of roadways to start
514GinsbergDC to Roll Out New Downtown Bus Routes--'circulator' for tourists, businesses: G'town, Union Sta, Waterfront
519MontgomeryFinancing May Block Baseball for DC--lack of stadium financing becomes obstacle: 4 sites offered
520EditorClean Buses, More Rail--Metro Bd shouldn't retreat on clean buses, railcar allocations, late hours: plans good
521LaytonMetro Vote on Rail Cars Gives Red Line a Lift While Others Wait--42 new cars to cut wait time, crowding
521CohnLead in DC Water Slashed After Chlorine Flush--test results back suspicion '02 disinfectant switch caused spike
522LaytonMetro Hires New Management for Parking Lots--theft of millions by cashiers prompts switch to cashless system
522LarisDulles Baseball Plan Goes Beyond Stadium--VA backers tout town-center type developments, new firms
522CauvinBar, Restaurant Smoking Ban Set Back in DC--judge rejects ballot measure: affects city revenues!
523HernandezPr. George's, Montgomery Cnty Paying Tops at the Tap--NYC, Boston, Houston higher, others lower
524HedgpethFrustration Builds over Convention Site--3 different views leave unoccupied 10.2 acre site in limbo
528PearlsteinJalopy of a Taxi System Taking DC for a Ride--rate system, tax avoidance, etc. all make DC look dumb
528AtkinsonWWII: Dedication of National WWII Memorial--special Washington Post section on additon to Mall
530WilgorenCouncil Legislation Would Secure Ballpark Land--promise on L'Enfant Plaza site would show DC commitment
531CohnChemical Coating for Pipes to Begin--orthophosphate water additive could curb lead, but side effects?
516WilgorenDC Council Names 28 to Housing Task Force--one year to study city's housing needs and policies to achieve
602MontgomeryDC Official Backs Off on Stadium Near Mall--Evans says plan misconstrued, caused too much uproar
605StaffFederal Grant to Fund new SE Housing--HUD grant of $20M for 'Eastgate Gardens': 6th DC HOPE VI project
605NakamuraWASA Chairman Expects Approval for 23,000 New Lines--cost could reach $350M: too disruptive?
606Rbt SmithBreathing Room and Budget-Friendly Buses--go for clean diesels, hybrids, v fewer natural gas (CNG) units
608StaffSo. Capitol St. Bridge Rebuilding Pledged--Fed/local leaders agree to redo Douglass Bridge (no tunnel?!)
609WilgorenHUD Promises Help, Time for DC Tenants--agency to hold off ending subsidies for sub-par downtown bldgs
609StaffDC, US OK Anacostia Bridge Work--replace Douglass Bridge, fix four others, maybe tunnel at Mass Ave?
611LaytonHigher Rates for Metro Endorsed by Budget Panel--subway fare up to $1.35, buses to $1.25, open earlier
611LaytonEngineering Starts on Rail Toward Dulles--modified proposal given OK but no funding yet of needed $1.5B
612LewisHearing on Kennedy Center Expansion Raises Timely Questions--Office of Planning wants design changes
612LaytonVA, Private Firm Sign Pact on Dulles Rail Line--design starts on first 11 of 23-mile 'spur' into Loudoun Cnty
613Miller ltrOn U Street, Mood Indigo: extraordinary letter from local resident re gentrification, return of Ellington mural
615WilgorenPandas Defaced, Artists Devastated--at least 7 statues vandalized in DC since last month's unveiling
616MontgomeryBusinesses Face $18-20M Higher DC Taxes for Stadium--either on gross receipts or personal property
618GinsbergLatest Metro Fare Increases Take Effect June 27--riders to pay more for trains, buses, parking
618LeonnigEPA Concludes WASA Broke Lead Law--cites violations re notifications, test results, but levies no penalties
618GinsbergIn Switch on Buses, Metro Opts for Clean Diesel--natural gas vow abandoned amid Board dissension
619NakamuraWASA Chief Engineer Going to Houston--'real loss' of institutional knowledge, but time right, lead fixes fixed
621ReelWWII Memorial to Close for Independence Day--to be draped in tarps to avoid damage by fireworks ash!
625BrulliardMetro Lots Going Cashless--switch to prepaid card for parking starts 6/28: eliminates cashiers
628IrwinMakings of Museum--influential Federal City Council's mettle tested on nat'l music center at old convention cntr
629LaytonIncreased Mass Transit Fees Irritate Passengers--other commuters also face higher costs: some return to cars
623Kain (Curr)Cncl mbr Schwartz Unveils Schedule for Parking-Rule Overhaul--plans broad policy measure: fall hearings
630Wiener (Curr)New Garage at National Cathedral Clears Board--'beautiful plan, elegantly done, spectacular project'
701EditorMetro's Downhill Ride--second rate hike may push some off metro--gotta increase state subsidies
701LaytonShort Trains at Night Irk Metro Riders--cost-cutting move leaves passengers on the platforms
702NakamuraWASA to Speed Removal of Pipes--23K pipes to be replaced by 2010:some officials question plan, disruption
702Graham LtrCouncilman Graham responds to Miller ltr, says Duke Ellington would approve U Street upgrades
702LaytonMetrorail May Revert to Longer Night Trains--will respond if surveys confirm passenger gripes
708BeckerNational Cathedral Proposes 4-level, 430-car Underground Garage--chronic parking woes irk neighbors
708FernandezHigh-Tech Mapping Streamlines City's Bulk Trash Pickups--digital GIS mapping helps raise efficiency
709LaytonMetro Expects More Deficits--several board members reject raising fares again--2 yrs in a row enough
709NakamuraAnti-Lead Program to Expand--orthophosphates additive to DC water tested problem-free, says EPA
711LarisWashington's Major League Divide--competing bids for baseball team show split between city, suburbs
711PaleyWSSC Bd Tabled Contracts--staff members criticize delays in routine contracts for maintenance/replacements
712AaronsChurch's Plan to Raze Housing Protested--Tenants trying to buy SE complex object during worship service
714LarisMontgomery Cnty Scores One for Baseball inside DC--calls for MLB to return team to DC
714Wiener (Curr)DC Council Authorizes Contract, Firehouse Bill--Tenleytown fire station finally getting back on track
716StaffActivists Fan Out to Push Metro Funding--Sierra Club presses to get $1.5B over 6 yrs, avoid 'death spiral'
717NakamuraWASA Says EPA Was Told of Lead--contradicts earlier reports on withholding of test results
720GinsbergNew Fund Proposed for Metro--region's leaders cool to request for dedicated funding source!
724CohnLead Scare Prompts EPA Rules Review--redefine 'lead-free' plumbing materials? not tougher standards
725Cort ltrOur Leaders Are Failing Metro - and US-- tell leaders crumbling Metro must be highest transportation priority
726Editor (Curr)Parking Woes--Mayor's Parking Task Force suggests changing zones to favor neighborhood interests
727TrescottCity Museum on Shaky Ground--after 14 months visitors and cash in short supply: only 33,000 visitors so far!
805LaytonSlow, Crowded Red Line has Passengers Steamed--Metro still feeling effects of subbasement flooding
805WilliamsDC to Share Ft. DuPont Horse Stable with US Park Police--rejects renovation of St. E's site--too expensive
806LaytonRefresher Course, No Penalty for Deserting Metro Train--operator quit train, left riders unsure, so did mgrs
806StaffMayor Signs Anacostia Waterfront Bill--creates corporation to clean river, make parks, neighborhoods, roads, etc.
807StaffPandamania" Inspires Photo Contest--Arts Commission and others launch contest for young and old
807ReinArrival of Metro Could Transform Tysons--landowners seek to double allowed development: = "intense TOD"
807StaffTwo Meetings Scheduled to Discuss New Water Treatment--orthophosphate is widely used elsewhere
807WilgorenDC May Sue Federal Gov't If 15th Street Closed--overreacting to vague threats re financial institutions
808Thomas ltrA War's Final Theater--WWII generation finally get their memorial, but they themselves are best memorial?
820LayronUrgency Drives New Metro Pitch -- $1.5B pledge asked of localities to maintain, repair, add capacity
820EditorProblems on the Railroad -- can't solve problems with brochures: get on with finding sound funding sources
821EditorBeef Up WASA's Board -- stop adding political hacks, get competent people: public interest hangs in balance
822FanBlock by Block Access Denied in DC--security just one reason DC has moved beyond L'Enfant (shows map)
824StaffChemical Treatment of Water Begins--wide used orthophosphate to coat lead pipes now being added
826MontgomeryDC Poll, Politicians Cast Doubt on Stadium--residents oppose public financing to land baseball team
828FernandezFans Back Pitch for Baseball, DC says--city touts results of area survey, pans out-of-town locations
829GinsbergMetro Tries to Mend Its Manners--passengers get greeting or grunt depending on station manager
829Hopper ltrWe Don't Have to Live in a Fortress of Fear--use sunken walls (ha-ha's) to deny vehicle transit
905DysonOpEdWhy Metro Is One Sick System--present managers can't hack it: need dedicated funding, better management
905LarisRep. Davis Determined Rivalry Won't Keep Baseball Away--will root for DC if Virginia loses bid
909LaytonNew Ways of Funding Metro to be Explored--COG, GWBoT, and FCC create committee on options
910LaytonRail Ridership Swells to Record Numbers--up 3% for year: 652.6K on rail, 503K on buses, late service used
911StaffPanda Statues to Be Moved Off Streets--after touch-up, will sit at AU, Wardman Park til auctioned 10/9
912PaleyMember Quits 'Dysfunctional' WSSC Bd, Urges Others Follow--Wash. Sub. Sanitary Comm serves 1.6M in MD
917BrulliardThree New Metro Stations to Open Before Year's End--NY Ave, Morgan Blvd and Largo Town Center
917HeathBaseball, DC Down to Details--officials say deal is needed soon to bring Montreal Expos to DC
918CraigWSSC's General Counsel Resigns--letter urges overhaul of utility's management: no trust for commissioners
919LaytonNew Operations Rail Chief Jumps Aboard with Changes, Expectations--comes from tiny light-rail line
920LarisNumbers Uncertain for VA stadium--cost/benefits unclear though Loudoun backers promise benefits near Dulles
922KovaleskiDC Offers Waterfront Baseball Stadium--sources say owners will support moving Expos to DC: Baltimore objects
923WhoriskeyStadium Deal Typical for Teams--DC financing plan like others: 30-yr bonds repaid by big-business levies
923BarbaroSprucing Up the Sidewalks--DC Seeks to upgrade standards for downtown street vendor stands
923SchwartzmanSome in SE Say Stadium Not Welcome--shop owners, residents have concerns re displacement
923CraigMontgomery County Revisits Low-Price Housing--price restraints lifted after 10 years, fewer units now available
923MontgomeryDC Selling Stadium Deal to Business Leaders--panel to meet today to consider moving Expos by Spring
924LaytonBreakdowns Rising, Delays Worsening on Metro Trains, Buses--railcars every 38.1K, buses every 4.6K miles
924ReelBusinesses Receptive to DC Stadium Tax--biggest would pay $28K a year for 30 years, says GWBoT
924MontgomeryNew 25K seat Soccer/Concert Stadium Also Eyed for SE--DC United looking at Poplar Point, RFK parking lot
924HeathBaseball Moves Closer in DC Plan for Expos--Baltimore Orioles owner would be compensated
925BrubakerBidding War Likely for DC Team--2-4 other groups could bid against favorite Washington Baseball Club
925ForgeyA Perfect Setting for a Diamond--ballpark site in SE could spur ambitious urban renewal plans
925MontgomeryDC Stadiums Seen As One-Two Economic Punch--proposed facilities could form cross-border complex
925WoodleeDC to Shut Pr. George's Controversial Impoundment Lot--vehicles will be towed to SW Blue Plains facility
926WilgorenAnacostia Waterfront at Juncture--twin sports stadia may produce rebirth--people clamoring to build nearby
926KovaleskiLandowners Feel Stadium Squeeze--20 acres earmarked for baseball isn't DC's, yet: eminent domain needed
926Williamson The Turf War for Maryland Fans--in Orioles country, some residents would welcome DC team (closer to DC)
927SheridanCity Would Pay for Stadium Land--Mayor promises 'just compensation', defends financing w/30-yr bonds
928WilgorenMayor Details Stadium Funding--free tickets low-income kids, city will get rent, use minority contractors
928LaytonBeating the Morning Crush Hour--Metro's debut of earlier service (5 AM!) draws nods and naps from riders
930Fisher OpEdBaseball Just Whitewashes Mayor's Image--mayor still challenged to prove he cares about neighborhoods
930WhoriskeyBaseball's Coming Back to Washington--mayor, city officials celebrate decision to move Expos to DC
930EditorBaseball's Return--'O happy day!--understand deal is a gamble but one worth taking South Capitol St site good
930StaffPanel of Experts Takes on Metro Funding--blue ribbon group to analyze ways to fund transit system
1001GinsbergDC Stadium Traffic Seen as Not All Bad--games could erase evening rush (?) Green Line may choke too
1003WhoriskeyMD,VA Fans Could Make Ball Park a Tax Winner--unusual to have so many nonresidents nearby
1004HedgpethDrama Before Curtain Call at Theater--Tivoli to reopen for mixed uses in December after years of neglect
1005King OpEdGuns, Gloves, and Bad Day in DC--Hill tries to take away gun controls, DC gives away baseball deal
1005EditorAffordable Housing--past practices don't work: promoting housing is urgent in a place that prizes diversity
1006NakamuraCoalition Vows to Fight Stadium--education, homelessness more pressing priorities say DC groups
1008LaytonMetro Decides to Power Up for 8-Car Trains--$236M to upgrade 44 of 93 substations, part of $1.5B 6-yr pkg
1009MontgomeryBarry's Back and Fighting Stadium Plan--ex-mayor says 'working hard to kill this thing' wants 'MCI Model"
1011MontgomeryFor Mayor, Baseball Rife with Risk--skeptics point to financing, other dire needs in DC (schools, health care, etc)
1013NakamuraDC Mayor Meets Doubts in First Forum on Stadium--worries over lack of hospital, safety, etc. erupt
1013GinsbergNew Wilson Bridge Rising--first of 368 huge 172 ft, 57 ton steel beams being installed, drawbridge comes later
1013StaffMetro Plans Town Hall Meeting, Nov 16th--re service, funding, and expansion: 2-hr meeting long enough?
1014CohnWhat Would We Lose? ballpark site was DC's only long-standing industrial district, but not historic
1014LaytonMetro Fumbles Postgame Schedule--lack of trains strands, angers Redskin fans: serious controller error
1015CraigPush for Affordable Housing in Montgomery Cnty--Duncan vows 1000 additional units over 4 years......
1015Craig(cont)....median home in Montgomery Cnty now $320K, 30% of hhlds income under $50K...can't get mortgage
1015LaytonLocalities Come Through on Metro Improvements--$1.5B capital over 6 yrs "absolute minimum to stay afloat'
1020NakamuraStadium Support Seems Solid--opponents doubt they can block financing in DC Council, want poverty $
1022NakamuraDC Bidding Out Work at RFK--city says stadium will be ready for baseball in April, new seats, field, etc.
1024WilgorenFor DC Mayor's Assistant, Baseball is Latest Triumph--Steve Green is special asst for planning, ecdev
1025HsuHazmat Rerouting Decision Delayed--White House accused of playing politics over DC rail line near capitol
1025IrwinBaseball Tax Raises Question of Fairness--low-margin businesses fear DC tax plan: revisions possible
1026MontgomeryMayor Endorses Ban on Conveying Hazmat Cargo--keep potentially lethal cargos from crossing DC by rail
1026NakamuraResidents at Meeting Decry Stadium Plans--crowd demands DC focus on services like schools, health care
1028NakamuraCost Estimate on Stadium Jumps--CFO analysis says price of deal could rise $91M--mainly for transportation
1029GinsbergMetro Offers Explanation for 4 Derailments--poor maintenance, new lighter rail cars, slightly different wheels
1030GinsbergMetro's Chief Vows Changes--Criticisms Deserved, CEO White acknowledges re mgmt, personnel decisions
1031NakamuraDC Baseball Debate Plays On--opponents becoming more confident as 90 economists denounce plan
1103EditorRail Truths -- more Metro shakeups needed to restore confidence in subway's 'corroded management'
1103NakamuraNew Stadium Bill Adds Community Fund--major changes plan for business tax: Council panels to vote today
1104WilgorenStart of Something Beautiful--new 'Interim Anacostia River walk Trail' offers mix of gritty, serene (good map)
1104EditorWreck on the Red Line--crash makes remedial efforts more urgent: safety check every inch of track, eqpt
1104NakamuraDC Council Panels Back Stadium Plan--proposal moves ahead on 3-2 committee votes up to $530M
1106MontgomeryMayor's Lack of Lobbying Disparaged--stadium cost concerns ignored, Cncl Chair Cropp and others say
1106NakamuraAlternative DC Stadium Site Proposed--Cncl chair's plan to build near RFK could sink deal, says mayor
1106Fisher OpEdCropp's Stadium Bombshell Reeks of Mayoral Ambition--executives favoring stadium apoplectic
1107NakamuraMayor Fights to Save Plan for Riverfront Baseball Park--frustrated by exclusion from private meetings
1107EditorMrs. Cropp's Fast Curve--last minute course reversal bad: gotta get acceptable stadium proposal fast
1107Koczela ltrSchools Don't Have to Strike Out Because of a Stadium--go for capital infrastructure from Feds
1107CoatesA Stadium Deal for Suckers--spending for baseball simply reduces other discretionary spending
1107Aaron ltrWhy I'm Not a Fan of the Stadium--should be able to make deal that passes some gains to DC
1108KovaleskiCropp Stadium Plan Lacks Council Votes--Council chairman says mayor also falls short by one or two
1109MorinPublic Financing Opposed, Poll Finds--74% like getting team; 62% say DC got bad deal; 74% people will pay
1109NakamuraMayor Claims Votes for Stadium--Council showdown scheduled for today: Graham, Allen critical
1109Fisher OpEdIt's Time to Ante Up for Metro--area has no choice but to save Metro: chose expansion over maintenance??
1109WilgorenDC Planner Picked to Head DC Waterfront Project at $195K plus fringe, seven board mbrs picked too
1110FernandezAmerica's Main Street Revisited--Pennsylvania Ave reopened to pedestrians w/benches, lighting, guard posts
1110NakamuraCropp Blocks Council Vote on Stadium--chairman says she has private financing plan for up to $350M
1110MontgomeryStadium Backers in Line for Reward--mayor agrees to fund council mbrs projects for school, ec dev, etc.
1110PartlowCharles Cnty Ballpark Plan Also Taking Its Hits--residents' opposition to minor league stadium echoes DC
1111IrwinSome Firms Say Baseball Tax Looks Too High and Hard--low profit, mid-sized companies hit too hard
1111NakamuraCropp to Support Stadium Deal with Option of Private Funding--add private funding in future if possible
1111Fisher OpEdOpposition Is to Change, Not Stadiums--locals complain about noise, disturbance in Charles County!
1111MorelloMetro Riders Form Advocacy Group--Red Line travelers seek independent review, earmarked funding
1112PearlsteinPrivate Financing of DC Ballpark Just a Tax Shelter--but would allow depreciation tax hedge for investors
1112JenkinsDC Baseball's White Elephant is Running Wild--too much city leadership energy squandered on debate
1113LewisThe Right Stadium Site Can Enhance Capital's Look, Spirit--improve aesthetic and cultural city core?
1113EditorCurve balls in the Dark--too many discussions held with too little notice, public view, or discussion
1113LaytonNTSB Warned Metro in '96 to Reinforce Rail Cars--decision not to remedy 'telescoping' resurfaces
1113NakamuraWASA to Replace 2800 Lead Pipes Over Next Year--plan to take out 28,000 by 2010 for $300M
1114KovaleskiStadium Analyses Put Costs Far Higher--increments due to allocating infrastructure, contingencies
1114MontgomeryFrom Conciliation to Confrontation--Cropp's stadium switch designed to build more tolerable deal, say backers
1115WhoriskeyBallparks in West Offer DC Divergent Lessons--Seattle didn't work to rebuild neighborhood, Denver did
1116StaffHearing Set on Waterfront Nominees--DCC Ec Committee to discuss AWI officials on 11/17
1116NakamuraPrivate Stadium Financing Rebuffed--DC Council members question feasibility, MLB acceptance
1117WilgorenFour Finalists Names to Design SE Park--at 2nd St, north of M St, surrounded by new developments
1118EditorMetrospective--rebuilding cars after Shady Grove accident in '96 not an option, but more $s needed now
11184 ltrs to EdA Baseball Stadium, Who Pays, Who benefits?--anti-capitalistic; station enlargement not needed, etc.
1118NakamuraStadium Back on Calendar for Vote--financing flexibility could sway Cropp: would seek private $ for 6 mos
1118GinsbergNew Red Line Metro Station Carries Civic Hopes--area growth may bring 10K daily passengers by '20
1119CraigEPA Sues WSSC Over Sewage Flows--Feds allege MD imminent health risk: agency to spend $150M in 6 yrs
1119LeonnigDC Water Test Finds Toxic Substance--perchlorate found in Washington Aqueduct in NW DC
1119GinsbergMetro Vows Strict Focus on Service--managers to face new accountability for attention to customer needs
1119NakamuraCurbside Parking Fees Proposed for Stadium--private contract could raise $100M from 4000 spaces nearby
1120Panero OpEdTaking a Leap of Faith in DC--XM Satellite Radio plans headquarters in NoMa at new New York Ave Station
1121NakamuraCommunity Responses Mixed to Baseball Payoff--$45M windfall could build 8 for DC libraries, fix 17 others
1121WoodleeNew York Ave 'Gateway' Metro Station Opens--hailed as boon in NE DC: cost DC $54M, Feds, firms $25M each
1122EditorBaseball's Price Tag--higher CFO, Auditor and Post estimates worrisome: public must know what's coming
1122GinsbergSome at Metro Wary of Free Ride--WMATA's acceptance of ING promotion gimmick leaves out buses
1122StaffDeferred Upkeep Plagues Metro Bridges--76 structurally OK, but rusting, chipping, peeling, shows age
1123GowwnNTSB Finds Metro Unprepared for Runaway Trains--agency urges revisions to better prepare drivers
1123FernandezFree Parking May End for DC Workers--Mayor's Downtown Congestion Mgmt Task Force offers gridlock solutions
1124NakamuraBaseball Team's Expected TV Deal Questioned--Council foes say DC viewers would be paying Baltimore
1125StaffCost Cap Proposed for SE Stadium--Cropp calls for limit of $630M: others say it will assure spending that much
1126HsuNavy Keeps a Secret in Plain Sight--hush-hush project underway at Park Service Headquarters on Potomac
1127LewisNew Metro Station a Testament to Cooperation and Optimism--transformation to be complete in 10-15 yrs.
1130NakamuraCropp Offers New Stadium Funding Plan--assessments on businesses would be reduced, no library fund
1130GinsbergCracked Rails Cause Delays on Red Line--3 separate cracks between Bethesda and Friendship Hts
1130EditorBallpark in Washington--DC Council should vote to approve stadium: rare shot to bring baseball back
1201MontgomeryMayor Williams' Presence Rewarded--mayor delays trip, endures debate for (interim) baseball victory
1201NakamuraCouncil Backs Waterfront Stadium--preliminary approval given, 6/4, for mayor's public funding plan
1201ShaverAffordable Housing Pursued--Montgomery Council responds to shortage: units down to 3000 frm 12000
1201EditorOn the Road to an ICC--road Maryland should have built 50 years ago one step closer, but still iffy
1202Fisher OpEdCropp Could Help by Getting Out of the Way--trying to push for better deal by abstaining isn't working
1202LaytonMetro's Board Rarely on Board--some directors sometimes take trail, but almost never use bus
1202GinsbergMetro Reeducates Train Operators--information on emergency stopping of trains to avoid rollback
1202NakamuraWilliams to Seek Baseball Contract Revisions--Cropp pushed to limit costs in return for abstaining
1203NakamuraA Deal's a Deal, MLB Commissioner Selig tells DC--DC proponents still hope to resolve problems
1203StaffDC City Officials Announce Housing Plans--have 27 new vac/ab properties: give contract for 11 others
1203WilgorenWASA Agrees to Build 3 Tunnels to Stem Sewage Spills--in 20 yrs v 40 YRS, ask Feds to share $1.9B cost
1203HedgpethConvention Board Backs Mayor on Hotel Site--1220-1400 room hotel to avoid old Convention Cntr site
1208StaffRestored Tivoli Theater to Light Up after 30 years--$40M fix-up adds market, shops,offices, condos
1208EditorTipped Scales at Metro--PG Metro Board Member makes $100K: others make 0 to $22K, find out why
1209MontgomeryDC Officials Reopen Talks on Baseball Contract--mayor confident he'll get Council approval
1209HeathStadium Deal Could Profit Owner's Son--contract says DC will pay for Nationals' consultant
1210Layton$1 Billion Budget Asked for Metro--no changes sought in fares, parking: want 10.4% more from local gov'ts
1210StaffAnti-Stadium Campaign Urges Action--coalition launches final blitz to convince Council to say 'no'
1210EditorCrunchtime for Metro--how will Metro handle 'smart growth' at Vienna? needs dedicated funding source
1211StaffBarry, Council Members Attack Stadium--claims city 'bamboozled and misled', blind while MLB laughs
1213WhoriskeyAffordable Housing Guidelines Rejected--Arlington must cease setaside request to developers
1214NakamuraAs Baseball Sweetens Deal, Cropp Indicates Support--more specific community benefits, more dialogue
1214Barry OpEdDC Baseball's Hidden Costs--increases in cable/satellite rates, taking TV rights from owners, etc.
1215EditorBlow to Arlington's Boom?--Rosslyn/Ballston corridor very successful: affordable hsg for extra density worked
1215NakamuraCouncil Approves Altered Stadium Deal--requiring 50% private financing leaves DC team's future in question
1216IrwinBaseball Wrangling Makes Business Crowd Uneasy--city's outside reputation damaged by Council rebuff
1216FernandezUniform Support--Nationals fans wear worries, resolute faith on their sleeves after crippling DC Council vote
1216NakamuraBaseball Rejects Council's Changes in Financing Plan for DC Stadium--business, promotion halted
1216GinsbergBlue Line Breathing Room--two new Pr. George's stops are the last for now: Morgan Blvd, Largo Town Cntr
1216EditorMudville on the Anacostia--can't get baseball team w/o risk, faith in DC's , and region's, future
1217FernandezBringing Down the House--old convention center to implode tomorrow in flurry of explosions
1217LaytonMetro Invites Outside Scrutiny--agency to consult SW Airlines, Marriott, Disney with $650K setaside
1217StaffCeremony Celebrates New SE Complex--Kentucky Gdns offers 26 ($260-600K) condos, 12 pub hsg rentals
1218NakamuraParking Fees Nearby Could Help Stadium Funds--firms would provide $ now, profit later, add stores, taller bldgs
1218FleishmanWorkers Losing Ground on Housing--Nat'l Assn of Home Builders says housing shortage becoming stark
1219MontgomeryOne Guarantee Sparked Larger Baseball Battle--$19M time penalty fueled DC Council resentment
1219FernandezDC Landmark Gone in Cloud of Dust--explosion collapses old convention center according to plan
1219DanaMetro, Pr. George's Extend Reach--2 new Blue Line stations open, bringing passengers, ec potential
1220NakamuraOn National TV, Williams Presses Case for Baseball--10-20% of time mayor must do what's best long term
1221NakamuraAccord Reached on DC Stadium--private funding must be pursued hard, but 50% requirement dropped
1222WilgorenSavings and Uncertainty in Stadium Deal--new estimates 'vague and highly speculative'
1222NakamuraAmended Stadium Deal Approved--Council seals return of baseball to DC 7/6: CFO Ghandi to re-estimate $
1222SchwartzmanFans, Critics Ponder Whole New Ballgame--some think residents will benefit, others find it 'step backwards'
1222WeissAt End of Day, Cropp Owns Deal--baseball doesn't flee, it compromises: all agree deal improved
1222O'Donoghue (Curr)DDoT Starts Look at Whitehurst Freeway Future--some locals say eyesore, others say traffic godsend
1223FisherCropp's Tactics Saved Little Beyond Face--changes in deal trivial compared to main issues re pvt funding
1223MarkonMetro Fires Runaway Train Driver--accident classified as 'gross violation' by failing to apply brakes
1223NakamuraSlight Possibility to Reopen Stadium Debate--issue could be reopened as 3 new members seat in January
1224WilgorenReport by DC Council Panel Urges City Oversight of Water--some proposals similar to Appleseed study
1224NakamuraUtility Tax Extension Splits Cost of Ballpark--Feds to pay $6M more of $12.2M per yr tax increment,
1226EditorLiterally Falling Apart--13 experts chosen by region to find funding plan: want dedicated sales tax: Belly up!
1230NakamuraStadium Financing Done Deal--mayor signs bill OK'ing bonds up to $535M: Nats start 4/15/05, stadium starts3/06

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