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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2003

1226KovaleskiPopulation at DC Jail Reaching New Highs--new capacity of 2424 detainees temporarily breached
103CastanedaPolice Abuse Suits Cost Pr. George's $7.9M--since July '00, incl jury awards, out-of-court settlements
104EditorReleased into Limbo--615K leave prison this year: 'invisible sentencing' laws deny range of activities
111EditorWhy the Homicide Spike?--highest death toll in 5 yrs and '03 could be much worse--is it PCP use?
122DvorakHearing on DC Homicides Airs Rage and Fears--question lackluster record on solving murder cases
126SheridanDC Police Officers to Have More Street Time--chief responds to complaints re lack of police presence
201SantanaPolice Chief Says DC Would Suffer Under Jail Population Limit--premature releases due to cap bad
215StockwellCnty Exec Johnson Taps Norfolk Chief for Pr. George's Police--DC veteran High to focus on crime redux
216Millar ltrHell Might Come on Wheels--insurance industry says DC 100x more risk of attack: maybe by truck/rail
216HarrisPr. George's Police Chief to Leave--will go 'out into wilderness': forced out by Cnty Exec Johnson
225EditorNo Answer--DC public officials can't get story together on unanswered 911 calls: up to Chief Ramsey
227FahrentholdUnion Says Police Demoralized--leaders say survey shows rank and file don't like chief, morale lousy
308EditorFirst Responder Flaws--911 system failure sickening--dangerous flaws point up DC leadership problems
308WoodleeDC Inspector General Defends Performance--investigator grilled by Council re teachers' union, etc.
309MendelsonOpEdWant an Explanation of DC's 911 Deficiencies? Hold, Please--Chief Ramsey gets lousy marks
310FahrentholdCrime-Plagued DC Neighborhoods Asks for Surveillance Cameras--police not convinced right answer
310StaffHalf of Violent Crimes in US Not Reported to Police--varies by race--many considered "private matters"
314ShaverMass Area Evacuation Viewed as Impractical--regional officials conclude it can't be done: move inside
315FahrentholdRamsey Revises Detective Plan--Police Chief backs off proposed outside hiring, retains bid for retirees
315FahrentholdDC's Ambulance Supervisor to Leave--acting head claimed service grossly inadequate, sought more $s
319FahrentholdMall Standoff Fuels Evacuation Fears--Park Police avoid pushing incident to a violent end:wait him out
319ShaverMall Standoff Fuels Evacuation Fears--huge traffic tie-ups illustrate road system's vulnerability: 5 rush-hrs
319EditorThe Man on the Mall--farmer pulled off feat in open Mall park as nation preps for war: not reassuring
319NakamuraNC Farmer Made Trip of Last Resort--protest called a mission for tobacco farmers put out of business
319NakamuraFarmer Says He'll Give Up Thursday if Gets Respect--broke and alone, came to DC on mission
320StaffParking Services Administrator Named for DC--works for DPW on parking enforcement, vehcle towing
320FahrentholdPatience Paid Off re Farmer, Police Say--non-violent end to Mall drama proves tactics, officials argue!
321MoskMontgomery Cnty Ethics Commission Forbids Police Chief Moose's Book, Movie--not in best interests
321TuckerFarmer Told Police to Evacuate DC--as authorities detail standoff, farmer ordered to psychiatric tests
321StaffCapitol Closed to Unscheduled Tours--capitol police say building significance requires more security
321PressleyIntensified Security in Tense Capital--DC becomes city at war w/ guards on bridges, cops on 12-hr shifts
322TuckerFarmer Deemed Fit for Trial--judge accepts psychologist's report on Mall standoff: judgment, insight OK
322EditorThe Mall: Lessons Learned--authorities need to ask themselves if could do better w/o jeopardizing city
322PhillipsCSX criticized for VA Rail Delay--freight trains less constrained in bad weather: CEO apologizes
326SantanaFarmer Disrupts Hearing on Mall Standoff--officers remove shouting ex-MP from US Court
326FahrentholdDC Welcomes End to Oversight of DC Jail--but Councilmbr Patterson claims jail still "a total scandal"
401TimbergCouncil Moves to Renew Jail Inspections -- measure calls for health officials to monitor jail, report findings
416FahrentholdMayor Takes Campaign for DC Police to the Streets--wants to add 175 in new FY: Council not so sure
418FahrentholdDC police Hiring Proposal Trimmed by Council Cmte--go for better cops, higher pay, add only 75
419FahrentholdChief Ramsey Could Be Chicago Candidate--police chief's job open in his home town--says he'll stay
420TimbergDC Homicide Rate Again on the Rise--24% increase over this time last year: revives 'murder capital' fears
420Pinkard ltrWe Need a Middleman--let's bring traffic cops back to DC to handle key intersections, varying back-up
421EditorPolice Budget Fight--tug of war over force size seems to favor more--Council hasn't made case against
424SantanaLocked Down and Far From Home--30+% of DC prisoners incarcerated 500+ miles away--not all bad
426EditorA Bust in Pershing Park--police behavior at IMF demonstrations inappropriate: mayor hasn't reacted
427Evans/PattersonFighting Crime with Less Cash--Cncl mbrs want higher competence, availability: more $ for libraries
429SantanaDC Council Probing Police Conduct During Protests--some officers got reprimands re Pershing Park
429TimbergDC Council Agrees to Fund Plan for 175 New Cops--trying to bolster lagging neighborhood patrols
430StaffMontgomery Cnty Homicide Rate Up 68% in '02-- up 19 to 32 (!!), largely due to Beltway sniper
507GoldsteinMD Prison Infection Rate High--over 30% have HIV, hepatitis, syphilis: way over norms elsewhere
507FahrentholdRamsey, Williams in Accord over Pact--contract keeps police chief in DC 4 more yrs @ $175K
509TimbergMayor Grants Ramsey 17% Raise--some on Council Vow to Block Police Chief's Contract
510NakamuraReluctance Over Raise for Ramsey--Council Members want accountability re crime, staffing, sick leave
511KovaleskiMayor Seeks to Regroup 83 Police Zones--new boundaries would align with 40 neighborhood clusters
513EditorWhy Only the Chief?--if Council mbrs want to tie Ramsey's contract to performance, why not others too?
513StaffNew Emergency Command Center Sought--mayor wants Feds to help fund, join, UCC at St. E's
514FahrentholdDC Findings Undermine Case Against 911 Operators--department records 'muddled: can't be trusted'
527ChanUS Capitol Police Seek to Expand Authority--1393>1833 officers; 227>573 civilian staff sought by 9/04
529EditorEye on Reform at DC Jail--why do key agencies oppose DC bill to limit overcrowding, violence: look again
514Sherwood (Curr)Ramsey's pay to go from $150K to $175K, gets $120K annual retirement, $85K if dismissed w/o cause
601Fenty ltrTime to Police the Chief--Cnclmbr Fenty blasts DC's Ramsey for poor police performance
604TimbergNew Cap on Jail Inmate Pop'n Advances in Council--officials divided re limit of 2014: is capacity higher?
606Melton$75M Earmarked for Security in Region--Fed funds go to first responders: DC,$13M; MD,$28M; VA,$34M
608Ramsey ltrDoing Injustice to DC Police--Chief says Fenty ltr did terrible disservice, makes no apologies for performance
613CauvinDC Judge Rejects Suit on Traffic Cameras--2 motorists had challenged electronic enforcement
616ReelGroups Unite Against DC Homicide Rate--100 area residents honor victims, want to ban murder!
618FahrentholdDC Council Weighs Ramsey Pay Raise--some members want 'performance measures' added
620MorenoSecDef Rumsfeld's Remarks Anger DC Officials--compares DC murder rate to problems in Baghdad
624TimbergNew Cap on Jail Advances in Council--limit of 2014 on inmates divides mbrs: up to 2400 in recent months
630CauvinMayor, Council Near Accord on Proposed DC Jail Cap--outside expert to decide limit: more $s earmarked
703FahrentholdMayor Sets Showdown on Police Chief's Benefits--Ramsey vote faces Council opposition
708TimbergPolice Chief Ramsey's Contract Blocked in Council--supporters fear he'll leave DC w/o raise/benefits
710SantanaChief Ramsey Says He Wants to Stay Put--says he wants to remain a long time, despite disappointment
711CauvinLaw on Inspector General Argued in DC Court--can Council set qualifications for exec branch position?
717HsuRepeal of DC Gun Ban Urged--Senator Hatch proposes loosening limits in place since 1976
724ChanDC Forces Out Juvenile Justice Director--treatment in foster homes elsewhere decried after Post series
727FahrentholdDC Police Trainees Flunking--more than 20% failed final exam in last 16 classes since 2000
731ChanDC Juvenile Justice Sued Over Safety--unions says agency doesn't protect officers against injury, etc.
731Fahrenthold$1 Million, Merger Rescue DC Police Boys/Girls Clubs--get gift from Freddie Mac, join nat'l organization
804WeuchselbaumIlluminating DC's Darkest Corners--National Guard provide helicopter spotlights to guide police
806StockwellReport Faults Culture of Pr. George's Police--cites unpunished misconduct, discipline backlog
808LeonnigTwo Charged with Fixing DC Tickets for Bribes--including over $100K in erased tickets
814SantanaDC Jail Annex Contractor Under Fire--correctional officers protest conditions, forced overtime low pay
818EditorThe DC Police Blotter--cops arresting more than 850 per week, not sitting on hands--crime is serious
819StaffGreater Southeast Hospital Loses Accreditation--will lose remaining paying patients, treat poor only
823EditorA DC Crime Crisis?--gotta move between precincts to match crime data: union fights inconvenience
823Leonnig$153K Award in Suit Against DC Police--embassy courier charged in robbery despite alibi, victim's word
823FahrentholdRamsey Makes Case to Police Officers--crime spike leads to staffing change for greater flexibility
826FahrentholdMorale Reported Low On DC Police Force--union official faults suspension of schedule, leave rules
910King-Leatham (Curr)Mayor Hires Director for Unified 911 Center--$140K director will spends months creating new agency
910TuckerNE DC Halfway House Loses Zoning Vote--city erred in granting building permit w/o public hearings
912LeonnigDC Told to Release Report on Protests--wrongdoing found in IMF demonstrator arrests--lack of warning?
913EditorIt Takes A Judge--time for mayor to explain IMF arrest actions to keep police 'on right side of Constitution'
913LeonnigIMF Arrests Improper, Police Found--Chief Ramsey memo acknowledges protesters weren't warned
916CauvinHomicide Prosecutions Flounder in DC--lost 11 of 15 this summer due to weak evidence, poor witnesses
926LeonnigFarmer's Explosive? A Bug Bomb--at trial, 'tractor man' blames misunderstanding for standoff on mall
927LeonnigFarmer Found Guilty in Mall Stand-off--'tractor man' could get 6 years for tractor siege, bomb threat
925FahrentholdDC Police Chief Fires Two More Officers for 911 Error in Fatal Blaze--union urged suspension only
1004BeckerArea's Terror Readiness Questioned--responses to Hurricane Isabel questioned by Hill panel
1011TuckerFunds Pledged for DC Anti-Gang Efforts--$400K promised to address Latino Gang problems in Ward 1
1013ChanTop Pick for DC's Juvenile Agency Ran Baltimore Jail--YSA bureaucracy 'troubled', 'dysfunctional'
1017ChanDC Juvenile Justice Aide Quits--temporary chief named to run struggling Youth Services Agency
1025ChanBill Would Toughen DC Juvenile Law--more teens charged as adults for violent crimes, parents penalized
1025StaffNew 911 Emergency Call Cntr Chief Place on Paid Leave--two months into job accused of racial slurs
1026FahrentholdArrested Police A Worry to DC--24 cops faced charges in 2003 for murder, assault, grand larceny, DUI, etc.
1026TimbergQuick Response Promised in Probe of DC's 911 Chief--racial slur sets back new effort to fix call center
1030FahrentholdDC 911 Director Quits $140K Job Over Use of Racist Term--apologizes for stupidest mistake of white life
1103FahrentholdDC Leads Big City Homicide Rate in 2002--FBI rpt ranks DC 3rd in violent crime: Detroit, Baltimore next
1109EditorDubious Distinction--can't slough off rising homicides: family weaknesses match institutional weaknesses
1116AizenmanOfficials Swap Ideas on Combating Gangs--DC, MD seek more joint efforts as gangs grow to maybe 5000?
1122LengelDC, NVA FBI Squad to Target Gang Wars--8 of 12 agents already in place for additional squad
1129EditorEleven Days in the District--November homicides down from past two years but still a chilling menace
1202FahrentholdPark Police Duties Exceeding Staff--anti-terorist demands have led chief to curtail patrols away from Mall
1203NakamuraDC Tells Drivers to Hang Up--motorists' use of hand-held phones would be banned: prelim Council OK
1205ChanViolent Crime Up for DC Juveniles--arrests rise slightly after steep decline: still down 55% frm '95
1206FahrentholdPark Police Chief Placed On Leave After Remarks--Rep Moran, labor union criticize disciplinary act
1208ChanDC Launches Youth Agency Reforms--new city administrator calls system 'broken', changed mgmt team
1209ChanTakeover of Youth Services Urged--DC system has long history of failing juveniles, ACLU suit says
1211BrubakerGroup Bids $155M for Greater Southeast (+3 others)--parent company founder among investors at auction
1213BrubakerInvestor Group Ahead in Hospital Auction--Tuft makes top bid for GSEH as part of $155M sweep-up
1218SantanaAt Hearing, DC Police Faulted on Mass Arrests--misconduct could have chilling effect on DC free speech
1219SantanaPolice Chief Ramsey Defends Surveilling Proptesters: agrees to some changes for Council objections
1223LengelSuspicious Container Reroutes DC Rush Hour--big abandoned trash container results in big flap
1224EditorPunished for the Truth--White House should intervene to prevent firing of honest Parks police chief
1229FahrentholdA Cop's Chief Fights for Her Job--outspokenness wins support among 620 Park Police officers

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