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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2002

108ChanViolations Found In Nursing Homes--16 of 21 homes (for 2800 residents tot) don't comply;10 harmful
110EditorA Sin and a Crime--DC nursing homes below US standards--only local jurisdiction w/o regulations!
111HighamJudge Rebukes DC for Dead Teen--chastises DC CFSA: 18-yr old slain while awaiting drug treatment
112EditorExtending Welfare--extending "end of welfare bill": rolls may be down, but remember, problem remains
116TimbergFight Starts Over Site of DC Gen'l--hospital defenders oppose giving control to Mayor for 'other uses'
117WilgorenWilliams Seeks Input on DC Gen'l Hospital Site--compliment 2012 Olympics? retain clinic forever?
119StaffDC Transportation Department Gains Support--Council committee endorses separate DC cabinet dept
123ChanNo Place to Call Home--with surge in homeless families needing shelter, DC houses some in hotels
124ChanHomeless Services Aided More People in DC Last Year--group estimates that 16,000 sought help
126OttoVolunteers Gather Account of the Homeless-- DC: 7058, MC:1089,PG:1218, Alex:543,Arl 419,Ffax:1935
127BroderNational Welfare Reform's Progress--'96 bill up for renewal: should build on success 57% cut (pre-9/11)
129EditorA Lesson from Brianna--in DC no cost to judge or social wkr by neglecting sworn public service duties
205SantanaDC Law Sets Some Retarded Suspects Free--can't try young kid's brain for full-grown's crime (rape)
206EditorHow Many Rapes Does it Take?--DC law too lenient--lawmakers must stop dodging duty, change law
206WoodleeDC's Inspector General Fails No-Confidence Vote 13/0--Council cites residency, resume' issues
207GoldsteinWashington Hospital Center Cutting Admin Staff--120 (of 5400 tot) laid off in bid to avoid loss, sez CEO
207WilliamsFire Chief Doesn't Share Volunteers' Enthusiasm--Few says risks of older people outweigh benefits
209KovaleskiLorton Correctional Complex Lag in Job Cuts Under Fire--delay releasing 400 wkrs costs $1.3M/mos
214WhitlockBrutality Allegations Undercut Pr. George's Police Chief Farrell--to resign 3/1 despite earlier successes
214StaffMontgomery County Mental Health Plan Criticized--little accountability, fewer providers, housing
215DvorakDC's EMS Fleet Plagued by Accidents--over 200 per year, many preventable, Chief criticized
215HsuDC Police Cameras Raise Privacy Issues--Morella questions surveillance plan for streets, stations, etc.
216DvorakAnother Truck Lost as Fire Chief Testifies--fleet woes outlined for Council; new vehicle purchases slow
217HsuDC Forms Network of Surveillance--power of live video exploited for NATO Summit, WB/IMF in '00, now
217SchwartzmanCrises Taint Pr. Georges's--embarrassment over police brutality rasies fears for economic future
218CastenadaBeating by Pr. George's Officers, Dog Attack Described--suspect says he didn't resist
220StaffPr. George's 5 Police Agencies to Cooperate--municipalities will team up, cross boundaries as neded
223EditorPr. George's Chief Farrell and the Blue Wall--couldn't get behind wall of silence, wound up behind it
225WilliamsDC Cops Doubt Job Fairness--70% say good place to work, 22% say good work pays, way up from '99!
227DvorakPolice Gunfire in DC Worsens--17 shot, 3 died in '01, up from 7 shot, 1 killed last year: 32/12 in '98
301WhitlockPr. George's Ex-Police Chief Farrell to Stay On as Police Consultant--finish up several projects
305WhitlockChief's Challenges--new Pr. George's police leader faces high crime, low morale among 1379 cops
320KovaleskiDespite Errors, Full Bonus Awarded--DC Corrections chief gets $13K:400 still on payroll at $1.4M/mos
323HsuRules Urged for Surveillance--on Hill, officials pledge limits for cameras on Mall, in City: ACLU frets
325DvorakDC Police Audit Faults Records--probe confirms overtime needs, but poor records: some get 2-3x pay
410HsuDC Police Offer Rules for Video Surveillance--Council mbrs call proposal too vague, want legislation
412FahrentholdMistakes on Resume of DC Fire Chief--error blamed on staffer preparing document re award, degree
413LengelFire Chief Apologizes for Errors on Resume--claims testimony accurate: corrections to be made
419FahrentholdSearch Committee Says Fire Chief Few Didn't Note Resume Inaccuracies--could have changed choice
420StaffReport of Fire Dept Officials' Resumes Delayed--Administrator Koskinen hasn't set new date
423TimbergWilliams Riled by Fire Chief's Actions--put out, disappointed by praising Few for awards he didn't get
424FahrentholdDC Fire Chief Hopes to Keep Job Despite Resume Flap--says recognizes importance of prof integrity
427FahrentholdDC Ends Probe of 3 Fire Officials' Resumes--city says imposed 'appropriate disciplinary actions'???
427WilliamsEmbattled but Not Broken--drug culture has slowly bred silent fear at GA Ave and Hobart St: 3rd wld!
502KovaleskiMore Record-keeping Mistakes Made at DC Jail--one man imprisoned in error; robber wrongly freed
502LeonnigMayor Seeks Major Increases in Parking Fines--Council hopes to temper plan to raise fees $20
504HsuDirty Bomb" Poses Threat, Study Says--radioactivity could cause panic in Washington area
504EditorJail Beyond Belief--DC Jail has horrendous record of goofs--how could mayor give him only max bonus
505StaffCnclmbr Fenty Moves to Oust Fire Chief Few--says mayor's 2 weeks negotiating resignation too long
505SantanaFlash Point on DC Roads--busy traffic cameras generate $48/min--67-79% non-DC drivers, 212K unpaid
505MorenoHispanics Still Face Prejudice in DC--11 years after riots, new reports still list frequent abuses
514StaffAsst DC Fire Chief Resigning Post--highest ranking deputy involved in resume inflation
516StaffDC Inspector General Looks at Resume Issue--apparently only of fire chief, not aides
517KovaleskiEx-Jail Inmates Sue City for $440M Over Delayed Release--3 cite poor records, held months too long
522StaffDC Firefighters to Get Raises--3 retroactive 4% raises + another 4% in Oct., based on union arbitration
525HsuSupreme Court Asks for 2 Street Closings--security perimeter extension proposal irks DC officials
530EditorAnd Ronnie Few Makes Four--3 chiefs went in 2000--Council claims Few did not solve serious problems
530TuckerDC Handgun Ban Challenged in Court--attorneys in 2 cases cite Ashcroft stance on 2nd Amendment
530FahrentholdChief Few to End Turbulent Tenure as Fire Chief--'did as much as he could', but leaves low morale
530HsuDC's #2 Officer to Lead 1300-man Capitol Police--to grow to 2000 in '02: Gainer takes over $240K post
531TuckerUS Attorney Backs DC Gun Law in Court--argument differs from Ashcroft's, claims local precedent set
603FahrentholdSeveral Fires to Put Out in DC--next fire chief will have to address fleet needs, training lapses, morale
608EditorJustice Delayed--DC Court of Appeals has backlog of 2700 pending cases--Judge Wagner too slow
608TimbergChandra Levy Find Casts Shadow on Police--overlooked bone adds to missteps in high-profile case
613FahrentholdDC Police Run Late with New Rules on Using Force--has missed all last year's Justice Dept deadlines
613SantanaCases Take Aim at DC's Gun Laws--attorneys use Bush Admin 2nd Amendment Stand to attack ban
620DvorakWhite House, Fed Buildings Evacuated as small plane strays into zone, bomb scare hits Fed Reserve
621VogelPlane Flew Close to White House--Bush not endangered--shows threat--150 mph at 10.5K ft, 4 mi away
621FahrentholdThunderstorm Incapacitates Most DC Fire Radios--3 of 4 towers hit, not enough in best of times
623Fiebig ltrTriage for DC Emergerncy Services--fire engines still compete with ambulances--time to fix mess
624DvorakDC Police Hire 60 Puerto Rican Cops--add to 179 Hispanics now on force--all college-grads, 8-yr vets
625GoldsteinSticker Shock for DC Drivers--cops unaware of new windshield tag give tickets for absent plate stickers
626FahrentholdDC Police Cut Goal on Closing Homicides--Chief calls new target at 51% v 65% of cases 'realistic'
630FahrentholdAdded Precautions to Bring Fourth of July Security--closing roads, metro station, searches at chkpts
630EditorToo Much Democracy--Supreme Court struck down ban on judges' politicking--should be appointed!
630EditorEnshrining a Poor Closure Rate--police chief tells sad commentary on dismal record--gotta do better!
703TimbergDC Council Votes 11:1 to Erase Traffic Tickets--Williams may veto $347M amnesty mostly out of state
704EditorMall Eyes--surveillance cameras for homeland defense must be regulated: cops don't make laws
705KovaleskiAnother DC Jail Inmate Released by Mistake--troubled records office workers 'didn't notice' PG warrant
707WoodleeDC Auditor Investigates Shortfall in Day Care--agency stopped enrolling working poor's kids due to $
713LengelDC Crime Unit Faulted on Staff, Training--investigators miss evidence, lack proper equipment
713FahrentholdGA Report Prompts DC Review of Fire Chief Few's Tenure--endorsement inflated to get rid of him
719StaffMayor Approves pre-1997 traffic ticket amnesty--$6M probably uncollectable, but no refunds for payers
731FahrentholdDC IG Finds Fire CHief Few Made False Claims--resume inflation not the fault of others around him
807MurphyOffice of Independent Monitor Gives DC Police Mixed Review--system falls far short of Justice-set stds
808FahrentholdResurgence of DC Slayings Stirs Fear, Confusion--143 this yr up 32% from '01: no motive in over 50
810HsuMore Street Restrictions Considered (around White House)--DC officials suggest additonal truck bans
813WilliamsMPD Chief Ramsey Adds Dispatchers for 911 Calls--acknowledges staffing, volume left many on hold
826ChanDC Suspends 24 over Police E-Mail--prosecutions considered in 17-mos bias probe of 5300 messages
827FahrentholdDC Police Struggle to Staff IMF Protests--outside agencies hesitate to send help: make Feds help out?
901VogelDC Air Guard Unit to Receive Spaatz Trophy--as outstanding US unit in immediate wake of 9/11 attacks
909FernandezIMF Protesters Plan Day-Long Strike in DC--police trying to augment force for 9/25-29 demonstrations
912HsuCOG Officials Unveil Emergency Plan for Region--supercarpooling, disease surveillance, etc. in plan
916FahrentholdDC Ambulance Service Short of Personnel--has lost half paramedics, EMTs--run 8-9000 calls/mos
917KavaleskiDC Jail Mistakenly Released 4 Inmates--records office blamed for 3 of 4 : lack of training, protocols?
919HsuFederal Security Director Proposed for Region--to coordinate DC, MD, VA homeland security efforts
919StaffDC Police to Get Help for World Bank/IMF Demonstrations--1700 cops from NY, Chicago, Macon, GA
919StaffDC Police Work Wins National Award--worked on 'Safe Streets' task force with FBI vs crime gang
920KovaleskiJudge Tells DC to Fix Jail Errors--ire spurred by release of man who threatened president via e-mail
921FernandezDC Police Consider Legal Action in Effort to Disrupt WB/IMF Protests--group calling for shutdown of city
924FernandezDC Commuters Warned of Major Tie-ups Friday--20K activists expected--take Metro, avoid IMF/WBank
928ReelDay of Tightly Controlled Chaos--DC cops stay close to protesters--use cuffs quickly on 'people's strike'
929ReelProtesters' Momentum Weakens--3-5K demonstrators way below 20K forecast: tough police actions help
930ReelAgainst War, a Peaceful March--activists reassess as weekend protests don't hit expectations
1001StaffDid DC Police Go Too Far?--legal experts debate legality of mass arrests which defuzed paraders
1001StaffDC Jail Workers Found Negligent in Releases--two from records office on paid admin leave pending..
1003StaffDC Kept 79 Jailed Beyond Release Date--frm 3 to 215 days: lawsuit, IG study fault record-keeping
1005StaffDC Jail's $95K ex-Warden Rehired--director cites new facts on boys' strip-search--gets back pay
1006TurleyUnAmerican Arrests--GWU law prof claims mass lock-ups may be good crowd control, unconstitutional
1006WashingtonDC Jail's Corrective Course--letter from Director claims jail has made great strides, not perfect yet
1010StaffPrice Tag for IMF/WB Protests Far Below Estimates--was $2.1M vs $3.5M: Feds offered up to $5M
1011FahrentholdInvasive DC Police Searches Alleged--lawsuit calls practice more comoon with poor, minority suspects
1017FahrentholdCity's Quandary: Peaceful Streets vs. Right to Assemble--dispute over preemptive arrests could be big
1018FahrentholdDC Finds Big Delays in EMT Responses--some 4000 critical incidents/mo--lazy, uncaring, personnel?
1105WilliamsDC Police Return to NW in Force--substation set to open in embattled Columbia Heights (druggies)
1116EditorFine for Them to Say--Mayor and Bush say they feel safe living in DC--gotta take local crime seriously
1118ChanPaternity Test Firm Problems Plague DC--genetic testers riddled with problems from delay to ineptitude
1120FahrentholdThompson to be Named Fire Chief, Sources Say--was 2nd in command: backed by powerful unions
1121FahrentholdMayor Sticks with Interim DC Fire Chief--32-yr veteran praised as 'highest quality', 'homegrown'
1125FahrentholdReadiness of Elite Police Squads Disputed--redployments frustrate some on SWAT,IOD SpecOps
1128FahrentholdDC Police Expect No Firings in E-Mail Probe; 128 reprimanded, or suspended, 165 warned, 55 file ltrs
1129StockwellReexamining Pr. George's Police--'reformer' to study troubled past, current crime problem
1130NakamuraDC Police Voiding 2400 Traffic Tickets--photo citations based on wrong speeds, reimbursements due
1204FahrentholdDC Fire Chief Plans Staff, Paramedic Cuts--halve staff of 1 firehouse, take paramedics of 6 engines
1209ChanCrime Experts Question Unsafe Cities Rankings--DC is 4th most dangerous in new rpt, flawed methods?
1210StaffFive DC Homicide Detectives Transferred--closure rate down to 48% frm 65% in '98
1211FahrentholdMayor Spurred DC Detective Shake-up--expects Chief Ramsey to do better: US city average 54.5%
1213FahrentholdDC Police Seek Latitude in Camera Use--chief, dep. mayor want bill allowing neighborhood surveillance
1216EditorInside DC Prison Walls--new stabbing death points up overcrowding, poor hygiene, etc.: can get worse
1220KovaleskiWilliams Wants to End Court Control of Jail--despite stabbings, facility conditions improved, says mayor
1223TimbergChief Ramsey Era Brings Little Improvement--residents see too few patrols, arrests despite large force
1225NoguchiDC Overhauling Outdated 911 System--new network, cmd cntr to improve emergency responses (2M/yr)
1228King OpEdDistrict of Corruption--climate of impunity pervades, favoritism, nepotism, inaction, lost mayoral morality
1229FahrentholdHomicide Count Up 12% in '02 (444>499)--79% of tot in DC+Pr George's both yrs; DC=52% in '02, 58% in '01

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