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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2007

101 Klein DC Area Homicides Fall Sharply--defying national upswing: DC+PG drop 79>72% of 14-cnty metro area
106 Hsu Homeland Security to Boost 6 Metro Areas' Anti-Terrorist Fund Shares--NY,DC,LA,SF,Chicago, Houston
106 Klien DC Police to Target Each Area's Safety Needs--mayor and chief emphasize community input, foot patrols
107 Cauvin Fenty Introduces New Cabinet to Area Familiar with Violence--go to Robinson Place, SE in Ward 8
108 Editor A Parting Gift--DC Council should uphold Mayor Williams's veto of Bill to protect ex-offenders (DC has 60K!)
109 Stewart Veto Reversal Urged on DC Council's Ex-Offender Bill--Barry wants to prevent discrimination
113 Aratani Fenty, Kaine, O'Malley Vow to Cooperate in Crisis Planning--first meeting of region's top officials
114 Shaver Bethesda Rescue Squad's DC Service Criticized--"free" ambulance service shared by DC, Monty Cnty
116 Klien DC Police Heeding Calls for Foot Patrols--Fenty/Lanier agree to greater 'connection' with communities
123 Woodlee Putting on Brakes--DC drivers >75 must pass 4 tests to get new license, even though accident rate low
124 Silverman Fenty, other Mayors Decry Gun Trafficking, coalition of over 50 mayors says local laws not enough
207 Stewart DC Street Cameras Put on Fast Track--Council passes emerg. legislation to cover 24 hi-crime areas
209 Horwitz US Capitol Security--ex Chief Ramsey Hired to Provide Terrorism Advice (after nine years on DC MPD)
212 Editor Club Scene--DC must address central issues re teen's shooting: under-agers OK'd where liquor served?
213 Pierre DC May Shield Ex-Felons from Discrimination--many of council support "Human Rights for Ex-Felons Act"
218 Duggan DC's DDoT Studies Ways to Curb Pedestrian Risks--gotta balance traffic flow with pedestrian safety
305 Klein Early Struggles Helped Forge Lanier's Resilience--former teen welfare mom to become DC police chief
307 Klein Atlanta Fire Chief Tapped for DC Post--Fenty (white) pick would face Council vote: 2x empl: 3x budget
308 Klein Fenty Picks Longtime Firefighter as Next Chief--nominee from Atlanta to "analyze department"
310 Nakamura DC Ban on Handguns in Homes Thrown Out--Fenty vows to buck Appellate Court "unconstitutional" ruling
310 Editor Dangerous Ruling--Appeals Court puts handguns back in DC homes--based on '03 NRA/Bushite push
310 Downey Good Neighbor Fire House--new Alexandria station to provide 4 floors of affordable housing above
313 Stewart Many DC Red-Light Cameras Broken--millions in fines may have been lost--23 of 50 'on the blink'
315 Klein New Police Chief Faces Tough Beat--Lanier already making changes in accountability, visibility
317 Klein DC Police Chief Lanier Sees Technology as Biggest Challenge--plus low morale, turnover, drugs, violence
318 Duggan Lawyer Who Wiped Out DC Ban Pleads Liberties, not Guns--Floridian fears too much gov't interference
321 Klein Safety Campaign vs Pedestrian Unfriendliness--incl. drivers who don't yield: Fenty avid biker, runner
329 Klein Congress, DC Differ on Gun Possession Laws--arrest of aide at senate bldg highlights carrying risks
401 Klein Fire truck Accidents on the Rise in the District--126 incidents in FY06 up 25% from any prior year
404 Staff (Curr) Police Chief Promises Service-Orientation--fewer new squad cars, more laptops, faster paperwork
404 Klein First Woman Approved as DC Chief of Police--Lanier outlines proactive approach to 'get ahead of crime'
410 Cauvin DC Urges Full Appeals Court to Review Gun Ruling--more guns=more violence, says mayor
411 Editor Black Mark--DC police, FBI must explain their actions, interrogations, etc. in 2002 protest incident
418 Silverman Panel Begins Review of Emergency System--task force formed to probe Rosenbaum slaying
426 Woodlee DC Police Dept Hq, 1110 workers to Move to Southeast--to 225 VA Ave, SE (near Capitol Power Plant)
427 Schwartzman Storied Eastern Branch Boys & Girls Club to Close--sell 4-acre, $20M site vs rising costs, low enrollment
502 Wan DC Plans New Youth Facility at Oak Hill--new youth detention center at Ft. Meade resisted by locals
502 Alexander Across DC, Dozens of Fire Hydrants Are Broken--disrepair often not found until a real fire occurs
510 Editor A Good Fight--DC should ask Supreme Court to save its gun law--longtime ban on handguns in homes key
517 Leonnig Gun Battle Ruling Has Fenty on Spot--pursuing 2nd Amendment case to Supreme Court would be risky
522 Staff DC Council Confirms Dennis Rubin as new Chief of Fire and Emergency Services Department
522 Klein Commander Demoted, Reassigned, 'Humiliated' by new Police Chief Lanier Sues--'acted w/ evil motives
524 Klien One-Quarter of DC's 9000 Hydrants May Be Broken, Fire Chief Says--estimate now much higher
525 Stewart Foes of Nude Bars Lobby Against Bill--strip clubs would come to Ward 5: works against fixing up Trinidad
526 Stewart Council Member Thomas Seeks to Keep Adult Clubs Out of Ward 5--some plans to open already set
526 Williams DC Police Dept Plans to Give Glock Pistols to Volunteer Officers--raise force visibility, use free labor
531 Woodlee Hundreds Protest Bill on Strip Club Relocation--residents seek 'positive changes', not red light district
601 Klein Go Ahead, Chuckle--two-wheeled conversation starters, now on DC patrols: cops on Segways around RFK
605 Editor Wrong Way--DC Council should think policy, not expedient politics, in deciding on testing for elderly drivers
606 Klein Police Chief Acts to Stymie Summer Violence, but it Comes Calling Early--heavy weekend overtime helps?
609 Editor Summer in the City--DC police strategy that might outsmart the criminals: get out into deduced risk areas
612 Klein Police Overtime Credited in Crime Dip--weekend blitz yields 2x arrests: 650 for 72,000 cop-hours (big deal?)
615 Klein DC Police Chief Breaking Up Latino, Gay Police Units--activists object, intent to spread capabilities citywide
621 Woodlee DC Council Proposes Earlier Youth Curfew--17 yr-olds to be included in summer effort to cut crime
630 Johnson Door-to-Door Service--in NE neighborhood. 'personalized policing' boosts residents' morale (so far....)

708 Clark Safety Meeting Addresses Ways to Protect Youth after Dark--longer rec center hours advocated
711 Editor Follow the Guns--time for Congress to free up data on firearms: ATF data, analyses quashed by Rep. Tiahrt
714 Klein Bid to Move Police District Borders Provokes Anxiety--DuPont Circle area would shift to lower-crime District 2
717 Staff DC Wants Supreme Court to Hear Hand Gun Case--gun rights advocates delighted to go to High Court
719 Hsu DC, NYC Get Biggest Increases in Counter terrorism Aid--NYC=$134M; LA=$73M; DC=$62M; Chicago=$47M
719 Editor An Appeal on Weapons--DC makes a risky but necessary attempt to preserve its gun control laws
721 Klein 6 Shootings in 2 Hours Stir Worries About Violence--11 injured in what DC police call 'unusual' outbreak
725 Pierre Youths (<18) Awaiting Trial as Adults in DC Jail Triples--avg up 14>42 in May '07 (only 9 in school)
726 Klein Plea to 'Code of the Streets' in SE--after burst of violence, group urges criminals to shun drive-by shootings(!)
728 Weil First DC Report on Guns Released--study shows city's efforts to recover firearms: up 11% outside buybacks
729 Leonnig Congress Approves Rail Cargo Measure--hazardous matter would be banned on lines running through DC
730 Sheridan 'Brazen' NE Shootings Stun DC Officials--more police were out; 2 of 7 victims still hospitalized
809 Klein DC Police Offices' Move is Called Off--city official says plan is too costly: still on hook for $6.5M rent
810 Klein Police Move Is Not Off After All--Fenty's office says statement was premature: crossed signals awkward
816 Nakamura DC to Fire 3 Over Woman's Detention as Man--officers ignored inmate's protests over mix-up during arrest
825 Clark Business Groups Hiring Officers for Extra Patrols--neighborhoods boost security at $35/hr police overtime
830 Staff Inspection Finds Most Fire Hydrants Out of Order in 3rd Street Tunnel--WASA/DDoT share responsibility
901 Silverman DC Officials Investigate Sex Charges--Fire Chief asks police to check reports of employee prostitution ring
904 Fenty/Singer DC Mayor, Atty Gen'l make case for Fighting for Our Handgun Ban--revisit Court definition of 2nd Amendment
905 Barnes DC Case Could Shape Gun Laws--Supreme Court Asked to Uphold Ban: bring new analysis of 2nd Amdmt?
906 Duggan New Background Checks Set for DC Fire Dept Employees--prostitution in fire houses flips out DC officials
908 Sheridan Area Disaster Planning Gets More Muscle--officials respond to criticism of evacuation preparedness
916 Catania ltr DC Councilman discusses intent to combine inmate health with that of community members
924 Klein Critics of Police Promotions Focus Too Much on Top Slots--chief says performance, not racial balance, key
925 Klein Lanier's Police Makeover Plan Praised for Cutting Bureaucracy--less top-heavy, more flexible, up-from-ranks
926 Milloy OpEd Class Conflict Takes Its Toll in Southeast--"gated" community of modest income blacks targeted by youths
927 Aizenman Influx of US Inmates Slowing, Census Says -- number still a record high: 40% black (12% popn), 90% male
928 Leonnig Police Investigators Say Witnesses Difficult to Find in Fatal Shooting of Teen-ager--on stolen bike??
929 Editor Shuffling the Force--DC's police chief opts for lean and mean: change not enough, gotta make streets safer
929 Vogel After Delays, DC National Guard MP Unit Headed to Iraq-- some medically unfit,commander changed, etc...
930 Alexander At Teen's Funeral, Fenty Pledges to Aid Youths--claims gotta find job-opportunities for 14-yr olds ??
1001 St. George 4 Killed in DC on Violent Weekend--teen slain, 2 others hurt: 11 shot all together
1002 Moreno Water Main Impedes Battle with Adams Morgan NW Fire--WASA knew of problem with 6-in size, 100-yr age
1002 Moreno DC Police Plan More Foot Patrols After Weekend Violence--(for the nth time???)
1003 Klein Criticism Mounts Over Maintenance of Water Mains--couldn't get nearby water to Adams Morgan fire
1005 Moreno Firefighters and WASA at Odds Over Blaze--agencies disagree on lousy condition of hydrants
1005 Barnes Gun-Ban Foes Seek Review By High Court--both sides want rulings on DC law reconciled
1005 Klein Ramsey Passed Over for Baltimore Police Chief's Job--acting commissioner tapped to continue in office
1006 Pierre DC Superior Court Judge Presses City on Jail Population--Fenty could face overcrowding contempt citation
1006 Montes Bottom Line Is Safety, Police Say--cost of massive 17-hr helo/dogs/cops search for 2 DC girls unclear
1007 Silverman Emergency Workers Set to Cross-Train--cultural divide between firefighters, EMT targeted for integration
1011 Nakamura DC Agrees to Enforce '04 Cap on Jail Inmates to 2164--violence led groups to sue for improved conditions
1021 Editor Empty Seats on the Bench--4th Circuit Court of Appeals has only 10 of 15 judges: nominations unrealistic
1021 Leonnig DC Sees Sharp Drop (67%) in Federal Prosecution in 5 Years--resources shifted to "national security"
1025 Silverman DC Fire Chief Thrives in the Heat of a Spotlight--Rubin known for 'in-your-face' style: highlighting hydrant ills
1027 Klein Dispute over DC Hydrants Settled--WASA to help fund tests by firefighters: non-working hydrants not marked!
1027 King OpEd Sad Toll Within Juvenile Justice System--44 deaths in '05/'06: 39 shot;all 16>21;all black on drugs; 43 male;....
1027 KingOpEd(cont) ....22 parents on drugs; 15 abused/neglected; 35 had multiple crime charges; 50% "AWOL" from control
1101 Stewart Scale of Fire Dept's Hydrant Woes Still Murky' Hearing Reveals--WASA says 62; DCFD says 235
1107 Klein DC Violence Rises Despite Increased Police Presence--Chief's weekend street blitz nets 481 arrests
1113 Duggan Crime Data Underscore Limits of DC Gun Ban's Effectiveness--homicide rate never lower than '76 passage
1114 Editor Take the Gun Case--DC waits to find out if its ban will become nation's 2nd amendment battleground
1116 Klein Former DC Police Chief Ramsey Tapped to head Philadelphia Force--9 years of lower crime, better training
1117 King OpEd Indifference That Can Kill--litany of corruption all around DC agencies: 'people steal' not a sufficient response
1119 Klein Slaying Toll Already Equals Last Year's (169)--DC homicides had been falling since '02 (255) (94 EoA)
1121 Barnes Justices to Rule on DC Gun Ban--2nd Amendment case could affect laws addressing individual rights to guns
1121 Silverman Area Had Enough Water in Adams Morgan Blaze--Fire Dept Findings, Chief Differ: WASA maps outdated?
1123 Editor Price of Murder--DC suffers from resurgence of killing: 169 already killed this year, 130 with guns
1127 Klein Fatal Figure: At 170, Killings in DC Exceed Total for Last Year--robberies/assaults w/guns up as well,
1129 Eggen Rise in Violent Crime Has Slowed with Many Cities Reporting Drops--not true in DC area homicides up here
1130 Klein DC to Boost Anti-Gang Efforts after Violence Spike--new 'crews' warring in Columbia Hts, lower Georgia Ave
1201 Klein Reliable Crime Statistics Remain a Work in Progress, Chief Lanier Says--can't tell if crime up or down (!?)
1215 King OpEd Farce Known as Youth Rehabilitation--more instances of inappropriate actions by DYS chief and helpers
1216 Klein 34 Members of DC Police Force Arrested This Year (131 in 6 yrs) for assault, obstruction, fraud, violence, etc.!
1216 Schrank Police Net 279 firearms in Buyback--church event lures owners to swap old weapons for holiday cash
1216 Bowers ltr Why Do Some DC Lives Mean Less? --ad hoc group settled Rosenbaum in 6mos:Council's TF not up in year
1219 Sheridan DC Area Improves (Health) Crisis Planning--but MD has shots distribution problems says Trust for Am Health
1219 Milloy OpEd Yes, Virginia, Caring is Party of Police Work--DC Chief believes in crime-fighting power of goodwill to victims


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