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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2000

101KingNot a Very Happy Year--homicides in DC down from 260 in '98 to 228 in '99--what's to celebrate?
101StaffCity Jail Gets New Management Team--6 appointments make up all-new team
101ThompsonShootings by DC Police Decline 66% in 1999--11 hit, 4 killed vs 32 shot, 12 killed in '98: better training ?
102WhitlockDC Homicides Lowest Since '87--228 vs 489 in '91: PG down to 95 frm 107, all other suburbs 76 vs 77
106SantanaChief Reshuffles Police Brass 2nd Time--'minor adjustment' promotes/moves 13 to best jobs for them
107EditorWhat's Story on 4th Police District?--five dirty badges in 3 mos? outraged over corruption/incompetence
107SantanaDC Police Officer Charged in Drug Ring Over 10-yr Career--3 other cops in unrelated crimes recently
108EditorCops on the Spending Beat: DC CFO finds threat of overspending early--current vigilance working well!
109HsuInterim DC Fire Chief Plans 'Major Reorganization' of Dept--by end Jan: has mayor's complete confidence
114WilliamsLax Laws Make DC Haven for Selling Marijuana, US Attorney urges Council to raise to high penalty felony
114SantanaFederal Funds for DC Police in Jeopardy--Holder intervenes to save $22M when officials miss deadline
120StaffDC Police have issued violation notices to 38,000 running red lights, caught by camera in 6 mos.
121MillerDC Suing Gun Industry: Damages Sought for City's Carnage--gun advocates predict suit won't stand up
125DvorakInterim DC Fire Chief Reshuffles All Top Mgmt--promises faster 911 response--bold move to keep job?
125FehrBlack Official Repudiated for Urging Cabbies to refuse 'dangerous-looking blacks'--mayor wants shields
127MastersGeneral of War on Drugs Retires--DEA's local chief praised as low-key leader of DC/VA/MD area
130Slevin94 Verdict Hinges on Jury-Picking Limits--appeal for limits on sex, race-based pre-emptive challenges
131LengelStruggle with a Stubborn Drug Trade--closing DC open-air markets hard to do: best bet:improve nghbrhd
201 Goldstein Deficits Cast Pall over DC Gen'l--patients down 24%, wrkrs up 13%, wages up 50% at PubBenCorp
201 Goldstein(Cont) DC Gen'l uses 9.7 FTE's/patient--nat'l avg, 5.7--Medicaid records poor,DC pays deficits w/o authority
202 Fehr DC Plan Requiring Taxi Shields Advances--some cabbies object re comfort--other big cities use them
202 Celender(Gaz) Montgomery County Police Chief Shuffles 4 of 5 district commanders after 6 mos in job, promotes some
203 Santana Ramsy Lashes Out at Critic of Asst Chief Gainer--tells perrenial critic to 'get a job or something to do'
204 Santana DC Police Chief Defends Deputy against 'racist' critic. Force of 3480 is 67% African-American
204 Goldstein MD's 263-bed Shady Grove Hospital Granted 3-mos Reprieve--but accreditation remains at risk
208 Dvorak Officers, NAACP Criticize DC Police Management--racism, poor mgmt claims jeopardize dept morale
209 Santana DC Police Officers' Group Slams Mgmt on Personnel Moves-too few senior blacks in latest shifts
209 Pan Norton Assails Atty Gen Reno Over Death Penalty--Starbucks case reignites debate; DC strongly anti
224 Santana DC to Pay for Help Catching Killers--$10K reward for homicide info--fund has $350K now, can grow
225 Miller DC Corp Counsel Given 2nd Chance--judge puts aside $1.8M penalty in lawyers' fees for child welfare
226 King Kids Who Know Killers--locals know many killers of 643 unsolved murders since '96 (1700 since '90!)
301Perez-RivasSystem Fails MD Youth Probationers--task force report says MD system 'scattershot, superficial'
308WilliamsCouncil Sets 2-Yr College Min for New Officers (after 2004)-- Ramsey gets other aids for professionalism
310Shin (CitPap)Wilma--obscure lawyer from federal bureaucracy getting comfortable with tough DC US attorney role
317MillerDC Corrections in Trouble Again--judge irate over failure to provide convicted felon with medication
318TuckerSentencing Shake-up Proposed in DC by Advisory Commission--advocates fear longer prison terms
322Perez-RivasTroubles in MD Youth Detention at antiquated Cheltenham--advocates, others decry conditions for kids
323Dvorak4 DC Fire Companies Budget Targets--DCFD proposing cutting investigative unit too to save $4,2M
402EditorWatching Juvenile Justice--MD right to create independent commission to monitor troubled institutions
402SantanaCamera Ready--Or Not--280,000 drivers snapped running red lights for $19M in tickets throughout region
406SchwartzmanPanel to Scrutinize PG Cnty Police--Curry plans task force after recent trials find civil rights violations
406DvorakDC Juggles to Improve Services--firemen, EMS shifted to reflect calls for aid, not census pop'n data
407WhitlockPower Urged for PG Cnty Police Panel--some say review board needs subpoena authority to do job
408WhitlockNAACP Seeks Federal Review of PG County Police--asks Justice Dept to investigate brutality cases
409StaffTask Force to Investigate Police Brutality as Allegations, Verdicts Ring in Prince George's Cnty
410SchwartzmanA Tenuous Trust--PG Cnty police have made gains, but residents remain wary of brutality, racial typing
411WhitlockPr. George's Police Face Wider Inquiry--federal civil rights investigation of alleged violations possible
412WhitlockComplaints Against Police Rise 63% in Pr. George's--to 124: excessive force,66; abusive language, 55
412MontgomeryThe Business of Demonstrators--as protests begin, some batten down, others see customers coming
413SlevinChief Judge Retires from DC Court--Hamilton leaving early after bad audits by GAO--many relieved
415EditorFooting the Bill for Protests--Feds should pick up $5M bill for demonstrations against World Bank/IMF
419DvorakDC Interim Chief Revamps EMS, Make firefighters paramedics? EMS response time twice nat'l average
420Santana'Nice Cop-Tough Cop' Tactic Paid Off for DC Police--high marks for control of Wld Bnk/IMF protesters
421WhitlockBattle Brews in Pr. George's--state's attorney suggests police conceal truth--did prosecutor taint jury?
421MoskJails' Dilemma: More Inmates, Fewer Guards--facilities expand, economy hurts hiring--10-20% short
429SantanaUS to Help DC Buy Guns from public--hope to get 7000 back for $350K--little impact from last effort
506StockwellIndependent PG Police Panel Rebuffed--Pr. George's chief upheld internal findings in most conduct cases
506DvorakInterim Fire Chief Resigns Over Funding--Cntl Bd reversed mayor on $4M to add 5th man to ladder trucks
507TuckerJudges Lobby for Top Spot on DC Superior Court--new chief must rebuild image after Hamilton's 7 yrs
509OttawayMajor Fugitives Hide in Big Backlog of Trivial Warrants--all over US: 83,000 in DC metro area alone!
509FearsDC Firefighters Rally for Help--Cntrl Bd rejects funding request to beef up ladder truck crews--cites deficit
510MillerDC Drug Lord Had 15 Killed, US Charges--gang of 13 nailed by MPD+FBI=Safe Street Task Force
512SantanaFire Chief List Down to 3, Officials Say--Tippett says he was promised job before retiring over budget
516CottmanOn Heels of Million Mom March, DC rushes Gun Buyback--hope to get 7000 guns--HUD gives $100K
520DvorakCrime-Weary DC Council Wants More Patrols--Ramsey lashes back, accusing Council of micromanagement
521StaffGun Buyback Reaches Only Fraction of Goal--got 1737 of 7000 hoped for (lower price buybacks offered)
523EditorCouncil, Cops, and Cosmetics--Catania's bill to get 60% cops on street not well thought out: get serious!
523TuckerAppointed Defense Lawyers Face New DC Court Rules--after Hill threat, spent $28M in '99 at $50/hr
525StaffNew Leader Named for Drug Treatment (APRA) Agency--Siegel from Whitman-Walker to get $135K
528EditorPolice Credibility on Line--real professional work of most Pr. George's cops shouldn't be tainted by few
528WedderburnLtrDC Has Gotten Safer, Honest!--crime down 46% frm '93: fewer jobless, poor, pub hsng; drugs--and cops!
531SantanaReport Cites Budget Cuts in Firefighter Deaths--need more training, eqpt, and 5th man on ladder trucks
531DvorakFire Chief in Georgia Offered DC Job at $130K v $85K in Augusta--huge increase unwise?
601DvorakFire Chief's Job Still Being Negotiated--questions raised about Augusta, GA candidate EMS inexperience
601StaffPresident of Shady Grove Hospital Named--Deborah Yancer is veteran health care administrator
602LosseLIps (CP)DC Political Hospital--details DC Gen'l jobs given to DC Council friends,local unions, --little oversight
602Drake (WT)DC Fire Chief Candidate Subject of Probe--questionable distribution of pay raises under investigation
603DvorakPolice Get Old Hands in New Grads--DC pay change aimed at luring officers from elsewhere
603DvorakFire Chief Nominee Debuts--mayor says 'moving up' to department w/6 times employees--for $130K
603Drake (WT)Williams Names Ronnie Few as fire chief despite probe of pay raise favoritism--Council will probe
603MillerDC Detective Receives 2-Yr Term--as witness in drug crime trials, told juries he wa a pharmacist
604Ramsey LtrWe Need Flexibility to Fight Crime--far more complex than Council assigning arbitrary percents to street
605Wilkins LtrDC Justice Setback--fed 'get-tough' sentencing rules add to racial disparities: DC 36:1 blk:wht in jail now
606StockwellPrince George's Cnty Opens DNA Lab--defense lawyers express concerns over access, test integrity
608FletcherDrug War Sends US Blacks to Prison 13x White Rate--28x for MD, 21x for VA, 1/20 blk men in jail, 1/180 wht
609Drake (WT)Few Appears before Augusta GA Grand Jury--pay raise charges--Williams says he's not implicated
609TuckerDC Sentencing Bill Vote Put Off--Cnclman Brazil to review racial disparity concerns: blks 36x wht arrest rate
619BrazilDC Councilman: False Rhetoric on Sentencing--new law would not increase jailees--bad race card
623CottmanWilliams Vows to Curb Violence by DC Youths by year end--Southeast activists complain not included
630FehrDC Jail's Medical Costs Under GAO, Hill Scrutiny--receiver spending $11M per year on 1670 inmates
701MillerUS to Seek Execution in DC Killings--alleged drug figure linked to 14 deaths--reviving controversy
702EditorRoll Call on Pr. George's Police Misconduct--gotta root it out and deal severely with it
707ThompsonDC Homicide Cases to be Reviewed--Ramsey says some incomplete, shut too soon, closure rate 31%
711TuckerParole Agency Chief on Way Out--Justice officials want him out while others claim he's done fine job
712DvorakNew Chief Meets Firefighters, Media--supports 5th man on trucks--6 times bigger staff here than Augusta
712StaffNew Fire Chief Starts Work--Ronnie Few hopes to maintain low profile til confirmaton hearings in 9/00
712StaffSentencing Guidelines Passed by Council--bringing DC into line with federal standards: adds credibility
712LeonnigPlans to Move Inmates to Ohio Riles DC--Rep. Traficant wants to tap DC's $ reserve for move to his state
720StaffSerious Crime in VA Lowest in 10 yrs--346 murders,6165 robberies--(DC'98 alone: 260mur/4500rob)
726TuckerWhat Would-be Chief Justices Didn't Know--Hill plan to trim DC Court budget undercuts fixit plans
728EditorBlot on Judicial Ethics--new Community Rights Counsel report documents judges' conflicts of interest
802StaffPolice having problems with DC Schools--trying to 'hide stuff', 'cover things up', 'keep MPD out'
802MillerDC Jail Records Overhauled Urged--poor management results in mistaken freeing of inmates
803DvorakMore Police to Hit Street, Chief Says--1000 desk cops to get street patrol one week per month (!)
806TuckerNew Sentencing Rules Take Effect in DC--set terms mandated, parole (w/DC commis'n) eliminated
808EditorSay Goodbye to Parole--big change coming--judges may overreact with too stiff sentences, beware (?!)
809EditorDC's Deliberate Indifference--DC lawyers discount guards' abuse of women: where are offenders now?
810StaffUS Total Prison Population Climbs to Over 2 Million--up 77% from 1990: 46% black, 33% white, 18% Hisp.
812Editor2 Stomach-Turning Tales--DC workers who withheld treatment, screwed up victim identity still on payroll
817StaffFire Chief Continues to Probe Address Error--human error=20 min delay getting to nearby right number
820FehrFor DC Teenagers, Tougher Rules of the Road--driver's licensing program to be among US's strictest
821EditorHard Times for Homicide--chronicles mistakes in recent murder case 'what a police force, what a pity!'
822DvorakAdded DC Police Presence Tried Again--'99 attack on crime had short-lived effect: cops down, crime up
823SantanaDC Police Misplaced 30-40 Fleet Cars--out of 650 bought--some auctioned off very cheap after 5-18 mos
823LengelCommunities at Ease as Added Patrols Hit Streets--225 veteran police wryly return to uniformed duty
824StaffMissing Police-Purchased Vehicle Found--had been bought for Cable TV group at reduced cost
826MillerDC Jail Seeks to End Mistaken Releases--action follows rpt criticizing Corrections Dept inmate records
828DvorakDC 4th Police District Gets Command Change--woman to head populous, diverse, troubled area
831TuckerDC Court Tells Hill Lawyers Will Be Paid--reserve helps cover troubled program defending indigent
902SantanaUS Attorney Lewis Doesn't See Need for a DC Night Court--new cops on 'power shift' make few arrests
904TuckerInmates Languish, Backlogs Worsen--DC halfway houses, parole system flooded, transfer to feds slow
906StaffDC Has DWI Specimen Backlog--116 samples overdue--no toxicologist yet, using AFIPathology
906SantanaCommander Appointed for High-Crime 5th Police District--Jennifer Greene gets 'most demanding job'
908TuckerDC Court's New Chief Praised for Collegiality--16-yr Rufus King veteran selected to head troubled facility
910SantanaPolice Transfers to Target DC Drug Markets--80 cops to move to power shift at open-air drug markets
910Hankins ltrCitizen Police for DC--use more civilians to do desk jobs, energize forgotten police reserve officer corps
917KovaleskiInspections Find Dangers in DC Jail--chronic health threats tied to poor maintenance in plumbing, etc.
919KovaleskiJail Medical Services Returned to DC Control--judge cites progress, ends receivership--only 2 left!
920EditorUnfinished Work at DC Jail: first lawsuit over inhumane conditions in 1971--city still hasn't done enough!
922DvorakProbe of Ex-Employer Puts Pressure on DC Fire Chief--chicanery in Atlanta Fire Dept suspected
923StaffBaltimore Crime Falls 13% in 9 mos--but homicides up from 194 to 211: 'justifieds' now to be excluded
924DvorakRedeployment Barely Sways Crime Rate at Month's End--uncertain impact, regular police work delayed
926CastenadaPr. George's Deputy Police Chief Retires Suddenly--for 'personal reasons'--but amid corruption probes
927Tucker6.5% Raise at DC Court Accepted with Skepticism by 1100 employees--first raise in 3 years
929SantanaDC Police Pulling Officers' Gas Cards--officials say credit system is misued for some of 1400 vehicles
1002MillerAppointments Rile DC Corp. Counsel Office--adding managers before filling lower-level vacancies
1008Mize OpEdLegal Discrimination--judge agrees 'veiled exercise of peremptory strikes' skew juries, weakens justice
1013Staff1050 DC Court Employees to Get (another) 8% Across-the-bd Raise in '01 budget over 6% last year
1014FisherDesigner Juries Are Made for Shabby Justice--agrees with Judge Mize far too many peremptory strikes
1015Tucker$18M for Victims of Crimes Is In Doubt--unspent DC money from prior years to go to US unless Hill acts
1017SantanaUnpaid, Outgunned--DC Reserve Officers looking for changes--114 unpaid volunteers poorly managed
1018DvorakDC Police Fleet Exceeds Contract Maintenance Budget by $900K--but 94% of run-down fleet now up
1019TuckerFight for DC Crime Victims Fund Intensifies--DC, Court, Fed officials join bid to protect unspent $18M
1019DvorakDC Police Defend Car Contract--former gov't workers say private contractor overdid--police disagree
1020DvorakDC Fire Chief Few Wins Support from Council Committee--3/0 vote goes to full Council Nov 8
1029Kunkle Prince George's Police Chief Still Beset by Criticism--sees progress, but lacks support from officers
1102WhitlockUS to Probe Prince George's Police Dept--Justice plans civil rights investigation re excessive force, bias
1104KovaleskiJail Health Care Deal Stirs Questions in DC--potential conflict of interest with chosen contractor
1105SchwartzmanPrince George's Executive Curry Still Untouched by Police Problems--few believe he was involved
1109DvorakDC Council Belatedly Approves Fire Chief--moot: already official since not challenged within 90 days!
1110SnyderFrederick Police Call for Chief to Quit--'mortally wounded' by allegations of surveillance of NAACP
1113StockwellFederal Probe Lifts Hopes of Pr. George's Police Reform--but public tensions expected to increase
1114ChanDC Police Object to Proposed Liquor Law Overhaul--decriminalizing liquor sales to minors, for lobbyists
1114DvorakOn DC Streets, IDs Peddled to Immigrants--thriving street trade in fake documents on Columbia Rd,NW
1115EditorWrong Way on DC Liquor Laws--opponents of decriminalizing sales to minors should gear up to fight
1116DvorakDC Police Seek to Build Own $17M, 85-job Forensics Lab--to speed up evidence work over FBI lab (!),
1116Shaver (Gaz)Cracking Down on Montgomery Cnty Parents Not Paying Child Support--9K of 25K kids don't get $ due
1116DvorakDC Police Seek to Build Forensics Lab--stop relying on FBI (!), get 60Ksqft, $17M bldg, 85 staff, $5.5M/yr
1117TuckerNew DC Superior Court Chief Makes Right Moves--settles 56-judge assignments, raise for 1100 staff
1119EditorPolice Probe in Prince George's--thorough federal probe can lift morale of honest, hard-working cops
1121StaffPr. George's Police Chief Vows New Approach--church/civic groups offer plan to "bridge gap" to people
1125DvorakDC Fire Chief to Cut Staff of 3 Fire Trucks--budget assumed ramp-up to 5 men, not all on FY day 1
1128DvorakDC Fire Dept Staff Cuts Anger DC Council--can't fathom double costs of overtime + training w/o ramp-up
1201WilgorenNeighbors Herald Police Move--new command center opens in NE near NYAve--make hi-rsk area safer
1203ThompsonUnsolved Killings Plague DC--detectives still fail to close cases: 57% in '90, 37% of half as many in '99
1204ThompsonPolice Often Close Cases w/o Arrests--half pinned on dead suspects: stats better, families worse off
1205VobejdaAs DC Police Falter, Revenge Fills Void--many killers killed by others, but no police linkage demonstrated
1206ChinoyDeadly Past Repeats Itself--failure to put suspects away leads to more killings, many arrested before
1206Kain (Curr)A Welcome Agreement--Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue signs pact to help DC til new fire station opens
1207StaffPolice to Trade Greenbacks for Guns--$100 for pistols, revolvers, assault wpns; $50 for 'long guns'
1207EditorGetting Away with Murder--killers rule the streets while mayor and council play politics, police in disarray
1207ThompsonNew 8-man Team To Review DC Homicides--Chief Ramsey surprised by unclear case closures
1208MillerConvicts Released Without Hearing--DC parolee case load overwhelms US Parole Comm--118 walk
1209SantanaLoaded and Ready for the Holidays--well-timed DC police buy-back prompts owners to get $ for guns
1210StaffGun Buyback Nets 1554 weapons--most of dubious threat value--pay out $128K--in time for Xmas
1212StaffOfficials Plan Uses for unspent $18M crimes victim fund that reverted to Treasury if Hill will recoup it
1212EditorA Parole Commission that Convicts Love--solution to backlog is surely not to throw open the cell doors!
1215TuckerNat'l Juvenile Homicides Lowest Since '80--68% below '93 crack peak--DC down roughly 50%
1217ReelEMS Squad Faces Own 911--all volunteer units reluctant to add paid crew--3 busiest US units in DC area
1217SmithSlow Rescue Service Plagues Outer Counties--avg 1 to 1.5 minutes longer in Howard, Loudoun Cnties
1217ThompsonDC Police Knew of Homicide Problems--flaws detailed 8 mos ago--only 1/3rd supervisors experienced
1218Tucker$18M Crime Victim Fund Restored--but Congress insists bulk of it go to those harmed--not budget sop
1219TuckerLawyers, ACLU Try to Stop DC Bail Bill--Council proposal would allow more pretrial detentions
1220ChanCouncil Passes Overhaul of DC Liquor Law--new agency to regulate new rules, licenses, fines, etc.
1220StaffDC Council Passes Bail Reform Act Without Discussion--brings DC in line with federal standards
1229Dvorak4 Years after Selling Fleet--DC Police to Buy a $2M new helicopter, use 2 3-pilot teams = 'force multiplier'

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