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102LewisReport Card on Area's New Architecture--MCI best, Reagan bldg less, Conv Centr, Wilson bridge, etc.
107StaffHousing Agency Under Fire from Contractors--who want $200K back payments despite shoddy work
107FernandezBursting Water Pipes Snarl DC's Traffic--crews unusually busy with water pipe repairs due to cold
109FehrSand, Salt, and Politics Work on DC Snow--671 miles residential roads left to last--mayor claims victory?
112HorwirtzDC Puts More Workers on Water Main Repairs--adding to 14 crews on 12-hr shifts to fix 140+ breaks
114HorwitzWater/Sewer Officials Grilled on Backlog of Pipe Breaks--Schwartz, Patterson get pledge of better work
123EditorAnother Air Raid at National--Sen McCain tries again to up flights--Senate and House should kill scheme
123ReidTysons (shopping center) Loop, 7 Stations in Metro Extension Plan--business tax may pay $900M
201ViseCleanup Planned for (US-owned) DC Parks by Nat'l Park Service--'DC SParkle' to use $5M, summer kids
203WilliamsMayor Urged by Councilmbr Evans to End Wilson Building Controversy--get out of 'historic site' deal
204WilliamsDC Council Mulls Way to Regain DC Wilson Bldg--may pay $52M to reverse 'dream deal' turned nightmare
205StaffDC Water/Sewer Authority vows to Fix Rest of 602 Water Main Breaks by end Feb--avoid future backlog?
205EditorThree Wilson Bridge Holdouts--should be 'time's up' for three Alexandria councilmbmrs defying polls
205ReidMetro Construction Relief Coming for DC's NW--last of Green Line to Greenbelt to open in Sept, officials say
206EditorWilson Building Woes--developer fixing bldg should not be allowed to squeeze DC Council out
211WilliamsFight for Future of Wilson Bldg: DC battle for control escalates as city hall grandeur is renovated
212StaffMass Ave Underpass Reopens--Mayor Williams has lived up to first service improvement promise
214StaffFast Decision Urged on (delayed) Children's Island Park on Anacostia R--education/recreation theme park
214WheelerEn Route to Replacement, Lions (for Taft Bridge) Parade thru DC--another Williams fix-up promise started
215LengelOn Trail of Polluters--with tougher '98 laws, DC going after dumpers: new crime unit modeled on Houston
215EditorWilson Bridge: All Aboard--hopes improved for action--fed, state, and local gov'ts must now raise $
223StaffNational Park Service to Repair Blacks' historic Langston Golf Course in Northeast for $8M
226EditorNext Stop for Metro--officials of region 'must face the fiscal music' to mesh new transportation projects
226FehrLocal Activists Criticize Housing Official (Gilmore) for Selling 13-acre Capper site to Marines too cheaply
224Kain, G-townMetro Expansion List includes Georgetown Rail Options--Evans prefers metro rail to light rail
304StaffDC Water/Sewer Agency Cuts Backlog of Water Main Repairs--only 30 breaks left out of 702
306SipressHarbor Project May Clog New Wilson Span--resort traffic could slow rush hour on 10-lane bridge
311StaffWard 1 Councilman Graham Resists Progress--denies needed business projects to preserve history
312LiptonActivists, Residents Voice Housing, Jobs Fears About 45K-seat Baseball Park--(cheers v gunshots?)
313EditorHouse Help for Nat'l Airport--McCain power-play being countered by Warner/Robb bill to de-link needs
318StaffBusiness District Celebrates Year--38-blk Golden Triangle BID: to add no-redlight running, new trash cans
321FehrDC's Hi-Tech Highways Wreak Traffic Havoc--commo firms dig up 1020 miles of streets in rush to wire city
322PowellDC's Sewer Investigation: Backed Up--3 years after sting, bribery probe at standstill--corruption widespread
323StaffMarines to Purchase 13-acre Arthur Capper Complex from City for $500K--house 300 USMC enlisted
324EditorA Clogged Sewer Probe--US Attorney should step up pace re cases of employee bribes for private work
328EditorDon't Let Glen Echo Park Die--historic playground used by all ages, threatened by MD General Assembly
328McGrathHow Insiders Play Ball in DC--secret plans, emergency legislation, low estimates, Congress steps in, etc.
331LiptonDC Team Starts a Different Kind of Rat Race--Williams 'Rid-a-Rat' program underway in Georgetown
402ReidAt Metro Parking Lots--Car Wars--reserved spots help some, not enough total space: 23K more wanted
402CohnDC Water Agency Seeks Another Rate Increase--20% over 4 yrs--cut rates up to 50% for poorest
409ReidBreakdowns Mounting at Metro--record ridership suffers delays--passenger mutiny--will speed maintenance
410SipressMetro Officials Blame Heavy Use of Brakes--manual operations cause 70% increase in breakdowns
414EditorMetro Madness--everything going wrong under peak ridership, big money needed for extensive repairs
414StaffIndependent DC Housing Agency Proposed by Cropp Bill--(as recommended by Gilmore annual rpt)
414ReidMetro May Halt Manual Operation--assessing risk of return to automation to cut failures--'new world problem!'
416SipressMetro Gen'l Mgr Acknowledges Delays Hurting Public Trust--faulty relays led to drivers abusing brakes
417EditorWilson Bridge--Don't Stop Now--US District Judge says more study required, but go ahead w/planning
417LiptonDC Battles Legions of Rats--'feeble, dysfunctional' 12-man control efforts blamed--huge effort needed
421SipressWilson Bridge Schedule May Still Work, US Says--planning can continue during environental review
427StaffVehicle Inspection Center Reopens on 1001 Half St SW--facilities doubled to reduce wait
428Staff2 Firms to Buy, Rebuild 289-unit Clifton Terrace w/9.2M in fed$--into 232 affordable apts, condos ($40K ea.)
429SuipressWilson Bridge Environmental Review May Take 2 Years--local pols disagree on value of FHA rebuttal
325FleishmanBid for boarded up old Roosevelt Hotel--DC, former tenants wrangle: home for aged, or upscale condos?
502McVay/ElyMake That a Ten-Lane (Wilson) Bridge--don't need extra $1B for 4 new interchanges to handle 12 lanes
504BooUS Justice Dept Probes DC's Homes for Retarded--following Post article on abuses--need real changes
508DeaneNew Face for Pub Hsng: $25M frm HUD replaces 5.3-acre Ellen Wilson slum w/134 rental units, 13 houses
508Deane(Cont)Capitol Hill Townhomes at 6th/G St, SE rent for $622/mo + coop share to hshlds making up to $90K
508WheelerReclaiming NW DC Neighborhood--Bloomingdale 'blossoms' w/homesteading renovators on RI Ave
508StaffAll DC's mayors on hand for 'Washington Estates'Town House Opening--replaces grim SE apt complex
511HaggertyOld Downtown's Ascent Has Down Side--tenants at 918 F St, NW lose $7.5/sqft space--upgrading to $50
511CottmanDC, MD Sign Anacostia River Clean-up Pact--millions pledged to restore long-neglected waterway
512SipressWilson Bridge Funding Plan --DoT proposes $960M 20-yr bond pkg for MD, VA ($900M approp. in '98 )
513LiptonStarting Over at Clifton Terrace--HUD sells slum bldg for $1:pvt firm to cut 57 units, sell 76, redo 156 fo $21M
515PanRuins of NY Avenue Put on Road to Recovery--mayor helps bulldoze blighted bldgs--new life beginning
521Gaines$100M WWII Memorial on Mall Moves Ahead w/Arts Commission OK--break grnd by Vets Day,2000?
523StaffDesign Approved by Fine Arts Commission for Gandhi Monument at India Embassy--NCPC must also OK
528StaffMarines Closer to Buying 10-acre SE Capper Dwellings for $500K--no more environmental study needed
531Cohn/SipressDC Road-Building Program Targeted for Takeover--Metro offer to help understaffed DPW resisted
528Lang(CitPap)Guilt by Association--new DCHA eviction policy sometimes errs--419 evicted since '97--37 for drugs/crime
602SipressStudy of Transit Center Plan Advances to Next Stage in DC--7200 underground spaces, bus, metro access
604StaffWWII Memorial Approved by Nat'l Cap Planning Commission 9-2 despite 20 complainers
604HsuMt. Vernon Neighbors Criticize Transit Plan--$290M 'garage' might attract baseball stadium, pollution
605EditorHazmat Hell--gotta study all aspects of truck crash--loaded with 17 tons of back powder, reckless driver,
608PyattGiant Downtown Garage?--Parking Up Wrong Tree--7200 underground spaces at NoMa bad--go elsewhere?
615SipressUS Offers Solutions for Wilson Bridge--DoT to ask feds $600M more--to $1.5B of $1.9 cost--cut Md/Va costs
616SipressNew US Plan for Wilson Bridge Funding Pleases Md/Va officials--Davis not sure Congress will buy off
618LiptonDC Renting Bldgs it Doesn't Use--$2M to 2 blighted sites: 'just stupid' admits DC City Administrator
619EditorNew Movement for the (Wilson) Bridge--urges Congress, states, local gov'ts to move expeditiously
619LiptonDC Says It Owns 170 Vacant Structures--some set for sale soon--3+ yr process--DCPS, DCHA have more
621LiptonDC Took Too Long Buying $3.4M in Trash Trucks--old flt repairs= $132K/mo., new cost $122K ea.too high!
622LiptonNew DC Meters in Shop--some give no time for very slightly imperfect coins--same problem elsewhere
623LiptonDC Meter Troubles Cast Doubt on Tickets--Schwartz frets, refunds unverifiable: LA had same problem
627StockardOpEdReceiver Cleaned House--Now up to city--DCHA's Gilmore did wonders--now city must take back wisely
630HsuProposal to Up Wilson Bridge Funding Hits Snag in House--Petri (R-Wis) says not special--like others
705ChanDC Loses Voice on Phone Antennas--Senate allows 2 cell-phone towers in Park despite activitist cries
711LiptonTransit Center Loses Support--may also threaten DC Stadium site east of Mt. Vernon Sq.: activists cheer
716HamiltonPepco Sale of Surplus Power Plants Faces Delay--Councilmbr Ambrose wants new power guidelines first
716WheelerCity Museum Closer to Reality--Historical Society Leases Bldg--focus will be on DC neighborhoods
718Colbert203(K) FHA Program Provides Loans to Rehabilitate Older, Rundown Homes--paperwork simplified
719PyattMayor Erased a Mistake, Now Can He Redraw the Triangle? ITC 7200-space garage for NoMa dead
721SipressArea Lawmakers Seek $600M More from US for New Wilson Bridge--MD,VA don't want to pay over $400M
721EditorCell Phone Sellout--House should hold firm against Sen Daschle's rider to put towers in Rock Creek Park
721WilliamsBidding for a DC Dream--or 18%--residents hope to buy houses for back taxes at auction for tax bills
724EditorWilson Bridge: the US Stake--2% of trucked GDP crosses yearly--fed help, expedited action needed
725GilmoreDC Housing--crime in housing down 50% in 3 yrs, 200 residents trained, 60 gang members disuaded
725SeegarsDC Housing--Gilmore should have done better re drugs, vocational trng, crime, curfews, noise, etc.
731HaggertySledgehammers Halt Debate over Downtown Landmark--Woodie's bldg developer ignores activists
804StaffPreservationists Angered by Start of Demolition of 6 abandoned ' historic' bldgs--one w/60 ft mural
805StaffDC Water Stays Up to Federal Standards--34 months in a row, after years of contamination
805SipressMetro Ridership Reaches Record--rail up to 152.2M trips, bus up to 110.8M trips--due to economy, tourism
807EditorMetroboom--metro shows solid increases in ridership--longer hours on weekends worth adopting
807ThompsonDwellings in Disrepair--DC Control Bd Official Kinlow accused of poor building upkeep by his tenants
809MontgomeryThe Dead Zone--environmentalists clash with cell phonists in debate over Rock Creek Park Antennas
811EditorControl Board Slumlord?--City should investigate, make public, claims against Kinlow's rental properties
814StaffConvention Center Lawsuit Dismissed, activists sued Fed courts instead of local, haven't given up yet
818EditorNew Lift in Southeast--Hope VI grant could be leveraged to $80M to rebuild F Douglass, Stanton, Dwellings
818WaxJoining Space Race--midday drivers find no parking at 120 downtown lots w/25K spaces--poor planning
828EditorMoney for Virginia's Roads--Gov. Gilmore should cut out political jabbing and get serious with lawmakers
829SherblomOpEd accuses PG County Executive of demolishing older rental units to force away people who need them
829StaffDC DHCD to Hold Housing Lottery for 68 vacant properties for as little as $250+promise to fixup, stay 5 yrs
830ShearTruce Sought in Region's Water Wars--MD,VA disputes over water-sharing--issued referred to COG
830Gibbs/KovacsLetters to Post claim EPA Superfund wasteful--spend 60% on staff, lawyers, consultants, deter developers
831EditorWasting Water in a Drought--WASA, WSSC 'lose' more water than most other jurisdictions, nat'l average
831LiptonWilliams Wants to Fix Water Leaks--maybe 25% goes unbilled, leaks go unrepaired for months
901FleishmanAbandoned DC Housing Now Hot Property--2000 vie for 68 vacant relics in lottery for $250 +5-yr live-in
902Perez-RivasMontgomery Housing Authority Off Probation but still criticized for handling county's 4100 Section 8 units
902StaffJudge Allows Activist Lawsuit Against EPA for failing to ensure DC meets Clean WaterAct obligations
905EditorA Better Housing Authority--Montgomery Housing Opportunities Commission improving, but not there yet
909CottmanLinked Computers to Speed 38K DCRA Housing Inspections, 15K citations against blight, save $400K pa
909EditorDistrict Property--1995 decision to turn Wilson Bldg over to Feds should be reversed: make DC sole tenant
909WheelerMonumental Plan--Joint Task Force on Memorials wants ban on new memorials on most of Mall, CapGrnds
911CottmanDC Gets $30M HUD Grant for Mixed-Inc Housing in SE--to raze 448 Douglass/Stanton public hsng units
911Cottman(Cont)HUD's Cuomo wants pub hsng to be 'launch pad for opportunity, self-sufficiency'--not warehouse for poor
915WilsonMD Governor Glendening Expected to Nix Connecting Road despite many who favor it--incl his own group
917LaytonMetro Moves to Extend Weekend Hours from midnight to 1AM for 8-mos trial--Graham wants 2 AM
918WoodleeMayor Wants leftover HCD $3.7M for 10-court SE Tennis Center, playground, driving range, heath spa, etc.
918EditorRebuilding Columbia Heights--RLA decision getting mixed reviews--board and mayor must cool angers
919Staff30 Enroll in Shaw Job Training Program funded by Convention Center Authority--100 expected, maybe later
919Weiss LtrEdTo Keep Southwest from Going South--EPA should give up move to Wilson Bldg--stay in Waterside Mall
923CohnHigher Rate Proposed for DC Water--WASA sets hearings on 19% rate hike over 4 years, hydrant fee
923SipressMD Gov Glendening Kills Intercounty Connector--orders sell-off of property already acquired
923Woodlee'Leftover' Tennis Funds Disputed--would take $2M from long-awaited Camp Simms project not started
924LaytonAs Area Grows Up, Metro Stays Up Later--6-mos test for 1:00 AM weekend close to start on 11/5/99
924WilsonMontgomery County's Duncan to Fight for Connector Governor Dumped--county may buy land from state
924EditorGov. Glendening's Road Kill--one more vacillation: Duncan says 'slap in face' Curry: 'decision for gridlock'
925EditorMetro After Midnight--longer hours good idea--two hour extension should be given full test as well
925WilliamsLandmark Tug of War Now Goes to Clinton--GSA wants to move EPA in, DC wants Wilson building back
925FleishmanLuck of the Draw--DC Housing lottery helps many first time home-buyers willing to work hard for 5 years
925Fleishman15,000 Applications for housing lottery for 68 units set hectic pace for processors--2500 approved
926StaffCommerical Vehicles Get 6-block Loading Zone on I St;--meters removed, double-parking ban imposed
927PyattAfter Decades of Work, MD Still Hasn't Made Connection--losses to economy may exceed cost to build
930LeDucOn MD Public Works Board, Gov. Glendening Finds No Support for Canceling Connector Road
930EditorSound Plans for Wilson Bridge--direct federal interest in bridge justifies $150M/yr for 4 yrs + $ for MD/VA
1001SipressKey Lawmaker Bud Shuster Still Opposes Wilson Bridge Financing--$600M too much for one area in US
1002EditorTonic for Tired Metro Trains--$600M fed money welcome loan gaurantee for needed rehab of old cars
1003Lynch EdLtrQuick! Save the Tariff Building--1839 bldg uses granite, marble, masonry throughout--now in disrepair
1003MilloyRight Way to Take Over City--white Shaw activist sued black Metro Baptist Church re playground parking
1004PyattFly in Red Cross Ointment--residents oppose new 10-story (!) bldg even though approved by NCPC, CFA
1004FehrGWU Plans 10-yr Expansion of 23-acre Mt. Vernon Campus Worry Residents--expanding all over town
1006WilliamsTennis Center A Winner--DC Council OKs $4.7M in capital funds by 10/2 vote--pet project of Ms. Barry
1006ShenNew $11M Swim Center to Adjoin 24-field Soccer Complex--Montgomery Cnty Exec ignores local gripes
1010Gilmore OpEdBuilding on a Sound Foundation--DCHA must be independent, w/authority to do job--no more receivers
1015LaytonMetrorail to Replace 20,000 Relays to bring better ride, braking, return to computer control by May, 00
1016StaffMetro Blue Line Extension beyond Addison Rd to Largo in PG County--design $ coming for $435M job
1016StaffNew Stations Exceed Forecasts--daily riders at Columbia Hts and Georgia Ave reach 8500--2x estimates
1018Yonai LtrEdHow to Provide Low Cost Housing--get rid of rent controls, change zoning to use deserted industrial sites
1024Schumann LtrStuck at the Waterside Mall--why not make DC Council move to "sick" bldg vice keeping EPA there?
1024MichalowskiLtrMy Cadillac Runs on Rails--considers his 2 hrs a day commuting on VA Rail Express 'quality time'
1026MontgomeryG Street Block Reopened to Traffic--pedestrian plaza next to MLK Library used by loiterers, skateboarders
1027WilliamsMayor Aids Red Cross--pushes Council to OK bonds for 10-story bldg and 1000 new jobs: activists flip out
1027MillerCourt Hears Wilson Bridge Appeal--judges challenge activist objectors, raise hopes for 12-lane span
1029StaffMetro to Lend 35 Surplus Workers to DC DPW to help design/manage city road programs at $3.7M/yr
1031Evans LtrDC Deserves a Home of its Own--explains DC aim to rent back Wilson Bldg--Waterside not 'sick, unsafe'
1031LaytonSteps for Survival--Metro seeks to counter weather effects on aging escalators, $112M to fix 173 in 4 yrs
1031Tassler LtrHow to Build Low-Income Housing--provide higher incomes, bigger section 8 vouchers to poor families
1103MorenoA Stake in the City--homesteaders bet on reviving houses, neighborhoods--long road ahead to fix up
1104FleishmanDC 1 of 14 Cities Picked for New US Housing Plan--no $, but Fed advice to speed up 1 M homes in 10 yrs
1104HaggertyTariff Building Deal Resolved--CA Corp takes 60-yr , $50M lease to convert into 172-room hotel
1104LaytonMetro to Tell What's Coming--500 up-to-minute signs to list train arrivals, delays, '96 contract: half done
1105LiptonBlue Plains Plant Warnings Go Unheeded--DC ignores lapses in handling toxic chemicals like chlorine
1105WheelerCommission Votes 8/4 to Allow Cellular Towers at Rock Creek for coverage--actvists dissatisfied
1106CottmanWilliams Seeks Common Ground for Columbia Hts Development--says turf war calls for mediator
1106LiptonUrgent Repairs Begin at Blue Plains Sewage Treatment Plant--chlorine safety to be investigated
1106StaffNat'l Capital Bicentennial Celebration Panel to Discuss Renovating Historic Black Golf Course
1108PyattSubsidy by Any Name for a Luxury Hotel--GSA gives $5M for Tariff Bldg exterior--prodded by activists
1108LiptonMuch Work Remains at Blue Plains, Officials Say--mayor gets report on '1940s operation': feds involved
1108SmithNew Service puts Metro on Party Line--late-night weekend riders get extra hour now, maybe more later
1109LaytonMetrorail Upbeat on Weekend's Later Hours--got 5200 passengers: hope for 9000 when word gets out
1109WilliamsDelegate Norton Proposes Office Swap--Give DC all Wilson Bldg, EPA larger One Judiciary Square
1110LiptonTop Sewage Treatment Officials Defend Blue Plains Precautions--Chief will quit if chlorine threat found
1111WilliamsDC Gov't Reclaims City Hall--EPA gives up stake in Wilson Building: DC to pay $8M rent yearly to GSA
1111LaytonDC Less Strict than Others on Tech Firms--laying cable under streets scrambling traffic, road surface
1117CohnReport Lists Problems at Blue Plains Plant--but review finds no imminent threat from toxic chlorine
1117SipressNo Headway in Traffic Woes--congestion worsens but at slower rate, says nat'l rpt by Texas Institute
1117FehrMayor Wants Urban Growth--Williams pleads for more trees--64% decrease in city's tree cover since '73
1119LaytonNo Change for Bus Fare? No Problem--all metrobuses to accept, sell standard farecards by 2002
1125LaytonDC Streets Half-repaired--tech cable-layer firms miss holiday deadline, must delay work til after 1/3/00
1127LewisRemembering WWII With a New 70K sqft Museum Needs More Thought--memorial too big for Mall site
1130MontgomeryOne Big Basement--excavators dig 11ft below water table to build mammoth Convention Cntr in Shaw
1202StaffOranges Given Out at 20th anniversary Rosslyn-Ballston Metro Corridor: 3x business space; 2x residents
1203WheelerMall Site Chosen by NPCC for ML King Memorial--spot on Tidal Basin near tributes to three presidents
1203LaytonMetro Nears End of Green Line--last 6.5 mi leg may come in under $1B budget ahead of sched by 1/1/01
1210MorenoParking Squeeze--Councilman Graham's bill aims to remove street vendors' vans in Adams-Morgan
1211StaffMetro Eyes New Links to Tysons Corner, Dulles--applying to FTA for engineering/environmental studies
1211StaffHousing Agency Hires New Orleans Official--Gilmore appoints new CEO as post-receiver boss of DCHA
1212O'HanlonArlington Board United in Opposing Wider I-66--can't create enough roads to move everybody in cars
1213StaffArchdiocese to Help Finance SE Housing--build 130 units at razed Ft DuPont Park--DCHA gave land
1213BehrThe Reemployment City--Convention Center project helps DC's ec. turnaround--jobless rate down to 5.7%
1215EditorWiden I-66--traffic troubles must be solved--Arlington Cnty Bd tries to discourage cars--won't work, too late
1215LaytonNew, $218K Small Buses Noiser than Metro's Big Ones--brakes, cooling, rider poles need fixes: warranty?
1215MontgomeryConvention Center Puts Unskilled on Career Track--unions, bldr to enroll 100+ in OJT for bldg trades
1216StaffDC Zoning Appeals Board OKs GWU NW Campus Renovation--Altman-hired mediator got compromise!
1217LaytonMetro Seeks Increase in Local Subsidies, Not Fares: $753.5M ops, $823.2M cap budget sought for '01
1217MontgomeryRLA Defends Columbia Hts Plan--tight schedule must be met; hire local workers, etc.: was it rigged?
1218Miller12-Lane Wilson Bridge Wins Judges' OK: $1.9B project: 1st half to open1/1/05 , old bridge to be razed
1218EditorUndersung Achievement--US Section 8 housing vouchers increased some 2nd yr in row after 4 flat yrs
1220PanLost Haven--luxury apts push 3000 poor immigrants out of Arlington's aging Arna Valley barrio--where go?
1221EditorGo-Ahead for Wilson Bridge--'61 span carries 190K vehicles/day--paralysis ahead without major projects
1223MillerCourt Rejects Compensation for Owners of NW Historic Site--across from zoo where new housing banned
1224WaxDeal Saves Tivoli Theater--Mayor, Council agree to put Columbia Hts grocery on nearby DC-owned site
1225StaffOut of School, Not Cooped Up--DC Recs/Parks to provide supervised activities at 73 local rec cntrs
1228CottmanWilliams Studies Sale of 4 big DC Gov't Bldgs--use proceeds to build smaller offices in neighborhoods
1228LaytonNext Stop, Opportunity? Metro may try express bus route for DC jobless to Tyson's Corner, Dulles Corridor
1229EditorBridges, Political and Concrete--MD, VA push regional commission w/DC re future interstate travel--good!

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