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109PowellWater Officials Urge US (Fed Prosecutors) to Speed Probe of Repairs--at Water and Sewer Authority
118CohnDC Water Authority Faces Deluge of Billing Complaints--office riddled with management problems
128StaffRepairs Scheduled for Anacostia (Litter) Clean-up Boats--both down, poor maintenance for years
206CohnDC Water Authority Awash in Further Troubles--complaints, refunds pile up--but new audit OKs finances
207Harris(Three Tenants) Holding Out at Roosevelt (Hotel)--to avoid selling DC property to private developer
212CohnWater Agency's Warning Causes Uproar--customers confused, irate over late-payment penalty notice
216Harris/LoebHsg Rcvr (Gilmore) Gets DC off HUD's 'Troubled' List--Montana Terrace: fix, sell, or raze use priv sector
220EditorTwo Housing Questions for Congress (not DC): how many units and for whom--apportioning shortages
221MayerDream of Suburbia Crumbles in DC's SE--subsidized dvlpmt a shambles:ex-DC official blames others
223Gillis/FehrClearing Wreckage in DC: Dept PubWks promises turnaround--streets/lights, plows, trees; MVBureau
225EditorThe District's Unsung Heroes--CFO Williams;Hsng Rcvr Gilmore; DPW Bernadino hold high promise
225HarrisNew Rules Could Control DC Trash Transfer Stations--suburban garbage flows into DC neighborhoods
227HarrisDC Zoning Comm Cracks Down on Private Waste Transfer Stations 300' buffer to homes, 50' to other props
MARCH, 1998
303StaffCity Fire Hydrants Under Inspection by DCWSA and FDept--400 of 9500 don't work
303FountainMotorists Zip Thru Lone DC Emissions Test Station, even when doing double duty
305Harris Plea for Clean Relief--Ft. Totten Trash Site Irks Neighbors--City vows changes: 800 tons = $18M electricty
310StaffMotor Vehicle Agency Gets new Chief--21 year employee of Montgomery,Howard Cntys 300K DC drivers
314Fehr/PianinFunding for Wilson Bridge Replacement Still Up in Air--House/Senate Panel May settle--$1.6B v $900M
321StaffTrees to be Pruned on Two Key Avenues--Rhode Island and Connecticut--sidewalks to be repaired too
323ReidWhere Will it Go Next--Everyone has plans to to extend Metrorail in MD and VA--incl.Tysons, Dulles
324FehrBarnett Halts City's Plans for Recycling--still too expensive and too inconvenient--alleys vs curbside
APRIL, 1998
402StaffDC Dept of Housing, Community Affairs lists 120 projects for $70M HUD grants just released
403FehrDC Signals Intent to Improve Traffic Flow--1300 timed signals never reset in 10 yrs--takes $45M, 2 yrs!
407LengelDC Orders Pit Bulls Out of City Housing--250 violent dogs seen as safety threat--76 shot in 4 yrs
409ReidRegion Faces Big Bill for Metro's Upkeep--panel says $100M per year needed for equip maintenance
409CohnFire Hydrant Repair Pace Stepped Up--officials say non-working equipment is common--637 of 8463 out
411EditorDenying Dogs to Public Housing--get rid of dangerous dogs, but let the good pets stay
412EditorMetrofrail--gotta increease maintenance funding, come up with better regional, not scattershot, solutions
413PyattIf Rhetoric Could Build Housing, There'd Be Plenty Downtown--DC no closer to a 'living downtown' in 20 yrs
415Fernandez10 Car Inspectors Charged in Corruption Case--DC workers bribed to falsify taxi certifications
417EditorNo Free Rides in Public Works--corruption must be rooted out of DC gov't--especially in health and safety
426StaffCouncil Members Give Minority Builders Tips on $200M in construction Projects Coming East of Anacostia.
426Ferster ltrOne Bill That Needs to Stay on the Books--don't repeal Environmental Policy Act as regulatory reform
426Reid/FehrThe Rush Hour of Decision on Replacing Wilson Bridge--Congress Weighs Funding for huge structure
429HarrisNo Progress Found on Affordable Housing: 68,000 families in DC spend 50%+ of income on rent
MAY, 1998
501ThompsonMCI Center Denies Any 'Side Deals' on Security--city officials knew they were to provide police guards
505StaffBill Would Block Convention Center Spending--$23M spent to date--no firm cost beyond $650M estimate
507LoebResident Expert: DC Housing Authority was in dumps when David Gilmore moved in--getting accolades
507PyattThis Downtown Triangle Should Go Back to Square One--planning bad for Conv Center and Ballpark
507StaffCouncil Plan to Delay Convention Center Funding Defeated--maximum price to be announced in June
508StaffWater Authority Approves Labor Contract--pay raise and employee drug tests included
509StaffSmith Backs Changes in Financing Plan to avoid giving blank check to Convention Center builders
514MontgomeryNew Design for DC Convention Center Unveiled--trying to meet resident demands for shops, etc.
523MontgomeryConvention Center Costs Up $35M--DC's Costs fixed at $650M--Feds agree to pick up overruns??
523ReidNew Bridge Must Span $700M Funding Gap--MD,VA offer up to $320M, leaving $400M gap for scale-back
526EvansConvention Center: Nowhere to Grow--critics say would be outdated in decade--trading blight for behemoth
529MontgomeryConvention Center Plan Draws Questions--location, costs, expansion, tunnel to old center, etc.
530EvansMore Tough Questions on Convention Center--Council seeks assurances on costs before vote
JUNE, 1998
602EditorA New DC Convention Center--new one needed but serious objections must be addressed
602EvansClose (Council) Vote Expected on (Convention) Center Financing--$685 bond issue sought, Jarvis pushing
603ReidDC Asks US for Road Aid--Wants $Fed for 86 mi of major road care:patching, grass, snow (incl Rt395)
607Ltr/TodaroThe Four Cornerstones of the Original DC:--writer locates all four survey markers, in deteriorating condition
624StaffHouse Approves $2.9M for Anacostia River environmental restoration projects by Army Corps of Engrs
JULY, 1998
703StaffWater Authority Gets New Chairman--replacing Michael Rogers who moves to COG exec director
704ViseDC Probes Pay Raises by Water Authority--9% over 3 yrs contract didn't receive control board OK
705SatffCFO Speaks Out on Water Authority Raises--takes full blame--will fix so won't happen again
707ReidMore Flights May be Forced on Nat'l Airport by McCain's Senate Commerce cmtee--14Mpsngrs/yr now
708StaffDCDPW Alley-Cleaning Project Begins: systematic effort by 8 crews, 2 wks in each Ward, every alley
710StaffEPA Moves to Fine Blue Plains Sewage Plant $149K for violating hazardous waste storage laws
711StaffWater, Sewer Workers' Contract Approved--Control Board OKs 4% raise for 900 workers
716StaffCity Gets $200K Grant to Clean Up Toxic Properties--'brownfield' abandoned properties in NE,SE
724VogelNavy Yard to Go on EPA National Superfund List--pressures Defense Dept to move clean-up faster
724PowellWilliams Targets Anacostia River--candidate proposes $5M clean-up, environmental learning center
724PaeMetro to Expand Reserved Parking at 29 Stations to 6000--remaining 36K spaces, first come, first-served basis
AUGUST, 1998
802LengelFake Tags for Cars Abound in DC--stolen stickers also find market--246K registered vehicles--10%fraud
803MontgomeryInnovation Helps Cure Community--services revive (blighted) Edgewood Terrace Complex at RI Ave Metro Sta
803LiptonVA Raises Commitment to Chesapeake Cleanup--NVA to pay most of $450M--to miss Y2000 regnl goal
806StaffCity Fixes 1200 Defective Fire Hydrants (of 8463)--cost 1.5M out of $1.7B cap improvement program
809EggenLocal Controls Fail to Restrict Housing Growth--310K new units already OK'd: MD = 152K;VA = 178K
814ReidMetro System to Get Extra $100M a Year for Upkeep from US (60%), Local Gov'ts--5-yr build-up
815StaffConvention Center Gets BBB Bond Ratings--better than DC's general obligation bonds, but not A's yet
819StaffBill Proposed to Save Historic Buildings from premature demolition even if unsafe--make owner fix it
820MontgomeryDC WIN (Church) Protesters Block Trash Site, Complain CMO Barnett Broke Promises to shut transfer site
828StaffConvention Center Critics Handed Defeat--Shaw neighborhood supporters did not violate ethics rules
909ReidMetro Opts to Fix, not Replace Escalators: new design worse than old--now 6 different makes in (poor) use
910VisePlan to Transform Lorton Into Parkland Gets Boost--Fairfax to have say in changes (Daivs/Moran push)
914PyattVisionary Plan May Be Key to Revitalizing New York Avenue Corridor--how make it say 'welcome to DC'
918Evans$524M Raised for Convention Center in successful tax revenue bond sale--lower than expected interest rates
919HaggertyOpera Group Puts Woodies Building on Block--plan to turn into opera house collapsed w/$200M cost
1002StaffConvention Center Groundbreaking begins today (Oct 2)--3-day celebration planned at Vernon Square
1006HavemannHill Sets Changes for Nat'l Pub Hsng--higher pay ceiling, FHA loans, res work rules, more local autonomy
1008StaffConvention Center Opponents File Suit claiming improperly collected taxes after authority expired
1009FehrLuring People Back to DC's Streets: new plan wants 'friendlier feel' for public spaces, parks (!)
1011FehrPublic Works Cleans Up Act--some improvements in trees, potholes, meters, car inspex, etc.-not up to goals
1015WheelerAfter Two Year Hiatus, DC to recycle again--new bins provided--pick-up sites to be same as trash
1022SipressMcCain Blocks Funds for Airport Projects at Dulles, National--wants more flights from National
1024WheelerThe District Takes it Place in History--Carnegie Library to Open as City Museum w/$2M fed funds
1026StaffEdgewood Terrace Celebrates Renovation from ruins--300 of 884 units rebuilt by Bethesda non-profit corp
1028StaffDC Phasing Out Tenant Assistance Program--949 families losing DC-subsidized housing says Gilmore
1002ViseDC Inaugurates $25M New Computer System--"SOAR" for financial mgmt in use--Rep Taylor opposed
1106ReidMetro May Lower Rail and Bus Fares--standardize fares, shorten rush hour to attract more riders
1107FehrDC (Housing Auth) May Get Marines to Take Site of Failed SE Complex--13 acres, Capper Dwellings
1108StraussHoward U. Broadens Area Plan to fix up LeDroit Park, go for salable housing, black cultural district, etc.
1108WheelerEllen Wilson Public Housing Reborn--Gilmore totally rebuilds area via Community Development Corp
1113SipressDC Area Drivers Losing More Time Stuck in Traffic--17% increase in delays--total cost $1055 per capita
1113ReidAt Metro, Contemplating The Trains' True Colors--Metro consultants urge new colors for seats,carpets
1119Reid/MastersDesign Chosen for New, 12-Lane Wilson Bridge to handle 275,000 vehicles per day--cost $1.8B
1121HaggertyMomentum Building in Downtown Renewal--12 projects started, 13 planned in 40-block area West of MCI bldg
1121SipressLatest Threat to New Bridge Angers Alexandria's neighbors--plan legal challenge to reduce 12 lanes to 10
1123EditorAlexandria's Bridge Hold-up--seems hellbent to wreck plans for desparately needed new bridge
1127HsuTurning a Corner in SE DC--Fed $ may develop one of city's most blighted areas--old NatGd Camp Simms
1202VisePublic Works Director Bernadino Resigns--Williams, others want faster progress, better leadership
1202LiptonRebuilt Montana Terrace Complex Opens to Tenants--1 of 14 pub hsng redevelopments underway w/$250M
1202Lipton (cont)Montana Terrace Rebuild replaces 155 apts with 95 with 'suburban look'--rest to be demolished
1203EditorPublic Works Clean-up--DPW in perpetual crisis--'culture of mediocrity' needs 1st rate mgrs, fresh start
1204StaffNew Convention Center at Mt. Vernon Square Gets Final Approval--from Nat'l Capital Planning Com.
1208SipressWilson Bridge Compromise Proposed--lane reduction from 12 to 10 part of effort to head-off court action
1209LiptonCleanup Job Left Unfinished--DC Public Works Chief blames bureaucracy, lack of eqpt, for missed tgts
1209SipressAlexandria Likely to Agree to Bridge Plan--with compromise to 10 lanes (plus two unbuilt)
1210CohnFrom '93 Water Scare, Crucial Lessons--panic forced major change, but drinking water concerns linger
1212LiptonAs Leaves Pile Up, DC Public Works Contractor to be fined, city takes back collection job
1218ReidMetro's Fiscal Plan Keys on Upkeep--$692.2M opn budget + $170M cap sending, overhaul half 758 cars
1222StraussHoward U.'s LeDroit Park Houses Become Homes--1st of l0 newly renovated homes being occupied
1229HsuWater Main Breaks Plague DC--Disrupt Traffic--first freeze bursts 12 pipes in five days
1231StaffFederal Officials Ease Rules on Highway Funds--DC share of fed$ cut from 20% to 17%--save $20M in 6 yrs


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