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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2004

101EditorIn Danger in DC Jail--shooting wound four inmates: need public outrage, courts, Congress to wake up DC?
101LeonnigDC Reaches Settlement over Mass Arrests--will pay each arrestee $7-10K; more lawsuits to follow
102FahrentholdHomicides Decreased Slightly in Area in '03--DC tot, though down, led big cities rate: 51% of max region
103EditorKilling a City--think of 248 murdered bodies in one place: cops can't control underlying socio-ec problems
107NakamuraPut Down Phone, DC Tells Drivers--Council votes to limit motorists to hands-free devices by July
108EditorHang Up and Drive--only 6 states and DC have no laws against "distracted driving", more than just phones
111Fornaci LtrDC Prisoners Legal Services, Inc says DC Jail Delinquent, Defiant and Dangerous re shootings
113EditorDC Jail: Who's Right?--deputy mayor says can feel good about jail, advocates say conditions dreadful
115FahrentholdDC 911 Center Workers File Suit Over Firings--claims 6 were used as scapegoats for understaffing
115ChanAngry Youths Give DC Council Earful--hundreds voice outrage over get-tough juvenile justice bills
115LeonnigThere's No Right to Own Guns in Unique DC, Judge Rules--some wanted cabbie self-defense
118DvorakIn Mt. Pleasant, Divided View on Street Crime--newcomers push for 'zero tolerance': overtaxed, underserved
118FahrentholdInjuries Hurt Police Staffing--10% of 3700 DC cops off jobs or off regular duties--Chief doesn't know why
121EditorYes, It Is a Shame--decries double-standard: no drug dealers around White House, but around neighborhoods
121FahrentholdParks Police Chief Turns Down Deal--offer to drop charges included not talking to media or Hill w/o OK
121ChanCourt Takeover DC Youth Services Admin Urged--suit led by lawyers handling juvenile class action suit
122Fisher OpEdSecretive Bush Administration Likes Silent Type--Dep Director of Park Service finds chief's honesty disloyal
124HsuDC May Ban Hazardous Rail Shipments--anti-terrorist proposal pits environmentalists against CSX
125FahrentholdDC Officer on Sick Leave Worked in PA--policeman was paid by both departments: poor mgmt, oversight
131LengelUS Indicts DC Parking Enforcers--bribes allegedly solicited to take 'boots' they installed off cars
207 King OpEd 'Stronger than Ever', but not for everyone--young kids further into crime, murders up, etc.
209 Moreno Ballou Slaying Rooted in Territorial Rivalry--pride, not drugs, fuels 20-yr feud between hsng projects
209 Staff Federal-DC Security Panel Urged--Appleseed says DC should be part of Federal decision-making
214 King OpEd The Kids the District Hasn't Saved--Oak Hill detention center hardening young offenders into life of crime
215 Tucker Most (75%) of DC Homicide Victims Had Arrests--analysis highlights criminal subculture: 14K have records
218 Farenthold Police Offer Plan for Safeguarding Ballou High School--up to 6 armed cops would patrol as model for others
219 Farenthold Police Plan for Schools Opposed--interim super. says cops may not understand kids/adolescents
220 Editor When Cops Don't Police--DC residents should feel betrayed by cops not enforcing the law--deserve more
222 Guernsey ltr We Can Do It Better Next Time a 'Tractor Man' Rolls into Town--pushing for regional entity like Transcom
224 Labbe Juvenile Agency Needs Takeover, Attorneys Assert--DC promises improvements:ACLU/DCPDS pushing
302FahrentholdPolice Faulted on How 43 '03 Cases Closed--DC's Ramsey defends procedures as proper on 43 w/o arrests
302HsuCoalition Pushes to Keep Gun Ban--city leaders, gun-controllers, victims' families urge Senate to keep ban
302EditorDC in the Cross Hairs--Senate threat to repeal CD handgun ban outrageous--puts Republicans with gun lobby
317Wiener(Curr) 1901Tenley Firehouse Faces New $3M Renovation Delay--bare walls on hold til DC finds new contractor
321Marcello ltrPolicing Our Streets Because the City Won't--Capitol Hill neighbors weighing in where DC police fail
322HsuRail Blasts in Spain Prompt Demands for Funds--local transit agencies seek to improve rail safety
331LabbeOak Hill Problems Shock Senate Panel--security failings may put youth detention agency into receivership
331WienerDC Aims to Jump-start Rebuilding Old Tenley Fire Station--may have to add larger one further up Wisconsin!
408WilliamsNew Police Patrol Plan Likely to Begin in May--redistributing field forces in fewer PSA's related to crime levels
408CauvinDC Jail Inmates Charged with Plot to Get Themselves Shot--then sue DC for failing to protect them
416LabbeDC in Contempt of Youth Services, Judge Rules--city administrator to develop new plan by next month
416FarentholdDC Police Arrested at High Rate--13 so far this year for assault, DUI, possessing PCP: way above norm
417EditorWhen Cops Are Crooks--distressing to learn of so many cops' arrests--why did board lower ethical standards?
420NakamuraDC Council Plans to Fine-Tune, Vote on Alcohol Bill--balance nightlife vs traffic, noise, crime concerns
420LabbeSenator DeWine Wants Oak Hill 'Shut Down Once and For All'--not meeting needs of kids it holds
502WilberDC Police Overhaul System of Patrols--new plan cuts PSAs from, 83 to 44 for 1600 patrol officers
505StaffCouncil Bill Would Cap Police Overtime--122 cops now earn 1.5 x base pay, 27 earned 2x base pay: no more!
512StaffCouncil Presses Youth Detention Center Issue--withholds funds til mayor presents plan: who wants it?
515GauvinAccord Names Overseer for DC Youth Services--independent arbiter picked, permanent head nominated
529CauvinAshcroft Chooses Interim US Attorney--FBI official Ken Wainstein served in DC post before
601Wilber90 Minutes a Day that Shape Fight to Cut Crime--top DC police officers gather and are grilled daily
624LeonnigMan Gets Six-Year Term for DC Tractor Standoff--jailed for 47-hour tie-up of downtown traffic: what about cops?
624HsuDC Area Anti-Terror Spending Criticized--Homeland Security's local office lacks strategy, GAO says
625HsuUS Efforts to Protect DC Area Faulted--can't measure potential effects of $340M given to region
627WilberDC Police Behind on Analysis of DNA in Old Evidence--behind by 6000 cold cases: want new DC lab!
701LeonnigUS Judge Cuts 'Tractor Man's' Sentence in Mall Standoff to 16 mos--already locked up for almost 16 mos
703KingOpEd'Safety and Happiness' for DC Kids--youth risk behavior study shows awful black kids' violence stats in DC
704WilberDC Police Sweeping Streets for Guns--minor offenses like seat belt used as pretext to search cars
706WilberKillings in DC Down 25% at 20-yr Low Point--police credit better tactics:violent crime off 17%, total 12%
710BarkerPark Police Chief Fired After Dispute, Suspension--many supporters will try to help her get reinstatement
711LabbeFired Park Police Chief Pledges to Fight On--declares battle just begun, will go to Merit System Protection Bd
719WilberRamsey to Unveil Crime Emergency Plan--changes meant to help counter youth auto thefts: reassign 350 cops
720CauvinMayor Williams Renews Pledge to Rein in Car Thefts--another crash linked to teen joy riders
725CauvinDC Police Want Parents to Help Deter Car Thefts--amid talk of new penalties, family assistance called key
726CauvinDC Judges Cautioned on Closing Courtrooms--public defenders fight for access, 1st Amendment disregard
726EditorSelective Speeding--Council should reject Schwartz bill to limit speed cameras to heavy pedestrian areas
729EditorReclaiming City's Youth--juvenile crime way up in violence, car theft, etc. good luck to new Dep Mayor Albert
729StaffAnswering Call to Save Local Heritage--tiny sculptures added to refurbished corner call boxes: will they last?
729Aarons5 More Old Firehouses Get Landmark Status--officials try to balance historic value, safety, make removal tougher
730StaffPanda Sculpture Swiped from NW Street--900-lb statue of small pandas ascending ladder disappears
802LabeBehind Oak Hill's Fences, Violence and Uncertainty--juvie detention center may get receiver or close
804CauvinDC Fails to Find Missing Youth Offenders--report cites minimal effort to track dozens who skip group homes
804HorwitzCapital Police Focused on Terror--recent moves part of broader strategy: 'protecting against catastrophe
804BeckerSluggishness Detected in New DC Alert System--response was delayed in warning citizenry
804SherwoodSecuricrats" at Work--is it necessary to turn Capitol Hill into Bunker Hill, street closings, barricades, etc.
806BeckerBesieged DC Resentful and Resigned--closures, checkpoints grow: 'just part of being world capital' say some
807King OpEdWhen Government is Part of Problem--failure to police group homes led to crimes by young evaders
810EggenCapitol Police Chief Sees No Specific Threat to Hill--Gainer disputes charge by White House advisor
813WilburTreasury's Sidewalk Too Close for Comfort--Secret Service Shuts 15th Street walkway, fences 17th St parking
904NakamuraDC Selling Old Fire Trucks Too Cheaply, Audit Finds--untrained staffers for $3K that drew $361K on Internet
909CauvinEx-Park Police Chief Insubordinate, Says Witness--flouted protocols, orders for months before suspension
910StockwellPr. George's Aims to Hire Hundreds More Police--surge of slayings worries county (only 500 on street patrols)
911EditorMore Cops on the Beat--PG hopes to increase strength from 1300 to 1800 by 2011:should help crime problems
913AndersonNational Crime Rate Is Steady at 30-year Low--violent crimes off 55%, property crime down 49% since 1973
914HsuHouse GOP Proposes to Repeal (All) DC Gun Bans, Bar DC laws--vote may come as Bush, Kerry debate limits
915EditorGunning for the District--offensive/opportunistic bill to remove gun bans, DC rights, should not see light of day
917HsuDC Gun Bill May Be Linked to Budget by GOP Senator--would increase chances of enacting repeal of ban
917HsuTask Force Would Coordinate DC Security--House response to arbitrary Fed actions on street closings
918StaffCncl mbr Schwartz Opposes Gun-Ban Repeal--unfair to use DC as whipping post, violate home rule
918EditorUnloading on DC--last thing DC needs is more readily available guns: shame on Congress, gun-lovers
919WilberDC Police Staffing Goal Is All But Met--but rising attrition, very low morale threaten to undercut 3800 level
919EditorMaryland's Nightmare--conditions at new juvenile jail in Baltimore horrifying, disgrace to state, staff won't stay
920StaffResidents Heading to Capitol Hill to Defend DC Gun Controls--broad cross-section expected at Norton press conf.
921WhiteNew Headquarters will Guard Capital Area--joint command at Ft. McNair will support police, fed agencies
921LabbeDC Mayor Wants Troubled Youth Services Agency to Have Cabinet Status--29th agency to be split from DHS
921HsuDC Gun Ban Repeal Effort Dropped in Senate, for Now--Craig admits Hill can't afford to get bogged down now
928WilberDC Juvenile Death Toll Rises with Boy's Shooting--21 youths are slaying victims so far this year
929PressleyDC Parents Tighten the Reins--shootings increase phone calls, prayers, and stricter curfews etc.
929Williams ltrAn Attack on DC Residents--mayor's letter to Post decries House plan to repeal DC's gun laws
929HsuMayor Denounces Effort to Lift DC Gun Laws--'not only deplorable but height of hyprocrisy'
930HsuHouse Votes to Repeal DC Limits on Gun Controls--250/171 vote unlikely to be repeated in senate
930FanNorton Brings Usual Passion to Fight Against Guns in DC--House Leader DeLay refuses to see her, mayor, et al
1003CauvinHomicide Prosecution in DC Overhauled--new unit to have 30 elite prosecutors, separate major crimes unit
1004WilberPolice Union Disputes DC Crime Statistics--200 crimes 'downgraded' over 3 years (out of 800,000?)
1005StockwellAgreement Lets Police Cross Borders--DC, Pr. George's revive '90s strategy cut short by need for Marshals
1009CauvinJudge Lambastes Park Police Ex-Chief--says Chambers had 'pattern of misconduct, defiance of bosses'
1014MontgomeryQuicker 911 Operators Touted by DC Mayor--94% emergency calls answered in 5 sec, vs 65% least year
1017StockwellSlayings Surge in Pr. George's--homicide numbers nearing 1995 high of 140+, but still way below DC
1101HsuSome HAZMAT Trains Rerouted Since March--CSX adopts policy after Madrid for acids, ammonia, chlorine
1107LengelFalse Alarms Divert DC Police--Chief Ramsey wants stiff fines for repeat calls: got 92 calls from same bldg
1111StaffMayor Backs Hazardous-Material Rail Ban--Council rejected bill 5/5, perhaps in misunderstanding
1117HorwitzUS Capitol Checkpoints Return, As Do Complaints--to be changed randomly to confuse terrorists
1120EditorPop-Up Symbols of Fear--Capitol Police resume checkpoints: life and vitality of nation's capital at stake
1122WilberAt DC Police Museum, Pieces of National History--sergeant keeps watch over musty treasures
1129StockwellPolice Stretched Thin in South Pr. George's--as crime levels rise, staffing falls short: 90 cops for 90K residents
1107StaffChemical Scare Closes Pentagon Metro Station for 2+ Hours--false alarm triggered by cleaning product
1222CauvinDC Jail Mistakenly Releases Convict--police seeking man convicted of robbing/stabbing cabbie
1228WilliamsWhere Sugar and Spice Meet Bricks and Bats--girl gang violence on rise: about 200 members involved

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