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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2001

101SantanaDC Homicides Decline Again--to 13-yr low: 235 in DC vs 241 in '99, PG Cnty down to 75, MC, 15, etc.
109EditorVeto ABC Bill--Mayor should override Council, side with police, local leaders, clergy, deny nude dancing
111ChanDC Council Will Weigh Revising Liquor Bill--downtown strip clubs, organized crime worry some members
114ChanNude Dancing's Rude Awakening--reputed mob-tied club leads DC to re-think rewritten Liquor Bill
114StaffDC Council Reconsiders Bill After Uproar Over NY Club--claimed only to OK applying--not approving
116EditorA Push for Police Accountability in Pr. George's--governor should support new bill limiting "officers' rights"
121Schertler (ltr)How DC Could Solve More Homicides--more centralization, leadership, trng, accountability, quality pers.
122EditorThat ABC Liquor Bill--Again: Council to revisit sweeping bill that doesn't heed mayor or community wishes
124ChanCouncil OKs Compromise on Strip-Club Licenses--no new ones, but old ones can move or sell license
126ThompsonRamsey Tells Council Committee He'll Improve Homicide Unit--plans more training, new hires, etc.
129DvorakRamsey's No. 2 Ranked No. 1 in Unpopularity--police resent chief playing 'good cop', deputy, bad cop
131HorwitzDeadly Force Plummets in DC--cops injur 6 in 00 v. 20 in '98, kill 1 vs 6--better training, probes credited
201FernandezLights Going Out at Lorton--bus takes away last 23 max-security inmates:1700 left in central facility
203DvorKDC Police Make ID Harder to Fake--cops hitting bars with high-tech scanners to spot bogus cards
206EditorImpressive Police Reversal--MPD cops no longer shooting more residents than other cities: kudos!
206Ly (Gaz)Tips Sought on Homicides--6 cases still unsolved out of 15 murders in all Montgomery County in '00
208StaffCouncil Bill Would Restrict Halfway Houses--none within 500' of school--too many in Ward 1 already
211Lotke ltrLorton Closing Opens Door for Reform--need to improve criminal justice system, sentencing, etc.
214CastanedaPr. George's Cnty Police trials Put Focus on Agency--officers face charges in '99 shooting, dog attack
220McCaffreyDC Probes Cause of Paramedics' Delay--confused between NE, NW? wrong address? by whom?
221StockwellGive Civilians Policy Role, Police Urged--Pr. George's Task Force turns in report to Cnty Exec Curry
221SantanaDC Fire Officials Blame Similar 911 Calls for Delay--to 7th & Hamilton NE and NW within 10 minutes!
222StockwellPr. George's Cool to Police Panel Proposal--task force urges '02 budget be linked to police reforms
224EditorSolving Murders--Council rpt says homicide solving collapsed, no selection, perf stds for detectives...
224Editor (Cont)...And Investigating Police--PG County still trying to reduce 'blue wall of silence', cops' legal loopholes
228ChanAttorney General Ashcroft Vetoes Halfway House--too close to Adams-Morgan grade school
228EditorAttorney General Responds--forces BuPrisons to relocate halfway house--will BoP do better now?
303LengelLoophole Protects Child-Snatching Parents--DC custody law bars police from arresting outside city
306TuckerAdvocates Fault DC on Prison Contracts: city calls report of treatment, diagnosis, abuse 'biased'
307StaffDC Cncl Mmbrs Target Abduction Law Loophole--Brazil, Fenty would make warrants valid beyond DC
307DvorakDC Police Overtime Tab Keeps Mounting--questioned raised over cost vs results some make $150K+
307WilliamsArea on Mend Still Suffers Violence--development, cops help Barnaby St, SE reduce crime somewhat
308DvorakRamsey on Police Overtime--cites attrition, hiring freeze, force understaffed by 100, 47 cops got $50K+
309DvorakReport Helps Focus Police Efforts--most crIme victims/perps 18-24, blacks=80% victims, 89% arrests
310ChanDC Officials Ponder Which Felons to Make Part of DNA Data Base--privacy, public safety concerns vie
311TuckerDC Court Seeks to Reform Family Division--officials act to keep Congress from removing jurisdiction
312EditorTweak, Don't Junk, DC Courts--Tom DeLay wants new 'family court': better to fix under Superior Court?
316MillerWilma Lewis Resigning as US Attorney for DC--replaced Holder: new Bush appointee not yet selected
322LengelFBI Probes Use of Funds in DC Police Union--for personal items, newlywed resort--some later repaid?
323DvorakRamsey Tells Senators of Drops in Crime--Voinovich questions evolutionary changes in perf goals
327StaffBush Lobbied Over US Attorney Choice--Mayor, Norton, Cropp want DC resident with city roots
328SantanaDC Police Officers Get Message on E-Mails--crude, offensive racist remarks raise legal issues
329LyMontgomery Cnty Crime Rate Lowest in 10 Yrs--murders down 8% but rape up 38%
330EditorUncouth Cops with Computers--DC's offenders should face disciplinary action as in other jurisdictions
403SantanaDC Fire Chief Enforcing Grooming Rules--2 suspended without pay over beards: up discipline, esprit
404SantanaDC Fire Chief's Policy Brings 2 More Suspensions--firefighter says he won't cut his hair
405DvorakFederal Probe Begins on Hundreds of Offensive Police E-Mails--violations of civil rights?
408DvorakFlorida Wholesale Market Owners in NE Overlooked by Police--asians under seige by robbers
409EditorCrack's Contradictory Legacy--some crack babies make enormous strides: don't write 'em off
410ChanDC Jail Renovation Blocked by DC Cncl Judiciary Comm--might exceed 1674-bed limit:activists joyous
410StaffDC Firetrucks Return to Full Strength: 5th firefighter returns to last three trucks--as promised
411LengelDC Police Chief Ramsey's Segregated Meetings Probing Racism Called Divisive by Some Officers
412StockwellPr. George's Cnty Exec Curry Remarks Aside, Crime Up,--robbery 21%, carjacks 28%, arrests down
413MillerCapitol Police Hit with Race Complaint--black officers see 'rabid animosity': bias in discipline, etc.?
418DvorakDC Fire Chief Cool Under Fire--Few sees progress despite accidents, labor squabbles, shake-ups
418TuckerDC Court Outlines Plan to Reform Court Procedures Ref Child Welfare System--after Hill gripes
422EditorPr. George's Chief Farrell and the Union--no confidence vote by cops reflects on cops themselves
422StaffDC IG Probes Police Officers' Overtime--47 officiers' made over $50K extra in '00: MPD will audit too
423BeckerHistory Still Colors Montgomery Cnty Fire Dept--more minority recruits, but leaders still largely white
425DvorakPolice Chief Ramsey to Act Soon on Offensive E-mails--few sent worst of (still unreleased) messages
426DvorakChief's New E-Mail Count Fails to Mollify Police Officers--many say felt maligned by initial comments
504Dvorak19 DC Police Officers Accused in E-Mail Scandal--10 frm 1st Div: some may get fired (971K tot e-mails)
507Miller4 Are Finalists for DC's US Attorney--ex-prosecutors seek top job: biggest office in US w/350 lawyers
510DvorakMemorials Put Into DC 911 System--confusion over site kept rescuers from ill tourist at FDR memorial!
513Staff4 Top Baltimore Police Commanders Demoted--re flawed corruption sting, spike in murder rate
518StaffFBI Agents Seize Records in Probe of Police Union--allegations of misspending on personal stuff
522LeonnigBush Taps Professor for DC's Prosecutor--Roscoe Howard has worked as DC, VA prosecutor
522FahrentholdChief Judge Stepping Down from District Court in DC--Norma Johnson creates 3rd open fed bench
526EditorUnacceptable--can't permit strip-searching of unruly school kids visiting jail (...for taste of future)
530BlumDC Jail Warden Fired for Strip-Searces--3 officers dismissed after student tour--teacher authorized??
601Miller 10 DC Guards at DC Correctional Facility Charged in Smuggling Sting--cash, 2-way pagers for bribes
602Tucker$18M Fund for DC Crime Victims Stuck in Limbo--paperwork never sent to Congress to get $s back
610SantanaDC Keeps Little Data on Missing Persons--unit decentralized 7 yrs ago--now no records: 558 so far in '01
612ThompsonHomicide Probes Still Stumbling--DC review group faults handling of evidence, records in 2300 cases
613FahrentholdUS Faults DC Police for Excessive Use of Force in '90s--City agrees to fed monitoring of MPD for 5 yrs
614EditorHomicides in DC: Too Little Progress--Ramsey admits 'still got problems' : stunning understatement
614EggenViolent Crime Down for 6th Year--survey finds rate at 30-yr low: people crimes -15%, prop crimes, -10%
623MillerFirefighters Win Ruling in DC Hair Dispute--judge cites religious rights exceptions, orders 4 reinstated
627HettingerScores Still High, but achievement gap persists on Montgomery CTBS tests: blacks, Hispanics lag
702WhitlockBlue Wall of Silence--Police clear their own--Pr George's tolerates cops accused of repeated abuses
704EditorBrutality in Blue--Curry must get grip on Pr. George's police--chilling record of unpunished misconduct
705StockwellPr. George's Activists Demand Police Reforms--residents must agitate say county ldrs to get results
706WhitlockPrince George's Police Chief Urged to Step Down--for tolerating abuse, brutality uncovered by Post
707EditorMr. Curry and Police--Pr. George's Cnty Exec plan welcome if late: hope [promises bring real reform
708BaconDC Council to Discuss Cell Phone Ban for Drivers--would ban hand-held cell phones while driving
708SchwartzmanPolice Deputies May Affect Curry's Political Future--Pr. George's leader eyes state office, some worry
711SchwartzmanStronger Police Panel Sought in Pr. George's--Council would upgrade oversight grp w/legal powers
715ReevesApathy Greets Pr. George's Police Abuses--shootings, beatings, get muted responses from citizens
716ChanDNA Testing of DC Convicts Weighed--contested bill may end deadline for new-evidence retrials too
720MillerDC Grand Juries Called Too Big--civic watchdogs also suggest shorter terms: DC indicts 5000 per yr
721SantanaInmate Inrush Worries DC Officials--city lacks services to aid 2500 ex-offenders, House panel told
723LyMontgomery Cnty Residents Pushing to Review Police--panel would investigate local complaints
725ChanCommission Backs Closing of Oak Hill, DC juvenile detention facility--vested interests fail kids in need
726EditorAfter Oak Hill? no surprise commission wants to close Oak Hill--monumental failure, gotta start over
726WhitlockPr. George's Watchdogs Decry Pace of Reform--Curry, Police haven't responded to proposals
727StaffBill Would Create Separate Family Court--DeLay, Davis, Norton, Morella favor improved services
803WhitlockFBI to Probe Pr. George's Police Cases--7 incidents include 2 fatal shootings: all shot in the back
803MillerBush Nominates US Attorney for DC--outsider picked for 700-man office: former fed prosecutor now Kansas teacher
804EditorThe Area's Most Probed Cops--Pr. George's subject of 30 probes in two years--County officials lack courage?
805StockwellCrime on Rise in Pr. George's--stung by criticism, police cut arrests, figure they can't get a fair shake
808StaffFirefighters to Get Over 5 Million Back--each of 1700 firefighters to get $800 to $5000 in back compensation
809GoldsteinDC Must Pay PBC Executive--arbitrator rules city owes $663K to fired official--city may appeal 'incredible travesty'
809Cohen (CP)Under Fire--Chief Ronnie Few had big plans, most now shelved in battles with unions, those who resist 'outsdier'
809EditorDe-Policing Pr. George's--work slowdown by county cops is peevish, irresponsible--DC has cut shootings by cops
809MillerDC Gets (More) Law Enfocement Help--150 Fed Protective Serv. officers to respond to DC crises (200+ others too)
813EditorThe Meeting Must Go On--IMF, World Bank meetings should not be cut for $--city, Bush admin gotta get together
814FernandezWhite House to Share Tab for World Bank/IMF Protests--demonstrators vow to fight attempts to exclude them
815O'HarrowDC Plans ID Card for Kids--help with missing kids, but has broader uses to track kids through gov't data base
816O'HarrowCouncilmem Schwartz Questions DC Child ID Plan--ACLU also frets over 'privacy concerns', urges caution
817StockwellAngry Pr. George's Residents Demand Timely Neighborhood Crime Reports--rattled by false sense of security
819EditorYour Child on File--IDs for kids 2-14 is tech solution looking for problem--could be bad news, Council should go slow
822SantanaJudge Tells No-Shows for DC Juries They Face 7-days Jail + $300--only 20% show, 20% some excuse, 60% none
823LeonnigDC Fire Audit Details Waste--Dept unable to account for millions in computers--4x more ordered than needed, gone
824LeonnigPolice Accused of Towing Abuses--IG says cops help tow, hide cars to roll up huge storage fees for owners
825LeonnigDC Police Unsure How Towing Abuse Report Was Lost--hand-delivered confidential report missing for 6 months!
825DeMilloHome Violence Study Reveals Police Failings--DC survey of battered women prompts departmental overhaul
826ChanDC Agencies Knew of Towing Scheme--Police Chief says he wasn't informed for 6 mos, wants to find out why
827ChanHearing to Air Lapses in Youth Detention--DC says its made progress at Oak Hill re staff, treatment: needs time
827EditorTow Scam--any employees who have participated in towing fraud schemes should be prosecuted vigorously
829FahrenholdDC's East of River Still 'Battlefield'--homicides go on though DC total down 28% (128v172 so far)--not drug related
829ChanDC Commission Proposes Leveling Oak Hill Center--replace it w/2 new facilities, more community programs
830FisherQuiet Battle Against DC Gangs--local task force fits in, uses facts and words to keep peace in DC schools
831KovaleskiDC Wrongly Jailed Deaf Man for 2 Yrs--staff failed to realize charge against detainee had been dismissed
901KovalseskiStaff Ignored Pleas, Deaf Inmate Says--DC Official calls mistaken lock-up case a 'real tragedy'
901Burnett OpEdMore People in Prison, Less Crime on the Streets--get tough policies work: 15 less crimes per lock-up?
902EditorThis is Police Oversight?--dual-group set-up is toothless system, Pr. George's should push for better
904EditorCause for Alarm--DC Fire Dept still lacks good communications--dead zones, dispatch computer bugs
905EditorTake DC Jail into Custody--just can't get it right: 2-yr wrongful imprisonment for one while killer released
905DeMilloDC Rethinks Fire Dept. Pregnancy Tests--review follows alleged job threats against rookies w/child
906SchwartzmanPr. George's Cnty Exec Backs More Oversight of Police--Curry agrees to proposals from panel
906DeMilloDC Police Also Test for Pregnancy--hire rule, like DCFD's, comes under review: violating fed laws?
907EditorMr. Curry's Police Plans--new proposals will depend on follow-through: will genuine reform result?
907WilliamsDC Police Commander Removed--demoted after investigation of off-duy conduct: 'regretful situation'
910SchwartzmanPr. George's Police Oversight Plan Hits Hurdle: MD Law--officers shielded from outside scrutiny
915WhitlockPr. George's Prosecutor Accuses Police of Coverup--confession hidden while another man convicted
920DeMilloDC Pregancy Test Rqm't Dropped--contrary to fed regs, can't delay hiring or force choice of job vs kid
922LeonnigDC Family Court Funding Splits Officials--pressed by Hill, court sought only $23M (need $46M in '02)
924FernandezFocus of DC Protests Turned to Peace Effort--would-be WB/IMF protesters shift to new anti-war cause
929MillerUS Parole Commission Ordered by Federal Judge to speed up processing of DC parole violators
1004DvorakSome DC Fighters Accused of Theft Attempt--Arlington hi-tech gear allegedly swiped at Pentagon site
1004StockwellPr. George's Replacing Homicide Unit Commander--accused of unprofessional interrogation style
1005Lengel20 DC Police Investigated over E-mail--US prosecutors probe sending of offensive messages
1005DvorakDC, Arlington Chiefs Discuss Theft Accusation--city firegfighters tried to take gear from Pentagon site
1006Editor'Nothing to Do With Race'--only issue is whether some DC firefighters detracted from bravery of rest
1009StaffElected DC Attorney General Proposed by Cncl's Catania--would replace US Atty, DC Corp Counsel
1011LeonnigPolice Bar Most Buses and Trucks Near Capitol--sudden security move annoys DC officials
1013DvorakIncreased Federal Duties Tax DC Police--mayor, residents fear rise in street crime, want bigger reserve
1016WoodleeDC IG Seeks Safeguards for Post--wants removal to require council majority, not just firing by mayor
1018KovaleskiFour Jail Employees to Be Punished--found negligent in 22 mos mistaken jailing of deaf, mentally-ill man
1019LengelChief Ramsey Revamps Homicide Unit--re-centralizes detectives to get closures up from new 49% low!
1021SantanaMarshal Shortage Slows Superior Court--DC trials on hold as security detail diverted, says judge
1023StaffDC Firefighters Vote Against Chief--1300-mbr union votes no confidence in Ron Few: resisting change?
1023StockwellPr. George's Homicides Exceed Last Year's Total--84 already vs 71 all last year--arrests in only 9 cases!
1023StaffUS Serious Crime Fell Slightly (3%) in 2000 to 4.1/K, Says FBI--violent crime off 0.1% to 15,517 murders
1024FahrentholdDC Council Members Complain to Police--homicide hearings cover range of disatisfactions
1024LeDucMD health Care Costs Outstripping Budget--see $500M shortfall in paying Medicaid for 440K claimants
1025EditorSteamrolling the Superior Court: DeLay/Norton bill wrong way to reform family court, change judges
1102LyMontgomery Traffic Data Shows Race Disparity--chief says stats not out of line with black violations
1103HsuFEMA establishes Emergency Ops Cntr in DC--upping preparedness for attack: DC can't do alone
1104WhitlockStudy Finds Racial Bias By Police in Pr. George's Cnty--white officers use more force arresting blacks
1105KovaleskiDC Notified Family of Prisoner's Death 4 mos late--stored body at morgue. Med examiner can't explain
1106DvorakDC Violent Crimes Rise (53 die in 7 wks)--officials link to drop in police patrols--Chief says nat'l trend
1111JackmanSept 11 Costs Pinch Area Fire, Police Forces--all incurred overtime, not all to be reimbursed by Feds
1112LengelDC Views Differ on Post-9/11 Crime Rise--homicides, burglaries up, theft, assault--and arrests--down
1114LeonnigIllegal Sale of DC Tags Scrutinized, Says DMV--176 duplicate numbers bring surprise tickets
1115HsuDC Ill-Prepared for Terrorism, says Sen Landrieu--backing bid by city, Metro for $359M emergency help
1116KovaleskiJudge Lifts Limit on DC Jail Population--allows temporary housing for removal of final Lorton inmates
1118WhoriskeyUncertainty Stalls Anti-Terror Efforts--lack of coordination, guidelines hamper area preparedness plans
1119StaffLast 27 Inmates to Leave Lorton Today--opened in 1909 on 35,000 acres--12,000 inmates max
1120HsuWhite House Cancels Public Holiday Tours--security concerns cited, DC officials annoyed
1120KovaleskiLorton's Final Lockdown--last inmates leave 91-yr-old facility completing difficult 4-yr closure
1123StaffCommission to Hear Views on Community Halfway House Sites--Corrections Needs 250+ more beds
1125StaffLast Inmates Moved--Lorton Shut after 91 Years--Feds take prisoners, site to become a "field of dreams"
1129AmonOverall Crime Rate Increases in MD Surburbs--violent crimes/assaults up though homicide,rape down
1205ChanDC Council Wants Police Back on Beat--officers to be removed from 'special' units (vice crime, drugs)
1206EditorTurning Red Into Green--red light violations down 57% after 259K tickets in 3 yrs--fines=$15M: do more
1207FahrentholdDC Fire Officials Find No Thefts from Arlington FD, but Arlington gear still missing from Pentagon action
1210WoodleeDC Council Growing Impatient With IG--DC wants to end fundraising probe: big staff; why no output?
1212EditorSizing Up DC Police and Fire--hearings may shed light on promotions, new hires, discipline problems
1212DvorakDC Cncl Has Questions for Fire Chief--hired former colleagues to high ranking jobs, after said wouldn't
1213DvorakDC Fire Chief Defends Outside Hires--bemoans sick leave abuse, ties poor morale to benefits issues
1213EditorOff With Their Badges--Pr. George's cops using work slow-down should be "de-policed" for good!
1214HsuArea Leaders Want Crisis Coordinator--position would organize commo among fed, local agencies
1214StaffCouncil Questions Police Chief on Personnel--30% more command staff, abuse of sick,disability leave
1215HigmanFamily Court for DC Advances--Senate OKs Hill compromise--15 judges to serve 5 yrs, get 3600 cases
1215SchwartzmanSanctions Promised in Pr. George's Police Slowdown--'de-policing' officers could face discipline
1215FahrentholdDC Police Chief Offers Redeployments--shut down warrant, curfew, traffic units, etc. to up patrols by 270
1220StaffHouse Backs Creation of Family Court--Senator DeWine praises vote as 'major victory for DC kids'
1220DvorakNew Contract for 3300 DC cops Long Coming--in final negotiation: union refused plan OK'd by 8 others
1220DvorakDC to Reopen Probe of Stolen Fire Equipment--did commander agree to return stuff to avoid complaint?
1221LengelCabdrivers Stop Work to Protest Switch to Meters, Slow City--zone system overpays short trips
1225SantanaDC to Jurors: Show Up or Else--court issues 187 arrest warrants to ignorers: only 15-20% show up
1231WhitlockPr. George's Yet to Finish Overhaul of Police Force--unmet goals include team to probe cops' shootings

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