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106 Behr/Singletary Many Hands Rebuild Village of Apartments: Parklands Housing Dev rebirth
121 Bowles DC Seeks Ways to Recoup Revenue Lost to Vandalized Meters
131Cohn DC Water-Sewer Rate Increases Runs into Torrent of Opposition
201Editor Rising Water Bills (for churches, etc.)
207Cohn EPA Notes Improvements in DC Water System
210Harris Slow to Set up controls, DC Now Struggling to Oversee Its Debris (trash)
211 Loeb Hope for DC (Public) Housing: Coalition Ready to Help Rid Vacancy Signs
211Harris District Takes on Trash Sites--Zoning Panel Says Firms Must Comply New Rules
212Loeb/Harris Official Says Re-cycling in DC is Dead--Blames Control Board
MARCH, 1997
313Loeb Norton Trashed Recycling Decision
313Editor .....and Fixing a Dangerous (Wilson) Bridge
40 Families Struggle to Find Housing as DC Village Shelter Prepares to Close
APRIL, 1997
401Wheeler DC's Pothole Patch Work Isn't Entirely Smooth Going
421Greene Long-Troubled DC Neighborhood (Benning Terrace) Hopes for Peace
424Loeb Starting Over from Scratch--Rebuilding Decrepit DC Housing from Ground Up
MAY, 1997
Virginia Official Hired to Run DC's Water System DCWASA
528Editor The City's Missing Meter Mess--3000 of 15000 stolen
JUNE, 1997
616 Stadmiller DC's Dilapidated Congressional Cemetery in Fight for its Life
619 Staff $26M Contract Awarded for New DC Parking Meters--to Lockheed Martin IMS
627 Harris DC Council Questions City's Parking Meter Contract--objecting to privatizing parking mgmt
JULY, 1997
702 Harris DC Council Shelves Parking Meter Contract (influence by former City officials)
702 Reid Metro Workers Consider Job Action Against Bus Route Privatization (part of regionalization)
703 Loeb Housing Authority Workers Suspended Amid Allegations of Theft (stealing appliancesappliances)
709 Harris FBI Said to be Checking Parking Meter Deal in DC (for conflict of interest)
720 Cohn Unions Criticize DC Water System: Cronyism, excess overtime, vehicle misuse, persist
AUGUST, 1997
810AbramowitzLow Bidder Is Denied WSSC Contract; Chairman wants to know why
821MeyerWSSC Again Blocks Lowest Bidder for Sludge Contract--political favoritism?
822HarrisDC Equipment Woes Delay Trash Pickup, Street Cleaning: 2 of 34 sweepers, 27 of 40 trucks work
823MontgomeryDC Can Shut Down ("potentially noxious") (300-ton) Trash Transfer Station in Ward 5--residents happy
826MakinenA Home of One's Own--DC Habitat for Humanity helping build houses for 34 families-in SE
827Loeb/PowellA Critical DC Agency (DC Consumer/Reg Affairs) (in trouble)--regs unenforced, fees uncollected
827HarrisAt Regulatory Agency, 'An Attitude of Terror'--efficiency crackdown has workers fearing for jobs
905CohnSome DC Water Authority Workers (Distrust city water) Buy Bottled Water--for their offices
906TapscottArea Leaders Want Funding Before Taking Wilson Bridge: House wants jurisdictions to compete for $
909PowellCouncil Approves Two Barry Appointees to Troubled Agencies (DCandRA and Dept Public Works)
922ReidDC Officials Search for Answers to Local Transit Problems in San Diego Tax Plan--locals balking
926ReidMetro Aims to Increase Ridership by adding bus routes, parking spaces at stations
928EditorBus Sense--agrees Metro must extend bus routes, services, and "rattletrap" buses
1004EditorSweeping Changes in Public Works--correct to remove agency heads over license renewal
1009HavemannHouse Resolves Section 8 Low-Income Housing Dispute--averts massive foreclosures nationally
1011GainesWeathering Disrepair in DC Apartments--extensive water damage at 150-unit Hopkins Apts in SE
1012MooreDC Prisoners, Safe and Secure in Ohio--says DC's director of Dept of Corrections
1012Powell et alProblems in DC Police Dept Festered for 20 Years--mayoral interference, poor $ controls, hiring, mgmt
1012EditorThe Tab for Getting There--needed metro area transportation solutions and $ must be regional
1013Editor(Public) Housing Repairs:--barely staying even 4.3 M units, $30B annually, 3rd biggest fed aid to poor
1013CohnDC Water Authority Mends Pipes, Public Trust--new outsider gen'l mgr/staff doing well--much remains
1016LoebHUD Freezes Development Funds to DC--based on $40M in dubious loans and grants by DC
1019LoebReports Detail DC Govt Failings: Dept Public Wks has myriad of systemic weakness, no technology
1023StaffDel Norton, Churches (Wash Interfaith Network) Pursue (350) Town House Plan on 25-acres in SW
1028LoebPublic Housing Proposal Would Bar Criminals--HUD reg changes allow more screening--favor workers
1102EditorHousing Squeeze: bills to reduce fed housing assistance written badly to relax 'poorest-first' policies
1103HavemannFacing Criticism, HUD Withdraws Initiative to Reunite Fathers with Families: called costly, wrongheaded
1114ReidSafety Effort to Cost Metro $15M--adding bumpy tiles for blind at 92 stations--need federal approval
1114PierrePG Complex Faces Closure--Suitland apartments in troubled neighborhood called unsafe--like war zone
1117MontgomeryMCI Center, Metro Station Stage Debut for Two--$200M, 4-yr project complete downtown DC
1120StraussHoward U Officials Building Goodwill--to fix up, offer its LeDroit Pk housing to NW DC--after yrs of neglect
1121LiptonFairfax's Revitalization Plan Builds on Individual Repairs: County can force repairs by owners--or else
1121ReidMetro Approves New Safeguards for Blind--bumpy tiles to be installed starting in winter.
1202FehrDC, Utilities Reach Accord on (Permanent) Road Repairs: 8000 unpatched "utility cuts" add to potholes
1205CohnWater Authority Proposes Another 5% DC Rate Hike--over 42% increase earlier in year
1207LiptonLandlords Leave Low-Income Tenants Pinched: pay off mortgage early avoid Fed low-income reqmt
1209StaffMetro Finishes Building Georgia Avenue/New Hapshire (Petworth) Station--cost $62M
1209Perez-RivasMontgomery Acts to Reform Housing Agency--accused of mismanaging rental assistance
1210LiptonFairfax in Dispute with State over Road Money--VA DoT says county gotta repay federal loan
1213AllenVA Housing Official's Retirement Deal Draws Fire--$400K for 2 years in new job
1216StaffPetworth Neighborhood to get $5M for Streets--Councilman Brazil Suspends Work on Regulatory Bill
1218FehrDC $1 Billion Short on Funds Needed ($2.6B tot) to Fix Streets over 6 years, says DoT report
1219PowellDC Water Workers Accused of Corruption: private jobs allegedly done on City time--prior beefs ignored
1219PowellWorkweek Without Much Work--reporters trail two water meter/main crews, find little work, lax oversight
1220EditorSoaking DC Taxpayers--blasts WASA daylight moonlighting, mocks Barry 's praise of DC workers
1221Thomas-LesterMetro Enjoys the Ride to, from MCI Arena--foresees $300K windfall in 6 mos--well over 50% using it
1226EditorDon't Let Metro Fall Apart--'maintenance shortfall' serious--will region work together or play ostrich?
1230ReidMetro Workers Flood Hot Line on Misconduct--urged by Mgr: will spend $50K for extra investigators


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