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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 2005

101WilberKillings in DC Fewest Since '86--PG Cnty doubles in 4 years, DC still 46% of tot region, down from 51%!
105LabbeJuvenile Justice Expert Tapped to Run DC Youth Services--hopes to 'fix system, not just Oak Hill jail'
108StaffMore Spots to Nab Speeders in NE,NW--four new fixed photo radar cameras being installed, tickets soon
108Thomas-LeterMarshals Tackle "Worst of Worst"--capital area fugitive task force nabbed 1955 felons w/ other agencies in '04
111WeissBan on Toxic Cargo Sought Anew in DC--SC chlorine gas train wreck raises fears re CSX line thru/under city
119WilberStandoff Near White House Underscores Tight Security--man threatened explosion, traffic snarled 4 hours
121GinsbergTrying Their Hands at Conducting--traffic monitors bring harmony (maybe?) to downtown rush hour
122EditorAnother DC Youth Plan--re-naming Youth Services Agency Youth Rehabilitation Services not enough
122DwyerSecurity Measures Removed, Reviewed--inauguration restriction debates go on; 72 arrested Adams Morgan
124LeonnigBill to VideoTape DC Police Interviews is Vetoed--Council leaders promise override after 12/1 vote
125LeonnigDC Settles with Mass Arrest Victims--7 rounded up in 2002 IMF protest to get $425K each + apology (below)
126CauvinVan Driver Had Parts for Bomb, Court Is Told--more details emerge in near-White House incident
126EditorThe Price of Bad Policing--when it goes wrong, everybody pays--DC should lead in protection civil liberties
129HsuDC Ready to Forbid Hazmat Rail Shipments--to ban rail and truck shipments within 2.2 miles of capitol
130RamseyI Am Sorry, We Will Do Better--letter from MPD Chief promises to have 'very best', deplores one incident
130WilberPolice Still Awaiting Border Patrol's Start--DC-Pr. George's boundary line long a problem
131WilberMany of Youths Slain in '04 Were Girls, All Black--9 of 24 juveniles slain were girls, half under 15, 18 by guns
202WeissCouncil Approves 90-Day Ban on Hazmat Shipments in DC 10:1 (tunnel near Capitol)--may be sued by CSX
204StaffCouncilmbr Schwartz Urges Pres. Bush to Pay for Security--sole Republican wants $17.3M for inauguration
204WeissVideo Games' Chaos Echoed in Streets, Say DC Leaders--bill seeks to cut youngsters' exposure
205JenkinsVA May End Trial Red-light Camera Use--legislators table bills to extend programs, allow county choice
209StaffAppeals Court Upholds DC Arms Decision--right for state militias to bear arms does not apply to unique city!
209WeissRailroad Challenges DC Over Hazmats--CSX asks US to lift DC embargo as illegal restraint of trade (!)
213MorinPainful Commutes Don't Stop Drivers--even w/30 min trips, most in DC area pass up public transit, sez poll
213StockwellTwo Killed in Series of Prince George's Shootings--violence puts year's toll at 20, ref: 11 this time last year
214WilberUnsolved Killings Haunt DC Detectives--'John Doe' cases get a fresh look--22 cases may benefit from DNA
215StaffDC Road Deaths Dropped in '04--down from 71 in '01, 50 in '02, 69 in '03 to 45 in '04: credit red light cameras?
219JenkinsEnd of Road for VA Red-Light Cameras--citing basic rights, VA House panel kills bills to extend program
221RaghavanPr. George's County Slayings Continue to Climb--26th since start of year
221WilberDC Police Plan More Speed Cameras--photo radar devices generated record $24M in fines in '04
224WilberMore Cameras for DC Traffic--city defends tickets on red lights, speeding: AAA expresses concerns
228EditorRed Lights? Green Light--benefits far outweigh objections: just slow down, obey limits, stop at red lights!
301EditorAn Epidemic of Murder--spike in Pr. George's homicides requires clergy, courts, juvenile officials to act
303WilberPolice Approve Contract Granting 21% in Raises--union negotiation over 2 years brings 3-yr step-up
304RaghavanQuick Aid Needed to Save Pr. George's Hospital, says Panel--75% of uninsured use it: lost $54M in 5 yrs
310StockwellPr. George's Apartment Complexes Called Source of Violence--Cnty Exec Johnson may raze some projects
315RaghavanPR Cnty Exec Targets Crime Hot Spots--22 complexes make 5% (19K) of all police calls: violence breeding grnds
316Milloy OpEdComplexities of Pr. George's Crime Incubator--kids have no respect for elders:evictions needed
326LeonnigUS Conducts Inquiry Into St. E's--patients' civil rights are at issue: too few nurses, unclean, fire risks, etc.
410HsuMost Area Terrorism Funding Not Spent--DC area last in US: $120M unused since '02: DC could lose $46M
422CauvinRuling Saves Part of DC Gun Liability Law--Apeals Ct OKs victims suing makers,seller of automatic wpns
424KovaleskiDespite Law, DC Jail Conditions Unimproved--remains at least 100 inmates above capacity of 2061
428KleinPr. George's Car Thefts Become Political Grist--18,485 cars up from 9881 in '00: DC 8136 in '04, VA tot 17309
501 Craig Firefighters Moving Out of Montgomery County--forum to address housing:only 207 of 867 (24%) live in county
507 Wilber DC Paramedic Shortage Causes Concern--workers leaving for better pay, benefits: 57 vacancies of 166 slots
512 Klein Pr. George's Killings Surge--toll this year hits 63, overtaking DC: police chief cites drug feuds
513 Cauvin Judges Wary of Reopening Road Cameras in DC--question of how violators are ID'd: plate of face
513 Wilber DC in Dark While Plane Was Intercepted--DC police chief sees problems in lack of communications
514 King OpEd Someone to Protect Besides the VIPs--did Feds play fair with DC in not sharing warning of air intrusion?
515 Horwitz Safety of Capital Evacuation Reviewed--experts say going outside sacrifices shelter; risks more danger
516 Editor Pr. George's Body Count--homicides 50% over last year: police say no need to reevaluate strategies?
516 Thomas-Lester Pr. George's Targets Auto Threats--full-time investigation teams deployed to slow spiraling problem
518 Hsu Late DC Notice in Air Scare Spurs Talks--Homeland Security Chief meets mayor: improve coordination
521 Hsu US Promises DC Quick Alert in Crisis--action follows (valid) complaint over small-plane incident
521 Editor Arming DC--Sen Hutchison's proposed repeal of DC gun laws wrongheaded--don't impose views here
527 Dvorak Transformer Blast Forces Downtown Evacuation near World Bank--traffic backed up for hours
604 Editor Dial 911!, Then Wait--Pr. George's emergency calls up to 1.3M: need to install 311 lines, get better staff
608 Editor Club U and Beyond--ABC can close dangerous bar, but blatant nightlife security problems need mayor's attn
608 Weiss DC Council Approves Police Raises of 21% over 3.5 yrs--$300M pkg: 20 officers to beat $150K
615 Weiss Smoking Ban Gaining in DC--bill would cover restaurants, bars: mayor has switched to supporting it
616 Cauvin Helping Hand for City's Inmates--nonprofit group aids those in jail, tackling problems large and small
616 Klein Pr. George's Focuses on Crime--county officials respond to concern about increase in violent offenses
617 Hsu DC Leaders Fight Proposed Repeal of 29-year Gun Control Law--work to defeat Hutchison/Allen bill
623 Wilber Violent Crimes Continue to Decline--police to tackle spikes in some locales: totals down 14%

701 Hsu House Votes to Repeal DC Gun Restriction--measure would curb law requiring arms at home nonoperating
702 Schwartzman Mall Crowd to Undergo 'Emergency Evacuation'--after July 4th fireworks, city will test 7 routes
703 Markon DC Ready to Assess Evacuation Strategy--expert applauds planned test after July 4th fireworks
703 Stockwell Red-Light Cameras Stop Rolling in NVA--police lament legislated end of test surveillance (since '95)
706 Schwartzman Tepid Applause for July 4th Test--mall evacuation lacked chaos of real emergency: held back for walkers
706 Klein Living on Edge of Violence--DC-Pr. George's border is region's most dangerous area for homicides
714 Weiss DC Considering More Police Cameras--in addition to using Metro, DDoT, Feds, school units in emergencies
714 Staff DC Police Looking for New Officers--entry or experienced officers needed: 60-hour min of college credits
715 Woodlee DC Police OK'd Contractor-hired School Guards w/Criminal Records--small sample shows 25% w/histories
716 Weiss Cameras, Sensors to Line Railway--mixed reactions to 300 cameras, 7.5 mi ROW Nat'l Arpt to Benning Rd
719 Editor Watching the Watchers--don't increase surveillance cameras until system worked out for citizen monitoring
719 Dvorak Balance of Security, Symbolism--Fine Arts panel to vote on 7th plan to safeguard Lincoln Mem. unobtrusively
723 Davenport Deaths Rise with Number of Serious Bicyclists:--US has 4.3M "serious" bikers in 2000 vs 3.2 in '90
730 Klein Increasing Pr. George's Crime Rate Provokes Police Rift--chief, officers dispute solution, personnel issues
731 Klein Pr. George's Wiping Away Its Deadliest Expanse--county to raze much of Suitland's 3-block drug market

802 Editor Deadly Blame Game--Pr. George's homicides way up: chief,county exec call cops slackers: get real!
807 Klein Escalating Acrimony for Police in Pr. George's--blamed by officers, chief decries lousy work ethics
813 Hsu Terrorism Alert Level Lowered for Transit--after 36 days, back to Code Yellow, saving $900K daily nationwide
816 Cauvin Advocates Nervously Await DC Jail Choice--interim leader's record from Virgin Islands criticized
828 Maloney ltr Fighting Crime Across Jurisdictional Lines--criminal justice data not shared between DC, Pr. George's

906 Barker Last Gallop for Capitol Police Mounted Unit--supporters decry plan to disband horseback detail
918 Snyder Right Now, Region Couldn't Handle Own Crisis--if you had to leave it could be disasterous-transportation lousy
918 Quinn In Case of Attack, Look to Yourself, Not Uncle Sam--make basic preparations on your stay!
922 Leonnig Federal District Judge Demands to See Secret Rail Plan for DC--HAZMAT fears serious, don't obfuscate
927 Wilbur DC and Pr. George's Begin Joint Patrols--significant effort underway to curb crime along the border

1013 Wilbur Post Puts Crash-Prone DC Intersections on Map--mostly crowded roads: more on 10/20 and 10/27
1026 Staff Chertoff Worried about DC Preparedness--Homeland Security Secretary frets over evacuating fed workers
1029 Dvorak Taxicabs Try Out Meters--experiment studying fairness of fares: some drivers like idea!!!!

1108 Editor Targeting DC Gun Laws--Indiana Rep Souder w/NRA tries to undermine local democracy: Congress beware
1109 Wilber Police Firings In DC Surge to 55 Officers in FY05--dept, unions split on reasons for rise from 32 in '04, 19, '03
1110 Staff Panel Keeps Hands Off DC Gun Laws--H/S conference committee drops plan to loosen bans on guns
1113 Klein Pr. George's Slayings Pile Up--'91 record of 154 may be broken, up from low of 71 in '99
1118 Lazo High Number of Pr. George's Slaying Victims Latinos--up to 1 out of 5 in region, highest in PG
1118 Klein Pr. George's Equals Its Record for Homicides--82% involve guns, 67%, drugs--carjacking gangs hit
1120 Layton At Metro, Some Crimes Don't Count--statistics exclude incidents handled by local police (18 in DC)

1205 Editor Get Out of DC Jail Free--gunman walks out, then recaptured: what's holding up probe of bungled action
1206 Editor What DC Emergency?--increase in crime triggers police chief move: should be commended, not panned
1222 Wiggins Pr. George's Police Increase to Meet Crime Upsurge--to grow to 1478 officers, starting pay up to $42K
1229 Wagner O'Malley's Vital Statistics--voters' views of 6-year drop in Baltimore crime likely key to gubernatorrial bid
1229 Weiss DC Targets Rising Pedestrian Deaths--education effort emphasizes safety: 16 fatalities vs 12 3-yr avg
1231 Thompson DC Plagued by Backlong in Autopsy Rpts--backlog of 1037, some cases decade old: MD,VA far better


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